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Monday, July 9, 2012

7-3-12 @ 9 am

Good morning.  This is me.  We’re getting better at thinking more about what is on our mind without necessarily thinking of you Dr. Marvin.  I think sometimes we need to think extra about you to get through our personal moments.  Sort of like walking and holding your hand, but doing it safely.

Ok, we better move this long right away.  *sigh*

So far we are up and have been for the last three hours.  It is about 9:10 am.  We don’t have any clothes to wash today – even did the bed this week, but we’re running a load on the dishwasher.  Rich sure does use a lot of dishes!  Actually, we’re thinking he pretty much cleaned up the fridge last night so there were extra bowls.  I think he made something where everything ended up on top of eggs.  We were a little demonstrative as to what we wanted.  He was going to do sausage, so we got out the waffle mix and iron … and SORTA left it in his path.  I think he got it!  I don’t need to do meat every night and really enjoy something sweet like waffles and syrup.  Life is good!

Nothing much happened last night after Rich left.  He was out the door sometime around 6 pm and didn’t get home until 11 pm.  He said it was an unusual practice night for the teams, but the lights were’t working so about the second inning when it was getting dark and the “fix-it” guy didn’t show up, then both teams and ALL the fans traveled about a mile down the road where the coaches knew there would be another lighted field.  Strange!  Rich said the game went on until 10:20 pm when he finally called it.  They were only 11 year olds, the coaches went through their whole regiment of pitchers with the pitching coach standing behind them.  Usually I don’t hear Rich doing games that aren’t sanctioned, but it was kind of fun for him and he said no one yelled this time at the ump!

We had been watching CNN with him before he left, and we continued that until about 9 pm – too tired to move.  After that we did pick-up the special multiple book on the Kindle and we finished reading chapter 3 and there were so many highlights, that we started reading that same chapter again.  We really want to be able to pull all the thoughts together.

That worked until some unspecified time.  Rich said he was home at 11 pm and woke us up to go to bed.  We were still holding the Kindle.  We had muted the TV so that was on too, but Rich closed everything down and tucked us in.  It’s always very nice to wake up and see him next to us. 

This morning was kind of normal.  Rich confessed after getting up it was a special treat to have the coffee and kitties taken care of before he woke up – so our thought there is that he might be malingering in bed just a wee bit.  He seems intrinsically able to know this and that if it’s close enough time for him to wake-up that we’ll come back and give him a message after starting the daily routines. 

After he FINALLY got up – we served the coffee and tucked ourselves into the couch’s graceful arms.  YAY couch!  It was a little different because Chief wasn’t there, but after a while he found us.  One thing was for sure – he stopped by for some water from the sink, because his face was all wet.  He nearly missed his morning pet, but somehow managed to sequester us.  I think what he’s doing is calming us down, because after we started to drift off – he then hopped off like he’d done his job.  We hadn’t realized this before of him.  Smart cat!  We still haven’t figured out why Missy is meowing so much yet, but because she stopped after Rich left, we’re thinking she’s telling him and us that it is time for him to be going to work.  She really works on a schedule.  She also doesn’t like that she has to keep opening the bedroom closet door after Rich shuts it.  He’s thinking – keep the bedroom looking nice, she’s thinking hey that’s where I do my most serious napping!

We didn’t read this morning – we did though read the normal morning FB stuff and email.  We’re really having a problem turning the FB stuff aside.  Mostly, I think it is keeping us feeling in the loop, which might be more important when you are home alone all day.  I try to make at least one entry a day myself, just to let people know we’re here and what we’re up to.  Usually its not much.  Jillian wrote a note last night that I read this morning about a next door neighbor who apparently quilts.  Jillian responded to her – that no she didn’t quilt, but knew someone (ME) who did quilt.  I think the woman has excess magazines she’s trying to do away with.  I’m at a stage where I would like to look at them, so I think they might come back with us in September after leaving Jillian’s wedding.  I feel kinda bad that I never got to look at Linda’s magazines because she had so many, but at the time it was an overwhelming thought.

I’m not sure how many the neighbor has in mind, but giving away any is a nice thing to do for someone.  I hadn’t read CS either when she was giving them away, but it seems that if you got them, you don’t like to throw them away, because they are actually very valuable. 

Rich was super nice this morning – in that we’ve run out of breakfast and lunch meals because I asked him to stop getting them because of the Herbalife coming in, but it hasn’t done so yet.  I probably should look out our door to make sure someone didn’t just place them there.  Nope, they are not there. 

Oh man – that’s funny as hell.  I had just reset down on my chair and the next thing you know … the doorbell rings and it’s the FedEx guy dropping off the shake.  I must have been really psychically tuned in!  This is the good stuff in life.  It wasn’t much more than a few seconds from one thought to the next …

WooHOO!!!  I just made my very first shake and it is GREAT!   It takes like cold chocolate milk.  I took two handfuls of ice, an 8 oz. glass of milk, 1 tbls. Of the protein mix and 2 scoops of the chocolate mix and put them in the blender and held it for about 1 minute.  It made about a glass and ¾, so we put one back in the fridge for a bit.  I’m so psyched!

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