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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Updates to the News Blog and Us

Friday, August 24, 2012 at 4:34 PM and continued Saturday, August 25, 2012 until 12:40 PM

Good evening. We have been messing around most of the day after we finally brought ourselves to attention without sleeping at the keyboard. We had a rough day with Dr. Marvin yesterday and it seemed to take a while before we snapped out of that space.

The last thing that we were working on is the picture you see above. We were going to do something else with our Adobe programs, but we ran across the illustrator first. We listened to a few videos from Adobe, and then played with it to create something that was very simple – the green hat above that says Dissociative Identity News. I was real happy with the results, although it isn't what I had started with in my mind. It just sort of happened. *Silly grin* we started with finding a picture of a hat and the knowledge that we wanted to write something on it. We came up with the green lettering for Dissociative Identity News. Somehow, we pushed the wrong button then we got the grid. And, after a while of not being able to take it off, we decided it must – supposed to be here. The reason I liked it is that it kind of put in a sense of an institution standing behind the “walking around good neighborly feelings” we have of going from blog to blog. In a sense almost like a paper delivery girl – except for we are collecting or aggregating the news before distributing it. I like the strength the institution gives our feelings of this work, but I also like the individuality it gives in that there is just one hat.

We put a copy of the picture in our news blog, and then we added a few more pictures as well. The other pictures were from us playing with Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and a few blog sites in- between. My favorite poster is the one that says "I Teach." This is a quote from somebody – I'm not sure who, but in red letters it says I facilitate thinking. In orange letters it says I engage minds. In yellow letters it says I listen to questions. In green that says I encourage risk. In blue it says I support struggle. In purple it says I cultivate dreams. In pink it says I learn every day. And then in big white block letters, it says I teach. I don't believe I could have said it better if I had thought about it myself. We put the picture on the top left front corner of our news blog because it is bold enough to stand out amidst the gray/green, white, black, and dark blue backgrounds by contrast its rainbow colors. I also like the actual words, "I teach" are in bigger letters that are white and balance the message background of the annotated notes.

This sort of set the Tempo for some of the other things that were on my mind. I needed to get back to Twitter where I was engaged more with social media and e-learning to be able to put in perspective the news we have been working on for dissociation. I have to believe in what I'm doing – Even if I don't know what I am doing exactly. Most often I just work towards the things that feel right and when I get tired, or cranky, I stop and try again later. I try something different and in the mix I am getting a product that I am very pleased and happy with. The second new picture is somebody’s poster that had been working on minimalizing mental illness. Not in the perspective of minimizing the illnesses, but in placing a picture that will represent it in a minimal format. I found the one on dissociative identity disorder which has five yellow circles – kind of overlapping each other in a row.

Okay, so I added a lot of pictures. Maybe it is time we go down the line again to check the changes we made. There are a lot of updates. So first thing – there was a change this week in the title bar for news DID/MPD (dissociative identity disorder – multiple personality disorder).  The URL was condensed down to and the title at the top of the blog was spelled-out.  The first made it easier to find the site and the second made it easier for Google to find the site with its web crawlers. 

The news message forum window has a few new entries, and we’re really happy about where that is in the first couple weeks. And then, down the center column is all of the news annotations feeds from bloggers and people who write the Google search articles. I wish I could get those entries to follow one another without skipping to the top of the next page, but it is a housekeeping task I just haven't figured out yet. Now on the left sidebar, I have the following:

·         A drop down box for translating. It suggests that you select a language and it gives you 64 options. This is interesting. I think I'm going to take a look at Vietnamese. I just noticed that was on the list and that's what my daughter-in-law and her family speaks. Oh gosh this is so cool! It not only translates everything at the regular part of blog entries, but it also goes into the message board and translates all the individual messages like the one that Jeff and I were writing. And it translates all the blog messages starting the blogger's blogs – the 25 words or so for each blog in the left sidebar. It is so awesome. I just kept switching from one language to another and it takes only a matter of seconds. I don't know how good the translation is, but I'm really excited about this.

·         The next picture is the one I explained just a few minutes ago about "I teach." So, I won't go into anything there again except to recall for us, that it is the only thing that's really in color; the first block of space your eyes look at on the page, so it stands out and that's really exceptional.

