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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have you seen all the changes on our blog - Ann's Multiple World of Personality?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 10:37 AM

Good morning. Today we are going to talk about two things primarily. The first is that we have done major updating on the Ann's Multiple World of Personality blog, and the second is that we had a very strong flashback last night with Dr. Marvin. I'm not sure which one I should start on – maybe it's best to go back and recover some of the basic easy stuff first.

What should be included? I don't think I got a chance to talk to Linda yesterday we had near misses over at the Facebook site, but we didn't quite catch up with each other. There were a few notes left back and forth. I stayed pretty much with the blog all day, and then when I got home, I continued to work on it until about 12:30 AM. Dr. Marvin's appointment was between 3:00 and 5:40 PM. There was some time spent talking to Rich, but not much. There were a few moments when something reminded us that we should say something to Rich about Dr. Marvin's appointment, so we did. Rich listened, but didn't have too much to say. I don't know if anybody really can say very much, about what we relived – Okay, in a little bit … I have the sense of impending doom. We have to shake that feeling off. Rich had tried to get us to go to bed about 11 PM, but that didn't work.  We were too obsessed at that point with the blog – it felt like our safety and our passion mixed all in one. I think we had a little problem with eating late-night too, so I suppose that can be noted here. We ate too much. We got into both the peanut butter over rice cakes, and we had some leftover salad from dinner. The salad was the noodle kind with oil, so I'm pretty sure wasn't the good kind.

We woke up this morning about 7:30 AM. I think it was the cats that woke me up. I know that we were dreaming, but we don't recall what that was about at least not at this moment. While Rich was getting ready for his day, we spent time over on the couch with the Kindle absorbing some of what we had done the night before. You know our tendencies to go over and over something to make sure that it is correct and that everybody has a chance to see it from within. We're always editing until we go on with the next post.  Rich must've left about 9 AM, and it is now 10:45 AM so we’re almost to the first major part. We do want to make one notation.  We have a dentist appointment today at 2:30 PM. Rich said that we should be ready at 2 PM which means we need to shower at 1 PM. We did get a call from Maury asking us to meet for lunch, but it was too close to the time of our dentist appointment. We've missed a couple of opportunities to meet with him now and we’re feeling remorseful. I do miss my son. He tried to get something together for the weekend, but then we are going to be quilting this weekend. I feel like I'm letting him down. I don't know when we got to be so busy. Oh, one more thing, Rich says that on Friday we have to get my driver’s license. He doesn't want me driving to Wisconsin without it. So that means sometime we have to review the book because we need to take a written test. We'll talk later about the quilting weekend coming up because we did talk to Linda and we've sent some notes back and forth, and are getting the internal crazy excitement.

Okay, on to the workaday-fun stuff. I think I need to explain it out loud from the top of the blog to the bottom of the blog as to changes that we made. They are significant. We have kept the same basic format with the library books in the background and the gold banner. One of the biggest changes that we made was that we included tabs at the top of our blog. We had forgotten that we could do this though we were reminded from looking at a lot of other blogs yesterday. It's going to seem astronomical, but I'm going to add here which of the 17 tabs - now 18 tabs we added. Many of them are blogs and we could have added more, but we stuck to some of our blogs that had something significantly written in them.

We will leave the home page for last because that seemed to be the bigger consumer of time. The next tab is for our parts. This is the same system inventory that you've seen elsewhere, but it really struck home after having read Jeffsong’s blog. In comparison, our inventory is very simple. At some point, we'll go back and study what he had written because it was so astronomically good. He had all the nuances of how parts came in and out and interacted and relationships between him and the outside world in general. It was very advanced of anything I've seen elsewhere. There's nothing really new with our “system’s page” – just it is here.  I would like to add more information as things become more apparent … just it’s hard for us to recognizing separate selves AND remembering to take a few notes, because you are the part with particular knowledge. Work this girls!

The next link is Ann's regular pictures. We discovered yesterday somewhere late at night after we saw Dr. Marvin that we could very easily add pictures to Blogger from our saved picture file on separate pages. Pretty much the pages are static - they don't roll down from one entry to the next, but you can make them as long as you want which is sort of like going on forever. In this section we added general pictures that are fairly recent that had some particular interest to us. You will see pictures of Dr. Marvin, Rich, my dog, stuff that I'm involved in, couple other family pictures and with their dogs, and some things about our place and systems. I love this page and as I discovered on the other pages, if I click on any one of the pictures you will see a darkened screen and a larger picture than the one placed in the blog although those pictures aren't bad for medium-size pictures.  Just the shadowed area it's big and on the bottom there is a scroll bar so you can see tiny thumbnails all the way across - like I have highlighted right now that I'm on picture 5 of 30. Another nice thing about this is that you can hover over any of the pictures, and then just scroll/spin down with your mouse, and all the pictures flip in front of you extremely fast and without complication. You can also click on each picture and progress them one at a time, but sometimes this being able to scroll fast gives me a whole feeling or aura of the pictures without making us focus or concentrate. It is a really nice feature that Blogger has added – it is almost subliminal.

