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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thursday, March 01, 2012 6:50 AM

Nice to see you this morning Dragon, I hope you are feeling well today. We have been up for about an hour and a half this morning, but haven't gotten very far and we seem to be a half an hour behind in our schedule. We just changed the formatting. We like to write best in amaretto, 12 point, and right now we're experimenting with 1.5 spaces to our lines. Looking at our goals and objectives it is now almost 7 o'clock, so in a few minutes we will have to take our medicine. When we woke up, we did the normal things with taking care of the kitties and making coffee. And then, we went and down for a few minutes with the cats. I think we have on Mimi's Dragon 20 of the 55 pages loosely edited, which is enough for the time being. It reminds me we have to send the second ten pages to Linda – why don't we do that now.

We were thinking that every 10 pages loosely edited, we are going to send to Linda. And we will only allow ourselves, okay this is at least an effort okay, but we would like to allow ourselves only to go back 20 pages maximum when we're sitting on the couch just looking at the work, because other than that it's more obsessive. I know that each of the parts wants their turn at reading what was, but at this point there's limited value, because our time is scarce and we need to really be doing more towards the writing and literal editing.

Okay there was a major break there. I'm not sure all of what happened, but I know that it included sending Linda's last 10 pages, taking care of some personal needs, and trying to figure out where the hell we are at. Okay, it's time to say that we might be a little discombobulated. One of the things we did do that I remember was that we took our medicine. It might be a few minutes before we can calm ourselves into that flow. Okay this might sound a little confused. Believe me we are trying to get back on track so that we don't confuse you or us.

Okay then, let's figure out where we need to go next. It is now 7:20 AM, it is time to do the writing, and I think we last left off that we were reviewing our processes from the mine jet program. So, why don't we go back to that right now?

We got past 5 AM. We woke up that 530, so then we got up to the part of going to the mind jet program to check our schedules and priorities. It is now 7:30 AM, and according to the schedule we are supposed to have started the blog entry and taken our medicine. We have that, but we haven't gotten very far with the entry. It says also that in half an hour we are supposed to check in with Linda or check in with our projects actions and day-to-day tasks. I suppose that is what we're doing now. By nine o'clock, we are supposed to start laundry. We've gotten this far with that as removing one of our obstacles, in that we got out the laundry basket and filled it was close that we would like to take down to the wash. I can't believe how many dirty clothes are in the canvas bags. If I were to estimate it right now, I would say that we have about four loads to wash. We might have to do today and/or tomorrow a double load in one day. We really would like to have laundry done by the time rich gets home on Sunday night. And we know that Saturday, we will be gone so that leaves today Friday and Sunday. Okay I think this is doable, just have to maintain our priorities – our laundry priorities. I know there is no end in sight to the amount of mind-boggling thoughts that go through our brain.

THINK then the next thing we have to do is to continue going down the list of things and in doing so update our mind jet program. The next section is areas of focus/responsibilities. The first part is school. We left a note that we had contacted again yesterday both Dr. Knowles and Catherine by e-mail and that Dr. Knowles had written back saying that she submitted another change of grade form on Monday this week. We are going to really need to push Catherine to do her part, because I really believe that Dr. Knowles has done her part.

There is a more follow-up to do in that, I have to get a hold of the University today to see what's happening with the Medicaid situation, and we are going to have to try getting hold of Medicaid directly to see how that situation is progressing. We will need to know if everything is in, and is being processed is necessary. If I don't get something happening soon we are going to have problems with the University billing on Dr. Marvin, and we are not going to be able have access to other medical services at UIC. This has been elevated to a must have to do situation, so I am thinking that the next thing to do is leave a note on my priorities as of today to contact UIC. Okay I just left a note for today; let's go on to the next part.

We are all good as to the educational business class for the grants with Dr. Hargiss. So we can close that one. We do need to take a look into the strategy section just to get a feel for it this is for the next class, but it is not the top priority of the day so we are going to let that slide and go onto the next section.

The next area of focus or responsibilities is forth the alliance for American quilts. This one is really behind schedule and if at all possible we really need to progress this today. We need to do transcribing of the fifth recording. I am not good at anything here because at this point where at a pressure point that we don't need to look at, we just know that it has to be done.

We have a note that we have to be training ourselves to be more responsive, progressive and focus in on our knowledge work. For the time being today that means that we are trying to follow our own schedule, so that we can be happy at the end of the day. So at this point we closed our areas of focus and responsibilities and we are now going to open the project section.

The first project that we come up to is the one on doing something nice for rich everyday it is now March 1, so we added another month, and under today's date we wrote that we would like to set a strong goal to complete laundry by the time rich gets home on Sunday. We will give him updates on this when he calls at the end of the day, so he knows how hard we are trying to get back on schedule.

We are really at a loss with our next project which is quilting, hopefully today; we can get Linda's help to figure out what we need to do next. The big thing is that we are going to be going to Wisconsin this weekend, and we need to do whatever it takes to process that thought. Rich reminded us on the phone last night that we need to bring something down to the car every day, so maybe today when we go to see Dr. Marvin, we can bring down the garbage, and the two cutting mats. That will be a big help. The part we have to talk to Linda about is realistically setting up the next goals as to what we are going to be bringing with us. I have gotten it to the point of knowing we have to bring something with cutting. I don't have anything specific and I don't really want to start something new as to our own quilting until we realistically finish some of the projects we have out there. Again, we refuse to go through what needs to be done here, until we can take care of the first project which we know is doing the stippling on Joe and Cari's blue quilt. So that leaves us to think, that we need to do something with Connie since cutting. Because we don't want to trust whether or not, she is going to be there on time before us, we need to bring one of her projects that we have in-house. But to be fair to her, we should also write her a note today or give her a call asking if she wants to bring anything specific to be cut. It is about time we check in on her again to see where she is at. I don't want to stop right now to write her a note, but will put that as a thing to do later on. Okay good. We wrote task in the today's section of our test summaries.

The next project section is housekeeping will Flylady; you already know that somewhere between the time of nine and 930 we are going to start a load of clothes. There seems to be a lot of tension built up on trying to finish this goal. I would like to set another housekeeping goal where we look at the surface of the three major rooms of kitchen, bedroom, and living room and assure they are picked up. We are not ready to do the vacuuming yet, but we should schedule that for Sunday. Okay then why do we make ourselves another task? Okay another task has been written in the task summary. Good deal

We can now close our projects and open the next section which is waiting on things from rich. In this section we have all the windows close except for that he is on his Alabama trip, we added a few entries. The first one was that everything had been successful and he left the first day at 5:30 AM. He got there about 5:30 PM and they did not go fishing the first night because it was already dark, and they wanted to get a good start in the morning. Yesterday when he called, he said that he had caught one for pound fish, and Ron had caught three smaller two pound fish. This seemed to be enough in their book. He said that there are a lot of boats on the water.

There was this joking around part in that went out to a Chinese restaurant. Ron's favorite food is Chinese and so they go there often. Rich said there were a couple girls probably about 17 years old who were paying a lot of attention to them. I put this in the category of a southern cultural change of pace. But if he wants to believe that they were trying to hit on a couple old guys *big silly grin,* I am willing to go there too. We practice with rich saying the word no. Rich is about the most trustworthy guy you have ever met, but I think it's a good boost to their ego to think that they are very attractive even if they are older. Rich certainly is attractive to me! So after that we closed up the rating on riches part.

We are now ready to hit the actions center of our dashboard in the first section is in doing calls. We have already set ourselves a note to call the UIC financial people today and to talk to somebody on Medicaid. I will be interested to find if Catherine calls me today, she skipped me on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure that's because nothing had been yet resolved on our situation.

The next section is on things that happen at my computer, and here we just left us also note that we aren't supposed to forget blogging, but since that's what we are doing now were all good and I'll close that link. I quickly opened the office section and then close it again just taking a quick peek. There's nothing we are going to do with the office stuff right now except for to notice that we do have end of the tax season test coming up, but we just don't have time right now. There's too much writing.

The next section is home and the only thing we've got listed here is to unpack something from the boxes in our sewing room. Maybe will update this as far as going in and looking at the stack, and maybe putting a few things away just to make it seem less frightful. Maybe by this time it will be more fun to discover what we have in their and cumbersome because it reminds us of work; the old work. Moving on

The next section is my anywhere thing and I've got here sewing weekend with the girls and this is separated between two tasks, the things that we are supposed to bring, and the project list. I am comfortable here that until we talked to Connie sue or Linda were going to let this sit as to what we've already written, so we are going to close this window pretty quick too.

The next section is under errands, here we have three items. The first one is to deposit registry checks. That should've been done yesterday but, there is no time like the present. I think we already talked about this in having a schedule going out so I'm not going to go over it again here.

The last section under actions as things to be reviewed and we don't have anything here so were going to just move on, and we are also not waiting for others for anything, so we can skip that section as well.

The next section is our agendas, so we are now on the left side of our dashboard, and progressing upward. Hmmm - we just left ourselves another note that we have to check mail downstairs when we get back from Dr. Marvin's.

Okay the first section here is that we needed to apologize to Linda for being off schedule and we needed to talk to her about what is happening this weekend. We did talk to her about being off schedule, and we talked to her which was a really great conversation about her being in our book, understanding that we are really writing a book, and reading over the parts we have loosely edited. We agreed with her that absolutely if she had any problems with what she was reading that she would tell us and we would take it out or rewrite it according to what we discussed. It's very important for me not to lose our friendship with Linda, so I don't want to do anything to upset her.

I think that if you can get over your shyness and I think it Linda has with us, it really could be complementary to be so important in somebody else's life. I know she's very important to our life. Over the last several weeks we've notice how much of our days is checking in with her and making sure that we are both progressing. It is as important to us as anything else we do during the day.

The next note is to the twins and we wanted to leave a note asking them to stay over at their place again, but then we stopped. We did some real soul-searching on this yesterday. We are uncomfortable having to ask, or to push people and having a stay over, so we decided what we are going to do is that we are going to either make the attempt to go home, or if it is too tiring, that we are going to stop pull over and sleep for a while in the car. I really would like to be getting home; I think the excitement of the day will carry us so far, we just have to leave by about nine o'clock. We also have to focus on drinking some coffee at the end of the day. Rich and I have had this conversation before where if one is really tired, you just stop driving and get the rest before putting yourself in danger. So with this in mind, I feel that we have covered this area sufficiently enough.

I really do appreciate the twins putting me up the last time, but since they have not suggested that the second time, I don't want to push my luck. Their friendship is too important for me to keep; I don't want to put myself in a bad light in front of them. Plus there's the part where we each need our break from each other after spending an entire day with each other and we each need to get into our own routines. Because this is going to be such an ongoing need, we have to resolve it in a way that is not currently etc. schedule each month. I feel comfortable with our decision now.

Okay were closing up the one-on-one section the next section is with Dr. Marvin. Wow! I can't believe it's already 815 in the day and we are just getting to the Dr. Marvin part. We haven't had too many thoughts in his direction so far except for to notice flickers our mind that we need to get back to that subject. We are checking our goals and objectives now and it seems that we really have until from 9-9:30 AM we start the laundry so I have some time to be reviewing this subject.

Okay what happened at Dr. Marvin's last night? What is the first thing we remember? This is a question that has to be asked of the parts bear with me. Okay we pause for about 20 seconds there. The first thing we remember is that we had brought two sets of paperwork. The first set was the prescription list we had gotten from rich for Walgreens program. Dr. Marvin quickly reviewed the list, and he seemed good with it and that some of our medicines could be ordered for about $12 for three month time span, and that it would cost us about $20 a month to prescribe to the program. That is a very good situation for us. I think it only covers four of our six medicines, but we left the list with Dr. Marvin and we discussed that we would come back to it today and tried progress that situation. You already know that we are stopping at Walgreens. This is a good time to remind ourselves so that we need to have our shower done by one o'clock.

The next thing I remember at Dr. Marvin's was that we set ourselves up to be talking about the last four days, especially in the amount of work we have done with the dashboard and my life program through TPA assist and the mind jet mind mapping program. I didn't realize it for sure, but it turns out that this is all new since the last time we talked to him. We had written through Mimi's Dragon the outline for the program. We asked Dr. Marvin if you wouldn't mind reading it, and he was good with it. So for the next 15 to 20 min., he read, and we went back to looking intently at his face watching for it to change in just the smallest of nuances. I don't know who all is looking at Dr. Marvin at times like this, but it's our belief that younger parts are taking very good stock in his face and learning to trust it. The work that we are going to go into next is going to depend on them trusting Dr. Marvin. We might've said it through some of the other books but we have gone through many years where we weren't able to look at him directly, but this has progressed over the years. We still have some sessions where we can't look at him, and we have problems looking at him when we are coming in the room and going out of the room.

We appreciate that Dr. Marvin makes comments in between the paragraphs or pages, so we have some idea of what he's taking in and we can respond to where we are at with it since the last time we wrote. It also gives us a chance to clarify what we wrote and pick up an ideal what interested him. We are still taking riches advice in that we write for ourselves first and the others second, but it's important that Dr. Marvin understands us. It means everything in the world.

After Dr. Marvin finished reading the 13 pages, we talked about it for a while, and then we looked at the clock and noted that it was 4:45 PM. This gave us the courage to present the next topic. It was really going back in that we needed to say something about what it happened the previous session. We knew that some parts had experienced a flashback or a series of flashbacks, and we didn't do very much with it. We also didn't do very much with it during the time lapse between speaking to him. We did have to progress at this point. I don't think Dr. Marvin was sure what we would remember of this event, but he seemed appreciative to know that we might bring it up. Both of us realize when I look at the clock I am being conscious of what time it is; what is available and what is not. We've been there long enough to know that it is not a lot of time to go into things in depth, but it is good enough time to do it as an adult part.

We tried to remember what we knew of the situation. We were able to tell Dr. Marvin that we are aware that we have flashbacks, and they were of a sexual nature. We hadn't been able to remember what the pitchers were, though I think during the week we remembered something of being in the closet. Dr. Marvin gave us the first clue, he said something about Barbie dolls and that they had been sexual. That was taken in a big scoop of courage, but we weren't going to go much farther than that. The most important thing is that we could acknowledge that that thought it occurred. And then to try progressing it just a little bit more. We didn't talk so as much, really anything about that memory or flashback, what we did talk about was in being able to get in and out of those kind conversations so that the system could feel safe.

I would like to try and remember this part a little bit more, but I'm not sure how much depth there really was. I'm thinking now that Dr. Marvin probably talk to us more about the logistics of it, and now there seems to be some thought in my mind about – okay with thinking really hard here, I'm not sure what I remember about him saying something about us more directly as to what we were thinking, or experiencing. I remember the next part of looking at the clock it was already one to 2 min after five o'clock. And we felt a sudden really tight rush to get out of the office. This might've been one of those situations that we were saved by the clock.

It is not really a lot of information I've given now as far as what was happening during the session, but is what we comfortably remember at first glance. I'm sure in the first 10 to 15 min. we talked about anything generic going on in our life, but I don't think there was anything really new from the last time we had been there. Most things seem to be going along just fine. I do remember there was some amount of tension and excitement over what had really been accomplished this last period of time with the dashboard program. We were excited that system had had a problem in that we wanted to write, and we needed to have another system of recording her thoughts and our experience in life, and that we had come up with a way to resolve that. I really hope that this is going to be the right system, because I would like to just get through the next part as far as living it out, hoping it works, and then moving on to see what happens next.

This session has to do with David Allen's work again. We should probably go through our writing at some point and make a cycle typed list of what kind of thoughts we are having. But, we’re hoping that with the dashboard system that it will cover all the different areas that the parts are dealing with. It is very exciting to think that any of us can check-in and know approximately what we are supposed to be doing. Dr. Marvin also agreed that the goals and objectives within the timeline are very good for us and he gave us a general approval of what was can be happening during those times. I don't know what kind of questions or answers came up in Dr. Marvin's mind in going through this material with us, but one of the most exceptional things about him is that he can work in all our different time zones. At this point because there's so much to do yet today I'm figuring we should move onto the next section were almost done.

I would like to say that in general it seems that when younger parts have been out or we've been triggered, that we need some adult time trying to establish what happened and then move on from there. I do seem to remember there was a good amount of time probably earlier than 2003 when Dr. Marvin was dealing with younger parts more directly, I don't know how far we really progressed in that before we had to concentrate more on what was happening at work. I do remember now him saying something about the amount of time that St. Rose had taken in our mind as to just surviving that situation. We both agreed that it was necessary for us to progress, but that it really hadn't been as healthy as we might've hoped it to be. It did seem to set up some of the scaffolding in our minds so that we could advance ourselves intellectually in a more business format. Unfortunately, sometimes this meant learning through bad example instead of good. I know in our comfort ability level of even thinking of Sister Teresa, we are very upset with her. I don't know how much she was able to control herself and the flightiness of her mind in giving directives without being attached to time, but were still unhappy with their thinking that she had more control than not and was just doing damage to our life. She knew that she was on her way out, but she maintained a situation that being very brisk with us. She did not go out as a friend. I know those times had happened in the past, so I'm trying to keep an open mind, but right now she's in a bad space in our brain.

We talked to Dr. Marvin about the whole St. Rose situation because it took 12 years of our life, that it will be work through with some of the other things. Dr. Marvin seems to think that some of what we went through as a child was work through with St. Rose, S to dealing with a personality like Sister Teresa that was close enough somehow to my mother, that we felt we could not get past it. The big deal though is in the end we fired her. We don't know what to think as far as she was retiring by then, but the whole new situation of St. Rose was just way over our head in dealing with it. Rich will bring up sometimes a few sentences here and there about St. Rose, but we are handling very little of it. There was one surprise this weekend that Margarita sent us a Facebook friend connection link. And with just a little bit of thought, we decided that we would connect her as a friend. That does have something to do though with our staying away from it this week, because we're not sure how to address that emotionally. We also have to acknowledge by staying away, we drew the concern of Vickie.

Vickie has been a good friend of ours for quite some time now. I believe we met through Marine parents about four years ago. Tom was graduating from boot camp about June 6, 2008, and I think somewhere in there we had met Vickie in posting about the recruits, and then when we moved over to Facebook, she was probably already here, but we've kept tabs on each other ever since. She's a good barometer for us and that if we disappear for too long she comes to check us to see well rats in that reminds us that we have a community at Facebook, and although there are not a lot of people that directly deal with us, there are a lot of poor periphery people that we connect to and gives us some sense of security in the world. She wrote a note this morning and we talked back and forth a few sentences but then I lost track with that so let me check that real quickly right now.

That's so funny. Vickie had left the last note and she skipped the question about her health, but she said that she and her husband were planning to do a cruise in January of 2003 and she commented on how excited she was. She really deserves this more than anybody else I know. She's been going through several surgeries and medical procedures in making sure that her hearts in veins and other things connected to that are all in shape. I love that girl to pieces. So I wrote her back a note that said that that was more exciting than anything we could imagine which it is. And that we were feeling so happy for her and that we also knew that she was going to bring her Facebook friends so we are giving her the visual image of sitting by the pool with a Mai tai. She answered back right away saying that she wasn't sure on how well the reception was going to work but that it was a very good deal at less than $100 a day. We confirm that we thought this was an exceptional deal and were very pleased with this Keith follow of hers.

I know that Vickie is so deserving of a vacation. She seems to think the same thing so we asked her where she was going to be going. We are waiting for her response now. She's typing. It seems to be beautiful in that Vickie knows that we are there whether we respond back and forth. I think she really has a good sense of understanding the different parts and are disappearing and appearing, and sometimes needing help in getting back and forth. She says that she just booked to the trip this morning. I can't believe she's thinking about anything beside the trip. She says that she's going to be going on the Caribbean cruise and that there's going to be two stops one of which is to Mexico close to the Mayan ruins. Lordy how exciting of that? Rich and I are so far away from making a major decision to go on a trip like that it's just unbelievable. It's like being on another planet. I'm so happy for her. She says that she's going to leave on a Monday and return on Saturday the first week of January next year, and that is her birthday week. We are letting her know how much we love this set of thoughts. We never have very long discussions and are already discontinued. We told her before leaving that we thought she deserved every smidgen of the fun she was going to have and so she thanked me and said that we had a great day and then there was the niceties of saying we love you love you ohh man she's so cool!

That reminds me that I really should check over my Facebook just for a second and see where I last left it maybe we should make some kind of an update I don't know what happened between the last time and this time but I feel it were ready. Be right back.

Okay were back? It looks like we were gone since last Sunday from our Facebook world we left a couple notes. The first one went to Margarita; you should know that she's our old time friend from work at St. Rose, so we've known her for 12 to 13 years. Although I consider her my best girlfriend at St. Rose, she was too close to the center for me to feel comfortable for quite some time. I think we are coming up to our six month anniversary from not working there in two weeks. So, all that time there has been no direct conversation or communication with Margarita. Margarita is the only one we knew at a personal level where we had been over at each other's houses etc. Margarita showed up in my life again this week in that she sent out a friend request on Facebook. We are friends with her daughter Mirza on Facebook, but there is not a lot of interaction. Margarita was listed as only having 10 to 12 friends; so she is just starting out. Most of her context looks like family. I'm so glad that she's giving it a try, and I hope that we have contact again. Most likely though it might be closer to setting up a time that we can get together. I would like that so much. We would just have to be cautious; she would have to know that we don't want to talk about work too much. We are just too sensitized to it and we don't want to leave ourselves being overwhelmed again. We'll see.

AHA! We’re back! It seems our little world is waking up. We already have gotten a response back from Deb. Debbie is one of our friends from high school. We didn't get a chance to know her well, although we hung around the same circle. She's a chiropractor now in Minnesota and so when she raises her cup of coffee and salutes me I'm figuring this was the most wonderful thing. I believe in all she has done as well. We updated our status on Facebook obviously and now Linda is up too. I think she is up to the part where she's having her coffee as well, although I'm pretty sure she's been up for a while. While waiting for her here let's take another look at the list. We've pretty much gotten through our meeting with Dr. Marvin.

Under vacations we have three things listed. The first is the trip to Minnesota to see Connie sue, the second one is our first Saturday sampler, and the third one is our first Saturday with the girls. I don't know if I have anything really additional to add here. I think we're back to the part of rich wanting us to put something in our cart today. He will be so excited with us while we were gone this last period of time we went downstairs with a load of close and stuck it in the washing machine. Will have to go downstairs and change the load over at about 945 so that's in about 15 min. this is the part of our day were where we were not concentrating as much, so it's better to do things like editing rather than writing. That's a good lesson learned I don't know if we knew that or not, how soon we should be stopped writing in the day because our concentration is just not the same. I have really liked the part so of writing before we go into the Facebook. I like having contact with loose friends meaning people were acquaintances with, but it shouldn't be more important than the writing that were doing now.

I think we are going to close our vacation section for now. We are talking to Linda and my last question to her was what was she going be packing for projects? This is really far back as a week for Linda and I usually have a better idea as to what is going on, especially as to our packing and projects. Sometimes it seems like the month doesn't get by fast enough. It is a major marker for us to be up in Wisconsin regularly. I don't think it is good to be at her shop this month; they have a shot top going on so somebody else will be taking the group. I think it's Peg. I really like her so I don't know her very well yet she's on my want to know list.

I think that's pretty much of my list the other sections on my dashboard are supporting materials and reference and haven't added to that yet. I do have a note on my way test summary list that I should check the mail today that way I can add to the bills/scanning project.

Wow! That was really nice when it is offered to bring her exercise machine up so I could so this weekend too. I've been thinking about it for the last few moments and my thinking is probably not in that I need to really concentrate on what I'm doing and the Saturday meeting isn't really good place to do that, I mean I can concentrate on cutting, but I do it slowly. That might be a fun project though if I was going to do anything like cutting loosely. I wonder if I could look at the scratch project that we had gotten last time we were up there with Ann. That's very interesting let me give that a look of it in back.

Hmm, cool. Found it right away. Mostly it’s a matter of cutting out 2” squares, or cutting out 3 7/8” squares. I’m not sure who to sew it for yet, or which collection of scraps, I should take it from. I wouldn’t be doing any of the sewing just cutting. I being me would have to have some plan in mind. We’re waiting to see if Linda can help us out.

AHA! Linda did just help us out but mostly she let me do the creative work the part she helped Dan was getting us to think about the weekend is coming up. I think she was also supportive in that she saw the value in the brighter more fun stuff. I'm afraid that most of the stuff Connie sue had or still has is dark and moody I can even distinguishes 123-4567 there might be seven colors she's got in that last pattern and there's justice also dark. I'll give Connie sue the choice of taking these blocks home with her and working on them or she can let me do it, but it should make your heart feel better that that the fun Debbie Mum fabrics are being used she's got several collections here the most seemed to come from the South sea import. There's a lot of kids fabrics a lot of deep red screens blues got a nice page background over there be enough basic ease that is a background Linda pointed out that there's a lot of sunflowers in her patterns I can see that her collections come from friendship doll collections and then there's some country home collections of seem to be a lot of background fabrics and then there is a country home collection of the same thing you notice when his is pretty. But I think the work good. It should go with the scratch patch had a week we'll quilt. Most of that is just then cutting out looks like we need to cut out 284-3 7/8 inch squares, and 1152-2 inch squares. Then this repeats over and over again so that might be a real fun project to work on.  We will suggest Connie sue can have it if she wants it. It was her fabric. I don't have any place really that it is going to go to now except I just want to cut something so good-good that part is done I feel resolved.

So at this point, I should probably be catching up with some of the editing work. Linda and I have just signed off it's now about 1030 and we've agreed to meet at 2 PM again. I have kept up with the laundry, but I think it's going to ring at any moment when I check that. Okay looks like I've got six more minutes so I'll take 6 min. to close up right? Hopefully we'll just get those clothes hung up, and we will be moving merrily on our way I think we’re going to end right now though it looks like we've typed about 16 pages but as we mentioned before, we are using one at half lines so it spread out but yet it isn't I'm going to attach this to the other section and then see what work on the go from there maybe we can set up before we do laundry so that we can come back into the editing process easily. Were still not up to the point where we can do the transcriptions. We'll have to figure out why that's been a problem this week. Might be that we feel were on vacation which wouldn't be a bad thing. So till we meet again take care!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Good morning Dragon,

It is nice to see you; it has been a couple days. Last time we wrote was Thursday and it's now Sunday. The big deal is that during that time, which has been out of town still in Alabama and we went to Wisconsin to see the girls. We had so much fun. We left the boat 8:15 AM and got to the hotel at 9:30 AM. We had been up the night before until 2 AM. So we figured that we should sleep in a little bit the next morning. We told the girls to an e-mail, which they didn't read by a matter of chance, that we were going to sleep in until six and skip going to Ann’s. Ann was not good to be in because I think she's in Hawaii, and they were having a group go to a shop hop which meant some of the people would be missing. I was really grateful because it gave me a chance to be with Linda a little bit before the others got there, although they didn't take so long. The twins and Emily came about the same time. And then Connie sue came a little later, although she was having trouble with directions again and have gotten lost.

I like to talk more about that call the trip and everything went, but I also want to make sure I get caught up from Thursday's note, so let me go back and look at that. It's hard to tell where we start and end being obsessive, but I think we've got through a little of that too. I would like to make a point that being obsessive if it doesn't get too far to control gives me opportunities to see things in a different perspective than I might if I would been going at a normal speed and tempo Friday we had gone through and worked on the edits and we developed a new tagging system will throughout the day which allows us to see the writing from a different perspective - more on that later.

Okay on Thursday we were editing, and try not to be confused, I don't know how well we were doing at that looks like we our start about an hour later than we did today. We're still working through not having the laundry done we did get it little laundry done since then that were talking just one load. That tells me something about my priorities today. I will probably have to do at least two loads to be within the zone. I think there is so load of whites and I might to all the colored in the container but it I won't be able to do most of the button shirts. It's now about 630 in the morning I'm not quite ready to do that yet though.

We had been playing with the mind jet program. Part of the work that we did on Friday was to at the end incorporate mind jet into our tagging system. We've borrowed some of that with some of our own thinking processes and we tested the water on that in trying to explain the system to the girls first Linda, before the others got there and then to the big group in general, and then later Janet spent some time with me looking at the model. I don't know how successful that was because although they tried to be patient with me and listen, sometimes I think we throw our friends into a loop in trying to understand us or what we’re doing. I have to give them credit for trying. I know I've talked to them in the past where I feel out on a limb. I think Connie sue was the one that told me that were smarter than all five of them put together and sold that was kind of her excuse for not having to think through anything that was more serious than her normal thoughts. Arnold may be things I do are hard but maybe they're not just to need some concentration. I feel bad though about barging into people's lives and saying you must think about this because I am, that would be just the wrong way to go. But sometimes it gets lonely to I think was mentioned that in the past. I think that they might be getting what we’re doing but there might be some disconnect as far as why we're doing it. We go through those ideas ourselves sometimes because were so caught up in doing the miniscule that we lose sight of the bigger picture. At this point we need to stop and reflect on our time commitments. But this is been an ongoing problem. Certainly pointed out by rich and Sr. Teresa often enough.

One of the things that happened and Friday also, was that the school opened up and although we didn't remember it's all about 5 to 6 o'clock that night, we spent some time over there trying to figure out what it was that we were going to be expected to do next. That read into yesterday where I thoughts continued as to how we were going to do the class. We are going to have to come up with a strategy for fixing some kind of program and were not sure where were going to go with that we can expect that AQQ is going to open their doors and pour out their problems for us. The close as I could get to find some thoughts that my work was to think about the processes over at Maurice and Nikki's place. Nikki is the one closest to being in charge of her own destiny, and there are other participants in her work life because she's working at home such as children and Maury and dog, so that might work if she were willing, but then also it might be too invasive and not big enough as far as the teacher would be concerned. I think they have more in mind that I worked in my own domain. The other thought than would since I was working for myself, the two establish another quote unquote business. Like with the web. I't want to step out of my situation to be starting another problem perhaps if I worked on a time dilemma in that to get to the projects like writing and quilting and transcribing the school I have to work out these different systems, like the Dragon to assist. And perhaps that might be seen as a project or problem.

We had done somewhat well I think in going over my dashboard, but that's too complicated of a thought right now we're still in the waking up processed. You know what I'm talking about first cup of coffee at all? Yeah you know what I'm talking about. We're still at a standstill as to our transcribing. If I don't make time for that by today or tomorrow it's can be pretty pathetic, but, were not ready to do that this morning so let's move on.

We did try to work on a new project yesterday that would be appropriate for the group time that we had. With Linda we had gone through some of Connie Sue's fabric and had found the material from Debbie Mum which was bright and colorful. I was afraid that I had insulted the twins but they said that I wasn't out of place and that the colors that I was explaining from Connie Sue's really work dark. I went as far as to say it was depressing. I razzed for that and probably deserved it. We came in yesterday with the twins feeling that we were behind the eight ball, although later they explain that was nothing like that. Maybe we were very hypersensitive. I certainly don't want to not be in good graces with them because I admire them so much.

I have talked to Rich every day since Thursday. One of the days he had caught one fish, but it was a big 4 pound fish. The next day he didn't catch any fish but I believe he caught a couple fish yesterday. I'll have to check on that because he was being a little goofy with it to Tom his partner being in the car with him he deferred to run being the better fisherman so I don't know if that was all about. Either caught a bigger or smaller fish but he didn't want to embarrass himself so we'll find that out later. Just be patient. He is coming home today; though I don't expect him tell later on this evening. Maybe today I'll give my call and he is at.

We had a Dr. Marvin meeting on Thursday. I don't think we wrote about that. I'm not sure if it's too early to think through those thoughts. My next thought on that would be I think we had an older part out or several older parts. I think that about halfway through the session we were more conscious about talking about the younger parts that had been out previously with the sexuality. I don't think we got very far in depth with that but it's a good start. I know that we didn't bring in anything for him to read which would have left more time to talk obviously. I don't recall what we talked about though. By that time I hadn't come up with the editing system that I had by Friday. I guess I'm going to have to work into that later on when my mind becomes more flexible.

We're back again. We ran into a little unstable problem with Dragon and word. I don't know which of the problem but I turned the computer off and on again and everything seemed to work out just fine. We're still going over things from the last session. And I'm having a little trouble with my cutie Missy is a little unstable to she keeps asking for attention and I'm thinking she wants me go sit on the couch but I'm really not ready to do that so I think you have to push her away I have been petting her and that's fine but she has to stop at some point because shall drive me crazy.

I don't think we have very much with the David Allen's book over the last several days. I think the last time we were reading it was waited for Dr. Marvin's appointment on Thursday. I'm saying this just because I'm still reviewing what it happened on the last session. We are up to the part where we are in the car waiting to see Dr. Marvin. At that point we were starting to remember what we had experience with Dr. Marvin, but that's too much for my brain right now. There was some marker that we had been talking about St. Rose, but even just mentioning that destroys me really over the edge – way overwhelmed. I think I also found that yesterday when talking with the girls, in that some topics were way too much for our system to handle.

Right now all of that is a blur to me. It feels like I have a headache just thinking about trying to pull those processes up again. We’re just trying to hold on here.

There was some note about where we left off with our Facebook pages and processes, but I'm way too far off are marked for that right now so moving not. It seems looking over the last section from Thursday that we talked a little bit about Margarita and her request to have us as friends on Facebook. I guess here that's just a note as to where we're at. I don't think we've “progressed” those thoughts at all, again way too overwhelmed.

We are about up to page 13/16 in reviewing what been written last time. We were talking a little bit about going up to see Connie sue. I don't know where Connie sue was at yesterday, but it seems she was off her mark. I think she was having problems with some pain and she was having trouble concentrating. I don't really recall her talking to much except for the part where she was explaining what was happening with Nathan's divorce proceedings. I don't really want to get into all that, but I think it had been a pretty traumatic experience for all. I remember something about Danielle trying to take advantage of the situation as to land grab. Basically she tried to get as much a she could without having really put too much into it. Like having lived in the house for three weeks and then trying to claim that she had rights to own part of it. It seems that Connie sue stuck to her guns and really assisted Nathan so things worked out as best they could. I think a lot of the little things were grabbed up by Danielle, but Connie sue seems to be okay with what happened. Maybe she just doesn't have any choices to accepting anything but what had happened. It seems that she's going to have to replace some things, but it's a question of how much she is going to do for Nathan compared to how much Nathan has to really do for himself. We've already talked about Connie sue enabling Nathan. It's just a pretty confusing situation.

I will write more on that later when I figure out what it's all about. It's really just more for information at this point. I'm trying to understand where Connie sue is that, but it's not something I need to think about, because I've got so much going on in my own life without being overly concerned with where Connie sue is at. She's not really very good at communicating on a day-to-day basis or weekly basis, but there's obviously a lot going on that is beyond the scenes. She's just not very good at communicating so not much to do about that. I don't know if part of it is that she knows that I wouldn't approve of her being so overly involved in Nathan's life. But that seems to be where she's at, so I have to not be overly critical. It is her life and not mine. I'd like to be more supportive of her but she seems secretive and that she's very involved in Nathan's life. You know my general feelings on that. It's all about boundaries, but my own boundary is that I'm not really involved in her life directly so I really shouldn't be saying too much other than I know she's doing her best. It's not part of my life, but it doesn't have to be it is her life. So then okay let's be moving on.

Okay we had to take a little break their but we are back so need to re-track where we’re at. I just got to the part where we were talking about Vickie going on a Caribbean cruise which reminds me that the twins talk yesterday about going on vacation with one of their friends. It sounds like such a great deal to go on vacation with friends, but were so far away from money being available that it really does seem more like a dream than reality. I do have to give them credit. It seems like such a cold deal to go on vacation with friends. I'm not bringing to recall though right now where they are going. I know something has been said about their Las Vegas trips, but I don't know whether that was now or something they have been talking about because it was a normal vacation place for them to go. The Caribbean trip was something that had been happening for Vickie.

I'm not sure where we are at with our Facebook entries. I know we were thinking about Margarita and her signing up as one of our friends and knowing more about our life. I think that came up yesterday with the girls, but more as a reference point I don't really think there's much that is going to be happy with that until Margarita make some kind of move. I don't know whether she would say anything to Rich about something she read, or whether she's going to respond back to something that was said or she would like to communicate to me for example the date may be that we could get together. I'm leaving that to her lead I'm not going to take on any more than I am invited to. I don't have to talk to her as far as anything in my life goes. I don't mean to be cold, but I'm really thinking that tour talking about work which is most likely to be the situation would be too much for me. I will play that by ear.

There was a little bit said as far as the vacation coming up in April, I think that is a far way away for Connie sue and that she so enmeshed in the problems that Nathan is having that it's a faraway thought in her mind. And since we have so much going on I'm not really going to be too concerned with that. I know that we talk to the twins just for a moment about coming up for the April quilt group that some of the one because were not meeting their but Ann's group. I told him that it might have something to do with inviting them to up to dinner to make it worth my while. I think they're going to keep that in mind and so maybe that will be worked out. But if it was just that our session alone then I would go up it would be too much for too little. The girls are going to be getting together though and tell me. I think it was just too close to Easter or something I don't remember why we weren't meeting is is that we aren't.

The project we were working on at the event yesterday made definite progress as to calculations, but we didn't get as far as to cutting the panels. We did a lot of calculations as to what would work and what would not work. Janet added some information on using the and easy Cutter rulers thing. Basically it allowed us to go from 3 7/8 to 3 1/2 when we are making our half square triangles. That was worth the effort in learning. We went through stages when we were able to do the calculations and then stages when we were not able to do the calculations Janet was helpful in helping us get past that quagmire. I don't know if it should have been as hard as it was, when I started I didn't think I was could have so much problem and doing the cutting, but the prince became much fussier in that there were panels that I wanted to reserve for the quilt itself which meant doing calculations with sizes everything different than what was being listed in the instruction booklet. I think we came to a conclusion of being able to do a quilt and a half, but now the calculations will change when I get to it next because I'll make the first quilt a little smaller in the second quilt little bigger, where we had left off we had a quilt without the border bindery being 70 x 90" approximately which would make the second quilt 48 x 48". I will probably even that out a little bit the calculation shouldn't be too hard but I have to keep them in mind.

I think that's about it as far as reviewing from where we were at from Thursday through Saturday to where we moved to yesterday. We did get home from the quilt event yesterday at about 10:45 PM I don't know where were at when we’re driving that late at night, I think we were driving okay but we were on fumes. Not as gas but in our mind. Guess why is literally we were at 35 miles per gallon and had not used a half a tank of gas on the way up there and back. So we were pretty happy about that. We did stop at our e-mail and write a note to the girl saying that we made it back safely, but then we were so fast into bed that I don't even think the kitties know what was happening. We were just so tired. We had called rich about 930 when we're leaving the group to let him know that we are on our way home. I think he would've rather had us be at home when that cause common but not much I could have done about that. I don't think he's going to be fishing this morning; I think they are going immediately from waking up to driving, so I should probably check in on them sometime maybe soon maybe not. I really don't have anything that I can say to him that would be worthy of a conversation between him and Ron. Just want to say hi to my sweet honey bunny.

Look at this point I closed the window and they just have the one window for today opened. I added the March 4 which is today notes with the March 1 which was from Thursday so I'm not overlooking both documents at the same time. So within two days at 1 1/2 point lines I'm on page 24. That would've never happened in the old days by 8:10 AM. I guess I'm just one of them women that have a lot to say. I'm not sure where were going to go next as to new information, it seems we've been adding all along. Thinking here now there must be some part that we missed, but we might not get too much after that I’ll have to sneak in while were talking. Let me think just logistics though is there anything that happened.

I think on Thursday we wrote what was just happening during that day and we worked on at its and then we sought Dr. Marvin, we did that already though. Friday was all about getting in the tags. I guess we could go into that a bit we haven't addressed it here.

It went through several stages of evolution, but what we came up with was something that we are calling Mimi's Dragon tails. We only got through the first three pages because the process took so long in evolving but we came up with a system that included thoughts that we were having along with the thoughts that were evolving through the mine jet program as to cataloging the different concepts that were happening as we were riding. It looks or appears to be like a index in that there is takes throughout the document again the first three pages right now, but throughout the document where we attached from the story to the keyword or tag. But the difference is that there are more concept tags than literal words. In a regular index they will capture just critical words so if you wrote the word amazed it will pick up only words that say amaze. But in a concept tag we might talk about feelings that summarized mean abandonment like for example we figured out that when Linda just gets up and leaves for small periods of time 7 to 20 min. or whatever we might feel abandoned but we might not save that one we are dictating but in review of it we know that we were dealing with feelings of abandonment so that will be listed under personal feelings abandoned. Right now we've got nearly 2 pages, and 1 1/2 line, and 3 columns of words terms. That explains the first three paragraphs. A lot of the words phrases are going to be utilized again, but we needed to come up with a system of handling the repeating thoughts with new thoughts added.

I suppose this sounds a little cryptic at this point but, be patient with me and I'll try to explain. The sections that we've got under Dragon tales are affective, cognitive, defined strategies, to do, action, people, and destination. Again some of these concepts were from the mine jet program TP assist, but there was a lot more added than they had included in their system.