·         The next part is an open search box and this is to search things in the blog, and it is particularly helpful if I was going to search for everything from any particular site.   For example, I just highlighted the words which is one of the bloggers in the group. So then, I can take that URL and paste it in the search blog and not in the first section of “this blog,” but on the next one, “linked from here,” I get four boxes all with the blog name of Faith Allen. But, that was just the start of it because in reality the search boxes have located 3,680 results in .48 seconds. So I've got pages like one through 10 on the bottom, and I have about 1,850 results in .14 seconds from the box listed under the web next to the "linked from here," and "this blog." But, it also works on major keywords for example; this is what I got when I enter the word "decision":

Aug 20, 2012
'With what proposition is it seeking to reconcile the decision at hand (psychiatric coercions and excuses)?' It seeks to reconcile the decision to deprive innocent persons of liberty, and to exonerate guilty persons of ...
Aug 21, 2012
When someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder talks about their core, if they are able to (core/alter awareness varies among systems), they are talking about the one who makes many of the decisions for the system.
Aug 11, 2012
I've made the decision - I need to wake up. Two Xanax at 1:45 did not help. I will not be going to ... It's the kind of bad that has me questioning every single decision we've ever made.... 1 week ago. savingolivia · I just called…
Aug 16, 2012
I made that decision a few years ago to fucking get over myself or whatever my issue was with my inadequate self/home/cooking/whatever and just reach out. The Internet really has helped. (But this dinner also shows how ...
·         it is beautiful, just beautiful. I can look at these clips and say that decisions were made about psychiatric coercion, the multiple core making decisions for its systems, an individual making a decision about her medicine, and a multiple making the decision to get over her – inadequacies. This reminds me very much of the work we did with the Paper Tiger back when we were working. Theoretically, it should give us the ideal of being able to hold conversations from different bloggers on the same topics. Like perhaps for the first part talking about psychiatric coercion, it seems the nonbelievers of multiplicity were saying that multiples give excuses to avoid responsibility and that society has to make a decision about "their malingering," where the multiple projects that his core part is the one that's making final decisions.  One of the decisions is to reach out for help, which doesn't seem forthcoming from the general public.  And then in the next section, the multiple is saying she's not sure whether she wants to wake up or not. Which seems to me some aspect of on a wide spectrum of wanting to die, which is definitely not being understood by the general public - basically one of the ideas of reinterpreting what is out there is to come up with new thought patterns to better understand or gain insight of multiplicity both in the circle of the multiple themselves and in society as a whole.  The part of allowing the details to "fuzz-out," is just another system we've used of "doubling our vision," but it is not exact by any means, but more a means of speculating insight.

·         the next part is the section called please find us also at: Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. I think we've explained these buttons in the past, but they all lead directly back to some of our other social media connections.

·         The next part is a chat room which hasn't really been tested yet, but there is a picture of a coffee cup on the side that we have talked about before.  This is a real simple white and black image, and it just suits my purposes to be inviting another into a relationship through conversation – just now, we need another person.

·         The next one is a picture and this is the one that has the five bubble heads.  We've talked about this at length. It was one of the pictures found on the first day.

·         The next line is Ann's Syntopicon which was last updated on August 19, 2012. This is that 3 1/2 page paper that has subcategories of goals, progress, tips, to-do, concept thoughts, emotions – negative, avoidance/denial, triggers, self-destructive thinking, helpers, and summary/conclusion. This is really in need of updating, but I haven't felt like I was on top of the “being able to write in my blog,” and “being able to keep up with the news” yet to go through this, but it is on the priority list.

·         This next one is a picture with the white background, with a green oval circle, with a light sketch of a the white handprint. This poster says, "no stigma" and then states "inspire the courage to live." This is something that I found today when we're looking at the mental illness section and it seemed to go perfect on top of the next section on mythology from the public, and it is a reflection of the last thoughts we are having on multiples deciding whether or not they should be alive and anchored within society.  It doesn’t appear the public in general wants to or is able to give help – at least in understanding.  Most often it seems to be spoon-filled with the "cartoon version" of multiplicity.

·         The next section is multiple mythology or mythology busting. We last left this one about a week ago and this one has about 49 items so far, and it has statements such as: 42. If you are a multiple, then you just are... It's not a game of pretend, a hoax or a plea for your sympathy. Or 45. There is not a multiple personality gland. Or, the last example here – if the tea party differs in their internal viewpoints, it does not make them multiples. I think you are starting to get the drift here. Dr. Marvin gave us a nice complement this week when he said that the myths would make a book. That idea gave me good reason to smile.

·         The next part is another new picture and this one is a representation of dissociative identity disorder in the form of a simplified drawing. In the background is a dark grayish setting with five medium-sized yellow circles – with the front middle circle being brightest and then it duplicates on either side and this is a representation of again - dissociation. I liked it for simplicity, and that the yellows were so bright and loses its opacity toward the edges giving it a sense of depth, and that the image really does seem to represent kind of the flood of ideas we had in a few of the other pictures with the bubble and the person standing in front of the crowd of other selves, in that the vision is being duplicated and blurred to more than one.  

