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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Didn't see the curve ball coming

Good morning. This is me … and we’re pretty sure you are you. So then … let’s be getting on to the business of it … it is another Saturday morning and we’ve got time on our hands. We woke up early this morning because we went to bed early last night – 8:30 P.M. so we’re already finished writing to Linda and it’s only about 4:45 A.M. Good times!

First thing first because it was just on my mind with Linda and I want to put it to bed is that we had another problem with Rosa and Sr. Basically, it is an ongoing story, but in this version Rosa took it upon herself to contrast the dates on her calendar with mine and then asked Sr. whose dates should she use – we came up there and of course it was like use our days … are days are the day it goes down in the record with the state.

Her days may be marked as the first date of an appointment, but often enough the dates change because of cancelations or being rescheduled.

There was one more problem too in that she found 3 days where we’d scheduled on Sunday which is an obvious problem. BUT, we’re pretty sure that it was looking at the wrong month on a calendar or something to that … I mean it would be insane to write down a Sunday on purpose. But, Rosa’s whole spin on it seemed to be that I was somehow being crooked and let’s thank goodness for the secretary for saving the day.

I asked out loud since when is it a secretarial position to be questioning my work. She said something about not even dignifying that question, but it was valid to us. Her implication was that my work was of a nature that naturally it had to be corrected, mine was … you are far out-stepping your boundary. Not that she should be locked in a small box, but if she’s trying to do my work for me … it is not going to be taken lightly … and again she is taking it to the boss rather than telling me there was a mistake with writing down a Sunday so it gets blown out of proportion.

Sr. in general this week had many instances of being angry with me. It stands to reason in as far as we had the state inspection and I caused her to lose two points on it. Holly lost 8 points, but the thing is between the two QSPs we lost the only points the center had wrong. It caused us to get a rating of 92%, which was 1% under what was allowed for our standing as a Class 2 agency. There was some problem too in that the lady was particularly disagreeable and instead of like it has always been where a first aid/CPR instructor we hire to come in to teach staff and his signature on the cards mean he’s certified to teach – she wanted a certificate that he was an instructor. I can see that point, but he has the official card and he’s putting his name down and he’s been a recognized instructor and on the State register and it’s never been a problem so like what is all THAT about?

I called him, but didn’t get him on the phone, and then I called the American Red Cross and didn’t get them – we had to wait 15 minutes and then we got a live person who passed us onto a machine stating that everyone there was at a team meeting. I also tried calling the place that had a fax number on the card, but when I called directory assistance they said they didn’t have a listing. I gave that information back to sister, and then left it at that, but then Sister thought of a new angle and she went through some calls, but found someone who could correct the problem.

Sister then was angry at me because she did my work for me. I was frustrated because I’d gone through my resources and hadn’t found an answer … I can be glad she did, but because she did find the answer and I didn’t, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t doing my job.

Later we came into a situation where I was supposed to find a defibrillator … I’m not supposed to just order these things on my own without checking them out and in fact I’d gotten in trouble with it earlier in the day, because I did not get her final ok on getting a keyboard (mine had stopped working after having checked two sets of batteries) and the staff were frustrated because I was using one of their three. BUT, I had to use the computer where they don’t usually and it wasn’t working out to use a keyboard that was in back because it was so old the connections weren’t the same. This to me means we needed a keyboard and whether or not sister pays or approves, I still needed a keyboard. It’s like my job.

So anyway with the defibrillator I found the general price was $1200 and from there they went up to $6000. I found four different resources confirming this and I showed sister the Internet searches. She said that I was to ask Keith about which one he liked. I had asked Keith this last year and he said it didn’t matter they all worked – and basically his is paid for by the city he works for and wasn’t reflective of him having made a choice. But, sister said I’m not going to do your work for you. Ask Keith. So again we’re in the bad situation of asking a busy person something he already gave us an answer to … it doesn’t matter they all have to work so are good. It just depends on what we want to pay for.

Then at another time – because we were crossing items off our list we had to ask sister could we buy the CARF book. She snapped I told you last week it was ok. We calmly then asked could we then use her credit card.

She got up and got it and seemed to work out of the snappiness, but the point being … that when you are on her bad side she doesn’t have to be pleasant.

