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Sunday, August 12, 2012

We've got a DID/MPD NEWS BLOG!

Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 5:16 AM

Good morning! I would like to say we're up early today, but the truth of the matter is that we never went to bed last night. We were too excited. Rich is going to be frustrated with us, but for now he is still in bed. Rest assured it will be the first question he asks, “Did you go to bed last night?” About 15 min. ago we decided that we might as well get-up officially, which of course means feeding the cats and making the coffee. I know Rich is going to tell us, we need a nap. I won't be able to do much about that. He'll probably be right. But for now, we are working with those golden hours when everything is still magical, and quiet, you can hear the train in the back distance. I will admit that my neck is sore, but beside that we're in pretty good shape; we’re in a very good mood.

“What?” You ask, “What could be keeping her so happy?”

Well actually, I am very grateful that you asked. We have been working since sometime yesterday afternoon on our newest blog. I don't know how it happened, or quite when it happened, just at one point we were just working on the blog, and we can't really trace it down. Oh-oh, heard the bed squeaking. I hope I'm not waking up Rich.

I couldn't even begin to tell you which item on the new blog came first, second, or third. I am going to try thinking hard. I think we knew we needed some place to put the information from our Google searches that we been talking about for such a long time. It is like they are building up a hole in our pocket. There were a lot of efforts figuring exactly how that would happen, and there was some fine tuning that just went on and on until just a few minutes ago. I'm trying to think now if there was a time I can remember from yesterday – to have checked the time in as having done something different from steady working. What do we remember?

I think the biggest break in the day came about 10 or 10:30 AM. That is about when Maury called us to say that he would not be bringing Jasmine over to be babysat. I didn't know if that was going to go very well because Jasmine is still new to me, and I'm pretty sure that it was intimidating to her. Maury said something about her not feeling well, but anything could have been said. I think I had at that time already started working on the Diigo part of the project, but I'll get into that in a few minutes. While I've got you here, I thought I might as well try to finish up yesterday morning. And, maybe a few things about the night before - maybe, I'll start there.

We last left you with Rich having come back to the house to take me out on our date. I had a hard time tuning-off our computer. I don't recall what I was looking at ... Oh yes – I do remember. We had been pushed to finish the blog entry, so we were going over that to see how bad it had turned out because we had had to rush through it with little editing. We must've complained, because as Rich was turning right out of the driveway toward the Speedway, he had a little discussion with us. He stated that he wanted us to get the Slurpee at the store, and that we would both share, and then he would put some gas in the car. Well that sounded like a terrible idea and a pretty good idea all rolled-in one. We definitely wanted the Slurpee, but we didn't want to go into the store. I don't know why he gets it in his head that it was such a necessary thing that I go in a store. He knows I don't want to be out. But. we got through it. There was another long wait in line. It took me just a second to get the cherry Slurpee, but when I got to the register, there was a line.  The first guy was being putzy, and had too much stuff to hold onto, and then, the second guy was just an all-around mess. He charged his coffee and a few side items, and the cashier rang him up. Then he decided that he needed to have some Lotto tickets, so they messed around with that. And then, the cashier rang him up. And then, he decided he wanted to have some gas, so you could imagine the cashier had needed to ring him up – AGAIN. Three separate transactions? That was terrible by any standard especially ours. I think we have a low tolerance because we think that people should be quick and efficient, but they aren't often that way. People that I get in back of in lines always seemed to doddle.

So anyway, we get back in the car with Rich, and we put all our grief on his shoulders. And somehow or another we got to the part where I had my Kindle out again and he had accepted that we were going to read him our last blog entry because we had to look over the evidence that it had been impossible without time to edit proper. I'm pretty sure we told him again how we were rushed out the door. But, then Rich listened patiently as we read him our last entry.  We were right, the editing was terrible. We need to go through a copy at least three or four times before it is halfway presentable, and we were frustrated because we were in such a rush that we had saved it, but we had hastily put it on our blog, and we had published it through Twitter, so it was in terrible shape out loud! We couldn't edit in the car, so that meant that we had to sit back and let it go, but it was hard because we were feeling by this time really out of sorts and kind of frumpy.

