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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend with the Girls!

This is us and we’re coming at a different time and space.  It’s late in day and we’re going to try running our Diigo Summary because we’d been gone most the weekend.  Rich has his friend over so we’re not sure of our concentration level with talking in the room.  It’s not very interesting stuff – fishing, so I think we should be ok, just that we are typing by hand instead of Dragon.  Just to give a summary of the weekend though, and an apology – we still haven’t got to the parts of the week with Dr. Marvin and I had promised that would be first, but the current situation isn’t conducive to that kind of concentration with having a guest in the apartment.

The general part of the weekend was that it was a quilting weekend with the girls.  We had soooo much fun, but then this is nothing new for this group.  We had left about 7-7:30 am Saturday morning, and then we got up there just after 9 AM.  We were the first ones there, but we had just returned the cart when Emily came in and then right after her – Linda came in.  Emily and I were pretty much into an in-depth conversation about Emily's work when Linda came in and we felt bad that we didn’t give her immediate attention, but Emily really needed to talk about a work experience from the day before.  I’m fascinated talking to her because I of course love her to pieces, but also she’s introducing me to a lot of common business terms and concepts that are new, but make sense to me.  She is a project manager for a nice sized company. 

The day went on and on like that in that there were good conversations all through the day.  Connie Sue, my sister, wasn’t there, but the rest of us – Linda, Emily, Jean, Janet and I were there.  Again, we rent out a conference room at the Holiday Inn in New Berlin, WI and we each bring our sewing machines and quilting projects and we’re there until about midnight just having the greatest time.  Linda is famous for bringing birthday cakes, and yesterday we celebrated Jean, Janet and my birthday.  Linda made some really nice homemade gifts and it made the event VERY special.  I got a bag and it had a crayon fabric.  We couldn’t have been more delighted.  It was bright and just makes you feel happy by looking at it.  There were other items to do with school and sewing and it was just soooo much fun.  This can’t be emphasized enough. 

We missed CS, but she had other obligations and really has to push things more in that she is coming from Rochester, MN.  It is about a five hour trip for her.  For the first couple of years, we used to meet at CS house, which was a 2 ½ hour trip for me one way, but she has moved.  Since then we’ve found the New Berlin hotel really works for the group. 

I really utilized Linda’s assistance.  I had asked and she had responded by teaching me how to do bindings by hand.  We had Jillian’s quilt all the way finished, except we hadn’t done the binding, but now that her wedding is about 5-6 weeks away we figured it shouldn’t wait any longer.  We have in the past just sewn the binding with the machine, but it isn’t anywhere near the quality of this other.  I think the morning was spent just talking and then cutting the binding and sewing the strips together, and then that got sewing by machine to the front half of the quilt, and then you do the hand sewing to the back of the quilt.  I’m thinking that it was such a tremendous technique.  I think there was let’s repeat … a LOT of talking, but we still got to the fourth side in about 7-8 hours.  I’m new so everything was slow, but Linda was right, it is very relaxing.  I’m really thrilled with the results.  I will finish the rest hopefully in the next day or two.  We’ll show you a picture when it’s finished J

I still haven’t talked to Linda (we’re Facebook buddies) yet about everything that happened, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to give good summaries of the time spent.  I stayed then at the hotel - everyone else is close enough to drive home, but we stayed at the hotel until noon today.  This part is on my own, but it is my special treat to go from the excitement of the girls before getting back to the routines of being home.  I really like staying at hotels and this one seems nice.  Not really fancy or special, except I’ve got the routines down and we had a chance to be online with the netbook we had brought.  We had two of the mini-pots of coffee and we had breakfast and lunch from leftovers from the day before.  The twins had done the major part of bringing things to my car Saturday night and I just kept my overnight bag in the room which made check-out very smooth

The drive is always tiring, but we got home without falling too tired to be driving.  The weather was good and we had the music to keep us company.  We like traveling to Sarah Brightman.  We made good time getting home.  We made it by 1:30 pm.  Somehow we managed to stay up and spend some time with Rich and we glanced at the computer, but we were falling asleep in our place.  We fell asleep at the computer, then the couch, and then the bed until Bob had called to say he was going to meet Rich here.  Now though I’m feeling good!

Good - good … just checked the mail.  It seems like all is good there.  It’s about 9 pm.  I’d like to have some popcorn, but I don’t want to eat while Bob is here.  That would not seem like good hostess manners.  They seem to be talking about fishing and fishing and fishing.  I guess they said something to tease me and get a rise out of me, but we were involved and hadn’t heard them until they made it real obvious.  Naw … if they want to go to a nude bar Hehehe?  Funny Bob - Rich wouldn’t do it, but I know he has been in the past.  I think that sort of thing fell out of vogue with their fishing group.  There was a time they were all younger, but the world moves on.  Most of the group is in there 60’s and 70’s. 

Ok, now we might be avoiding a little bit.  I’m going to try at least starting the work with the Diigo Library.  Let’s see what we’ve got.  It looks like during the week, we made 13 notations.  It seemed like a light week in that nothing was overly serious.  It was more a playful week. 

The first article was written by another multiple named,Jeffrey, and we read from his blog called, “The Little Shop of Horrors” and theentry on July 29th was titled “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Talking.”  In general, the article talked obviously about his continual talking when he was young.  There were a couple notes back and forth between he and us, but the general flow was that his blog work got us excited about blogging again and making something more out of our blog.  I liked that Jeff had tabs that included posts, something about him/them, stories about child abuse; hope – Life with DID, and included his primary blog, something he called, “The lost Journals,” and another section called “Who are we.”  I had forgotten one could do tabs on whatever was of interest.

It got me to look up a few things on blogger and start to figure things out.  I was very motivated by Jeff himself, because he’s very intelligent, is also an author and his system (personally and writing) we’re very comprehensive. 

Shoot.  Bob is gone now and it is 10:11 pm.  I thought we could write more and that we’d gotten a second wind, but at this point we’re already drooping again.  I think we’ll just make this a small post … and then mosey to bed.  Rich is in there finishing a show … sure be nice to … okay girls … lights out! 

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