Under effect of these include primarily on personal feelings. This is abbreviated to PF. So for all the feelings that we are recognizing what we are doing the review such as amaze, confuse, happy, love, restless, and trust it will state in our format PF – excite, or whatever the other feeling is. Of course this list is going to get big but will try to hold concepts close together so that we don't go on for thousands of feelings. The idea behind this whole thing is to come up with different modes of getting back to text written over long periods of time so that we can map out tendencies like what kind of things keep us happy or what kind of things allow us to feel relief on it how about breaking our paragraphs down and then building up new series of thoughts so we can make use out of the general process of writing. So sure we are writing, but then what are we going to do with it afterwards hard we progress our thoughts and are being. What makes everything worthwhile as to writing?

We need to include here also that a lot of this has to do with our memory and not being able to remember what was written. In the past we just go over and over and over again the information until we have some sense of concept over it, but as we are explaining yesterday to the girls we are only remembering the last few sentences at a time we can't go over the whole paragraph and hold it together in our mind. This doesn't seem so strange because we've been doing it for so long that we don't know any other way to do it, but it's really affecting when writing papers our ability to move things along in a logical manner. And we have up our five year goal to be doing a lot of writing so we had to capture some way of progressing without getting lost. In the first couple paragraphs of Mimi's Dragon which is the new book we realize how often we were getting lost in simple sentences like you know when Linda leaves we lose our place because we switch over to an emotion which regresses S that would come back and then were filling another motion which is more like anger or frustration, and so then what we do with it from there and how many or who has two parts are being affected. This directly relates to the newer work that we are doing with Dr. Marvin.

Going back to Mimi's Dragon tales – the next thing under cognitive is our personal thought processes and things that makes those at different levels of difficulty for example easy, okay and hard. Most of the items listed underneath that the though is PTP which is personal thought processes and just like the other section on affective we put it – and then the PTP is followed by whatever thought processes were going through. For example in this section we might put down things like if/then, question, and retrieve. Pretty much thought concepts are the areas where we're doing some kind of mental work with whatever thoughts that we are having so that for example and if sentence might sound like "if I was hungry then I would go into the kitchen and get food." So if I were to go back in my editing processes and see that section, I would put a marker PTP – if/then. Because of the tagging system I would probably also put PA CT – drink/eat, which is a code for something I'll come up within a few minutes, and I also might put D – kitchen. PACT stands for psychomotor – action and D stands for destination.

Going back first though – under defined strategy this section might include things like goals and objectives, our multiple system, purpose/principles, and focus/responsibilities. So anything that comes up into one of these categories would get that marker there's one called SMS – minds. This would mean strategy for our multiple system SMS and then if we were talking about our minds, for example I might say "several of our minds thought that statement was confusing." If we had been riding along income to that section then it would be coded under again the SMS – minds. So the next time we did a search we would put in SMS – minds and any time we have been talking about our minds as far as different minds of the personalities 19 in total we would have some connection to all the times that we have been talking about that so we could hold sentence structures together, not necessarily exact words but systems that were important enough to market later be able to retrieve so that we might have better insight as to all the different parts contribution to these various thoughts, feelings, and emotions etc. it might sound confusing now but believe me the system is going to pay for itself in value over time.

The next section is to do or test summary which is abbreviated to TS and primarily this is for when we get this scheduling things in the past, future, present. So that if we wrote about such and such happened three days ago we might take it under time summary past, which means that we can more or less track how much time was spending in the present comparison to the other times tenses. More value of course will be derived here later down the road as we are able to tie concepts with each other.

The next section is under action which is PA CT for psychomotor action. The first part of this is just like the PT PD portion of easy, okay, or hard, this section has what we call a psychomotor action speed which means things are coming at us slow moderate or fast speeds again we wouldn't use this unless it came out correctly in the conversation. Anything that we can go back and attach a tag for suddenly has more meaning and because it's conscious you we have ability the changer reflect on those processes. Under most PACT for psychomotor action are things that we are doing that are more than thoughts or feelings there more behaviors so we may come up with something here like apologize, complete, drink/eat, errands, invite, listen etc. Anything we can do gets listed under this section for example we might write a sentence such as "the first thing we did was blah blah blah and then the second thing we did is blah blah blah" so the marker would be PA CT – explain. Not that we use the word explain but the process of our sentence had to do with an explanation of one thing over another.

The next section is under people and because of the system from the mine jet program we use the word agenda - agenda meaning that we might have an agenda of meeting one-on-one with some people or person or an agenda of meetings, or agenda of being with family or friends or Dr. etc. so under this section things get put down as PA – whatever the name is of the person were dealing with again PA standing for people agenda such as PA-Dr. Marvin, although we use Dr. Marvin so often that this gets spelled out as PA – DRM. We also add to the people agenda by qualifying what kind of relationship such as friend or family so PAF D would represent people agenda friend and then we might put – Linda, if we were talking about her while writing.

The lack section is destination. These are all the endpoints of things that were talking about and under this section we use D – things like home, school, vacation, computer, program etc. we also break this down so that because computer is used so often, we might put DC and then add – e-mail, or we might go DCS for destination computer software which is something that comes up fairly often and then behind DCF there would be of indication of which software program like DCF – OneNote.

This is as far as we've come up with solutions to our tagging system so far. It's going to be a very slow and arduous process, but it doesn't have to happen overnight it is much more important to keep getting thoughts on paper and doing secondarily the loose edits and then tertiary this section. For example I've got about 60 pages written under the first chapter the book which is February and now already we've got about 30 pages written of March and it's only March 4 that's according to what we've dictated into the word program. The next part as far as edits we've got about 30 pages into the edits from the first chapter. But as to this new system with tagging we've only gotten three pages into the first chapter. This all goes back to primarily the work done on Friday which evolved again until the system that I just explained. Will have to test it out now to see how fast we can actually go through it. I would like to make use of this function right away, but again it's more important to get the new thoughts down and catch up with us later on this could also turn out to be coach work although Whidbey is faxed and efficient as doing it at the computer.

This is the part that we tried to explain to the girls at the meeting yesterday again they might've understood it after explain the carefully and showed them what were doing but whether they could contrive much use from it who knows. Sometimes I think they are likely to think that stand being really smart and I don't get the real criticism I might need as far as does this really make sense I think that Jean and Janet are more likely to be the ones that says okay but that's going to take a lot of time which meant that they comprehend what we're saying and then were able to think past it as to consequence what it might mean that kind of feedback is very valuable. But most of that feedback will be coming from Dr. Marvin he could tell us that we were obsessing, which is something he really doesn't do very often, but more likely he would ask defining questions so that we thought again through the processes and thought his first time constraints and value that we were getting the most for our time put in. I think he might assess more value, if the consequence of looking for insight was more prevalent in our interactions with each other. He's always got an open mind.

So that's the review of pretty much up through Friday. We did two pages on Friday night and we had stayed up till two in the morning so again we'd shifted Ann’s schedule so we skipped that as explained earlier and then we woke up yesterday morning we took an hour to get showered, dressed, and packed. And then the other hour was spent writing the next page in reviewing the first two. Obviously were going to get a lot faster at this, but we first have to define the process and then work through so it's a lot more speedy. Part of that will be learning to memorize the abbreviations and then adding from the paragraphs to the tail when necessary.

I would love to talk more about what's going on with individual people at the group meeting yesterday, but I will just say for their privacy sake that their general conversations were Connie sue talked about Nathan and his divorce, Linda talked about grandchildren and her children, and the twins talked about several friend relationships, vacations, and things going on at the Quilted Basket, and Emily added a few things as far as what was happening with Ainsley. There was a whole lot more in between things but those were the the key situations where they talked more. I had such a good time I could listen to these women for ever and ever. I feel like such a vital part of my life is coming to its fruition in hearing these women interact and share their life priorities. My biggest thing of course was talking about a little school, but primarily about the writing effort of Mimi's Dragon and the coding system in particular.

The logistics of everything turned out real well, we've established that the hotel is nice. There are a few problems and that the bathrooms are seemingly far away, although I understand there might be one closer by going a backward direction, but I haven't figured that one out yet and the other part that is little more difficult as eating situation. But it is been so nice to see that Linda was with the olive garden salad and soup and shared in Tony's company that this is really become a preference. The only bad thing is that it takes away time from sewing, but any chance we get to talk with the girls is worth its weight in gold, so that is overlooked. Just after you get done eating, at least for me I wanted to get back so I could be doing something with my hands while we were talking and thinking and listening. Later on Connie sue and Emily went home probably about 5 PM and about six or seven or so somewhere in there, Jean Janet Linda and I had dinner. It was really good meal I had their barbecued sandwich which was hamburger with their - must've been some barbecue sauce or I just didn't see it, but it had cheese and fried onions crisp and French fries which were great.

The room was nice and they did extra nice things like setting up an ironing board and extension cords, and they kept the water refreshed, brought Connie sue ice cubes, and brought Emily Linda and myself coffee. The bad thing there was the coffee cost $26 for two pumps. I think she said that was a gallon. I think we drink most of it it's as hard because we can't bring any food or drink into this place and no matter how you put it being served two pictures of coffee for $26 is very extravagant. All the costs were split up when the paid for the hotels we paid her back for that and the coffee and the twins paid for the meals and so we pay them back. I think the cost came up to be well rich paid for the gas and we used less than a half a tank so that was probably about $20-$25. The room and coffee came up to be $22, lunch was eight dollars, and dinner was $12. So in total that would be a $65-$67 charge – I'm trying to think if there is anything else I purchased, but I don't think so. Linda did something very funny for Emily and that she remembered that Emily was deprived of Twinkies growing up and so she bought a box of that. It was very funny and as it turned out I got the extra pieces for my trip home, sweet! I mean that very literally.

I didn't mind driving home this time as to I knew that's what I was going to do, and I knew I was going to pull over five got tired. I drink coffee and water all day so I was probably still wired enough by the end to do the trip although when I get home I feel very spaced out and wonder how I ever drove that way. But enough of that for now - I think were caught up to this morning it is now nine o'clock. And I'm thinking I might see if the washing machine is open. It might be filled up because of it being the weekend, but I won't know until I try that out so I'm going to say be right back and put this on pause.

Okay I'm back. I threw riches load of white clothes in. I thought I had run out of quarters to do the second load that I had the change purse from the car upstairs and founding of quarters to do one more load. I'm pretty much done with the dark 60 for I could do one more load if I included the button shirts will have to work on that as soon as we get more quarters I'm sure which will comply. I was doing the close first but after I loaded the close of that was on my way down stairs I hear the phone ring and I came back and it was rich. He says that they're on the road and he should be back by about 630 tonight so I am very eager to have him home again I love that guy to pieces and back. He was in the car with Ron so there wasn't much mushy stuff said but I was able to say hey I'm doing your laundry and that's probably enough to let rich know that I really love him and glad he's coming back we read each other like that.

I think that after I get going here I might unload the dishwasher, and during the following load I might bring down the kitty litter I'm not sure on that one because it means I have to wear my slippers downstairs I really hate going up and down slippers really need – is to go outside you can't go barefoot but obviously that's not good going outside okay too much to think about.

I think I'm about caught up that sign now 9:23 AM I could probably check to see if Linda was here maybe I'll do that next. It looks like she signed on about eight or 830. The left are not saying that we would check in just after 10 AM so we'll see what happens there. It was so nice of and invited all of us over to her house I don't think Tony was so happy with Connie sue and that he told her several times the price of the coins and instead of selling them she just cannot tuck them away in her purse I don't know what her purpose was and bringing them she said that she needed Marx permission to solve them. I would've thought that she had them in her pocket she could've said if they're good price can I sell them before she got there but that's not the way goes so now even if she sold it would be another couple months process before could happen very inefficient.

I suppose I'm going to have to move on the day there is one problem in that school is starting today and I don't know what to do. It is very clear that this is going to be a strategy class and we're going to have to associate ourselves to some business or another and write a strategy for them, but I don't have anyone to write a business strategy for I think I'm in a check online one more time skim through the project requirements and see if I can come up with some idea. I don't know if I said it yesterday but the closest idea I have is may be doing something with Nikki as to her working but I don't want to interfere with their life but then I might be able to do interviews with their kids to find out you know what would help her get back on track as to having more time for project and then that would be only loosely related to people having enough time or being that organize so they could get to the main projects like sewing that they want to get to, or in relationship to AAQ, it would mean loosening up schedules for women so they could find more time to be doing the transcribing if they have that kind of capability. I figure I'm but most perfect person to be asking time management questions for because I'll schedule too much and don't get everything done.

Bios – Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am centering most of my course work within the area of quilting. I enjoy quilting very much and worry over the art of quilting becoming a dying art. Through my other courses I had learned between the years of 2006 and 2010 the number of quilters went from 27 million down to 21 million and out of those 21 million only 6% are considered dedicated quilters which are quilters that sew about 42 hours a month or spend $600 or more a year on quilting. That breaks down to about 1.6 million serious quilters and this group is reported to cover 70% of the quilt industries sales. So, although it seems there are plenty of quilters, there are just not as many as there used to be.

My interest in quilting started from my quilting heritage passed down from my maternal side of the family. Incidentally, my paternal grandmother was Norwegian, and I had the opportunity to spend one semester of my bachelor’s work, studying at the University of Oslo, Norway. I'm ashamed to say that I don't pick up languages well, but it was the experience of a lifetime. I was interested at the time of building social communities and studying national identity.

I am unsure of how I'm going to complete my project in strategy this term in that I've read over some of the material, and I really don't have a good resource to develop into a course project. I'll work with that today. I did have the opportunity to work the last term with a national organization called, the Alliance for American Quilts. They have the workforce called Quilters’ S.O.S. This stands for "Save Our Stories." I am now doing transcribing work for them. They interview quilters, transcribe the interviews, and deposit the stories online and at the Folk Art Museum which is a part of the Library of Congress. Unfortunately, the woman who is the Executive Director runs a one-woman "closed" show. She has many very famous people on their Board of Directors, but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to ask for her or them to become the target of this next course. She has already indicated, she is too busy to assist. Still I look forward to what I'm about to learn next!

Our best,


Coffee Lounge Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm trying to think clearly where I was with computers 10 years ago. I had purchased a 64K Apple IIe computer in 1984. So, it has been a love affair for nearly 30 years. There've been so many advancements. When we started, we had to put one big floppy disk into the machine to start the program each time it was run, and then you had to take out the disc and insert another disk just to save your data. Of course at this point, even our hundred dollar phones carry more kilobytes than that. But at the time it was a major $3200 expense for that and a printer.

10 years ago, I would have been in my third of twelve years working for an agency in which we worked very hard to get our boss to use Microsoft Word and install "the Internet," and we also taught her how to e-mail. To her credit she was a 74 year old nun. Nine years ago, I started a blog and I have continued to write ever since then. The first blog 2003-2004 was published into a book, which I can now download and read on a Kindle. There is no doubt the computers have had a huge impact on our life, especially through writing. At this point of time, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking and have been having the most fun with it. If you're at all interested – students can purchase the program for $100 which isn't very much in comparison of all it provides. I spend most of my day to day life on the computer.

I also have three sons who utilize computers quite a bit. One of my sons is a technician, one of them is a programmer, and the one son works at the Pentagon as a Marine in intelligence who does almost all of his work on computers. But, we can’t talk about it. *Sigh* Yes, I brag about that as often as I can. I'm very proud of my boys. Now my family including four granddaughters communicate through Skype, Google plus, and Facebook. If I want to know how someone is doing I just turn on my computer. My worst nightmare would be a terrorist damaging the nation's electric power grid.

In addition, I will apologize also for this only once, but I have dissociative identity disorder (DID) so, I have a tendency to use the pronouns of "we, us, and ours." I hope this won't be a problem. Most often it isn't. Formally, I can and will write in the third person.

Our best,


Various – Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our personal strategy for finding time to take this course by:

(1) Looking ahead and reviewing what will be due prior to the week it is due so that we can gauge the efficiency of the process and align concepts to upcoming tasks and expectations

(2) Proactively completing assignments ahead of schedule by starting on Sundays especially with the reading rather than wait later in the week toward the due dates

(3) Reading posts every day or two and making comments without being overly concerned with “just making the minimum” so there is chance for follow-up which makes things fun and interesting

(4) Aligning the strategy work from this course to a meaningful agenda that relates to our writing, sense of balance/order, and communication with others, and especially in relationship to the problems of our own time management and productivity

(5) Following our timeline and interests of working the strategy sessions alongside our mind-mapping program we’ve just designed for selves starting another book called, “Mimi’s Dragon” with the dashboard topics of

a. Affective – (PF) Personal Feelings such as excite, happy, hope, interest, and restless

b. Cognitive –(PTP) Personal Thought Process such as compare, ability, ideas, flexibility and problem/solve

c. Strategy – (DS) Define strategy which includes purpose, principle, goals, objectives, focus, responsibilities and more

d. To-Do – (TS) Task Summary which includes time present, past and future along with supporting materials and reference files

e. Actions – (PACT) Psychomotor-Action, such as affect, complete, drink/eat, invite, listen and read

f. People - (PA) People Agenda such as one-on-one, meetings, friends, family, peers and professor

g. Destination such as (DC) Destination Computer-software, Internet, or destinations such as home, office, school, platform, emails, or papers

Thursday, March 08, 2012 11:50 AM

Good morning Dragon. It seems that the two of us have been out of touch over the last several days. It is now Thursday and the last time we were able to write was Sunday. I am going to need to review to see where we last left off or if there's anything that we need to continue or close down. Last time we had talked about our trip to the hotel with the girls. I think we’re all done with that. I think I may have talked to the twins, but just one line or two back and forth, and same with CS. We've talked to Linda a little more, maybe not every day right away in the morning. It seems that we have been swamped with the starting of school. We were just explaining it to Linda a few minutes ago where we have three books for this course, one is on the philosophy of strategy planning, the second is a workbook on planning strategy, and the third book is a workbook on implementing strategy. There was some trouble in getting all three books but I think we are squared away in that the last book is now coming.

We didn't get by though without a lot of yelling from rich. I know he doesn't mean to just yell, but sometimes that's how it feels in our brain. And when somebody starts yelling at us we close down. I don't know if rich unconsciously knows any different, but it might not matter he may have just built up enough steam and he has to discharge it. Will have to talk to Dr. Marvin some more as to how to handle his anger. It does make us feel bad, but we are more apt to think that we need less time with rich than less time causing problems. We are not into substantial problems, but we do spend money without his permission. It is our money, so one might think it's my business, but he has been made a representative payee because I have troubles not spending money, so he is trying to do what he was asked to do. There's just nothing about us that likes it.

In school, by now we have read from the three books. The workbook on strategy planning that we still are waiting for, we got a Kindle edition so read about 10 pages there but it is in 1995 version instead of 2011 version. The strategy book on philosophy was about 80 pages, and the implementation book was 50 pages, so that represented a lot a work. We are writing in the books. The next part was to write the assignments. I assignments this year's do on Thursdays and Saturdays but I'm trying to get them both done by Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday would be better. The first lesson had to do with introducing ourselves as an author student with supports. I didn't want to come out and say Dr. Marvin, but I need to include him because he's can be prominent in some of the things that were going to write about. I don't know if the teachers then let me get by with it, but I have been including attachments to better explain what I am saying in the papers. So the first paper has an attachment of what our mind map looks like, and the second paper has two attachments. The first is a copy of the content taking pages – Mimi's Dragon tail, and the second copy is a two-page sample of the real story Mimi's Dragon.

We made sure in the first assignment to let our peers know that although we were writing about things and people that were happening to us in present time, that we would respect their privacy. Nobody has commented back to us, although there are not a lot of people in the room yet anyway. Today is Thursday hand in day so I expect everyone to find their way to the room. So far as there looks to be seven people out of the 22 people who have written at least the 1.1 assignment and three of us have written the 1.2 assignment. I suppose it would be easiest if I just copied and what the assignment was. It makes sense all around so let me do that. I'll put in both assignments.

Assignment 1.1 Ann Garvey, Wed March 7, 2012

Ann Garvey Assignment 1.1 EDU542

I (we) work from home as a published author, master’s student, and person with full personal and professional supports. We have just started to write a new book, called “Mimi’s Dragon.” The book is journalistic and includes discrete interactions with people that we might normally be in contact with (Professor and peers’ privacy respected). Our contacts will be the organization’s (Mimi’s Dragon) stakeholders and they will directly and indirectly assist with the development of a strategic plan through the course project by contributing sought-out input into our “system” which joins life improvement, learning, with public value. This course, strategic planning, will be developed, absorbed, and incorporated into our present Mindmap system (see attachment) that we have advanced through MindManager-TPAssist “Dashboard” and “MyLife” (Mindjet, 2012 & TPAssist, 2010). Mimi’s Dragon takes place in one year’s time through planning and implementation of our life as a non-fiction story while experiencing conscientiously the past, present, and future. We wrote a similar book in 2003-2004 called, “Ann’s multiple world of personality” (Garvey, 2010), but it did not have as much forethought placed in it.

The organization of Mimi’s Dragon has been recently made more strategic in the formation of the “Dashboard” and “MyLife” system or protocol (not to be confused with the “multiple system” of our 19 parts). The Dashboard functions include task summaries (present, past, and future), strategies and outcomes such as purpose, principle, vision, goals and objectives, focus areas, responsibilities, and projects along with functions for calendar, actions, agendas (with others), ideas becoming (incubator), support materials and references in our lives – such as bills and receipts. MyLife functions include a lifetime partner, home and family, health and fitness, fun and friends, finance, spirituality and professional assistance.

The present system might not be considered strategic by others, because they are not used to the formality of this kind of structure within their personal or professional lives, or because they may be questioning the validity of multiplicity, or how it might affect the development of a book. As to direct attributes, we consider sincerely strategy to be a deliberate, well-thought out process to figure out where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there (Bryson, 2011, p. 10.) as well as creating public value through the publication of Mimi’s Dragon.

The biggest potential deterrent as to not conducting a strategic plan would be the competition for time and energy; we sometimes have in a multiple system with a large variance of agenda needs and interests. By making it a system-wide priority, the project lends itself neatly to the work we have already begun and have had experience with. We generally find that if something is systematized well, it will absorb the minor bumps along the path. To not think through strategy when writing a book, might be short-suiting our efforts; in that, although writing might cover our needs to project our story, it might not best consider the needs of our customers, the readers.


Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Garvey, A. M. (2010). Ann’s multiple world of personality: Regular no cream, no sugar. Victoria, BC, Canada: Friesen-Press

Mindjet. (2012). Turn ideas into action. Retrieved from

TPAssist. (2010). For time utilization and productivity optimization. Retrieved from

Assignment 1.2 Ann Garvey, Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ann Garvey Assignment 1.2 EDU542

Mission Statement

The mission for “Mimi’s Dragon” is to implement a successful guidance, control and management approach to advance our “multiple system’s” goal of writing a publishable book; to develop a daily working culture fostering habits of dialogue, inquiry and real learning; to build-upon, trust, and adhere to our system’s individual and collective decision-making skills and abilities; and to express “self and other’s value” to our readers interested in competent learning through the processes of multiplicity (Bryson, Anderson, and Alston, 2011, p. xii).

Vision Statement

The vision of our “multiple system” writing “Mimi’s Dragon” will be to respect selves by being honest with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors; to accept validity and love through selves, God, family, friends and other people when offered; to honor our freedom and independence; to cherish our rights to make choices and be responsible for our decisions; to strive for capability; to be accountable for our happiness; and to share whatever wisdom we learn in offering to help others along similar paths.

How is the Above Statements Communicated through Mimi’s Dragon?

The mission statement and the vision statement will be located at the forefront of the published book, as well as being posted in a predominant location on our Mindjet TPAssist program’s “working Dashboard” (Mindjet, 2012 & TPAssist, 2010). Several times each week, we will scan the statements to assure that we remain on the progressively “right” path.

Describe Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities

The strength of Mimi’s Dragon is that we have been steadily improving our skills and abilities particularly in understanding selves through writing over the last 25 years both professionally and personally. Through professional support, we appreciate a general sense of being fairly normalized as a Mother/Grandmother, family/friend, writer, student, and volunteer. We are participating now in better analysis of the writing, pinning down desirable routines, and we are motivated to improving our lives and supporting others with their lives. The weakness is that there is only 24 hours in the day and that we sometimes get discouraged and/or overwhelmed, with not doing enough though trying very hard. We have tendencies of trying to “figure out things and/or fix things (within our boundaries).” The threat is that we will not live long enough to figure out how to make a long-lasting impact to the greater world processes of understanding and learning from multiplicity. The opportunity is that today we are here, and we have all the days left between now and “The End” of our story. We believe that one can only affect change in the present and that we can only change ourselves. We feel we have opportunities to learn and to surpass most barriers we or others present.

Okay there you go. We just read over for about the millionth time the sections that we have written. We still have problems with money to edit and edit an edit. I think this is part of our obsessiveness, and partly because other parts are trying to absorb or be shown the knowledge of what we all doing collectively.

There were two students that I responded back to already, but I will let them be at peace with the exception of saying they're both female, in the educational system, and both had written well about their school systems and their schools strategy programs. I should have chosen one of the guys for their 1.1 assignment instead of the first female because she had written a 1.2 assignment and there were fewer 1.2 assignments to choose from it's okay. I've decided that if I just hit one of each for at least two or three days that I will be okay. It takes me a while to do the writing because I am outlining what has been said, trying to think it through carefully, and then respond to it from the knowledge that the student gave through the writing. It seems most often that when I do this I feel that I have a very clear understanding of what they were saying, it fits my sense of order, and there are usually natural questions that come upon our mind at that point. I really do like the process that JIU uses in enabling students to talk to one another. It is sort of in your face, but it has to be if people are going to really respond. This professor is adding something a little different in that she states the comments have to be one paragraph long. Some are doing it some aren't, but as before there really aren't a lot of people that have gotten on board at this point. Seven have but there are 22 in the class.

We are still having our problems with AAQ in that it is becoming a lower priority than both school and writing, so we haven't completed what we told Amy we would complete. I feel bad about that, but not bad enough to stop doing one of the other two first. When you include the editing work that has to be done with the Mimi's Dragon, then I question what I'm ever going to get to the transcription. I will have to be accountable for that at some point, but day by day I am putting it off.

I haven't done too much with the mind jet program, although I've been looking at it more from afar then near. It is somewhat intimidating and we have been finding that we are comfortable enough with not looking at it directly if we know we are doing something that is positive for our system to be doing. Although it is not positive in the respect that we aren't following the time schedule and that is a big part of our strategy in school. We wrote about being able to follow schedules or time frames. There is specific time to be doing the writing, or other homework I'm just not there yet. I'm also not there as to getting housework done although at least the surface area seemed to be picked up more often at this point.

Riches had a couple big exciting things going on over the last couple of days. I think we told you before, but maybe we didn't, but anyway one of his contractors bailed on him leaving him with a customer's work unfinished. This particular customer had the workshop checking e-tablets as to whether they start and process the way they're supposed to. I think there's about 1300 tablets and rich thinks he can do 130 each day. So that is the situation that rich needed to do the tablets himself or find another contractor but that wasn't happening fast enough so he rented out a space that is 1100 ft.² and he's setting up the space to process the job on his own. I got a chance to see it yesterday afternoon after he signed the lease and get the keys. It is not much to look at it is like a two-story very large garage. Rich brought over from one of his other customers some big boxes that were empty that he could set up like workstations. He has to set out quite a few of these tablets and then charge them and then test them. Hopefully the money that he earns from doing this will more than make up for the cost of doing it and the headaches of not having someone else do it properly.

I don't think he's excited as hell to do it, but I believe there is some satisfaction in that he followed the processes to be renting a building, setting up the utilities, getting insurance, and is putting the necessary equipment in that to take care of the job. We were telling him we need to get a beanbag chair, and he has to clean the toilet it is terrible. It looks like it is that for many years without flushing. I was looking for something that would be comfortable to sit on and put my feet up on. Rich did bring over my folding chairs with a little cushion on them, but it is not enough over a long period of time. I don't think it is what he was looking for you there in that he wants to get something on wheels that he can roll from one workstation to another. I think I would be much more comfortable if I had to stay over there to keep him company at nights if I could be sitting with my feet stretched out as if sitting on my reclining couch.

I think that Rich has another garage she's interested in across the street, which is probably about 3200 ft.². Coming in about three times the size of the first it also has benefits of drainage in case he wanted to get that job where he was washing trays, though it would cost more, he would probably rent a few hundred square feet to Bob for his supplies so that Bob can stop renting his apartment and move in with Linda, and then rich would have to get a few machines like the shrink-wrapped tunnel and the dishwasher to make that kind of space worthwhile. It would obviously cost more than he is paying now. He got a good price on the building he's in now because he's only supposed to be in there for the time up to the end of the month. I don't think the other guy was doing much with it for this next three weeks, so he probably got a pretty good deal to this by having someone in there. Maybe it's a win-win situation.

I'm not so sure how interested I really am in being over there with rich, but we have had a lot of problems this last 9 to 10 days, in that Rich has been gone most evenings. He first had the time in Alabama on his fishing vacation, and then he came home Monday and had a late card night, and then he had a late night with his son, and then he had a late night with his fishing club. It's not that I'm not open to him being out, but obviously I have needs for him to be and also that aren't being recognized. Hopefully that will change tonight; Rich said after he gets done plugging in the tablets, he will come home. He will check them out then the next day. Basically what is happening though is that the system is really breaking down. I don't know how far I want to explain that, but there is a good amount of anger and frustration that is going out through middle-aged younger parts. I don't know how much they understand compared to holding the systems sense of anger. It comes out pretty much as we don't want to talk to him, and we don't seem to care much if it frustrates him not to be talked to. As an adult part I can intellectualize that this is a wrong thing to do, it is our behavior acting out. Just knowing it doesn't seem to me knows that we are able to control it. We seem to be doing fine and then just with the turn of a card, were back to being hostile. I suppose it is all part of being a multiple, but I don't want to use that excuse every time. We have to figure things out. But for this very moment there is enough tension in the air to say that we really have to move on and then perhaps later come back to it.

We haven't done anything with the sewing yet, although Rich stated that he brought up the two big mats. I think the small ironing one is still down in the car but that should be about it. Rich has commented on my sewing room being so messed up that he can't get in their tire and the colors of the shirts. It seems that this is another thing that we know intellectually, but don't want to deal with at the present time. It took us a long time to get to the point where we could be writing, I don't feel inclined to stop at this moment. I'm not sure how investor we are in the sewing project yet, would have to revive our energy and enthusiasm. At the time we were just doing something that we could do cutting. I really need to invest more serious time and probably Linda is frowning on this, but it's like everything else it seems that we have some kind of internal order, and until one thing gets done per the one out, other things behind it are not going to be getting done. It's as if they were all in a queue. This might be the best way of explaining it so far. You know that in Mimi's Dragon we are going to be trying to figure out things more, although we will be looking at the more subtle hints underneath things to explain where we are going off. It's our hope that there are subliminal things happening just beneath the surface that are getting noticed in one or two words or sentences, but that general system just glazes over it and goes on to the next more prominent thought and the other slips back recessively. We're also going to be interested to see if there are any particular feelings that get us to move more than others, or how long is it that we can hold a feeling because we don't want to deal with it. There'll be lot more that but it's just a process that for now.

You see how that worked we were talking about sewing in the first couple lines and then by the end of it we were talking about processes and subliminal messages. How we slid from one area to the other that's the kind of thing that could interest us - moving on.

Rich didn't say too much when he got back from his fishing. There was general conversation on how he and Ron were getting on and not so much about what they talked about. That would seem natural for the location. He did bring up those Chinese girls a few times so we had to tease him about that. It seems like the trip was very nice and relaxing and I can see this sense of strength and ability although he says he didn't get enough time to rest and relax. He might never get that much time. But he seems to have gone into this next problem/project without too much consternation. I think we might've wrote about one day him being very grouchy because he didn't have the answers to his problems, but we love for Dr. Marvin's thought must've been Monday and by the time we got back he was less directly affected by the negativity he was expounding.

We started to talk to Rich lately about him getting his grouchy on us. I can't believe that we aren't doing the same to him. But unless he catches us on that one we just have to grin and chuckle. It is kind of a lousy feeling that we are going along our day and having a pretty good day of it because were doing what we want for writing and were doing school and then all of a sudden he comes home and he's got unbelievable problems is weighing down his head and he wants to share that with us blah who needs all that. I love my sweetie, but I sure don't need his problems.

I've also been finding that I'm much more comfortable spending time with myself than I would've ever thought possible. I really don't feel the need to get out too often and if I did I would just leave. There's always some place you could drive to, most things cost money, but of course that doesn't need to be. It seems we also like working in our pajamas, and we've gotten used to getting in the shower just before we go out to Dr. Marvin's or out with rich. If we miss a shower during the day we are likely to take a shower at night.

We are just returning from a break. One of the thoughts we had was that there is some sense of security knowing that unless there is an hour’s notice for us to take a shower that nobody here is going to go out that door. I wonder which one of us establishes that rule.

Okay, moving on.

We have had a Dr. Marvin meeting since the last time we wrote. We are going to have to try like the dickens to get this memory back. Okay, what do I remember? The first thing was that we had an appointment on Monday. Dr. Marvin is gone this week between Tuesday and Friday. We should cause some trouble with his replacement. Drat I hate that when it happens. I think it helps the young interns to think that they have done something amazing with Dr. Marvin's patients. I think it makes Dr. Marvin chuckle to think of his interns taking care of big problems that aren't little problems in his book. But that would just be the silly Mimi.

I think this time we had paperwork, and I think this time was when we asked Dr. Marvin whether he liked it better when we brought him papers to look at or not. Of course being Dr. Marvin, he was noncommittal. He stated he hadn't thought of it one way or the other. We could believe him, but he wasn't going as far as to say now that he was thinking of it what he might think. Again his favorite trick is to say what do you think about that? What we think is we’re not going to get a straight answer! Trying to think now I think the papers that we had brought in was the first time he saw us using Mimi's Dragon utilizing the three-page sample and the two-page Mimi's Dragon tail content tags. That was probably about it. I think his general reaction toward that was interesting with a nice smile. I think he likes the complications we throw in our mine sometime. But now that I'm thinking about it I don't think he got to read the papers right away. I think some other part had an immediate need that had to be taken care of.

One of the needs was medication and that was resolved without too much time or trouble. I think we were working with Dr. Marvin to get a three-month prescription and we had to go over a few pills because he had stopped ordering them but they were still on his list to be ordered so we had to talk them through. I think one of the pills was for our arthritis pain, but because it might have had effect on the ulcer, he didn't renew it. I think he had also forgotten during that effort which is the third time in a row we've talked about medicines… Was that he still had forgotten to give us a written prescription for one of the medicines. The Ritalin needs to be walked in. I did get a call from the pharmacist today saying that the medicines were ready to be picked up. We talked to Dr. Marvin through e-mail after seeing him and said that we would pick that medication upon Tuesday when he got back. So is that enough with the medicines? Let's move on. That's just all frustrating I remember telling him something about we were frustrated with it taking so much time during our appointment because it meant less time talking to him about things that we felt were more important. It is just not very exciting.

I think there was something else that we were talking to him about before the medicine but that's not coming to recall at this moment. Maybe something was said about – I think somebody said something about there being a cookie on the desk of the person outside Dr. Marvin's office. She noted as the first time she smiled in reference to this new person. Don't know which part that was. But we are still having trouble walking past people to get through the door to Dr. Marvin's office. I have the sense that it might have something more to do with Anne-Marie than any other part. It just seems that it's been a long time stuck in that position. And that might be her way of saying I still don't trust you no matter what. You would think after 13 years we could cut him some slack, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.

I would have to think to Monday to see what else might it come up in our minds. This is going to be pretty sketchy at that. I think on Sunday we had written and we had done a lot of reading. I think we continued that reading Monday and just before Dr. Marvin's appointment we had printed out a new copy of the papers. I think we're going to grumble and complain here because were already stretched out is to our memories of what happened in the office. It's like a big empty cavern. See what we can remember about the papers. I think we talked to him for a little bit while he was reading them. We might have given him some kind of preliminary on what they meant. Yes, that seems to be the case. I had a sense that we were holding off the papers to build up some of the anticipation it seems that we started the papers at about the halfway mark. And I think we were a minute or two late leaving the room, although this might have been the session previous. I just remember needing to walk out of there finally over the last couple days.

It seems that Dr. Marvin understood what we were doing and nothing seemed too complex for him. I think the big thing was that we are holding the memory or the marker that he smiled broadly and said that it was interesting. I do remember him now saying after being asked some other way which might be explored through the project at school. That must've been some of the discussion; we would have discussed the school. I would have told him that we had started the new class and that so far it had been going well. I think it was Dr. Marvin that brought up with a sense of fun and excitement that we might communicate better with the parts, but I don't know how he said that. It just seems to be our impression of what happened. I remember holding probably 8 to 10 sentences that he said just a loose framework where I was repeating remember this, remember this. All we could remember in actuality was that he seemed to think there was more we could be doing with getting the parts to be communicating with each other.

I do know that we talked about different parts being able to speak through the writing at subliminal messages and I think this was fairly well picked up by the parts that were writing the school paper. I just love how things turn out that way and that whatever we are thinking we seem to be able to use the school to process those thoughts, and right now we are excited about the writing. We have no idea where this is going to go next though. I will be interested to see who the first student will be that picks up my assignment, beside Bryan. He is usually one of the first respond to me and we know this is happened over the last couple of courses. Someone has to break the ice and talk to the white elephant in the room. I can't expect to be talking about multiplicity without having some complications to the other's minds. As well the teacher hasn't commented to me yet either. At some point will know what she's thinking by just a few words she will say or the points that she's going to give my projects. I think I am doing well, but I just don't know how it's going to go over.

Back to Dr. Marvin - I think the joy in watching his excitement was thinking that we could probably do more with the communication of parts then we had already thought. I don't know exactly what he was saying though as to how far he would go with those thoughts. I just love it when we can excite him. I think somebody said something may be on the way out the door about comparing ourselves to his interns. I remember him saying that he had to beat psychology into their heads. He said they were more inclined to think about medical physical processes and that not all were psychiatrists. We were looking for some pittance of security in thinking that what we thought was as big or as important as some of the other students he dealt with. I've never done really well in getting Dr. Marvin to favor us over any other. Okay she stops doing that - at least for the moment.

Maybe were going have to move on here for the moment because it's so frustrating not knowing what he said. I'll give it one more effort. Let's look at – we have to think of another block of time that someone might have communicated to him. We need a reference point thinking now about younger parts, I think there was a part of that was rocking most likely she was out at the beginning of the session but I don't recall. The last part of the session after we address the papers seem to be pretty business like. In that he was later and we were like more serious we've got other things to talk about. In our minds he was escaping to vacation time, although we did ask him and it seems that he was going out to California to do some work. How much work can anyone do in California? Yeah-yeah no mercy. Okay the frustration is just too great at this point we are going to move on and see what else we had been discussing last Sunday that his change to now with not being a Thursday.

Just a little bit on the cats. We have been worried about Missy of late because of what we believe to be her arthritis in getting up and down off the furniture. We are also worried about the amount of water the chief is drinking, but neither of these things seem to have changed greatly over time. I think somebody had mentioned before though that Missy and chief were getting older and that we had to think about this. I sense of this was that it is a note that somebody in the system left out that we have to address, but I don't know if there's much room to advance except to say that we won't be able to cover medical for the cats so if something substantial happened to them, they might have to be put down. I don't want to scare or upset anybody in the system, but we knew this going into the Situation that at some point they would get old. We can't change that. I don't want to say something stupid like you have to get that in your head, because it's a major obstacle and I don't mean to take it lightly. But being realistic when it's their time to go, it is going to be there time to go.

We haven't been reading David Allen lately. I think there were a few minutes, but it was something just in passing. We are out of tune with what we’re dealing with here because of the time and attention the school work has needed. We should try to set or establish a goal for tomorrow to open up the mind jet program right away and take it through its paces. Perhaps to wild riches here and if he's interested in watching TV, maybe we can spend some time processing the bills through the scanner tonight, and if not tonight, tomorrow. That didn't seem to be a very hard task and I don't believe were really behind in it, but he will need some dedicated time and attention. We've also got the household task of laundry and dishes to be accounted for. Maybe we should take a small break, fill up the coffee and look at the dishwasher to see if it needs to be started. That will come for something if rich has clean dishes for dinner tonight right? Be right back.

Okay dishes are in the dishwasher and are being cleaned. Although I think I'm going to get in trouble when somebody realizes her popcorn is being blocked by the dishwasher. We can buy off on a little time but will probably have to take care of that sooner than later.

I did just want to say a little line here about Julie was our friend from the Marine moms group. Vickie called the other day I don't know if I mentioned that but Julie had been in the hospital for a slight stroke. I didn't hear otherwise to hear that the test had said differently, I know she didn't stay in the hospital for very long, but it was a concern. Julie again was the person that had helped us with our editing on the book, but is so much more than that we consider her a very good friend although we don't talk to her often. We are aware of her presence most often in sharing prayers for the troops through the Marine moms group.

