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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quite a bit of fuzzy BUT a new family heir is born for Rich!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 8:50 PM

Evening  -this is an unusual time for me to write, but it seems that the day has sped by without getting too much accomplished, but taking up time and space anyway. I think the majority of the day was spent catching up on the news for DID/MPD. There were some technical readjustments that were brought to my attention by Jeff, and we did some other stuff but I'm not sure what it was at this point. It might be a bad time to start, but I'm going to try to trace down what's been going on this week because we feel each day the memories are getting farther and farther behind and lost. I'm thinking I'm not not sure I  will remember much, but you know my general long-windedness.

We wrote an entry yesterday. It was primarily introducing the DID/MPD Syntopicon. We didn't finish that part either and we have tossed back and forth whether we should continue from that point to go back to the general news, but I'm thinking at this point that it's going to be more important to do the general news because there's nothing tracking that information where with the other we have a copy to follow.   If I can at least trace a little outline and then put together the smaller pieces ...

Tuesday: we must have seen Dr. Marvin, and we must have placed an entry into the blog for Ann's multiple world personality. At this moment I'm not remembering what you have those two things were about. I really hate when this happens.

Wednesday: I don't remember anything about Wednesday. 

Thursday: I must've seen Dr. Marvin again. I do remember now that rich went fishing Thursday morning at just after midnight (Wednesday night). I think we were up the next night until about 2:30 AM working on our blog, but we caught up on sleep the next morning.

Friday: We are not remembering Friday either – I think we were trying to get stuff done in the blog and had put off housecleaning.

Saturday: we spent most the day or at least from about 10:30 AM to about 4:30 PM with Maury, Nikki, and the girls for breakfast/brunch and then just had time to talk. Thom came home, Joe picked him up at the airport, and he spent the time with his brother over at his Uncle Chris's house for graduation of his three cousins to from college and one from high school. He slept over at Joe's house that night.

Sunday: Maury came over for lunch, and then Thom came over about 2:30 PM and we talked for several hours, and then when he got hungry we ordered Chinese, and then for the next four or five hours we talked in between him watching TV and me being on the computer. It was also the day that Rich got home from his fishing about 10:10 PM. We do certainly remember going to bed with him *Giggle*

Monday: Rich left for work about 8 AM, and then Thom woke up a couple hours after that. We didn't stay too long before he headed out. He was going to see Austin his son, and then he was going to spend the evening over at his dad's place. I knew we had Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday planned, but I don't know if those events were going to take an entire day or if he would fit other things in. He did say that he would be seeing me before he left. And, he has our car so whether he brings it back or one of his brothers there should be another Thom contact before he leaves. I think he is planning on leaving Monday the 27th. Thom says that his wife Duyen is coming home on the 28th, and then they are going to have a couple days off before both of them have to head back to work.

Tuesday: This is today. Because Thom had the car, we didn't go to Dr. Marvin's, but Rich told us that he will take us on Thursday regardless of whether Thom brings the car back or not. We knew from the start that we were going to prioritize Thom being able to drive over missing one or two appointments. We also took care of a few things like prescriptions. We were able to arrange with Dr. Marvin that we would stop on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM to get the prescription from the front reception desk, and then walk over to the pharmacy and then go to his appointment by 4:30 PM.

Okay that is the short version, and I might sketch that out in a little bit, but I'd like to try remembering some of the work that was happening with the DID/MPD news. In the time that we have had since last really talking, we had made improvements to the message forum, chat room, and guestbook. Jeff was the one that reminded us that we hadn't changed the settings when we took out the extra “Google search” term from the main URL. So there was some messing around with that in the meantime we get a better version back that remains succinct until you open it - with just one link for DID/MPD news message forum and the form is centered, and we didn't lose any information switching from the old version to the new version although we made a copy of it just in case.

We still haven't really checked out the chat room too much were not very interested this time.  We just wanted to leave it there because we really wanted to get back to the guestbook.  We did some more searching around and found us able to write four short paragraphs which officially welcomes people to the blog, explains the blog a little bit and our effort into the project, discussed a couple of our links like to the mythology Buster and the Syntopicon, recognized the conversation on multiplicity and the dialogue between both pro-and anti-multiples and invited people to sign the guestbook. I feel much happier with it. I am more than excited to find different things in the blog that might be of interest to others. There have been about 283 page views since we opened, but I'm not sure I saw some blog statistics entries stating that somebody that might be scamming our site. Thing was that I had connected the stat link and had seen sexuality naked bodies and that kind of thing. We closed it too fast to figure it out because it was too distressing at the time.  I don't know if there was anything that we could have done to block the person from coming to the site …

Ok … had to stop here … it is the next morning.  We just checked our statistics and some smaller and we discovered that most likely our biggest visitor was some porn site.  It hit us at many levels -too much disappointment for the older parts, and the younger parts saw the porn and flipped out.  I remember getting to the couch and that someone told Rich, but we couldn’t hear what he was trying to tell us.  He said we had some problems, but pretty much closed down and fell asleep on the couch whimpering.  He must have gotten us to bed sometime.  And now is now.

Next morning, next morning and there is GOOD news!

Sometime during the night Rich got a surprise call.  His son and DIL delivered a month early … they delivered Rich’s first grandson … nope he forgot to ask for name and other delivery information … *Sigh* we’ll give him another run at it this morning J  AHA!  We just saw the baby’s picture with the babies Mom ON his birthday … they both look wonderful! 

AHA!  Thank goodness for Facebook … his name is Jaxsyn, 5.11 pounds and he was born on the 22nd at 2:30 am a month early and he’s 19” tall.   

It’s official!

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