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Friday, July 27, 2012

Mostly just a nice Dr. Marvin appointment :)

Friday, July 27, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Good morning. We’re getting a late start on the blog entry today, but we did post some summary work from the book, "Understanding by Design," By Grant Wiggin's (2005). It was a significant accomplishment to get through. I think we edited about three or four times. It's still not great, but it's pretty good for the purpose that it was intended to serve which was helping to look more clearly at the comprehension part of our reading. I think it took me about three and half hours to get through the process. In the end, we just posted it, twittered it, and now we have to leave it alone. We did print out a copy so that when we go back to the work we can use it as reference, or we could read it one more time from the couch to see if those parts that are out there could also accomplish from the work.  Hopefully, it is clear enough to read without another editing.

Today is a Friday, and we're really excited about that, although we don't know why. Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays - they're all the same now that we’re not working. There is some relief in that Fridays are between regular assignment dates, so we can reflect with a little less immediate pressure because the assignment actually isn’t due. You probably have heard over and over again that we are behind and so every day is a Saturday in that respect. I just have to do what I can do and hopefully try little harder by maintaining consciousness of it. Dr. Marvin and I talked about school last night and I had brought up Vince's point of view. We stayed at this yesterday with Dr. Marvin for a few moments, but in general Dr. Marvin is stating FIRMLY that we need to have less global things going on and concentrate on simply finishing the requirements of assignments. Dr. Marvin suggested that we do assignments and learning about the bigger picture on two separate levels. I understood what he meant, though it hurt a little bit to hear that he was siding with Vince on this one.  He rarely uses his sterner voice.

If I would've thought it through carefully, I would've known he would go that route, basically because I've such a long history of getting absorbed in bigger projects and losing scope of the particular assignment/responsibilities.  this was a special problem when we were working at the center. It seemed that there were always so many more interesting things to do besides the routine.  It is pressure and stress that is on the extremely difficult list for us.  I think we would rather float than focus.  maybe we should do something to see if there is some kind of sexual fear that comes from this. It feels that it is that that danger level to us.

I think it went down in the books as being a very good Dr. Marvin appointment last night. We talked and got over the more mundane tasks first such as we had gotten a couple letters from Medicaid that had confused us and we needed Dr. Marvin to help us through it. He said that it looked like we had gotten April and May Medicaid credit, but we needed to pay some money, maybe up to $300 towards them through UIC bills. I'm not sure what that meant though because this morning Rich brought up the mail and it had the two actual Medicaid cards, and I don't think they would've sent that if we hadn't gotten all the money in. I'm thinking the bills that we sent in first part of July might have credited towards the first two months, but I'm not sure. We talked to Dr. Marvin about how difficult it was to get a hold of our case manager or somebody that could answer our questions. We also got a couple sheets talking about the newer rules on Medicaid since the beginning of the fiscal year July 1.

A couple things affect us. One was that we would have to pay $3.65 for most medical services including doctor and clinic visits and another $3.65 if we use the emergency room without having an emergencythe amount isn't difficult, but something else that we have to think about. They say that if we need more than four prescriptions in one month that the doctor has to get special approval from Medicaid to have the medicine covered. we get six medicines a month and I'm not sure if they're going to require us than to have to get that special permission each month or if it will carry.They aren't covering chiropractic care anymore and they say that dental care is only good for an emergency. Rich said that we should have our dentist write out that our teeth problem is an emergency, but I'm not sure how that is going to work. Since it is new, the doctors won't know for sure how to use it either. Dr. Marvin had said he'd seen something about changes to Medicaid benefits and he hasn't gotten us the note yet, but I'm thinking this is the note.   I'm not sure again how they're going to say what an emergency is and was not. I have a tooth or two that is aching because of cavities, so is that an emergency? 