I don't think there's much else to say about friends or family. I do know that Linda had her group over last night and they seem to have had a good time though one of them was missing, the other Linda. It might have thrown a slight damper on the event so that was not so good, but in general I think they had a good time and Linda got a chance to show them the new long arm sewing machine V-ger. Linda said that it was unexpected that it was going to be that big and their pride in knowing how well she sews was evident. Linda really does have a lot of talent.

I think I've pretty much caught up with most the things that happened since we last wrote S to matching topic to topic. I'm trying to think now if there was anything new that was coming up that we should be thinking about. Leaving things from entries previous is like having an electronic bulletin board that we can go back to in reference. This is like starting out on a new trip. In general I'm feeling pretty good. And I think the system is doing well, especially for school. That seems to really be a priority that everybody is very conscious of. It seems the first priority is school, the second priority is getting Mimi’s Dragon progressed, and one of the next priorities is to be doing the edits. This might normally be a point where we would stop and take a popcorn break and check to see if Linda is in it's about 1:45 PM. Let me check just right away say she's there. I know today she has Teadora.

Okay we just checked and it seems that Linda was here about an hour ago. And she's going to stop by again at about 2 PM so maybe we can just finish up here so that we can get popcorn and take a break at that point. I know this means that somebody has to do something hard in that the dishwasher which is wishing away will have to be moved for the microwave, but I have to believe that we have this in us. Come on girls we can do it! We just checked on her e-mail and that seems to be fine. It seems that we've been keeping up with it today. I think then I am going to end today. I will get popcorn going and when we get back we will be working on the editing process of the beginning of the book with the content taking. I think that we will move faster if we give it some good time and disk built into a routine it's about 1:53 PM now and we are appreciative for getting this much work done. Take care.

Summary of Immediate Improvement Addressed by Mimi’s Dragon in the Formal Planning Process

In summary of finding one immediate improvement to Mimi’s Dragon, we would like to first note that we began this particular book two weeks ago on February 22nd, 2012. We have written enough material in the past 25 years to quite frankly easily fill at least one dozen books. We would think an improvement to our style of writing would be to try something slightly different in incorporating more of the unconscious occurrences that are happening in our brain (19 minds  one brain) in a more conscious, noteworthy manner. Normally, we write without looking too much at what has been written. Basically, we are contemporaneous, but unconsciously due to these contributions of various parts with different agenda items, we show somewhat of an inconsistent effect to “our one global priority” as a single functioning human being, though we would still like to include the adaptability and independence of our “many.”

Therefore, one immediate improvement would be to standardize more of our internal conversations through following a specific set of daily routines and/or time frame, and to listen more carefully to the many parts insights through a very structured analysis that can be appreciated through the “free-flow” writing of Mimi’s Dragon and concept tagging. This is a technique and process that we just recently designed for the purposes of the book that includes affective, cognitive, strategy, task summaries, psychomotor actions, and the people and destinations of our work and play. We are defining a concept tag to be like a normal written word tag, but the concept tags follow representations of what the words being used in the paragraph are actually saying rather than being tied to only one specific spelling of a word.


Bryson, J. M., Anderson, S. R., & Alston, F. K. (2011). Implementing and sustaining your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Mindjet. (2012). Turn ideas into action. Retrieved from

TPAssist. (2010). For time utilization and productivity optimization. Retrieved from


Assignment 1.1 and 1.2 Charae, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi Charae,

It is nice to meet you. It appears that you have a very integrated preschool and K-6 program that is offered by teachers who love to learn and share their expertise in regular and special programs such as math, science, social studies, language art and literacy, and special studies in art, music (choir and instrumental), world language and media. I’m going to assume there is also a program on physical fitness. The program seems to focus on child-centered development, such as play, developing reasoning skills and problem-solving and utilizing people and technology resources which then appear to include cognitive and hands-on practices. Your program also seems to add structure and support through parental and school-sponsored teams such as through the PTA, SPT, School Climate Committee, Multicultural Awareness Team, coaches in both literacy and math, and a bullying specialist. Lastly, your kids seem to be getting extra opportunities through your assemblies, challenges, service projects and shared culminating activities. There is a lot here to commend. Do you also have programs to help the students learn to handle their emotions, behaviors or social skill building? And, will your project be new to the school system, or will it be incorporated in the work of the SPT (School Planning Team)?

Our programs (yours and ours) seem to have some similarity in that we will utilize a developmental approach and we hope to find our resource-ability as inclusive as yours. One last question would be, do your parents sit on any of the school-sponsored teams other than through the PTA?

Our best,


Assignment 1.2 Ann Garvey Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aloha Hedy,

It is nice to meet you. You have a wonderful basis to do much with your school. It seems then that KANAKA PCS is involved in both accreditation processes and strategic planning which must be a subset of the former. It appears very important to the school that they become an independent self-led community-based school which seems to be occurring through the strategic planning processes. The school appears to want more than just getting by through “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB), teachers meeting their qualification requirements, and in being financially solvent. It does appear that through financing there is now a skilled strategic planning contractor who might be acting as a sponsor for the community-based strategy effort. It seems to be a critical success factor that while the community live under Western society influence that the indigenous community also achieve the ability to thrive utilizing their own native dialect, culture and ideology which has been giving authentic and meaningful life-long learning experiences and through advancement of the culture, that they can give back toward education through accepting their opportunities to lead their own future and the future of their community through the children. For the school, this seems to mean community members ought to participate more in learning organizational skills and planning abilities through gaining better knowledge, so that they may improve the processes of school functionality and uphold its self-preservation within the community.

I have to then say here, that I don’t have an experience to match the context of this experience. It does seem like the efforts will pay-off immensely and that it might be time-sensitive because of the decaying nature of the second society (Western) on the primary society. I think many countries concern themselves with the blending of cultures. Will your strategic processes invite specific research into the value and priority of cultural self-identity within an evolving and enveloping broader society?

Our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Charae, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi Ann,

You asked, "Do you also have programs to help the students learn to handle their emotions, behaviors or social skill building?" Yes, we have 2 guidance counselors, one that serves Pre-K to 5th and the other that serves 6 thru 8th grade. We have a school base youth program that service all students and provide activities such as parenting skill ect to parents and students. We have a physical therapist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. We have a school based case manager for special needs students.

You also asked, will your project be new to the school system, or will it be incorporated in the work of the SPT (School Planning Team)? Yes, my project will be incorporated in the work of the SPT (School Planning Team).

In response to your last question, "One last question would be, do your parents sit on any of the school-sponsored teams other than through the PTA?" there our several parents on the SPT therefore, they do monitor and participate on the others teams if they have the time however, they must attend all SPT meetings and interact.

Planning is an iterative activity. We live in a turbulent, ever-changing world. More communities and organizations want to see educational efforts linked to larger goals with long-term impact. Strategic planning allows us to anticipate the future and to use this anticipation in conjunction with an analysis of our communities' needs and our organizations themselves: their culture, mission, strengths, and weaknesses. (JIU,2012)


Bios Pepper, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Ann,

How wonderful that you quilt! I sensed it might be an art that was diminishing, but perhaps a resurgence could happen as well. Thank you for those statistics. I know three quilters who are such very special people: Megha Moranfield of Tucson, Arizona, Esther Tryon Brown, a professor in Theater and Communications at Mesa Community College, and more of an acquaintance, but an award winner, Patsy Kittredge, of Sedona, Arizona. Quilters are such amazing people.

As to what to use for Strategic Planning, and coming up to an invisible wall of proprietary reticence, I too experienced that just today. I can involve myself and contribute, but getting people to share openly in the corporate world reminds me of a film I saw on the same subject, called, The Next Industrial Revolution on Cradle to Cradle sustainability procedures and commitments. William McDonough wanted to partner with a company to get toxic dyes out of our carpets and upholstery fabric, and no one wanted to be the first. But a brave CEO did take a risk which has resulted in increased sales, worldwide recognition and an advancement of positive success that will be a legacy for him. So it does happen. It will be fascinating to follow your efforts. S.O. S. sounds wonderful!

I am taking on helping with a challenging company and hoping my work with them will be lasting and eye-opening for all of us, as well as beneficial to the world of renewable energies and resource conservation products.


Assignment 1.1 and 1.2 Charae, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi Charae,

Thanks for responding. You have so many elements in your school; it must be a place you can be very proud of. I’m not real familiar what the norms are for elementary-aged schools, but I am learning through our JIU peers. I do have Granddaughters in elementary and middle school and am appreciative of the great work that is occurring. The girls (four Granddaughters) seem motivated and enthused about their education programs and enjoy the extracurricular activities such as instrumental music, cheerleading and sports. I’m very excited for them. I especially like the proactive activities that assist the kids and their families prior to the obstacles becoming problematic - it sounds like your youth program is like this. It is great that parents have the opportunity also to interact with the SPT program. It would be obviously well worth their effort to make time to contribute to the overall work. I will look forward to reading more about your organization and its ongoing development particularly through the defining of its culture.

Our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2, Friday, March 9, 2012

Hi Deborah,

It is nice to meet you and a pleasure to read your paper. I admire the goals of the Red Maple Grove housing complex in its effort to promote better living standards by ending strictly low-income housing. It is also admirable that the program works toward home ownership and relocation of Brick City tenants by assisting them through work to become participants in the program and that the program encourages opportunities for the individuals to share cohesion and consensus by opportunities to be planners in that process. After the plans for the program are successfully drawn and implemented, will there be other opportunities for the individuals living in the program to self-govern in its maintenance and further program developments? And, what will support the participants’ need of reducing crime and drugs while improving safety within the community? And also, how will you fit into the strategic planning efforts?

I have to admit here, that I had at one point become homeless and then was given the opportunity to live in some very nice public housing in Winona, MN. I was shuffled a bit as they tore down and then rebuilt parts of the complex, but before leaving that program I lived in the city’s elderly and disabled units that were very nice. They were dignified, single story quad units and everyone had their own porch area. While living there, I completed my BA degree in psychology from the local university I’d been at after high school, and I then returned to work in Chicago for the next twelve years in a full-time program which utilized my degree and afforded me being able to rent my own apartment. Two of the most valuable assets to the program besides taking me in at a critical point, were that they allowed me to have the company of my two kitties which are now 14 years old and they had stackable washer and dryers in each unit. Between these two “gifts,” I really felt that I was on top of life, which otherwise might have been totally a darker period of my self-development. I respect the safety net provided by these kinds of housing efforts for people in need. Does your program include opportunities also for individuals to become as they take on their education, as well as work?

Sincerely, our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Ann Garvey, Friday March 9, 2012

Hi Pepper,

It is very nice to introduce ourselves and I’ve been amazed at how many responses you have given already during this course. I couldn’t help then, but to make sure you also had a well-deserved response to your hard work. Excellent effort – I humbly submit to you my comments and questions  and also, thank you for your comments on the quilting that we’d submitted in the Bios section of this course. I really do enjoy myself when I can ease us into the time to do it. I did find a topic that was very worthy of this courses project as appears happens in most of the JIU courses. I hope that it will be found to be acceptable. I also hope that you won’t fall off of your chair over the length of this upcoming post.

Your work is very clearly organized and provided a description of the organization including it being a physical location, having product, and suggesting its value within the market place. You were able to state what the owners/CEOs have as to an emerging a strategic plan, its processes, and in total what the organization has developed, what has not developed, and then state its deterrents and opportunities. The highlights seem to include the organization’s structure (paper and other) and notations about how building a strategic plan and mission statement will most likely improve its vision statement. This seems to be a good use of limited time and energy by helping to better define the company’s culture, survey the community’s needs, and as well, assist in anticipating the future for the organization. It is stimulating to think of the product becoming a moving demonstration of value, providing stability and cycling back into itself as an ongoing series of issues that will determine short- and long-term goals. There is no doubt that the mission will assist in charting, guiding, providing and accounting for the changes from the present to the future tense and it will assist in clearly defining directional priorities and impact for not only the organization, but general, life out here - within the nation as we know it.

Your organization has a lot going on right now and it must be very exciting to be a protagonist in your leadership role by not only the training and development you will do, but as well having a valuable part in developing and implementing the foundational strategic plan which will affect the effectiveness of the upcoming spring launch of the product into the market place. It sounds like the owners will be appreciative of your assistance and have already started the work by giving you their initial strategies and project list for the educational program and its modules. It seems a good idea to utilize the organizations resources to determine purpose through measurable and mutually pre-determined outcomes. I found our text assistive in defining the differences between outcomes and outputs by stating that outputs were “actual things or final products produced by actions, behaviors, programs, etc.” and that outcomes were “the end results, consequences and ideally benefits of outputs for the stakeholders and the larger meaning attached to those outputs” (Bryson, Anderson & Alston, 2011, p. 287). This should help each of us to define purpose to the stakeholders and of course the ultimate creation of “public value.”

My only questions are “What’s next?” What excitement have you gleaned from the material in our text books so far as to your initial exploration of strategic planning and implementation? How will you keep it from becoming overwhelming to both you and the owners/CEO’s? Does this seem also to you as an extremely good time to be invested in life?

Take much care, our best,



Bryson, J. M., Anderson, S. R. & Alston, F.K. (2011). Implementing and sustaining your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

 Assignment 1.1 Douglas, Friday, March 9, 2012

Hi Ann,

I find it so amazing that so much of our lives are tracked and trekked by strategic planning. Almost all endeavors from planning meals to educating our kids involve hours and days and months of strategic planning. One of the things I hope to get from this class and group is to become more efficient in recognizing the problems. Having the ability to prioritize what comes first and being less critical to others. I guess not be overbearing and dominating, but open-minded. I think the book is a great idea, good luck!!


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2, Deborah, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Ann, It is a pleasure meeting you as well. The property management involved does not recognize someone pursuing an education, I myself feel that it should be recognized. There is a clause that says every household must work at least 20 hours a week, unless the head of household has a disability. I think that Indianapolis is working towards everyone being self-sufficient, but, I feel education is an important key to becoming and remaining self-sufficient. I wanted you to know that I admire your determination, and will to fight against all odds.

Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Ann Garvey, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for responding back and doing it so nicely. I’m sorry though about the property management people not recognizing the pursuit of education. I agree with you. I would have been ok, in that I have a disability, but the next normal family wouldn’t have the same opportunity. It’s a major problem with the plan if you are not doing something to encourage people to learn. I suppose though you could go with the argument that 20 hours is only half of normal weekly hours, so there would be no reason the person couldn’t also go to school like so many with full-time jobs and families. I don’t know the cut-off points as to receiving Medicaid. Would people lose their medical benefit, if they were earning 20 hours and minimum pay? In Illinois, I believe that minimum is $8.25 so x 20 hrs. It would be = $165 a week x 52 weeks = $8,580/12 months = $715 per month income on 20 hours at minimum pay. Can they be married with double incomes? Can they earn enough and still receive medical assistance?

Our best,


Assignment 1.2 Hedy, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aloha Ann:

Thanks for your response and question and you asked, “Will your strategic processes invite specific research into the value and priority of cultural self-identity within an evolving and enveloping broader society.” The strategic processes are driven by the self-identity of the culture. Kula Aupuni Niihau A Kahelelani Aloha (KANAKA) a Public Charter School” (PCS) represents the carved out of western values required to allow the school to remain successful from the point of view of the enveloping society. These “values” are foreign to the indigenous culture that has survived and is being served by the school. The opportunity that the planning process represents for the school is the ability for these core functions to be understood and become self-perpetuating to the Niihau community. These core functions provide the indigenous culture the opportunity to self- determine their function for the school in the community. Given how different the two cultures function, the strategic planning process will require much iteration for the community to accept the process as not foreign. Are you aware of any specific research that would help me be able to address cultural self-identity and the planning process?


Assignment 1.1 Ann, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi Doug,

I am definitely agreeing with you on our lives being so impressed by planning strategically. I’ve found at times, I need to stop and collect all the loose ends of my life, so that I can plan what to do with my time and energy next because things have gotten way too discombobulated. At some point, I think we each need to get some kind of a paper (or e-paper) and grip to the task of making an old fashioned list. I really believe small, big, or non-profit businesses and organizations need to be doing the same thing. I’m probably one of the few that believe accreditation is good in that it forces us to think things through and write them out. Though, I believe that the truer statement on your “problem statement” is that you will become better at recognizing the opportunities. I’m still having “opportunities” with the lessons of prioritizing. At this time, my goals section basically states that at an ideal time I will do what I intended to do - i.e. 10:30 pm – go to bed, at this point on the best days, I’ve at least checked in to see if anything has been done on time. It is definitely a work in progress. I run into similar “opportunities” with being overbearing and dominating, but just on a small scale. I am not in contact with many people during the course of the day. It seems I’m a bit of a megalomaniac – if I’m hitting my targets I want my day-to-day contacts to be doing the same … other days? We’re more lenient. In my last work position, I found a person being “tolerant” with self or others was at the root of most difficulties. We’re going with the good luck part on the book! Thanks for your comments. I enjoy responding.

Our best,


Assignment 1.2 Ann Garvey, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aloha hedy (with a small h),

I see your point on the indigenous group learning from the enveloping society those values that are more foreign, but beneficial to the school. It seems a shame though in that the indigenous group looks as if it is doing the heavy shoulder lifting. It shouldn’t be only their chore to adapt … The newer culture has other options than being invasive in its mannerisms – perhaps that is what is throwing off "the inviting." It would seem that the western society should “man-up” and get a better bead on some of the values in the indigenous group that are working. I feel strongly about this. Perhaps that would make it easier for the two cultures to realize the value of each other – being more open. I guess I feel on the side of the underdog. There is so much to be learned from others – especially the things that make it special to those who inhabit the culture.

I’m not sure about what is available currently as to research, but when I did the semester in Norway in ’79, I looked at the social identity of the country and found myself being much fulfilled – it was a brand new world for me. The one book that I read that stood out in my mind was a novel by Knut Hamsun, Growth of the soil (1921). It felt huge. Good luck with your research!

Our best,



Hamsun, K., (1921). Growth of the soil. New York, NY: AA Knopf.

Assignment 1.1 Noreen, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Ann

Your post is interesting, and how you present your diagram on ramification of the writing, how is involve, what is expected from other personnel. And time consuming to develop the strategic plan.

Assignment 1.2 Hedy, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aloha Ann:

Thank you for your response. I will read your book of advice.


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Pepper, Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your lengthy response! I think this is a wonderful time to be invested in an outcome that could leave a lifetime legacy. It has taken a long time to position ourselves in the marketplace. Funding will indeed be quite a wonderful experience and is very close for NEI, a perfect time from one perspective to be proactive about certain issues and a SWOT analysis, as applied to Strategic Planning.

A co-worker affiliated with NEI has recently published a book, available through Amazon, 2011, called: Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities Power Generation. It is very informative as an in-depth technical review of our present day PV industry. With gas going back up heading to the $4./gallon pricing, I am hoping people will seriously study all the new inventions coming down the road to help our planet, especially in solar parking lot shade structures, and higher efficiency technologies, and see the public value associated with American entrepreneurs. Anco S. Blazev's book depicts major issues facing global citizens. I am indeed lucky and excited to be able to know and work with dedicated colleagues who are in affiliation with Anco, a world-wide solar expert.

I really resonated with your quote on outcomes and outputs that you chose in your response. One of the outcomes of this company's work will be better hospital hygiene and with that and the removal of bacteria in water heating commercially. This will be due to raised temperatures and no large tanks of sitting heated water. On-demand units supplying hot water, will cut down on bacteria generation, thus encouraging the hopefulness of less diseases from those sources like Legionnaire's. Output therefore is very different than outcomes.

Thank you for being a part of this course!


Summary Ann Garvey, Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I learned from this week’s discussion of our .2 assignment

Ann Garvey

I learned that my writing can be improved by more editing and focusing on outlining, so that I could cut down a 750 word document (1.2 assignment) by 2/3rds to a much clearer 250 word document - though it takes time to settle the edits. Such as follows:

Mimi’s Dragon has a mission, whereby, we will implement a developmental approach that is a “better selves-working culture.” We can build trust in the “multiple system” by adhering to it, and in expressing self-value “as a multiple” by sharing the phenomena outward to those interested. The vision in writing the book is to have our parts respected for their honesty and gain validity through acceptance. As an adult, we can honor our freedom and independence by exercising our rights to make choices and decisions. As well, we can strive to be capable, accept responsibility for our happiness, and share whatever wisdom we learn with others. We have means to communicate through the book and working on our day-to-day mind mapping program. It seems as the strength of Mimi’s Dragon is primarily through our improvement of skills and abilities. The weakness is the normal time constraints and in sometimes feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. The threat is that we only have so much time on this Earth while opportunity is that “Today” we are here, and we do believe we change ourselves positively and learn to surpass barriers. We see an improvement in our writing style by standardizing our internal conversation through listening more carefully to the parts by way of concept tags we’ve designed.

Our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Cardia, Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Ann,

I too favor the idea of applying strategic planning for better housing opportunities. Good housing is definitely an extreme necessity. You also mentioned,

“I have to admit here, that I had at one point become homeless and then was given the opportunity to live in some very nice public housing in Winona, MN. I was shuffled a bit as they tore down and then rebuilt parts of the complex, but before leaving that program I lived in the city’s elderly and disabled units that were very nice. They were dignified, single story quad units and everyone had their own porch area. While living there, I completed my BA degree in psychology from the local university I’d been at after high school, and I then returned to work in Chicago for the next twelve years in a full-time program which utilized my degree and afforded me being able to rent my own apartment.”

Well, I would like to commend you for all of your accomplishments. During periods when things appear dark, you did not allow yourself to be crippled by fears. The experience you’ve shared is quite encouraging and is typical to some of the very things I come across each day as Life Coach and where many folks need to be. You had many appositions, but you triumphed. I congratulate you on you great achievements.



Assignments 1.1 and 1.2 Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hi Cardia,

It is very nice to meet you and I wanted to say thank you very much for the nice comments left for me/us in the forum. I get so excited to be interacting with you and our peers that I tend to “bubbly-over.”

As to the comment on strategic planning for better housing opportunities – I think that one can’t appreciate enough the difficulties of housing, etc. unless you’ve had to face your own worst dilemmas and then conquered the “mental demons” part which is very difficult, but substantially appreciative work of life changing before us. It is nice to be able to look back, and then reflectively realize how much you have accomplished. I’m thinking that every one of us in this forum has had their own set of obstacles they have had to surpass. I’d be interested in hearing your story as well!

I would like to add here that looking for and receiving support is critical in making it through lives’ worst junctures and although you and my peers are at a nicer part of our lives changes – that it’s the sharing of thoughts, feelings, experiences and so forth that make the journey so worthwhile on a day-to-day, course-to-course, and year-by-year series of paths. I really look forward to the discussions that are going to ensue through this course and in getting to better know you and our peers.

Again, it is very nice to meet you and we will look forward to so much more!

Our best,



Assignment 1.1 Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hi Noreen,

Thank you for your comments. If nothing else I (we) are interesting! I love this posting process in being able to communicate with yourself and our peers. The mind-map is not new to us, but getting something that is as progressed as this one is - has been really eye-opening. I sincerely like “new systems!” It seemed to fit several needs all at once at just the right time in our life. This is critical in knowing that you are on “the right path.” I believe looking and receiving supports through life is significant to the enjoyment we receive from lives’ return. In our system of developing concept tags – we’ve joined the words “play and work.” I really believe if that you are into what is happening in your life that those two words merge as one phrase. Time drifts from one enjoyable moment to the next though things are getting accomplished. It feels like this now - through this series of courses we are each taking through the master’s program. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Our best,


Assignment 1.2 Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aloha hedy and good morning ...

Not so sure about writing a book of advice ... we are much more into journaling what happens in our life as to our conveying our story. Anyone with an interest could do as much! The first book is subtitled by the statement "Regular No Cream, No Sugar," meaning that there is nothing exciting happening in the story just day to day talking and thinking through life which is kind of exciting in itself. Nothing is entirely predictable. I think that happens here in the forum as well. If readers get something from what is written - then that's pretty cool, but we're not so sure that "giving advise" is our forte! I am enjoying the "****" out of life and looking forward to your part in ours!

Our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2, Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good morning Pepper!

It will be nice to have you taking this course during the time we are here – I really appreciate reading your comments this week, because you have so much energy and worthwhile discussion to contribute. Your company sounds very dynamic. I don’t know very much about the industry, but we’ve been more interested in recent green technology over the past 4 years – most likely from conversations begun over the last Presidential election. The last interesting thing I read was from Mashable on “Researchers creating fabric that converts body heat into electricity” (2012). My truest contribution to this next generation was in purchasing a Honda Civic this year, which means my gas mileage went from 19 mpg with a CR-V to the Civics’ 39 mpg on the highway. No problems there! I’m looking eagerly with all there is to be coming with the next evolution of Earth’s legacy. I’ll hope we don’t all mess it up past repair. Your company will be one in the forefront of the “good part!”

I apologize for the length of my posts, but do generally like to be in discussions. I’m thinking you are the same. Being better able to understand the difference between output and outcome resonated with me too when I read it. It seemed to better balance the power between creating product and its value. Your post in general laid out very nicely the progress of your company and I enjoyed reading between the lines as to things that were working and not working, but more toward the prospect of opportunity. I hope the pace of what is to occur this spring works out as you all need it to so that you can steady your legs. Our textbook states often that businesses and organizations in general be putting out toward “public value.” That made sense to me as well. It helped to anchor my thoughts this week on Mimi’s Dragon (book) being of value to the customer as much as our enjoy-ability of the process. It really shifts the onus to making the best use of space it will take-up in the world market place.

I look forward to reading your posts. We have both put our shingles out – time to reap from the work and the rewards!

Always our best,


Assignments 1.1 and 1.2, Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Morning Ann,

I reviewed your link to the inventions and also the top 10 startup businesses for 2012. Very informative. Thank you!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Good morning. This is me. I am coming off such a wonderful time. It is unfair because it is happening at the misfortune of someone else. But, the thing of it is after 15 months Thom is home for the week and he has brought his beautiful wife Duyen. The unfortunate part is that the boy's grandmother Marie Garvey is very sick. There is a good chance that she could die within the week, or she could live for a period of time probably not more than a year and half.

I feel very badly for her, but other than the point that she is the boy's grandmother, she really doesn't have a warm fuzzy spot in my heart. For the first eight or so years I knew her, had married her son she appeared nice to me, but I eventually found that she was saying negative things about me especially when talking to her girls and her best friends. It pretty much broke my heart, because I had trusted her that she was somebody that would support me as a person, in my marriage, and with my family. Now that I am that many years down the line, I can see where you would support your children no matter what, but I think she went out of her way to cause the dissolution of my marriage is suggesting to her son that he could do better. I don't remember the specifics of the time; it's just that there was some clear evidence at that time that she had told Maury that it was time for divorce. I didn't understand that she would get to choose whether I stay married not or how hard that he should have to work in his marriage. I didn't understand it when he had hit me, and I had told her that this was going on and her response was that she thought it must then be something I said to provoke him rather than he had done something wrong. There was another incidence to when we were going through the process of whether we stay married or not she had been very invasive and talking to us instead of Maury and she told me don't worry about getting divorce in no time I would marry again. Obviously, that never happened so she was incorrect.

There was one more incident that really affected me poorly. She had gone to my divorce trial and testified against me and stated how badly I kept house and how she had basically raised my children and not me. It was so far from the truth as to who raised my children. There were times in my marriage that I had a problem with keeping up with the mess. It was never a train wreck as something that couldn't be corrected with a good day's attention put into it – by it I mean cleaning, but I had three boys who were all within four years of each other, and I was clearly overwhelmed. It is a fairly judgmental place to tell somebody with that much responsibility that she is inept when she had a maid to take care of her house.

I don't want to go on without thinking at this point any longer. I might revise it later, but the point is to say she is most likely deathly ill. Or, at least the family is startled in that direction. She was in Florida and she was flown home on some kind of emergency jet so she could be with the majority of her children and have a better hospital available to her. She is at Loyola. They had to run tests and they are still doing that so no one knows exactly yet what is happening with her, but that will come soon.

I am back. The time is now 6:25 AM were still on Monday morning March 12. But I've been gone the last hour and a half it is hard to believe, but I had to get coffee and Rich had to wake up and we spent this last time together it's a nice welcoming warm up in the morning. Right now he's in the shower, and I believe I'm only on the second cup of coffee but I'm pretty much at the bottom end. I seem to be flanked by cats – this one is on the floor meowing and chief is on the back of the table tend to demand his attention time petting his chin. I think they were like not happy with me. Both of them were happy with me sitting on the couch and now that I move they seem to be trying to drag me back. We also opened the door for them this morning, or at least Rich did so they're a little bit more agitated I would say they're trying to bridge the difference between inside and outside. We have the door open most of yesterday, except they were hiding in the back room when Thom and Joe and that Duyen were here. Their loss if they don't get to meet my sons and daughter-in-law.

They're still giving me trouble, the cats. They can't always have the attention.

Lordy we are back again. This time it is 7:11 AM, and by now which has left. I've been waiting for this part because I could concentrate more for a longer period of time. Effect Think she's getting attention at this point… Well Rich was still here we helped him get dressed okay laughing there we maybe didn't help him so much, but after that he came out in the living room and for a little bit longer while we finish our conversation and the cats came over to sit with me. They may be just trying to corral me and I just don't know about it because it happened so often and so efficiently for them.

There is going to be a lot that needs to get done today and that I am one day behind in my reading which is catastrophic, but it is something that I have to be aware of. Rich said that at Duyen is going to come back and make us at dinner one night. Did we say that yet? Did you know that Thom was here? I'm just so excited. My mind is a little jumbled. I think I'm going to have to get one of those points where we start at the beginning. I think we told you a little bit about Mrs. Garvey, and we left the notes that she had been getting tested at Loyola Hospital she's only about 10 or 15 min. away from here. I am sure the test started yesterday, but they will be probably more efficient today in that today is Monday weekday. I think I had some problems getting her in immediately because Loyola was so filled up that she had to wait for space.

On Saturday, she was here at Loyola and they got her settled in. And then some of the kids met over at Chris's house and they went over what was happening so that everybody was on board. My understanding is that Mary Fran has been with her at all times so she had the most information, although there was some indication that people naturally go more towards my ex Maury for more support. That's really above and beyond my comfort level. But anyway the meeting was at Chris's house and my ex and his wife were there, Dan was there, Mary Fran was there Chris naturally was there, but his wife was not. I believe she was working. One of the boys reminded me that Nancy Chris's wife actually worked for the same nuns that I was working for this is that she was up with the northern St. Mary's office and I was on the southern St. Rose office. It is kind of strange. Brian and his wife were there but I believe Eileen was not there because she seems to be having some problems with Chris. I would think this is a good time to get overall that. I don't know if any of the other kids were there but my three boys were there and two of the wife’s - Duyen and Cari were there. Maury had been told that it would be just immediate family. So Nikki wasn't there but then the other wife's did come as to Jackie, Cari, and Duyen. I think those kind of things put off Maury. It is more understandable that Duyen would be there because they came in immediately from the airport. I would have hoped that Nikki would have been included as much as the other women. She is after all very much family.

We are probably missing a whole lot in here, but I would like to more or less conclude this particular part. We did talk about the things that were happening with all the events over at the Garvey side of the family, but after that we started talking more about what was going on with the kids. That is to say my kids - I wish Maury would have been there, but he was working. We had thought he might come over during his lunch time. But he never called so I'm not sure what was happening there. Usually it means that he is out of the area and has got really tied up in work. Maybe I will get a chance to see him today and will catch up with some of the thoughts that are going on in general. I really do love my time with Maury where we get to just talk generally overall. All my kids are very good at conversation. We talked to Rich about that this morning and that the way that he talks to me in general, and the way he talks with his kids is much different than the way I talk to my kids, and the way that I had used to communicate with my ex before all the problems started. In general though, I tend to talk to Maury more than the other two boys mostly because he seems interested in having more conversations with me.

I think that one of the main differences between Rich’s family and my own is that the communication with me and my boys and their families is more fluid and much more enjoyable this family is more informational.. , I really don't have a grasp on all the communication aspects of Riches family because I'm not really privy to all that, but I think it is more that they get certain agenda points done and then the conversation is closed. I think Rich’s explanation of it was that he was the one to make sure that things got done and moved along, but he never really had in-depth conversation with his kids it was more how to move from one point to another. I've had some really good conversations with Rich and his daughter Jillian and I love those, but again they aren't as involved as something that I might do with my sons. And it is different also that for the most part my sons can talk with each other, although this has waned a bit over the time with Thom being more out of communication and with Maury and Joe having their own particular communication problems. I think it's primarily that the relationships are harder with Cari and that she's taken such a liking to Jackie my ex's wife that it precludes the newer relationship of Maury and his wife, and then there's the part where Jackie and Cari are more involved in Maury's ex-wife’s life then probably the newer relationship with Nikki. It really puts a strain on my family's relationship directly with each of the boys’ relationships toward each other. I think sometimes to that degree some of the conversations can be a little strained because of one party not being sensitive enough to the situation with the other party. This might have something more to with them still being younger. I think you would have been different if Maury's ex had a relationship with her ex-mother-in-law and ex-sister-in-law prior to the breakup of Maury and Lauren, but primarily she started a relationships after they had broken up I think more invasive attempts to stay up with what was going on over on the side of the family. I think there are fewer boundaries between Jackie, Cari, and Lauren if Maury had been involved.

I didn't mean to get so much into that tangent so I will move on, but it's a matter of regrouping again to figure out where I was with the main flow of the conversation. I think we were talking about the situation with the kids meeting over at Chris's place about the grandmother or mother as the case may be. We knew that Joe was going to pick up Thom at the airport, and by then we knew that Thom would be staying with his father which is what was expected to have occurred. I did make sure to let Maury know that I was offering my car to Thom and Duyen, but I didn't hear back from him on that. Thom called about 930 – 10 AM the next morning though and we arranged for the two of them to come over, and he asked to be picked up which has never been a problem in the past, but it reminded me that I wanted to ask him personally if he would take my car for the week to make things easier for him and his wife. He did say he would accept the usage of the car which made me very happy that he would take something from me. There was such a long time when he wouldn't take help from somebody else that it was more uncomfortable to me than not. I had enough insecurity about myself that I thought that if he rejected my gifts he was rejecting me, and that might've been the case but that was in the past.

I had worked on cleaning the place up the first night that I heard that Thom might be coming here but I didn't really know until the call that he might come as early as he had. I was so grateful to get that call. I had picked up the house for Maury and his girls the day before and then we picked up more even for Thom and Duyen. By that time it was a labor of love. I had gotten a little bit overwhelmed with the part of cleaning up the back Duyen room, but Rich was very helpful in nudging me towards that direction. He knew that I would be more proud of showing my new daughter-in-law the room if it had been a little more presentable and he was right. I had just been overwhelmed with the project and had moved get in that direction.

I do want to say something here to and is probably a big jump in the topic, but Maury had been out with his girls the day before. Ame and Isa hadn't been there but it was a nice visit with the other girls. We got some chance to talk about what is happening with his grandmother, but there was a lot of conversation in other areas. The girl seemed to do okay – here speaking of Jade and Jasmine. Jade was the first one who decided she wanted to try playing the piano and as soon as she got into it then Jasmine wanted to play to I went from the standpoint that Jade had gotten there first, but then Maury put a limit on the time for each of the girls of spending 10 min. at a time there and is in his Jasmine got on the piano then Jade lost interest. This is probably a common pattern between the two. There was another nice part that Jasmine at one point wanted to whisper in secret to me, but basically what she was asking was that could she go in and pick up some fabric from the Duyen room. I thought that this was okay, but she was afraid of asking both I and her mother at the same time because her mother would most likely have said that it was too much for her to be asking. I kind of take it from the point of view is that she is a 10-year-old with an interest in quilting and so I want to encourage that as much is possible because I think it is something that will be good for her.

Jasmine came out with one of the 10 inch layer cakes and I let her choose fabrics from the one Connie sue had sent but I didn't want to give her the ones that I was still using for the Saturday sampler group on first Saturdays. This seemed to be okay soon-to-be okay, but her mother put on a limitation saying that she would have to take some but not all which was fine. Jasmine came out with quite a few pieces, but I had not had anything planned for Connie Sue’s layer cake and I have so much fabric that I gave her the permission. She had also taken smaller pieces from the pink shelves. At one point she called out for Maury to come and help her and delete instead Nikki went back there and then Nikki called Maury to help. Apparently, Jasmine had been leaning on the shelf and it had come down, but there was no harm done Maury just fixed it and so everything is back to normal before I went back there. Although it was little disarming that everybody was disappearing to the back and something was going wrong and I didn't think of that I should get up and look because the parents were handling the situation. It turned out okay.

Jade had been having a problem with her stomach and had wanted to go home for ice plus she wanted to get ready because she was going out to a late night with her girlfriends, so I asked her if I could get her some ice and that turned out okay she took a smaller bag and in the process saw that we had ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and she asked if she could have one. I told her to ask her parents and then suggested that she asked if Jasmine wanted one too which she did so all that was nice. I felt bad and that I had not really thought to ask if they wanted something to eat. I think I did ask if Maury had had lunch or if they were interested in dinner, but I think they had picked up something out at the zoo or before going to the zoo. That was why they were out in our area from what I understand. And then because Jade had to go out they really did want to go back home before we could have a chance to go out for dinner. I was so happy that they stopped by and I was also happy that the place was fairly picked up although I had to do a little and that Maury gave me enough time so I could take my shower and get dressed before they came in. He has to know me better in that I am never prepared for guests without some warning although I can do it generally if they give me an hour’s notice. It would have been really embarrassing if Maury had walked in the house and I had not taken a shower and gotten dressed and that is how the girls see me. It's probably an honest representation of me because that's the way I am, but it's not my best foot forward. And I am concerned with giving the girls a good impression of me. I want them to have good experiences, particularly because were family.

I think that is one problem I will say between Maury and Cari especially. Cari does not respect Maury's authority with his own child and the authority of his wife over their lives now in the present. Cari is living somewhere in the past. I try not to get in between the boys problems but I think this is where it lays and I have to side here with Maury, I believe that after you are not in a relationship with your spouse, you should not be relating with the ex-in-laws, unless it is within the guidance of that particular ex within the family. It seems here that Cari is missing some sense of family priority and Joe is just letting it happen. I would expect him to show more influence over Cari in them relating more to Maury that his ex. There is no reason to belabor this point anymore that is pretty much where we stand at this point and how it is standing between the boys and their families.

I will probably come back to this end of the conversations that happened over the weekend later, but I do want to say that I had a very very nice time with Maury and his girls. I am just so excited when they come over I'd like to do it more often, but we also have to be better at keeping our house itself in order so that we are ready for them when they are ready to be here. I think there are more impulsive with their time so they go where they want when they want which is really the better way to go, but I always have to have time to clean up because I am not prepared after all these years for having just over. I never got in the habit because the boys were here so little. It might be a period of time over a year or more, so I just lost hope and let things go.

As to my first impressions of Duyen I have to admit that I liked her a lot. She seems very nice in a sweet way. I'm pretty sure that she and Thom have their run-ins like the rest of us but they were so cute yesterday. I do have to say with this one story that it is probably going to stay with me for the rest of my life. We are up to the part where we were eating dinner and it was toward the end and people have slowed down, but I looked over and the two kids Thom and Duyen were sharing the plate like they had shared their drink but in the manner it was so funny cool. Duyen had her fork on Thom's plate and Thom was with his utensil nudging the vegetables I believe we had corn on to her fork and then she would eat from then and so it was taking the two of them to do the one task but it seemed like such a romantic notion that it just left my heart full. They had the patience of caterpillars. That will probably symbolize the relationship between the two of them that I will hold most dearly.

I should start more in reverse in that it was me that drove over to Thom's dads to pick-up the couple. I didn't want to do the driving but Rich made it clear that he had shopping to do yet and he had to take a shower and get ready so I knew at that point not to disturb him and that I would have to do it. I was a little worried because I was so excitable that I was afraid that I might do something wrong driving wise because I couldn't pay close enough attention. It did turn out to be okay although we were ultra conservative. We did stop at the gas station as per Rich's suggestion on the way out of town. It was a great suggestion because it would not have worked if we hadn't filled up the car I mean I figure that that's like something that a mother should do. When we got to my exes House it was about 1:45 pm. which was the time almost to be picking up Thom, but I waited until 1:50 PM before calling him to assure that I was at the right house and that we were available to pick him up.

The only way I can remember which of the houses on Monroe is about 3 to 5 houses in and they are all small brick houses, but he has always had a statue that was made from one of his friends in the front yard towards the corner nearest the house. And that is how I know his house. At this point there's not much of the statue left but fortunately there was something. I didn't remember what this front of his house look like except for it was a small brick house. Thom did answer and they took a few minutes getting ready to come out but I was so happy to see them I just… Wow! 15 months is a long time not to see your son and this particular son had a brand-new wife and that was very cool.

