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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today be the first of a brand New Year!

Good morning … this is me. We’re getting a late start today. It is now January 1, 2011 (1-1-11). It’s also about 10:30 A.M. We’ve been up pretty much fine tuning some stuff … we’ve been over at AOL and Facebook, but the majority of time was spent updating our web page with business documents. We finished this morning our Business Journal, our Profit and Loss Statement and our Balance Sheet for the year ending yesterday. I know there are some corrections to be made like depreciation and I didn’t know how to handle the inventory changing from one price purchased from FriesenPress and the other price as to how much the books were worth and then the last price as to what the books were actually sold for – as to the books sold and not given away.

This is the general end statement

Journey of Quite Frankly Ann Balance Sheet Year ending 2010


Income Book Sales 283.56
Income Gift 1000.00
Income Personal Investment 3983.92
Inventory 954.40


Book Inventory Costs 578.46
Book Research 147.02
Business Software & Web Dev. 258.53
Dues & Web Site Subscription 59.85
Education Benefit 99.00
Insurance (Book Return) 649.00
Maintenance & Repairs 20.00
Parking at Doctor's 75.00
Postage 86.79
Publishing & Marketing 1564.00
Rent 667.80
Sales Expense ($509.34 given away)
Shipping 82.26
State Taxes 2.14
Supplies & Packaging 221.06
Telephone 341.20
Travel (Food & Mileage) 223.66
Utilities 161.68

Totals 5237.45 6221.88

Total Profit 984.43

The columns are a little confused, but the general is that $5237.45 is the expenses, the $6221.88 is the Income and the $984.43 is the profit. There wouldn’t be all that profit, but we have about $30 in our bank account and there is $954.40 (33 books) worth of books in inventory.

It took quite some figuring to get all that down just right. We were working on the list we left in our blog yesterday … we should probably resurrect the list. I know that originally we were only going to do the business journal til about noon.

But, it went all the way past that to the time we were leaving for dinner with Bob and Marcia just before 5 pm, we were going to finish it after we got back, but after a nice dinner out (shrimp parmivea) we fell to listening to Frank Sinatra and then Paul McCartney with Rich. And, then you know … we celebrated the New Year proper. I don’t remember much more past that … I think we were soon to bed. We had drank wine at the restaurant and we had another bottle when we got home with Rich. Yup yup … pretty mellow.

Ahh Rich has been playing this song, “Tennessee River Run” Somehow we should try to get it for him. Ahh he’s agreeing … he wants to put together a little CD for the guys. He’s been watching YouTube and says he can get some pictures from the guys. That be fun. I’d just as soon teach him to do it though … he would have MORE fun. Ahh, that hit the spot … there was just a couple of ounces left of the eggnog. Wouldn’t want that going to waste.

We had started to wrap Rich’s presents, but there wasn’t enough paper. There are two medium size boxes, four shirt boxes, and a couple of odds and ends without boxes. Rich is going to be meeting up with his Mom, Bud, Chris and Christy for their celebration. It’s a nice tradition.

As to us … it’s about 11:30 A.M. Rich should be home within about twenty minutes.

He was going to check Bob out for extra wrapping paper first. I think that’s the Bohemian spirit in him.

We talked for a few moments about the balance sheet I had done earlier. He gave me a few ideas and he seemed more appreciative of it than not. Somewhere inside us is a twelfth grade accounting student. I’m not going to wait long before getting taxes done this year. As soon as Sr. passes them out. I think we’re going to get something electronic for the school loan from Nelnet, I’m not sure if it will be the same for Wells Fargo. In my mind we will need to wait until about the 17th.

Hopefully it will be a quick return so we can use part of it to pay the accountant. He had said that it would be about $200. In my book that is three to four hours of work, I just don’t see me giving him that much to do. But, there may be a base business price. Obviously we’re not rolling in the doll kind of business. I’m very eager to know if we’ll get enough back for the second book.

Hmm, we were going to check things off the list … better get that out.

1. Complete our last day of the year blogging entry
2. Work out a light for the piano - done
3. Complete business journal for the year – done (plus profit and loss statement & balance sheet)
4. Complete the ranking list from Amazon (assignment #6 of 8)
5. Edit book #2
6. Write out some news articles for multiples
7. Start the wedding quilt again

It seems like we’re back to the blogging entry, but done with 2 and 3. Rich is still going to get another light, but he moved the one over by the window over to the piano. Last night we had some time to practice while just after we got back and he was being tied up. He came out to the living room where the piano keyboard is and just let me play and play. I’m still surprised that I can do anything at all. We were having fun. It’s a good run of concentration. I would like to get confident enough to be picking our hands up and rushing them a bit. Just takes time, right?

I told Rich we had ordered some music … he didn’t seem too frustrated. It is a matter of getting something to be practicing with. There are only 6-7 songs in the book that came with the piano. There are more, but those are the two handed songs. The other songs are one handed.

I have to decide fairly between the 4th and 5th task. I think it stands to reason we should be going with the shorter task, which is to complete the Amazon ranking list, but I don’t like that the other task is being put off. Whoops … back to wrapping Rich is back BRB

Ok … good that is done. I’m going to have now about 6-7 hours on my own. That should be enough time to be productive. I turned on Baroque Christmas music. AND, Rich bought Sprite Zero and a bag of ice cubes. We found a nice water glass and seem to have perched ourselves perfectly. We got into Rich’s cheese balls a little, but we’ll put away the evidence.

What’s Ann if not a little sneaky?

Joe was home so we could wish him a happy New Year. He was happy because they were just paying off a big bill – Smart kids. Maury wasn’t home and Thom should be here for over the last three hours. I should have called him before Rich left with his Verizon phone. He doesn’t like to add up the minutes under his plan. I can’t blame him just it’s not always convenient.

Jacki was going to pick him up, and he made it clear that he’d be getting drunk with Alex tonight. Alex will be leaving the state for his new job tomorrow. Joe didn’t mention Thom. I’m going to try not being sad and mope about it, but there is a little of that. Thom says that we should plan a night with his brothers, and then see if he will be available and that we might get him overnight and for some visits … well actually he said something closer to visiting, but we’re adding some numbers on that in hope we see him longer.

I don’t really know what I will talk to Thom about. Most of the time the thoughts going through my mind is that we’re missing him – we would like to get caught up, but it’s been almost two years. Where would you begin? Sometimes Thom is real good about answering questions, sometimes he gives short numbers trying to hurry things up. We’ll find out soon enough. I haven’t presented Rich with the idea of staying home next week. I expect he’s going to be upset. But, I just want the chance to be available to Thom. Ok, plus there is that part where it’s so nice being on vacation I don’t want to go back. To be honest – that part is wearing on my mind too.

There we left Thom and Maury text messages. That’s enough for the moment. We’ll give CS and Mom a call later. I’ve a bit overwhelmed ourselves with these last sad thoughts. We should probably do some work to get our minds on a better plain. I’m not sure if I’m up to it though or just might go to bed. I should clean up here too … but I don’t feel in the mood. Maybe just look at Amazon for a while. I really don’t want these feelings. More later.

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