They also said that payment paid for glasses for adults and is limited to only one pair for every two years. I didn't even know that they would do eyeglasses, but if we could get the Medicaid card in real time I would like to try getting new glasses.  the frames themselves are about 16 years old. I'm having a very hard time with our prescription and think that it's been over two or three years. It seems that now more than ever I'm taking off my glasses and putting them on and off again several times during the course of reading and writing. If it's the distance of about 2 feet, which is where we’re at with me and the computer screen, then it is okay to use my glasses though we are still having problems with them sliding. But, if were talking about reading which is usually closer to 1 foot away than I need to take our glasses off. So maybe you can figure out as far as nearsighted or farsighted which - thinking farsighted.

That was funny. We just got a call from Jillian. We're pretty sure that she dialed us by accident because we could hear kids in the background and she's a teacher, and they were asking questions about the dog that apparently was following her. She was explaining how the dog was trained to follow her. I'm sure the child was wondering how she could get the dog to follow her. It was pretty cute. Jillian has told us before that she sometimes accidentally calls me because my name starts with A so it's on the beginning of her phone list. It is nice to hear her voice even if it's accidental. I'll have to remember to tell Rich.  Primarily just on what she was doing today with the kids.  I'm pretty sure she was unaware of the call.

Because there is so much school work, I won't be spending too long writing today, but there are a few things that I really want talk about especially after having been at Dr. Marvin's. To continue, the business of Medicaid and the business of talking about my dental needs took the first 15 minutes of the session. I really hate when that happens, but we are learning to adjust. I know that it is better to get it over with at the beginning of the session so we have all the time remaining to go through the stuff that is directly more important to us.  Maybe we should say here ... the stuff that is fun.

We gave Dr. Marvin a little bit of a hard time I think because he was out of town. There were a few of our younger parts out – maybe even more than just Casey and KC. He did clarify that he was on vacation and someone in the system thought that was better than him being gone for anything else. I think we were feeling empathy for him and appreciative that he could get a vacation. Plus, I suppose if you look at it as your Dr. is getting rest and relaxation so he can come and serve you better, well there's nothing wrong with that. :-) We were put off a couple minutes in the waiting room in that he was just those few minutes late in coming out the door for us. We had seen him come out already taking care of other business and he had gone back to his office, so we were a little crabby about being made to wait those extra couple minutes. it had been eight days since seeing him and we were anxious. I think this is something closer to regular boundary standards that are set up between Dr. Marvin and us, or for that matter we are guessing between him and any of his other clients. Being on time is just a simple matter of respect. We had talked to Dr. Marvin about it last week because he was like 10 minutes late. We are thinking that this is getting to be a pattern and needs a little attention. Plus, at this point we need corrective time in figuring out why it makes us so crabby to wait an arbitrary 2 minutes.

We are going to skip here just for a second, but that we had collected only one article this morning from the tweets. It was on "Anxiety and evasiveness: Is there a point?" That particular point didn't stand out as much as another link from Jody Aman linked to it that was written from the Healthy Place Mental Health channel blog. The article that we appreciate was one that she said we would get for signing-up for her free newsletter.  She said it was a free e-book but it was pretty much just 25 to 30 page papers with lots of margins. We're really unhappy that it seems most of this person's services are to be paid (like books, cups, etc.). You will hear us many times a month say we just don't get the way everybody has to cost-up things on the Internet. I know it's a matter business, but for people who don't have the money it's really harsh.

Old Lordy, I didn't expect that was going to happen. I went to look for the book that I'd saved on my PDF file and we just discovered that all of the programs that had been on my computer except for the few I mentioned to the service people are now missing. I don't recall all of what I had on the computer, but I know the one that was most important most likely that was missing is the one that allows me to save things that are on the screens. Let me take another look I have to hold my breath. Okay I'm breathing again – it is actually further down, it just didn't display like it would in the olden days, maybe I'm thinking more windows XP. The only problem part now is that I can't find the file that I saved. Most likely it is in another file. Maybe if I do a search that might work.

