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Monday, July 9, 2012


Good morning Dr. Marvin,

Man-o-man were we off-base, we had been moving through the morning as if it were a Tuesday.  I’m not sure where we got that idea … maybe things going too smooth to be a Monday.  So far everything is well, except we are getting a late start on our writing.  We woke up about 5 hours ago and it is now 11 am.  We read a little, and then did the computer scene – mostly FB and a couple notes to friends, and then we did everything we needed to do to take care of things.  The place is picked-up, the clothes – load is washed, dried, folded, hanged, steamed AND put away.  Wow what a significant difference we were like having fun with it.  I’m thinking that I am a part of doing all that because it comes to recall so easily, but I’m not sure if there aren’t other parts out as well.  And, then we swept the floor in the bathroom, hall, kitchen, and dining room areas.  The next part is to run the Swiffer over the floor, but we needed to give our back a break. 

We are still working with our own rigidity – a couple things over the last couple of days have come up with this label on it.  I know that it is a goal for example to finish any housework in the morning as well as our writing, but we cannot become so rigid that if it doesn’t happen that way – the rest of the day becomes lost.  I know that you understand where we are going with this one.  The system has been getting a real charge out of having the place so neat, and I’m thinking that Rich likes it a lot too – and it is noticeable to him how efficient we are being with everything.  Yesterday we caught ourselves scolding him because he left his weekend baseball shirts down in the car and we were going to need them for our dark load today.  I know this IS a bit weird, right?  Still it is fun … leaving me to believe that either Anniemi or Sarah is up to helping.  It would be real phenomenal if we knew that Annemarie was helping as well.  Yesterday, we saw something that reminded us again that she is tied more to the physical than we had previously thought.  For the record, we are writing as a team between me (Corey) and Jesse.  We’ve decided both to take credit rather than either or, because it really does feel like one is typing and the other is talking – but the thoughts themselves get switched back and forth.

Pswhoo … We are a little out of breath and hurting.  We did 2/3rds of the Swiffering in one shot, but it became too much to do the whole thing.  We just have the dining room part left.  I’m thinking that we are still in need of Rich to go around the baseboard, because I don’t think that part looks good enough.  We’ll talk to him about it later.  It’s already such an improvement that I will have no complaints raining on our parade today.  I’m not sure when Rich is due back in.  Hmm, wonder why we didn’t get that information?  I know he had to go to the downtown and the north shops, not sure if anything after that.  I think he had a few paperwork things he was going to do from home and then he had about 72 phone calls to make and he was being concerned of drumming up new business from contacts, he does not have yet.  I like that ambition in him right now.  He’s moving at a pace, he knows he can’t just be taking off time because no one is watching him.

I think he is going to work tomorrow also, but he may take part of Wednesday off for the 4th.  I would be happy if he got back to doing a little fix-up with his boat.  I think he said too that tomorrow he’s going to be seeing his mother and brother.  The level of supervision he was giving that project has calmed down greatly since Bud is around, though he’s hesitant to call Karen as he states, maybe because he doesn’t want to be locked down to times he’s out there.  I think he really likes the flexibility of doing it when games are scheduled in that corner and the business can hold off on its needs.  I think he’s short of games toward the end of the week, but has them during next weekend.  He said the baseball season is coming to an end.  Shoot … just when we got in the habit of handling him being gone too! 

Maybe we should do something else here … insert … maybe we should take our shower and then put the chair out in the kitchen for when he gets to that direction of making all those calls.  I wanted to arrange it, because I really DIDN’T like the idea of him being in the sewing room.  I can give him the whole dining room, but the sewing room I want to keep EVEN though we aren’t sewing in there as much as we could. 

There … finished Swiffering the floor and took our shower, AND found some soup for lunch.  I don’t want to pressure Rich, hmm, that’s right CAN’T!  I can’t pressure Rich because we will be getting in the Herbalife Stuff.  That is making me feel pretty good right now.  It be nice if they ship fast.  I think one of the shippers though doesn’t deliver on Mondays to personal homes.  Think one package went with one and then the other with the other carrier. 

I think we’re still having the issue with the walking.  Haven’t done it yet,  BUT, we are through the shower before noon!  We’re also going to try not being upset at this point if Rich uses the sewing room.  Just he can’t leave stuff there.  Hmm, is it ready for him to use?