Thom was volunteering to take the driver seat and we were very willing to give that up. I think we talked about certain things with the car and that went well enough and at the same time you are trying to start that process is soaking in information and it couldn't just come fast enough I was so hungry to hear everything they had to say. I did things on the way there such as I put my insurance card and my registration card in the little blue pouch of Linda's that sits on my front resting place and then left in my credit card also. I explained to Thom that Maury said I should get a GPS that wasn't on my phone because when I had it on, he couldn't call through and talk to me and that was a problem. I figured because Thom was going to be in town and there were things that he wouldn't remember direction wise that it would be the best idea for him to get a Garmin and hook it up in the car and that I would pay for it through him using my credit card. I didn't exactly check this with Rich but I will be careful not to spend any other money on the card. There is just over $1000 left in the account so I'm sure it will be okay. If I would have more time I would've tried to do it before Thom got there so he didn't have to make an extra trip but I was glad that he could do it without too much trouble.

I also explained to him that the car had the I-pass so he could go through tolls. And I explained a few little things on the car such as turning the screen from the girls’ pictures to the odometer settings and how the racing line up by the speedometer changes from blue to turquoise to green depending on how energy-efficient he was driving. I was very well pleased that he thought it was a fun car to drive. It always feels good when one of the three boys says something nice about your choices. They will also very honestly tell you when you don't make good choices so the good times helped a lot.

Over the course of the next six hours and 15 min. we talked and listened and listened and listened. Thom particularly can be so funny he is just naturally the most humorous animated person I know. He is very quick witted and having Joe with him just made it all the more fun. I felt bad for Duyen and that it might have gotten a little boring for her listening to stories about Thom's work which he already knows and about the family things that might not have been interesting to her. I think both her and Rich were slipping off into the background TV for small bits of time. I think Rich did a little bit better job listening but he also suggested that there might of been language difficulties where listening to everybody speaking so fast especially between Joe and Thom that it might've been harder for her. Does the whole idea of meeting all of Thom's family for the first time must've been pretty overwhelming. I have to give her a lot of credit for stepping up to the plate in this regard.

When we got to the house Rich was back home and was in the kitchen. He met the couple nicely but when he is cooking he is pretty much concentrating only on cooking. He did say that he tried to be cordial. And then there was certain time where he came out and he spent more time with all of us and not too much later. I remember that we were sitting at the drafting table, Rich was at his chair, and the couple was on the couch. Thom had seen the poker chips and made a comment toward them. I don't remember which end of the conversation started first although it was to me a marker that he liked what he was seeing. I had forgotten how all the boys like to play poker. Mostly, I think of it is something that Maury does but Thom does as well. Joe plays poker but I think he doesn't like the money aspects as much as the other two boys. I think Joe is definitely competitive like the other two but the other two are more blatantly competitive. Maury is slyer and Thom is just goofy as hell. I thought about it and we were talking out loud that the chips had been in the household for over two years and Rich had never even taken them out of the wrapper. I had also said that at that same time it was when Maury came to live with us and I thought that the two would play poker so I bought Maury a set as well.

It seems natural for a mother to then say do you want this set. I should have asked Rich and he caught me on this afterward but it wasn't a big deal. He understands me and this is kind of the way I get, especially around my boys. It feels like I have never given them anything or enough and I want to give them more and more. The most surprising thing was is that Thom very earnestly stated he would be willing to take them off my hands. I felt bad because they were so dusty. The silver box they had come in was in Rich's closet so I went to get that and then I brought Riches stool over to put the chips in the box, but it must've looked pretty foreign to me because Thom asked to you want me to do that for you and I was very grateful to hand over the task. He said he like handling the chips. I had gone out and gotten a wet towel to take off some of the dust, but he didn't seem to think that was necessary at the time. I'm pretty sure he's going to be taking them out of the wrappers soon enough.

I was so happy that Thom had noticed the poker chips that Rich didn't want. I think Rich likes them as far as knowing that I had gotten a gift that was very nice, but I knew at that moment that Thom mentioned it – how much he would play poker with some of his friends at the Marine base. And for being such a young couple it was a nice thing to get them so that he could have a way of entertaining his friends. The chips themselves were a couple hundred dollars. They were the real kind of chips that you use in Las Vegas and there was a very big set of them. I was able to pick out the design myself and I loved it. After Thom got all the chips nicely ordered he was stacking them and very carefully and conscientiously then you been asked if she could look at them and Thom did share that of course. Later on while we were talking she took out the chips and started making castles with them which I thought was funny, was aware what she was doing, and didn't say anything but I think when I walked out of the room someone may have toppled her pile so she put them away. When Thom was still sitting there where the chips had been underneath the TV and he noticed the cribbage board and I think he asked what it was. We told him and he showed an interest in learning how to play it and I said it's only it two-person game, but he figured out there was three rows, so I stood corrected between the four of us – Rich was very quick to bow out because he had food to attend to so the three of us set up to play on the coffee table. Rich had taken the tree off the table and put the table back in the middle of the room where it used to have stood.

Teaching those two to play the game was very easy, although it took some time. But, it was funny because Thom can get so silly, but he was paying attention to the rules and he was making sure Duyen got them as well. He still very protective over her and it is very touching to see. Then the game started and it was so much fun I fell to the last place immediately. Thom stayed on top of it most of the middle part of the game, but then Duyen pulled in front of Thom and at the very end it was nip and tuck. Thom was pulling that trick where he said that he was going to let her win which of course has to get called out because he's basically saying that if his control whether she wins or loses and it's not because she was playing her hand well which is naturally unfair. Everything was source of another funny thing happening and another I just laughed and laughed. Most the time that the kids were growing up they played games with their father – either cards or board games and I just did the serving of like treats like lemonade and cookies.

I've always loved to sit back and watch the boys communicate. There was something said at one point about having the three boys at or below the age of four, but I explained at that time the way I did it was just to sit in one place and then they would move all around me and when they needed something from me they would come and asked but all the rest the time I would just be watching them and watching them interact pretty much like last night. I would try to anticipate their next move so I could always have the right thing available for them. The only thing was missing was that Maury was not here this time. Hopefully I will get another chance to have dinner out with them where I can get a picture of all the family put together but I'm not counting on that I just think the time was so much fun it can only get better.

Duyen started to help Rich out in the kitchen and I think we talked about that before. Rich was kind of embarrassed because he said well you know how I get which means that when he's cooking he pretty much leaves everything else on the side, but I think he was trying to let the conversation happen. I think that Duyen we is very comfortable in the kitchen and has at one point been watching a cooking show that happen to come up on the channel that had been on TV. She seems very willing and open to learning. She brought up that one point a desire to come back and learn more about Duyen. I would like to give her that opportunity if she can set up the time. I would like to show her the sewing machine. I don't know where time stands so because he indicated somewhat that he would like her not to start until she got some other things taken care of first. I think he looks at it as she's only got five more courses to graduate where he's got like 23 classes or something absurd so he doesn't want anything to happen that might slow her down.

Duyen would like to go to work now that she has a work visa, apparently her brother was in the country too but had to go back because he was caught working when he wasn't supposed to be working. That would be a shame to be kicked out of the United States especially when you had family like your sisters living there. I felt very badly for him. I told Duyen before she left that I would like a chance to get some alone time with her where we could talk without the others caring over the conversation and it seems that she understood. She might be a little intimidated by me yet, but I'm trying to make it so it's not bad. I did show her when she came in when I was doing on the computer and that was good. It was things that she did not know how to do but I think she could understand that Thom's mother might do something like we are doing because he is so good on the computer. If I was going to have her over I would like to set up the sewing machine that I want to give her in the back and just show her how to do squares.

I had shown her the quilt that I was giving her and told her that I would finish it this week before she left. Is this a matter of getting the binding on, but I was too excited yesterday to work on it before they got here. I also showed her the other two girls quilts and she had turned them over and all of a sudden saw all the seams and I think that mystified her how something like that could be done, so I tried to explain that it was just a matter putting two pieces together and then another two pieces and joining those two pieces to make for pieces and during those four pieces to make a pieces etc. so it wasn't that it was too difficult it was looking more complicated than it was. I would like to tell Thom that if he wants her to stay home that giving her something fun to do at home side to school work might be a good idea, but I will talk to him alone so I don't upset their family system. Thom says that is one of her you problems, that she likes to learn everything and I have to admit this is my kind of woman I'm glad that she is eager to learn and questions how things work.

The conversations went on until about eight o'clock and then things started breaking down Thom stated that they would have to get going pretty soon and so there was like 15 min. closing things up and saying all the goodbyes and such but it was harder. This is the last door shut with Joe going out the front door and Thom going out the back door and then we fell into tears in Rich’s arms. There was just so much excitement with them here and we were so happy that to have them all leave felt very much like an empty nest. I did get a chance to talk to Linda for a few minutes before we went to bed, but we were pretty exhausted.

I think that is the basic highlights of how the events were going on – it gives you at least a basic outline. There was a lot of conversation in between things on the boys’ jobs. I think what is going to happen for Joe is that in about four months when Cari graduates she will get a job and Joe will stay at home. While he won't really be at home, but he will be not working at the school loan job which he has never been overly invested in. I think he went through times like I was at St. Rose where I was bored and had started to had faded out by doing things like Facebook and things on the Internet, but something got him more excited about working and so he like tripled his output. I think that the boss said something nice which made him want to work more. This is funny because that's how I felt with Sr. Teresa. He started like I would with adding more organization and efficiency to his business model, but it is really a job more to learn to be a in an office with other people. I think that he can think logistically the job but I don't believe that it's a very difficult job for somebody with this capability. Duyen did say something on the way home that she would like to work in a big office and Thom wanted to tell her that she was putting too much weight into that though saying yes, it could be kind of cool in one way, but no it's not the end-all excitement that it might look at this point for her. During dinner time I saw my sign on the door and I thought to tell Duyen about the sign on the sewing machine door which said Ann's office. And we teased her I said this is all you need to do to be in your own office is to put a sign on the door.

I had known previously that when Cari is done with school that she and Joel will plan on having a baby soon and that Joe would be taking care of the baby. It's kind of a strange thing to establish especially since Kerry wants to work in a nursery, but I think Kerry is more about being with the girls where Joe is more about training his son or daughter to be a good person although he will start off believing that the child is good and then just guide him or her so the child learns proper self-discipline. Joe won't be staying at home per se, he will do more of what he is doing now which is what he really loves to do. He will take more time at the karate dojo and he will take more time doing the gymnastics through the park system. He says that he is teaching girls 1 ½ years to seniors in high school. The big thing is that he will not have to earn the primary paycheck at his 40 hour a week job. I would like to still see him making the dojo bigger and concentrating on that more.

One of the things I asked Joe about was that I have seen in Villa Park where the dojo is that they had problems in the community with stalkers who appeared to take or attempt to take two's young girls from the street into a car. So I sent him the articles and I asked him if there was something that he could do for the community. And so he is having an open night at the dojo where anybody can come in with their kids or parents and he would teach them some self-defense moves. I think this is what he talked over with Steve his partner and Joe will be teaching the class with some guy who is supposed to be huge so I think in general they are going to make the guy the bad guy and Joe is going to teach the younger people how to protect themselves. I think one of Joe's biggest defenses is to say run! He will also teach them to do things like yell loudly. Joe is always been very good with kids.

That was one of the interesting things that the boys were talking about and I will get into some of what Thom's doing too but both of the boys seem to have interest in teaching. I think Joe would take the senior high kids and Thom would take the middle school kids. It was like WOW! And, did you know my masters and PhD was going to be education??!! I didn’t know they were interested! I think Thom's middle school with me was a lot better for him that his high school years were with his Dad. He talked about Mr. Crow the gym teacher and his best friend, John, and how they had a lot of fun. I had seen the three of them playing and teasing each other and they did seem to be getting along very well. I think that it's not that Thom can't handle kids that are little bit rougher, but he doesn't have as much hope for them as he does younger set. In all actuality, Thom the Marine is going to schools as a volunteer once a month to help work with troubled teens. This thing or the Marines thing is to offer them alternatives and to encourage them to get involved with other things that are healthier than gangs and such. I think he is working an uphill battle when he's talking about the kids in Washington DC you can get to be a real rough group.

Joe said that he was interested in teaching math which would of course include computers and Thom said he would be most interested in being a gym teacher. I thought that spoke well of Mr. Crow who was Thom's volleyball and basketball coach, was the star of both teams. He is very good at body condition and sports. He doesn't like to watch sports but he still runs and at the time when the kids were growing up, I figured out how realistic the boys were in thinking that Thom was a great player. At one point the grandmother offered that the boys go to basketball camp called Ray Myers who is the famous Chicago player or coach I think but as it turned out Thom got the MVP award for the most valuable player for the entire camp which had to have a couple hundred people, and he wasn't one of the oldest boys but he was very talented. I can't over-rate enough how quick Thom is with both his body and mind. Both the boys talked about being able to explain things very well to kids and then they kind of marveled over how both of a them shared that ability, I was like well does it maybe have something to do with the way your mother raised you?!!! They weren't sure to take it that far but they did think about it for a second. My theory on child raising – stay at home mom 10 years, when my ex wasn’t around much so I was doing almost all the child raising, but I had a belief that every question the child asked would need to be answered honestly. I didn’t want to mess around with that whatsoever, and so they didn't have a lot of clutter garbage-up their minds it was very quickly going from point A to point B and then that point was supported. I think that had always helped the boys.

I guess there is a little bit of curiosity and that Connie Sue and I will raise from the same parents but she went into social work where I went into human development and psychology. When I had gotten pregnant after my third year of college then I thought that was a perfect opportunity to go seriously into human development. I took it from a studied approach i.e. I didn't assume that anything that I had been taught growing up was something I wanted to do with my boys. I was reading a book every other week on child raising and I was very attuned to doing the right things. One of these years the boys might step back and really appreciate that but I think until they have their own kids they aren't as willing to listen to the current conversation. What CS did with Nathan? Lord, only knows … I do know that the brothers supported each other and that was important to me because I didn’t trust my siblings.

Okay enough of that

Thom did talk about his work a little bit more. I think it has a lot to do with security clearance. I think he's in charge of making sure that foreign nationals are credited properly to being at the Pentagon. He talked a little bit more about the differences between being a Cpl. and a sergeant and I think you it’s mostly about authority and having those under you. Because he said the first thing he did when he made sergeant was to start yelling back at the other sergeants. I guess that something that you can do but you can't do that as a Cpl. Thom was very exacting in telling more about his habits of work more than the actual job that he was doing so we know more about his efficiency and he seems very confident in his ability to get things done, pretty much he says that he does much more work than others that I don't have any other reason not to believe him. He talked about getting a personal accommodation that is very rare and different point systems and that he is at the top but Thom has been at the top of so many other things that this is - I won't take it for granted but I will say that it doesn't surprise me. I remember that even at boot camp where there is hundreds and hundreds of men, that he was chosen to be the sergeant scribe, who would assist the Sergeants, go through everything that the recruits needed as to personal gear or supplies. This meant that he had control of what they called the whiskey closet or whiskey locker something like that, and so when it came time to graduate he earned his Marine status, but he also left as Marine first-class. Thom says that he is now at E5 level for example in four years’ time as his stepbrother was that at an E3 level when he left the Marines.

Okay now I see well. I found something on the Internet that gave the levels. I had known before but had forgotten that Thom has an enlisted rank, and in the Marines you are enlisted unless you went to college and which case you would be an officer. So the ranking pretty much goes like this the first E1 is a private which is what happens to you as soon as you become a Marine. And then the next level is E2 and that is private first class (Pfc.) that's where Thom was when he came out. And then over in Japan he became a lance corporal which is E3 and that's a level that his stepbrother was in after his four years of training. And then the next step is that you become a Cpl. - that is E4. After that, the leadership responsibility greatly increases for the mid-level ranks and this is where Thom is at this point. You are given more responsibility for being a noncommissioned officer and petty officer (?) so that I guess that would make Thom a noncommissioned officer or NCO which is an officer who hasn't been to college. So, anyway at this point he's at the sergeant level. I should have known this before. So, Thom is E5 and after that you become staff Sgt. at E6 and at E7 you become a gunnery Sgt. I think Thom said that if he put in four more years he would probably come out as a gunnery Sgt. I think of this as primarily - for one, when Thom talks about the people in authority over him right now most often it's a gunnery Sgt. and for the second thing that Gibbs on my NCIS was a gunny or gunny Sgt. You know that has to score high in our book. That’s the extremes of our knowledge.

Okay, I was doing a little bit of reading it says that at the E8 level there are two positions but it depends on which MOS you hold. This would have something to do with Thom being intelligence. I think he wants to move from his original MOS to another position where he is actually doing more work. And he sees working with more and more people underneath him. I'm trying to think now what it was I think he has some kind of training position where if the Marine has some particular task he makes the rules for the procedures - I think this is more part of his job he's working more into now. I know last night we talked a little bit about writing, and I know that's a stumbling block for Thom because as smart as he is he has problems writing and spelling.

I work so hard with Thom in spelling when he was young, but he just never got it and I think that's the hard part of having a super brain is that not everything is super easy for Thom for example - knowing the months of the year was very confusing, although he could write an algorithm. I suppose this just happens to be the way the brain works. At E8 and E9 you have two positions that are of equal pay but again it depends on which MOS you have. E8 then is for either a Master Sgt. or a first Sgt. and at E9 you are either a master gunnery sergeant or sergeant major and then the last step you can go to without being an enlisted person is the Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps’ and there's only one position that that pay rate from what I'm reading here. It also says that usually people with E8 and E9 have at least 15 to 30 years on the job that really tells me a lot about Thom and 8-9 years’ service expectation at being E7, he would definitely have more school, but I would hope that if he did 4 more years as a Marine that he would by then graduate and be working as a- non-commissioned officer.

Thom talked about school too a little bit in that he said this would be the last class he was going to take for this last year of his present enlistment because the education opportunities are so good after you're out that he would most likely do something along that route. I would like to see Thom take more classes but if he was out of school he would have a full-time job too. That came up more during that first night (Saturday) that Thom was back while talking with his father and uncles. They were saying that even though in one year he could command a pay grade of about $60,000 to start with working for some facet of the government, they thought that it was a waste of his intelligence to settle for that kind of money. Maury is making $50,000 and then thought of that comment as an insult. As if Maury was doing sub-level work because he was working hard for less – this is what his father did, but that it wasn’t ok for Thom, because they perceived him as more special. It was okay for Maury to “be less”, but Thom was that much more special. I really have to point out that Thom is very unique but he's not more special of one of my boys over the other. Again were just at that point where I haven't seen him for 15 months and so on the little Thom crazy right now there's just so much information coming in and this is the information that I'm going have to hold for the next however long before he talks us again.

One of the things Thom said that he would work on if he was not going to school directly was to continue educating himself on how to speak Vietnamese. I guess he has some level of confidence when he's drinking, but his sister-in-law, teases him negatively about his dialect that so, he feels a little gun shy. I don't think it is easy learning a language, and I don't think Thom learning an Asian language would be very easy at all. He does have experience from a couple years living in Japan so he might have a better ear for it, and Thom's first wife was also Vietnamese. I don't know what Thom wants to do with that language, he could definitely use it in intelligence, but I think it's more a point of honor within his new family to understand their language. I'm very proud of him on that factor.

Maury said something about Thom over at his uncle's house saying that Thom would either stay in Washington DC, or possibly he would go out toward Hawaii if you were to stay in the service. It seems like it's a 50-50 thing right now and at the time he's just considering both his options. I don't know at which point they really try hard to get him to sign up. I think there's a huge benefit for signing up for reenlisting. Okay, here we go, I am at a Marine site and they are saying that there are only so many positions that can be retained - each to do depending on how many spaces there are in each MOS. It says that if there is more enlistment for a particular position which is called reenlistment booth spaces – something then about filling positions with first-time Marines seeking another contract will be determined on which Marines will be retained. If there aren’t enough spaces, the Marine will have to learn another job, or leave the service, and then it also says in job fields were both space is extreme and it exceeds applications the core offers is receiving then cash bonuses are given to entice reenlistment. This is the situation in Thom's case. He would be given a bonus for reenlistment. I think that Thom was talking about like $50,000 but I can't believe that – it is a lot of money. It does say here that the rate is computed by taking a Murray's Marines base pay … let’s see is if I can figure this out.

Okay it says that for an E5 for over four years, would be making or is making $2487 so that means that each month he gets about $2500 but that means no taxes and he has benefits like housing medical transportation - I think things like that maybe not transportation. If Thom was at E6, he would be at $2772, and if he was at E7 when he left, he be at $3185. But, I think those are the ranks possible for him if he had stayed the next four years. So then looking at the $2487 figure - okay I think I get it. I think the $50,000 was an accurate price basically it's his salary of $2500 multiplied by four years of service, which is $10,000 and then that depending on what is MOS is that it can be multiplied by .5 or as much as 5, but I'm going to safely assume here that because Thom is in intelligence, and that must be a very highly sought position, that we can multiple his $10,000 by 5 and that’s why he’s saying it will be a $50,000 bonus. That makes sense, so that's a huge chunk of change to get and that's very worthy of Thom's effort I believe. I hope that he actually does reenlist. It also says that Thom has to be recommended for reenlistment from the commanding officer and then that goes to Marine Corps headquarters. Because Thom is so efficient in what he's doing and because he is working at Marine headquarters in DC - Pretty sure though that if Thom is at the Pentagon already in his fourth year that they are going to want to keep him.

It also says here - well what I'm reading, it says that once approved for reenlistment that a Marine has 15 days to raise his right hand and take the oath to make his reenlistment official, and that after his first term - the Marines who reenlist are expected to consider as a career Marine and they expect he will reenlist until 20 year retirement. Although reenlistment is hard for many positions, I think there are so few trained at Thom’s position that he’d be good to go. I mean when he went to MOS training school there was only like 11 people being trained and some of those people were other services so that with Thom’s particular group, there was only four actual Marines being trained, and I’m not sure if they all made it. When you consider that the Marines have about 250,000 Marines active or on reserve, his position is pretty well protected as far as job security goes.

Okay at this point, it is now 10 AM, and was taking a break I'm not sure if Linda is still online. We did check in on her and her green light is on, but I don't know if she's signed on and she says that she was there about 51 min. ago I've waited now a couple minutes, but I think I'm going to move on. We also checked e-mail and there was nothing there. I think if I was can be a real good and this might be the time I stopped to do the laundry ritual – think some clothes need to be done and I think he needs dishtowels. Wow! That's a lot of responsibility. Okay, was really hard because I was in the bedroom today when Rich put on a statement out that there were no matching socks left in the drawer. He then had to wear unmatched socks, and then I felt terrible, so I guess this is where it comes and I have to do some work. Okay I'll be right back.

Okay that's done we've got now about 40 min. before I go back downstairs and check the clothes. I don't have to decide whether I want to start a second load, that would probably be the nice thing for me to do, but it also might mean steaming shirts, and I'm not so sure if I'm up to that today - maybe just one load. We are not so sure whether were going to get a chance to see Dr. Marvin tomorrow or not with Thom having my car. I asked Rich this morning whether he wanted to consider bringing me in or whether I should cancel the appointment, and he said that I should try to make appointments, but if I had to choose between the two dates go for Thursday instead of Tuesday, so maybe will split the difference. I will give Dr. Marvin a copy of this note and because it is so long maybe give him the option of whether he wants to read it Tomorrow, but I won't be there so maybe we can talk for 10 min. on the phone. I do have to remember to go to Walgreens I just got a reminder call from them. I think right now I'm going to put another call into the other place the financial place at UIC what I do that hold please.

Well I'm not so sure that was good or bad I did get a live person I really thanked her and she probably looked a little inconvenienced about that one, but is so infrequent that I get real people that when I called her. She tried to read off the file and I don't really trust where she's at right now. She's kind of guessing, but basically she's saying that because disability won't start till March 1 that I won't get Medicaid before that so she saying that the three months previous won't be covered and that even though I have charity that it doesn't cover Dr. Marvin psychiatry bills. I think this is a part where Dr. Marvin was saying that I might be responsible for the psychiatry bills but we both thought that the first three months would be covered. She wasn't sure when I questioned her on that so she said let me give you a call back and then she was going to call public aid to see what the status was from there and so maybe I'll get better information. It would be easier for her to call and get through than me. I do like that they are tied UIC so they should help me balance this out. Dr. Marvin says I have to be responsible and I will.

That's about as much consternation as I could take right now. I will wait till she calls back before I contact Dr. Marvin to let him know what's going on. But at this point, I'm going to guess that I am going to be paying the bill more than less and there will be nothing I can do about that except for to have her set up payments and do what I can do. Hopefully they'll take into consideration that I haven't even started getting disability and disability is only so much money. I don't think they can take more than we have. The big deal will be to start making payments on the apartments and on the car. I'm afraid the school loan has gone down already a couple thousand dollars, but I believe that Rich got two rent payments on that and I thought he had to make one car payment, but I'm not sure if I have that extra money in the account and account to get merged and I know I've been doing some of my own spending on school/computer, but that's about again as much as I want to do there. I just checked again the bank account and there is no money in there for the federal IRS check yet.

I did do some of the bill work yesterday in that waiting for Thom after Rich and I cleaned up the place little more I sat on the couch and opened all the envelopes that were on the desk. If I was doing what I should do today I would've these get them to the scanner and then sort them out for Rich so he was aware of what he needed to be aware of and follow the rest. Unfortunately, that takes into consideration that I have time but I don't. This writing was going to be important to me as to getting as much down as I can remember from the last couple days with the kids, and then I have to really kick it up a notch as far as my reading goes there is more than a couple chapters to be read on the textbook, and I like to read on Sunday, but there wasn't any time to read yesterday, so I'd like to get into it today. I don't know when Thom and Duyen will come in and I don’t want to lose time with him over homework. I also have to be conscious that because he has the car, and I think he was going to plan on stopping by at his grandmothers, which is close, that he could drop by at any time. He might not be the one to call ahead. Maury has learned the hard way that sometimes I can't be visited because I'm so scruffy. I think that may be the next thing I would do is take a shower, and then I would go back and do some really loose editing of this document. I would then send a copy to both Dr. Marvin and Linda to let them know what's going on. But then, I would really have to spend most rest the day on just getting the clothes finished and getting the reading done. I would like to say that I started the dishwasher and so now that is done and the dishes were put away so that will make me feel better.

So it might seem that my time is running out. I have gotten like 22 pages completed this morning so that's probably enough theoretically. It is about 10:30 AM now. I'm a little bit again, discombobulated. I don't know which direction I'm going to turn next. I think I sent Dr. Marvin a note so he knew that my ex-mother-in-law was in the hospital, but I don't know if I said very much, and it he didn't respond back this morning. And I know he has a pretty busy day because he is now backed-up a week. I should get a hold of Rich one more time to see if he's made his decision on tomorrow or not, as to if I could see Dr. Marvin. I don't know if Thom is going to do too much visiting, he indicated that he probably would not be seeing Austin and I didn't like the sound of that at all. His logic was that why come into his life for short periods and make it hard, just to leave again. My understanding is that those visits are so worthwhile that they should be made. It's not really for Thom - it's for the child. And Thom is going to have to accept taking any emotion that the child might dump on him, because he's mad or angry or confused or hurt. But that is just a grandma's perspective. I haven't seen Austin for 10 years but I still have feelings for the kid.

I think what Thom is planning on doing is to go downtown a couple of times. He wants to take Duyen to see some sites, I forgot to list it on his agenda, but he really should take her to at least Navy pier. I think Thom has more knowledge on what goes on in Chicago than most of us, so he would probably be the better tour director. I like it that he's taking things at his own pace even though it might mean me not being able to see him as often as I would like. I did bit get a call from Maury this morning saying that he might be coming over for lunch, but him coming over would also be a nice surprise. He’s still more likely to stop over on a Sunday than on a Monday or Tuesday, and he didn't so I'm not sure. He might know the Thom had come over yesterday and that might not be sitting well with him, but he has to understand that I'm going to be eager to see Thomas. It doesn't make Thom better than Maury, but it does say something to being a mother over THREE boys. I think, I watched this with Rich’s kids too - basically the kid being in town normally gets more time with his father, and so when the older brother and sister comes to town the first one gets discombobulated of attention all of a sudden going somewhere else and then they don’t feel as important. I really want to be sensitive of that with Maury while still being excited to see Thom.

Seeing the boys altogether is always the best thing. Between the three of them talking together, I learned more than just one-on-one talking to me because the other boys know so much more about what's going on in general that the conversation is wider and broader. My understanding is that Thom is going to go back to DC on next Sunday. I hope that somebody has some information on Mrs. Garvey soon. You don't want to wish something bad on her, although I was not wishing too much good on her the other day when I first heard about it. I don't think of her very often but when I do, my thoughts always go back first to the rough times that we had spent with her. It would be wrong for me - though as Linda suggested having negative feelings towards her especially in consideration of the boys relationship to her. There's no doubt that she is and has always been a good grandmother to the boys within the boundaries of being a long-distance grandmother.

There's so many things that happened yesterday in conversation I feel bad about just stopping here because there'll be so much I'll miss and never be able to remember again so I have to think real hard here. It's like being with Dr. Marvin where there is just so much I can remember. I did talk to Duyen yesterday and she asked a question about what I remember after I read, and it sounds like she has similar problems as me. With so much forgotten after being read, it is probably making her question whether it was worth reading. So I showed her the way I take notes in my books and the system with up to three starts as to designated importance and the little eyes next of the items that I'm interested in going back to. I said this is a good marker for me so that the next time I have to look for information that I just look for these markers first I don't have to read everything all over again. I think she understood that very well she's a smart girl. I hope that it helps her. I guess the next load of clothes is going to be done in about 18 min. so I'll give myself that long at which point I will stop, change the last load of clothes, take my shower, start editing, get clothes out of the dryer, finish editing, send out mail, and then read for the rest the day. It's about a full a day as I want to imagine.

In general I think the only thing that I feel bad about is that I didn't get any pictures taken yesterday. I had forgotten my camera in the coat and then it does seem rude to take pictures, although I really should've because it was the first time I met Duyen. I didn't want to be disrespectful to her and asking her to pose. Thom will understand the right to get at least one good picture with them together - he's gotten better with this over the years. I think at this point of the life, he appreciates that he has pictures taken when he is home with his three brothers, so at least he has that reference to go back to and so do we. I know this week is going to go by so fast. It is very beautiful outside. It's sunny, with a slight breeze and the birds are singing. There was rain this morning I think is the ground looks a little damp. But the windows are open and it just feels very pleasant. It was a good week for Thom to come home.

Assignment 2.1 Ann Garvey, Friday, March 16, 2012

Mission Statement

The mission for Mimi’s Dragon is to foster habits of interchange, inquiry and real learning through writing and then creating/implementing a successful guided approach to one’s ability to know multiplicity by reading Mimi’s Dragon. In an ideal world, the learner will be able to build-upon, trust and adhere to the insights gained and value found in everyday life, dialogue and co-existence of having many selves. The writing will include conversational thoughts, emotions and behaviors of a multiple (internal system of having one core person with 18 dissociative identities) and sharing a co-learning approach (external system of the community at large). Mimi’s Dragon will do this through the book’s concept tags (referencing system’s almost subliminal messaging), as well as processing the external systems’ viewpoint by reviewing and analyzing society’s stance on multiplicity through a one and a half years ongoing preservation of Google search records on multiplicity (already gained). The approach will also be managed in that it will follow a structure which hopes to increase public value through strategically planning around the multiple’s culture (internal and external).

Vision Statement

The vision of our “multiple system” writing “Mimi’s Dragon” will be to respect selves by being honest with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors; to accept when offered validity and love through selves, God, family, friends and other people; to honor our freedom and independence; to cherish our rights to make choices and be responsible for our decisions; to strive for capability; to be accountable for our happiness; and to share whatever wisdom we learn in offering to help others along similar paths.

Acceptance of Mission Statements and Vision Statement

The original mission statement was not well understood, so a new mission statement was formed so that it include more of the process of what was being learned through both writing Mimi’s Dragon, and then reading it. It will be communicated as a “front page” to anything formal being written by Mimi’s Dragon such as in everyday processing of the dashboard mind map considered elsewhere, in framing copies of the written document to be edited by others, and in the final publishing of the book. The mission statement became more real in the second version.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges

I believe the strength of the mission statement and vision statement is that they include the desire that there be an interchange with the writer and the reader of Mimi’s Dragon. It is hoped that the reader think through what is being stated and reflect on it so that he or she can develop a personal “mythology” of multiplicity that works for them. There still are no “set” answers. The dialogue of the book should be a starting ground for new types of conversations on the subject, including the most prevalent question when asked about multiplicity from the external world “Is it real?” The weakness in the two documents is that there really isn’t a visional part for the readers. The present vision statement is written for the writer. With this in mind it is an opportunity to focus on the multiple themselves and what she gains from communicating with others by being the most she can be. The challenge is that there will 12-16 months of writing Mimi’s Dragon, so that whether this “system” of writing works, will not be found until much further down the line, but that is also the beauty of a strategic system is that you can adapt as you go, which is optimal in a multiples’ system – of being adaptability to her environment.

Explanation to a well-formed mission/vision statement and how it can be more effectively communicated

It became important to write a well-formed mission/vision statement in that we found when it wasn’t as well-formed, it left more confusion than answers. Although, I might be coming down harder on myself than I should, I really do believe that sometimes the best editing is after time has passed from the first copy to the second, in that you have a chance to live with the document. I found when I went over the first copy I was asking myself too often “What does this mean?” If I was questioning the document so would my readers and documents not easily understood are easily passed over as non-essential. I do want the writing to be of public value. It can be more effectively communicated, if we waited for some more time to pass, and then we would try to make it shorter and more efficient without adding confusion or letting go of its present value.

Mission Statement being utilized in the organization of Mimi’s Dragon and readiness to start the strategic process

I have believed in using mission statements for the last 12 years in our previous non-profit business because it clarified what should be happening at the center if all else failed. About nine years ago we wrote our own personal mission statement. The vision statement is a little newer concept to us. It was surprising over the years, both with business and personal, how often we went back to the statements to check and review to see if we were still towing the mark, or in which direction we were now going.

Over the course of the last two weeks, there is more emphasis on self-defining the audience for the book. I hold great value to the statements made in the book on public value stating (Bryson, Anderson, Alston, 2011, p. ix),“Implementation in other words, is “the effort to realize in practice an organization’s mission, goals and strategies, the meeting of its mandates, continued organizational learning, and the ongoing creation of public value.’” Our system is finding ourselves more into the strategic process than we might be in that we started to work more with the three texts then required. After completing the third and fourth chapters of the regular text (Bryson, 2011), we went through and wrote out answers in the “Creating” text, (Bryson & Alston, 2011) before looking at the required worksheets in the Implementation book (Bryson, Anderson, & Alston, 2011). I am being really surprised how much thought has gone into the process and I find if I meet a worksheet with more challenge, then other worksheets will become that much easier to process through.


Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Bryson, J. M. & Alston, F.K. (2011). Creating your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Bryson, J. M., Anderson, S. R., & Alston, F.K (2011). Implementing and sustaining your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Assignment 2.1 Pepper, Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Ann,

Did you notice that our posted 2.1 assignments say it is 3-16, when clearly it is still Thursday night, 3-15-12 this makes it look like we posted late but did not. I am going to take a screen shot with the time and date on my computer. Then I will come back and respond to you. It is 11:50 P.M. Arizona time.


P. S.

"Our physical reality is a living picture of our own inner thoughts and emotions" (Roberts, 1974). I find your post and business project on which you are doing strategic planning fascinating. I think Mimi's Dragon is a joint writing project of some sort, but I don't really understand the frequent use of multiple personalities? - multiples, so I am not sure if I get the concept correctly, though I see you are expending dedicated time in trying to explain it. Can you post a graph or picture or something in a pdf so we can grasp it, even if it is like a Tony Buzan mind map? Thank you,


Are these the personalities and behaviors or plot lines of a publicly written book? Like people dreaming a reality together and your are making it into a social statement, as in art foretells the future?

Assignment 2.1 Ann Garvey, Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi Pepper!

Thank you so much for the comments and questions. I apologize in the beginning for the length of our response. It seemed like a good idea to utilize a mind map to diagram the “parts.” I’m sorry that there was confusion in trying to understand what we were doing. Let me try that again.

I have multiple personality disorder (MPD), which I sometimes abbreviate to being a “multiple.” The official terminology is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I was diagnosed 22 years ago, and I’m considered to be fairly high functioning. We have one core self, Annemarie, and 18 “parts” or alters within our system. (See diagram as to when each evolved). We continued from infancy to 18 years of age in developing “parts,” and then from that point onward we’ve been figuring out how things have worked. The initial year behind each name in the diagram is when each of the part presented within our system and then there are a few descriptive words that explain their situation. The later years are how many years we’ve calculated each part has evolved to (toward our present body age). We believe that the parts stagnate or grow according to the time out in the “external world” taking care of the issues that caused them to become (internal world meaning the 18 minds within our one brain). The general conception of multiplicity is that it general happens to normal children who are normally very bright and creative as a means with dealing primarily with sexual abuse before the age of 4 years, and usually through a form of incest (utilizing unknowingly dissociation processes to distance them psychologically to survive the trauma).

There are two books involved that I talk about as having written or am writing. The first book is published and can be found online or at Amazon, under my name or the title, “Ann’s multiple world of personality: Regular, no cream, no sugar” (Garvey, 2010). I have written continuously since the time period (2003-2004) the first book entailed, so I have the material for quite a few books, but we decided to jump ahead and try something also journalistic as is our favorite writing style, but as well more scholarly – through Mimi’s Dragon. Through this course in strategy, I hope to get a better grip on the necessary structure to make Mimi’s Dragon focused more on our perception and the communities’ perception (anybody else in the world) of multiplicity. I’m really aware that there is a lot of skepticism generally being put out there. You’ll wonder about it yourself. We hope through Mimi’s Dragon to go more into depth in finally understanding some of the parts, especially now that we are not working and have the school structure/frame to be processing the thoughts, feelings and experiences in an educational/learning format. After the Master’s degree we hope to continue our learning through the Doctorate process, which will assist in the building of our validity to be writing.

Most accounts of multiplicity focus only on the extreme problems that cause the initial dissociation processes. There is some kind of “shock value” that sells. And, it gets kind of crazy.

   In truth, I think very little is known about the abuses of the younger years directly, but can be learned somewhat from repetitive parts acting out through various ages in the present as part of our “one” system. For example “our KC” has tendencies to get “stomping mad” at being told to go to bed. I can be conscious of that as an older part, but we’ve not been able to understand enough the pressures she is feeling to help her get over that level of frustration that we as a system feel. When other parts other than KC are out – there is not as much difficulty by the act of going to bed, but unless she’s out and we can help her process her experience, she will relive it over and over again which doesn’t help any of us and makes life more difficult for Rich.

Much of how the abuse happens unless there are witnesses who will speak of it is a bit of detective work or developing what we consider to be our “mythology.” But, this holds true for “singletons” as well. None of us really remember too much literally of our first few years, but trace it back especially through “stories” of family or pictures that had been present which means we all more or less develop our own mythology or understanding of how we have come to be. I hold us accountable for what I believe to have been our past, but just through a few pages because I will never know for sure – in that our abusers are no longer alive. As well, within our system (of multiplicity), we haven’t often dealt with what has happened in the past, because it was always seen as more directly important to be using our time for evolving more adult functionality to support our place in this world, which means trying to live in the present. This includes doing things normally like getting to bed on time and getting homework in on schedule. Again, we’ll see what develops over this next year as Mimi’s Dragon will continue to be written. I would like the project to complete itself by the end of graduation from the Master’s program, approximately June of 2013.

I have been very fortunate to have a couple of really key relationships that help me to work with being and understanding being a multiple. I’ve been seen at the University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) for about 20 years by both the Chief of Psychiatry and the Psychiatrist Director responsible for leading and teaching all the medical students in UIC’s psychology program – both physicians and psychiatry interns. I will always work toward being an “open book or a transparent entity, because I think the issues are very difficult to understand and not as many have been as fortunate as we have been through our opportunities. I am also in a long-term relationship with Rich, (our love interest) for the last 18 years, so obviously, he has quite a stake as to being another external that will be utilized as part of our strategic work. The good Dr. Marvin will serve as our external sponsor for the strategy work we will be doing for the book Mimi’s Dragon and Rich will serve as part of the strategy planning team (SPT) and implementation team (I-team).

Our parts according to their functionality will serve on the Strategy planning coordinating committees (SPCC) and SPT along with other groups. SPCC and SPT will include externals, where the “groups” will be just internal between our various parts. We’ve tried to team parts up so they learn to be better supported by the “leadership parts”- especially with older parts communicating to younger parts and vice versa so that being “out” is safe (and sponsored) for them, especially working with Dr. Marvin. Please bear with us; I know it probably seems strange to understand.

There are three facets of writing the book at this point. The first is the actual discussion that will occur through the next 12-16 months in writing out our day to day story literally which becomes a good part of Mimi’s Dragon. The next facet is analysis work – or more subliminal work we will do with the concept tags. This is a codifying of what has been written through the day-to-day story part that will assist us in understanding better the parts especially through feelings, how they function within the system, and what their issues are. And then, the third facet is that we have been collecting (though not opening) key links through a Google search on MPD and DID for about 1 ½ years. I’ve peeked enough to know that a lot of threads picked up by Google have been the public’s perception and a lot of that is negative, like “how many multiple alters does it take to screw in a light bulb?” We are going over these Google threads now at our pace through writing Mimi’s Dragon; we will clarify and research to develop a new series of thoughts on the subject from this “input” from the community.