Rich drove us to his Lake and he messed around with the boat. We stayed in the car. He had to do some checking with the engine of the small motor to see what problems it was causing and if there wasn't something he could do to fix it. He seemed to work on that for long time. I just know that he had opened my window and his before he got out of the car, and he turned the car off so I didn't have any air condition. It seemed to be okay though because there was breeze, but when he got in we made sure to complain again. Too much nature!  I don't know what's up with all this complaining, but it seems like it's a pretty regular part of us right now. In between complaining, we were absorbed into the Kindle. We had left ourselves email to go through, and we still had Twitter to go through because we hadn't been to that platform recently.

Somewhere in here Rich decided to get back in the car. He said something about something which meant his little motor was working, although he wasn't sure if was charging, or if the battery was not charging. He didn't have much confidence in his testing thing.  But, he had gotten to a stop point because he couldn't do anything further until he got some help with tools, another battery, or better advice. He said something about asking Bob to help, and then instead of going to the fix-it guy, he just re-parked the boat and left it at the lake. I think today he has plans go back and do something more with it, and I think he's going with Bob, but I'm not sure because he was giving me some stray over-extended money messages.

Earlier it had seemed like he wanted to do something, but he pretty much wanted to do nothing also - so it was a little bit of a dilemma for him. In the meantime, I am thinking, “Oh gosh, it's time you get out of here. I've got so much to do!”

I think there are four or five lakes on this group of lakes that the club owns. He had been told that the water was down very low and he hadn't seen it yet, so he thought it a good time to fill his mind with details. We drove down the bumpy-back roads that weren't black-topped. And, he got too close for my comfort towards the muddy part, but I could understand what they had been saying about the lakes having receded as they did. It was kind of a lonely, eerie feeling not to have activity on the water. It was more like a large marsh.  What you got instead was tree limbs and roots exposed like a lady’s slip.

Rich was about done after he threw his line in a couple times, so then we were off to the next adventure. I had wanted to go to the bathroom, and I had given him half an hour warning, but he drove past the women's clubhouse bathroom, and I thought, “Oh dear.” Rich had to take some back roads to get to the restaurant he was headed for in Plainfield. I had never heard of the restaurant and he had never been in it and he was going on just a hunch. There was a problem with traffic so we were going down residential streets, and then he got to this pokey little restaurant and I thought, “There's no way I'm going in there!” It was a diner and it isn’t that I’m better than any one else, but I wasn't interested in eating what a tiny diner was going to give me. He then gave us another option and we accepted going to the newer bar/grill down the block. I told Rich that at least this bar/grill was within the current half-century. I can get pretty fussy about that kind of stuff and obviously fun adventuring Ann was nowhere to be seen.

Dinner turned out to be pretty good. Rich had a hamburger that was stuffed with jalapeno peppers, cheese, stray-odd things, and when he tipped it over it dripped out in a gush. It was better dripping on his plate over the French fries then on his lap or shirt. I had a pulled-pork sandwich and it had tater tots. There were a lot of tater tots, about twice as much as Rich had French fries, so he got quite a few of mine. He also got half of the sandwich because we get full fast. We had had one Bloody Mary before we were served, and then I pushed the envelope and suggested to the waitress that it would be okay if she were to serve a second Bloody Mary. I wasn't so sure that Rich thought that was a good idea, but he didn't get overly frustrated. Just regularly frustrated – We knew too that the cost was going to be expensive, but we figured that we were out on a date, and Rich had called his mother and she was “off” again so that we could not stop over for pie. Rich avoids her when she is overly cranky.  The thought of going home with Rich was very entertaining to us, and since we didn't drive it put us in excellent position to have had that second drink.

I'm pretty sure it was the drink talking, but when the waitress came back and offered us dessert, we first said no, but she saw our beseeching eyes saying that had not been a popular, well-considered decision. And then we suddenly remembered that on the menu were donuts covered in chocolate and caramel. She had that order down in a flash, thank goodness she was gone before Rich knew could reach full consciousness. I knew I was skating on thin ice with ordering a second drink AND dessert.  This is something that barely ever happens.  Rich had half my dinner and we promised not to eat the donuts until later. I was happy to put that bag proudly in the backseat. The donuts turned out to be homemade and they smelled delicious.