In general, what Blogger has done with the blogs is just incredible. I've been through a lot of blogs now, but I think that they do the best job overall and it is easy to do the things you would like to do. It is also easy to search the Internet for additional bells and whistles.  People recognize Blogger.  The next page is my quilt Journal and again this one is all pictures. And, it took some time in getting things settled the way we want. Although there are some glitches in the quilting picture - some of the pictures are repeating. I have to take a look at that over again. This is too much to check at this time because of the upcoming dentist appointment.  Today’s priority is getting things down. The Quilting Journal is what you might expect if you had been familiar with my writing and projects. Basically, there are about 310 pictures of things that primarily happen with quilting, but some are things that happened as markers while I was quilting like when the boys got married, or when I got my new car, or when Rich went on a special fishing trip. It gives you a real good idea on the quilting side of our life and where we've been in context to life happening in front of us. I don't think I've done that much in quilting, but when you add all the pictures collectively there's been a lot that has happened. It would be kind of fun to be a visitor and see the pictures and think, boy-oh-boy she must be productive!  But in reality, these pictures go over the course of three years, so we’re just regular talented. J Right now I'm looking at a picture of the Pentagon and I'm thinking others might not understand that, so I'll leave a little notice for that particular picture.  The Pentagon is where Thom my middle son works. I never get tired of saying that - okay, I actually look for opportunities to brag ... so deal with it hehehe.

The next section is for my funny stuff. Not that I have a lot of it, but it seems that somebody's been collecting pictures through the Facebook experience. And it's just a smidge in comparison to all the pictures that you see when scrolling through FB in general.  The pictures we collected really struck with us at the time. So in this shot you might get a picture of Garfield and he's holding a cup of coffee and complaining about the weather, or something on weight, or a lot of cute dog and cat pictures humanizing the animals with people thoughts. There are pictures on attitude adjustments, and there some pictures of the kids doing funny things.  We've got one sparkly picture of three chickens with bunny ears. Lord only knows where that one came from.  There are about 60 pictures here. We found that yesterday while we were putting together the blog, at least after this part, we would go back to it frequently because some of the other stuff that we are doing was too serious or "unfun" and we needed some silly. It's just a switch in the action, and one that I'm sure that several of our parts will appreciate.  It will also give them a collective purpose when taking ALLLL the time to go through a day of FB.  We know a lot of Marine moms :)

The next section is for our videos. There are 11 videos which include Joe's first kickboxing tournament put to opera afterward by us, a picture of Amy playing soccer, one that I labeled Isa’s cookie chase, we included the one we had made for Unearthing Quiltability, and we had one of a fireworks celebration on a date night with Rich at Navy Pier. The next three are videos of Rich fishing at Patoka Lake, then there are two with Jade and Jasmine doing cheerleading, and the last one is a video of Ame's concert. She is learning to play the violin.  J I'm surprised sometimes that I don't have more videos, but as most likely noted, we tend to take more snapshots than videos. I do appreciate after I've done the video though - I like to hear the sound of voices that I'm most in love with. It seemed this morning when I was playing some of the links that the videos come up very nicely on the desktop blog, but that they were having trouble loading on the Kindle. I'm not going to mess with that now, but I wanted to make a note of it for someone handy?  Please?

The next section is on our web, and I left a note stating that it was in progress.  We haven't gotten past the first day when we are playing around with it so there is only a slideshow, a video, and a couple text statements with some wall art. Sometimes that page is loading correctly and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it shows the site that I got my domain name from and I'm not sure why, although, I think it has something to do with cookies - no, not Isa’s cookies.  Those are tastier.  I'm not sure I'll have to give another call to the domain place. I think they will assume it was something to do with my computer. One out of five times I was able to pull it up, but it's certainly not consistent. I don't mind that site at this point as being fragile, because it really is in progress. It just needs some time to develop and be understood.