I couldn’t help save myself. I was conscious that I was up front and pushing her in that I had a lot of contacts with her all work related, but when I’m busy I’m busy. It’s a little different now in that I have just the three days and there are other things happening so I have to make the best use of my time.

I guess then maybe if we could for a few moments, I would like to get off problems we were having with the administrator and talk a bit about how work is going in general.

We’ve been working fairly well with the new format of having a To-do list. The system we are using is still in the developmental stages. The following picture is an example of what we are working on. First we take the notes as neat or as messy as we want – though I’m thinking neater would help in the highlight usage of our Adobe PDF program.

Ahh slipped a little break in here … we took our shower and got our medicine … we want to be able to say that we’ve been to our WW meeting.

It’s about 5:50 now … so we’ll plan on getting dressed in about a half an hour. We’d like to leave close to 6:30 A.M. and the meeting should start at 7:00 A.M. That’s the way we’re going, right? Ok, carry on … 

Anyway here is a sample of the notes that we are taking. The colored parts (yellow and red) are added afterward in the PDF program.

You can also see from this we are writing on regular loose leaf paper, and then we are scanning to the computer and typing in the notes. The Acrobat version 9 has pretty good editing tools, though we’ve seen better with Microsoft. The point is that we can write from the computer right on top of our handwritten notes. This is really cool part of not having to copy things twice because what we are finding is that it is good for the record to get all the information down, but we don’t need all the information that is there for the record to complete the task.

The next part of it is the Weekly To-do list. We’ve done this for two weeks and we are still perfecting it, but this is about what that then looks like. We’ll put a this weeks’ notes up … it won’t have the heading that this is the To-do list for the week of February 21-25, 2011 and the page numbers, and we’ll probably lose the formatting, but this is the information …

Simple To-do List:

1. Follow-up with Theresa to receive missing client satisfaction surveys
2. Translate minutes from 8-10 and 2-16-11 Behavior meeting
3. Look for Keith’s call-back on the defibrillator (check his preference) and then get it and its cost to Sr. Theresa. Determine where it gets put as to if it needs a case 708-935-4436 cell (Save number). File documents sister gave us in new file – 4 sections from Internet in To-do file as to comparison brands and costs
4. Check with sister for Jan parent meeting notes, which date Ray Graham is coming in, and what we need to talk about before calling Arthur to discuss networking
5. Receive client file update from Rosa, write parent letters and email CSO concerning missing documents
6. Look for CARF receipt to Sr.’s email and the delivery of the 2011 CARF Standards book
7. Check for DHS Survey at their website for their 5-7 year plan (possibly completed in November)
8. For people with missing documentation (family or CSO) write letter and sister will sign.
9. Process situation with Rosa through Sister if necessary – watch for defensiveness
10. Watch for what might be necessary for the waiver and DT waiver surveys (check dates with Holly) – possibly next quarter
11. Look for information on Internet as to Governor Quinn’s budget reforms
12. Get Qnotes for Ana, Noemi, Jose, Ashley, Steven, Jeannette, Florencio, Antonella, Lilyana, Jessica, Noah, Lupe, Marquieta and Victor
13. Make sure to get appointments for clients noted in the Chrononotes such as doctor, dentist, etc. and note progress on not meeting goal expectations – on all three goals
14. Place moving scanner on Mr. O’s sheet because of the unavailability of cords behind big furniture and keep discussing things in general with Holly to get her savvy on the use of the scanner (show while in our office and less threatening)
15. Watch out for and try to take down defensiveness in self and with others

STAFF MEETING (2-24-11):

1. Get from Maria her portion of the staff survey questions from the state and her response and then type the three responses of Cathy, Maria and Robyn. Present results at the 2-24-11 meeting
2. Go over the family risk analysis reports with the staff as to what kinds of information we are looking for (tie this found information into the Qnotes or better the Q Chrononotes
3. Stress paperless by completing project on master email list. Go over protocol of niceness and strategy in using it
4. Ask if anyone had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Hall and if there are any questions
5. Discuss questions they could be asked about rule 119 especially from the survey form for both the next two surveys

Project 1: Gathering email master list

1. Get together with each staff individually to gain either new or old email address
2. Make a master list
3. Check the Internet for protocol
4. Check with sister to make sure we are on the same page
5. Present the subject of scanning
6. Emails so far:
a. (address removed) – Sr. Theresa’s and St. Rose’s
b. (address removed) – Rich
c. (address removed) – Holly
d. (address removed) – Ann
e. (address removed) – Theresa

