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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did we go on a cruise? *sigh* sorry ... just absent

Good morning … I’m a blogger and I admit to blogging, but just not in a really long time. It’s 8:45 A.M. now and we’re going to just sit for a little while writing, because we want to get back to our sewing and there’s so little time in any one given day. This is the project we are working on right now.

I’m really happy with how it is turning out so far, but I may have to do some revising because part of it is cropped on the corner pieces. I might have to sew a little border around them which wouldn’t be the most terrible thing … just something I have to do. We’ll see maybe later this afternoon or evening.

I could probably check on when the last time I wrote was, but it might be startling…

Oh lordy! It’s been almost a month. Today is the 12th and we last wrote on March 13th. I think mostly that we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. I only have so much time for writing and after that … we’re just out of time. It seems this month we’ve been sleeping in during the morning. We may start awake, but then we’re down.

We talked to Dr. Marvin last night and he said we should be back on our Ritalin. We went off it for a month because it was back ordered and we didn’t check it out with him before he was out of town. We were seeing what would happen if we had less drugs. But, this one doesn’t seem to have worked out. Maybe later we’ll go over through our notes with Linda what has been happening, but it’s too much for me to go through now. I’d just like to be writing freely.

LOL ok, that being said I probably have not too much important stuff to be writing about. At the time of our last writing though we had just been thinking of joining a guild. Since then we joined, and participated in a meeting and a class. The class was in making a summer quilt and we’ve already done that and from that project finished a baby quilt and two doll blankets. I think that the doll blankets are going to be given to Linda’s granddaughter today. We had to wait until they got back from England.

YAYY! The blanket will be going to Rich’s physical therapist probably by the end of next week.

We had just finished with the sewing of the quilt that had gone to Rich’s Mom and step-father. There’s a lots of stuff happening with them, but on the short version, Rich’s mom has been going through senior problems.

She’s doing a lot of yelling and screaming and Bud’s been yelling and screaming back. Rich had to stay out there for just over a week. They are now trying to get some counseling services and other supports so that Bud can have some time away from Mom. I haven’t talked to anyone there directly just been working on giving our support to Rich. A lot of it has to do with Mom’s drinking, but then maybe some kind of senility too. Not sure if it isn’t going to get worse before getting better.

One of the other things that I see with the last blog – not talking everything here in the middle, but we’d thought of making a quilting journal and since then we put one together. This is in general how the pages look there’s like 180-190 pictures/pages and they each have the descriptive part on them.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. We paid too much to get it printed, but it was what we had to do. We couldn’t run that much color through the center’s printer. The idea is that we can handwrite in the information from below so that it is a collection of our thoughts as we look at each of the pictures. To get the pictures we looked through Facebook and took the prime ones we felt were necessary in starting to tell the story of our quilting. Already we’ve started to accumulate more pictures and in a year or so might do another printing of what has come up since. We’ll consider the project in need of updating as of March 2012.

Facebook in the meantime is the greatest place to accumulate images – and for that matter some of the story too though we’re not relying on that as much as our memory.

Today we should be putting together the rest of the top piece for the Dancer’s in the Park quilt. This is what it should look like all completed – well mostly like this some of the fabrics had to be changed out. Everything is done except about 30% of the tulip flower panels.

There are four to each block and four blocks. I’m feeling pretty good about it, but know that it isn’t perfect. It’s pretty good though for my most complicated piece to date. It will be going next to us here over the printer/file cabinet. And then Maybe the first scrap quilt should go over the piano. Hmm, haven’t played that for a while, maybe in the next day or two?

And this is the picture of the blanket we’d made for the summer weight baby quilt

Whoops better get a finished one with the binding in it. But, this is the shot showing the two colors.

This is one of the doll blankets. I’m just really excited about it. I loved the binding.

So anyway, as you can see we’ve been pretty busy in the quiltmaking arena. I’m very happy to be doing this kind of work. My inspiration is Linda. She’s finishing the same kinds of quantity work. Some of her projects she’s working on now are finishes to other things she’s started.

I think she had like 4-5 UFO’s (unfinished objects?)