I won't go through the next several pages in-depth, but there are some of our more substantial blogs.  The first one is my original Ayn’s Multiple World blog. This is the one that goes back to August 22, 2003 when we had written our first blog article in AOL "Journals." This is the one where the book comes from although the book only covers from August to August 2003 to 2004. This blog also has the year 2005 and just a few stray entries in 2006.  By 2006, we have gone on to using Blogger because of our difficulties with AOL, but if you want to know more about that you can read it in the blog. There is another blog called, “et als journal.”  This one was written not too long after having started the first blog.  It began on November 2, 2003 and this was just about 10 entries on introducing myself as more of a student or employee of the center. It's not very interesting and it's very short, but it has a few key things I wanted to note, for example at that point, we had noted classes that we had taken for school. It seems important not to forget our educational “roots.”  We have started to look at books on multiplicity and we were making notes but it was too much at the time and we got overwhelmed and discontinued the blog, but you can see it here as one of our old-type transitions.

The next blog is called “Journals First Year” and this one is the AOL journals first year, or basically the anniversary edition of that first year of journaling. Getting four hundred or so blog entries from different externals to the site took some time and effort.  A few days we stayed home from work because we were so focused. We entered all the entries within a matter of two months and just a few weeks in each of those months, but it was a very concentrated effort. Basically, what we did was to go through and take written material and pictures with permission from the blog authors (the pictures were lost when AOL journals closed down altogether).  It has the written material from about 400 bloggers that have all written the first year that AOL journals had been put out for viewers. It was for each their very first entry into blogging. That effort was completed during the time the group was getting together to do the first year anniversary celebration of AOL Journals/blogs and there had been tons of little extra activities going on at the time. These are pretty well discussed in our original blog.

The next blog is called, “Ayn’s Multiple World.”  This was the main blog that we had used for a very long time. Its first blog that we had over at Blogger, and we had a chance to really start experimenting with some of the sidebars.  It has a few other nice things like it has at the top of the page there is a Marine commercial, obviously, it was during that time, that Thom had joined the Marines and we wanted to see that every time we opened our blog, and then between each entry was a video from Dr. Marvin’s.  Now it has been in disrepair since we no longer use Hipcast, but that might be a matter of transferring another video from YouTube of the same thing. YouTube is stable and without expense. I don't want to do that right now, but we will later when we're making it look a little prettier. That was a time of our life that we really needed to be connected to Dr. Marvin, and as we just mentioned it seems that were going back to that. Again, we'll talk about that later. This blog had gone from November 2005, to primarily June of 2010. It was our major blog and has the sleeping kitty background with the transparent columns over that. There was one other thing I wanted to mention – this is also where we left something called the Exodus blog roll. At the time we had collected the names or new blog sites of many of the bloggers that had switched over from AOL to Blogger because of AOL's commercialism. I just clicked on one random blog that was called the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and it was last dated December 12, 2005, but it is still up! It's really fascinating that some of these blogs will stand the test of time as archaeological markers of things from the past, but still remain in the present … little museums or vaults, if you will.

The next blog is called Masters’ Work. There was a little playing around with the possessive title of having many, but basically this is a journal that went from November 2005 to March 2007. School had actually started I believe in April 2005 and we might've carried the school till June of 2007, but it is primarily the work that we were doing over at Capella University before we stopped. At that point, we were looking at educational psychology and we used the blog to stack some of our school assignments. This one hurts to look at right now though, so I'm going to jump out of that for the time being.  We’ll explore it - much later on.

I do want to say something with history that had struck me on the way home from Dr. Marvin's last night. I don't know if we had thought about it reducing stress, but we had thoughts about getting some past psychiatry records from Dr. Marvin and Dr. Woollcott - especially, the years between 1999 and 2003 with Dr. Marvin.  Before we started the first blog, we had been writing to Dr. Marvin through e-mails though he he couldn't read them all in total because there were so many and they were time consuming, but it was sort of like what we're doing with the blogs - it was a day-to-day recall of how we were going. We know that we have the yellow legal pads from the years 1997 to 1999 which are in storage so we feel comfortable with having those around, although they are not entered into the computer. We also were thinking about getting from Dr. Woollcott again some of the paperwork that was written between us. There was at least two years between 1990 and 1997 where we typed whole sessions directly into the computer, and then during the other five years we had other writing on yellow legal pads that we were doing on the way to the train station, or had typed and printed from home. We were taking the train from River Grove forward (where we lived with our three sons after the divorce) to Chicago where we first got our job at JVS and met Rich. Okay more that later, but if you can do some reading you will find out everything - just you have to have enough patience *Giggling!* Just adding perspective!