·         The next part is the section on "please signing our guestbook." And, it's got a section for viewing the guestbook. I had made a nice entry this week, and I won't read it out because I'm enticing you to go over and look at it, and sign into the guestbook yourself.  But it is a good one and it was fun doing it - it "became" pretty easy. I hope that more people come by and see it and add their own "good gestures."

·         The next one  is one that we had talked about before.  It is a picture of a white rectangle with the red letters look! In the two letters “OO,” there is a picture of a set of eyes, and eyebrows are on top of the glasses, and below the glasses is a bright red big smile. I was using this to draw attention to both the guestbook and to the message forum which is the next thing.

·         The directions for the message forum is to ask our visitors to look at it often and to invites them into the conversation.  I really believe in social correspondence and in responsibly and with some accountability ask, "Is multiplicity real, and if so, what then?"  Mostly, because that is the questions that are being asked or suggested behind our backs. Obviously, the message forum is the part on the top of the page, so hopefully this is just reminder to go back into that. I don't want to plead here, but I am eager to get started into it. I think we stated somewhere earlier this week that we really need to be the one to start analyzing information that we are receiving to give others something to base their thoughts off of.  Just a matter of time, space and patience.
The next part is another picture. I just talked about this ... it is where the one person stands in the front center dressed in blue, and then the peachy bodied multitude of people stand on either side, and in back of her fading deeper into the picture. This is a picture that we had gotten again first day and it really struck me as being a multiple with their various parts.  I liked it because it included both men and women as parts and that the parts seemed so vulnerable. I know this to be just one side of parts, and the other is strength but in the huddled mass the number of parts seemed to convey – the sense of their being overwhelmed or shadowed in and from the “crowd.” 

·         The next section is another familiar one it is the blog archives directions and this sets up the reader for knowing that we have sections of the archives that are completed sections and others that are not, and we also talk about not all the news being positive, especially when we consider the Google contribution. We put an all "heads-up warning" for what might be a trigger and we wrote at this time IN red letters - the line that the news is especially jarring is marked by red text, and then we bolded-it. I can't say enough here about this. We're really not trying to upset the people who are multiple, we’re just trying to make sure everybody knows what is being said out there to put us on a more even playing field. This section also gives an updated note stating that the Google search comes in basically after 6:45 PM. Oh and one more thing, it gives a link back to our home blog if they care to switch over at that point.  Hehehe … maybe like abandon ship? No ... don't get silly you ... I know it's a LONG read and edit hehehe.

·         The next picture is one that I just found today and it re–emphasizes the blog being an educational tool instead of just a multiple source of news-like information, we wanted to reiterate the thought that there's something to be learned here, and this image is titled, "e-learning works." It is a white background and is the letter “e – l” with arrows suggesting that e-learning is a flowing motion. With this one we’re trying to put back in the minds of the readers – that there's a process that is happening with the things that they are encompassing on this page. For us it goes back into the work that we're trying to do on adult education, which explains most of the multiple parts and adds room for the developmental learning of their younger parts supported by their adult parts.

·         The next section is the blog archive and that goes to the current date of August 23 back to the earliest date that we have Google searches for - September 15, 2010. There are seven sections that are filled.  Sometime this week we decided we were going to post entries every day or two – if we can because there are so many updates made by currently-writing multiples. Again, we haven't gotten the problem resolved where we've been able to scroll the blog pages without skipping the pages and long spaces in between the annotated news feeds, but this is where we’re at – at this point.

·         We had another picture here and this is again found in the mental illness section; it is a picture of a skinny doctor with black pants and a long white lab coat leaning on the big bold word "BLOG." I thought it was funny because everything that we're doing here, including the annotated comments, are coming from blogs and right below it we have our blogs comments, and this whole thing is taking place in the blog, and the book we wrote was a blog, so I thought that was worth highlighting. I also thought that the doctor reminded me of Dr. Marvin, and probably Dr. Woollcott, and their wise words to be writing because it seemed to be something that helped us, and it also appears to help other multiples, and most likely other people with mental illnesses - amongst others.

·         This next section is my “about me” section and it's probably funny that it comes down so much from the top of the page where most about me sections are written, but I wanted to get across the first priorities of this blog is teaching/learning about multiples and the news they make in just being here - more than about, who I happen to be. I still think that readers have a right to know who is writing the blog, but it could be handled further down the line as a lower priority. We did add one little line on the description. We stated, "We believe in the power of the blog and all of our ability as bloggers to validate people." It seems like the more I go over this page the more things I think of to be saying, and I'm realizing that they are pretty much a news blog statement or stand on what my thoughts and beliefs are and in what I'm trying to do and develop with the space. It leaves me feeling proud.