Ok, not ready to share yet.  We did go back to the room and it is neat enough for him to be there – the big cutting table is fairly clear, but he’s going to have trouble using our plug for his computer because it is so full, he still won’t be able to lean back on the chair, and the ironing table is too close making movement in the chair something that has to be done carefully.  SOOOO, since Rich did call and say he’s about an hour away from getting home - we went to that space in the dining room after getting out the table leaf from the closet.  We inserted it in so that he can have a flat surface near his tummy making it easier to look at his papers next to the computer.  Round recedes not giving him enough space.  I know that he prefers the smaller table, but I’m willing to let him keep his calculator and papers at the table. 

We also arranged a chair so he could slide in his computer case so that it is handy, but out of the way.  We also dried off the shower chair and put that in place.  It should get us through a little while, until hopefully he can be convinced to buy a chair OR get one elsewhere.  He was indicating the one from his mothers, but I think that chair is filthy.  BLAH!  I put two chairs against the back wall to show him that the chairs fit without a problem of having an extra chair.  One chair has been staying over next to the kitchen island and I really like that because it’s for one inviting for me to sit there when Rich is cooking, and for two it is just three-four feet from Rich’s chair – so far enough away not to collect his messes, but close enough I can go back and pull-up a chair next to him.

 I did one more thing … I sacrificed the strip cord I was hiding (that was a leftover from my office) … I didn’t want it used because I wanted it free of plugs when we to the sewing group.  BUT, I was willing to sacrifice.  It is hard to get the cord for his computer or phone to the back wall where the quilt is for fear of it coming down – big and heavy and only being held by magnets.  Rich plugged his cord in back of him under and behind the treadle sewing machine, but that is also a tricky spot to get to and the cord then is left to be tripped over in the floor space in back of his chair.  Now he can use the strip cord right under the table where it is convenient yet out of the way – and he’ll know there’s room for calculator and phone cord if he really wants to connect.  I don’t think we have any extra lights, but I don’t think he would use one anyway.  Usually, his computer is front and center and just gets pushed over if there is writing to be done on paper.  There is a light above him so I’m comfortable with the light it sheds.  Just be more comfy if he had a light. 

I don’t know if there is anything more that can be done now – And, I know that Rich doesn’t really want to leave it looking like and office back there.  JUST it SEEMS like such an obvious place for him to work, and it doesn’t distract me if we’re in the living room or sewing room.  To be fair … if he had a quiet work project that didn’t involve but an occasional call then we’d share the living room with him.  I do worry a bit in that he’s already calling in favors, which breaks up my space.  He’s doing little things like telling me he needs something scanned, type something up for him, would like a drink, would like to talk over his schedule, or would like me to call in his prescription.  None of it is bad, and we WOULD like to help, but we have to establish boundaries so he doesn’t start to think his schedule weighs over mine.  I know he means well and would never intrude on purpose, but I think he misses the days when he had people to bandy about and do chores for him like production workers and secretaries. 

Ok, girl … that’s enough complaining for now … for the record, I was really glad to hear his voice and know that he was coming home.  I think he rescheduled one of his appointments for which reason I am not sure.  He was out for quite a while, so we’re thinking that he had other quality problems to resolve at the north shop. 

I’m still thinking it’s a big deal on the first day you don’t go to work where you have for about 15 years.  I was really sad that he had no one he felt he wanted to say good-bye to when he left.  I didn’t either, and that situation is sad.  Maybe or maybe not Margarita will come back into both our lives, but for the time being we believe she is on her way to Guatemala for six weeks and so will be totally out of the picture.  There were no assurances or guarantees before she left.  Just think it be nice if she were back in our life – WITHOUT the center.

Rich is getting a lot more help with the domestic chores AND we did Swiffer the floor for him!  That’s gotta count for something!  AHA!  We just typed a LITTLE note welcoming him to his brand new life, and we put out his Sparkles the Dolphin cup W/tea and our little stuffed tiger.  Feeling a little gushy about all this right now.  He IS our SWEETIE PIE!

AHA!  He’s home, so just in time.  Trying not to be too excited.  The door opens …


I think he caught and appreciated all in the right spot.  TRUE … he had to check out first facilities … he still did give us a nice smooch!  I think he likes being out where we like being in, but it is nice when he comes home and here we are waiting for him J  It really, truly is going to be a nice life.  SOOOOO happy we’re together!

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