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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have we REALLY talked about Khan Academy yet?

Monday, July 30, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Good morning. As I start my blogging day it is already near lunchtime. It is probably sounding normal that I'm not catching the vibe that tells me everything that I'm doing as were doing it. The only way I get that kind of information this to sit afterward and think what was it that has just happened. I'm fed information by parts in my system and together we start piecing through the day.

The first thing I remember was that we woke up right at 5 AM, which is a good time and this fact can be vouched for by the cats that woke me up. It didn't take long before we had made the coffee, fed the cats, and weighed ourselves for the day the day. Nothing to report there by the way still status quo. I believe we were on the computer for about an hour before rich woke up at 6:00 AM. I know that when he woke up we were most adamant about discussing with him the situation at Vicki's house yesterday. She has two dogs Ace and boozer and Ace bit her two-year-old granddaughter badly in the face. She was with her daughter and granddaughter yesterday at the hospital while they were performing surgery, and words just can't express how upset that event makes us. It might've been also triggered because we had gone through a vicious dog attack by a neighbor’s dog with my youngest son Joe when he was about seven years old. The positive part of that experience if there could be any and all was how strong we found Joe to be and how he is grown even stronger at this point of his life. It seems like an everyday affair for him. He is now 28 years old. At one point he had us calling him strong Joseph Michael Garvey. We are talking preschool here.

Our prayers will continue to offer Vicki and her granddaughter, and her family.

I believe we did some work with the TweetDeck; I don't think that was a smooth experience. It seems on the Monday morning there are to so many feeds to be reading, and when you start switching around from one article to another, sometimes it can get overwhelming. The most fascinating thing we saw on the Internet this morning was a series of articles that led us to trying to understand MOOC.  I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Basically it stands for massive open online course. That led us through looking at quite a few courses. The stimulus from that came from a site called emerging Ed Tech and they were asking how does MOOCs impact the future of college education. They discussed Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Creativity & Multicultural communication and and from here we got Kahn’s Academy. The name is hard to pronounce with Dragon, but go with the Academy for now.

The Academy has tons of math classes from the very basic to the very difficult, it has science especially biology and chemistry and it has a lot of art, economics, physics, and testing. They list over 3300 educational videos and they have delivered 175 million lessons. These are all lessons on how to do simple things and they are about 12 to 20 min. long from what I can see it gives you a chance to watch exercises in these major areas and then he gives you a chance to practice what you have been learning.

Whoops ... ok, then we like loose ourselves over there and before you know it's Wednesday morning 1 am, and you've got no idea how we got here.  Should be a note left though to go back to the Khan Academy thoughts ... It was a REALLY good session over there!

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