One of the important aspects of doing this work now is that we have more personal time available to us and through the structure of school we hope to better educate ourselves and the general public and communicate with other multiples. We, like you would like to utilize our skills and abilities to contribute back toward “public value.” I believe everything happens as it does for a reason … and just like you found you in this course at this particular time in your life, which will shed light on your desires and growth, as well it has happened in “our” lives. I really appreciate the questions and comments, because it clues us into what is being understood and what isn’t. I appreciate you giving me a chance to dialogue with you. Please continue! And, I’m sorry about the brevity … this has never been a strong suit of ours.

Our best,


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Assignment 2.1 Steve, Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi Steve,

It is nice to meet you. I will be eager to find out how you do in a household of females. My son is married with four girls from K-7 and we’re not sure how to get to the other side of having teenagers. You must be doing something right! I appreciate the work you, you’re CTE department, school, and your school district have placed in developing and implementing strategic plans and mission statements. There is no doubt that the economy has affected the plans and aspirations of many. I feel for you in that you don’t see the communities needs as having been met in that it should better reflect the current economy, develop better short- and long-term goals, and challenge the system and its processes to be more accountable and responsible for more than the “ABC’s and AYP.” I had to look up to find it meant “adequate yearly progress.” I am more attuned to adult education where the challenge is not as direct.

School Leadership should also be accountable and responsible for development and support of CTE programs for real life careers and emergent, corresponding skill sets and it would seem that academia could better support this reality. I am agreeable to your thoughts. I also had to look up Perkin’s Law and appreciate this head’s up. I came through the ranks through psychology and human development rather than directly through education. I am encouraged that beside training young people to work directly in their communities and attend colleges and universities that they are also being taught through your CTE program skills through shorter-access careers and technology development, which does seem on schedule for newer needs within the community. It seems that you’ve identified through assessment some of the particular strategic needs for the students as being impacted by their poor focus and lack of comprehension as well as being affected by lack of adequate resources and inefficient quality controls, which is why you receive kudos for trying to ground your program in current realities.

It is clear that you and your peers have bought-into the development of the mission statement. I do have a question though as to it didn’t appear through your notes that the students were involved as the teachers were in defining the school’s mission. Do they have direct buy-in as well? I liked that about your discipline program – that the students were being encouraged to choose and decide methods to self-correct when responding to poorer decisions in acting out. They also at this point were taking ownership and accountability for their behaviors. I’ve always liked thinking that discipline (external) and self-discipline go hand in hand, and I’m sure that is a valuable skill set for your program as well. The day-to-day contact with their world especially through technology should assist in helping the learners better focus, set goals, analyze and then synthesize all the e-learning information coming at them, as well as learning problem solving skills so that they benefit and live up to their expectations as guided through your mission statement of living successful lives and become responsible citizens.

Great work!

Our best,


Assignment 2.1 Ann Garvey, Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi Lynette,

It is nice to meet you. I looked up a few of your acronyms and was well pleased with what we were learning. Every time I learn something more about successful programs, I get excited. The field of education seems full of nice surprises. It appears that Rhawnhurst is more hands on then some schools as to your conversations on tactile and manipulative techniques. I am guessing that this is part of the Success for All (SFA) program of engagement of students through cooperative learning, which allows them to think creatively and challenge each other (2011). I will stand corrected if I misinterpreted this finding. I also read the comments about some of the non-PTO parents as not being as engaged as PTA parents which would surely affect the variance of learning style for both parents and children through their academic and personal lives. The benefits to the teachers as to their utilizing support, collaboration, professional development and goal setting seems to cover many aspects of their learning and development of teaching skills, which of course gets passed down to the children. I would like to know if the school works also with parents by engaging them with support for their needs (thinking particularly of those younger mothers), collaboration, professional development and goal setting so that they also could be involved in the school vision of each inspiring others. It really sounds otherwise like your school is on the right track.

Our best,



Success for All. (2011). Success for all is a proven whole-school improvement approach that helps every child succeed in school. Retrieved from

Saturday, March 17, 2012


 Good morning, this is me. How is Dragon this morning? Fine, I see everything is in order. This is already being a problem. Missy is already meowing. They were terrible this morning as to waking Rich and me up.  To be fair it was already 5:30 AM, but I really had not wanted to get up. It's a nice comfortable morning just a little chill in the air which makes snuggling under blankets - oh so fine. I figured the that Rich deserve to sleep been he's been working so hard, and because I had so much to do today that I might as well get a start on it.

   I don't believe that I have written since Monday, and it is already Saturday. We had to do a lot more reading this week than normal, because I've been trying to catch up with the worksheets, that weren't assigned but makes the work so much easier to do at school. Also Thom and Duyen have been here in town and at our place to visit so we've been trying to make time for that and have been having such a good time with it. Thom and Duyen came over on Wednesday evening after dinner and stayed for a couple hours. It was nice to talk to them alone for part of that time, and then Rich came home about 8:15 PM. He adds his own dimension, but some of the things the kids had wanted to talk about were able to be done and it was very comfortable.

   One of the big things that are being discussed now is that Thom and Duyen are getting officially married on August 6 this year in Vietnam and they are asking if the parents would like to come. I think my ex and his wife are going to try to be there and at this point I believe that Rich and I are going to try to be there too. One difference there is that Thom has stated he would pay for my transportation although Rich would have to pay for his and Thom would not be able to do me being there without Rich. We all know how that goes. The next time we saw them they had talked to Duyen’s parents, and they have stated that they would put Rich and us up and feed us for the week that we were there. I don't like the sound of that, but I like the potential it offers us in being able to come with our low-budget. I know time will tell, but after the kids had left and I asked Rich he was very positive and saying that we should make the effort and I should order my passport. I just can't be more excited.

   There is a clause though, which is actually pretty fair. Thom has asked that we lose weight. He suggested 15 pounds, Rich suggested 60 pounds, and we are thinking that it is about 140 days between Wednesday the day it was suggested and a couple days before we would leave. That breaks down to 20 weeks times 2 pounds per week, would be 40 pounds, but that we would stretch it to 2 to 3 pounds per week which would put us closer to 50 pounds lost. We weighed 287 pounds when we started and now we are at 285.4. Maybe what we should do is concentrate on 3 pounds per week and that our weight be checked on Wednesdays. If we did 3 pounds a week, then it would be Riches 60 pounds total in 20 weeks which would put us at a weight of 227. That would be quite some weight loss. I think I'm going to raise my expectation to 3 pounds a week better to overshoot than undershoot.

   It turns out that August 6 is a Monday and also Duyen’s birthday. I am thinking that we would leave on Wednesday the first, then get there on Thursday the second, spend the weekend, have the wedding on Monday, leave on Wednesday the eighth, and get back Thursday the ninth. A lot of things can happen between now and then as to planning, but I am thinking that it would be less expensive to travel during the middle of the week rather than the weekend. It is a 22 hour trip. Duyen’s family lives in Ho Chi Minh City. I am looking at a map of Vietnam and it appears that Vietnam really sleeps next to Laos and Cambodia and is just under China. At the risk of sounding extremely idiotic I wouldn't have known this before looking, or that it is near Thailand or Malaysia. It looks like it is surrounded by South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand. Oh my gosh there is going to be so much to learn.

   I am looking at the Wikipedia now and it seems that Ho Chi Minh used to be Saigon the largest City in Vietnam. It seems that Saigon – it used to be called Saigon, but from 1955 to 1975 S. Vietnam became an independent state, and was anti-Communist. It fought against the communist North Vietnamese and Vietcong during the Vietnam War with United States help and that Saigon fell when it was captured by communist on April 7, 1975 and that brought the end to the war. This was not what the United States wanted to see. It states that it was then turned into a communist state with the South overtaken and that in 1976 Saigon merged with the surrounding province and it was officially named Ho Chi Minh City although Saigon is commonly used.

   It said the City center is situated on the banks of the Saigon River 37 miles from the South China Sea and 1090 miles south of Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh has more than 9 million people making it the biggest populated City in Vietnam. It says that the greater Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area is expected to be at a population of 20 million by the year 2020. It states that Ho Chi Minh City is ranked 132 on the list of world's most expensive cities. You are going to get a big history lesson because we are going to keep reading.

   It was at one point part of the Khmer Empire. The original cities Saigon meant cotton stick because of its growth of cotton plants and it also refers to tall dense forest that existed around the City by the Khmer name Prey Nokor which meant for a City or forest kingdom. It states that the current official name is Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, so it looks like the Thanh pho part is a term for City. The early history states that the city began as a small fishing village and that it was one swampland inhabited by the Khmer people for centuries until the arrival of Vietnamese. Southern Vietnam was then given to the Vietnamese government as a dowry for the marriage of Vietnamese princess to Khmer prince in order to stop constant invasions and pillaging of Khmer villages.

   There is more that was going on which made it the capital of South Vietnam which had to do with its former Emperor but I'm at a loss for pronunciation. After Vietnam War and on April 30, 1975 the City fell under the control of Vietnamese People's Army which was considered the fall of Saigon although the communist Socialist Republic of Vietnam referred to it as the liberation of Saigon in 1976 there was an establishment of a unified communist Socialist Republic for Vietnam and several provinces were combined to create Ho Chi Minh City in honor of the late communist leader Ho Chi Minh. It's in informal context that it is still called Saigon. Generally, the term Saigon refers only to the urban district of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh is 809 mi.² which is .63 of the surface of Vietnam, and the distance between the north most point in the South is about 63 miles in about 29 miles wide this includes many of the Vietnamese districts of Ho Chi Minh.

   As far as the climate, it is specifically a tropical climate with an average humidity of 75% basically it has two distinct seasons. During the rainy season it has an annual rainfall of 71 inches or about hundred and 50 rainy days per year which usually begins in May and ends in late November. In comparison Chicago's annual precipitation is about 34.5 inches. The dry season lasts from December to April. The average temperature is 82°, and at its hottest it is about hundred two around noon in late April and the lowest temperature is about 61° in the early mornings of late December.

   It seems the political and administrative parts of Saigon is a municipality at the same level of Vietnam's provinces and the City has been divided into 24 administrative divisions since December of 2003. Five of these areas are considered rural, and a rural district consist of communes and townships each district is subdivided into wards and since December 2006 the city had 259 wards 58 communes and five townships. The People's committee in Ho Chi Minh is a 13 member executive Council for the City the current chairman is Le Hoang Quan. There are several vice chairman and chair women on the committee that are responsible for various City departments and the legislative branch of the City government is called the People's Council and has 95 deputies both the committee and the Council are subordinate to the cities Communist Party led by the party’s secretary Le Thanh Hai. The chairman of the People's committee is the number two position in the City government where the chairman of the People's Council is the number three position. It seems that in 2010 the districts are from about 140,000 people to almost 600,000 people. It seems that there are 19 districts and again 259 wards and these are considered inner districts and then there are five suburban districts with 58 communes five townships and each of those districts can be about 70,000 - 450,000 people. The whole City then is and 2010 about 7.4 million people.

   As to demographics, we pretty much went over that already. It seems that in Ho Chi Minh City the people are called Saigonnais. And they speak various dialects of Chinese such as Cantonese and a few speak Mandarin Chinese. A varying degree of English is spoken especially in tourism and commerce sectors dealing with foreign nationals. It is a necessity within these areas to speak English, and it has become a de facto second language for Saigonnais. It seems that as to religion Buddhism which includes all sex and/or including Taoism and Confucianism is about 80%, Roman Catholic is about 11%, and there are other groups which are about 2% and 7% of the religions are unknown.

   Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center of Vietnam. 7.5% of the population of Vietnam lives in Ho Chi Minh City in 2005 the City had 4.3 million laborers of which 130 thousand are over the labor age norm which is 60 for male and 55 for female workers. In 2009, the gross national product which is some complicated formula meaning basically the gross value added equals the value of the output minus the value of the intermediate consumption – Something like that at least. For Ho Chi Minh the GPD is about $2800 US money compared to this country's average level of $1042 of USD currency. It seems that United States is the first country as far as gross domestic product where Vietnam is about 56 or 58 places. So United States would be at 14.5 million which is about 23% of the entire world and Vietnam is about 135,074 which is a small percent of a small percent - it's a very small number. Rich just woke up and tried to figure it out was for me but I'm still not understanding. It's okay.

   Under the section on sectors the economy of Ho Chi Minh City consist of industries ranging from mining, seafood, processing agriculture, and construction, to tourism, finance, industry, and trade. The state owns a sector that makes up about a third of the economy and the private sectors about 5% and then the rest of the sector is foreign investment. The service sector accounts for about 51% and industry and construction account for about 48% so for street agriculture and others make up only 1.2% of the economy. They have the software park named Quang Trung that is situated in district 12 and is thought of as a dot com company. It also has a software training school. They receive here high-speed access to the Internet as well as favorable taxation, and there is a high-tech park in district 9 and a few others which makes it a large area for businesses. In 2006, Ho Chi Minh City had three export zones and 12 industrial parks and Intel had invested about $1 billion in a factory within the City. There are more than 50 banks with hundreds of branches, and about 20 insurance companies located inside the City, and they opened their first stock exchange in Vietnam in 2001 with 171 medium and large-scale markets, as well as having supermarket chains, shopping malls, fashion, and beauty centers.

   They state that Ho Chi Minh City needs to increase public infrastructure. I think this is what Duyen’s father does. I think his work is with water tunnels as part of building public infrastructure. There are several international schools along with an Australian school that I think Duyen’s brother goes to. Ho Chi Minh City is served by an international airport which is the largest airport in Vietnam and seems to handle about 15.5 million passengers are coming in and out of the country and they are building another airport for international travel that is expected be completed in 2025 based in one of the provinces. In comparison Chicago O'Hare airport handles about 36 million passengers each year. Many cities have terminals for many of the Vietnamese railroad routes.

   As to water, the city is busy with commerce from the Saigon River with a constant stream of cargo ships, passenger boats, and other. They receive about hundred thousand waterway vehicles each year representing about 13,000,000 tons of cargo and they have been working on a project to dredge the routes to facilitate transportation and it should be implemented between 2011 and 2014.

   Getting around in the City is done by motorbikes, buses, taxis, and bicycles as main means of transportation. Motorbikes remain the most common way to move around the City and taxis are plentiful. Meters are used in the taxis, but it is common to agree on the price before taking a long trip. Public buses run on many routes and fares can be purchased on the bus and for shorter trips. They call them “hugged vehicles” which are motorcycle taxis available with the passenger sitting in the rear of the motorbike. A popular activity for tourists is a tour the City and cycling allows for longer trips at a more relaxed pace. Over the last two years cars are more popular. The Ho Chi Minh City Metro network is currently in the preparation stage with the first line currently under construction to be completed by 2014 and all connects several districts. Planners expect the route to serve more than 160,000 people daily and they're doing more feasibility studies for other.

   Public health the healthcare system is relatively developed with 100 government owned hospitals or medical centers and dozens of privately owned clinics the major hospitals up to the size of 1400 bed hospital upgraded by Japanese aid and French sponsored Institute of cardiology. It is one of the top medical facilities in Indochina. The Ho Chi min Main medical center has recently attracted many clients including foreigners because of their good quality of service and modern equipment. People come from cities and nearby provinces in Cambodia as well. It is certified to health standards that are French.

   Communication through the City's media is the most developed in the country. They have seven daily newspapers. The English-language newspaper has a large circulation. The City has hundreds of printing and publishing houses, many bookstores, and a widespread network of public and school libraries. There's a local-based Ho Chi Minh City television HTV which is the second-largest television network in the nation just behind the national Vietnam television which covers 24/7 air time on seven different channels. They use both analog and digital technology. Many of the major international TV channels are provided through two cable networks with over 1 million subscribers and the voice of Ho Chi Minh City is the largest radio station in southern Vietnam. Internet coverage especially through ADSL connections is rapidly expanding and there are now over 5.5 million subscribers and considering the City is about 6.7 million that is pretty extensive. The City has more than 2 million fixed telephones and about 15 million cellular phones with cell phones growing annually by about 20%.

   In education there are many notable high schools in Ho Chi Minh City and there is a school for the gifted. There are two main high school systems in Ho Chi Minh City which are public schools and private schools. High schools have grades of 10 through 12, with sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Within the City there are 80 universities and colleges with a total of over 400,000 students and the Vietnam National University has 50,000 students it is the most important University in the southern region and has six member schools including sciences, social science and humanity, technology, international, economics and law, and information technology. The RMIT University which is the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology has about 6000 students and its a very unique foreign invested higher education unit in Vietnam.  I’m going to guess that is where Duyen’s brother is going to get his bachelor's degree.  It is one of the best private institutions in Vietnam for the moment and the tuition fee is about $35,000 annually US dollars. It is equal to the price of studying abroad in Australia or United States for many Vietnamese students. Sometimes public universities are more preferable because of the cost is cheaper, but they are more difficult to enter and while earning a high reputation. In recent years there's a tendency for Vietnamese students to go abroad before they enter University. And there are several reputable English-language schools following international curricula also located in Ho Chi Minh City.

   Tourism today within the city includes areas where there are historic French  colonial buildings with the most prominent being the reunification palace, City Hall, municipal theater or opera house, City post office, state bank office, City People's Court and Notre Dame Cathedral. Some of the historic hotels of the Hotel Majestic date back from the French colonial era and the Rex and Caravels hotels or formal were hangouts for American officers and war on correspondence in the 1960s and 70s. The City has various museums and there are many places of entertainment such as various theaters and stages. They have a amusement and cultural Park and there is an Echo Beach resort which is very nice. And there are three very large recreational sites that are popular with tourists. Ho Chi Minh City has hundreds of cinemas and theaters. Ho Chi Minh City keeps their theaters active without being subsidized by the Vietnamese government and the City boast of a multitude of restaurants serving typical Vietnamese dishes. Sports and recreation 2005 they had 91 football fields, 86 swimming pools, and the largest stadium in the City is a 25,000 seat-stadium located in the 10th District. There's one racetrack. The city is home to a number of Association football clubs and the Saigon team currently plays in Vietnam's first division.  The 2009 Saigon heat is the first ever international professional basketball team to represent Vietnam. And they host a number of international sports events and have teams in volleyball, chest, athletics, and table tennis.

   That's it that's Ho Chi Minh break because Rich would like to talk before he leaves this morning.

   Okay, we are back again. But this time it is almost 9 AM, and Riches gone to work at his shop, the house is picked up, we've taken our shower and got dressed, and am now ready to sit back and do some work before Duyen gets here. I think she is still coming today, we found a note saying that she needed our address and that she would be here tomorrow which was like five hours ago making it about 4 AM. I don't know then that she meant today or tomorrow when she said she should be there tomorrow. She might've been running on last night's time so we'll see, and if she has really been up to that time of the morning, we are not expecting her right away, but we will be prepared.

   By now Linda has gone to California. We missed each other again yesterday before she left. And we are not sure if she will contact us while she is gone. It might depend on her Internet connections and motivation. I feel bad that we have been so out of touch this week but I think especially with Kelsie being out doing more schoolwork and writing that Linda was nudged out. We have to make sure we are not upsetting Linda because of our lack of contact. We certainly don't want that.

   I would like to say a little bit about what has gone on for the last several days, but it won't be in much detail because I have to really get back to school. As to working backward – Rich didn't get home last night until about 10 PM. We talked for a few minutes and then he read while I finished up with school, and then we gave him a nice backrub until we got tired. Our minds were working quite a bit so it took about a half an hour to calm down. He said that he had trouble reading because his eyes kept closing into the mellowness of the massage. I love it when that happens.

   Because I had stayed up till like 3 AM on Friday morning getting my homework done on Thursday night, I didn't wake up until 9 AM on Friday morning. I think I pulled and poked around school for most of the day and I don't really have a sense of how time got so far away from me. I don't really have any recollection if we were doing anything besides school. I think Rich came home for lunch and so we took that break, but really time just slipped past.

   Thursday Duyen had come over with Thom to cook at about one or 1:30 PM. We talked to Thom for a few minutes about the trip but then we went into the kitchen and talked with Duyen for the couple hours we seem to be in the kitchen. It was another time that time went by really fast. I probably talked more than I should have, and when I became conscious of it I apologize for being such an open book. I really had a good time talking with her and she seemed to be able to cook and listen and talk all at the same time. The food was wonderful. Duyen finished within moments of Rich walking in and we sat right down to dinner. It must've been about 3:30 PM. She served a soup that had turkey and what seemed like a very tasty and creamy. And then, she served these really good noodles that were cooked in oyster sauce and had little meatballs and pork as well as having vegetables such as carrots and beans. The soup also had corn. And then for dessert, she served a fruit I had never had before I believe it is called lychee. Rich enjoyed dinner very much, but not so much the fruit. He is not really much of a fruit eater but liked the meat in the other dishes. We had leftovers last night and we will probably have leftovers again tonight.

   After dinner, we gave Duyen her first lesson in quilting. We took out some blocks that were probably about 4" x 4" in the darker shades, and then we showed her how to connect the squares with Duyen’s new machine. It worked out very well. I remember that at one point Thom came in and said oh Lordy - I have to laugh. He knew that I had gotten her hooked at least a little and that it was probably the end of that argument as far as bringing home the sewing machine. I will have to get it to them at another time when somebody has a car to do the driving. Thom is concerned that Duyen get involved in another project before she finished school where we thought it was a complementary project, but again we will let that go to Thom and Duyen to figure out. I'm in favor of getting it to her as soon as possible.

The quilt piece she made was 4 x 6”, and seemed to go together with easily enough she seems to have a good ability to choose colors, although I had not given her very much to work from. I didn't want to slow down and recut fabrics at the time. She said afterward that she would like to make another one. We had talked about the first one going into a frame as her first quilted piece. She thought that she would like to make a pillow case for her mother. At first we showed her fabric underneath the table, and then we thought to show her the fabric in the closet, and then we really figured we should be showing her the fabric in Connie Sue's that quarter pieces. It was like I was just remembering what we had and where was. By that time, she seemed to be in a very good space. She seemed to gravitate to the greens, but there wasn't enough time or light to really give her a good chance to go through it. She told Thom that she is coming back today. That seems like such a good idea to me too. I love it that she is so concerned over her mother's well-being and would like to make her proud. She would be a good daughter for anyone to have.

   I think most of Tuesday was spent like the majority of Monday on reading. We have a lot of work to go through in doing the extra workbook sheets because we want to do the project correct. It is more correct than they're asking for, but you know how I feel about school work, I like to do it right. I did get graded for the first week and I have received 80 points out of 80 points. It serves my purposes quite fine to be at 100% again. I don't know if the teachers grade easy or if I just do good work. I'm thinking that most people get A's or B's though because you need to maintain at least a B level to continue the program and I believe to be receiving financial aid. I would just like to make it my aim to get good grades all throughout. I have to be okay if somebody gives me a B along the line and I have nightmares about getting a teacher back like the first teacher; he graded poorly for things that didn't mean anything at all.

   I am really getting a lot out of doing the project and there has been quite a few hours putting together how I would like the strategic planning to work within my multiple systems. We have decided that Dr. Marvin will be a sponsor, and Rich will be a team leader, and the parts are both champions of the project, and sometimes work as group members within ourselves. A couple of days ago one of the girls, from our class showed an interest in how our system was working, she wasn't grasping onto the concept that we were a multiple as in dissociative identity disorder. We sent her back yesterday a very lengthy explanation of how that all worked, and she had asked for a mind map, so we created one using the explanations of the parts from our last book put into a circle so that 18 parts surrounded are one part; Anne-Marie was in the middle. I haven't received a response back from that yet although I could probably look now to see if anything was there.

   Okay we are back from looking at all that. There were only five comments, and none were directed toward me. I will try to go back today and make two more comments that will be lengthier, and then I will have to get done with my last paper of the day. The assignment today is in strategic planning readiness which will be doing several worksheets in specific two, three, and five and then skimming worksheets four, six, and seven. This is though in the implementation book and I haven't even started yet, and I cannot forget that today is the day to read our summary comment on the comment sections with their peers. TI have been working on the creating of the strategic plan before I worked on the implementation part. I feel very frustrated that the teacher hasn't started there, although I realize there was only eight weeks of the course and only so much could be done. I hope that I can get in enough time to do this properly. We do have to go to Rich’s mothers tomorrow; he said that we would be leaving at noon. I don't know how it will work tomorrow as far as Thom returning the car, but we have to make time for that also.  We discussed this morning that we might have to pick it up from the boys’ father tomorrow, or one of them would have to drop it off, or they would drive here and we would drive them to the airport before coming home. None of the options are problem – more just a matter of figuring out which one they want to go with to make it easier for them.

   Going back to the assignment – after we do the reading or the writing of all those worksheets then we will have to analyze the worksheets and develop what we think is our readiness level in undertaking strategic planning. We are supposed to compile our results as a 2-3 page Word file using the official APA format, and then submit it to the teacher through the grade book. It appears that she is looking for content to be presented from the worksheets 4, 5, 6, and 7 including three or more mandates. She is also looking for us to gain input from our organizational members and indicate that in the content sections. I'm not sure how I will get that part done in that I will not see Dr. Marvin until Tuesday, but I will talk to Rich about it. I am looking forward to doing the assignment I have been having fun with the courses for quite a while now.

   I think we're pretty well summarized with most of the week. We miss seeing Dr. Marvin, but had the opportunity to talk to him a few times over the phone.

We still don't know the condition of Mrs. Garvey and it seems that Riches mother must be fine because she was moved right away to the regular hospital unit for a day, and then sent home, and from what I know, she is cooking corned beef tomorrow. I don't know how all that happens. I think she had gotten weak as a means of gaining attention, she had not been eating rather, and she had been drinking and had gotten herself very weak. I feel frustrated with that situation, but I know that Rich needs our support in taking interest in his mother and her condition. He is very sensitive when we talk about many of her problems as being caused by the alcoholism. So that is much as I will say on that at this moment. We are also supposed to be meeting Andrew one of her grandchildren from Bud's side of the family and his girlfriend. They are adults and Andrew is helpful in the kitchen, so I don't know if you will not be helping Riches mom. I think Rich is planning on getting there an hour early so he should be able to help as well.

   Dr. Marvin and we have been looking at a couple things over the phone and through e-mails this week. We are trying to take care of both Medicaid and are medicines. With the Medicaid, we had been pushing the financial aid people at the hospital to help us with Medicaid which is supposed to be their responsibility, but they fell down causing us to fall through the cracks. We received a note yesterday from Medicaid saying that we were denied because portions of what they need had not gone in, and the only thing they had asked for was medical records, and that is something the financial department should've helped us with – especially after we brought this to their attention. Obviously, it never went through. We were so frustrated with that and then that was added to the frustration with our medicine.

   With the medicine, Rich was first told that it was going to cost $1400 per three months to get the medicine but we don't have $450 a month to pay for the medicine. Some of the medicine we can get through their plan at low prices of $12-$18, but there were three medicines that were very expensive and didn't have alternatives that would be generic and less costly. The stomach medicine for the ulcer, he switched over to another less expensive brand. And we have agreed to pay for the one medicine that cost $140, or about $47 per month. That is the highest we've ever paid for a medicine, but Rich thought it was okay and we could live with it. We are having much more difficulty with the third medicine Risperdal, in that it cost another couple hundred dollars. I believe it came out to about $70 per month, or $210 for three months. I think what is happening is that it is costing us $145-$150 a month for medicine without our old Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

   This is taking into consideration that we are getting three months at a time. It is a lot to be paying when you only have an income of less than $1400.  Obviously, it is 10% of my entire income. We went through a lot yesterday with Dr. Marvin directly, and in reading information from the Internet, especially about the trade-off of Risperidone for Haldor. Haldor is an inexpensive medicine and Dr. Marvin noted that it is another antipsychotic, but an older one that began production in 1967 to 1975 – in that range. It makes sense that medicine has improved since then. He noted right away that it is more sedating, but when we read it on the Internet it stated it was a strong tranquilizer. So I think Dr. Marvin was trying to sugarcoat it. I also remember the days of being in the hospital and that if somebody acted out and got a little wild, you would be given Haldor and then put in restraints. That is the part that I was being affected by yesterday. There were other side effects in that it causes muscle anxiety, restless legs, and low blood pressure. I wasn't handling that this is something that I would have to do and it stated that the problems with muscle anxiety would just get worse over long-term use.

   Dr. Marvin was trying to be very helpful, but nothing was appeasing us yesterday. We held it together for most the time we were talking to Dr. Marvin, but we were realizing that we were having troubles with our tolerance level. Soon after that Rich called, because he had read the note on his computer we had sent him from Dr. Marvin, and he tried to handle it over the phone, but we were too far gone by that point. He was scheduled to come home, so he did, and he tried to talk to us reasonably about the medicine and Medicaid, but we just broke down. I think we made it through half of dinner, but we ended up curled up on the couch and shutting down. I felt bad and we could tell that Rich didn't want to leave us, but he had to go back to work. At that point it didn't matter, because we weren't processing whether he was going to be there or not just needed to shut down to feel some relief and prevent an explosion. We don't really deal with anger well at all. We woke up about the same time the medicine alarm had rang at 7 PM. We called to tell Rich that we had gotten better because we didn't want him to worry. Rich said that we hadn't laid down for too long. We were better when we woke up. Before Rich had left, he had cut the Risperdal in half as Dr. Marvin had directed, so we can check to see if we really needed the medicine, or in calculating how much a problem that would be in going to the other less expensive medicine.

   We did go back to school for about three hours before Rich came home last night and we seemed to be working okay with just a half of the Risperdal, and I think you got the rest earlier in this post. When we talk to Dr. Marvin about the part that acts up at night and refuses to go to bed for rich, he said it was the Risperdal that was probably calming us down. Rich brought home the new medicine last night, and there was confusion at the drugstore, and I don't believe he got the right medicine because it cost about $285 and I thought that we had gotten it down to about $220. I'm thinking that we got the Risperdal. I suppose we could go check that now. We'll be right back.

   This is going to be a problem the Citalopram looks fine at $24 and the Synthroid looks fine at $12 the Buspirine only cost $18, but they only gave me 15 pills which is about one week instead of giving us three months. And then they added the Bupropion in which Dr. Marvin had said was $160, but it was actually the $210 medicine, unless I got Dr. Marvin's information incorrect. If so, then there would be a question as to if the Risperdal was the $160 medicine that we should just be able to get it. We also have an arthritis medicine cream for pain, but that wasn't what we were supposed to get. We were going to get the lotion for our feet. We will talk to Dr. Marvin to see if this is the same one or different. At this point I'm thinking we'll just use hand cream and be done with it. I'm not up to calling the pharmacy yet and haggling about what is left to be doing. I will talk to Rich about it, and perhaps he can help me with it. One way or another, the medicine which picked up yesterday cost $284 and they didn't even get it right; it doesn't include the Ritalin that we have to hand walk-in which will cost about $14 a month.

   That is about all I want to say about medicine at this moment. It is enough to have gone this far. I just don't see getting upset anymore. It was upsetting to go through it with Rich because we were having problems maintaining our composure and he was being as a blank slate where every time we told him something, which had taken a lot of effort, he was like I don't understand. That was part of the problem. We realized we were breaking down, but we just didn't have enough strength to do what was needed one more time.

   So now it is about 10 AM. I think that we should be going, but we need to calm ourselves down again. Surely there must be something we can talk about that is safer. We will write Dr. Marvin about the medicine mistakes, but later. He's not available on weekends anyway and we should have enough to get us through the weekend. It's just too much. Maybe if I think of editing, I will be better. We are at about the 17 page mark at 1 1/2 space lines, so maybe this will be about 12 pages when we condense it. I know that is one of the things we've done in the last couple days is to condense the first part of the story and have it printed out so that it is now both chapters 1 and 2, so be about 95 pages after today's gets added to the collection. I would like to be better at editing it and move on to putting in the concept tags, but I know that we really have to get moving on school to be able to finish that, especially in hoping that doing is going to be able to come. Mimi's Dragon seems a lot safer to me, but I know we have to move on.

Assignment 2.1 Lisa, Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi Lisa,

It is nice to be seeing you in another course. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I remember the break as if it were just yesterday J it is nice to see you though also engaged in the new coursework.

It seems the areas in your mission statement are to provide for and enable the students and that the staff is committed to the students’ pursuits and incorporates the diversity of its student body by recognizing intellectualism, creativity and community involvement. I wish as much positive could be said over the administrative troubles it is sharing with their staff. It must be very frustrating for the teaching staff. It’s not so positive that the teachers are pooling to complain about the administration’s poor communication, lack of responsiveness, impulsiveness, and that it has a strategic plan that has been outgrown and poorly thought-out as well as showing inefficiency and lack of courtesy in utilizing its team of teachers. It seems though the teachers continue doing their work in assisting the students achieve educational success and entry-level employment, especially in business and technology.

I am curious as to how much support you are looking for this term in being able to give back to the school through better ideals in creative strategic planning and implementation. Do you still have hopes? Can you devise a plan that will turn some rusty wheels? We are hoping this is the case because it appears staff is really being discouraged in the turning over of the administration’s disorganization, incompetence, and inadequacy. Sorry just feel real strong about leadership not being accountable to fulfill its role. I’ve lived through it and it’s a harsh lesson.

Our best,


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>From: "Ann M. Garvey" <>

>Sent: Mar 17, 2012 7:35 PM

>Subject: JONES EDU 542 March Late Extention needed - Ann Garvey


>Evening Professor Mona :)


>This is us - Ann. I am going to ask for an extension to the strategy

>planning assignment 2.2. I am thinking I'm doing this right in

>requesting this through an email and not through the questions to Mona



>I have worked very hard, but was unable to finish the work. Part of it

>is because I am probably doing extra work, but felt it necessary. We do

>have some problems with obsessiveness in that we get an idea in our

>mind how to do things, and then anything less is not good enough. I can

>read the assignment where it states that we are to be completing 3

>worksheets from the Implementation workbook. I have just completed 2nd

>worksheet (12 sections), but I have also completed the 1rst worksheet

> from the implementation book, and the first 9 worksheets, and

>worksheets 16 & 17 from the creating S.P. book. Pretty much, we

>couldn't figure out how to answer the implementation book, until we

>figured out so much of what is being taught in the creating S.P. book.

>Please bear with me. I will try to finish the actual 2.2 assignment

>tomorrow. I am absolutely fascinated with the process from which we've

>embarked. I am learning sooo much!


>The second part about getting behind this week is that ... my three

>sons' grandmother was flown back to Chicago from Florida one week ago

>because her cancer has metastasized and most likely will die within a

>week or two. I am no longer really connected to my ex-MIL, but the boys

>are. Maury and Joe are in town, but Thom and his new wife flew in from

>Washington DC. He is a Marine working at the Pentagon in Intelligence.

>Yes, I say this as frequently as I can. There was a lot of visiting

>this week, because we've not seen Thom since he's gotten back from

>Japan over 15 months ago. Duyen his wife, we have never met, though now

>plans are being made for us to travel to their official family wedding

>on August 6th in Vietnam. We couldn't be more excited.


>It's been then an unusual week. Please allow us this indiscretion of

>time. I'm sorry I'm so late with this request, I thought I could

>complete the work, but then Thom, his brother and their wives came by

>to say goodbye. My sincere apology. I will use this time to post one

>more note to peers and our summary for the week.


>Our best,


Summary Ann Garvey, Saturday, March 18, 2012

Summary for Assignment 2.1

· In our work with Mimi’s Dragon this week, we savored a portion of our mission statement that called for interchange, inquiry and real learning, and that we could gain insight and value found in everyday lives of trusting one another.

· This happens through respect of selves and in being honest with thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

· We reflected on what we were learning about strategy planning and multiplicity and compared it to what we were learning from our peers in this course especially through education – we didn’t know if they would understand the building of one’s own mythology, or if they would be willing to consider another reality.

· We think, what does multiplicity mean? Do we too have public value?

· Implementation of Mimi’s Dragon meant practicing our mission, goals, strategy, mandates, to continue learning and create our own public value.

· We apologized for the confusion we might be causing and drew a mind map to help better explain ourselves as having developed alterations of being one person.

· At this point, we became more focused on personal and social perceptions and worried a little over what our peers would wonder.

· We revisited the thought that JIU degree programs would assist us in building validity through writing. It is how we evolved as functioning adult parts to be living in the present.

· We felt fortified by the work this week also on Mimi’s Dragon directly and on our Mimi’s Dragon Tails which were pages of concept tags to better understand our separate parts, their feelings, how they function in our system and better understand what their issues might be.

· We also want to work through some of the negative public perceptions in the community at large by utilizing our skills and abilities to contribute back to other multiples and their efforts to generate public value though saddled with a dissociative disorder.

· We appreciated the questions asked by one of our peers in that her questions and comments assisted us to see what was and weren’t being understood.

· This week, we also discussed two of our partners and noted how seeing them represented in the same glance had been exhilarating, which is how we feel about our internal parts being seen in our same strategic planning glance as parts of committees, teams and small groups.

· We could visualize how to make our internal and external partnerships work fitting the business template and we’d learned like successful executives to work in tandem with others by maintaining very clear boundaries, being sensitive, and appreciative of each for their supportive roles, which is the encouragement of each partner taking self-responsibility.

· I learned through Pepper about Ruckshau Backward and if we were to read it correctly it – like psychiatry – it is finding initial experiences (to our understanding of the degree time, patience and tolerance would allow) as the method to reflect on new personal reference points from the past, and then drawing back to the safety and security of being in the present – which for us is school here today from one assignment to another, and through the value of our journaling process through writing Mimi’s Dragon. It allowed us to challenge our multiple systems and become more accountable for our parts while being more responsive to them.

· We were challenged to think that perhaps our younger parts, like the school children others were interacting with, might like to assist us by also defining the organizations mission statement by “buying-into” the project.

· We were encouraged by self-corrections that Steve’s students were engaging in and their ownership rather than acting-out poorer decisions; our parts could learn to take ownership of their behaviors and affect positively rather than stomping off into the night.

· We liked the teacher role for older parts that could set-out cooperative learning experiences for younger parts, and which would allow our parts to also think creatively and challenge each other because as normal students – they were parts of a system at various ages and affected by a variance of learning styles.

· We appreciated the collaborative and professional development examples some staff had followed; we figured we could duplicate that same effort internally by allowing inner older parts to be the “bigger adult” in encouraging the younger parts to set goals, become more involved with the system, share their vision and inspire others.

· We were encouraged by Lisa’s staff committing to the young adults and how her school incorporated diversity (like our having multiple parts) within the school’s own internal student body by recognizing intellectualism, creativity and community involvement.

· In conclusion, during the second week and through the working as with double vision between school and writing Mimi’s Dragon, we feel stronger about accepting our own internal leadership roles and in fulfilling our part by being more accountable to the younger parts – our team created within us, though we are somewhat reticent of stepping into their worlds.

· What will we find through their harsher life lessons? What is the value point of children? What are they here to teach us?

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Re: JONES EDU 542 March Late Extension needed - Ann Garvey

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Date: Sun, Mar 18, 2012 7:20 am

Dear Ann, no need to apologize! You have a "standing extension" for all. 2

assignments, just make SURE you note EXTENSION in the beginning of anything

posted late. I am highly impressed with the quality of your work. Please do not worry. You do not need to send weekly requests; you only need to remember to note EXTENSION in the beginning of any .2 assignments posted after the deadline.



Assignment 2.1 Mona, Sunday, march 18, 2012

Dear Ann,

Thank you very, very much for taking time to share this with us. You write exceptionally well, and therefore, this becomes extremely valuable for all participants in this course. We will in our teaching meet learners with different needs, and some of them have various disabilities. Your write-up will help us understand students with similar challenges a lot better. I have a son with dyslexia, and that has helped me understand students with this disability better.

Your story is truly inspiring.



Assignment 2.1 Ann Garvey, Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Dr. Mona :)

Thank you so much for your comments. Poor Rich had to watch as we chased our big head across the living room floor. It was getting away from us. He said we had to lay down because it was so big we couldn't hold it up! We are loving every moment of our work in the course. Thank you for such positive feedback!

Our best,


Assignment 2.1 Steve, Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thank you for your input, and I apologize for not expanding my response to clarify definitive contexts. I am nevertheless impressed with the fact that you took the time to explore them in such detail. To answer your question, we have not evolved to the point where we have solicited student input, yet. It is our intent to do so, but not until we are able to clearly define our various administrative roles so that we can establish our budgetary parameters and gain board approval to move forward as an operating committee.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 6:24 AM

Good morning.

I'm here. I'm not sure how I'm doing though. We had a hard day yesterday. We were working on school work during the day, and we had brought some work into show Dr. Marvin, and I remember we did something else first. I think we talked about my ex-mother-in-law dying. It should be in the next couple days if not week or two. I'm going to hold off on that conversation for right now. Soon after getting to Dr. Marvin's we brought out the paperwork from the medicines and that more or less set the tone of the rest of the meeting.