Well that didn't work, but what did work was going back to the original e-mail and that brought it up.  In the meantime a quick bookmark now for this one too. I had clicked on the bookmark for the page getting us to this little booklet which turns out to be 27 pages long. Briefly, there are seven steps to Aman's method and she includes step one: understanding the down, step two: what does this suggest about what’s up? step three: naming and understanding the up, step four: understanding how important it is, step five: tracing the history of the up; linking it to past people and events, step six: peopling your journey, and step seven: promoting the up in your future. The rest of the book fills in obviously with what this all means.

My summary of her work is that first people need to recognize the things that are making them feel lousy. These are things like anger or fear or hurt or pain, and then when recognizing those problems we have to look at basically the opposite of these things - like if I am afraid of something, what is it the value being hidden that makes the situation difficult. For example, with schoolwork I really want to be an excellent student; the fear is that I'm afraid I'm not making it. So the lesson would be if I can spend more time appreciating what it is that is positive or the up thing, like valuing being an excellent student, the more I can bring myself to that level of processing. The third step is labeling it so I can better encapsulate it and then better understand it. The common exercise she has people doing is to understand how important it is for you to be letting your mind wash over some of the good but people or events that caused that fuzzy warm feelings, that "up" feeling - to persist. 

For me, if I stop for a moment and think about being an excellent student, I could go back to the picture I had in college when I had felt like I could accomplish anything through my intelligence and interest, or there was another time when I was in third grade, and I had beaten the boy in a speed contest at the blackboard in being able to cite multiplication tables. I will never forget thinking that I was especially lucky because I had gotten the five by numbers like 5 x 6. I had just learned the secret in how to do those quickly by going by 20, 25, 30, 35 and etc. by writing the numbers as progressions and then fives and zeros. The bottom line is that I really wiped the other guy out. That was my first memory of being smart, unfortunately I associated that with being sneaky and that I had found the secret to only memorizing the pattern of the numbers and not understanding them. It's only now that I can smile and think well even that was a smart thing to do. It did not; however; mean that I knew all my other multiplication tables. In this aspect, I was just lucky.

Let me think if I can do one more. I can remember an event in kindergarten where being intelligent had come up. We were all sitting around the floor with the teacher in the front and she was having us cite our address and telephone number. I remember being able to hear and understand the question being answered by others and the feeling of impending doom to it becoming my turn. I didn't understand or know where that information was coming from in our brain, but that it was really important to the teacher that we know this information and I was gunning for that, especially since it was being done out loud in front of others. When it was our turn, we hadn't found a clue to where it was in our brain. It didn’t “come to us” although there was a sense of having practiced it. We didn't know when we were practicing it that the correct answer was being picked up by one of our parts that couldn't face "the crowd."

The up part is that since kindergarten we had this particular value of being smart or at least in the desire to be correct, turns out to be a thing that has held value to us our entire life. We like to have the right - true answers.  I think our examples are a little bit more complicated in that it was a stage where we were already switching so that something that one part might know didn't necessarily mean that another part would know. Sometimes at work I could just think, and then the answer would come to me, and other times it didn’t. There was always a lot of nervousness in between not knowing which way it was going to turn out. I still have these fears before writing the paper like now. I can now better appreciate what that little girl that was us must've gone through to adapt because she was not aware that the thought had belonged to another part of her being hosted in a different part of her brain. For that girl getting through life - this is something to celebrate as to our resourcefulness, and that is the focal point of the exercise on down and up.  We can learn to appreciate the positive like persevering against the odds from all the other underneath-uncomfortable feelings of fear, embarrassment, or more.