It comes to us and waves but periodically we want to pull back all the information because we've been writing for so long. Last night yesterday doing the blog was a very major deal to us because we were pulling together the things that were online and available to us in one section and it was all public. We think about Rich's ex-wife being invasive and going through the material and feel that she should probably not be going through it, but I know eventually she will find it because she's on the Internet a lot and I have to just be okay with that.  I mean there is at nine years of data on the computer and that she's crazy enough to go through that kind of information vindictively, it would be an unhealthy preoccupation, so be it.  It is nonsensical how the family placates her mental status/anger. I know where the lines are, so you know, if she wants to make the rest of her life the drive of living in someone else's shadows then you know go-ahead, but I don't claim responsibility for what she decides to do with that information. I have a right to be on the Internet  much as any other person, and about three weeks ago when we went to twitter we decided that that the transparency is going to happen, because of who we are, and not who the other isn’t. We are going to become public because it is our expression of selves outward and it feels good to be at one with our selves - just starting to get our feet wet.

Okay, back to the blogs the next blog that we have is a stub the short one called Sarah's blog. This is a black background blog that was written pretty much in consideration of Vince, or commonly called V. He was someone that had been very important to us and he had been the only one to read all of our work.  He has since passed.  If you check the comment section it is often seasoned with his signature comments.  He had tried to convince us to write something other than just the journal entry type things because he was more a story-telling author, so in Sarah's blog you get her one story of what was called Rembrandt Street and there are eight chapters, and then that was never continued. There's also a few pages in August and September of 2004 where Sarah was responding to one of Vince’s vampire characters named Alucard. It is some pretty silly stuff, but we do do silly.  We can appreciate the effort mostly because it is not as serious as some of what is our norm - short-lived, but nice. It's kind of interesting looking back over the story.  We never really did another like this, so it made this one fun and trying all at the same time.

The next blog is even shorter; it is the one that is titled, "Myrtle T." This is the one about my grandmother. It was basically started in November 2006. I believe there are three videos and a couple of pictures where we are talking to my grandmother, and then there is a notice of her death on April 19, 2008. This one is kind of a sad one so were not going to go any further into detail right now … just it is still here.

We just took a few minutes break and had some of those noodles from dinner. Chances are that we are going to get caught on that one from Rich because he will have saved it for another meal. He plans on stuff like that where for us it is like; gosh there is food in the refrigerator with feet. We have to reevaluate that situation because we are taking the Herbalife shakes and we need to really focus on that - especially since we just got another shipment in the mail this morning and it is really expensive.

There are three more blogs at this point - the shortest being the Flylady blog. This blog is in recognition of how much difficulty we've had with housekeeping over the years. The blog began in August of 2004, so right after the work with the anniversary blog for AOL and the last entry was August of 2005. It looks like it only had about 40 entries in it, but at the time it was significant. We have been working on systems and systems and systems trying to get ourselves to do what we are supposed to do. I'd like to say that it is easier now, but we don't do a lot of deep cleaning because obviously we’re over here on the computer most of the day. We are still taking notes as to when we can start the dishwasher or run the vacuum, or steam Rich's poor shirts. Those are pretty instrumental parts of our day if we are having a good day. For anyone that doesn't know her work, you can link to or and you find out what she's all about, but if you think we're obsessive, wait until you  meet her.  She's got systems upon systems upon systems for doing things like not only cleaning the house, but also organizing your mind, and taking care of your fitness and nutrition. If I'm really the slump, we go back to her.  She and Barbara Hemp from “Paper Tiger” are my favorite organizational persons.

The last two blogs are on quilting. The Quilted Moose blog was started with my sister, Emily, and Linda. But we were finding that we were doing most of the work, so we let it go when we get busier with school and then we decided at another point to start another quilting blog but this one was called Unearthing Quiltability and it was written only by us. I'm not sure what is happening to the Quilted Moose's blog – it seems to run from October 2009 till July 2010. This blog was actually pretty substantial it had about 225 entries. There were a couple substantial things to us going on there. One was that we had gotten into the playing with the right sidebar which was fairly new and fun at the time and felt like a creative expression. The next part was that we were looking at a blog roll and we had captured about 80 blogs that we were interested from reading the site. But, that got overwhelming and it was something that we were doing out of thousands that were still not read yet. You pretty much got the way I work right now; we start major things and some of them continuing and some of them don't, but collectively you can see the pattern. Oh one more thing here.  In the Quilted Moose block we included most of my sister's, Connie Sue’s, quilts that she had completed prior to that time.  It has been two or three years since that time, so obviously she’s quilted more, but to see some substantial work by her, this would be the place to go.

