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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, July, 20, 2012 at 7:34 AM

Good morning ... this is me.  I admit it has been a few days since blogging.  Looking back now we haven't done this since Monday, and it is now Friday.  I wanted to get something down, because for one ... it is about time!  And, for two, our computer has to go into Data Medic our computer fix it place to be looked at for a virus.  I believe it happened when I downloaded a $29 fix from the Internet.  My switches from one page to another were slow, and when it got tot he 2 1/2 minute mark for turning from one page to another ... we went a little crazy.  After we got the fix, the Internet page turns seemed to be faster, but they would not load the second screen when pressing a link.  It has been soooo frustrating.  

So, about this point, we contacted Data Medic - I think it was on Wednesday and a nice person helped me to get to a point which was much better.  In the end, we ended up erasing Internet Explorer from the start and then rebooting ... we also cleared the cache.  We also deleted the file for the $29 fix.  I don't think it liked that logic and I think it was set to send a virus - hopefully so that customers would go back to purchase more of their service.  I've seen this sort of thing before, but we'd forgotten how dangerous these kinds of places were.  We were just so desparate in the middle of the night to be using our Internet ... like noted, we got a little crazy.

Anyway, the problem next came up in that when we tried to open our Microsoft programs, we would just get a blip and then they would disappear without a chance or abilty of being able to do anything with them.  It was sooo frustrating and we are still at that point.  It meant another call to our fix-it place, and their resolution is the pitiful, but safe alternative.  Basically, we have to bring in our computer (Rich is going to do this for us) and we might be out of a computer for 2-3 days ... they say we most likely have a virus.

We had placed the call and our phone was blinking green for having been charged, but as soon as we'd finished the call and then went back to save the number, then our phone wouldn't work.  No matter how many times we pressed on and off ... all we got was a black screen.  About this point, we had a bit of a mental breakdown.  No computer, or phone?  It was too much, but the nice part was we didn't have the same kind of meltdown as in olden days, where it would have at that point consumed our life and launched us into depression.  Ok, we did go to Rich, and there were a few tears, but for the most part, we were able to listen to Rich and he optimistically reminded us that we still had a netbook and Kindle and could still be connected.  We also have the ability to share Rich's computer with him.  It was very hard on us in comparison to being able to have our big keyboard, desk, double screen, Tweetdeck ... you know all the things that make life nice, but the bottom line is that we seem to be coping at the majority level.  YAY US!!!

I don't know when Rich will be ready to leave.  He's still in his PJs and connected to his start-up computer processes, but I just checked the hours and they are open from Monday through Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.  Ok, this is just a little more dealing with reality?  This is important, right?  It is now 7:49 am and Rich just took in the information so I know he will plan accordingly.  Perhaps it won't be in exactly at 9 am, but I know if it is on Rich's radar, we are all good.  He's much more intuned to life than us.  AND, he's the responsible one.

I'm going to skim Monday's post now to see where we last left off.  I'm almost hoping that Rich won't go in right away so it gives us a chance to write before being disconnected.  ESPECIALLY, since we don't have the Dragon, so will be slower.

On Monday it seemed that we were still trying to get a fix on our social media sites.  Again, the biggest difference was that we started Tweeting and using the TweetDeck last week.  One other difference is that we started interacting with a small group through Yahoo for multiples.  I think there is only about 40 people, it is private, and I'm not sure how many people are active.  Right now we're feeling a little disconnected because although there have been a few welcomes, there's been no direct contact with content.  I think I might have put too much information and people have read it ... maybe read it, but are still hanging back.  It didn't seem lengthwise to be too much, but it was pretty intent, and we'd added pictures of some of our most important people, etc. in our life.  There were eight pictures total.  One way or another, we're hoping that situation turns out to be a good one.  It seems there are people with quite a few problems and we have to be careful not to get too involved in the negatives.  We're much more looking forward to sharing positive affirming life scenarios.  We'll see.

On Twitter, we are at about 320 people we are following, and we have about 105 followers.  We also have about 93 tweets.  I think we're just taking general progress notes here.  I am trying not to overwhelm our system with too many people to follow, but it seems sometimes we get into pockets where there is a group of people that become of interest to us.  One of the big things toward the end of the week was that TweetDeck had an update which made their lists more user-friendly.  So, at that point, we decided to work more on our lists.  We went back through the people we follow and everyone was placed into just one list.  The lists according to populaton are Multiples like me at 100 members, Online Education, e-Learning at 46 members, Psychology at 40 members, Social Media at 36 members, Technology at 33 members, news and Miscellaneous at 16 members, Friends and Family - NonMultiple at 14 members, Organizations and Associations at 11 members and Quilts at 10 members.  Hmm, it would seem then that 3 members have accidenely been placed on 2 lists.  I had tried to correct a few that had fallen in that direction, but it is not significant to be worried about.

Some of the groups were very close in that things like technology, e-learning and social media had the most similarities, or might write similar posts, but I think basically, especially after we edited the list again, it is pretty good at falling in the right categories.  We have a few people who are married to multiples in the multiples list, but in general, I think it is pretty clear.  We're still wondering if we should or should not have a list like that and if the list should be public, but to be fair ... I think most the people on the list have outwardly claimed to be multiple or dissociative and that there should be not reason to be less noted, then any other group we might be a part of.  We are very clear that we too are mutliple and are interested in those like us.