The fifth step is where you are tracking down the history of that up feeling was to us the ability "to achieve" as a priority, and that feeling of being intellectually challenged. The sixth step suggests that I name the people in my journey. In these last two cases that would've been my kindergarten and my third grade teachers. The kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Knight and the third grade teacher was Mrs. Berg. It took me a second to come up with those names, but maybe the important thing was that we had a sense about ourselves after an out loud interaction with those teachers and they were able to give us opportunity to prove ourselves, and give us those successful feelings. It would seem also then to me that since the very start – education has been a high priority of ours, perhaps because we were getting or could get good recognition if we could figure things out.  We would have to examine further to understand if it was due to pleasing the teachers, pleasing ourselves, or possibly the potential of learning, or a sense of attachment. It should probably be noted that in each case we had wanted to show out loud what we knew, even if I wasn't sure that I could recall it at that very moment.  It was a very high feeling when the memory would serve us proper.

That whole set of thoughts is pretty amazing to me now because it would've been repeated all throughout our life without the understanding that there were different parts stepping in and out and we were remembering things in non-collective ways.  We can now say it is pretty incredible and we now have to give ourselves credit and then if we are going to explore other areas of our education we could say here we are now at school again and we have similar opportunities in front of us where we can show out loud, in a sense writing those papers, that we're smart. Even possibly hold the dream of actually feeling smart?   

There's the question of can we be smart all the time, or is it just some of the time when we have the right parts out. But, if we look at the whole of us, I would like to think that we have learned more cooperation between us and this should allow us better access with our more coherent thought processes, but also that we could give ourselves credit for having to work harder in much challenging ways than the normal student. I think stepping back as far as this particular conclusion goes, because it's not the whole main point to where we want to go, but what we do want to say is that the Aman model seems to work for us and is already giving us alternatives of thought.

The seventh step is to promote the up in our future. There is no reason why being this smart - to have gotten through the education system with having our minds so divided - and it being so incredible, that we can't again achieve one of our most important roles as a student, and at this point we're calling it the process of learning, or in removing obstacles. We enjoy very much the feeling of being smart – which is transcribing for us as the ability to hold clear thoughts that make sense when it is called for. I wish there were a different way other than pulling together fragments of our mind to collectively come up with smart ideas but nonetheless the system in itself is smart we just need to look for the positives rather than negative thoughts that are ruminating in our brain and pulling us down and away from the effort.

Okay we're going to move past that point, but I did want to mention that because it had been such a good experience for us. I don't have yet the different steps memorized and I think that is what we learned in the other work that we had done on summarizing Grant Wiggin’s understanding by design.  Basically, we have to learn at different levels of understanding so that it comes naturally and it isn't a matter of transferring over the knowledge of the example to the new setting it becomes just part of the new setting. See that's an example of us learning already good stuff ahead.

Okay, now back to Dr. Marvin's. After we had gotten done talking for the first 15 minutes, we moved into the area of school and talked a little bit about the being behind – talking about school and the Internet was the greater part of about 40 minutes.  It was put into the excitement area of what we have been doing. As stated previously, we still had to listen to Dr. Marvin say the part about separating school from our grander thoughts, maybe even grandiose thinking. Interesting, we have been saying for the last couple days that Kelsey is a big part of  us that seems to be doing , or in not doing the writing of school papers, but then she's also the one that we claim to be manic depressive. We'll have to remember to talk to Dr. Marvin about that later.

But in general Dr. Marvin allowed us to go into the grander thoughts after the harder thoughts, and we chased that feather by weighted feather. One of the last thoughts I remember with Dr. Marvin was that we had gotten up to the part of explaining to him that we had not only been following Dell, but we also had found his older blog and had access to leaving comments for him if we ever got to that point of having an important enough question or statement to make. We had been building up in a crescendo manner so that we were actually feeling nuances of what it must feel like to be on top of the world. Everybody has their own game in life – things that they prioritize, but right now my game is learning to understand multiplicity and being able to share those interests with others, perhaps even teach and create designs for coursework so that others can learn systematically too, and then our knowledge will become that much stronger because we will have collaborated.