The last quilting blog mentioned above went from June 2010 to August 2010, so it was a very short-lived blog - although it included about 45 entries. This was the one that we started to correspond with an interest we had at the time to podcast (iTunes).  But like so many other things it took too much time.  iTunes still has the 8 podcasts for our Unearthing Quiltability.  Some of the remarkable things that this particular blog has - is that it gives a written outline of the things that we were talking about and it shows the video podcasts numbered one through eight for those episodes that we managed to complete. I feel like someday were going to get back to it.  I'm not sure though if it will be on podcasting quilting or podcasting multiplicity. But the knowledge that we gained in figuring out how to do the podcasting was substantial.  Like many of the things we do, it works like building artist tools to do other kinds of similar work down the line. A lot of our work is learning and practicing skills. We still have a few contacts from the time we were podcasting – other pod casters are Celia, Sandy, and Darla. All three of these are on my Facebook account so I get a chance to hear what they're doing periodically. It seems both times that I've tried to make big things happen with the quilting, they fell because of other occupations that had more to do with mental challenges of writing or multiplicity or education or psychology - something of that blend.  It seems we as a multiple system have trouble prioritizing one set of global needs over the others' parts.  It is extremely frustrating when you are the one that has to give up on one of your goals.

That's pretty much a wrap-up as to the tabbed pages. We had taken to writing in the quilting blog primarily after we had paused on writing from the Ayn's Multiple World blog, but then again, we next went on quickly to the current blog. It corresponds to the publication of our book by the same name (Ann's Multiple World of Personality sold at Amazon).  This blog is where we have been from September 2010 to present.

Now to explain what happened yesterday with the front page. As we have been talking there was substantial movement on the top inch or two at the top of the page with pages. The next exciting part was that we figured out some other means that all kind of wound into each other in that we created the beautiful word doodle and discovered these clouds were called wordles. We got to switch around and play with this for a little bit, but we accepted this particular one on the top of the page, because of the colors in gold, black,  reds and browns and because we thought that matched with our home page and alongside our books and we liked the words the application had found. Basically, it looks through your entire blog for the words used most frequently, and so words come out like think, Rich, things, know, going, just, work, time, and Dr. etc. As soon as we came across the image above … we just flopped over into pure silliness and delight.

The next thing you'll notice is a picture of Dr. Marvin and the caption reads, "Dr. Marvin (Dr. M) our University of Illinois psychiatrist for 13 years and going strong! Who would have thunk it took so long to break him in?” I giggle every time I say or see that. It is a really, really nice picture that I happened on when I was putting up pictures for the other pages and I love it.  It is of him sitting at his chair and it looks like he's writing something for us and you can see the desk and bookshelves in window in his writing board in the background, but he is as looking up and smiling at us like you have caught halfway between thoughts. I just can't say how excited I am at looking at this picture.  It is like - this is the kind of emotional encouragement we get from him often and he just makes us feel like there's no beginning and end.  He’s the Alpha and the Omega. Because we write so much about ourselves in this blog, and that's pretty much the business of psychology or psychiatry work, we included his picture because it was just like sitting down to have another session with him and it feels safe and comfortable. Besides, I think that it's really nice thing fom the people to take the fear and mysteriousness out of the psychiatry work. We all have some kind of mental issues and there’s too much of a stigma attached to it. I mean you see “T’s” discussed so often in other blogs from multiples where people are writing about their sessions, but the picture puts it all into a sensible perspective.  I would encourage other multiples to do the same for a visual boost if showing a picture of their T is not too private for him or you. For us, we feel like shouting it from the mountain tops this is our Dr. Marvin! The idea in general though carries a lot of weight as feeling his presence.  I know this probably sounds very dependent, but that’s where we are with it. Dr. Marvin is just Dr. Marvin and he is essential to our world. We're very proud to know him and to work with him.  Thinking now of all the years it took us to even look at his face.  Our face had always faced the floor.  What a surprise to then discover such a nice smile!  We've really progressed over the years.

Nothing much happened on the regular blog portion which is the actual writing portion with this blog is supposed to be about.  This is kind of funny to think that we do so much work on the blog and it had nothing to do with their actual writing. We did take out one entry when we opened the pages across the top. It had actually been the last entry, but I thought since it was already duplicated in the top part that it was unnecessary in the other. I rarely take an entry out, but this time it was improved and didn’t take down anyone’s effort.

Okay, what we will do next is that we are going to go down the long long long long long section on the right sidebar. If you're unfamiliar with blogs it's about one third of the column width to one side (right) of the main entry.

