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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riding out a storm

Good morning. This is me. We’re about to have breakfast, but thought I should start things out. Rich just got about 15 minutes about … It’s just after 8 A.M. We’ve been up for a couple of hours and wrote to Linda, and then Missy was having problems so we sat with her a bit, and then we looked at a picture book we’d gotten on those Lindall homes we mentioned the other day. But, now is now. We did take our medicine about an hour ago so we’d be handling the morning proper, but with all actuality of eggs being ready in 3 minutes we are not doing so well on concentrating.

There’s a lot going on about Maury and his situation, but maybe we will only be able to put some of it down and most likely we’ll have to erase it later, but there are a lot of new thoughts happening in our brain.

Ok, ok … it’s about an hour later. We took an omelet break and then the kitty came over and then he hypnotized me and we fell asleep watching the morning show. Rich is in the shower now he’s going go to a woman’s house and pick up a document and then bring it over to his new fishing club to finalize the paperwork. And then by about 1 or so he should back and he’ll be a partial lake owner … I think there are like 200 memberships. I will have to ask again to be sure.

I guess then we can or should talk a little about Maury’s situation. I won’t get into it, but he’s having problems with the relationship between him and his girl and it looks life after being in their new apartment for 2 ½ weeks they are already breaking up. I know sometimes there is friction and I’d assumed it to be the normal kind couple have, but this sounds serious. And because of it arrangements might get worked out differently. If they are breaking up then they will both have to find satisfactory housing. I think Maury’s preference is to keep the place they are in and bring in his stepbrother to live with them. We’ll see … it’s going to be a hard week for them.

My part of the switch is that we asked Maury if we could be of help. At the time before I realized it had gotten so far I volunteered to watch all four girls so Maury and his girl could have more time to talk, but that didn’t work out. Instead Maury said something about he might need someone to watch the girls every other Sunday while he is working. WOW! Can I?

Can I? I asked about some of the other problems he felt were

insurmountable in just bringing the girls over and he said that’s all past now. SWEET!

He came over then yesterday afternoon. It had been talked of earlier in the week that we’d be going out to dinner with him, the girls, Joe and Cari and that Rich would meet us there after his games. The celebration was that today is Ame’s birthday and Isa’s birthday was two weeks ago.

This was the first time in 14 months the girls had been over. I was so happy.

Things had changed a little since they’ve been here. Biggest thing is that they’ve never seen the sewing room and they’d never seen the piano keyboard. Everything else including leaving the recorder in the same place was the same. Just as I had figured Isa looked up, saw it first seconds in the door and asked if she could play it. It took a second more to have Ame look around and we asked her if she saw anything else different. Her father was between her and the keyboard, but she looked around him and said a piano!! Yay! Grandma points. She later figured out how to do it so that the numbered buttons on the top would play the songs listed beside the numbers. I hadn’t figured that out yet. Good AME!

I also asked them if they wanted to see the changes in the back room.

They came back into the room with a good report of what they’d seen. I think they keyed in on the fabric on the wall – think they were talking about the closet. Later Isa was standing by the drafting table in the living room and she picked up a piece of cloth from the table off the top and she asked if we could make something out of this. At the time we couldn’t because there wasn’t much time before going out and her father was using the sewing room to take care of some calls. But, I delight in those kinds of things Yes SEWING ahead! Maybe if we were doing the cutting at the table we could have Isa picking up the fabric and stacking it or throwing away the scraps in Linda’s bag. That might be a way to start her. I look so forward to having time with the girls.

I did ask Maury from the start about taking the girls out for days on the boat or picnicking or even a complete weekend and he said that it would probably be doable. That’s going to be a big part because Rich and I have plans to get out more this year.

Rich was a gem when we talked to him. I had called him while he was out shopping yesterday to tell him the kids were coming over and he was almost home so we waited to talk to him and then when we were putting away groceries we talked and I told him about it … his first reaction was that it might be fun, but it would be some work. But, yes! Wouldn’t it good fun! I could see being at the lake with him and then he’d take one of them out and I’d stay behind, or that at other times we would all go out, but that it wouldn’t be long ventures because there’d be that thing about girls using the bathroom. But, I am looking forward to the thought of it.

Not maybe as much as I will with sharing the place here with them. I’m going to let this sizzle a bit in our mind … too excited to be very calm about it right now. Rich is about ready to head out the door too. He’s checking on something on his computer, but he’s got his coat on. I do want to get some sewing done, but I’m looking forward already to hearing from Linda. She can take SOOO long to get to the computer in the morning! I just want her to know about the girls maybe coming over … I think it would start not next week, because Maury had the girls this week, but it might start the week after next. I’m glad that Rich’s poker game is going to be on a Saturday and not a Sunday. And we’re going to have to talk about going up to CS with her. I did tell her I would have trouble on our regular sewing weekend because of Rich asking for my help with the poker. There’s not much I can do about that.

Maybe we can arrange another weekend to go up to CS when she’s in town.

More of that’s been happening too. I think Mark gave final notice to end his jobs about the first week of May. And, I think the kids are giving notice on living in their apartment. CS said they were already looking at getting a puppy.

Things seem to be going pretty well for CS and Mark. There was some clarification of the will and it seems they will be getting about 5 times the original money than they thought they would. It is really good news for them and it doesn’t include the money when Mark turns 60 and the house. The house really belongs to Mark and his sister and if they sell it will go toward the 60 year old money. But for the time being they are going to be living in it for no cost – it is paid off … and then they will continue to pay half of “Nate’s house.” Seems like a pretty sweet deal all around, but not without normal headaches.

So that’s that on that.

We did see Joe and Cari and they are saying after Cari finishes school then they will get pregnant … YAYYYY!!! This is the GREAT STUFF Grandma’s live for! Otherwise things seem pretty good for them. I think Cari’s school is very hard, but she’s doing it and we’re so proud of her. It’s the good stuff too!

Ahh Rich just left and we made a fresh cup of coffee. We’ve got George Winston playing on the speakers. I think we need to concentrate on the podcast, but I don’t think I’m in the real concentrating kind of mood and we want to get in some sewing. It might be kind of early to be starting it, but we haven’t done anything for the last couple of days and we’re getting itchy. We also don’t know what kind of week that Maury will be having so we have to look out for that sort of thing.

I’m not sure what to do exactly next. It doesn’t seem like we’ve done enough writing and I want to be here … just our mind went blank as to what to be thinking about next. Ok, maybe it is an ice cream freeze brain thing. Before Rich left we had been having an ice cream sandwich. Weight watchers of course! Seemed the thing to be doing – maybe it’s a reflex of Rich leaving. I am proud of him for what he’s able to do with this fishy club. It’s a pretty big deal. Just so over bubbly in general.

I don’t even know what Linda is doing today.

Hmm, just looking over some pictures. It looks like Nate got a new motorcycle, and there’s some Valentine’s pictures. Horrible week to break up. I think it happens though. I remember not wanting to be too happy with Rich either even though he did all the right things. Just hard because you want so much more – better let it go girl.

Ok, maybe I should try the sewing for a while. BBL.

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