We had thought last night that multiplicity and education was certainly a track of being that not many had gone before. We still don't know how many multiples are out there that have really been able to put their multiplicity aside whether integrated or not, and most likely they had gone into work that highlighted all their achievements of thought. I would imagine that a lot of multiples don't exclaim themselves in public. And we don't know how it is for multiples who claim to be integrated. We don't know how many teachers and professors and doctors are out there that have already achieved professionally regardless of or possibly in special favor of their multiplicity. It is exciting to think that sort occurs like with the vampires in Ann Rice’s novels.  If you go far enough you're going to meet up with those that are most likely like you, and hopefully you will find yourself more productive in world matters. For Lestat in Ann Rice’s work it meant meeting with vampires who had been so much closer to the original truer blood source. In my situation, it seems to be a certain amount of feelings toward "higher running" to be following alongside or near some of the more intellectual people in our field and being able to understand part of this order or even the disorder from the inside out.

Dr. Marvin spent the last 2 minutes trying to help impress on us some of the really marvelous feelings that we were having. He was trying to convince us that all of this excitement and the learning that we were doing were indeed real. That is one of the assets that I have not held onto with school.  It seems that it's very unreal and it seems that the more we try to do in moving forward, the more obstacles we have run into by those sabotaging us with negatives as they try to convince us that we are not able or worthy of this kind of accomplishment. But then again, we'd have to go through Aman's steps in finding those faulty pieces of logic and transferring them to other up episodes. At least we would be willing to work with this mindset until we meet again with Dr. M. to see what he thinks.  We never know ahead of time the priorities a session will bring.

At this point, we give ourselves a small smile, maybe a big smile over the part we were telling Dr. Marvin last night about the Diigo system. It is another miraculous object in our life to have found such a great recording device that captures so much of what each of the different parts are reading so that we can bring it back into the whole of us and allow it to live more fortuitously. We like that there has been a system of something online that saves to our special library, and then that we can look at it as a blog entry as we're doing now, and then later reflect it again in the roundup that will do on Saturday or Sunday.  Which, by the way, seems to be almost upon us again. Wow that is something!  We look forward to so many things.  And, we HAVEN’T even got to the part of using highlighters and sticky notes!

We talked to Dr. Marvin a few minutes last night what it meant to be doing what we're doing and stepping past so many of the old thoughts on what work used to be at the center.  How mean spiteful and spitefulness the sister was including on us feelings of futility for having bright thoughts or ambitions.  We still have these terrifying thoughts about the center come up daily, but it's not as distracting as it once had been. It is a big deal for Rich to not be out of that circle because were not reliving traumatically the experience every day when he walks out the door into the lion's den. Also, we think that we are getting past it because both Rich and I are going through this change in our daily schedule, life, routines, and series of other challenges in general and in being a couple.

We also talked to Dr. Marvin about trying to come up with the names that would satisfy ourselves by our professional label. I think he was hinting that I should try to condense it down and that we had many labels, and that most people carried many labels. Although not trying to push in that direction, we would bet that he probably wears the label psychiatrist well, and he probably appreciates that when he says that word to himself and others, it brings a sense of accomplishment and admiration. I don't think he would have to be vain to have those thoughts.

I think he could be proud of his work, so and in that same manner; we want to be proud of our work. The thought of being just a student isn't covering it, although last night, we had thoughts that being a Master's student was probably a very excellent thing to be doing. We strive to have one of those clear thoughts without someone decimating it, especially from within.  We do well now saying adult education specializing in e-learning, technology, and design. At one point, that had been very hard for us.  Maybe what we could say is that we are student - no let's put in Master's student. We are a Master's student in adult education specializing in e-learning technology design and dissociation. Wow!  That really does it. How does it work for you? I think we're going back for a second to see where the other definition lay so we can compare.  It does seem abbreviated, and to the point, and it seems to cover most of what we're trying to get to. The thing it doesn't seem to do, is cover dissociation as a platform. I don't know where we picked up the word platform, but it seems to be used by us more often these days.

