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Monday, July 9, 2012

Good morning,

Oh my gosh. I can't believe it. We are writing again. I can't believe this is actually happening. I don't know how long it's been since we've written last. But it's kind of a big deal that was doing it now. I think that part of the problem has been that we have been on a high dosage of a tranquilizer to substitute for the other medicine that we normally take. And we've been sleeping in past any time that we could legitimately be doing are writing. We have been awake now for the last 3 1/2 hours. It is now 8 AM. I can't believe I'm finally waking up at the hours that I like to wake up at. I can't say that it is then very productive though I've been pretty much at Facebook down a little bit of glancing over at AOL.  I have schoolwork to finish, but I'm not even close to thinking about that right now we've been trying to deny that we have schoolwork to do and to some extent have been doing pretty good though it bothers our consciousness some what. I know that I have to get it done. It's just that I haven't been in the mood to do it yet.

Rich has been up almost as long as I have. I had to wake him up. Well that's strange. I'm waking rich up again. It's amazing but we will come up with. Let the back rubs and so on the bot happy fishing and he went off. Finally on his merry way. He was trying to get there before sunrise but at least he was on the road by that time. The first thing I did when he left was to turn on the air conditioner he had called me on that mark. I tried turning it off just a little while ago when I opened the windows because I wanted to see our new flowers but it got too hot too fast so I turned back on the air conditioner. That was the new deal yesterday is that rich and I went shopping for flowers. We rarely ever go out together and it was kind of a fun deal but it was too serious. We had to get just the right flowers. I found flowers right away that I liked and then he said that we had to keep looking just to make sure we got the right ones and so we looked around and ended up coming back to the ones I originally wanted their beautiful here let me leave the picture.

Aren't they very beautiful? We don't know about the feeding of them right so we have to wait to rich comes home and see what he says about giving him some more water. I think they need something because they look a little bit dried up this morning. I'm afraid because there's so much flowers that they're going to die soon and that will have to wait till the next surge hits us. But for right now. They are very beautiful. We haven't had them for 24 hours yet but at least this far we haven't killed them.

We got a call from more this morning and he said that if you was going to be an area that he might stop by this afternoon, if we were going to be home and I said that I thought we were going to be here until three or 4 PM while we go out to see his mother's for dinner - maybe.  Rich still has to call. But I'm sure pretty sure that she is going to be available for dinner we just have to make sure she doesn't overeat at lunch so she still has the desire to go for dinner. I think sometimes they eat more at lunch and then have less at dinner time.

I'm feeling a little bit discombobulated. I'm not sure what's going on but we seem to be getting too hot and not being able to focus as much as we could be. It feels like were supposed to be doing something but I don't know what it is. I think that we have to do school, but I can't do it right now it's too much. I'm very hot. I can't concentrate very good. The cat seems to be needing me to pet her, but I'm not really pro-that right now my gosh she jumped up into my lap, she never does that. Maybe this is the male cat. Well, we headed him for a few minutes but then we decided that we needed to have our space back because scratching up our arms. He seems to want to come up again but I don't want him because I'm trying to do something different.

We just turned Enya and you were hoping to calm ourselves down a little bit. We are having such a hard time concentrating. It's 830 and I'm not sure where were going yet.  I don't know what's the matter with me and why I'm having such a hard time concentrating. I was so happy that we were able to get up this morning earlier than we have been for such a long time but it doesn't seem like were able to concentrate on getting something concrete done. Perhaps part of that is that I don't know exactly what we want to be doing. We have been so out of touch with writing, or even talking using the Dragon. It seems like such a long time ago since we did something like this. I'm just not sure where we want to go. I feel like in some places that we are trying to avoid doing are schoolwork so we're trying to come up with other things to do but we are at loss. I'm just like, so not in touch with what's going on with school. It makes me scared. It feels like sometimes that I want to go back to sleep just to avoid doing whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing. I just want to have some kind of relief for my brain.

I miss not having Linda to talk to this morning. We should maybe write her a little note anyway just to make sure she knows that were thinking of her. Maybe that's a good thing to do hold on I'm going to try that now.

Okay we did that we wrote to Linda, I'm pretty sure that we sounded confused. And we also got a chance to talk online to Melissa. She's been a long time. Bring mom friend with us. We are talking about going back and forth to each other's houses. Apparently she's in Indiana only couple hours away from us and we both have fabric shopping in mind wouldn't that be great!

We put a picture on Facebook today that we had gotten from the images for Memorial Day. It is beautiful. It's got purplish blue, red, white flowers on a reef with a really nice colorful bowl era show you.

This is gorgeous. I put it on my Facebook picture and Don to set it up in the room. Sometimes when I get a really nice picture I go back and look at it over and over again and it just seems that my heart blooms. Maybe I'm just into flowers this weekend they do seem pretty amazing.

