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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Multiple's Progressing Thoughts of Day

Friday, July 20, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Hi, this is me again, or maybe us.  It’s hard to tell who all is listening, just that I’m here for sure and we’ve got to be figuring out what to do next.  It seems almost always that its easier here first and then on to the other things. 
Not much has happened with the day.  Rich is back from being out and he is trying to pick-up a couple of games that were open this afternoon.  He says he won’t know until the assignment chairmen contacts him by email or phone.  So, right now we are leaving ourselves open to that he may be here and he may be gone.  For sure, Linda will be gone soon.  She’s leaving with her hubby to see her mother and most likely won’t get back until late Sunday afternoon.  I’m not sure all of what else is being planned this weekend, but I think Rich has double headers both Saturday and Sunday. 
We are washing clothes and dishes now and both loads should almost be done.  I wanted to make sure Rich had fresh clothes for tomorrow, but obviously works if he gets the game tonight as well.  There isn’t much other work to be doing other then steaming clothes.  But, until we get in another three assignments, I think that task in general is on hold.  Ideally, we could get in an assignment each day including today, Saturday, and Sunday.  That would put us back on top as to getting reading done before the next assignment on Wednesday night.  Saturday’s assignment would be short, but there is a lot of reading to also do that day.  I really have to put us in the mindset that these things are going to occur.  I did read just now the information that had been left on the forum site by my peers and teachers.  It seems like the fifth student who had started, but not handed in work on the first week has now handed in her assignments.  I didn’t see the second week directly, but maybe she did them on time before. 
The Professor is already talking on the site about work handed in for week 4 and I’m still finishing work from week 2.  I think the way the courses are audited it is extremely important for me to get something done now and that I not continue putting things off.  I do feel in some way I’m really close to being ready.  We haven’t checked Twitter now for about an hour and so that is good, and we were able to push forward on the domestics.  That’s also a good sign.  Usually, everything else has to take place before we can move onto the next step.
AHA … that should help!  Rich just called out from the kitchen that he got the games this afternoon.  So, he will leave about 4 pm and not get back until about 10:30-11 pm.  It’s going to be a late night for him, but will allow him to feel better as to producing income. No one works harder than Rich in trying to even out the financial accounts.  We’re still good in our account and have about $3,400, but that has to last about three more months – so will be about $1,100 each month plus, $,1,400 extra coming in on the beginning of each month.  In total that looks like about $2,500 and that should be plenty even with rent and car coming in at about half of that.  If Rich does his share too, then we should be ok.  Usually, Rich contributes half of the rent and utilities too, but I know he will factor that in and if he’s running short, we should be able to maintain without his contribution.  With him having to pay $3,000 in alimony is hurting us pretty badly.  He is still working hard to do it though.  I think he told his ex and I believe him that he’d work pizza delivery’s to get her the money, but at this point, she is earning more than either Rich or I from the alimony Rich pays her, plus her disability, plus her inheritance, and getting the 4 bedroom house.  Rich has stopped going fishing and that’s one of the parts I hate the most.  The one really fun thing in his life, and she seems to have taken that away from him too.  It’s just insane.  I don’t know how she can sleep at night.  Ok, Ok girls … shhhh, you know this is not going to go anywhere.  What is is.  Gotta let it go.  I believe that Karma will bite you in the rear end if not careful.
I lost time again.  I’m not sure what happened, but I know that Rich left at 4 pm, and I talked to Linda for about 15 minutes.  I think that is where we lost things.  I think we had problems … I remember something about it took us 33 minutes to finally sign on to Linda’s message board, but by then she’d signed of and we had visited tears.  We did get her a quick note to her on Rich’s computer when he went down to get the clothes for me.  I’ve been doing it on my own, but I was being overwhelmed by my technology system. 
Anyway, we got back to our Twitter feed and then I think we were processing that and things that were going on in our mind with those resources and links to new information.  We’re pretty much (Ayn and me – Corey) figuring that it is Kelsie and Lissa spending the most time out on Twitter.  Kelsie is more obsessive where Lissa is focused more on the pouring through of resource-ability.  There is always for her so much to learn.  I tend to stay “at home” more, so for now while their program runs – then I’m computer sitting and enabled to write in the blog again. 
Kelsie and Lissa are on a site called Triberr.  It is a new way of making the smaller blogger more related to the environment of blogging.  I think.  I don’t think they got through all the links describing the purposes, but I know we went back to and updated the netbook with the toolbar so we could make notes, bookmark, highlight and such on the netbook too.  It really crowds up the toolbar, but right now it’s too much to go back and get this computer started on Chrome with its more reasonable level of toolbars.  This particular Internet Explorer has six layers of it including the blue bar on the top.  Psheesh!
