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Friday, July 13, 2012

Nice Day ... on computer :)

7-12-12 @ 7:05 AM

Good morning.  This is us.  We’ve been up for about 1 ½ hours and we just got around to the writing part.  I don’t think we are still on track with being able to write every day, but sometimes we just get so busy. We have been really caught up with the twitter account. I don't know if I've mentioned that yet but we are now following twitter and am having the greatest time with it. We now have about 240 people that we are following and we have about 75 followers. We are still learning about things such as I just learned that if you're going to retweet. You should put RT@ and then the person's name you retweeting from and then the link to wherever it is that they were mentioning. There are a lot of things that I have to learn about as far as protocol goes.

I don't know if it is kosher or not, but we have done a lot of work in following multiples. I absolutely love that we are connected to this group of people and then just exuberant about being a part of that group. We created a private list that includes all the people we are tweeting with, following, or being followed by with multiplicity, or who have some stake interest in multiplicity. Those are the ones who are either assisting multiples, are interested in them, or are an organization that assists multiples.

The next thing I learned about yesterday was the TweetDeck and that is like assisting me a lot. Although, I find myself still going back to the Twitter's Internet site for twitter, because I am trying to manage my feeds. What TweetDeck seems to do is it allows me several different categories of columns.  It comes on a dark black screen which really seems to work fine since that's my screen background color so it doesn't stand out, or feel obtrusive, but there is a timeline for all the different people that I'm following, and there is an interactions which keeps me up-to-date with people who are adding or talking to me, and then there's this really good part which is the multiples like me, the ones just explained above. Basically, that allows me to follow the people that I am interested in on a more personal basis.

There are a few other columns. One is for messages, one is for favorites, and one is for home which seems to be a lot like the first column on timeline.

I am finding that I am still being fairly distracted by the twitter feeds in that I keep going back to catch up on what is going on, I am going to need to time or space out my views, so I am not constantly going back and checking for moments - I wish that twitter had a section for marking where you were last left off on. I still have trouble going back and knowing how long ago was that I last read. I'm trying to use the clock now. So for example it is now 7:50 AM and I last checked the twitter feed about 12 min. ago. So perhaps if I just watched the clock and add the minutes of nowhere to go back to without having to scroll through, or maybe I just scroll through from top to I get the part. I know already, I really don't know the best way to do it but I have no doubt I will figure it out sooner or later. Like anything new, it's a matter of adjusting.

The one thing that I know for sure is that it is a lot harder to go back and read Facebook after I've been at the twitter. It seems that on Facebook I can keep up more on social point of view where people are at, but it is driving me bonkers that there are so many pctures that just tell the cute things of the day, or canned philosophies of life, or people attitude adjustments. I think you know what I'm talking about here. It just seems like the information blocks the way of the people conversation of those who wish to tune in to what people are doing or thinking or feeling.  I'm so tired of all the distractive things just to make us feel good about ourselves and our situations. I had done a lot of that reading (viewing), before but I just got to the point where I'm tired of it, and I'm much happier with the feed where people are being more specific about where my mind would like to be rather than just catching up on all the smaller things. I find that now when I go back to Facebook I can skim really quickly through the feed and just go to the parts were people actually written something having to do something with their life, instead of all the platitudes. There is one aggravating thing. It seems that Facebook has turned back to a practice where you can always go down like 10 -15 entries and then you have to say “see more” which is terrible. I hated when I had to do it, before, but maybe that is their response towards all the scrolling that is not allowing you to do where he gets stuck on the scripts.

I do miss that I am not around people that I'm more familiar with, especially the smaller group that I hang with, but there are some real advantages to seeing what is actually going on in the world's processes - especially my areas of interest.