Okay, the last one said, "We are writer/student learning to design e-learning for a dissociative platform." Okay now compare that with “We are a Masters student in adult education specializing in e-learning, technology, design, and dissociation." I would like to think that we are getting somewhere here. It seems that the first thing we have to decide - do we go with writer or Masters? It seems that student is in there for sure. I think I like Masters better and it better defines our position, and it seems to be something that other people that are doing masters work hold onto proudly. The next part is - do we like the term learning or education better to define our newer role. Learning seems to be more applicable where education seems like it's a field. Probably best to stick with education then. It seems that the second title is winning over, and might have more validity in that the University has claimed this is exactly what we are doing in our degree field. I think we could go with this – though, we are going to accept the part of having a dissociation platform as redundant in this matter of speech. Okay then...

"We Are a Masters Student in Adult Education Specializing in E-Learning, Technology, Design, and Dissociation."


Then, I guess the most abbreviated version would be Master’s student. We could try something new here too.  We could say we were a Graduate Student, or a Graduate of … I suppose the next part of our identity lead-in would be for the person that we were stating it to, or ourselves when stating it for our own forward momentum, would be to say, what are you studying?  And then, you say we’re studying Adult Education specializing in e-learning, technology, design, and dissociation.  That still seems long but it really does give us a feeling of accomplishment without overextending that feeling of disassociation being labeled as a negative mental illness.  It should be added non-abashedly. Okay, were all good with that - moving on?

It is now 1:04 PM and Rich is home and it sounds like he is making his lunch, so we might want to go check on him for a moment. Be right back.

Okay, we are back again and it's now 2:08 PM. We spent a few minutes with Rich, but the majority of the time went to editing up to this point. I think we will have to put some kind of limit on this so we get to something else, but I so much enjoy writing again. It had been a long time since doing this. July has been great for writing. That point got noted with Dr. Marvin last nigh, but I don't know if he could appreciate it fully because he was feeling over responsible for me getting the school work done. I think we both know the blog writing is good for me and good for the system because it assists us in holding our thoughts together.  Just he wouldn't justify regular writing OVER the school writing. He sees the bigger picture.

At this point, I should probably think carefully, is there anything else of real importance that has to get done or said before we stop. As far as getting done, Rich has been handing us a shirt or pants one at a time in the morning so that we get them steamed proper. It was pretty funny the other day.  We were concentrating on the writing and we just had a sense that he was sneaking up closer and closer and we looked-up and he’s got this long stemmed steamer hugging my side. It was holding a hanger with the shirt that was much wrinkled. He was trying not to be obtrusive, but he needed to get to the point he needed his clothing. You know the domestic work we have problems with. So, while he was in the shower - some magical being came out and steamed his shirt and then we wheeled the monster back over to the corner from which it came. Seems like were on the third or fourth day of that happening now, it feels okay to have this interruption because we know it's part of our life to address though it seems foreign to do anything but think.

Maybe just a summary statement.  Being with Dr. Marvin was really pleasant and we were grateful for him sharing our high state.  He also backed-up and supported what was happening to us because we didn't understand it, and had feelings of sifting quilting into quick sand with so much happening. The biggest emphasis was on the term reality. Maybe at a later time we can explore why our life seems so unreal. The obvious factors of being a multiple and dissociating major parts explains some of the problems, but we are being a successful multiple ... some of this should seem real.  We did talk to him about being with other multiples again and that so many of them were down, depressed, or seemed suicidal. There is one or two that I worry about in particular, who seem to need attention, but we do not want to put ourselves in the position where we are the ones that take care of others. It's not my goal, nor is it my work responsibility. It is not our goal to save others.