Project 2: Develop system (Chrononotes) for clients to be placed on Q progress notes (Check DSP Chrononotes and meet with staff- consider sending out new risk assessment form to the families)

Project 3: Update all annuals and goals and complete by 2-22-11

1. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)
2. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)
3. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)
4. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)
5. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)
6. Complete annual and goals for (name removed)

Project 4: Complete the strategy Plan for CARF by 3-5-11

Project #5: Complete all 24 annuals, and then create benchmark goal program and complete by 4-10-11

1. Use Ann’s created monthly benchmark sheet (work through changes so that it works with single annual form) to track numbers from Qnotes starting with the month of the annual meeting – watch to see that Holly is not breaking too much differently than form – (continue 2-18-11 discussion with Holly – realizing she has about 6 staffings in next 1 ½ months)
2. Start from A and work through to Z
3. Include Theresa's goals as being the most problematic and schedule time with her
4. Develop one form which holds all clients positive/negative scores for one year starting at their Annual
5. Develop form so that if a client is down two months the trainer has to fill out problems and potential solutions and submit with third month's goal data sheets - to be evaluated by QSP. They should also be asked did they feel the third month successful or do they think the goal needs to be upgraded
6. After all benchmark sheets are completed, plus one year form and two month warning meet with the staff to talk over the new systems including most current annual and goals. Give them handfuls of change forms and ask to compare problematic goals with methodology on goals and objectives and write out problems and solutions for all steps that are not working or if they would like to see changes.
7. Review change sheets and schedule meeting with the DSP if necessary to make changes. Include changes on a new client log of goals which will be kept in the client files
8. Go over Friday’s 2-18-11 meeting with admin team and see if we can pull some policies and procedures of what was said. Things are still murky – a lot of information to comprehend. Work on giving each document a name so it is easier to discuss (Holly’s Annual Benchmark Sheet or Ann’s Annual Benchmark Sheet)
9. Case reviews will now be 30 days after the annual – or next available month so that Rich can check for forms. Email a copy of the completed report to Rich and email completed annual to Rosa
10. Check for policy and procedure change in Rich getting miscellaneous file changed to a notes file for associates (Mr. Hall, parents, DSPS and Qnotes)
11. Create new benchmark sheets for everyone as soon as all annuals are complete

Project #6: Start tidying up the office – Major

1. Start with two drawers to the left of the computer table
2. Go through shelves on the hutch to see what can be thrown or filed
3. Make files in bottom three drawers active. Consolidate when necessary
4. Remember that we still have the on-line Paper tiger
5. Go through black folders on Writing desk
6. Go through CARF white folders.
7. Ask for storage of dead files and paper pile on the floor
8. Ask sister how long we want to keep the old satisfaction surveys
9. Include in outgoing box papers over the book shelve (coat rack)

Scheduled Events:

1. 2-23-11 - Did not check 2-18-11 attendance book … follow-up and check dates for the quilting weekend, it may have been forgotten
2. 2-23-11 - Upload Bachata for Theresa
3. 2-23-11 – Call Kathy again to reschedule Victor’s visit
4. 2-24-11 - Write out new DSP training schedule
5. 2-24-11 - End of March –Gain all signatures for staff training meetings
6. 2-24-11 - Consider procedure for computer satisfaction surveys and Chrono notes handed in 5th of each month (through emails)
7. Deadline 2-24-11 -Schedule time to review 119 Regs
8. 3-5-11 - Consider during admin meeting whether or not to do Thursday circle program
9. 3-5-11 - Ask about current procedures for planning books
10. March 17, 2011 - Darst meeting 9-12
11. March 18, 2011 - Darst meeting
12. Mid-April - Check where we are with Carbonite back-up and the Microsoft Essentials for Virus
13. Complete in April - Make file for the risk analysis and planning tool and adjoining form and methodology so that we can utilize by first meeting on May 4th, 2011
14. May or June after Holly's inspections complete 3 tests from the Rural Transit

When there is more time:

1. Read bulletin form the Family Support Network (Fall 2010)
2. Review 6 month self-evaluation
3. Check file for state memo's and correspondence of things to read over
4. Read over old Minutes from the parent meeting
5. Look up procedure for separating out human rights from behavior meeting