As stated before I've got about 108 people or organizations at this point on my key area of dissociation, but there are some other feeds that are really important. For example, CNN still plays a large part of our day and we are following quite a few portions of it. Like individual reporters, CNN international, plus some other news feeds like Mashable, Huffington Post and the White House, and I'd still follow the president and Mrs. Clinton. The next major area has to do with two things really part of it is education, and the other part of it is social media, and I pretty much tie those two areas together. They seem to have the most posts during the day. They are the ones that I find myself clicking on the most. There are a few very important people to me on that list, one these are Sue Beckingham, another is Diane Adams, and then probably the most prolific of the group is Ann Tran. I had seen a link to an article where they had listed the 20 top females to be following on twitter and it turned out that Ann was on the top five list. She seems to have a system for getting down a lot of posts. She follows a lot of the news leads and seems to be one of the first to get that out, and then she's also taking quotes that are feel-good quotes but it's better, in that it's not on a big picture taking at my screen then, forcing me through it. If I can see in just a few seconds that she's going that direction and I'm not interested in that kind of stuff, I just skim past, but otherwise she has some really cool stuff connected to the social media.

We will talk more about twitter later, but there is another topic that I want to talk about, which came up because of all the stuff that I'm doing. We went through a big journey yesterday in trying to find out more information for school on WebQuests. I was really disappointed in that it seemed that the only information out there was from back in 2008 to 2010. I have to ask myself if that phase of educational webbing actually already done and phased out? There was one article that I saw where it compared WebQuests to social media. And then I did some work with going through slideshows through Slideshare, and trying to figure out what that was all about. Basically, I'm trying to find a means of communicating to people where they can press links and follow along - things more or less like a WebQuest where it is interactive and directing people through certain paths and tunnels, but more current to today's standards. The most important thing is that there are journeys that can be taken where people are asked to go from this point to the next point through links and making choices and choosing several options.  I still don't have the content portion down, but I think people thinking on their own comes in here ... it will happen when the time is right to do the process in actuality.  Unfortunately, no secret brain inside carrying "knowledge" that has to be taught.

I don't know if I went around and about a circle, but I came back with the thought that maybe all I am really looking for is a glorified webpage which would of course include a slideshows, videos, pictures, links, podcasts, etc. I am basically looking for a means of getting across to ideas that will assist people in learning more about whatever I am going to be presenting them. I really have to get back to the school, work, I've got several chapters to read today. But I'm very interested in being in my world with multiples. I know over the years. This is been in and out strong, but now it seems that because I've typed so much of my thoughts to what it means to be a multiple that I'm really focused in on that area and how being multiple affects others as well. I think a good part of this investigative work comes from working on the book, "Disassociation and Dissociative Disorders: DSM-V and Beyond" by Paul Dell and John O'Neil in 2009. I have been blown away by the work over the last few days and I feel like I'm just doing catch-up work on how to capture this information but all these thoughts that I'm having. Everything between learning and people and multiples in social media are all swirling together in the way that seems a little bit uncontrollable. Except, for here we are in the middle of it just being fascinated by life in general.

One of the major things that occurred yesterday during my explorations is that I decided I needed to have some kind of system for capturing pictures and slides and all of that the things that I'm alerted to. My mind was slides are going to happent, but it has to have some way of linking so that people can skip around from whichever area they want to go. I think that if you can control the links within the slideshow (so being manual more than automatic) that I can do what I would like to do. I don't like the idea that with the slideshow traditionally that you just go from slides one through 46 or whatever. I like the WebQuest idea where you can follow several paths depending on what your real interests, and it is important that people can have different interests from others while being might be different from others. I'm thinking now that I've seen more tutoring type sites where you have one page and then it's like it'll allow you to go - Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, except they're usually on a smaller scale, like several ideas of one particular area.

Were probably sounding pretty muddled by this time, but I'm going to keep going forward In trying to grasp everything that we are doing right now. It seemed like a great amount of time on the Internet yesterday and particularly in chasing down this set of ideas but it is important because I'm trying to set up my design plan for the instructional design course and I'm not sure of all the elements that are involved yet. Okay, maybe I'm just beating around the bush here, but I would like to get to the point that says - I purchased, or rented actually, the Adobe creative cloud set.