The first thing you read on the right side is that it says, “Ann's Multiple World Personality."  And we just let the little maintenance note here saying that when you are looking at the pages with the pictures click on one and it will take you to a screen you can see larger pictures; it will roll pictures from one to another. It's sweet!  Whoops, took that out.  I think most people would do this is normally, and here it seemed overly cluttered with something not important to the blog's design.  I was just so extremely happy when I found that Google could do a unique picture application or operation on Blogger that I wanted everyone to know how well they could be viewing the pictures – especially in long batches.  While the first parts liked it, the other editing parts did not.  It was too much valuable real estate.  It's familiar that the true things in a multiples' life are the ones that pass the test of time and editing of one another's lives.

Since we first wrote this entry before it was edited, we have also since added the little owl we have loved on others sites.  It states that there are no advertisements on the site and it refers to corporations trying to steal attention from the blog’s material or platform.  That is what had made us leave AOL in the first place to go to Blogger. I did make a qualifying statement in that we do have something from Amazon for sale and this is to our personal advantage as a cooperative collaboration of selves rather than just buying into the GIANTS' other products.  Beside why would we want to sell Viagra from our page ... certainly we don't endorse commercialism.

The next section gives the reader several places to find us through its five buttons. The first one is Blogger which is kind of silly because it just leads to the front page, but if one was on one of the other site’s pages it would bring her back to the beginning … at least I think. The second button directs people to our Facebook, the third one is for Twitter, the fourth one is for you to see our YouTube, and the last one is for LinkedIn. I can't believe that I haven't mentioned it already, because those buttons were older changes of a week ago or so.  There is another old section called “search this blog.”  Basically, you can put any word or phrase in the search box and it will link you up.  For a test run, we searched for Dr. Marvin and we found it pulled eight short pages of notes where he was mentioned Dr. M.  As usual, it then links you to the page where the blog entry is and it gives you a warm-up paragraph which contains the cue word or term.   I think this part is about 50 words.  I would've preferred if they had at least highlighted where ever it had said Dr. Marvin, but it wasn't that sophisticated yet.  Perhaps down the line that will be added too. And then the next section is a translation section which was added new and basically here Blogger translates the Blog entries into about 40- or 50 languages. I've done some playing around with the option before and I didn't think it was very sophisticated either, but might be better than nothing.  It might at least give a reader a hint, but mostly because our blog is so small it just gives us this impression of how big the world really is, so it was a fun thing to do.  I like being resourceful!

The next section we had written about before.  This is my section about me and it says “Hi, we are 53 years old and are a multiple. We have three boys and their families and are in a long-term relationship with my bunny friend Rich and the two kitties. We are now a student at JIU – studying our Masters in Adult Education – e-Learning, Technology and Design primarily with an interest in Multiplicity.” This gives anyone who doesn't know us yet the simplest version of who we are.  Obviously, to read the whole blog would be a ten-year project. There is one section added to this that says people can follow by e-mail and so if anybody was interested they just have to leave an e-mail address in the box.  Isn’t life just the silliest thing!??

The next two sections are for the Amazon store.  One is a link to my book where anyone could buy it old for the best price of $21.21, or they could buy it new for $26.55. This must be the soft cover edition.  There is also a hard cover and a Kindle edition and many e-versions throughout the Internet.  And then underneath that is the other part of the Amazon store and if you click here you will be lead to an older site we had put up under the our company name of “Journey of Quite Frankly Ann.” We put a pretty fairly on this page and she is waving her wand beckoning people into the store and it talks about autobiographical books by multiples, which is our book’s niche.  At the time, I think it was a pretty complete list, although I think it could probably be updated now.  I put our book first because obviously that's what I want the person to buy if she’s going to buy a book, but there are at least 72 books written by multiples about themselves and their life experiences. There is a little bit more such as Amazon put-up the "multiples'"books that are similar to mine, but not necessarily auto-biographical. Their part is a separate window which is kind of a fun thing to look at. I don't know why it is interesting to us, but it just is.  Amazon is pretty magical as to their placement of so many links.  The page is nice and clean and incorporates Amazon’s massive marketing tools. I think that most people aren’t going to see this section for looking at books written by multiples, but if they do, it's a pleasant surprise like it getting an Easter egg in a video.

The next part was something we did a couple weeks ago and is put-out by Spacefem – it is our PERSONAL rainbow! I think we talked about this before.  It is a rainbow of seven colors with a wave of violet.  Underneath it - it has an expression about who I am according to the questions that I answered to their survey. And, it says that I'm a creative person. I appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. And, I'm patient and will keep trying to understand something until I mastered it. And then it allows the reader to go ahead and answer similar questions too, so they can make up their rainbow. We liked the idea of gifting a rainbow.  I love the colors and I love the saying.  I'd like to think that I really am creative and try to master the things AND I want to understand.  Well, of course that and then multiplied!

