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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Good afternoon. I can't believe my morning has slid past so quickly. I am sure there are things that we get done, and now thinking about it. I could list at least having washed a load of clothes, updated my Twitter and Facebook accounts, edited my writing work from yesterday, and talking to Rich before he left for work just a few minutes ago. Maybe that's a misnomer in that he's been working all morning on business does from home. I think we woke up this morning at about 7:30 AM, but we needed to be woken up by Rich. The really nice surprise of the day was that, well Rich was out just a little bit ago, he stopped by at the 7-11 and picked up a Slurpee. It is about the biggest cherry Slurpee I've ever seen. Someone asked first if it was for their birthday week, I'm sure he appreciates being reminded of that.

Rich talk to Bob yesterday while we are in the room in general about not having enough time to get together, so we slipped in that he could ask Bob to and his girlfriend Linda to go out to dinner with us on our birthday. It's on Wednesday and I'm not sure if they're going to make it or not, but at least we invited him and that sounds good. We've asked for only a few things for our birthday. One is for a thermos so we can put in our Herbalife shakes when we're out of the house, and the other one is we would like to have him finish buying a book we had rented on dissociative identity disorders. It's an $80 or $90 book so no small potatoes.  We are going to ask for the Kindle version so it is about $65 I think.

Yesterday was a great day and that we spent so much time learning about stuff online and then that was topped off by a trip to Dr. Marvin's office. He seemed tired and we seem to have extra energy so it had given the appearance of us wearing him down by the end of the session. It is his last appointment of the day, but still ... We talked mostly about the stuff that has been going on for school and Twitter and the work done on e-learning, especially through but the Adobe products with the creative cloud. If you are a student especially, I couldn't recommend the product more sincerely.  The regular non-academic cloud product is $49 per month.  More of that to come later.

I saw that concerned look on Dr. Marvin's eyes like I we going to have to feed this girl another sedative to calm her down. I think he was joking when he said that, but we have to be concerned a little. We're thinking at this point though it has to do something with the Herbalife shakes and vitamins and all that comes from eating much better. Where at that point where it seems we've lost about 4.6 pounds, which is just the beginning, and it seems to take a long time, but it has only been a week and a half. Have patience, my dears. Dr. Marvin didn't know about the creative cloud from Adobe and so we get a chance to really be excited there, and we told him about just doing a one page on riches webpage and thoughts that went along with that, but again I think we are just taking sure that Rich's webpage gets put in their because we want to justify the cost of that $30 a month. We gave rich hints about that we had spent money without going there directly. We had gotten something new, but nobody came out and said Rich we spent money on the bank card. That still seems a little dangerous. It is probably a bad sign that we're more afraid of Rich getting mad than actually having spent too much money on the account.  *Big sigh*

I don't think too much else happened at Dr. Marvin's it was just one of those excitable times where we were just telling him all the stuff going on so that he can comprehend it all. I think that if we can be doing what were supposed to be doing, then he has much less to worry about. So most of the time goes back to figuring out if he's got enough to do with us, but I know he does we will just give him some problems later down the line. *giggle*.   Not sure in which form yet but it'll be the chances are slim of us being on the straight and narrow too long.

Nothing very much on the trip there and back - somebody should note though that we need to get the car washed. It is filthy, but happy to say ... not an ounce of clutter! That was the only time we've been out for the last couple days, at least since the last Dr. Marvin appointment on Tuesday. It's not as unbearably hot as it had been the last week or two, so it's just a nice time being out.

Linda let us know last night when we finally bumped into her that she would be going out of town both this weekend and most likely next weekend too. Her husband has a lot of vacation time. I mostly see them still going on weekends, but it really seems like she likes to be out. I don't hear much of what is going on with my sister, except for that Joe said he might stop by and visit her. I don't know if he has to go too far out of his way to do it. It is two hours SW of Minneapolis where he is going to be for his meeting.  I think it adds a least a couple hours plus visiting time on the schedule, so a lot will depend on how tightly they are fit for time especially with being with somebody else.  It would be a good business move, just not real logistical.  Beside, I just think that she doesn't have as much money as she thought she might and herbal life does seem expensive and I don't want her to overspend just to please Joe. I don't think we talked to too many real people lately, so you're kind of updated there too.

I'm really having a pretty good life, especially with the addition of the Tweeter world and the TweetDeck. I really have to be more focused again back on school, maybe not as much on some of the creative thinking aspects, but more like on the reading part and then getting the paper written by tonight. I've already gotten myself up to a 10% negative discount on my grade for being late. That's no fun. I think there are a few things I want to figure out first on the website. This is the one that we are thinking about for ourselves and school, and/or for our whole general concept of what's going to happen in our life and how we want to fit into it. Today, it seemed important to do more from the aspect of creating the web presence. I was wondering one of the things I'm not sure about, but might want here is that map you know, the mind map that we have been working on before hold on him to see if I still have that program, or if it was one but just on time.

AHA!  We still have the program … it must have been a one year plan J  WooHOO!!!

Much later - like the next morning :)  We played with the new web site and learning how to design last night.  This is the prelimary version of what we've figured out already ... I LOVE IT!  Please go to

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