There was one interesting development the other day in that we seemed to have been retweeted by a society of people interested in dissociation (professionals) in Europe who also had looked at our lists and had subscribed to both the psychology and multiple lists.  I had gone back and then thought they had unsubscribed, but I didn't know if I'd done something wrong in looking for this information again.  I'm trying one more time now, but the list is not coming up.  Oh there it is .. the group is called ESTD for European Society for Trauma and Dissociation.  Hmm, interesting ... I know they were at first subscribed to the two lists, but after that and now, it seems they are not subscribed, nor do they have any lists.  I'm thinking that some younger person saw the list and loved it, but then some other person maybe more responsible let the lists go.  It might have seemed otherwise that they were stalking the multiples.  I had though been honored that they had paid attention to our paper, and had thought the list was important.  I think as a group, multiples should get to know one another if that is their interest.  I'm interested and can't believe others aren't as well.

But, time will see.  ESTD is already following 38 people or organizations that we are ... so it seems we definitely hold interest in others with or who might treat dissociation.

Yeeks.  Rich just walked by on the way to the shower and commented about having to take a part my computer.  I'm trying not to be freaked out.  It is now 8:20 am.  We want it up til the very last moment, but he is eager to get on with his day.  Oh Lordy, Lordy ... please let me be able to handle this.  We're going to need seeing if the netbook connects to the screen and keyboard.  Yes, that will work, right?  I'm thinking also that the TweetDeck is attached to the Internet rather than the computer, at least we're hoping that.  I think it was first the other way and then was changed to the Internet.

Part of the processing over the last few days was to get off of Internet Explorer 9 and switch over to Google Chrome.  We had already tried it before - it was loaded, but I'm not sure why we switched back to IE.  From what I gather in the news, Google is going to discontinue IE for Chrome by next year.  I think that was a direct piece of knowledge, but I am unsure now.  I hadn't followed it directly, and we've been doing a lot of reading of articles like that.

Right now, we are not imagining our life before Twitter and TweetDeck ... it has become that persuasive.  We're getting a little better at letting it go enough to do other things, but we are a week behind in school projects and papers, so am not doing well enough.  Hopefully, today will be a better day.  Just that we are so busy going from one mental stimulation to the next.  I feel we're really in-tuned with what is going on in the fields of our interest.  I think we have some really good Twitter feeds coming in.  We're still checking on FB, but maybe only a quick once or twice a day.  It was a big deal to check in on Wednesday, because it had been our birthday.  Without sounding vein, we had counted the number of people who had wished us a Happy Birthday.  It was very similar to the last three years and came in about 120 out of the 500 people we connect too - so about the 25% mark.  I think that is so crazy nice, that it is just remarkable.  I know we're still a numbers person.  We had left a comment back that the remarks on our birthday left us feeling like a million dollars.  I know that a lot of the people are Marine Moms and so I might not know them individually, but collectively they really reach out to other Moms.  I feel very proud of that connection.

I think we had also last left off on the part that we'd just purchased the Captivate 6 from Adobe.  That is like a really big deal to us, but it hasn't gone too much further than just the first time or two of playing with it and experimenting from watching the videos and then walking around and pushing buttons and doodads.  Rich officially knows we spent the money now and he didn't get too mad, but we had to make a very conscientious decision not to continue spending money.  We had gotten a few other small things like the money spent in effort to fix the Internet, and we purchased a one year into Diigo.  That is the program that saves web pages, for us with links to go back, and it allows us to make comments on things we're reading, and it allows us to highlight text in web articles.  This is a really big deal now because we are doing so much time spent on reading particular articles we find of interest from the people we follow on Twitter.  We are also retweeting a few of those really good articles, but am trying not to do that over 4-5 times a day.  I don't want to be a re-twit junkie.

We've held back this week on putting our website together, because there have been so many other things going on.  One of those things is that we had lunch yesterday with Maury.  It was really unique in that he'd give me a cross-street to a town he was working on (cable guy) and then we were to find a place to eat.  I was only vaguely attuned to the town because it had been next to Oak Park, where we'd had a house back in 1984.  We finally found a pub that really seemed to be centering on having a lunch menu and in particular a pulled-pork special for $5.  Maury got permission because it was a place that served alcohol, and then we went in together when he got up to his lunch time.  As it turned out the bartender/waitress was a cousin-in-law from back when we were married.

Maury of course knew her over the years and after introducing that he was taking his mother out to her birthday, then she recognized us too and remembered our name.  It's probably been at least 20 years since we've been in contact.  Since then she had five children and then her husband recently passed.  The oldest just got out of college and the youngest is 19.  Wow.  That was a lot to have happened over unspoken years.

I won't be going into the conversation with Maury much, but it seems that he's had more trouble with his ex though is going to the Dells today and tomorrow with the girls.  I'm getting a little panicky now because Rich is out of the shower and moving fast.  I know he's going to be here in a few seconds.  Maybe we'll write more after we re-connect to the netbook.  Lordy, I hope she's still working.  It's been awhile since using her for anything other than Rhapsody in the sewing room.

Oh, and one more thing, we did see Dr. Marvin on Wednesday, but the biggest thing seemed to be in getting our prescription refilled at the pharmacy under their "emrergency" system.  We still haven't figure out the Medicaid system, but it most likely won't be happening today.

Anything else immediately remarkable?  Hmm, I would like to say we got a $100 gift check from our mother, and that helped to pay for the Adobe program, and then Rich is going to finish paying for our book on Multiplicity by Dell and he got a thermos for our Shakes :)  He also bought a favored carrot cake which has disappeard in a matter of two days, and he took us out to dinner with Bob and Linda.  SOOOO, it turned out to be a great birthday.  We were recognized by Maury and Joe, but not Thom.  BUT, we know now days we are still loved.  Man have we come so far.

Ok, gotta go Rich is cutting us off :(

Our best!

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