I don't think we covered what was going on with the medicine here very well but basically after losing our insurance we had to come up with more money to pay for medicines. We really need to go into the Medicaid office today and talk to them about the decline of our application. I'll have to remember that all day so I get the shower done on time. The medicine that rich had picked up was like a $285 and then there was more medicine the pickup. It had been included the Ritalin, what we were going to do with the Risperdal, and what to do about the ulcer medication. It also didn't cover that there was a discrepancy between what we were supposed to get of the Buspirine and what we got there were only 15 pills instead of 60. Plus the 60s need to occur for three months, so in all reality there should've been 180 pills.

When we show Dr. Marvin the paperwork, we had brought in the actual papers that are attached to the bags of medicine; he looked at it carefully and then said he knew where one of the problems was. He said on the medicine that there were only 15 pills that the plan that we have doesn't include that dosage so where we used to get 30 mg Buspirine, the prescription that they would refill was 15 mg. I think he put in that new prescription now, but he has to take me down to 15 mg which obviously is half the efficiency. This is the medicine for my anxiety. The ulcer medicine was over a couple hundred dollars so that when I had to say no more. I had thought that Dr. Marvin was going to get a replacement for that, but the pharmacist said there wasn't one and I'm so tired of all this I just said no way I have had it that's enough. Most likely part of that is going to be self-destructive, but I'm not to the point of being able to fix that yet.

We had already paid for one medicine for $210, and there were about four medicines that were $12-$20 each, and the one medicine that we are missing was in the $400 range, that's the Risperdal. Dr. Marvin said that if I got on Medicaid that they would cover Risperdal, but that we’re back to that problem. Maybe will make an effort to be in the shower by 9:00 AM and then leave here by 10-10:30 AM to go to their office. It's just that nobody answers their phone. I'm not sure if you’re supposed to come to this office without an appointment that I have to do something. Especially because usually your opportunity to complain or to have something changed is usually 10 to 15 days. I didn't see the notice of that on the sheet but I'm not sure if the medical community not giving me my record can be legitimately an excuse for not to give me the support and help financially that I need with my medical.

The big difference last night with Dr. Marvin is that we made him choose whether or not we were going to stop taking the medicine or to replace it with a different medicine. For the last four or five days, we have been taking half dosages to wean ourselves off of it a bit but the replacement wasn't something we wanted. We didn't have the doctor’s knowledge to know if we really needed it or not, but we had heard a lot of bad things about this medicine for my time spent in the hospital psych unit. The medicine is Haldor and we remember getting it when we got out of control they would shoot you up with it and then you would be taken to the restraining room. Usually you are out of it before you hit the table and then they would strap you down to the table. After you woke up, you would realize that you were tied down, and then you would have to prove that you were stable enough so they could let you out of the leather straps. It isn't a good memory. I remember having to use some kind of bedpan and at other times it was too much. And then after you got off of this punishment, usually you were restricted to a spot where the nurse could keep her eye on you at all times.

I do sort of remember saying something here in that I must have written about it at one point because I remember saying this is the medicine that causes stiffness in the short term and movement disorders with long-term use. But, I needed to pick up another disorder?

Okay we are back; it is now 8:22 AM, still on Wednesday. We had a little problem in that Maury called and we talked to him for a while and then we fell asleep on the couch and then we woke up the definitions were still on the computer look like somebody was looking up psychosis that's what held doors for treating health psychosis. It is supposed to mean a mental state caused by psychiatric or organic illness characterized by loss of contact with reality and an ability to think rationally. A psychotic person often behaves inappropriately and is incapable of normal social functioning. Like good morning to you too.

Okay were going to close down that window in move on for a bit. The conversation with Maury was fine although hard. He let me talk about my being off in a small discussion about the medication problem I'm having. But after that, we were talking about how he was doing with his grandmothers dying. They really think it will only be a matter of a day or two. Most of the kids are staying there with constant vigil. I have some negative thoughts on this but I'm going to try to stay positive. I would like to think that they all love her and are going to be sorrowful to see her go and that's it of that.

There was some other news in that Maury talked about some changes his father and Jackie would be making to do with retirement and selling their home for smaller home. I think part of it will be that the family members are expecting sizable inheritance. I have no idea what kind of money she was worth. And like to think of her more than just the money, though I would hope that she had enough to give some to the grandchildren. I can also see her just giving to the six kids.

That's all I want to say about that. Maury is going to put in a couple hours work and then he's going back over to the house she is home now with hospice, and he was able to be there last night. He's having a hard time with it, as to be expected.

I hate to put the thought of somebody dying at such a low priority thought level, but the woman has caused me so much pain over my life. I feel really feel sorry for the family, but I will continue living my life is if she was never there. And this is my preference. I traded her in as the mother–in–law with my divorce.

We should probably go back to Dr. Marvin's office although I feel begrudging on this topic too. It was much harder than this last subject to me. Basically, Dr. Marvin has to explain that I have psychoses which is a nice way of saying I'm a psychotic. He wanted me to make decisions on which medicines I could afford, but I forced the decision back on him. I won't choose voluntarily to take Haldor. It was a few minutes talking about Mrs. Garvey and then the next 20 to 25 min. was him trying to take care of the medications. He had to figure out what was going on and then had a call in to the pharmacist, which would obviously get me over the edge anyway, because so much of our valuable talking time was being spent on coming up with drug solutions that I was not happy with that all. There was a couple things coming up next in that we went through two major states the first was a high level of anger, and a second state was a high level of depression. Both states caused me to be crying and once I started it seemed to go on for the rest the night.

I don't remember much about the states except for they were very intense. I know they were more directed at Dr. Marvin in that we couldn't handle looking at him, there was a lot of looking away. We would try to come back and tell him small things that our mind was managing, but it was difficult. At one point Dr. Marvin talked about our reaction as possibly being catastrophic thinking and that it had seem to us as accusatory or like a cop out from him. We later came back, and commented particularly on this in that I could be thinking catastrophically, but the fear and the feelings that I had in my mind were still real even if it wasn't based in reality. And I wasn't able to deal with that very well. I think the predominant thought that was going on and her brain was that we were going to lose everything if we took these medicines. It was grieving for the loss of all that I had achieved and we has a system had achieved, especially in our writing. There was one point where we pushed, maybe almost threw the papers across the desk that we had brought to show Dr. Marvin. We had been very proud of the papers; they represented a month of our work writing. It was about 140 pages of Mimi's Dragon, and then the top papers were, well there were five papers that had to do with the project that were working on right now.

I think that's the part that was most damning to us is that when it came time to leave and Dr. Marvin tried to hand us back our papers we wouldn't take it. I don't remember what was being said but maybe 4-5 words saying that we didn't want it. I'm not sure. I don't know if it was that blunt or was something pretty close to that. I remember that while the part was saying it she backed up against the wall. It seems to have been done in two movements, as if though first movement wasn't enough to push through with the feeling that was occurring. I think the words were more of a growl to back Dr. Marvin down. I don't think that we could have been thinking that as much as it was just happening in front of us and we didn't know how to stop it, the part communicating with him was so strong. I think that Dr. Marvin did back up a little and that he seemed to look up and notice that we rather different state. I think he fumbled was some words, maybe something to do with watching over the papers for us, but the feeling was at the time was that basically you could take these papers and shove it. I know that somebody had said this is so you could remember who we were before you do this to us.

I think we realistically know that this is something he's doing to us as if it was some kind of a punishment, but you would be hard-pressed to find somebody in the system right now would think differently. Now all our thoughts are being questioned as to if they are real or if they are psychotic. Somebody said something last night too about it being like some kind of a bird – know a Phoenix and that she said that it was like being of Phoenix flying too close to the sun so that we got our wingtips burnt. I think that was their way of saying that we had come so far with the school and we were really very high on top of things, but the mood was suddenly that nobody expected that it would continue. So the grieving was over the loss of school. I'm pretty sure that Dr. Marvin and Rich don't want me to lose sight of school or us to let lose sight of school. But there is so much anger that within the system it feels like this is the place we sabotage if there was ever going to be a place. So I would imagine that is my responsibility this morning is to try to get us back on track.

If you were to ask what I personally feel, I guess scared and afraid would about cover it. We lost a lot of belief in ourselves, we didn't understand from a tranquilized state how we were going to do the work that we needed to do. Or that our psychosis was so bad that we wouldn't be able to make it without having a strong medicine. At this point were crying again which pretty much explains last night. There were some strange behaviors too. We had called Rich after we had missed our turnoff coming home. We were caught in the wrong lane because we had picked up the phone for Maury's call. That was no problem but the amount of anger that we were still caring was a lot – as was the aggravation of knowing that we would have to stop at the pharmacy to pick up the drugs that we were going to in ourselves with. Not figuratively, but in the sense we felt that the important parts of us that could do the writing would be taken down. It's this kind of thing that were feeling right now where we are in an emotional state and a far distance away from being able to think through the paper. We are the point of thinking I don't think it's going to get written. There's some part of me saying that it will get written, but we are so far right now from being able to pick it up and to complete the thoughts in the frame of mind that we had been in, it is not going to be the same paper.

The pharmacist had to clarify with us that we weren't going to be picking up the $600 worth of medicine that they had pulled for us – no fat chance of that happening. There's a lot of rocking and anger right now. Misty has been meowing somebody just threw water on her. There was a thought of strangling the cat. Let's take a guess that this might be a little the psychotic side, because we know that nobody wants us to kill anything, so why are we having these thoughts. At the office last night Dr. Marvin guessed probably pretty close that the system was closing down. After we got back from getting the medicine, rich had had dinner waiting for us. We were about 45 min. late in coming home. He said that somebody had called him and warned him not to get us excited because we were at a tipping point. I don't know what the words were used but I think that explains the situation pretty well.

We had dinner, and there was some small clarification that Rich didn't really want to turn on the TV because he knew that we needed his attention. He did very well after dinner in letting the system tell the story of Dr. Marvin's as they could handle it. I think it was very threatening to the system to think of Dr. Marvin is having had to back away from us. We just remember our back hitting the wall as if to stabilize. It was the same kind of feelings that I remembered when we had been in the hospital before and warned the nurse don't come closer were just going to go crazy on you. You're not thinking all those words but you know that everything in your body is ready to fight and it wouldn't take much to get us there. There was a lot of feelings this morning about thinking Dr. Marvin might then choose not to see us so I'm guessing here that part of the problem is going to be that were so angry we don't want to see him anymore but that was so terrified that he would choose not to see us and that we would be alone again I know all that is coming from our past. We've gone through it before, just don't know when.

It didn't make things any better that Dr. Marvin is going to be out of town from today through next Wednesday so we are going to missed two appointments between now and the next time we see him. I think he seemed to be of the belief that by then everything would work itself out, but it took us says kind of cold callous and calculating that he would leave in the middle of a crisis and that we would handle it on our own. I'm busy we are going to have to handle it on her own, but it made our feelings of disdain for him last night so much stronger. Any time where having these kinds of strong emotions Dr. Marvin usually reminds us that they were coming from the past so most likely this ties into that but I'm not going to play that role now figuring it out. It's like thinking you're thinking you are a swan and realizing that you're actually just the ugly duck. And that's the real part. I think that he was being indifferent to the amount of work emotionally that we are going to have to fight through to get from one point to the next. Part of our problem was thinking that every single hour and a away from our school was going to be time not able to be recovered. We saw herself losing track of our class our dreams our life all of it is gone.

If this is a catastrophe rising making things seem worse than it is and that is what we're doing and so it's like will help what am I supposed to do now. The medicine usually calms us down so businesslike than our normal state. It just drives me crazy to think that this is who we really are it seems just unfair. We have to stop here because the crying is too bad again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 8:51 AM

Good morning. This is me. It's about 9:30 AM on Thursday morning and I am really far behind. I have done everything I can think of to get back on track this morning; with the exception of starting a load of clothes perhaps maybe I should do that to the right back.

Okay good we started the washing machine. There was somebody that had a basket on top of the machine but the machine was empty and there was another basket on top of the dryer that one had closed the night I'm thinking that those were clean clothes and the person that had their basket on the washer bumped that load in the dryer after the first guy didn't pick up their load. I think we're okay I just feel sort of bad that the other guy - the first, I couldn't get down and get his stuff out there so it's probably sitting on top of the dryer wrinkling, but if you leave your clothes down there that is bound to happen. There wasn't anybody sitting next to the washing machine indicate somebody else was in front of me so that is that. I'll go down again at 10:15 AM to see if the dryer is empty so I can change loads.

We did other things that should help us in that we cleaned up the house, made the bed, took a shower, and got dressed - those sorts of things. I cleaned off the desk also so we might have a better grip on what's going on there. We need to complete the paper that was due on Saturday and now there's a paper due today, and I have not done the reading yet. I need to break into it the slowly though at my own pace. I didn't take my medicine till late this morning and that might've had some effect on the tiredness I felt trying to read what I had written from the other day I would only get a couple lines or paragraphs run and then I would be falling asleep in my tracks. I thought if I get everything else done my alertness would come back. I'm still yawning, but at least I am moving forward and this is the most progressed I've been for the last couple of days.

I don't have a really much clearer interpretation of what happened at Dr. Marvin said Tuesday night other than what has been written already. I know that when we came home Rich was here and we had tried to talk through dinner or afterword on what it happened and he gave me enough space so I could get it out but it was slow. He felt bad because we were crying and in a very poor space, but then again he had to get back to work he's been working Goliath hours over at the work shop. That night we ended up sleeping on the floor in our bedroom curled up next to the dressers with dog. I think we were there a couple hours before we got up. I don't recall what happens next. I'm not sure if we were up or sleeping when rich came in. And I'm not sure if we went to bed with him or if we stayed up; but my guess is that we probably went to bed.

Yesterday was another sluggish day. We were again curled up this time on the couch with dog and I just remember before rich left that he had given us a really nice hug, but after that things are pretty blurry. I do know that somewhere between one day and the next we were trying to get a hold of UIC financial services to help us with our Medicaid processing and yesterday a lady called back. We asked her she was one we had been talking to because we did not want to talk to her, and it turned out to be a new lady, but she took the cowardly way back and put us in touch with the first lady that we did not like. We expressed to her very clearly we did not like her service and we told her why.  We told her we wanted to speak to her manager and she refused to give us a manager although she was a little bit more helpful in trying to resolve our original problem.

The thing was sometime last week about the time Thom was here, and we couldn't really handle Medicaid emotionally, but they had sent to us a letter denying our case because they had not gotten the right medical forms that they had requested. I had talked to the financial services people and she had told me that she would take care of it and I had e-mailed her a copy of the letter that Medicaid had sent me so she would know what was going on and how to address it. Yesterday, it became apparent that she had not addressed it. She had already got me mad because she said that you know it could be nine months before anybody heard anything, and they could reject at that point, which is a very depressing thing, and it also was a statement that she wasn't going to help us as far as follow-through to find out what was going on in our case. Yesterday, she decided that she could follow-through.  I was angry with her for giving us a phone number that obviously hadn't been working she got in touch though with a director level at Medicaid after having issue problems with one of their workers also, so she does apparently know though leveling up that sometimes you have to do to get things done.

She swears that she is going to be on top of it and calling back every day or two just to make sure that everything goes through. I think we put enough pressure on her so she might do it but were going have to follow-through as well. Basically, she said that she got a hold of the manager who said that she would reopen the case, but she needed our current medical forms bills things like that so we sent over the few bills that we did have here although they were all minor, and then yesterday we went to Walgreens and got a copy of the amount of money we've been paying for medicine this less week or two, and then we started the processes of getting a hold of somebody at the psychiatry office to get them to send the bill to financial services. I trust that Donna is going to take care of it. She was the one at Dr. Marvin's office I finally got in touch with. She usually takes care of his graduate work, but she was very helpful in setting she would walk up the problem to the person upstairs and they would deal with that this morning I'll give them until about 11 o'clock and then I'll try giving them a call to see if there was any progress made there because certainly Dr. Marvin bills are going to need to be paid.

I will look forward to getting something in the mail saying what is going on with our case. I'm very unsatisfied with the case management that this person has showed us, her name is Cynthia. If she can get something done now that will make up for lost ground. One of the problems I had with her yesterday was that she had said that she hadn't needed to send in something for medical because if we had been accepted through federal disability we would automatically be accepted through Medicaid, which meant to me that she didn't follow-through and so when they rejected us because we haven't follow-through it really did lay on her responsibility to have caused that problem and not to a fixed it before it became major enough to cut my services off. I still haven't gotten to the point of writing to Dr. Marvin because I'm not sure that everything has gone through. I also much more comfortable after I hear the psychiatry department has billed over to financial services so they can send it on to Medicaid.

Wow it seems like I'm having coherent thoughts again this is a good improvement. There was a lot of work trying to track down somebody that would handle the billing question from psychiatry I will switch through probably about 12 to 14 different locations some of the more repetitive. There was also some monkeying around in that I had tried to go to the Medicaid office personally before calling back the financial people. The first place I went to is the Medicaid office that is over by the SSI office, but I found those people were really no help of all. They are more like a fake face for Medicaid.  They didn't want to take responsibility for anything and they said it should be taken care of at the Maywood office which is probably the correct thing to say, but the only thing they could do to help other than send me over there was to say let's open the case all over again. But I wasn't satisfied that we had taken care of business with the last case and I didn't want to run in the same problems so it was better to start from what we have left off.

It took us all quite a while to find the location of the Medicaid office over at the Maywood complex there were probably seven or eight buildings in the same general complex. And we drove around and asked people were walking by and we finally found it over tucked behind a nursing home or senior center. The door was over on the side and there was no sign on the building, there was a sign on the door but it was at an angle so you couldn't read it from the driveway the parking lot the street anything. We gritted our teeth and then went in, but we were frustrated with Rich because he had not put my Walker back in the car and I didn't know what kind of situation I'll be walking into with the Medicaid office. As it was I opened the door, it was a very old building, and then we had to process the shock we felt from seeing over 100-140 people standing in line or waiting on chairs. It was old and dilapidated and it made me sick. There was obviously no way I could stand in line especially without the Walker and with that many people ahead of us so we made a decision to leave. It took us some time to balance our self after we got back to the car, but we did find her way home.

Rich had been trying to get a hold of us throughout, but we were angry about the Walker and we couldn't talk to him because we needed to use our GPS on the phone to be driving and we didn't know where we were going to stop and have a conversation. I did get a hold of him after we got back to the house and had calmed down a bit. He had had his own problem in that he was trying to get his boat trailer hitch settled on his new car and he had had to go into the Honda place to get something rewired. Because that had worked out although it had taken time he was in a better mood. And he was able to let go of some of my crankiness. We didn't really do or say too much to him other than we were too upset to pick up the phone. I think we ended up back in are curled position. I don't really have a good idea what happened next like when Rich came home. I think we were home before him. I also think he came home for little while earlier because he had picked up his game equipment and he was going to do is first baseball game of the year. I think I got home and ate dinner about an hour and a half before he got home and ate dinner but he listened to what I had done, although I couldn't say it in more than a couple sentences at a time and I didn't handle well questions.

Rich is been asking us to come to the shop with him and just sit and do my reading, watch, talk, or do anything but basically I think he is trying to get me out of the house, and the other part is that he might've wanted the company over at the shop. He is doing a lot of work out there and I think it's probably a very lonely job. We did, I think, we did watch a little more than one Anderson before going over there, we had built-up during the day that we were going to do it basically the condition was that if we couldn't do our homework that we would at least leave the house and spent some time with rich over the job. This is the job where he's cleaning and testing e-tablets. We worked hard during the Anderson show especially during commercials to try to figure out how we're going to make the transition from our house to the shop. It is only 3-4 blocks away, but sometimes things like that might as well being 1 million. We had tried to leave our clothes on during the day, but eventually they came off and so that was a question as to putting them on again while we were hot and then also there was the question of going downstairs for the third time in one day usually we try to do one day one trip if at that.

One of the nicest parts was when we figured out that we could probably put on one of our old summer dresses because nobody would see us and it would be more than just wearing pajamas which is what Rich said we could not do. I understood his point but the system was tired and hot and they didn't want put on everything that was required to get dressed. Because it was so late at night I think we left about eight.  We worked on our mindset for being out of the house, and then we though also that we might readjust better if we brought cooked popcorn and water, and so we were able to transition to the time over there by doing something that we knew our system could handle. After we get done with the popcorn and Rich had been a little nervous saying you should have brought your book - he didn't ask us to work but we said, we need to do something and then indicated that we could at least take off labels, stickers and tape, which we had seen him doing and taking quite a bit of time.

We received an okay with this idea and he ended up bringing us over a whole box of probably about 24 to 30 e-tablets. This seemed like really good work for the system and that it preoccupied us, allowed us to feel relaxed, and give us the feeling that we were doing something positive for and with rich. This was the most progressive thing we had done over the last couple days of being pretty housebound and curled onto couch or floor. Rich is very aware like we have to get going on the homework or we’re going to get really far behind in and that's been the problem all the way down the line. Our teacher is in Norway still, but we may need to explain to her being still behind, because I don't know for going to be able get everything done today although if we were at least getting back on track we would be very satisfied with the progress. I feel like doing this and getting caught up with where our mind has been is a start.  At least we are focusing again on what we can do instead of what we cannot do.

I am afraid to let the teacher know that we are having a psychological problem because I don't want that to be how she thinks of us. I would like her to think that we are more capable than incapable. Although, it would make sense that we might have problems with medication changes, and I think that is something she could understand. I just don't want her to think that we are going to be able to do the work and I don't want us to think that either. We stayed with Rich until about 10:30 PM and he seemed to feel good about the day’s progress over there I think he was happy that we were there if not for my sake, for his. It is a lot of work and he has to be given an extreme amount credit for what he is doing. He should be able to make good money from doing this job, but he's really had to go over the normal boundaries of work to get the work done. My goal would be - to finish my work early enough so I could go back with him again. He stressed again today that I don't have to go to work on his stuff, but I thought it was very encouraging that somebody would take the time to recognize how hard that guy works.

I'm going to close down here in about 10 min. that'll be about the time we have to go pick up the washing machine clothes and put them in the dryer. We should be thinking that about what we’re going to do next.  I know we have to get started on the homework. I think where we left off is that we are working on our 2.2 project as we have gotten the outline almost complete except for we still have to review over the sections that we have read while we were doing the worksheets and add that the paper as to the organizational readiness. Maybe one thing I can do then is to find that final project now and print out a copy. When we had pretty much thrown paperwork at Dr. Marvin as if to say here you take care of it were not going to do it. And, since we lost our copy we should probably correct that problem now. I won't say that we were bad, but we were having a problem and it probably had something to do with the psychosis and that we were having trouble with reality in thinking that we could be successful be so drugged with his medication.  We are still dealing with a lot of yawning but we hope that improves maybe part of it is lack of oxygen because were talking so much.

Okay good we've done things from the washer to the dryer. Neither the first two people have come down to pick up their clothes, but I just kept around waiting all day for all of them it's a lot of stairs up and down. I think that everyone should do what we have to do and that is set a timer for a deliberate 45 min. for the washer and 50 min. for the dryer and then pick up your stuff because there are five other apartments that are waiting for the same machines. I feel very strongly about that.  I do realize the people in the apartment are backed up a little bit because the washer was down for a couple days, but that makes it even more important to stay on track as far as taking care of your clothes down there.

Of that was good.  We just got off the phone with a couple calls Maury was checking in as to what was going on over there.  His grandmother was still breathing although he says that she is not really conscious.  I think it's hard on Maury’s family to be going through this and people get mixed up between giving support and then needing it back. The other call was that I got a call from the guy for Dr. Marvin's office billing and we had to try to talk him into sending the bill to the medical services.  He wants to send it here and I'm telling him that will slow down the process apparently he doesn't have a method of sending it through e-mail, but he could at least fax it over to UIC Financial Services and then send me a copy that would be fine but the thing is to get a copy to the financial services so they get to the state and we can get what we need as far as financial help. He was a little sluggish to work on that idea, although I think he is in general probably conscientious. Maybe, just a little overwhelmed at having to do something special.

So far, so good - we are having a much more productive day that we have in the last few. I still feel bad that Mrs. Garvey is dying, but you know our thoughts are I feel bad because it's my boys’ grandmother, but I don't have good feelings towards her directly. I do hope that she has a peaceful end and that it happens pretty soon because I think the longer it drags out the more difficult it is for family. There is no other way of avoiding it.

Okay, I think I'm going to spend the next 20-30 minutes editing, so when I get done at the dryer load I can do school. Hope to see you soon bye!

Extended EDU542 Assignment 2.2

Course Project:  Improving Organizations and Culture

Ann M. Garvey Jones International University, March 22, 2012


This paper is assignment 2.2 a partial requirement of the course EDU542 Strategic Planning for Educators taught by Mona Engvig.  This paper introduces the project that is being written for the course.  The learner briefly introduces the paper, informs the readers of her as being a multiple (multiple personality or dissociative identity disorder) and then discusses her strategic project of writing a publishable book called, “Mimi’s Dragon.”  The learner discusses Organizational Readiness to be taking on the project through the implementation process, mandates, assessment and design choices.  She presents a chart diagraming the strategic planning committees, teams and groups.  Other sections of the paper are methodology, summary, mission statement and vision statement. 

Strategic Plan:  Improving Organizations and Culture

Ann works from home as a published author, master’s student, and person with full personal and professional supports.  Respectfully, she feels herself to be very open and transparent and appreciative of all comments, questions and concerns.  As well, she is a “multiple” meaning she has “a multiple internal system of parts (alters),” and is diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder (MPD) or more accurately dissociative identity disorder (DID).  As an author, Ann has published a book called, “Ann’s Multiple World of Personality:  Regular - No Cream, No Sugar” (Garvey, 2010).  It should be noted here, she does have problems with brevity.

Ann has had key relationships in her life which has helped her better understand herself through her multiplicity.  She has developed a 20 year relationship to the University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) including private weekly interactions with both the UIC Chief of Psychiatry and the UIC Psychiatrist Director responsible for leading and teaching all medical interns (physicians and psychiatry) in the UIC’s psychiatry program.  Other key relationships have been with her three extremely successful adult sons and their families, as well as having a long-term relationship with Rich, (her love interest) for the last 18 years.  She hopes the structure of completing her Masters and Doctorate degrees will assist in the building of her self-validity as a published author and she will find value to self and others through writing with more direction rather than merely free-form journalism. Ann has written for approximately 25 years and believes herself to have enough written material to fill at least twelve books if publishing books were to become a reality.


Brief Description of Ann’s Multiplicity

Ann was diagnosed with multiplicity 22 years ago and has made changes in her life to now be considered highly functioning.  Generally, multiplicity is said to happen to normal children who tend to be very bright and survive extreme abuse including sexual, creatively through unconscious intellectual dissociation processes.  They psychologically distance themselves from externals by hiding in the segmentation of their mental parts of varying age and cope-ability.  They do this to avoid crises, threat, or a sense of devastation, which seems to be the residue from boundary-less attacks by sexual predator(s), which continue over a considerable time, usually before the age of four, and normally through incest.

There is one core part named Annemarie and she has 18 parts (alters) who initially ranged between three months to 18 years. Her alters have since developed from about three months to her present body age of 52.  The parts of her “multiple systems” are considered by her to be “internal” people and each appears to have their own mind – though the system acknowledges there is only one brain and soul.  People outside her physical body are often referred by the system to be “externals” or singletons.  Most people (more or less) create their own mythology of being and knowing of themselves through memories, stories, and pictures passed down from family, but as well sometimes the senses trigger our brains to relive past experiences or trauma through mental or physical flashbacks.  These are demanding and trying, but once analyzed help the individual to better understand and determine how experiences of the past are still affecting them in later years.

The emotional footprint left from the past needs to be mentally processed, ideally without being again traumatized.  Multiples, as well as singletons, remember fragments from the past, but in the brains of multiples, it is nearly impossible to do this work as one person with a single identity.  Rather, the external self (body) becomes triggered and then is jumped back in time to periods where younger more regressed parts of her handled these kinds of overloads to the system – these parts being more emotionally embedded into the past experiences, and then the parts are brought forward to present time with only a partial understanding of their current circumstance through a shift in dissociative/associative processes of reality. In the present tense – far away in time from having been through extreme abuse, the continuation of having “parts” is sometimes a deterrent to “order and sense in real time.”  This sharing of mental space is made difficult in that within the confines of only 24 hour to a day - parts of various ages and abilities compete with each other (issues and causes) for time, energy and attention both when the system is alone and when it is “out” amongst the company of externals.

Brief Discussion of the Strategy Planning Project - Mimi’s Dragon

At today’s juncture, Ann’s multiple system decided to launch another publication through writing effort, which has been successful in the past.  Her new journal/book which started on February 22, 2012, is being called; “Mimi’s Dragon.” She hopes to capture this next new series of “Master’s work” changes and challenges that is thought to bring to her personal growth and professionalism.  Mimi’s Dragon will be written as a continued non-fiction story of her life from February 22, 2012 just prior to the course start of “Strategy Planning for Educators” (Achterhof, 2012) to the end of the Master’s program June 30, 2012.   As well, other courses at Jones International University (JIU) should continue to give structure and strength to her thinking and writing skills and abilities and to better teach and inform others about non-sensationalized multiplicity.  The “parts” will be met through the telling of their day-to-day story of their fairly uncomplicated lives, secondarily, they will be met more subliminally through the work of concept tagging, and thirdly, they will be met through research into the public viewpoint on multiplicity through a one and a half year project to research MPD and DID through Google search, which will delve into the exploration of public expression toward multiplicity. 

Ann does not wish to write a book from the standpoint of creating “shock value,” but to share a (present-day/non-abused) dialogue of multiplicity while better trying to understand her multiple selves and the processes their brain follows through simple day-to-day routines, research, journaling, editing, and analysis.  Through the course structure of strategy planning, Ann can better define their “one person” and then through schemes of workability utilize strategic planning work to form both internal and external committees, teams and groups.  This occurs by creating and implementing business and educational structures such as mandates, goals and forums, continuing the sense of organizational learning, and working toward the ongoing creation of public value” (Anderson, Alston, 2011, p. ix).  This could be thought of as overlaying business concepts over the scaffolding that frames her multiple selves, as well as continuing to bridge the internals over to her life with externals.   She hopes to build internal and external communities of trust, thus disarming or discharging some of the systems’ self-stigmas and some of the public’s negative viewpoints, and the danger that kind of disengaged thinking has back on the system, as a whole.

In general, the current public and even professional value of multiplicity is at a low level of recognized significance or believability due to a conceptual exemption of thought, care or concern as to multiples having “true memories.” This is a secondary continued force (primary being the literal abuse) placed on multiples by externals which powers a lack of personal respect, or validation as to abuse issues - still to “hot” to handle humanely by the “larger outside crowd.”  The formation of strategy planning will assist Ann in “figuring out where her parts are, where they want to go, and how to get there (Bryson, 2011, p. 10).  It will also include asking the youngest parts to “buy-into” the communication effort by older “bigger” parts that will assist them to set personal goals. They will also be invited to perhaps share their unique vision of hope or sense of worth that enabled them to promote the system in carrying forward. 

Organizational Readiness

Implementation Process. Ann’s system is in need of better communication between the needs of her parts to reach optimal self-understanding.  She can then better teach the values learned through multiplicity to the community where “good news about multiplicity” is not well-represented.  She would like to and feels the time is ready for her to build a better system of internal and external trust while she works doggedly to maintain simple household and fitness tasks now eluding her, but that are necessary to function in a normal external society.  The system tends to veer from being “out loud” and it is not good at self-regulating a deliberate time schedule.  Her mandates will be presented next and although not seen as required by any external entity would suffice to help her live more in her “body” than in “just” her mind. 


·         Better acceptance of self(ves) and better self-definition of what that means; gaining of self-courage and trust

·         Allowance of a passion-able workload – study, read, write and research

·         Patience for budgeting time for the “unpopular body tasks” now being relabeled as “doables”

·         Development of better learning and teaching skills (mentoring through the course/professor)

·         Better understanding of multiplicity through online media through the Google Search Engine

·         Growth of parts and between parts along with insight of daily value of each and re-discovery and development of their internal culture

·         Plan to self-express without overwhelming core part – Ann Marie by building clarity and resourcefulness especially toward calm and patience while tolerating working through key system issues such as abandonment, abuse, loneliness and alienation

·         Completion of goal to write and publish Mimi’s Dragon in a timely manner and through learning new methodologies and higher-refined roles of leadership

·         Hope in building public value

Assessment Questionnaire. Part of the problem of being dissociative is that the system is better at establishing goals than following through because alters often “switch” between themselves to avoid responsibility which is “followed-through” in psychiatry sessions in learning better communication between the parts.  The individual parts within the system are not often conscious of other parts needs or anxieties, though it seems that sharing common spaces to “check-in” such as the journaling and dashboard work for the system.  The system has a strong sponsor in Dr. Marvin in that he is able to give each part validation for their experiences through independent and group relationships with him, and he’s able to offer the system assistance and legitimization in the external world. 

The system as “one whole” is the strongest champion of its own work toward writing.  The Strategy Planning Coordinating Committee (SPCC) Executive level is lead through internal parts of Jesse and Marie.  In addition there is a SPCC – Major, a SPCC – Minor, a Strategic Planning Team (SPT) and Implementation Team (I-Team), a group by parts ages, and a new system of parts having partners which balances the younger parts to the older parts – especially in communication.  (See diagram 1.). 

At this point, the system is defining success as the group’s effort to go forward with its plans.  One of their biggest attributes is that as a whole the system loves to learn and “figure things out.”  It has learned already a lot, especially about freedom and self-discovery of its more creative capabilities in the last six months since retiring from a full-time position held for twelve years as a qualified support professional for adults with developmental disabilities.  Things in the day-to-day world are still difficult for the system such that thinking is much favored over bodily activities, or computer or reading is much favored over going out doors and into the external community.  There isn’t a total cross-over acceptance of system-wide priorities, but that is part of the value of strategic planning for the book, Mimi’s Dragon.  The system needs to learn more about what motivates and stresses other parts and sometimes it seems that limitations are not appreciated enough and have to be checked especially after an overload of input.

Ann’s Stakeholders (Committees, Teams, Groups and Partners)

Diagram 1.

Design Choices.  The key implementation effort for Mimi’s Dragon seems to be to better communicate between the parts and between the parts and the community through its foreseen readership-stakeholders. An additional enhancement would be that the system could learn to better care for itself individually and as a system both mentally and physically.  Certain aspects of self now are only being recognized through behaviors being acted out which seems more a reaction toward inputs from the environment than actual intellectualized communication which might be an improvement at least in being able to comprehend the intent behind the behavior.  It is also thought that due to the great amount of care shown to her over the years through good psychiatry that other professionals could learn from Ann’s experiences.  Learning to understand and accept the differences of others through consciousness, and then sharing these differences learned with others, would assist the public in gaining new insights about mental acuity.  

Through observing and writing about the changes in the parts as Ann progresses through her day allows discernment, such as knowing that Jesse likes to handwrite text prior to it being typed, and it is now known that when Jesse talks out loud as she is writing, she is in part communicating with Ann Marie.  It is not known how much Ann Marie is learning about what is being said, opposed to merely sharing time with a preferred alter.  It is also known that Kelsie is the part within the system that can brainstorm through Jesse’s notes and pull them together which is overly difficult for Ann Marie.  We also are now aware that for the last several days due to being overwhelmed with an unwanted change of medication, Ann Marie had ransomed the system by hiding all of us in a corner holding a stuffed dog with Anna.  By watching day to day progress without being overly judgmental, we can better understand and design how we get from point A to the desired point C though sometimes it’s more of just giving up some time and space.  As a multiple to consider self-successful, she would need to know the effects of each of the parts as they all make a difference to the whole. 

There has been a coalition formed to better know or become more aware of one another.  With the formation of an executive committee, they chartered our internal parts and a few externals to becoming committees, teams, groups, and assigned partners to get a different range of inputs from the system.  One of the first coalitions – primarily the SPCC – Minor will be to remember which parts are doing what and to teach others how to recognize or identify parts – especially those not overly forward in giving out that kind of information.  Flashcards were made to assist the learning process and for parts to take a better sense of ownership over their thoughts, concerns and ideas.  At that point, better questions can be asked and problems resolved.  For example, if we know Sarah is concerned with a diet, and Casey is concerned with getting daily ice cream, then a resolution is for the system to buy Casey low calorie ice cream.  It works. 

It seems there is more a desire to know the core part Ann Marie, but sometimes she is intimidating due to her fragility.  It’s like she takes only brief peeks from her cave.  The system doesn’t want to over-burden her, but she has to appreciate and “sit-out” with some of us so that we can do the homework.  Ann Marie has been the only one of us who has been invited to participate in all the committees, teams and groups.  And, then to assure she is present, the system has implemented a new technique so that if her presence is in question, she will sign her name to verify she was there to pick-up various pieces of information.  Ann Marie is still young enough that she takes delight in writing in cursive.  She is very neat though slow.  As another part of the external system and realizing that the dashboard needs inputs to its inbox, we’ve instituted little metal meshed file boxes for 3 x 5 cards so that if there is information to get to all, then it only has to be written down and placed in the box – similar to a suggestion box. 

Dr. Marvin maintains a sponsor position in overseeing that all things balance.  Jesse is the executive champion and Ann Marie’s first real comment was that she thought everyone should be nice and patient.  Dr. Marvin is seen twice a month, and Rich one of our other externals sitting in on a team is seen every day.  We have also added through her comments Dr. Engvig because she too understands the strategic planning and can make important insights.  Each of the internal parts contributed to the whole as has been indicated all along.  The first initial assessment is that Jesse adds leadership, Ayn has the best psychological balance, Kate is decisive, Ann is patient, Kelsie holds a lot of the systems natural intelligence, Jamie supports the younger group best, Corey does a lot of the writing, Sarah watches over our physical balance, Lissa is best with reading and concentrating, etc.  Each has to be appreciated for having learned to be the “person” that she is.  All writing – even course assignments get contributed to Mimi’s Dragon so that the system is always improving as new thoughts come to mind.


The efforts being made will not only be in written form to the journal, but within the analysis of the systems’ concept tagging.  It is important to build conscientiously toward “one global system priority” which will understand and discover where each of the internal parts preoccupies themselves within Ann’s one life, and then it is hoped that Mimi’s dragon will assist Ann in incorporating her inner worlds through her center core while not losing the adaptability and independence of her “many.”

The process of utilizing the dashboard will be a standard of Ann’s system of parts following a specific (negotiated) set of daily routines and/or time frame (through the dashboard), by listening more carefully to the contribution of insights and  discussion of the boundaries and barriers they will each undoubtedly meet. The software programs MindManager and TPAssist “Dashboard” and “MyLife” (Mindjet, 2012 & TPAssist, 2010) are utilized and referred collectively as the “Dashboard.” The dashboard protocol will assist the system’s leadership by adding organization to their multiple lives through daily mind-mapping.  This process should aid especially through the divisions and losses of conscious awareness due to memory shifts in going from one alter to another, and it should aid each of the different parts to be living - just one “outside” life with its normal maintenance and accountability of duties and responsibilities, as well as holding accountability for re-parenting the younger parts.  


Ann would know she were on the right path by better functioning productively in a “commonly shared internal/external world” by parts more evenly contributing as a system to completing necessary tasks without over-using some of the parts, or short-changing others.  This will be completed through concentrating on the dashboard in-box by accessing needs, values, and aspirations into a joint command center, akin to an electronic bulletin board.  This is to better share awareness, rather than parts individualistically trying to direct separate lives and lifestyles, or withdrawing completely with little to no communication with the exception of “surprise” dysfunctionality.

The dashboard has features such as an in-tray, task summary, strategy and outcomes (purpose, principle, vision, goals and objectives, focus areas, responsibilities and projects), calendar, actions, on hold, agenda, incubator (developing ideas), journal, supporting materials, and references (bills and receipts).  MyLife is an additional mind-mapping program in conjunction with Dashboard that includes lifetime partner, home and family, health and fitness, fun and friends, finance, spirituality and professional assistance.

Mission Statement

To research, write, edit, analyze and publish Mimi’s Dragon through implementing successful guidance, control and management measures through internal and external supports, concept tagging, Internet search and gaining structure through the dashboard protocol; to advance Ann’s multiple systems through strategy planning, building competency (ability and skill), learning through the daily work/play of its particular culture, and by the system fostering competent written habits of dialogue, inquiry and real learning; to better understand the ongoing construction of relationships with external others through the roles of mother, grandmother, friend, learner, peer, and quilter without becoming overwhelmed, and/or too discouraged; to increase positive perception and tolerance for the difference of others through the experience of day-to-day simple life changes, thus building advanced personal and public value between people; and to continually review and rewrite if necessary the mission of writing Mimi’s Dragon and keeping the mission in the forefront by locating it on the front pages of the published book and predominantly placing it on the dashboard to be available daily.