·         The next part is a suggestion about if they are looking for a good book.  We greet them with our most winning smile and a link to Amazon where they can buy a copy of our book, "Ann's Multiple World of Personality," which is now selling at its best price for $21.21. I think that is the used book cost and the buy new prices are at $26.57. I think for about $8 you can still get the Kindle version.
·         After that comes a link to join us as a follower by joining this site with the Google friend connect, but alas, I have nobody that has taken me up on this yet. Maybe, he or she has gotten too tired by the time they got to this point because we have SOOO much "stuff."  But at least the offer to connect is here, and I know that on some of the blogs I was reading, I was actually looking for this so I could get updates to the blogs directly.

·         There was another picture we added today we had at a lot of pictures – this picture has six blue question marks laying in a circle that is 3-D and in the middle of it - it has one red exclamation mark. This picture talked to me today.  Basically, there's a lot of questions out there in the world but in the center of all that is some kind of answer which is challenging-like and good in that it fits some perspective we are holding, which I thought to be the red exclamation mark.  It reminded me of the old commercial of olden days when we were supposed to count how many licks it took to get to center of the beloved Tootsie Roll center. Okay, we can be silly too.  We then found a quote we liked concerning questions. Albert Einstein stated, "To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and makes real advance in science." I thought that was really an important part to having “the great conversation,” and by placing this picture" between the membership requests for followers or by our e-mail connection, it more or less invites some kind of commitment to coming back and responding and advancing an understanding of disassociation and what collective associations we could make in this concern.  I know ... I can read-into things to the 9th degree :)

·         The small submit email box is  of course for the case of somebody wanting to follow by e-mail. We did this along with filling in the follower’s box and email boxes when we were out on the road with other multiples, but it might have been an older concept back when there was not as much in one’s email box to be reading.  We might have to do something to go back and change that setting because we are getting too much mail in our e-mail box to read so there's a lot of just deleting which defeats all purpose. There is one thing though that is handy and that is if we were out of the house with just our phone, it would be a good way to go back and catch-up on blog entries without too much ado. 
Now we are getting closer to the bottom. We are at the picture that we had made today with the big green hat that says “Dissociative Identity News” in the middle of the institutionalized box. I'm not going to go through that again, but I really do like the picture. To me, it seems that each one of those little squares is another person or personality like a business building, suite, or apartment and there's just so much news to cover to take in the whole matrix. 

I do want to say something about creativity at this point. I’m not sure if I've talked about it before, but we had gone into the Adobe product and looked at their illustrator program and we just it would be fun, and I want to do a lot more of it. I mean that takes-up the whole idea that we were having before about using PowerPoint to make slides that will go in our website, especially in the form of questions.  This is very interesting to us and maybe we can soon go back into it. We might have some time. I will soon try to rustle up a small something to see if I can put in the website our first slide course - whatever from the Captivate program - that was my original intent when we had found this part of the Adobe Illustrator program instead.

·         The next section is the next to our central section that describes some of the information about the multiples being on the list for news quotes and annotation aggregation. That was another reason for the hat.  The reader was reminded again this is the dissociative identity news, which is still this blogs purpose. I know we've been playing around a little bit with all of our comments and pictures and mental  distractions, but in this section we write about our processes from going from one blog to another and the visualization of us walking around a neighborhood with blogs being houses on the block. We do give our e-mail address, and we suggest that as much as we love going to read the blogs, and as much as we like writing the blogs, that if any time somebody wants to be taken off, or put on the list that fits the qualifications, they should really contact us because we would be more than happy to reciprocate a relationship. And, with this section we leave a little notice as far as which blog we are going to go to next which happens to be right now, ”Life Multiplied” because she's at that one week mark that marks the start.

·         It seems like the pictures are going-on forever, but today we really did have a lot of visual sensations toward the pictures and representations of what they mean. The next picture is a white background - tall rectangle, and it has a lot of scroll-like designs on the top and the bottom but it's very simple and elegant, and it says in also black letters that the creative adult is the child who survived. I couldn't have said that better. I mean it just seems so representative of all the creative bloggers that are being written about, or directed towards, and how we all came from being children surviving our own abuses, and are now working at this creative outlet part of our lives through the activity of blogging.

