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Monday, January 3, 2011

Thom is going to be here!

Good afternoon. We’re back … been quite a bit going on here. I should have called my mother, but I didn’t. She wouldn’t have been home. She was in the hospital with her husband John and he died. I know that’s strange enough to think over some more. Basically he went in the hospital on Tuesday because he was having internal troubles that were affecting not being able to stand up. We got one call from my mother on Wednesday, but it didn’t seem so serious at that time. The last couple days he had been battling symptoms of Alzheimer’s. My mother had stayed Thursday night. They had done tests and found he had a small heart attack sometime within the last couple of weeks.

Saturday they were going to take a MRI and he just stopped breathing. They tried to resuscitate, but it didn’t work. His son and the son’s wife had just come to visit … they were with my Mom waiting for John to return. Just didn’t happen. I guess it was the second death about the same time at the little hospital because the doctor was there as was the pastor and the mortician had just come for the other party. So things were talked through.

My sister was the one to give me the call. She also called my brother who is still at odds with the family as we are with him. And, John had one other son who wasn’t relating to his father either. It had something to do with stealing money from an account. My brother is his own bad news … that’s enough of that whole subject though.

We’ve talked to my mother a couple of times since. Arrangements have been made.
We will be leaving here about 7 A.M. We are driving up to West Bend to pick up CS which should take about 2 ¼ hours. Then we will be driving up to my mother’s in northern MN NW of Duluth. She lives in a real small town. We’re planning on getting there 5:30-6:30 P.M. for dinner. I registered for two rooms at one of the local hotels, so that CS would have her space and Rich and I would have our space.

We’ll have breakfast with my mother and assist her if she wants any help on Tuesday morning. She indicated that the wake would be afternoon/evening. We’ll stay with her then with maybe Rich going out to get some food.

We’ll probably have breakfast together Wednesday morning, but the funeral will be about 11 A.M. He will be cremated afterward and they then put at a special plot in their local cemetery. My mother says they’ll be buried together when it comes to that time, but fortunately not now. My mother said that she will be keeping their home. They’ve lived in it for the last 9 years and it’s been paid for. They had it built special for disability. My mother is going to need hiring some housekeeping, lawn and driveway help, but she is able to pay for that. She should be ok financially – they’d always worked together on that sort of thing.

There will be a lunch served after the service. After that we’ll probably go to our spaces for a bit, but will meet again for dinner which will be our last meal. We’re sleeping over Wednesday night, but will leave at about 5 A.M. Thursday morning. We’ll drop CS off at Eau Clair or Tomah if she wishes … she wants to go on to Rochester, MN and is making plans to be picked-up by her sister-in-law. They both want to go live in her MIL’s place for awhile as they sort through the belongings. I think that the SIL will move into the place, but they have a lot more arranging to do in the process. I’m not sure if the SIL has an income, and CS claims an inability to pay for a hotel room, so I’m not sure what is up with all that. I don’t know how she is planning to eat, etc away from home. BUT, I told her and I honestly believe, I don’t have to get into all of that. Blah!

Rich has a game Thursday night about 5 P.M. and I’m hoping to get to Dr. Marvin’s at 4:30 P.M. So, that’s the plans so far. There is still plans as to Thom though. He’s with Austin right now and maybe this evening we’ll go out to dinner or he will come here. It would be most perfect to go out for dinner and that he stay here over night, with us dropping him off first thing. I’m not sure though what is going to happen. There have been plans made though that we get to spend Friday evening with Thom and his brothers for dinner. This was a major deal for me. There’s someplace in my Mom heart that says nothing is perfect until you see all your family together in one spot. Thom will then be leaving the next day.

Joe will be taking off work to be with him this week so that’s pretty cool. AHA!

We just got a call from him he’s on his way!!! I can’t believe it. It’s about 3 P.M. now. There … we went down to the car so we are a little out of breath. I had a couple twenties down there. Thom has indicated he would like to stay in instead of going out to dinner. I called Rich and he said that we should order a pizza. I know it is silly for a mom not to want to cook something for her son, but that’s the way it is here. I don’t cook anymore. So that is that. Thom seems to be getting a ride here so I don’t know if he’s borrowed a car or if someone is dropping him off. I’m just glad he is coming. BUT, just in case he’s being dropped off, we cleared out the extra tell-tale bags in the car. It was just a handful, but easier to throw then explain. Ok, that’s a secret between you and me, k?

We got a mini-lecture from Dr. Woollcott today. He said that he’d gotten the book and that he was concerned about my health. That’s about all he has to say now days for us to be feeling nervous.

There’s still stuff to be thought through with my mother and likely my sister, but I’m much too giddy for all that right now … THOM is COMING!!! He didn’t sound like he was coming to stay the night. We’ll ask, but I don’t want to push it. Likely his stuff is all somewhere, right?

I talked to Maury in-between times. He was saying that he got pulled over by the police last night. He had gone out to a pool table bar with his brothers, Alex and for a while with his Dad. But, Maury didn’t drink, Alex had only one drink along with the step-brother and naturally Joe doesn’t drink … not sure about the dad.

Thom had some to drink but he also had a designated driver. I’m pretty sure the cop was waiting to see who would come out of the bar at midnight. Maury didn’t have his insurance card, but the police decided to give him a break. He said that Maury would have to show his insurance card down at court on Thursday or Friday, but he was going to be let go this time. Lucky for him. His work requires driving. The police said he pulled Maury for going over the speed, but it was a situation that had gone from 30 to 35 and Maury said he was at 42. Not a real big deal, but always something you have to be conscious of. I’m glad the kids had thought out the drinking and as it turns out they had talked about it at the bar.

They are good kids. Well old good kids. I know … Joe is 26, Thom is 28 and Maury is now 30. They are making it in this life, they are making it. I’m pretty proud of them.

Good good … I just looked for the order things. They were where we were expecting 1them to be. Rich usually does the ordering. I don’t think when I talked to him a few moments ago, he was down to Jon’s place yet. It sure seems like a long time.

I think he said something about getting the ball game on the way home so that time should fly for him, but it’s still a lot of driving especially because of all the extra driving tomorrow and Thursday.

Did I mention we’re excited?

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