Ok, back to the regular part of the blog posting. I tried to understand what some of these notes were or what they were saying, but it got too complicated for our brain. I have to hope that when we stop to think through these carefully they will all make sense. Right now we’re a little discombobulated because we need to start thinking thoughts on leaving for the meeting and we just checked and Rich’s car alarm was going off. It’s been doing that lately at odd times. We had to make sure that no one was really by the car. It’s happening often enough now though to think there must be some kind of short or something. We’ll remind Rich that it went off again and that he should be getting it checked. I’m sure at 6:15 A.M. no one in the neighborhood appreciates it going off.

Ok, better get dressed. I’ll save this and then continue later. Good deal, right?

AHA! We’re back. It is now 10 A.M. and we’ve been back for a couple of hours? No … it couldn’t be, hmm? Well, maybe. There was a meeting at 7 A.M., we were home at 8:00 A.M., we talked to Rich, and then we’ve been at the computer for a while. I think we’ve done a few things like checked mail, had a dickens of a time, but finally got the sound to work on both speakers and head phone! YAYY!!! We also spent some time thinking through what we’re going to be doing with the podcast. We had to get the sound and microphone working, but then there was the next and next. Right now we’re downloading Audacity. Fortunately my keyword search works because I didn’t remember the name of the devise. I’m not sure if we’re doing it right there were extra things to download and I seem to remember it being tricky before.

AHA! The Audacity works. We’re going to have to figure out now a balance between doing this and writing the conversation for the audio. I think that Rich is going out shopping and then he’ll be doing 4 bitty-ball competitions. I guess it’s for the really little guys. He likes it because he doesn’t have to walk. I think we are supposed to be getting back together around dinner time. He’s going to meet us. Hmm, we just called him back. He called around 8:30 A.M. and we didn’t catch it. I hope that everything is going ok. It seems he’s had good news with his taxes, but is having a harder time with his relationships.

AHA! We’ve got $40 (two twenties) left in our envelope. We can give the girls a gift! It’s going to be money though so they can get the best value out of their dollar. The AHA! Part is that I will be able to make a couple of cards. That will save $4 - $5 too … it’s a struggle.

Hmm, now it is almost 11:30 A.M. I just got Maury through text messages.

He says he’s not doing well. This is when the Mom hopes that her son’s girl will lighten up and give him a little break. I don’t know what’s happening, and in some ways that is better, but I still worry about the kind of day he and the granddaughters are having. We told him we would take all four of the girls if necessary so they could talk in peace. I don’t know if he would ever let me watch kids, but I could make ourselves available. I wouldn’t mind trying. I would hope they talk only one or two at a time, but we’d figure it out. After all, our job title is “Qualified Support Professional” and I take on up to 50 people at a time, right? How bad could four girls be that you like! We’ll see.

Rich is shopping for groceries now … we could have him pick up something to eat for them.

Last message wasn’t good. He said he thought they were done and that they’d need two permanent Sunday a month babysitters. We’d just have to work out the fishy weekends. Maybe the girls are old enough they could come with. I don’t know what Maury would think of his girls out on the water. I really wouldn’t mind getting to know my granddaughters better.

I think I would be good for them. I told him I would need them to let me sew or do computer sometime. I’m thinking though if I were doing those two things they’d want to be doing them too. I think between the TV, computer and sewing we could get everyone entertained. Plus wouldn’t they have homework or something to be doing? Seems like we could work something out.

I don’t think Rich would mind except that sometimes he wants to be gone for the weekend … that part have to be worked out. Otherwise I won’t be going far with them. Hmm, I think he’s seriously considering. He said to my question of me doing other things with them in the house that they could color, or eat, or tv or read or many things. Oh man oh man … wouldn’t that be something? Maybe we could go back to the ideal of having the girls especially Ame learning to sew. We could have her work from the back of the big cutting table and then Isa could sit … move around on the couch and use the smaller table to play, color or so forth. It’s workable

Oh Lordy … poor Maury … he said something about keeping the apartment by having a roommate. What is happening? I soooo much am hoping they can work out their problems. I asked them if someone was moving out and he said he’s not living with someone for 11 more months so she goes or he goes or both go, but he was 90% sure there was no going back.

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