·         The next section is the longest section of everything. It is my blog list. I had just put-up the title of  “blog list” before and I changed it today too.  I do want people to understand that this is a particularly good list and that it is actually a product or service of our work from one multiple to another – and it’s alright to say it is my list; Ann’s Blog List. I think that is our own piece of our real estate ideal in that we are making a commitment to hold together this list, and updated it, and utilize it, and to hopefully maintain it in the public eye where they can themselves be seeing the news as its being created from a multiple’s perspective. 

In my other blog, Ann's Multiple World Personality, I left the blog list/rolls to be alphabetical because there are some times that I need to get to a certain marker efficiently. But then on the news blog we decided to leave the same blog list on the sidebar although opposing sidebars, but this time we sorted according to how long it had been since the blog being represented was gaining a new publishable entry. So, we get anything from 53 min. ago, to two months ago, and to one year ago. This makes it really easy for me to take the most current blogs and feature them in the annotated area. I did a little editing because I saw that a couple had fallen past the one-year mark, but there is now 138 public blogs that were written by multiples all within a year or less. I hope to add to the list.

·         There is a short section next and that is just a simple page view which this particular blog is 306 page views.  We are not going to go into the negative about it, which was mentioned to Dr. Marvin, but on the positive side there some interesting statistics within the Google blogger program to help you find out who, where, what, when, etc. of blogology - AHA EDUBLOGOLOGY!!!  THIS WORD WAS CREATED - and NOT found in GOOGLE today on 8/24/12 YAYYYY us!  

Better go to bed and finish this in the morning *sigh*

We are back this morning, and it is now almost 9 AM. We have been up for a while, but we found ourselves over at TED listening to videos particularly on how the mind works; we'll get to that in just a second...

·         One of the things I worked on before going to bed yesterday was the picture that is this next section. It is a picture primarily in pinks of a cartoon girl in a lab coat and she is holding in one hand a first-place award, and she is pointing with their other hand to her project on the stand-up project board, and the caption on this board reads “dissociative edublogology.” It turns out there has been some work that has been done online on blogology, but I am coining the term edublogology. To me this is the part that combines my education, blogging, and psychology background, and then in working through our understanding education, blogs, and the highlighting the study through the forum within the blog, and especially the blog toward the psychology of dissociation and dissociative people. The last part of this blog page is more toward the educational aspects – as a goal. It relates to the first picture of the blog that was of the statement, "I teach." This is where we step-away from what regular bloggers are teaching us through their wise words and thoughts, and then leaving a sprinkling of the learning process and distribution of communication of “thought results” of the interest that we are having towards learning about ourselves, and ourselves as multiple as being something that we can learn and teach, especially through the blogs and blogging effort.  This area will develop - we're really hoping to learn to make the infographs.

·         The next portion is called TED Talks About Mental Illness and the Mind’s Work – Ideas Worth Spreading – Videos Worth Watching. We came across this idea last night. We were looking for a few seconds at the TweetDeck, and we realized that we were interested in a couple things and that one was getting back more to the talks on TED, and the other one was on looking at and designing infographs. We are always trying to learn something new that we didn't know before. And, then there's another part of us, just wants to be helpful. It's like saying well if you've gotten to this end of the blog and are still interested in our platform – we would like to reward the you the reader with a few Easter eggs.  

At the moment, we have 10 talks from TED's Talks. They include Ellen Saks on mental illness, Henry Markham on the brain as a supercomputer, Jill Bolte-Taylor's “stroke of insight,” Martin Seligman's the new era positive psychology, Neil Pasricha's the three A's of awesome, Shawn Achor's the happy secret to a better work, Sherwin Nuland's on how electric shock therapy changed his life, Ted Ronson’s strange answers to the psychopath test, Tony Porter's call to self, and Vilayanur Ramachandran’s three clues to understanding oour brains. We hope this list just grows and grows, and I couldn't be more happy with it!

·         I've got two buttons now on the left side of the page.  One is a picture of a round quilt symbol that says multiple in the center, and the second one is a ribbon with a rainbow of colors and both of these represent items you can buy sharing a stance of solidarity on multiplicity, and they are designed and sold by “Coping in “Crazyville”” as DID/MPD awareness products. We haven't purchased anything from the blog creator, who of course is a multiple, but we do support the site and say that it is something worth visiting if you're interested in purchasing specialized products.

