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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brand new computer today - first post and she's doing fine!

Good morning. It is just after 5 A.M. and I have to tell you officially that we are typing our first blog entry from the new computer. That is the good part … the computer is here and it is working and that’s a lot!

We were home for about half an hour to 45 minutes and we’d eaten dinner.

And at one point, we just thought and asked out loud to Rich, “If we looked outside the door would our new computer just be there?” We had gotten the note on our work computer saying that it had arrived. Rich said, “Nope!” And we felt suddenly sad, but we thought how could that be? Was it downstairs after we left the Fed Ex guy a note to bring it up? Rich then said, “Nope it’s not outside the door because I brought it in.” What? What? It’s here? I then jumped up and looked behind the drafting table and THERE IT WAS!!!


Then next thought? Oh Christ! There it is. Now what! There’s about a million miles from box to fully functional. That’s what had to happen next. I lived with those thoughts on my own for a bit, and in there I think Rich took a call, but pretty much it was like dear … how are you and us going to do this? No seriously! This is not a one person job!

There were a few crinkles in it at first because Rich had jumped into I’m just going to be there and tell you what to do role. Like go get the screwdriver, turn on the light, look behind the desk, and so forth. I do have a mind, and it does not follow direction well. I could as well be doing it on my own! I moved around him in this way for a while just because he was helping with the harder stuff that requires standing and such, but it wasn’t too long before we fell into sync. I pulled cords and wrapped them from the top and he was releasing them from the bottom. And then later putting the cords together, I was on the bottom and he was on the top. He used a tight mop to push some of the cords to me because the desk was too big (and loaded) to move. It worked out.

We did run into trouble after we’d gotten it all together. Everything was plugged in and we hit the start button on the front of the CPU and then nothing happened. We tried all possible things like checking connections and holding in buttons, but nothing worked. Rich got on the phone to the computer people and fortunately found someone to talk to mid-evening.

That guy was really no help because he wanted Rich to open the CPU and be doing stuff in there, but that was beyond Rich and my comfort level.

Somehow in the process though, Rich discovered there was actually an on/off toggle switch right next to the power cord in the back. Shoot … who would have thought of that?

After the power came on, Rich said … the rest is up to you, and he went over to his chair and focused in on the TV. I think the air waves carried him away on a cloud. *Sigh*

We knew we were going to need going through our software to see what we could scavenge. Some of it was good and some more difficult. I’m not sure, but CS software might have gone on as a 30 day trial and that was the biggest portion of the uploading. I wanted her Microsoft Office program. I also had problem with the EQ7, because the original EQ6 is at CS and it has to be loaded first before upgrade can take effect. The two other major program glitches were in that I couldn’t load my Print Master program and I couldn’t load the Snag-it program. Hmm, I wonder if we’ve got upload options from the saved mail. Might look, hold on.

Ok, ok … something is finally going right. I took a shower, took my medicine and in 6 minutes I will have my egg breakfast … well that and Rich’s. He dared to come in and get coffee while I was there … he stared at us and said, “You are cooking. I just wanted to see that.” “Ok, this is our grooooooooooowl!”

I think he got the point. We’ve been cranky for the better part of an hour because we were still doing things here and Rich has been getting up earlier so will just randomly start telling me things that I’ve got to do. Like BACK OFF MISTER! Well maybe not that sinister, but close. Like who the hell cares where her phone has got dislocated to before 7 A.M.?

Shhh, shhh … ok girl slow down!

There … got our eggs. The world seems to be better … we’ve taken our medicine and it has been about a half hour which starts to help us regulate. I also made some more coffee so we can both have some going out the door.

We got a few things going with some of the missing programs. We found the Snagit program on-line so that’s good to go. I had to upload the new version of Printshop, but hopefully I can upgrade then the work computer and I’d like to get it on CS computer and Rich’s. And, we connected the computer through Gotomypc. That way we can go back and forth from work to home and home to work.

Ok, and then the next thing is next. We’re in the process of copying over the files from the big flash drive to the new computer. We didn’t know where it was for a while and we’re going to need to decide if we want to put them also on permanent file at work because it takes up so much room and we now have access to the bigger memory computer here at home. We’ll have to figure that out. Right now though we’ve got that running in the background and it says that we’ve got about a half an hour left … we can never be sure on that because times switch so unevenly, but we had only wanted to be here for about ten more minutes. We’ll have to decide whether we’re going to let her run or if we’re going to manage it by sticking around until she’s done. We’ll see how we feel in ten minutes.

By then we can check the time.

Good good. We just ordered the extra keyboard. It will be up to Sr. if she pays us back. We’re asking today for her to pay for the next CARF Standard manual. It is about $162 so I don’t want to pressure her for other things. I have already had one staff come in looking for the keyboard, and I’m thinking it’s going to come up in our staff training meeting. We’ll see.

We’ve only got a few moments left before she finishes downloading. She is checking for file system errors now. It is probable in that it’s a flash drive that’s been around. Some of the files that are being saved are from 1999. That was a LONG time ago. We were using Microsoft Works instead of Microsoft Word. There have been a lot of changes since then.

Ok, good to go. It seems everything is where it ought to be. Rich tried pressuring me into leaving or whatever. Basically he needed to take a shower and he likes to be at the door to say goodbye so it was like am I leaving before the shower or after. It’s a funny little custom around the house. Now we’re in a wait mode until he gets out. I will frustrate him if we kiss him from within the shower.

As to yesterday, we made progress at work in that we did the Behavior Management meeting and then we worked hard to clean up our desk and inventory the work load. After that we went through everything and copied down all the to-do tasks. I’m not sure … did I say that already? Yeeks.

I’m thinking that I might have to do something broken up between short and long-term goals. There’s probably about 75-100 tasks listed and obviously those aren’t all going to get done. But, it seemed important at the time to be noting. At least we have a clean desk and some kind of method to the madness.

I’m learning to use the scanner more. It should be then after a week of taking notes, we can scan them into the computer and take down some of the clutter. We still haven’t worked out all the bugs, but from the computer we will need a system of checking things off. I’m not sure what Acrobat 9 will do as to drawing on PDF files and highlighting things. It be nice if we could do all that.

Ok, good good … there are all kinds of mark-up tools that will be one of the first things we do then this morning. Pswhoo. Good to be up and running … I’m feeling good now about the progress made. I might have to check the Word system 2010 at work. Hopefully between the work and home computers we’ll get something up and running without it being on trial.

For now … it’s 7:24 A.M. and we best be heading for our kisses and work!

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