The screen we have in the background seems to be functioning in the parsing of our blog and it says the feed is valid, but I’m thinking that it is taking us back to like November, 2010 when this particular blog was started about the time our book came out.  I had never figured out the RSS.  V tried to teach me, but I liked reading blogs from our page and not some feeding system.  I think what parsing means is that it is condensing each entry into title and short paragraph form.  Either that or my computer is just running on empty and at some point we’ll have to stop it.  I’m happy because of it running I get my chance to write for a bit.  I was disappointed on how far I’d gotten before being interrupted.  It seems like it was a six hour delay of game.  Did I mention?  The time is now 8:09 PM.  We’ve taken our medicine, but the paper has had no progress.  What happened to the part where we were going to get that done tonight?
One of the things we collected last with the Diigo was that someone had done an article on the history of blogging.  I can check it later, but I think it was done from this program Triberr.  It was a good lead-in as to saying basically that blogs have been evolving almost for the purpose of getting to Triberr.  Lordy, I sure hope this application turns out to be something fun and worthwhile.  I’m being seduced by the socialites of our system to switch tabs and start another link to Triberr so that we can see what it has to offer.  They are saying that it will be fine if I let the parsing feed run in the background of another tab.  I like the part though that I get to write.  Hmm, what would it b like with a paper in front of me?  I don’t feel we’re gaining much ground on that tonight.  Maybe if I could show there were thoughts worthy of writing about within our system right now?  Hmm, is there anything?
Maybe, we could think out loud about what is happening with Twitter today.  Ok?  Yes?  We’re Good?!!  YAY!!
We’ll keep it brief.  We’ve been on and off the feed all day with breaks to do one thing or another.  It seems like there are some things that have been touched on the education list, but there is more about social blogging - maybe because it is a Friday and it’s the “more FUN” thing to be doing.   We didn’t have too hard a time letting Rich leave the house.  We did spend time with him while he was eating and prior to getting dressed for the game, but in general it was only about 40 minutes.  I feel bad in sometimes pushing him out the door, but he really does not have much idea of things that are going on with Twitter and other things we’ve been learning about this week.  I am fortunate that in regular Rich fashion he is picking up the outline.
Rich knows that we are working with our thoughts of social media and e-learning and it has something to do with multiplicity.  But, if you asked him the sentence – what has Ann been thinking about, it might not even be this specific.  He might say she is working on something for school and I would hope he could remember the word e-learning.  He does know that we got the programs for Adobe and that it took money to buy.  We did get a lecture on spending money.  I think that it had some effect, but in the process maybe it didn’t because someone went downstairs to get the credit card to join a $25 student fee for joining ASCD.  That is a TOO expensive place to be that we’d been before.  It seemed cheap because of the student rate compared to what we paid before, but there was a break from the beginning to the end and we had enough chance to calm down and someone had suggested that we check the site out more.  There really is a difference in this world from sites and organizations who charge and sites that give accessibility to learning for free.  Harvard and MIT get a lot of credit from us this week with their work on open source schooling, but it might just be financially beneficial to them to stay in front of Yale, Stanford, and others. 
The idea is social in getting education out to the entire world, but then since there is cost involved, it is like capitalizing on a brand new field.  I’ve heard that currently there are 6 million people enrolled on line, but it’s more like 125 million who have been involved in the open source schooling.  Pretty much my take on that is that people are getting access to some of the schools through video or podcasts.  The open part may or may not mean there is some kind of cost.  I think it could be something like to receive some kind of credit or certification – that that part cost, though taking the course might not.  It also might have something to with assessment.  If the university has to take on that responsibility then it is bound to cost the student something.  Chances are it would be assistants doing the grading, but even at that they have to be supervised by a professor. 
The big guys are still working out their dilemmas on how to put all the learning together.  There would have to be some really big curriculum unless they were going to mimic their regular offerings.  I believe this is a good move, and might take down some of the walls between those who put out a lot of money for education and those with bright minds that could learn if just given opportunities.  If you could take a free course from Harvard and pay then $100 for the certificate?  That would fill the needs of many. 