Lots of my mind is in-tune to finishing the tulips. I hate to think we’ve skipped out of here though without saying so much. I don’t know if I want to do so much talking as of work or my sister which both have seem to be preoccupying me. CS is going through her move and although we had talked about helping I’m frustrated that she’s waiting the last week to do stuff. I think she’s got in mind the only thing that needs moving are her fabrics. If that’s the case I really shouldn’t have to go up there.

We suggested a plan and she’s pretty much blown it off … I think she’s planning on leaving most of her stuff for Dani and Nathan whether they want it or not. I’m pretty frustrated with that whole situation and I’m thinking now if I can avoid going up there it will be better. I don’t know if she really deserves the anger I’m feeling … it may not have anything directly to do with her and more my lack of patience and intolerance. I get frustrated that she isn’t more like Linda as someone who can be talked to on a sharing bases where it’s not just “some” of the stuff she plans for you to hear.

The last time we were up during the first of the month sewing it had gone ok, but then she wanted to go out for lunch and she included Mark which was nice, but then some financial stuff came out between them to do with her spending more than Mark had allotted. We felt uncomfortable in that situation, and I could feel empathy for both, but probably moreso for Mark. I know that CS works similar to me with money in that you get an idea of what you want and then it’s whatever it takes to get there. The difference being is that I never join myself to Rich’s money like she does to Mark’s. I did spend $1500 on the computer, but I paid him back within a month. So, I don’t have to feel bad about that.

I wish I could have saved the money for something else in that I would just as soon have bought another book or at least an iPad with it, but the problem was our computer going down just about the time we were getting the money. And you know me … we always overspend to get the best we can for the money we have. Could have gotten by with less … just didn’t have the inclination. That’s I’m sure what CS thought about the new machine.

The work deal is that we’ve been putting good time in and over the last month we’ve been working on CIRCLES too which takes some time and coordination. I’m pretty satisfied with where it is now. We are using some cards we’d picked up earlier that worked with Bloom’s taxonomy and were using it as projects to work through while we study more so the group dynamics and how people respond with others in relationship.

We’ve also done a little work on the Thinking group, but that was primarily redoing another chart as we had before from 07-09 in coming up with projects week by week that match attributes on the chart like the domains and self-advocacy. It still means we have to come up with new ideas each week, but it gives the work a little backbone.

We had problems with Sr. Theresa again in that as we expected, she got angry at us telling her we needed to do something for the state regulations. It was pretty much like kill the messenger and she brought Holly into it too and then both of them ridiculed us in saying negative things about us as we were trying to get away. It made us very angry to be used like this and then we just got depressed. It is what we spent most of our time with last night with Dr. Marvin. It was an unusual Monday meeting with him, but very much appreciated.

I think there is something about us from our past that makes us very certain before we try to change things, but it must be coming off as we know or are better than others. I don’t mean it to be that way. In reality it was something she should have just looked at as me doing our job and that I was trying to help out before she started yelling and doubting. It has changed my feelings now of I had thought I’d work during vacation and now that it is an option BECAUSE I’m on vacation, I haven’t dragged myself back into it. I know there’s a lot more to be checking on, but I don’t feel like getting yelled at.

That’s as much as we want to say about that for now … just feels very uncomfortable to be so disliked by not only your peer, but especially your boss. She can act normally for periods of time, but always there’s this under current of disgust in us that I don’t really know how to handle, even with the good doctor. I don’t want it to weigh on me as we’re incompetent, but there’s some very strong feelings of being victimized.

With that comes feelings of self-destruction. I know instead of going down that track it is better for me to put time in the creative expression. Dr. Marvin says that sister’s reactions have something to do with her own feelings of inadequacy. I don’t want to get into that much diagnosing the boss. Just want to survive her.

This is a rough spot to be in because again we have to get away from these negative thoughts of ourselves in relationship to the boss. I have at points thoughts that I’m helping. But, right now I have stronger thoughts that were drowning.