·         The next two pictures are also together and one of them is a picture of us with a determined :-( and underneath it - it says, “I don't have an attitude - I have a personality you can't handle.” I happened to run across these two pictures by accident while sweeping through my picture gallery and they caught some spirit of the mood we thought was important to this news blog. I'd like to portray a little "toughness," in us.  The picture represents to me as trying to figure out something whether it was necessarily going our way or not.  Basically, the work at hand is still work, and with stubborn determination/frustrations, we are going to get past whatever adversity we’re next facing – in un-knowing the future and in being public – and, that seems to go with a can-do attitude that is part of our personality.  Hopefully, our readers accept this and us, especially toward our advocacy of multiples and their advocacy of themselves and others as multiples.

·         The next part is also two-part … it seems like we’re doing that a lot, but there are linked lists of bloggers we would like to visit, but have stricter copyrights (so - we won't accidentally take annotated quotes from their blogs for our news blog), and the second linked list is for bloggers who aren't on the current blog roll because there blogs are over one year old at the time this blog is being posted. That seems pretty self-explanatory, though it is a new section, so I have to go back and find bloggers that fits each of those characteristics.  In the past, we hadn't really done too much with these groups of people. But, we thought later that we would like to keep the collection of people we meet who are multiples together more succinctly.  I'm afraid of leaving anyone out, because there are enough multiples out there who really don't come in contact with others often.

·         There is one more link on the left column, at the bottom of the page, and that one is for an infographic on what to do with a creative block.  We invite the reader to click on it.   The graphic shows how graphic designers can deal with the creative block, and here they suggest that a creative block is the inability to access the flow of inspiration and creativity. Most creative individuals like designers, artists, writers and even musicians are prone to it. It is a very frustrating phase, known to make a person feel like he can no longer do anything productive. And because it's an infograph it has the ideas summarized in very neat attractive ways to lure us into its positivity and resource-ability.  Some of the categories include how to deal with the creative block, which is hurting your creativity? What the creative block leads to, how to identify triggers, how to kill self-doubt, fighting stress with stress busters, and then it's best representational idea would be to figuratively the chill pill by trusting abilities and relaxing.  It seemed a natural addition to a blog that is for writers.

·         Almost nearing an end – but on the lower right side we have another few infographs.  The first was by Pingdom and it gathers statistics for age distribution on social networks and online communities. It's a very colorful graphs and it goes from ages zero to ages 65+ and indicates by zero percent to 100%, the age people are when utilizing social networks.  I suppose this is more a marketing tool, but we are also interested in social media as a whole; and in trying to best communicate outward.  It goes from the older-aged person to the youngest person numerically ordered by their media connections.  The infograph uses 24 social networks and online community sites.  They are LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, GoodReads, Slashdot, Last. FM, StumbleUpon, Quora, Twitter, Stack Overflow, MySpace, LiveJournal, Tagged, Hi5, Tumblr, Reddit, Github, Orkut, Hacker News, and DeviantArt. I can't say that I know all of these social network sites, but I am always looking for them and what value they might represent.  I find ourselves fitting within the statistics and recognize we’re almost to the next age bracket so delight in "holding" and still making our indentation on social media where it is not as likely something our age group would be doing.  We like to think we’re staying up-to-date not aging.

·         There's one more infograph and this one is called, “Bloom’s Taxonomy,” and it seems to be the newest taxonomy for better understanding knowledge processes for learning. If you know anything about me at all, you understand that I really do love Bloom. His original ideas included thought processes work starting with knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The makers of this chart claim that it is a newer version of Bloom’s original work, and I will have to really study it to see if I like it as much, or more so than the original. There was something nice in the simplification of the six categories, but I have to admit, I'm intrigued by this four-wheel/spokes graph. It starts with cognition and knowledge on the inner green circle, and then on the second red circle it lists creates, remember, understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate - all of which seemed to be primarily the nuts and bolts of Bloom’s original work. On the third blue circle, it has activities for all of the previous which would imply that all of these things go from knowledge to behaviors. And then, the last gold circle list four kinds of knowledge which include metacognitive knowledge, factual knowledge, conceptual knowledge, and procedural knowledge.  I would purpose then that feelings, emotions, or affect were left out for some kind of conscious purpose, but we'll definitely play with that a bit.  Hmm.  I would really like to play with this chart especially because I have been working with our University in thinking of knowledge as something different than just having general information intake - most likely because of its usefulness and purpose. You know that I love categorization and sorting, and organizing, and systematizing things so this will be something I will enjoy going through soon.

·         In conclusion, with only just a few sections left the next area is for a world map of people who visit the site which is at this point-blank, and then the last section is a note stating that the template that were using is from Awesome Inc. and it's powered by Blogger. And at that point, the reader moves onto page 2 where most of everything we have been talking about appears again, and again, and again on successive pages while the primary column updating each sessions addition of annotated note changes.