OMG, it is just the most magnificent thing. I still haven't dealt with Rich’s getting angry over me spending something and it is going to be particularly bad in that it's a revolving charge the product cost about $29, but with tax it comes to $31 and change. I know that I am on a fixed income, I know, I know, I know. But sometimes, I have to do what is so strongly that is going on in our minds. All of this thinking that were doing particularly centered around the school and the work we want to do as e-learning, technology, and design is coming to a certain peak where it is instrumental that I be able to create spaces where I can capture thoughts, pictures and emotions.

The program is so immense. It'll take the rest of my life to figure it out. Yesterday we went through probably about 18 – 20 different videos, some were a little longer than others, but basically were just trying to get an outside grasp of what all these different programs are, and what they were meant to handle. My understanding is that I got one program, which is actually the creative cloud in Adobe, plus the programs in themselves reside in our own computer, though you can obviously reach the cloud from anywhere. I got like 17 programs and three services, plus a couple other small things which mean that I can use all of the above as if it was that my computer, but it is just a month-to-month service. In the amount of time it would've taken me to pay for all those things and money involved even though some of the things I will use it on they will have updates and the nice part about being on the cloud is that all the new updates. Get put on their automatically. Beside the $29 was a student cost and that is VERY inexpensive in comparison to what you are getting to learn.  Plus, there has to be some give in take for "educational fees"

Just a small break in thought here, I just got a call from Joe which is really surprising because it's only 9:15 in the morning but he's had it up to Minnesota – the Minneapolis area with a friend who is doing something with Joe on Herbalife this weekend. He was nice enough or maybe just a considerate enough businessman that he asked where Connie Sue live data and some of the identifying information for her, such as phone and address. We got into a little talk on Herbalife, in the meantime, I told him that I was having trouble with snacking at the end of the night. If I was up more than 4-5 hours past my last snack or meal.  And, I also talked to him about how I was making the shakes and it seemed like it was a shake somewhere in between how he and Cari are imaking shakes.  It is more solid like Cari, but more liquid like Joe so he said basically drink it quickly.  He said, we should record a video on how were making it, and then that would be really good thing for putting on the group site. We talked a few minutes to about him getting back to people in a selling manner, and I think that in some ways I should be doing it, but I am so far away from that kind of stuff right now. I can go days and days where I'm thinking about one thing in that it shifts to another and then the other thing gets blacked out and this is pretty much how our brain is working right now between the different parts.

One way or another Joe couldn't stay on the line long, and I probably started a conversation that was too long –although, he did ask me how I was doing. We really got into telling him about how excited we were over Twitter. He says that he has a presence there but he doesn't really use it, though he mentioned that his financial guru, David Ramsey, has the TweetDeck so Joe is familiar with the term. Good Joe. There's nothing better than a call from one of your kids to think that the day is going in the right direction.

Going back into the conversation we were having on the Adobe products.

While okay ,we have been gone for a little while, it is now 1:50 PM and I have finished lunch. I also finished taking a shower, I was getting a little over two excited than I thought, oh my gosh I have to slow down and think more carefully. I'm not sure exactly how it happened because I think there were more parts involved than just me - like we know Kelsie has been out, but the basic is that we opened up the new Muse software from Adobe to create websites, and we worked with trying to get our own domain name, and then we re-did  Riches newest website that his son worked on and made definite improvements.  Although, it is primarily using the same material. I was so excited just a few minutes ago before my shower, I went and called Rich and as it turned out he was in the car but he will check it out today when he gets home and we will talk about it from there He diagramed the problem was that he was taking away the job of doing the website from his son, if I were to do it and he said it would be like telling my son that I was going to buy Herbalife from somebody else. I could get his point but he's not gotten very far with John and it's taken a long time at that.  I don't know if there's money involved. I think that Rich likes the feeling of doing something with his son, and that might be more important than what I can do with it, but I can do so much more dramatically with it that it's not even  a solid question anymore.

