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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

False start

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 3:46 PM

Good afternoon. It is been a while since we've been blogging perhaps a day or two I don't know. It's late in the afternoon for us to start and Rich is already home in the kitchen but it seems that I need some time on our own to be doing this. It's a big deal right now because we just got her computer home from the fix-it shop and were all installed now and needing some sense of relief. Being without a computer, our good one, was very difficult. Rich was not able to help us get it home or get it up so we figured out how to do all that and it was a strain. Rich and I got mad at each other in the process and I apologized later, but then he got home and found that I had eaten his bun for a sandwich he wanted and then he was frustrated with me all over again. I hope he is in the kitchen because he has to do some work in there rather than he's mad at me.

As you might imagine the first thing we did getting back online once to check into our TweetDeck.  We have to be careful about that because as soon as we said that term the word we just put up. After that the computer wanted to go to that application and add something for a new entry. I don't think is actually too much going on new at that section of our life. Periodically we glanced back over to see what's going on but I'm not really focusing on anything right now we were just reading the general timeline. Maybe that be interesting taking you with where we’re reading, hmm, but that might be pretty boring. I just read from one guy that likes to keep statistics on line is that hundred 90 million average tweets were going out each day on twitter. Seems like a lot of people might not be saying so much but they're doing a lot.

I feel like I haven't gotten much done today. I haven't looked at my school work at all. I think we lost weight with at least the last three hours. Before that we were probably working in and out of twitter. I know it got so frustrating with the slowness of the netbooks that we finally decided that even if Rich wasn't able to help us that we should go and get it taken care of and do our best to start to get it started.

Maybe we should look at school. I hate to say that so resolutely, but we're looking for an excuse not to be doing what were supposed to probably because it's a little bit more taxing on her brain. Heaven knows there's not that much by material left.

Hi it's me. The time is now 8:25 PM and we had a bit of a meltdown earlier. We put ourselves to sleep before dinner and then Rich who wasn't in a sparkly mood startled me awake and from there it seemed to get worse we were yelling at each other though I wasn't sure why. Apparently the pan that collects the water dripping from the air conditioner had gotten full and I hadn't thought of emptying it and that situation had overwhelmed rich. He was probably coming from a hard day's work and all that other stuff. Wow, I just killed a fly that wanted to land on my computer. I think he comes out at this time and night all the time. I'm not sure why the dinner dishes were put away maybe because it's the only light in the living room because the TVs on but the volumes off.

Rich just left on an emergency trip to see his mother. Bud called and said that she had fallen down again and he couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. My thought was why not call the paramedic. But maybe he didn't want to go through that much because it wasn't that serious.  I don't know I don't know the situation but Rich will keep me in touch.  Bud still wanted Rich to come out and that was the only thing that he had on his mind when he left. This just happened a few minutes ago.  It will give me a chance to use the Dragon without interruption so that was nice. I don't like why he has to go through. He had talked to her a little earlier, maybe an hour and he could tell that she was drinking pretty badly. He said that she had trouble putting her thoughts together. I wish that Rich wouldn't have to go through this kind of thing, and I wish his mother didn't either.

Maybe I won't concentrate quite yet, Linda just signed on so maybe we'll talk to her for a little bit. I think that her granddaughter still there but her son is there to so pretty soon she should be on her own. I think she did some sewing today so maybe she's can go back to that night.

Checking e-mail right now says that the heat advisory remains in effect from 11 AM to 10 PM central time tomorrow and that the temperatures will top out near 100° and the heat indexes will be at about 105° very hot and humid and then we all know the rest.

Okay so this never really got going when we try again without the next morning.

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