So there you have it. I am sure it would be easier for you to just go down the list and see what sensations occur when looking at each of these different areas, but we were interested in this little bit of dialogue into the growth and psychology of thoughts put-into the development of the new blog.  It really does seem at this point to be quite substantial though just at its start. I'm not saying it's substantially good or bad, but it is what we have built so far and it’s been a bit of an undertaking. It is difficult being a multiple in the respect that each of the editing parts look at the news site, and we think, “Oh, I could add here or here, or I could add there,” and pretty much that's what we’re doing in our own multiple way of seeing life. We would like to maintain focus on the project being an educative process of learning about disassociation and it is about news that is forthcoming, or archived – both as reference points to further learning. All of it reflects either a multiple person, or someone writing about multiple people and we are thinking that each is trying to understand better the effect of multiplicity internally and externally.  In Bloom’s terms, gain cognition and knowledge of what it means to be a multiple with greater or lesser amounts of assumptions and tolerance.

I think before I leave this particular entry, I would like to include a few things that have occurred from the time we last wrote to this time - to "clean up the conference table." The last time we wrote about somehow shaking the blog entry while complaining of fuzziness. That entry concluded on Wednesday the 22nd, and today it is Saturday the 25th at 10 AM. And, now another time ... it is still Saturday, but as we're finalizing the last edit (we will not be PERFECTIONIST!) it is 6:30 PM and we've been editing for the majority of the last 8-hour "work day."  It's about time to be moving on because we've got blogs to be reading.  

I know that when we had last written we were editing and posting the blog from the previous night. We had been trying to understand through Corey's eyes her interpretation of reading and comprehending annotated news items, or quotes.  I think she was feeling some competition and intimidation with Kelsie because she wasn't feeling intelligent enough to read or comprehend the way sentences merge together and make sense to our Kelsie.  But, Corey really is intelligent and her point of view matters in the development of the work as a whole.  Her perspective is valuable in editing processes and in assimilating creative additions. Kelsie still has different attributes, but so does Corey. We are not going to jump into where she left off, but we should leave a marker at this point to say that we really need to go back and work through what we're doing with the annotated notes indicating our news feeds and potential conversational interpretations, or lack thereof - if for no one else ... at least for Corey's sake.

There has been some work since that time on looking at the linking that's on the page. Maybe that was even done in getting this particular entry written, so I won't go into it, but we do want to leave a note that we had tested before the blue links and recognize that those linked back to the homepage of whichever blogger we were quoting. There is another link less tried that is green and that actually links back to our Diigo notes which gathers everything we had quoted from that particular blogger. So for “Confessions of a Mad Woman,” who happened to be our last blogger, it's just that we are finding Diigo supplies us with a collective note that we had three of this bloggers quotes on August 13, five of her quotes on August 14, and one of her quotes on August 23. This is really -really nice. 

We still haven't figured out how to sort out that some of the days quoting merges together and we have been removing some of the staements so we don’t quote the material twice, or maybe that's an illusion, maybe we are going to need starting by not removing it so we can maintain the integrity of bloggers collection of quotes ... a little flexibility?  Maybe there is a bigger picture gained at seeing the quotes in different arrangements. We have been trying to hold to a magic number of 6 quotes.  The Diigo set-up allows us to accumulate the most important things that we had thought linked to multiplicity at that moment of time and space. We have noticed the program sometimes skips quotes or blog entries, and we just have to think too these are hiccups that also have some divine purpose until we can figure things differently.

We incidentally remember this blogger's thoughts because she's the one that makes all the remarkable and beautiful Mandalas, but in her space she's been talking about body memories that many abuse survivors have gone through and anger/frustration towards it.  She also writes that she’s been having a struggle to wake up before sunrise so she could get ready for the day. It seems now that it's more a bigger picture of her concerns and that is going to become more and more  important and essential to understanding people behind the quotes; and our more personal relationship to them, especially through the comments, and how they piece their day-to-day lives together; and how we piece our day-to-day life through annotated quotes.

In our own day-to-day life, we are going to have difficulties again trying to remember the next following days between Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and this morning. Well, I can say honestly that this morning we've been up and we were upset with Rich for a little bit, because he was more prone to talk to us about kitty litter then things that were actually going on in our minds, which will always irritate us. Of course, there's always the kiss on the way out the door and the hope that he gets home again soon, but recognizing the reality is that while we would really like to be talking to him about content, it usually only occurs when he’s taken care of the other priorities in his life and we’re both in a good headspace because our environment is free of distraction which is really more an Ann task.  Remember ... steaming shirts and trousers?  Just mostly for us … anything other than the keyboard and screens is a distraction.