We need to maintain this space like at work where we are responsible for maintaining a higher presence. This is not to say that we are better or worse than anyone, or that we can't have out our parts that are younger.  It's just we need a boundary as far as people taking care of themselves and not looking for extra mother figures or doctor figures. If they are in that desperate a need, or close to being unbalanced, they really do need to seek help from professionals. I am sure they know this intellectually, but maybe with  younger parts, or parts that are processing less, it is more difficult. I don't how multiples go without the benefit of psychiatry, which is not the same as saying psychology. It seems sometimes in getting primarily psychology that there are too many risks of non-professional professionals.  Or some get psychiatry med-management instead of psychiatry psychotherapy - much more a difficult trouble spot to be in.  I have empathy for them, but we all come into life as we do with whichever circumstances we have and we have to adapt at that. I do think that you adapt to either a maintenance role, or you adapt to moving forward. My point is that because I was lucky enough to get really good help that I should make use of that to the best ability I can which means us using our minds to meet other learners, so that we might both teach/learn.  We cannot emphasize enough, we don't want to be taking care of people, we will care, and at our strength/lack of strength level, we can do that best intellectually and in ourselves staying balanced.

I guess I do have a few more things to say about the end of yesterday. Rich was out until about 10 or 10:30 PM I believe. We touched basis at about nine or 9:15 PM, and he said he was pretty close to leaving the meeting. And, I knew it would be at least 30 to 45 minutes for his trip home. The last thing a girl wants to do is push a guy out of his club meeting, and at this point we were thinking of Fred Flintstone in the Water Buffalo Lodge meeting with the Grand Pooba!  Funny smile -anyway, we had been on the Internet for a little bit and I'm not sure if we talked to Linda, or not, we might've – we might not. We would have to check on that, but the main thing was that we found ourselves reading the book again from Dell, and we hadn't gotten far when the door buzzer rang. This means we have to flash into the other room to get dressed, so we can come to the door. We discovered that the UPS guy had dropped off downstairs a couple of our boxes from Amazon that we had been waiting for and the neighbor across the hall was nice enough to bring the boxes up and hand-deliver them. 

He got a nice warm winning smile and we hauled our treasures back to the comfy couch corner and turned on the light. All three of the books from Wiggins had come in one box and the other box was the book from Kim Noble called, “All of me.” We were so excited. There was a little disappointment in having to shut off the Kindle because we were really looking forward to doing something new with that. We still have to work on homework during the night, but that is still hard.  But, the important part was that we had brand-new books and we were being more than enthusiastic. I wish we only have the time to read everything we wanted to.

We went through Wiggin's books first because we knew we were going to stay with the other book longer. It would be against our better judgment to start studying those books in the middle of the stream, especially when we have decided that we could have a little bit relaxation. They were books to study. But, we did skim through them just to get a general feel of the books. We have to balance the harder learning stuff with Twitter.  The thought of being able to accomplish the thoughts those books hold is as magical as all books that cross our threshold.  And then finally, we picked-up the book from Noble. We're so excited; we barely opened the cover because we don't like putting in the first crease. We must've read a little bit of it somewhere because the first couple pages seem familiar to us. But then, as things turn out, we had to put the book down.

Rich came and as our wealth might have it, he had brought us the ice cream that he had promised us. I know were on a diet, all that is good.  Yes, we DID talk to Linda.  She was telling us about her diet. Well anyway we are on a diet, but Rich hasn't gone grocery shopping lately so he didn't have our 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches we like at the end of the night.  So, between that and that he must be feeling happy with us, because we don't know why else he would bring us home a double turtle sundae, we got one!. And man oh man, we love that! Probably, the sorrowful part afterward is that we got a stomach ache and crab behaviors followed Rich to bed. He had wanted and deserved for us to give him a backrub because he's so nice and he says that we keep falling asleep on him. That's a hardship I didn't want to have to face, but the stomachache won out and we were given the opportunity to hold onto him pressing against his back and that seems to be the way all things just glided to a rest *Happiest Face of All!*

And today is today - better that we get some work.

Our best,

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