We updated the next link going to our Facebook, and I think they call these badges.  If you look at it you'll see the current profile picture and it gives some vital statistics like my name, where I live, my e-mail, my screen name, my birthdate, and some links to the last entry I made, and then it shows links to my profile pictures and to my wall photos. The last version was doing some funky things with pictures, so we changed the base and then revitalized it.

The next section is my blog archive. Yesterday, it took the hugest amount of space because all the July links were showing – like 30 titles referring to blog entries I'd already written. But now today, it's August 1 so all we have is one link from the first that I had written last night on the Khan Academy. As an aside, Khan is going to be wonderful on so many fronts, but more on that later, yesterday you got an introduction to it.  We’re saying it is an excellent place to study math, science and fine arts. This is particularly important for our younger parts who might've missed certain lessons of doing basic math skills like just “carrying numbers mentally.” We had them practice adding and subtracting three and four digit numbers successfully in a fairly efficient manner, which is pretty astonishing. We've never been able to do that, but the lessons that we were getting were showing giving us opportunities to think through problems and would continue to feed us problems until we were done with each little nuance of a math lesson.  We thought that if the younger parts can do it too, that it will encourage us all to think more logically and succinctly.  Ok, succinctly at a twelve- mile long pace.

The next section is under Diigo and it takes tags from that program and right now the cloud is about eight inches long. It is somewhat similar to what we had at the top of the page with the Wordle, but that was words throughout the blog, and the Diigo has word tags found in the more studious paths we’ve been traveling and from being observant and following our Twitter contacts links.   The collection of tags is highlighted in two different blue colors they are several different sizes as to the most or least used tags. I have spent a good amount of time yesterday trying to put in a tag roll cloud because I thought they were cool from other people’s sites, because I would look at tag cloud collections, and I knew if we focused we could do it too.  It took a while to find the right one.  I couldn’t just take any because most were based from tagging, and we hadn’t done that … our blogs entries are too long.  It would take an astronomical amount time to go back and read everything and tag.  When I had an opportunity at Diigo to use their cloud, I jumped at it because those are the words that are of particularly important to what we’re now trying to understand in an instructional manner.  Being able to comprehend, analyze, synthesize and evaluate is major with us. The other cloud at the top has its value as more of a piece of art and I love it for what it is, but this one from Diigo is practical in linking back to my Diigo Library and the resources the links refer to, so it's a very transparent tool. I think Pres. Obama could do with one of these. 

Just thinking now in general over what this force is that has been feeding our energy and assumes our time.  I think that we are all (people) like different brain synapses … and we each try to fuel clear-cut pathways to get to unique spaces of our interests, and we hope to continue coming back to these places of interest to us, and we hope others will join us in a communal visit to our small pockets of Nirvana.  We just start at so many different exits and entrances to one set of thoughts and another.  I think we all have responsibility to contribute toward building an intelligent human knowledge bank.  This seems to be a true value the Internet has offered to many.  Now-a-days with this kind of alleyway, you never know when you are going to be an important affect in the life of others.  Best to keep communicating as best we can internally and externally.

There is one more Diigo section and this is called a “link roll”. And, what this is - is about ten links back into the things that we were just reading, so it's similar to the other roll, but it's like right here for a summary glance of the things that have been primary to our last best article search, which again comes from Twitter suggestions of people that we are following.  If one link is to explore the Khan Academy, and the next explores MOOCs impact on the future of college education, or someone else's links us to emerging education in technology, then these title links go directly back to the resource, so it's really excellent if anybody's really focusing into our blog points of view. I don't think blogs are for others though as they are really for the writer. With this much information coming at one daily, it is necessary to link it together in some useful manner, or become over-washed in the torrent of the world’s buzz without focus.  For those people that are really interested in our work, they just have to then subscribe to our blog, and/or comments.  There is also another section for following the site from the Google friend connects. I've seen other people's where they have may be 30 or 40 people stop by, but I think that is over a long period of time and those are probably people that don't write as long an entry as I do. Plus, they've had time to do build relationships where I just feel like I'm kind of on the outside of things. I always feel like we're on the outside looking in.  Ok, we’re feeling a little lost and forgotten.  We are NOT going to go through that right now girls! *sigh* ok us … deal with it!  *giggle* Yes ma’am.