Today, Rich has got to go to a football game that he's officiating at, and then he might go to his mother's house afterwards or come home - it's not sure.  Karen his stepsister called early this morning to say that her dad, Rich’s step-father, was going to be driven to the hospital because he seemed to be having a bad reaction to medicine and his hand and arm were swelling-up. That left his mom alone which is something the family tries not to do because of her many needs and frailties.

You know about the part where we have been finishing up this blog, and you can guess the next part will be editing which is going to take a lifetime because we’re already down to about the 16th page. Oh ... we caught you up here already *sigh*  When we use the Dragon like we are doing now, we seem to have more than our general share of edits to be making. It’s okay - it’s okay, part of the process. As to memories of Thursday, you know that it was a Dr. Marvin day. That is worthy of a few notations.

It seems that most of the time with Dr. Marvin was spent with younger parts. I think one of the parts that were out was predominantly Gracie. We are identifying Gracie now as the one that comes into Dr. Marvin's office and sits down on her hands. For some reason or another Dr. Marvin zeroed in on that behavior which was a "new move," and he talked to her about why she does it and about her experience. Basically, she was afraid of getting her hands hurt, and she was stating that she was facing a corner, and in her mind's eye she was in the house she grew-up, and she was facing the corner where the refrigerator and kitchen wall meet. She talked about it being harder when people were over and knowing that she was bad, and I think Dr. Marvin and her had conversations on being able to leave that corner and in helping her understand she was not bad. I think her logic was that she was in the corner so she must've been doing something wrong. Maybe there is something that our coming to Dr. Marvin's office from the illness model of psychiatry represents in that something is always going wrong, or is in need of fixing. We will have to explore this of course later with Dr. Marvin when we are able to maintain adult parts out in the session. It could also be a human propensity to sink down to the negative unresolved motives. 

I think there was some interaction also with the Casey's, but I don't remember how it ended, except that it was difficult for us to leave. I'm not recalling very much of it now except the part of telling Dr. Marvin that we knew how to get out to Rich’s car because Rich was waiting for us. This was that session he helped us get to because Thom was borrowing the car.

I think after we got in the car with Rich, the younger parts stayed out and talked with him about what they were remembering. I’m not sure how well Rich understood, and how much he just wanted the younger parts not to be having trouble still. Somehow it must've evened-out because we chose to go to a Bohemian restaurant because we know that Rich likes it.  He had been feeling down, and we hadn't been to one for quite a while. The restaurant has been around Brookfield for a long time, but we had never gone to it before. Our formal review of it was it smelled like a moldy basement and the food was bland. I will not recommend going back to that particular restaurant again. I am not recalling at this point going to bed or not.  Basically, did we go to bed with Rich or by ourselves?  Did we fall asleep early? Or, did we stay up late?

Yesterday, I know we spent some time working on the blog. And we are going to hope that there was enough information at the beginning of this entry to explain what we were doing.  Because, I certainly don’t know what was happening.

One of the things - I don't know if it's that or not, but we had a very interesting/wonderful thing that happened to us over the last couple days. With Thom being in town, he got a hold of his old girlfriend who is his son’s mother. She's raised him primarily on her own with family supports. Thom's been spending some time there while he's in town, and as a favor to us, he asked his ex-girlfriend if we could meet again our Grandson.  I don't know if we included information about this before, but we haven't seen Austin since he was 1 ½ years old, and today is his 12th birthday. Arrangements were made that we meet Austin's mom after we get back from Jillian’s wedding and talk to her with the ideal of then meeting Austin as he is at this stage of his development. We are feeling very excited about it, and a little apprehensive because Austin's mother wasn't so happy before because of the presumed “mentally ill” part of us being dissociative. I want her to approve of us and recognize us as normal enough to meet our grandson - her son, and we don't want to scare her in our strangeness, although there are certain things we do behaviorally or cognitively that are different from the norm. I know who wants to be average? But in this case, I want to know my grandson bad enough that I don't want to scare him. It has been an aching hole.

We sent pictures of Austin and a picture of Austin, Thom, and Austin’s mother to Dr. Marvin and he responded very favorably. He did indicate that he had hoped I was feeling better, but I think that has something to do with the way we were in the session and I don't remember not feeling better, except for having the knowledge that Gracie was out in the corner so that might be what he's indicating. Yes, I say this right away - after I say that I want to be more normalized for meeting my only grandson. I guess the reality of the situation is that I'm still his grandmother, and yes, I do have this bit of disorder about me.  It doesn’t, or shouldn’t lessen me as a person, right?


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