I registered for a new domain site of I didn't put in a lot of time thinking about what I wanted my new site to be, but I did think that it seemed right, in that for so long everything came under my logo of Aynetal3, that I might as well just incorporate everything I'm doing under that. I know that I'll be doing several things for school, but I can actually have five websites with the new program through Adobe. It'll take maybe up to a day to figure out how hard it is to actually get my site pointed toward my server. This part is new for me and I'm hoping that it just works out. As of now I am still getting a page under construction from the network solutions where I had the page hosted. This is an example. Although, not the whole sheet but what it for the most part looks like – I didn't want to do anything really different than he had had before, but I did clean it up and it looks a whole lot nicer.

Pretty much. - just wanted to get my hands wet. It seems anti-climactic after everything that I've been through trying to learn the program. Not sure what else to say about it except for it excites me and I am hoping that rich likes it, one thing I do know is that I have to explain why I have this program ability all of a sudden and I am not looking forward to it because it goes back to spending the $30 a month. He's going to have a fit about that. Plus, I paid at least him $13 more for that it domain name. It does last for two years but it was something more than I had spent before adds up to $43.

I think the hardest part is that while I'm doing this. I'm not doing other things.  It seems like that's where it always goes especially with the parts.  I want to be a good, but I don't think I'm doing it. I haven't looked at the Tweets for a while now. I'm going have to do that to feel caught up, and then I still have all the reading that I haven't done yet. I think that I'm going to get my points marked down on this next assignment I just might hand in late. I didn't want to get into that, because she marks it down at least 10% each time, but I've just been too excited about everything and trying to get everything handled and to learn how to do what I'm supposed I'm going to write. I just had to do it. It's just one thing after another and the rest will come into play just has to wait its turn.

I did go to school just a few minutes ago, before the shower and I saw that she did grade me. I got a 72/75. I believe that then takes me down from me being in the perfect market. She did mark me down for the smoothness of my grammar and I knew that might be a problem because it was so bumpy - shouldn't edit after 1 am. I guess I was really happy that She only marked me down three points, and I know I can do better. The part that I have more problems with is that she marked that was a very long paper and that I would have to take it down to probably about half the size. She gave me some hint of how this might be done in that she highlighted in yellow. I didn't know why she highlighted at first but the note at the bottom of the page explained. It is going to be harder for me to comprehend and accept forcing myself to do something short rather than a few points lost. I know I have 97 more points to maintain an "A". The problem with losing three is not such a bad deal, just that that's a little bit of a precedent.

Okay were back. We did not do too much reading of the twitter account. We read the multiple section but we did not read the timeline. The timeline was just too long. I am happy that there so much attention being paid by the multiples to the things going on in the news. There basically two big stories right now. The first one is that Sandusky from Penn State has come out as having been a worse situation than previously thought, and then the one with Mitt Romney.  He appears to be more in the news for having offshore jobs and funding money to funny bank accounts as well as outsourcing. The president has just said something about him having told people that he left his firm (buyout) in 1999 but the facts say otherwise. I don't know if he is in really big trouble with the SEC. The one report claims that he had problems with outsourcing, corporate raging, legal issues I'm pretty sure it be a very good deal for president Obama if all the information was correct. I don't know if he would be in trouble with the law enough so that he would or should be arrested, but I'd be pretty sure that he wouldn't be president.

At this point it is about 2:45 PM I should start doing the reading, but it doesn't seem to make as much difference as it might because there just isn't enough time to get it going before would have to stop, but it is still nice piece of time in that I don't have to leave before 3:30 PM. I am definitely not in the mood to do housework. Although, that has slack for the last couple of days. I would like to check on the Internet as far as our project and the relevancy of what can be done. I might go back and try to do something with the slideshow. My understanding is that Adobe can insert slide shows into the website so that might be a real good thing as far as what I was trying to get into before with my web quest. I guess that's good when out for the time being. There is is shows for slideshow and inventing a look of those. So we'll talk later. Bye

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