Now, this next part is something that absolutely thrilled me and it the thing I spent most time on yesterday while working on the blogs. What I did was while at Sarah Olson's blog at, I took a look at ALL her showcase blogs.  This blog is a fantastic resource and crafted over a long period.  Sarah has done the most incredible work as someone interested in multiples and with others who dissociate and are dealing with trauma and she puts all of us, meaning all the bloggers that she knows, together to be one dissociative public as an alphabetical listing we can all reference. I got to that one point, or maybe she had noted it at the top of her blog, of knowing there were about 140-160 blogs at her showcase.  I had problems going to some of them, before because some of the links were old, or private, or had other difficulties …

Shoot we had a technical glitch here and had to restart things, we lost a couple paragraphs, but we will try at this point to go from where we left off and then finish off.  It is about 1:16 PM now, and so we've taken a shower, ate some popcorn, and started worrying more about the dentist where we will be within the hour. Let's not think about that too much though okay. Next paragraph where did I leave off?

We were talking about Sarah having about 140 to 160 blogs, but the bottom line is we took about 70 of them that were written within the last year, were written by multiples, and hadn’t been too extreme in sexuality or self-violence; we came up with a good list of people to be in touch with - people we really wanted to read.  We had to watch our own triggers, but I think we have a good sampling of multiples who are out of the closet. I do know that we went through the entire set of blogs one at a time and it was something that was time-consuming, but we’re pretty happy with the reading list that we have. I have tried to go through the list a couple times to see how it works in daily practice.

We have several things with each of the blog links. The first thing is that it tells us which kind of blog it is whether is Blogger or WordPress, Foursquare, or something else, and it gives the title of the blog. It also gives the title of the last entry the author made plus about 25 words from the first few sentences.  One last thing which is really cool is that it gives of time stamp on it so it lists if the blog was written two days, or two years ago, or two hours ago so you know how current or not current the material is. I would imagine that after we start, we can learn about different people and their personalities, but that it might take years.  This morning it worked when I chose to read people who had written in the last day or two.  I can catch up to some of the others in time.  I do remember doing this sort of in the AOL days where you had other peoples links who were writing, but nobody at that time was writing the long communications we do. I do bear some guilt in this, but know it is the long form that is so beneficial to us personally.  It gives me a platform where people can choose to listen long OR short, and I think that’s fair.  I don't think people most write over 1-2000 words per entry, where this entry alone is already up to 9000 words.

There were some other things that we had written before, but now it's getting closer to the dentist time and Rich is home and so were little bit more stressed and would like to finish this writing portion.  There is one section left on e-learning and Captivate written by A. Partridge which is our programmer we love so much over at Adobe. I haven't figured out yet to see whether the editor’s note was something that he wrote that particular day, or if it updates day-to-day. It might be static, so we might want to take that out.  We will have to check. And then, we have the total views page views and I think here we have about 2948 times the page was opened.  I wouldn't doubt that many of those times, WE were the people opening it!  *SIGH*

I think that's pretty much of what we had done yesterday.  There was something that happened that I don't quite understand.  Last night instead of having a link to older posts at the bottom of the blog, the blog was scrolling onto a mysterious page two, and so on.  By the time it had finished scrolling down, we were like 27 pages into the blog, and it had gone all the way back to the start date without clicking on a link to older pages.  I thought it was because of the Herbalife badge that I had added, but it's not doing the same thing today. We since decided to take out that link, because we preferred the owl saying – NO ADS!  We are back to reading that the older posts from “next pages,” so you have to click them. I might check that out later on to see how it happened. I do know it was slower loading, so that was kind of a disadvantage, but it was kind of neat to see everything all pooled together.  It's amazing how much was written in a year and a half.  And, on each of the 27 pages, it showed the banner, the two pictures, AND the right side bar as well!  Good reinforcement and placement of directional devises. 

I don't know if that's really the total solution - to have people read the sidebar instead of reading the main entry, but I think it's really more for me - so very handy!  When I open my blog, I want everything to be there that I find interesting, or connects us to others online. And, as we stated before it is reassuring to see previous work added to the new and only as far away as a click. 

One last thing, I want to check on is the ability of Blogger to take in Word or PDF links.  Okay that seems to work. It's a little disappointing how small the documents are.  We checked Google docs and found them to open only SMALL documents.  We had gotten a better result elsewhere on the Internet when writing the web page for the book – which we later discontinued.  But, now we have to finish getting ready for the dentist's appointment. We will have to edit later, we are dressed, and we ate some popcorn for lunch to tide us over. Just have to get over the nervousness part and brush our teeth once more. Okay, so all nervousness aside – wish me luck.  Oh and the NEXT blog entry WILL be about Dr. Marvin’s appointment!  We promise!

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