We did get our close and to the washing machine and they're due out in about 20 to 30 min. I'm ready for rich to be happy with me. Sometimes I feel bad because I leave him with very few socks that just seems to be a not nice thing to do. It's a matter of me getting to feel well enough to be able to handle the extra stress of going downstairs then under my comfortable place. Plus, I've been sleeping until 11, 12, 12:30 PM so I haven't been able to catch the morning space and by the afternoon. Other people have already gotten into the washer, dryer. Maybe if I look around I could do one or two more things for him. Well maybe will finish the cherries first is only three left. I wonder there's enough dishes in the dishwasher to start that maybe not quite as much to fill it up, but maybe I'll do that to. I think all the dishes are picked up in the living room and you should a real good job of vacuuming. I see the cats have been back. Maybe if I just picked up a couple big pieces then we won't have to vacuum be right back.

Okay, we've done that. We made the bed. We picked up a little bit. We started the dishwasher and we've got about 15 min. before the close going the dryer. I'm not sure if I got riches baseball shirt in the wash. The part worries me a little bit. I know I got both of his parents and there. Thinking him way ahead of schedule. It's only 9:45 AM and it seems about time to get something cold like pop to drink. The two early in the day? I know that when I saw cherries entry this morning it said that it was post be getting up to 90° today. I suppose I could check and see where is that now. Will that make sense. It's already 81° here with the humidity of 58% says that we are going to get to 102 today. Man this is crazy. Partly cloudy. I suppose it's a good day for the air-conditioner to be on and should be good for rich when he gets back. He might want to take a shower. Cool off and I think he's planning on taking a little bit of a nap. I read something on the weather channel that says that hottest days may day on record threatens seek records so that hottest this but in Chicago was 1934 at 98° and they're saying that is going to go over that today there also got a break records probably in St. Louis Nashville and Cleveland. While Chicago weather hasn't been broken since 1934 and Cleveland was the most recent at 1959, so that's 53 years ago man that stuff. It says that Chicago could have its first pre-June 100° day on record. This was just after the Chicago suburbs were stuck in the 60s - most of the day.

Okay - so much for weather. Poor fisherman is going to be pretty warm coming in this morning. Pretty sure his can go for the shower. Hopefully he's having a good fishing day. Well I could tell you little bit about what we’re doing lately. No, not school. We have been doing that, but since Monday or Tuesday. Wow hot! We just went down and put the clothes in the dryer and feel a bit on the warmer side even coming up into the air-conditioner. But all the machines are going so I feel very satisfied. If rich really does get off the water 10, which is now means that he won't be home until about an hour from now. So maybe I'll have the close down before he gets back.

So anyway, what we were doing. We've been monkeying around with the Google search that's been kind of taking up our brain power of the late. We don't know what to think of it so far were not being able to put it in proportion to anything else that we have going on in the brain. We just know that it's a good thing to be doing just not sure why.

We had a bad session with Dr. Marvin probably about three weeks ago and we've been trying to calm down ever since, as far as he had all those matters go. I think that we were angry at him because someone in the system of not more had written him a note stating something about having a crush on him and he ignored the note and then we sent it to him again. Just make sure he got it and ignore that note and by that time we were just furious that he had returned some message that we had given to them because his doctor that he returns messages within one to two days. Even if it to say that update you on therapy day. Anne-Marie was out during the session that that came out and she spent most the time just staying at the floor angrily she was too angry to respond to him and then that didn't make him feel so good didn't make us feel so good it was terrible situation. So after that it took a couple weeks before we could kind of like him again and the situation got explained out enough so that we could work through it. We were ready to take the responsible because we had sent the initial letter but he said also that it was his fault as well because he didn't respond back to it next away was forced to do it. Basically that's it we told him, but you can't change the rules in the middle of the game, especially with such a sensitive event. It was a little bit of a setback.

We did have some time with them working on school issues. Then he was able to help us with the sponsor part of our project. The part that were avoiding now I don't know if I'm in trouble because third week and we have to have things in the third week, or they could cancel us from the class and that's learning is a little bit scared and afraid even though look at the school. It seems like the most important time now is to get us from here to the sewing weekend with the girls. Linda won't be coming this time but we asked Linda from Las Vegas to come in. She seems very excited to do that she should be staying with her sister. By that time and then so should give her some more time and it'll be good for her because she can so but I hope that she take some of her own stuff to so to because and religious piled stuff on her and then made sure she had a sewing machine while she was here. So even when she was away for man's she could be selling which is kind of nice to be getting a second sewing machine. I understand this very old one but it's also not so nice in that it keeps Linda but busy and I think that's bothering her. She wanted to do some visiting during the time not just those seamstress stuff I think and might be a little pushy that way. But it has to be resolved between the two of them.

Just listing the sound the washing machine. I love that baby when it hums. I just don't understand anyone who does own the dishwasher. I think that were hungry but it's because were 10 a nervous and we don't know what else to be thinking about. So I wrote back and then get an ice cream sandwich. Okay that didn't suffer much time but it was good.

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