Vision Statement

To accept validity, love and respect through selves, God, family, friends and other people when offered; to honor personal freedom and independence; to cherish the right to make choices and be responsible for decisions; to strive for capability by respecting the selves’ honesty and integrity through their thoughts, feelings and behaviors; to be accountable for system-wide happiness and acceptance, and to share whatever wisdom learned in offering to help others along similar paths.


Achterhof, R. (2012).  Strategy planning for educators.  [Online Course].  Retrieved from

Bryson, J.M. (2011).  Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.).  San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass.

Bryson, J.M. & Alston, F.K. (2011).  Creating your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations (3rd ed.).  San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass.

Garvey, A.M. (2010).  Ann’s multiple world of personality: Regular – no cream, no sugar. Victoria, BC, Canada:  FriesenPress

Assignment 3.1 Extended, Ann Garvey Friday, March 23, 2012

There were a few things we picked-up this week for sure and there were a couple of notations we left in the column of our text that seemed to motivate us well. First, we liked the definition of “context” which appears to come as weaving together (Bryson, 2011, p. 150) which seems to be what we are doing as a multiple in working with our parts in telling the story of Mimi’s Dragon. The text also stated that “sensibleness derives from relationships not parts” and that “sensemaking is needed to weave hindsight, foresight and insight into sensible action” (p. 150). This set of imperatives give a really good sense to the experience we are having in thinking through different relationships with the parts as members of committees, teams, and groups. In the end it really may be that the parts are all one and that it is that sense of us together in a relationship that will make our life unique. Finally, we liked the quote “to develop the habit of seeing the organization as a whole in relation to its environment (p. 156). This seems just as positive of a thought as the other statements and did much in holding together our sense of unity. We still don’t believe in integration, because we would not like to lose our various parts, but we do believe in communication and that we can then work together toward a respectful life position – of public value!

Options for preserving or enhancing each strength
We have always liked the concept and feelings of being impassioned by our work/play
We don’t stop most days, but continue working and though sometimes we get tired, we still maintain that it is a pleasure to work at thinking
We could do more to check in and out to better define if it is a good work time or if we should be really taking a break to let other parts check in
We love what we are doing by studying, reading, writing, editing, and researching
This is what we do from the time we get up to the time we need to go down for the night and it makes us feel happy
We need keep in check with others so our tasks don’t drain their needs from being met too. Take rests
We love to learn and teach
We like that our minds in general like to “figure things out”
Allow for more development of this particularly with writers and younger parts still being students – invite creativity
Enjoy watching the different parts eventually grow, especially the younger ones
Sometimes younger parts particularly like being with Dr. Marvin and he’ll answer their questions and it just hits you when they recognize a new developmental thought to them – or they teach us
We need to give the younger parts more opportunity which means being outside our living quarters where they can be in an environment that is new, different and full of discovery
We are going through a process of rediscovering our internal culture. It has been a long 15 years of thinking if we looked the other direction it would just go away
We are finding that if we stay focused and inviting there will be a lot more to look forward to - pay attention to the “switches” of parts
Maintain the understanding that parts need time while holding on to the fact that school is the “SYSTEMS” first priority
We place a high value on the sense of being competent
Think of it more as something that each of the parts are in their own way

Options for Minimizing or Overcoming Weakness
Sometimes we hold a low acceptance of ourselves, especially when not feeling constructive
For example, it is hard to accept an internal part if she is having a negative mood (because then as co-habitats’ you feel what she does without understanding why)
Appreciate more sympathetically other parts have feelings and rights to their own emotions – think of it as sharing communications
We don’t have a good sense of self-definition – so we are between the middle of worlds of multiples and the worlds without them
We have been working more on trying to ignore divisions of ourselves
We need to accept that there are parts and learn to work with them as other good entities
We are not good at budgeting time to the “unpopular body tasks” now being relabeled as “doables”
This includes anything like house-work, shopping, exercise, diet and visiting
We need to be more realistic and know that while one part does not like doing these things others will step-in if given the opportunity
In the past, when we worked more with the parts, we were hit quite a bit with Ann Marie being overly moody and negative (she’s our core part)
This week we had a bad session with Dr. Marvin and for the next two days we were in more of a regressed state holding our stuffed dog.
We need to develop some kind of safe space habit where we can give parts space, but still not get so long gone that we get behind, lost or overwhelmed
Sometimes we go through harder emotions like having been abused, abandoned, or feelings of loneliness and alienation
We need to remember the difference in then switching over to living life in the present where we can be affecting change in real time
When the harder emotions are up, we need to develop a plan for safely handling their grief, especially through the writing
We really don’t know our core (host) very well at all other than to know she gets overwhelmed, discouraged and she’s pretty sure she/we are crazy
There is an opportunity to know her better and now we have time in life to slow down, be settled and give her time at her own pace
Reassure her often, we are not crazy, just wrapped with a different bow

Options for taking Advantage of Opportunity
We like to teach others interested in our knowledge or procedures, we are good at encouraging and breaking things into steps
We like seeing people put together the dots and realize how smart they are in being able to figure things out
We need to place ourselves in a more expertise mode by focusing on studying now as a Master’s student and then later through Doctorate work
We like to watch how others process life, especially when they are making something work
It’s been enjoyable seeing our Professors work with learners like ourselves and others because in the field of education those are skills worthy of picking-up
In the forum, we can watch how Dr. Mona handles the people who are doing things both right and wrong and still maintain positivism
Learning about multiples through monitoring the Internet Google Search Engine
We’ve put in key words for multiplicity and every day we get another couple reports of the context people are using the terms on the Internet
We can continue collecting, but look forward to the start of sorting them out without being triggered negatively
It is a newer concept, but we are enjoying the thought that we have public value
Nurture what we can by learning to communicate that much better
Keep in mind to always be writing our best and that it be positive and building toward our future
We have opportunity of writing now and publishing later about the same time as we graduate as long as we don’t give up and continue working hard and steady
We have enough ability and interest to make a good life happen with or without people picking up the book
Continue moving the process along so that we have opportunities to self-improve
We have the opportunity to construct real relationships with people on the outside that we really love, honor and respect
Although there are parts that have significant trouble with externals – other parts are doing pretty darn well with them
Remember to appreciate the effort others go through that doesn’t have anything to do with us, but yet they share

Options for Overcoming the Challenge
There seems to be in the community a lot of doubt whether multiplicity is real or whether it is a 20th century joke
We’ve peeked in enough of the Google search emails to realize there is going to be a lot of negativity coming up in our future
We need to brace ourselves for it and remind ourselves we have available research tools to better clarify things we can put in writing
It is a long term goal and we don’t know if we will have the stamina to see it through, but it seems it will be our challenge and its real and promising
We see ourselves as having fallen through an commitments before where we have not followed through at 100% and we’re not positive it won’t happen again
Take things day at a time and let go of some of the doubtful thoughts and reinsert that we are smart enough and deserve our own best foot forward
We still place high value on having the support of externals
It’s ok to trust others
Its ok that people know you sweat the small stuff too – no one’s perfect
We have an external challenge to keep up with and external world at their pace – so we have higher needs than just worrying if we can maintain household weight and communication
Our tendency is to live a fairly withdrawn life with preferences to just think our way through the day
We need to recognize it is a challenge and to turn to some happy thoughts because not all parts are scared or feel danger – AND some of us even like to quilt, remember?
Sometimes we aren’t very tolerant of others, and neither are they, but it can change with the patience of one, the other or both
Tolerance is probably the hardest thing most of us will ever need to grapple with
We are here – still alive and have another day to give it another chance


Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Assignment 3.1 Discussion Bryan Friday March 23, 2012

Hi Bryan,

Me again! It’s always nice to see your welcome message for comments – it is like you left the light on 

It seems a real draw as to whether the family-styled spirit was working for your company or not in that it seemed in many ways an excuse not to be really innovating. People sounded comfortable, but perhaps not too progressive. I read in the reading this week also that change brings with it resistance. Bryson (2011) stated, “As a result, change anywhere can result in unpredictable results elsewhere as the behavior of complex systems often demonstrates a sensitive and unpredictable dependence on initial conditions (Gleick, 1988. 1999; Weick and Sutcliffe, 2007).” People seem then just to go back to “start.” I also giggled at one of your opportunities where someone could sneak in some change.

There’s no way around it … there will always be the insecure and perhaps a little lazy? I think you are correct in that people need to adapt.

Look forward to your company,

Our best,


Saturday, March 24, 2012 5:28 AM

Good morning. This is me. It is Saturday morning and Rich is still in bed which is pretty amazing it is 5:30 AM and I woke up about a half-hour ago. There are always the little things to do.

The first thing I wanted to write is that Mrs. Garvey did pass away. She died Thursday night at approximately 11:10 PM. We had known by earlier that day that she had been unconscious and people were expecting it happen at any time. They did pull the family together on Thursday earlier and I believe many of the kids, although not all were at the house when she died. I don't know the specifics, nor do I need to. Maury Pat had given me a call yesterday morning. And at that point he didn't know very many of the specifics either. He believed that everything was taken care, of course as to the arrangements. We'll just have to see how things go from here. He seemed to be doing okay with it.  I really don't feel too much a part of what is going on what will be going on over the next couple of days. I'm sure the family will be grieving and they have to be given space. I am sorry for their loss.

For the majority of the last couple of days, we have been working on schoolwork. We had some catching up to do and have finished by now the paper that was due last Saturday, the paper that was due on Wednesday, and we have to do the paper due tonight. There was one part I didn't understand in yesterday's homework and that it had wanted us to a workbook assignment that had not been assigned to us, so we sent a note to the Prof. we did get a response back this morning that she had left last night saying that basically everything was okay and she was at the airport and coming home. I don't know what difference it makes whether she's in California or Norway, but it does seem to make some difference. Like when she is gone on vacation, you really don't want to interrupt her any more than need be. She has been very responsive since she's been gone.

I'm trying to think now what is important enough to write about. When you are in the school zone you're just working. If I was any more specific I would say that we had to read about 60 pages of text in the main book yesterday, and then we went through the implementation bulk probably about 20 pages, and then we ended up using the other workbook to create the majority of the assignment which was to write about that organization's strengths weaknesses opportunities and challenges. As soon as we got the mode where I was using the workbook, we were okay. It seemed to come very easy and free-flowing. After that we had to comment on at least one of our peers and it seems harder to find the peer that we wanted to communicate to. It didn't seem like there was that many peers in the class. I'm looking down the profile is now I think that we have about 17 people that are there may be 18. I believe that leaves about four that might not have really started who were listed on the original profiles, but I can't be sure. It looks like there might be three or four assignments still out there, but most people have the 3.1 done.

Rich is now up so I might need to take a break. It's almost 6 AM and I definitely need some more coffee. I'm trying to finish up with the schoolwork though. I did lose track of who I had responded to before and why needed to respond to this time as to hitting somebody that I hadn't done before. Perhaps maybe if I just looked at the assignment is coming up and will be to tonight I think it's a longer one.

I'm back again. It is now about 7:30 AM since I've been gone I said goodbye to the Rich, talked to Maury for a while, took my medicine, and that is about it. Maury talked about what he was could be doing for the next week in that he is going on vacation again to Arkansas and he obviously talked about his grandmother’s death and some of those arrangements. Apparently there will be an open visitation for like about five hours on Sunday night, and then the funeral will be on Monday morning, and probably there will be a close service to the family at the cemetery following the funeral. Maury stated that the pallbearers will be her sons and her two nephews Pete and Stephen. I thought that was a little odd in that the grandchildren were the ones who carried Mr. Garvey, and not the children - but everyone for his own. We talked to Maury about us probably not going to the services. He mentioned that JoAnn had spent two and half hours with her before she died. I assured Maury that was because JoAnn was much classier than I am. And then I said that although I was doing fine when talking to Maury that sometimes my feelings were much harder and I didn't think that was something I could respect. It would be facetious to go to the ceremony with this kind of negativity.

Rich is going to be gone most the day. Today is the day for the spring fling at the center, so I had to deal with that to. Rich was not sure how well I would take it so he had been avoiding the subject until last moment I have also hard feelings about that in that I had gone to the service for 12 years and then all of a sudden you're not a part I am glad I'm not a part but it's still a gaping hole. Rich talked about relationships between some of the staff the other day and I don't think that all is well and good, but everybody seems to be handling things fine and my understanding is they are still blaming me for things that they haven't fixed over the last six months, so Holly not being done with her Q-notes was Ann's fault when question this week by Richard was doing he client evaluations.

There was also something new this week, in that Rich talked about for the first time letting go of St. Rose. I was really delighted to hear that although I know it will happen over sometime. Rich is not being included in the inner circle with the new sister which puts him in a precarious position. It also puts the center and precarious position because the Looney Tunes are running the show. I really wouldn't mind if they went under. I would feel bad for the clients and their families, but the rest of them would deserve to fail. Okay so this is nothing new in that we still have hard feelings towards that whole situation. Maybe that's wish me writing about is all these negative feelings that we've got going on and thoughts. Now that would be such a good idea there.

We did run into a little problem with Rich last night in that he got very angry at us. I think basically what happened was that he was building up a head of steam, and so when I tipped the camel over, I took on the wrath of God. It was a long, loud yell.  I know it's more emotions dumped on me then belongs because he goes into his whole life of all the people that have done him wrong including his ex-wife. I can guess that the good part of this is because he's tired and he is putting in so many hours working. Basically, the last straw was that I made a comment that he could've told his son that and he and I were both eating dinner instead of telling his son he was eating – so was inferring that I wasn’t there. His son had called to tell him about a job change and Rich excused himself after a while by knowledge and that he was eating dinner, but when he is in these kind of situations would be the opportune time to say that and then he and I were having dinner and it just makes me crazy to be invisible. My comment that was probably sarcastic, although in actual words it was said no more than you could have included that you and I were having dinner together. After that point he just got very angry and pointed out everything that was wrong with me over a long period of time and how is responsible for all of his problems. I'm probably exaggerating on this point, but that is what it felt like.

I didn't go into argumentation mode with him because I didn't believe that I was the cause of all these problems. I thought that he was more just letting go of some of his stress. Of course you know me.  I would rather see relaxation be done through sex but these other things happen as well. We didn't say too much back to him although we met his arguments with a steady glare. Which was a kind of stony response to we are not going to take you just dumping on us all these things on us, but if you want to – bring it on!

Soon after that Rich decided that he wasn't hungry to finish his dinner, and that he had to go back to work. I believe he indicated that he and I could still come over but he understood that I had homework to be doing. Later when we got to the point of finishing homework enough so we could have gone over, we gave him a call – it was probably about eight or 8:15 PM. We told him we could make time to come over for a bit, but then he said that Bob was coming over also and that he just needed me to be aware of that. So we bowed out and said fine but Bob come and see you will stay back. I don't know the emotion behind that if we were upset or some other mood, but we try to put it out of our mind as Rich having other priorities, and that we weren't always the center of his attention.  In the end but never came over.

This morning we were kind of on this case again in that we were pointing out to him that we were trying to have a conversation around us and not always about him, but it was coming off pretty goofy. Maybe it was more passive aggressive.  In some sense it is a game, but we know there is more intended behind it and so does he. Probably the best thing to do is to keep it on a light playful mode, but we can read in between the lines that not everyone in the system is happy.

I know that some of the time constraints are as much my problem is it is his and that if I can't get my homework done before the evening hours, then I can't help him out by just being around over at his other temporary work position. I want to give him company, but getting out is difficult at this point, and we felt we had really stretched our limits and offering to come over last night, so when he had other guest, so then fine, we don't need to be there. But then that got some other part concerned about him having other women over at the shop we absolutely no he wouldn't do that, but there is something important going on in that he needed to go outside the house to find his own space. We didn't like it that when he got frustrated with us last night, and he did clarify frustrated and not angry, he said he was leaving to go to his shop. This could end up being a wedge between us that should be examined and discussed. But then I have the sewing room. Sometimes people just need to crawl off and be by themselves for a while. I think Rich is in this mode now.

As a separate side topic, we just thought about it when we went to fill up our coffee cup, we are doing pretty well on the weight this last week. Our official weigh-in times are on Wednesdays, and I might've explained before that we had about 20 weeks to lose the weight - 2 to 3 pounds a week before her trip to Vietnam, if that is what is going to happen. We have been back and forth though as far as winning ourselves in between times. This morning we were at 280.0 which is a nice number though not as nice as getting into the 70s. We started at 286.7, but we are considering our started 287 so that means that we would've lost almost 7 pounds in about a week and a half. I don't mean for it to be coming off so dramatically, but it is amazing that if one to stop snacking between meals is much easier for the weight to come off. Right now we are eating breakfast after 7 AM, something small for lunch at about noon, and then we eat dinner as close as we can to Riches time, but mostly just not eating except one bag of popcorn, no butter, during the midday about 2:30 PM, and we are allowing ourselves one sugar-free ice cream sandwich toward the end of the day. We'll see how long that lasts before I have to concentrate on doing something like exercise. You might have needed to hear us but that word exercise did not come out sounding anywhere near nice.

There must be some credit to because we are doing so well in not overeating. And then since Thursday we've been doing better at keeping the house kept up, though it reminds me that I might want to do a load of clothes for Rich. I think his white load needs to be done. Let me at least get that started okay, I'll be right back.

Okay that part is good with just one load started and it's only a temp so we should have laundry done before 10 AM, we should be folding up by the time. It's making pretty good time in our book. This he still needs some attention; she's been doing that a lot lately. But I do have to say I'm very proud of her. This morning she took the back way in that she jumped up on the bathtub and then on the back of the toilet and then to the sink, but the deal this is that she did get to the sink and she actually drank water out of the faucet. This is a major change for her she always watches Chief do it but I didn't know for sure whether she could do it herself because she has never done that before I've seen her once or twice go up to the sink to the back way, but she's never drink water on the faucet before. We are very proud of her. Yes I know she does it all the time and he comes up front way but leaping straight up to the sink but that's like old business.

I'm thinking there must not be too much on her mind. Let me think going through the regular stuff I still need to get a hold of Duyen to find out what needs to be done with airfare. I would prefer that they make the arrangements especially since Thom would be paying for my travel, but we need to know than how long before the trip should we be making the arrangements, like is it something that should be done right now. I no sooner is better than later, but I don't know if we really would have the money for Rich airfare unless we took it out of my couple thousand dollars for taxes which seems like a good idea to me, but we need a more of a commitment from Rich that we can do this, and he wanted to give it about a month before making that decision. The kids do have a special Facebook page for the wedding so that is a good idea it'll keep everyone on track as to the progress that is being made.

I'm still a little concerned about gifts to be giving the kids. You want to give them something special, but I don't know how much money will be involved and how much traditional gifts we need to be thinking of. And even at that the traditional gifts given by the groom’s family, would that be done by me or their father? Most likely Jackie would have to take care of it on their side because their father is terrible with gifts. I would hate to think it but this one might need a little bit of coordination from me and Jackie. We have never done that before. We'll let that bag of worms she put off for little bit. First would be to talk to Duyen to see what the expectations would be.  She did give us something on what was to happen, but it was only talking about engagement party I am not sure that might be at the same time as the wedding, but I'm not sure.

I think I need to give Connie sue a call and I should probably give my mother a call today as well, she will want to know about Mrs. Garvey having passed, and I owe Connie Sue the conversation because she had called the last time and I hadn't had time to talk to her because the kids were here. It is been a long time since we've really thought about sewing to and in all reality the trip that we had originally planned to take to Connie Sue's is coming up in less than three weeks, so that should take some coordination. I saw Connie sue reading between the lines on her last note to the group basically we had said that the only thing that might hold up a visit is if Thom came in during that same time, but obviously now that his trip is over she was thinking that must leave my time open for her. I still have to work out the logistics and preparing ourselves mentally, because at this point I feel more that I'm going up there out of duty and obligation rather than desire. That's a bad attitude on my part.

Okay were back, we got all of our calling taken care of. I found the obituary of the boys’ grandmother and sent to each of them. Maury responded back, between the two of us we had tried to figure out how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren there were and the numbers were really far out from what Maury had had.  It was obvious Mary Fran had counted all the steps. I hadn't realized that there were so many. I then sent a copy to my sister and my mother. And then I called both of them. They both talked about subjects that interested them and were going to let it go at that.

My mother's phone call ended up with a close going from the washer to the dryer and then Connie Sue's conversation and it would close going from the dryer up. My mother had gotten a new phone, so that was nice we could at least understand what she was saying. Connie Sue was able to grab the last minute after her long conversation to ask about how school is going. But at that point I'm not really interested in conveying how it's going that is after I've already started to disconnect from you. Most of the personal conversation between Connie Sue and I had nothing to do with my mother-in-law. My mother started crying because she was missing her husband, who died over a year ago - so, that her fixation on death piggybacked on Mrs. Garvey's death. No matter. I do worry about Connie Sue because she is so fixated on the conversations just on her son and her sister-in-law, that she really doesn't see too much else going on. She does talk about the houses. And she will mention Mark but only in passing. It's a very small world, but I can't say much different because at this point of time my worlds pretty small too.

I feel like I've taken care of my official business. I should still write a quick note to Linda to see how she's doing.

Okay we've done that then there we wrote a short note to Linda and we also took a shower and got dressed, and folded the clothes and put them away. We feel better now everything seems picked-up. I am really hoping that we get into our school work pretty soon. Then we could have a little bit of a break maybe this evening. I might want to start off by making one more comment, and then doing the part on our notes. Well maybe not on the notes because I would rather have the assignment done so we have something to take notes off of. We can do this right?!

Assignment 3.1 Bryan Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your comments. I intend to leave the light on for comments. I look forward to feedback in order to improve.

The process has evolved over the years and the points you made are exactly the reasons why. I remember when the first big changes went on, it was "We are working on it.", then "It will start April 1st", then "It's on." Training was limited or non-existent and the employees either caught on or were lost in the flood. The last big event, training went on for almost a year before anything was turned on.

The people that felt that they could not handle it, were offered new positions or options and things progressed. While it may have meant higher costs in the startup, the results ended up being a staff that understood, could work competently in the new environment and were willing to live with the changes to keep the business running. There were and probably are people that look back with fondness for the old ways, but there are no real holdouts.


Assignment 3.1 Summary Ann Garvey Saturday, March 24, 2012

We had a really good week “at school.” I started behind from last week so as a result had to put more time in a consolidated manner, which was good in that I never really stopped thinking of school and things then seemed to flow from one point to the other. I liked the way each of the assignments added to the next one and the next. The mission statement and vision was started in the first week, became part of the second week and the additional mandates of the second week helped to build the SWOC/T analysis and then parts of that analysis became a part of the 3.2 strategy planning issues. I had thought by that time, they were very well vetted out. I appreciated the W3 various section for bringing home the thoughts on the value of education as to Joseph’s “leading out.” It all does seem at this point an invitation to just being in an educational institution such as JIU is allowing for such incredible new thoughts. The one section from the text that said a lot to me was this:

As with any journey, fear, anxiety, and sometimes depression are as likely to be travel companions as excitement and adventurousness. It is very important, therefore, that people feel enough psychological safety to explore potentially threatening situations, relationships, and ideas; in other words, they need what Ron Heifetz calls a holding environment (Heifetz, 1994, p. 103; see also Chrislip, 2002, pp. 45-46) and what Karl Weick (1995, p. 179) calls a “sensemaking support system to help them through (Bryson, 2011, p. 187).

Thanks Dr. Mona – really nice system of support with this class … oh one more thing …  we put you on our SPCC – Major all you need to do is keep up the supportive comments to myself and peers. We’re reading you through the lines and starting to relax more – we’re back to learning is fun!

Our best,



Bryson, J. J. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Jones International University

Strategic Plan:  Improving Organizations and Culture

Identifying Strategic Issues – Mimi’s Dragon

Assignment 3.2

Dr. Mona Engvig

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for

EDU542 Strategic Planning for Educators

By Ann Garvey

Chicago, IL

March 24, 2012

Disclaimer:  I understand that we were to justify our issues and briefs with references from the reading, but I couldn’t find where that might apply.  Ann


This paper is a partial requirement toward the EDU542 Strategic Planning for Educator course project to “Improve Organizations and Culture.”  The assignment requests that the learner write four strategic planning issue briefs.  The four issues covered with this paper include:  If it is apparent, and it is, that Ann Marie has significant influence on our system (and Mimi’s Dragon), how can we better know and identify her? How do we as parts, assist Ann Marie in dealing with or negotiating the system’s harder emotions without over-burdening her (overwhelm and/or discourage)?  A lot of the external feedback we have monitored from the environment seems to be based on the question, “Is multiplicity real?”  How do we address that?  And, how will we develop the stamina, courage and tolerance of accepting things better in the external world (outside our minds – including physical)?  As well, the paper reports the background/context, driving force, issue leading/prospects, consequence of not addressing issue and goals of each issue.

 Strategic Plan:  Improving Organizations and Culture

Identifying Strategic Issues – Mimi’s Dragon

Issue Brief #1 – Internal (1):

Issue.  If it is apparent, and it is, that Ann Marie has significant influence on our system (and Mimi’s Dragon), how can we better know and identify her? 

Background/Context.  Ann Marie is thought to be the central to all of us – “the Real Us.”  We think that from her mind, we were all created to assist her in living separate aspects of her life.  We believe that she fades in and out of a shared existence with us.  Most the time she lets us do the “hard stuff” while she plays or naps, so that I might now be thinking, how do I address her directly?  And, she’s thinking more on the line of, I wonder if there are tulips out yet?  She has harder time thinking seriously about things happening in all our lives.

Driving Forces.   Ann Marie has in the past avoided most circumstances that have been too emotionally overwhelming.  There have been questions as to if we are here to help her, and then what happens to us if she doesn’t need us anymore?  What is our position as alters if she accepts more responsibility for being here?  What are the real issues driving the dissociativeness of Ann Marie?  Life is good now – do we need it to get any better?

Issue Leading/prospects.  The issue seems to be leading that we do something more toward integration, though we abhor that term.  The prospects of this are low at this time, because none of the parts wish to be banished which is the prevailing fear.  However, if the communication works with Ann Marie, then we will better understand ourselves which might be to the advantage of all.

Consequence of Not Addressing Issue.  If we did not address the issue, and it turns out that we really need Ann Marie to be more coherent for what we know of the system to survive and prosper, then we will have lost that opportunity.  We could drive Ann Marie back into the “cave,” and then have to worry more about her accepting things on the outside world through her fears disabling all of us from taking part in the larger life of “Ann.”

Goals.  Identify when Ann Marie is out.  Encourage her to be recognized.  Seek to understand her needs better.  Encourage her to have a duo-relationship with us so we can better coach her as to what is happening in her life.

Issue Brief #2 – Internal (2):

Issue.  How do we as parts, assist Ann Marie in dealing with or negotiating the system’s harder emotions without over-burdening her (overwhelm and/or discourage)?

Background/Context.  When Ann Marie gets overwhelmed, she trusts both her internal and external world less – and will withdraw which pulls us all back to be dealing with her non-interaction.  When Ann Marie gets upset, she will act out to avoid being cornered which puts us all closer to being re-hospitalized.  We’ve managed not to be hospitalized for about nine years now.  It seems that Ann Marie has little tolerance for the bigger variances of her day, so we feel the need to stabilize all the parts’ world so that she feels safe – such as staying at home.  We still cannot allow her to stagnate or withdraw completely, so Rich and we are practicing getting her to leave the house every day or two even if for just a small errand.  On the other side, we as a system are so fearful of facing her emotions and reality that we tend to let her be in the background.  We tend to do a lot of confused switching when things get too much and while inconvenient, prevents too much wear and tear on any one of us - as if what was happening in our minds were a hot potato.  We feel that until Ann Marie and we start figuring out what we are all running from, we’ll never get past start/go.

Driving Forces.   Ann Marie seems to think that she is crazy, or we are making her crazy, but will not step up to the plate.  The system has a deep-seated need for safety and trust and we don’t necessarily know how to find these with the exception of very small incremental movements forward.  While all this is happening, we still have other issues that we are responsible for such as the school, household, family and friends, and even the quilting that need to be accomplished to balance out the life we are all sharing – and as best the parts have been able to make it. 

Issue Leading/prospects.  The issue is really about learning to handle more of reality than we have in the past and to be able to feel our greater sense of purpose.  We also would hope to get past whatever put us in this situation in the first place so that we can be part of the excitement of life in the present – feel and give love and friendship.

Consequence of Not Addressing Issue.  It seems the consequences of Ann Marie not dealing better with the emotional load, is that none of us get further than the points she’s gotten.  We can live our separate independent lives, but we always move at the whim of being taken back into her “cave-like” existence.  We are really smart enough so should be able to enable more for our lives  

Goals.  One of the goals will be for Ann Marie to understand what we are now dealing with and that we mean to help her as much as we do each other.  We need to make it a goal to build trust so that if an overwhelming problem occurs for her, she will know that together we are going to work out the solution by bringing her back safely to what we all are handling from our more adult perspectives.

Issue Brief #3 – External (1):

Issue.  A lot of the external feedback we have monitored from the environment seems to be based on the question, “Is multiplicity real?”  How do we address that?

Background/Context.  Just by the nature of being diagnosed with multiplicity, especially for such a long time (22 years), we’ve been dealing with different levels of our presentation to the community at large.  We learned early on, especially through the work of a group of professionals stating multiples have false memories that the community at large has withdrawn from considering seriously the issues multiples face.  Multiples are put into whatever creates multiplicity through trauma and the dissociative processes, and generally as the person grows older and steps further away from the actual threats, the parts within the system start to identify themselves because they have been given better “safe” time out in the real world and have at whatever their level become engaged in it – it is like so many people coming to America – who really then wants to leave?  The parts don’t always even know the other parts, because life has been so divided.  The outside world we live in though is much cloaked even within and between our families and friends.  There is very little known about us as Ann except through a select few friends and family members.  But, we feel the larger world is something we’d like to experience too.  Although, we try to live as normally as others, there is strangeness about us that many do not wish to deal with.  All the time the world asks, “Is multiplicity real?” We have to ask it of ourselves.  As we have over the years become more co-conscious with each other, we have become more accepting as ourselves as a system and working – communicating with each other – we still have to face-up to the fact that multiplicity is a conversion of the brain working on a distant planet from what is known to most, and intellectually what we can construct of our own reality, may not be real.  It is easy to ask, am I more real because I can talk, and think and operate this keyboard, or am I just a part of someone’s active imagination.  Where do one of us start and the next begin?

Driving Forces.   We don’t have a solution to the problems that multiplicity suggests.  We aren’t going to know until we address the problems directly.  Previously, we’d worked in the outside world for so long that most of our psychiatry time was in assisting us deal with that environment.  Now that we have some safety and stability of staying home, we really are at an optimal time to do some self-discovery – especially through the writing.

Issue Leading/prospects.  We would like to figure out ways that we use the best of who we are to be making a difference in this world.  I suppose we all come dressed to address different issues, but it would only make sense with this one particular looming thing over us (multiplicity), that it would put us in a better position to do something more with it – on a productive scale – public value.  Whatever we learned in the process of becoming who we are, is actually turning out to be a pretty good life, do we want to stop that or mess it up?  We have good supports and aren’t out on the street.  Things are comfortable – there is no reason for it to turn otherwise – and even if it did we’ve proven to ourselves that we could be really devastated and still survive the ordeal.

Consequence of Not Addressing Issue.  If we do not work to resolve the issue of multicity and its reality, then we’ve contributed nothing back to society accept to fill a small plug-like hole. Others will have a tougher time understanding what multiplicity is and isn’t whether they had it or were in the range of others who did because they won’t have had our experience with psychiatry or education.  Being a multiple - although seemingly contradictory by the numbers - is still a lonely prospect.  I’ve known other multiples over the years – though not well and just a few at a time, but in general, I believe we tend to have very isolating lives with the exception of the computer and Internet and a few close contacts.  If the question wasn’t addressed this might become more prevalent – that most time is pretending we’re more normal than certainly seems to be the case from an outsider’s perspective.

Goals.  We would like to write some kind of policy or process, or a system where we took these kinds of thoughts at the beginning of our writing Mimi’s Dragon, and then along the time period of 12-16 months – we can sort out the happenstance of all that.  We would like to be a productive writer Mimi’s Dragon and contribute something to the cause by means of real understanding of how at least one person processed the multiplicity and what issues she had to do in dealing with it.  We would like to maintain a presence that is as honest and truthful as we can tolerate in ourselves and within the grouping of being in a multiple’s system.

Issue Brief #4 – External (2):

Issue.  How will we develop the stamina, courage and tolerance of accepting things better in the external world (outside our minds – including physical?)

Background/Context.  We have gone through over 25 years of therapy and it seems that as we have progressively grown stronger, that we are still facing key issues that the system began with as to who are we?  What is happening to us?  How do we fix it?  We’ve spent the vast majority of this time in learning how to cope with the “outside world” and in fulfilling each other parts contributions to our external life.  In all the work we have done and in consideration of spending months and months in psychiatric hospitals - especially in the past for depression, anxiety, compulsiveness, prescription drug treatments, psychotherapy, and even electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), we have never been able to entirely “fix ourselves.”  We know more now in that we’re pretty smart, but the “parts” don’t go away.  Because there has been so much time and energy spent on making us “sane” in general, we’ve never gotten to the business now at hand in handling our worst fears of what might have happened to us within a physical body – we just know that other than typing – the rest of our life is very difficult – so doing things like walking down the three flights of stairs to put the wash in the machine, then go back down to put in in the dryer, and then go down to pick up the clothes and bring them back up is fairly terrifying – especially to Ann Marie because we need to leave our apartment.  Now we are implementing the rewards of writing mirrored to the physical tasks to do with house, people, fitness, etc.  If we can do these things according to the Mindmap – Dashboard we have established, we will be on our way.

Driving Forces.   The things that are forcing our drive is that we feel very unsettled when we are not able to contribute our fair share to the living arrangements we have with Rich and the stability we would like to impress on our sons, DIL’s, and Grandchildren.  There is a secondary force in that system messages are sent out that it is too much to handle, and then we need to calm those forces that are playing against the forces pushing us to go forward and handle more – if we don’t calm ourselves then we lose time to very regressed younger-aged parts – like having mini breakdowns.  In the process of the time loss, we lose basic awareness of this other world we’ve worked so hard to build and develop – especially school.

Issue Leading/prospects.  As to where the issue is going, it would lead us into enjoying more of the life that I see others around us enjoying. Such as Rich would really like us to join him out on the water/boat when he goes fishing – theoretically this seems very exciting, but realistically we know there is going to be a lot of resistance as those trips come closer to actuality.  Once we are out “in the world” we need to do more with checking back in with Ann Marie.  Usually what happens is that she doesn’t come or is “discombobulated” and though other parts can enjoy the outing, it is at the expense of Ann Marie which means we are not learning as a system to handle our most basic core problems.  We would like to get to a point where we can at least visualize walking hand in hand with her, so that we are aware of what is happening with her and be able to deal with it right away so that she enjoys her own life.

Consequence of Not Addressing Issue.  If the issues are not addressed, then we won’t have learned from whatever this next experience is going to bring us.  There will be no one who sits back and punishes us for not trying or not making it to any particular goal, but we’ve always known that it was the quality of life that mattered.  If we don’t try it we’ll never know how much better it could get.

Goals.  In addressing the issues the goals should be such that we can move more fluently in our home.  The short term goal is that we’ll be able to lose 2-3 pounds of each week for the next 20 weeks that will make managing mobility so much better when we travel to Vietnam in August – for our son’s marriage and while that concept is too petrifying to be addressed by some of us within, there are others already packing the bags.  We should be addressing that Ann Marie through the means of everyone in the system paying attention to the Dashboard we’ve built for co-communication, can go back to attending our schedule no matter where they have been mentally, and that anyone can pick-up on the duties we are all responsible for – including getting us back to school.  We need to work on getting us back to the more physical world with the least amount of resistance, until it becomes all good and feeling natural for us.  All along through assignments and journaling and the analysis work in-between, we should continue thinking and working through the harder issues, so that when we get to the end story – Mimi’s Dragon - we’ll be very conscious of the long trail of successes.

W3 Various Ann Garvey Saturday March 24, 2012

Joseph, your phrase on education as “bringing out from what is inside,” resonated with me. I had first heard something like that when I was just a kid reading the story of Miss Jean Brodie, who was a teacher in a novel, who one could “set their time by.” Sparks wrote of this character, “As you know, I don’t believe in talking down to children, you are capable of grasping more than is generally appreciated by your elders. Education means a leading out, from e, out and duco, I lead.” (Spark, 1961, p. 67).

I think the strategic issue we need to resolve in education is getting back to the interest, curiosity and desire to be picking up knowledge, and then learning how to use it constructively. Maybe this is done by taking away some of the barriers such as money, competition for time, and mental obstacles. I don’t think education should be just a matter of getting kids through school, I think these kids need parents who also continue their education as a life-long pursuit of becoming. This would count for the educators within the school as well. There was another saying I read once that said that we should each be teaching and when we weren’t we should be learning, and vice-versa. That just made sense to me.


Spark, M. (1961). The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Cutchogue, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Sunday, March 25, 2012 11:03 AM

Good morning or almost good afternoon. It is already a few minutes after 11 and we've been up for quite a while. I think we woke up about six this morning I don't recall though whether we were up before or after rich I'm thinking after. That's right because he went to bring his son to the airport. So he was up very early like around 4-4:30 AM. After that he might've had something to do but I think he came home and watched the fishy show and then he headed off to the shop.

We looked around at the coursework that we had been working on last night to finish off the last week, and then we cleaned up, took a shower and got dressed, and then started reading the text for this next week. We are being assigned three chapters this week of the main text which comes out to about 100 pages. My problem is that I would read a couple sentences and that I would fall asleep and that would happen over and over again, so I finally figured that I might as well try something different because that's not working. I think I might bring the book over to riches place in keep him company, but it will be after lunch. The other idea I have is that we could be working on doing some edits today that hasn't happened for quite a while and I'm a little eager to get back into that.

Last night was very nice. We worked on our homework until about nine o'clock and rich had been home about 45 min. before that and we had treated the night as a date night. He had rented a movie that I told him I'd like to watch which was Puss in boots, so after I finish my homework for the week. Yay!  I then lay down on the couch with him, had a nice massage, and we've been shared a drink. I hadn't known that he had bought some whiskey for the house. It was probably left over from his last game, but since he was drinking I figured I might want to drink which meant we both had one drink. We are lightweights. Then I thought now it's the next day and by not have another drink. I'm pretty sure this is going down the wrong rabbit hole, but for the moment with thinking it's quite thing to do.

It really does feel like a lazy Sunday. This is the day that Mrs. Garvey's visitation will be, and we won't be going to that. Tomorrow will be the funeral and the cemetery. I understand that's they decided not to cremate but to leave her as is as was Mr. Garvey. Obviously they'll be buried next to each other. It seems like a whole kingdom reign has gone by. It will be interesting to see what the next generation we just know the part about Maury's dad deciding he was going to retire so we figure that somebody must've gotten enough money to live by. I think he means to use it rather than to pass it onto his kids. The boys will figure that out themselves so. Okay I know I was can have an opinion there. I tried not to, but it was inevitable.

It would be really nice if the grandchildren inherited something to start their own houses. Although I don't know how that would go for Maury because of his situation with the last house. Maybe that's asking a little bit too much from them now, although I would like to see them in something more stable. Maybe Thom would use the stock market, but I really don't see our kids as investing overly much. Thom might use it for seed money though if you want to really get back into the board of trade or whatever it is called now I think the board went into the Mercantile Mart. Enough of that

Linda is still out of town, we have had a few opportunities just to send quick messages back and forth and it sounds like she's having a very good time. Last night was supposed to be the big surprise event with the mother-in-law. And Sommer her daughter was coming down as part of the surprise. I believe she had to go back to Wisconsin this morning or sometime today. Linda should be coming back on Tuesday, though I don't know how we're going to arrange the time we spend together because it seems we need more time to be working on our own things rather than spending large periods of time talking and socializing. I don't mean to offend Linda though I know she would like to spend time talking as much as we would, but not everyone in the system is as patient - especially if there's work that we need to be doing especially the work of writing.

There's the train of thought also that if we didn't have relationships then what would we have worthy of writing about. I don't know but that has never stopped us before so it's not a big hang-up right now. Today seems more like a day off that I have had in a long time I don't feel particularly inspired to do the quilting although I know that is something that could be getting done. I pretty much want to relax just let the thoughts come to me. Maybe this is called and lazy Zen mind. It's just that so often we have to be active and get things done today really feels like Sunday which it is and nothing is due.

I don't know what I'm going to talk to think about because as Rich pointed out most of my thoughts go toward school. I guess you could try to explain that a little bit maybe the first thing though is I want to make sure we've updated and gotten the new literature that we wrote into this book, Mimi's Dragon hold on for a second.

Monday, March 26, 2012 10:13 AM

Good morning, this is just us.  It is rather late in the morning is already 10:15 AM and were pretty much just getting going. We were up about six or 6:30 AM with rich, but he was pretty ingrained into his work, and so we fell asleep on the couch and then we got out the book and obviously that didn't work out so well either we again fell asleep. After that we put the book down and just went to sleep proper, or as proper as one can get sitting on the couch and we slept till about 9:30 AM. We made sure medicines were taken at the right time but were still holding that the medicine is making us drowsier then we should be.