Hmm, thought we should order some medicine. It looks like the one Rich dropped off this morning is ready, and it looks like Dr. Marvin filled the two that we were out of, and we filled the last three. I will need to check on Dr. Marvin’s two because I’m thinking they should refill, but because I didn’t order directly we’re going to question it until we have notice of it having been done, but that can wait now a little bit. Dr. Marvin just called them in about an hour ago. We have a couple days before running out of anything so there’s time yet. Hopefully we don’t have to go out tonight and Rich can pick them up on the way.

Whoops there they are – we got filled the ones that Dr. Marvin ordered.

Just now need the last three and we’re all set … It seems things are going to go smoothly YAY!

We’ll talk to Rich later about picking them up. It looks like we’re down to $113 in the bank, but the rent and car have gone through as well as State Farm. I’m not sure what the $59.95 was for, but maybe we’ll wait to check on that later, the phone number is 800-345-4762. Right now the phone is charging in the back room – one way or another there is money in the account to be paying for medicine though I might have trouble filling up gas because they precharge $75 before letting you pump. Maybe we’ll have to use some of our cash for that … we should be paid before the end of the week as to our next paycheck. I still have $40 in cash, so that will cover gas and keep $50 in the account. We HAVE to pay the accountant if that hasn’t been done already, better check.

No it doesn’t look like it went out. We’ll ask Rich about it and then figure it out from there … it should be the first thing we do with our next check. I think it’s around $240.

We talked to Linda and we might be able to meet up with her next week to go on a shopping trip. She knows that we can’t stand long, but maybe if we sit between stores we can make it. The idea is to meet up about 8 am.

Get through some good girl talk over coffee and then we go to a few places before lunch and after and that she gets home in time that Tony is getting in. I’m really looking forward. I haven’t shopped in IL and apparently she has not either, but she certainly does know how to shop. My idea will be to go in and NOT spend money, but it would be nice to get something.

We’ll have to figure it out.

Rich is doing pretty good – with the exception of his mother, but I think we explained that briefly before. He’s trying to get out fishing and I think he has an eye on Thursday. We’ll hope the best for him. I think what his plans are – to give up on our Sunday mornings, and to be out fishing on them before about 2 pm IF he doesn’t have a game. It is a sacrifice and I’m sure most often he’s going out with Bob, but we’ll see … the idea was that sometimes I could go out with him casually between things. I still don’t have a plan in mind how we’ll spend the time. I like the idea of being on the boat with Rich more than fishing. I’ve got to figure a way to make quilting somehow work. I’m thinking it might be a good time to do some scrap cutting. It sounds a little strange, but I can carry the small cutting board and place it on the cooler in front of me.

The only hard part is the iron. I could try it because I believe Rich has a plug and we’ve got two cutting boards/iron sides, but I’m not sure if that just won’t be a little weird or mess with Rich’s electrical usage.

We’ll have to ask him what he thinks. I’d probably be the first in history to bring an iron on a boat with us. But, it would keep us as happy as a lark! Just wouldn’t want to go out in the rain. And, we’d have to figure on moving a hot iron toward the end. Just need to be careful. Maybe we’d get buy using the one with the handle.

Ok, good. Half way to figuring that out. Poor Bob I can see his blood curdling at the thought of bringing sewing on a fishing trip Hehehe. The other idea would be to do handwork like Linda, but I wouldn’t look forward to that … I’m not into that kind of sewing yet. Pretty giggly about the rest though! There should be enough space to do the cutting on the cooler and maybe the iron next to me on the floor. We’d just be ironing things flat. I would have to hope the wind not too strong, just maybe stack the pieces differently ok, shh shh … just have to wait and see what Rich thinks. It WOULD get me out on the boat!

Have to bring my camera too. I’d like to have this much life with Rich.

I’m sure there is something fulfilling of your girl looking up and watching you do your man thing. Good fishyman!

Ok, good good … thinking we’re that much closer to getting back to the sewing parts. What else has to be said? Linda hasn’t responded back yet, so we can wait there for her.

Ok, ok … were’ just stalling now … one more thing though … Joe and Cari have a lab puppy named Ramsey who’s like 8 – 9 weeks old. He’s just the most adorable puppy. Just wanted to say is all.

Isn’t he the sweetest thing?!