Let’s see … what else was learned this week?  Or, perhaps today?  I see some effort is already being made to capture or recording “all the history” of what is happening so quickly in the making of technology and social media during the last 50 or so years, but in particular the last 15 years.  For example, we read today that Harvard and maybe someone else is working through the collection of all the Twitters from the start in 2006.  I know that Twitter has commitments not to be selling messages, but that the information is already out in the public, and as Mark Zuckerburg has now shown this year … at sometime the money is just too damn exciting to pass up.  I think I remember that the collection of Twitter feeds is going to be in Washington DC and that the only people who can have access to it have to travel to DC and enter the library directly.  I think it is like that for most Library of Congress moves.  Hmm, maybe that was the other partner – the library of congress.  Could be.
I think I’d mentioned before the site that got to be too expensive.  I did want to conclude that topic by stating that most of the site was like books, conferences, courses, and newsletters being written to and by educators and while I’m thinking that some of the information is leading edge, I don’t think it fair that it should cost so much.  To take one of their courses cost $99.  It was an online set of courses and I don’t think they were as in-depth as they might be.  Probably just an outline of the partial scope of what you might get in reading the matching book.  I’m sure it would take longer to read texts on education than in taking these kinds of courses.  You really do get the idea that someone ONE or a set of individuals are prospering quite well with it.  I didn’t like that they were charging so much for teachers to be learning.  It’s just hogwash.  And, we’re glad now not to be involved. 
As to what we are doing in school, we would have to think that out again.  Someone did go back and read a page in our blog – which is about the last 10 entries.  I think there are a few other blogs were keeping up with, but they are content poor.  There was one that we liked, but hadn’t thought it was updated so hadn’t gone back seriously.  What the reading of our blog did was give us a scope of what’s been happening lately with us and how we’ve been turning around information gathered.  I think if we stepped closer to school thoughts, we would allow some curiosity in learning what the other students were learning.  I think we’d mentioned it, but we had gone to our classroom today and read about 1 ½ dozen posts being made by our peers and teacher.  There was almost a sense of envy not just for the part they were getting things done and we weren’t, but also that they were learning things that we weren’t.
Maybe toward the end of the week now, we’ve figured out that some of the writing from the Twitter feed is information slow in coming and not overly in-depth.  I was really and am still amazed at the European Dissociation Association as having read and re-tweeted one of our papers .  It would be excellent to be known from such a high circle as being a contributor of something that might be one day valuable.  I think I think more about education and about enthusiasm for learning about multiplicity than most.  I’ve found this week that there is a lot of multiples’ conversation coming in at a younger level and although that must be gratifying for those parts to be able to express themselves – much more than our younger parts … I’m not sure of the value toward learning objectively toward something of the greater value of studying multiplicity – even from an insider’s view.  I think it is more something that could be construed as negative in the world, because most people aren’t going to understand or appreciate a younger parts conversation.  I’m not saying that is the right or wrong perspective – just trying to look at the bigger perspective.  We are still asking ourselves … how is it and what is it that we’d like to contribute.  In some sense over many years, the answer is the knowledge of our general thoughts and thought processes as an example of how minds work within a system.   I have nothing to say in all certainty that I do or do not represent typical multiples.  Maybe if we knew we were contributing something that only a few might, then it might take on more significance to be trying to do something important. 
I’m not sure if “typical” is what we are getting toward anyway.  Wouldn’t be a problem to consider something we said or did as valuable.  I know that the thoughts this week have been toward teaching a course “to-do” with multiplicity, but those thoughts lack direction much further past that.  I don’t want to get stuck in a train of thought that the only valuable information comes from any one resource, even if it is a good one like the book put out by Dell and O’Neil.

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  1. I think there is much to learn from your entries as others have taken time to do. There is so much depth that all of you contribute to. The younger parts help to understand how the older parts have gotte to the eve they are at.

    When reading I was thinking it was like being in a teachers lounge at a school that taught kindergarten through college. As each grade level teachers took their lunch breaks...the content of their conversations were all relevant to the grade they taught...the intellect grew much deeper as the higher level teachers would enter the room. You couldn't get to the upper intellect without experiencing what the lower grades contribute.

    For a single to enter the world of a multiple it is like a light in a room that has gone from the early afternoon soft light to the evening light from the bulb that has been on since the first light of early morning...the day progresses and you have learned much from the entire time which makes more sense. I could not wake at the light of early evening after sleeping al day and expect to have gained knowledge from sleeping. I needed to experience whole day, not one hour at sunset but the whole day from sunrise. To understand multiplicity you need to experience what each person as contributed. Each persons contribution helps to develop the many layers of who the mutiple is as a whole. You cannot appreciate a sunset without seeing the sun rise. Each day is amazing giving the reader a great gift in learning who you are.