I checked e-mails, we checked school, we checked Facebook and not too much is happening around town. I think that after you withdraw from those communities a little bit that very little is said to you – not many people remember that you were there. We did get a note from Linda this morning and so I wrote a short note back - were really feeling out of it. It seems an effort to the up talking/writing. I'm having a hard time sitting still in my chair; we’re getting muscle spasms in our thigh, and were down. Instead of life seeming fun and adventuresome, we feel that we are just pulling our sorry self through it.

We did follow through this morning with a call to the financial aid services over at UIC. We got their answering machine, but it's hopefully somebody will call back; I keep forgetting the ladies name are working with. We need to know from her that they receive the UIC psychiatry bill from Dr. Marvin, which is supposed to be 5000 some dollars and that gets sent from the financial people over to Medicaid. It seems that we might actually get Medicaid, but I won't believe it until it's official and somebody talks to us about spend down and how were handling the money I think my preference would be Medicaid to pay for everything directly and then we would pay Medicaid a set amount area but I don't know how that works out for medicines.

We can't stop yawning and stretching trying to wake ourselves up. We find ourselves sitting at the edge of the chair being squirmy. I really don't like this new medicine and I'm really thinking that it is the medicine making us like this. Dr. Marvin was gone on Thursday to be gone tomorrow so we won't be able talk to him about it till Thursday. And were also going to have to cover what happened in the office last Tuesday we made a mess. Although I don't know exactly everything that happened, I know that we were very cranky and we cried a lot and I think somebody yelled at Dr. Marvin.

I feel too tired because of being so wiggly. I wish I knew what to do with myself. I think Rich is going to be out most of the day. He has worked and then he has think is coming back here for lunch but then he has again maybe and then he's got a comeback for dinner and then he will go over to the shop for more working his workload is just a mess. I don't know how is doing it, but were trying to make it better than not. Last night he got a very long back massage to the point of it put him to sleep and he has no idea what the show was that he was watching, good boy.

I feel like I need something to happen, but I don't know what it is I'm looking for. I know work-wise I should probably put in a load of clothes and pick up around the house again, maybe take my shower, maybe get back to doing some reading. But I'm not ready for all that. I am really not. I'm just feeling uncomfortable like creepy in my own skin. I need to calm down. Maybe that has more to do with cutting down on the anxiety medicine more than the Risperdal; although I think the Risperdal is not only working on my tiredness my movement but is also affecting my depression. The Buspirine is affecting my anxiety levels - which I would say, are up this morning.

This is what my horascope says. It says you marched to the beat of a different drummer that's for sure. You have a strong sense of self that comes from your own innate ability to tune in to the world around you and to find your place in it. But not everyone is astute as you are, and not everyone appreciates your unique personality and talents. Some people may even be jealous of your extraordinary abilities – especially right now someone may be trying to make you feel like you don't fit in. But you don't need to worry about fitting in with others – you should focus instead of whether they fit in with you.

I don't know how that fits in with my day today but it doesn't sound very positive I am supposed to move to the beat of my own drummer 9 – shoot I had preferred to coast. You may not realize that about me but I read my horoscope – just the one that's on my phone application I like how it turned out most days. Now I will have to spend part of my day trying to figure out who's the one that's jealous of me baby is one of the other parts within me. I'll also probably spend some time looking back and forth at the school room until the teacher is able to do some grading of my papers. I'm not sure if I'm doing as good as I was the first couple weeks but it leaves me curious in its wake.

I don't know what I feel about not going to Mrs. Garvey's funeral, but I think that it is taking place right now. No I am really glad I'm not there. I think the worst part was that I felt false in going in that I had negative thoughts to her while everybody there most likely was having positive thoughts of her and many would have been feeling sadness with her passing where although I don't feel happy I don't feel sad either. I think that would've been two-faced to go and still be having those feelings. There are probably a lot of other things wrapped in it also in that I don't like going to fancy events, because I never feel like I'm good enough.

It does seem strange to think that she could actually be gone, maybe there's the part that find it hard to believe that after all these years that she could desist to be. I've always consider such a strong woman that nothing could have knocked her out. I don't know why she allowed cancer to be growing inside her; obviously she would have the means to have checked out her medical condition on a regular basis - other than that not too many new thoughts.

I feel a bitter chill in the air this morning. I made sure the window was closed, I put on my warm slippers, and I brought a blanket over my lap. As well I stopped to give the kitty drink water from the sink. I think he finally made it up there the first attempt he fell back down which is unusual for him. We'll have to watch that. He is 14 years old is for a cat that might be a little on the older side I think he's a senior citizen at this point all that was interesting he just ran past me maybe he's proving to me he's more spry than I thought.

Let's see – anything new on Dr. Marvin? I'm wondering if I should be writing him a note. I'm not too sure what I would say. This thought on whether or not I was catastrophe rising really stung. So I'm guessing there is more behind that than might appear on the surface. We wondered if he were thinking of that often as far as our reactions because we weren't too far off from a norm, Just that he was having less patience for it. It's a feeling of being less confident if you are to think very long periods of time of your doctor not being supportive of whom you are no matter what's going on. We've been off lately so I don't know how wrong I am reading this; I do know he was getting ready to take off for a week so he might've been trying to wrap things up where I was trying to open the doors. Maybe not of anything healthy, basically I think we were having a temper tantrum remember though we felt really terrible. I'm not sure if Dr. Marvin is good at handling us in those situations.

We’re not resolved that it's okay to be in the office yet. I mean obviously it is, but there will have to be some kind of reconciliation for the way we were acting, or reacting and his response towards us. I know I have a few minutes here I should probably figure out what their problem was. I don't know if I have it in me to figure that out of. Okay I will at least try.

Okay I know the part where we started off happy and we were going to show him some of the work we had done which we thought was good from school. There is usually some kind of a catch up. Before we show him new things and that is what was taking place that day.

The catch-up part of the time was the death of Mrs. Garvey, or I guess at that. She had been close to death. And then one of us brought up medicines could have been either because we both knew that we had to take care of that. It might've been me because I remember showing him the bags right away. I know he had looked at the bags and had figured out where something had gone wrong and I know after a couple long minutes looking at it he went over to his desk, and then it took about 20 min. for him to get to the point of everything being fine again, but by that time we were highly frustrated.

I knew we had talked in between there about going over to the Haldor and that we left that up to Dr. Marvin. We wouldn't have changed his conclusion, but we didn’t like it either. Somewhere in there he had also figured out that the drug list that we had given him from Walgreens to include 30 mg of our Buspirine and for it to be affordable, he would have to take it down to 15 mg. Dr. Marvin and us we usually change medicines maybe once or twice a year that that and so having to medicines change a one-time seemed a very big deal to us and out-of-control.

I think the part they kept getting focused on was how we would do with school. Nothing else really concerned us but we had been working for the last several days on school and the thought of even losing a couple hours towards being behind due to medications was just unbelievably impossible for us. Dr. Marvin didn't see it that way because he figured it would make that much of a difference in the medicines were similar enough. But we had already had our minds set on not liking the Haldor door because is what was used in the insane asylum is all excuse me psychiatric hospitals to put people under when they were out of control

I had actually been in that situation a couple times and I knew what it felt like to be drugged. At those times there was enough medication that it put us out until we woke up when restraints. And so instead of dealing with that that we were having a very negative memory of that whole experience Dr. Marvin decided that we were instead catastrophizing.  I can't say whether we were not, but it didn't seem to matter to us because the bottom line was that we were just feeling atrocious. But from Dr. Marvin we got the sense that we were out of line which made us even more infuriated.

I felt like with rich that he was trying to rush this through the experience instead of appreciate this is where we were at that moment. We have come down since then and we have written papers but it's not the same it's not where we're looking forward to it or we breeze through it right now were struggling. We also just got a cat on her lap how did that happen chief so I hope it settles down rather quickly and let them stay.

I think that he was is that we had the blanket on her left and him that means that laying down enough for him to come visit us sensitive to the part about us not accepting him what would have their skin is available to make it more acceptable. We Split the blanket over us. It does make it harder though to reach the keyboard in case we have to make small corrections as were typing correction Dragon is typing. I guess read a point where petting the cat really does feel favorable to most anything else and we are really trying hard not to go into the kitchen and get something eat just because were not feeling good it's hard.

Wow that was something. Chief had come over to sit on my lap, and then we both fell asleep for probably maybe 15 to 20 min. that help me relax a lot. I'm sure he was thinking he wasn't done yet but we will have to do something today it's now 11:15 AM. It almost got ourselves out to lunch time that's a good deal that we will stop to have that now he had some leftovers from last night's dinner.

We are back. I came over to my little station here in chief is on the floor lying on my blanket maybe it was the blanket he wanted and not me I just happen to come with it. Lunch was good. We cut a hamburger and half last night and had some baked fries so that was good it's now about 11:30 AM and nothing work wise has gotten done for the day I'm rocking now but not as agitated as we were before. I think rich had noticed that we were rocking last night to I guess we do it so often that Dr. Marvin's office that I don't notice it.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to go back and do some more reading. Is it about that time? I really don't feel like moving around her to put away dishes even just kind of cold.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:06 AM

Good morning. This is me and/or us and it's another day at the Homestead. It's already 9 AM we had been up earlier at four went back to bed till five stayed up with rich than when he left it seven we went back to bed and slept until about 1 1/2 hours. We still don't feel like brought to stay but we're making some progress because were here. We have been having trouble with our body because it's been so square mesh feels like we're trying to stretch out of our own skin. We don't like the part where were always tired - a lot of yawning. I think this is called feeling beside you and that's taking into consideration who we already are multiple and beside ourselves.

The biggest thing right now is that Linda is back and we might get a chance to talk to her later on. She was up earlier couple hours ago and she's either doing something went back to bed I would've chosen the back to bed myself. She sounds more tired than anything she's been a need some time to unwind. I'm hoping that shall be able put some of the stone in writing because it would be a long conversation waiting for one sentence after another. A kind of hope that we could step in and visit her on the day that we went up for the first of the month sewing with the girls and the twins had said they would have brunch with me afterward, but we talked over the last couple days now and I'm not sure what the medicine affected could have on my driving. I probably won't be able to drive it's just too easy for me to fall asleep just by closing my eyes. I don't even realize I'm doing it but then were thinking I had opened your eyes and when we do we realize we've been sleeping again. Its one thing when you're reading a book is quite another when you're driving.

I don't think too much as happened since we last wrote which I think was on Monday. That was the day of Mrs. Garvey's funeral. I didn't hear from any of the kids what happened there I would imagine everything was fine. I knew that afterwards Maury and his family were going to go down to Arkansas again to see the grandparents while the kids had some days off from school. I don't know where he is getting the money to pay for gas supposed to be $350-$500 down there and back with his bigger vehicle.  I don't think they have to set a hotel or anything. I'm not sure about that actually I know the family would be happy to take them in but that be taking in six extra people that might be a bit too much. We'll find out more about how that all went when they get back.

I had a dream last night where Thom came back, I had assumed for the funeral and he was staying in a full down coach in my living room although we don't have one it's all I really remember.

We've been going over with rich to the shop the last couple of nights. We felt bad that he has to be there by himself and I know he's got a long day, and it's a long day for us we don't get to see him for such a long period of time. So both days we broader books over and did homework over at his table. There's not much talking but there's a sense of comfort knowing that the other one is there, and I think he's feeling the same way. Every once in a while will talk about something and then will make a silly because I think most often the part that's there is flirting with rich. We've done a few small jobs for him like taking off tape and straightening out your plugs, but nothing major to write home about. I think that we're planning to go back there again tonight if are not doing the writing itself, we will have to see how were doing by that time. I know we have some more worksheets to finish today. We got some more compliments by our teacher. We will read the notes that she just handed back this week.

She said your assignment is truly amazing. Both in regard to intellectual approach and writing skills you are one of my most advanced students I have had at JI you. Your strategy project is different from what most others right, in that they focus on an organization. In a way, we could say that you focus on the organization of you! It is very interesting to see such an academic, well cited an analytical approach to this. I have no suggestions for improvement here.

The next one she writes is from the 31 this when we did the SWOT analysis and she says, I am absolutely fascinated by your gift for analyzing and expressing various aspects of your situation. You come across an extremely analytical and intelligent person. I truly hope you're able to share your work with people who work to help others who have similar challenges to yours. I have just never had an opportunity to learn about your situation before, and find that the structured approaches strategy analysis actually lends itself very well to this topic of analysis. Thank you again for allowing us to learn. Use very well and your peer comments are detailed in encouraging.

During this last paragraph for the three to course project she writes thanks for another detailed and interesting analysis. I really hope the systematic strategic approach helps you with your project. I found your discussion regarding whether multiplicity is real touching – it must be very challenging experience the situation and then not to be believed. Thanks for your disclaimer I understand that incorporating theory is difficult, but one way to do it is to include a quick introduction where you say something about what theory states about key strategic issues for example. And then thanks.

We think getting nice compliments all along. I can't say enough about having a teacher that's encouraging she is writing both about my skill writing and analyzing but as well my discussion of multiplicity and either of them could have been nerve-racking to think am I doing this well enough but her compliments have gone a long way.

I have to earn my bread on board though which means again today I have to do some more work towards finishing the next project 4.1 will be due tomorrow, but it would be nice to have done today if I could at least get done with all the worksheets today I'll be satisfied with letting the writing go till tomorrow –though I did like having Thursday and Friday just to be doing the comments. I felt that last week I ran short on comments because of time crunch of just getting my assignments done on time.

I was a little frustrated last night when working the assignments because we are working on issues strategic issues for the paper and I confuse one part for another and then I couldn't seem to get it straightened out might be something that I have to do on the computer today. Seem that I was just bearing it deeper and deeper into trouble as far as organization is a writer. Only finally that page 201 essay that I am 250 other 250 points so working again and hundred percent and as soon as we finish this week's lessons that were going to be 25% done with their master’s program WOOHOO!!!  Pretty exciting! 

I once spent too much on housework today other than we know it has to get done it is about 930 now so maybe I will stick load of clothes in the wash right now. Be right back.

Okay were back we have until about 10:20 AM before we go back downstairs little out of breath but nothing more spectacular than that. From the looks of it some misconduct pick up some dishes around here in the living room and going have to vacuum today too. I think that Rich is going to be gone most the day, he is been coming home for lunch, but I'm not sure if that is what is going to do today. I know that he has some deliveries to be making for the center and for his own shop. And he said something about coming home to make dinner and then going back to the shop this evening. Pretty much what's been going on lately.

We've been doing some work in the school work in trying to strategize issues for Mimi's Dragon. We see most fixated on the points concerned with Anne-Marie. We would like her to be around more. And have more of a voice in what is happening within the system. We still hold the belief that she's the only one of us that is true person in the sense that she has the body to wear most often it's things that the 18 altars have more control over what's going on in the mind. I think that Anne-Marie can insert her will, and she has some ability to choose between which parts that shall gravitate towards if she's feeling bad she might take one and younger parts that she's feeling a little bit more Dutch assumption might hang with one of the older parts especially during the writing. She seems very interested in what's going on with school work and I think she believes herself not to be very smart because that is one of her goals is to get smarter. I don't think she appreciates that that if she was the one that created with the help of her brain and dissociative processes the multiple parts that she's probably pretty smart already. It's just that she's saved soul much with younger parts and not wanting to leave the house that she's a bit regressed.

The other part that we have taken to as an issue is the part about not being more real in the public eye. We get a lot of that from the Google comments but we knew that in general, that even some psychiatrist to understand or believe in multiple personality disorder I don't think I mean to change that necessarily I just need to be something on the side that you know there is this thing and try to explain it away it still here. I'm not sure whether we could really carry on our studies to consider multiplicity for the rest the journey, because we are so sure that we were going to be able to do something in quilting but it's come back to the multiplicity I don't think that all of the teachers at work and have between now and graduation are going to think is highly about the subject though as Dr. Engvig. I really do appreciate her a lot. She seems to be one of those people that you want to work hard for.

I should put a little note in here as to diet, it is Wednesday and rich and I weighed in and it looks like I've lost 4 pounds, and so has rich I'm still 2 pounds ahead of him at 278 but by that distance I'm not going to brag too much it's just a little fun competition. I'm not exactly sure how he's doing it but my guess is just that he's not eating very much plus he is very busy. As to me we haven't been doing as much exercise yet as we have been doing that eating right which is eating breakfast lunch and dinner that will have one popcorn snack in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and one ice cream sandwich before bed. I'm sure that last part isn't helping but he gives us some kind of satisfaction on the day. We will talk to Linda about dating today to she will have to get on the scale and figure out whether she did okay on the trip she said that she was using a lot of salads so that's going to be good but we also know eating out there's a lot of other stuff so good luck Linda. Linda is much better at walking than us so I think in general show progress a lot faster.

That is the thing that we connect with Anne-Marie is that she's more connected in the body so things that involve movement she has to be more positive in directing. It doesn't mean that we can't help her out for example right now what we do the dishes I'll be right back.

Okay that is done it is about 9:50 AM and the dishwasher is going it was really full and we still got almost a half an hour on the close solution be doing okay with her back. Maybe between the next load when have to do the vacuuming. No one were trying to impress beside ourselves well rich a little bit but maybe a little rich is getting work done kisses are also sweet. If the dishwasher broke down would have to walk get another one immediately. Fortunately for us is never given us the day of trouble. I feel so accomplished already, we also straightened up the college although there's a few things elsewhere that should be picked up I should look at mail today also, but that would be a whole lot of good and and I'm not sure we have that much in is.

Rich seems to have made the bed, though we'll have to go and straighten that he didn't do very good job of it this morning. His heart was in the right place. He did leave us out the steamer in case you wanted to do some of that kind of work that sounds even scarier than washing the clothes. We just have to get over one thing after another. I suppose that's what makes the world turn.

So you are noticing here nothing too much out of the normal. Would be nice if we could open up our mind jet we have and see what's going on there for a while. I think we lost balance here in that things were going over to the test summary that we didn't mean for to go over there and I'm not sure why it was going over there from which connection. Perhaps it was from the areas of responsibilities and focus because from there we had a link for the alliance for American quilts and it seems that those transcriptions that we had placed over there went up to the test summary.

It might've had something to do with how we catalog those in but it's a lot to figure out right now I'm not sure for all for today we would like to get the bill skin didn't know and sort those to where they belong nothing were going to put in the test summary though because that seems to make things go away. I don't know what happens of things in the past if it takes those away for us right now I've got a bunch of tabs for the transcriptions that we were going to be doing. We'll have to go back to seeing how this works may be one of the things we'll do is to set a task for completing the straightening up of the program I'm going to I think at this point because we have the transcript saved if we ever wanted them elsewhere I'm going to take them out of the in the past file because maybe that'll take off the part where our reminder on Outlook keeps ringing us. Okay that's done. It seems that some of the things that we had to do back then I still things we have to do is just that there really off our radar. I closed a few windows to make it less threatening.

We did leave one note to follow-up with Cynthia on Friday for the Medicaid she had said that everything paper wise is and where it's posted be but that their cases are behind so she wasn't sure when they're going to fix it. I don't want her to lose credit by asking too much what's happening but we don't want to think it's going to be forgotten either. We weren't impressed by her ability to follow through. For example she was supposed to be calling me and letting me know if there was any progress being made. Perhaps she's just busy but she should never make promises you can't keep. That's my stance so were going to put that note to follow-up on Cynthia in the column under less than a week which leaves today supposed to pick up the services of the living room kitchen and bedroom in response to check mail. Rich has been checking mail but I suppose that's something we could do I know he makes the strip certain point to get it though, especially on a day we were doing laundry I guess that does need to be done.

10 AM and Linda's green dot is on but she might be checking mail she didn't respond plus for going have to do laundry and 10 min. so we'll see how this goes I can't sit here and just not do anything while waiting for a response I love Linda just get so much to do. Okay that should be fine we just closed a lot of window so we could keep Linda's up but still do our work. Maybe if we just start with the simple what we had to do today. Minton were trying out a few things we close up some more Windows and we put a few task under today's date were going to see if it goes to know date tomorrow for it moves as we get it done theoretically we should switch over to tomorrow or the next time limit do that same task or deleted altogether. One thing at a time okay have to close here for a second we have to do the load of clothes be right back.

Okay were done with the load getting to the washer to the dryer and remembered to bring down the extra cord we had forgotten the last time so that was good. Just need to catch up on our breath. We’re trying to help ourselves get stronger so maybe in another 10 or 15 min. we can do the carpeting here. I washed riches baseball hat at least one of them antigen, looking sparkly, but maybe its better than it had looked we'll see I didn't dry it I think that's the right thing to do. I wonder what it would take to scan bills.  That be like an activity right?

Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:15 AM

Good morning. This is just me. I am getting a late start today it is already 9:15 AM I'm at a loss except for to have been doing a lot of sleeping lately and I don't seem to get past that first thing in the morning. We talk to Linda little bit last night. And she told me about some of the things that they had been doing for their trip. She sounds like she was very busy. She had written notes about some of the things that they had done seen and so she could remember everything. We took the opportunity since it took so long for this, write it out to do some coloring we managed the bunny rabbit and the pink elephant. And help us balance ourselves.

Today is a Dr. Marvin day. I'm not sure what to think about that, although it's been a preoccupation these last several days. We of course want to see him, but we don't still feel kind of mad at him. He really didn't do anything to us, but they're still the part about getting this extra medicine and it's driving us crazy. Last night we yelled at the cat who told it that we wanted to kill it and was like I'm pretty sure that kind of anger that my norm I've never said anything like that of the cats before. I don't know where it's coming from. We felt similar kinds of frustration with just sitting to listen for about an hour and 50 min. I want to hear about what Linda is doing but to be able to sit still that long and just listen was very hard for us. I don't want to insult her or get her mad at us, but still we have to figure our way through it. We just don't have as much time as we used to have to sit down for that long without having writing happening.

This morning we have to concentrate on getting the next assignment in which means doing some work on the workbooks. The teacher has put us up and to such high rank says to be a writer now I feel like it's going to be too easy to disappoint her something less so it's a little bit of extra stress that it on. We haven't felt comfortable in sitting down to do the work we had done but then we made an error and we couldn't get to the bottom of it without starting over and we gone too far progressed so today we have to deal with that one where another the assignment still has to get turned in by not let nature to do it before Dr. Marvin's appointment. It's almost 9:30 AM now. We are going to have to take a shower by 2:30 PM. We will leave by 3:30 PM and the appointment is at 4:30 PM, and we are home by 6:15 PM.

One of the things I should probably do is clear off my table seems that it's gotten to be a mess we did work on our quilting yesterday to the point of we cut out the pieces for next two blocks for Saturday sampler because we have the coloring. We also have that to deal with. I think the cats shuffle things around a little bit that's the easiest were clear off the table really quick, looks like we have some extra stuff sure to feeling particularly warm right now I don't see her books here so I'm thinking that they're still out in the back kitchen table from when we were out with Rich the other day. I'm not quite ready to go and do that yet, but at least I got the table cleared off at the start.

I don't know what we are going to talk to Dr. Marvin about probably the anger and the tiredness are on top of the list, but I can't handle going through another day talking about medicine. Unless he wants to try cutting it down, but that this could help my anxiety levels which are up in the tiredness is down so everything that was worst nightmare is coming true. There's been a lot of time is with Dr. Marvin and us. This month so that isn't helping. Trust levels are down. And there's been a lot of work with Anne-Marie so there's that confusion to add to everything else.

This is me again. It is about 10:30 AM and I had done a couple things. First I cleaned off the drafting table. I think you got that part, and then I work for a little while and then I fell asleep again. But then, Rich called and asked me if I wanted to go with him to go pick up the boat and because I was just sleeping in not getting much done. I thought probably that looks good idea, so I've gotten dressed now and am waiting for Rich to come pick me up. I'll bring my homework. Just in case I feel up to it and he's going to have to get me home sooner have to go see Dr. Marvin. I am worried though about driving and sleepiness.

It is amazing how much Rich is getting done. He's got his next four days scheduled and so that he's moving all the time and it is not working he's doing something to get the boat and fishing ready. He has his first fishing tournament on Sunday, so he is going to want to get the boat in the water to test it out make sure everything is okay on it. I'm not sure if I'll be part of that or not. I know that they have up for a lot of competition with Linda. This year because she seems a little bit more flexible is far as going out with Bob fishing that he's got company all the time where I've still got school that's competing for my time and the writing. There's no reason I can't do some of that out with Rich out of the boat though this is a new year for us as will be the first year that I have not had work while he has fishing.

I think I can get by with just bringing my workbook for implementation. I'm going to gather up some of those papers now so I'll be ready to go with that. I should probably also get my coat, but will wait on that one. I don’t know if he would come to Dr. Marvin’s with us.  Plus, its 10:30 AM now you probably have to figure out what we’re going to do for lunch. I've been doing so well about not snacking usually right now it going in the panicky needing something thinking that Rich was going to get me out to eat in any time soon. I'm not sure what to do with that.

I think I'm actually eager to get outside little bit. Rich says that it's about 65° just need to my coat and I should probably bring my phone to. Okay rich. Where are you? Get me out of this house for a bit. Okay, that would be nice. Maybe I'll have some extra kind of energy coming back. Perhaps, I should also remember to go to the car and get my sunglasses looks pretty sunny out there. It's been a while since I've been driving around during the daytime. I think.

Well I'm back.  Riche is coming soon behind me, so this won't be very long. He went to fill up the gas in my car which is a sweet thing to do with them. Try not to get our cranky on him but it's hard when not focus on him is doing wrong stuff for nothing were just cranky in our head. There's no reason for it. I know I'm blaming the medicine, but I should be able to handle things better than this. I'm just not functioning very well. We did go over some of the assignment load when we were in the car and went home but just enough to make us angry and put it down again got about two hours now before I go to Dr. Marvin's Rich took us out to have sub sandwich for lunch on the way back so I don't have lunch holding me back. I got myself a fresh can of Sprite. That should help something right. I don't know what I'm in a do if we can get past this crankiness. It's not helping anyone especially I or we as the case may be. I'm afraid of what's going to happen when we get Dr. Marvin's office are we just going to like let the let the fumes spray where they may. Not a good idea. I couldn't count the reasons why more than anything it's just not productive.

Maybe if I use the Dragon I could do the paper little bit easier. Put some order to it I think that's the next thing after trial I got a couple hours to do something that I wanted to the actual writing tonight when I get home. Rich still wants me to come over to the workshop. I don't even know if I have to really do this part in the workbooks to get to the answer that she's looking for in this particular assignment. This 4.1 I think I'm going to look at the school responses to see what people are turning in will give me a better idea what I have to shoot for – why not try that first?

Friday, March 30, 2012 11:25 AM

Good morning. This is me and we just are going to write a few notes, because it is already late in the day. It is already 11:30 AM, and we are just finishing lunch. We got up late this morning about 8:30 AM. Actually it was earlier, but we fell back to sleep again. Rich had gotten this up for a little bit. We took the little bit different in our medicine today and it actually does seem to help.

Last night, we explained the problem with tiredness and crankiness to Dr. Marvin. We felt like we were pushing him, but I know he operates on his own time. But he changed some of the prescriptions so that I would be taking twice as much of the Buspirine, which was my normal dosage he kept me on the same dosage of the Haldor, but he doubled the dosage of Ritalin so I guess the first change was to assist in lowering my anxiety level. And then the second was to contradict the tiredness of the second medicine by making you more alert. As mentioned, we did sleep then quite a bit, but we woke up thinking that we could actually do things again.

We checked out our Facebook and responded to a few people - there are just a few people who will remember us from day to day when we are missing. I don't know too much what it Vickie and Jewels are doing but I drop them a note, wrote a short note to Linda stopped by at Duyen’s new site. She has opened for them. Wedding in Vietnam and then I went to Maury's family to see if there's any notes there since they've left for Arkansas -  nothing too much new there. Although at Cari’s site she's talking about their trip to DC, which is going be nice for them.

I just wrote another little note to Linda because she had written back since I last wrote. Today is her and Tony stay at the coin show. She says she won't be back until late tonight because the show goes till about 6 PM. I don't know if it's going to continue over the weekend or not but Linda always have something to fill in her time. It seems that whenever I start talking to dictate that's what I'm getting this cat over here – we are talking about Missy. I wonder if I'm confusing her by talking or maybe she thinks if I’m more active then I would be willing to pet her. I'm not sure I'm just glad to say that were not feeling like killing her today. Yesterday was probably one of the most terrible thoughts I've ever had on the cat, especially mine.

We did want to say a little bit about Dr. Marvin's last night. For the most part it was very cranky younger parts. The rocking never stopped except one point we told ourselves to stop and we did until we lost awareness of it. It started over again. We were showing parts that wouldn't look at him again and there seem like an accumulation of things to be upset about. We weren't resigned with having yelled at him last week about not wanting to look at the papers, or that he was gone for a week, or that we had to do the changes in medications, or that we went through Mrs. Garvey dying without him, and that we got ourselves behind in schoolwork again, etc. there was a lot more they came out but it seems were always limited when the younger parts out as to how much we can remember.

We do know that not all the parts are happy about having Annemarie around. There was quite a bit of just regular jealousy and grouchiness. They didn't want to think that Annemarie could replace them, because she was being invited out more often than some of the younger parts. I can't say I don't feel for her because we do, we don't understand ourselves how to handle Annemarie being in our system more fully realized. It seems like a nice concept while were writing about it, but I don't know if it's that easy to just invite her. We had hoped to talk to Dr. Marvin more about her, but there was so much of an emotional overlay that kind of conversation just couldn't happened although he didn't seem interested to find out more about it younger parts distant have enough information. Maybe it would do us some good if we sent some of the work on Annemarie to Dr. Marvin. Let me check that.

Dear Dr. Marvin,

You are very behind ... I am sending this cumulative document for our school work. Whether you read it before Tuesday session or during, we aren't talking to you until it gets read and you are better caught up - though by then there will be two more assignments for you to read. We think it is critical you read these because it all has to do with our multiplicity and what we're trying to do now that directly involves you.

That's all.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the update. Yes, I am behind by a couple weeks at this point. :-)  I will read it before we meet on Tuesday. Someone mentioned in session yesterday that the multiplicity was part of the school assignment, didn't have the details but thought that it was part of the crankiness.

Also I wanted to remind you about the medications. We agreed to have you return to the old pills of the Buspirine (1 twice a day) and then take 2 pills of the Ritalin.  It might work better to split up the Ritalin as well, so take one in the morning and then one at noon or early afternoon.

Good luck with the assignments. 

-Dr. M

Saturday, March 31, 2012 8:17 AM

Good Morning. This is just us and it is Saturday morning, the last day of the month as per normal soon as I start talking Misty gets to be meowing and wants to have that kind of attention paid to her and give her a little attention, but we really do have to be moving on. It is about 8:15 AM. We woke up this morning at about 5:30 AM - mostly due to the cats. Rich had woken up at 430 but had laid down on the couch and slept for a while. I hadn't realized that he had been sleeping but it was definitely a problem with the cats they wanted to be fed and then you'll is after five o'clock.

This morning we checked out our Facebook page as well. We are still sitting on the couch drinking coffee well rich was here. It has been a long time since we set back and checked out where everybody was at. The only two that really remember us while we're gone is Vickie and Julie. Thank goodness for them or I'd be totally out of touch. It sounds like they are getting together in Las Vegas in October so they're a little bit excited about that. We wrote a little note just to get back into the practice of writing on Facebook, but I don't expect too much response to that. It seems that when I read some of the other people stuff that not much has changed. There's a big thing on Facebook. I think about putting cute little sayings and boxes with kittens and such and it's kind of fun to read them but it's also kind of distracting in that people are talking more through these little cute things than actual words about how they're doing. I don't like that part so much.

The road a couple notes to Linda who is out with her husband at another coin show this morning. I really do admire her for sticking it in there with Tony and keeping good company. She's going to have company over again tonight where her kids and grandchildren are coming and I think she's having another sleepover.

We had a rather typical day yesterday so we had thought we made improvements, I think it turned out to be more the medicine anything because we were up an alert in the morning. We had taken Dr. Marvin's to Ritalin. He had recommended on Thursday night, but then later on he said we should take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and if I would've followed that protocol it probably would've gotten through the day still being alert, but as it was. We peaked at about noon and then fell back into a slumber-type place. We then just watched TV the rest of the afternoon and night. It wasn't very exciting at all and we worried about the papers that weren't getting written by the comments that we really had to have done by yesterday. Those never got done which means that we really have to leave a couple today though we might not get credit because we didn't leave comments two days in a row.

It seems that more than anything that we had Annemarie with us most of the afternoon. We used criticize Cory for taking time off, but I think that it's more Annemarie is taking time off. And without her being able to concentrate, we seem to have little option is to getting back to the computer things that we need to do. We can send her messages that we need to get back, but if she is determined to sit on the couch then it seems that were not getting back to do what we have to do. I don't know if it's as simple as that. Where she moves the body and then we take over or assist her. I'm not sure how it's working. But yesterday we thought definitely she had control over the situation and she wasn't willing to budge. I figured again gets to the point where she's overwhelmed and can't be doing much more than she really is.

As to right now we feel a little bit restless like we can't get enough stretching done or yawning every time we do that we have to come back and the re-orientate ourselves. Our muscles are stiff and we are having neck and upper shoulder aches and pains. Yesterday because it was such a couch potato day we also didn't get to things like household and laundry. There's a question as far as which should be doing that right now, the answer is probably yes. So let me say I'll be right back.

Okay were back. We brought a lot of close done the washing machine and we picked up dishes and started the dishwasher that was enough for one trip on her back. In the process, we got her kitty discombobulated again. Was she would settle down. I don't know what her problem is questioned meowing. She doesn't seem to be in pain prep she just wants Melissa down on the couch with her comforter for a while but there's only so much time I have for that kind of thing. Most the time I just put my hand down so she can walk past it and get petted she's moving well she's being petted. Kind of like a trolling event. You know that by now. Seems like she's finally quieting down, whoops speak of the devil. She was fooling me now she's giving me that sorrowful look silly cat.

Could it be at this time that we’re only avoiding our schoolwork? It does feel sort of like that - like I'm stretching. Isn't there something please that we can talk about the site doing homework. Maybe we could talk about the reservation in doing homework. I know there are three parts for parts to do. I've got to write the Thursday paper, I've got to make comments, I've got to write the Saturday paper, and I have to write the summary for the week. It's now 8:48 AM and we want to finish laundry take a shower and get dressed by noon in case we are up to going fishing with Rich. If we were on top of our game, we would probably say no no you go ahead. We've got work to catch up with. But in truth we want to go on plate today. We've been inside so long that just getting out is the big deal. I know you thought I would never say that right?

This probably nothing really to doing the homework just a matter of doing it, I have to hope though, that when my mind settles down to it that the right parts come out. And I suppose they always do, but there's little bit of giving away of my time to that. I don't like to do. I know I could get the work done unless I have the parts I don't have that much confidence in myself. They are trying to be very helpful in getting us to do the work with them. But it's difficult for me. I just don't think that clearly and there is a big jump to go from knowing how to do a little work to doing a lot of hard work. It seems like there are also many nuances to be thinking of. One of the hardest things is that I don't want to disappoint the teacher. She seems to have given us so much credit for doing good writing. I wish I could convince myself that I'm as good as anybody in the system. Because everybody in the system is me it just doesn't feel like that. Maybe it is hard to see from the outside.

Somebody has left open chapter 5 of the book that we were reading this week. We had read chapter 5 and six. I know that their task was to see if there was anything that we could use for quotations and what we're writing about but I have trouble keeping in mind what we're writing about and been able to think at the same time. I suppose I should try to work that out. Lordy where do I start?

Well that almost seem like a logical place to start. We went to check out our e-mail and Facebook this seems a little bit like we used to do things. Vickie had written before and now Julie and TJ had written. They're very encouraging. I am so grateful that I have a few good friends that stick with me no matter what these three in particular worry when I'm out too long. I guess there must be some regular routine and life more or less checks and balances.

Well I just took a little break. There, it's now 9:30 AM. I went to the bedroom to try to slow down Missy. I lay on the bed and she came up and we petted a really good and then she resettled herself in the closet which is working she spends most of her morning. And then I fell asleep until the timer for the washing machine went off it couldn't have been too long. So now the closer in the dryer wash machines to go on all the cats are sleeping and I'm back at the computer. That some progress right?

Okay, I think we were going to try to do this schoolwork again. We need to get her head around it. Specifically what we're supposed to do is to write a short essay on our organizations processes from soliciting input from its members and stakeholders and then we're supposed to list as many processes as we can find for input and briefly describe each one in a short essay and then after that we are to write a response to close the essay with a statement of your perceptions on the ability of the of our organizations leadership to gain stakeholder input into strategy formation in the role of leadership in determining organizations leadership objectives.

Going to skim through the book real quick start assessing the reading material for anything we could use in the paper.

Assignment 4.1: Forum Ann Garvey, Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi Noreen,

I appreciate that I wasn’t the only one handing in the late paper this week. Maybe next week we’ll both be on top! I feel I’m in good company. I liked your link from p. 222 on the organization being evaluated as to service for the community, on what needed to me improved, incorporated, and/or removed. I remember that from the reading as well. I thought it useful in siphoning the best of what each organization has done already and what it can produce beneficially toward the future. I found in general the reading very positive with the discussions on working toward vision. It sounds like the stakeholders in your service are going to be working on doing just that – culminating the best of the programs and aligning things that will or may work toward the future. You seem to have an entire system outlined that should benefit all. Good luck next week!

Our best,


Assignment 4.1 Forum Ann Garvey, Saturday, Mar 31, 2012

Hi Lisa,

Wow! I can see what is and isn’t working in your technical college. It seems like the methods of gathering input is there, but the follow-through is not. I can relate to that totally. One of the greatest frustrations of my last job was that we were responsible for the accreditation to be gathering input, measuring it, analyzing and then submitting reports. But, rarely was any of that taken seriously nor were the satisfaction surveys from parents, staff or clients read or if they were read, they still weren’t taken seriously. It was very much a patronizing system. The administrator would scoff at the parents who presented complaints, but she never seriously addressed them unless they pushed for some kind of satisfaction or at least a cue that they’d been listened to and respected. I wish I could give you some positive support here, but though not for the college administration there is good news in that you are seeking out methods of making things real. I had found that the work I had come from was a closed system, but it gave me a good perspective on what should or could have happened when comparing it to the material we are reading. I would like to believe that strategy planning can really pull people together to do some really great stuff!

Our best toward your next week!


Week 4:  Summary Ann Garvey Saturday, March 31, 2012

Summary of W4 – Ann Garvey

Most of my summary at this point comes from doing the 4.1 assignment. I’m still battling with the 4.2 assignment. There seems never to be enough time. I found myself breaking down the 4.1 assignment into categories that didn’t necessarily make sense, but seemed to work as categories for what I was trying to convey. I felt bad that I had so many references from one book, but I took material from chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. There is a lot of material. The references that I find most interesting are especially interesting, because I know that they were written for business – public, non-profit or educational, but they seem to also be fitting our multiple “system” way of thinking. I felt throughout the writing of the last paper that if a system was good, it would work in almost any situation. This proved to be the case. I still feel like my papers are long – especially in trying to convey with enough words the explanation of being a multiple.

I don’t know if this is necessary to anyone besides myself, but I find it useful in framing that which we had known about our past, what we can add to it and what we can dismiss, which is a strong tenant of the material this week. I think the part that was most appreciative was in working toward the end with visionary statements. One reference I didn’t use in the paper, but thought was important was:

“An inspiring vision of success can supply another source of motivation: clarification of a vocation tied to a calling. When the vision of success becomes a calling, jobs and careers can become vocations that release enormous amounts of individual energy, dedication, power, and positive risk-taking behavior in pursuit of the vision of a better future. A vocation creates meaning and workers lives and fuels a justifiable pride. Noted theologian Frederick Buechner defines vocation as “that place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep need." (Quoted in Palmer, 2000, page 16) (Bryson, 2011, p. 275).

I feel like writing, reading, editing and researching is more than living the life I always wanted. I can’t believe I’m living in my own dream.

Our best,



Bryson, J.M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

 Assignment 4.1:  Forum Noreen Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello Ann

I was having some difficult didn't have the book until Wednesday at 200 pm and I get out of work at four, at work I talk with my co-workers and got some inputs even Thursday I talk with my supervisor and we are like sister and we talk about the new program to be establish on august I just say it to her and she tell me I was right we will finish this July with the milestone development profile and teachers will get the training of the new program that will be in our PC to incorporate what are children do, and participation. I saw the program and I like it. I still remember talking with the Executive Director and encourage her to open more centers, I thing that was her reason to use my help to open two classroom, new building for Early Head Start/ Head Start, and home-base program. and I still mention we need more classroom. thank you Ann

 Assignment 4.1 Forum Lisa Saturday March 31, 2012


Thanks for the comments and boost for a brighter future. I didn't realize how dysfunctional my college was until I started this course.


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