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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Monday, July 16, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Good morning. This is us and we’re going to try figuring out what's happening this morning. We've gone through all of our catching up on our social media sites. I don't think there's anything spectacular that is going on this normal Monday morning startups. I should say that we didn't catch up on Facebook, I will do that later. The little bit disappointing that we went through all of the tweets and we didn't find anything that we wanted to re-tweet about but maybe that's because we are being conservative and that's a good thing.

One of our favorite things is to look at the interactions feed. We have had some really fascinating people following us. It seems that we are in a 3 to 1 ratio of people that we are following us to people following us. We have 289 we are following and 96 that are following us. The reason the following had gone up so much in the last day, was that we are now following a large group discovered from being on the Adobe site in particular for their e-learning program. Yesterday I became fascinated with the Adobe program and was close to a purchase point especially in their captivate program and the e-learning, but they have a package for that. Using the old captivate program instead of the new program that's already out there. That's not what I want. It is a $39 expense that really has to be thought out.

Okay now I did it. I purchased the new Adobe Captivate 6 student and teacher edition. I had mentioned it to Rich this morning, but we hadn't talked about what, or how fast, or how much. But I've been watching the videos for quite some time. It is now exactly 1 PM and my Captivate 6 program is about 40% downloaded. I think this is going to get me in big trouble with rich is going to notice the other two products that I purchased being the cloud and fee website domain name. I know that the money is in the account but I'm not supposed to be spending it but Wednesday is my birthday and I think I just made my birthday purchase. I know it's more than we should be spending at this point of our life but as far as I can see, I've been watching these videos and it seems to have everything plus things that I never imagined I didn't go with the e-learning project part because I think we can do that with some of the other Adobe projects in the cloud, but this one captivate program in particular is all the e-learning is supposed to be about. Basically it establishes a teacher environment where people can watch movies, views, slides,  take quizzes, answer questions, and about everything you can imagine that an online teacher should have available to her. I don't have management system but I believe I can do the videos either on my own website or through YouTube or combination of those two.

Work is 78% downloaded I'm just so excited about new program – 2 1/2 min. left on the program download. Okay, I need a moment here.

Back.  Somehow it has gotten to about 7:30 pm and we have had dinner and have just taken our medicine.  Rich is in the background watching TV and he has been home since about 3 pm.  He did some work on the back-table before making dinner.  I think he is what we think of as settled in for the night.  He’s watching some new show on political meddling.  I don’t know.  He said it was based loosely by the present Secretary of State.  It seems more like a soap opera to me.  Don’t need it.  I would turn on the music, but we’ve been doing without it and want to have some tie in to Rich being here.  I know … operative word being loose. 

I don’t know why, but we’ve been in this situation of wanting to spend all our time on the computer for quite a bit of time now.  I’m not sure for how long.  I’m at a crossing of the path part right now in that I want to be doing something, but feel a little caught-up.  I spent some of the last bit of time looking at Moodle and Blackboard, but those systems are just a little too complex for me at this time of the day.  I don’t think we’ll jump back into that area for a while.  I’m pretty sure Moodle is free, but it continues to mess up my sign-in and that is VERY frustrating.  There was nothing about money on Blackboard, but they said if you were interested to call.  I’m thinking that service is more for professional people.  I’m just playing around at this time.  Trying to figure out where our interests are going to lead us.  I really feel plugged in and that is giving me a sense of well-being.  Probably though making me a little jittery too.

Hmm, thinking too that I did some time on trying to join a Yahoo Group.  Hmm, where did we leave off there?  I think we closed the IE window right before dinner, and then lost headspace.

Ok, next day … think we’re safe to post yesterday and then start fresh.  *sigh* So much to do in being us. J

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