The trip home was pretty uneventful. I think we talked to Rich, I'm pretty sure we didn't open the electronics this time. But I don't remember, most likely somebody else was out. Eh, it happens. I do seem to remember getting home and that there was some kind of time where I snuck one donut before putting the rest away. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but somehow somebody got very lucky then, and that's all were going to say about that.

I think after we decided to unrest, Rich had pretty much guessed that we were going to go for those donuts. He beseeched us to be careful and not eat too many and that we could save some for tomorrow. That wasn’t our first option, but we seemed to go with it well enough. I think we had intended to stay up later, and maybe we talked to Linda for a few minutes, but for the most part we just went to bed early. I don't know where Rich was. I don't know whether he was in bed, out of bed, upside down, or what. We have a lot of blanks spots in our day due to changing parts.

The next part I remember was the morning. I don't remember who got the cat food and coffee. I just remember thinking I wish he would leave so I could get some work done. That was probably not a very good attitude. I've been extremely impatient and it's not been fair to Rich.  I'm sure we talked for a few minutes, but I was definitely thinking it be much better if he had gone out the door. He had to go to an interpretation meeting for his football so he was gone most the day. As much as I miss him ... we still need our time without interruptions. And, he also got his new pants, socks, and belt. I don't know if he got another hat, and I don't know if he got another shirt. It doesn't seem we've been doing our best listening.  We're going to need being more careful so we don't hurt feelings.

We had gone into the day thinking that Jasmine was going to be here sooner than later. I had called Maury about 8 AM, but he and Nikki weren't out of bed yet. It was their first year anniversary. He let us know that he would call back later after they had a chance to talk about it with Nikki, and we didn't feel the need to o pressure one way or the other. I would be happy to babysit for them, but I would also be happy to be working on the computer, so anything they decided it would be okay. Later when he called, I remembered that I had forgotten to tell him Thom was coming home from DC. I was right in guessing that Maury didn't know about it yet and we thought carefully that it might affect the alternate plans next weekend we were penciling in with Maury's family. Of course, Thom will be invited to join me and his brother's family.  What he and Nikki had decided around 10:30 AM was that Jasmine would not be coming over, but I think I already told you this part so we are going to skip ahead.

I don't think there's anything else too much about the day except for I knew when Maury wasn't coming over that I didn't have to worry so much about housework, although when Rich came home, he seemed to think I should have worried more about housework. When Rich went back out to get groceries, I did the picking-up, dishes, bed and such. He is saying that tomorrow would be a good time to have some clothes washed. He's hinting about that pretty seriously, and I know he'll want to be packed for the big trip and that he's leaving Wednesday night at midnight, so he'll want to have his clothes over to Bob's most likely tomorrow – we'll have to work at leaving the computer again. It is just one or two loads. The question is going to be also whether or not we have enough quarters to do the loads. I'll probably put that back on him, but I do know he has a very busy schedule coming up, so I won't push him too hard. I can, if pushed, go to the bank myself to get the quarters.

I think earlier we had started the newer routine of going through some of the blogs. We didn't get very far before we decided to go to Plan B. We figured at that time that Jasmine might still be coming over, so we figured we didn't have too much time for the computer and so had to make better use of our time. I knew the housekeeping could be put off until a couple hours before she got here, and that that would be done by the time we took our shower an hour before she got here. The Plan B part was the part where our Google search references were going to go somewhere constructive and connected to our main site at Ann's Multiple World Personality. We didn't know how we were going to do it.  We just knew that we had to start working on it and that we would make editing changes of our system as we went. I wish I could have it figured out before we started, but it just doesn't work that easy some/most times. We did eventually figure a way to work the DID/MPD News - Google Search. This separate blog became a brilliant idea for getting accomplished what we had wanted to do, but we had not thought about doing directly.  We were mentally no where close to thinking out the details we had figured out by going slow one step after another and this takes time. A big part of this was that we had gotten a suggestion to go to from a separate Internet search.

That seemed to be an extremely good decision on our part. It didn't take too long to get into the site, and like many times along the way, we found that we had been to Bravenet before and had already gotten a sign-in, so just had to remember the password. After a lot of experimenting, the elements that we took from Bravenet were a message board/forum, chat room, and guestbook. We had looked at other elements but these were the important ones. Some of the smaller elements - we went to Google with. You might know already that Google owns Blogger, don't you? The elements that we found useful on Blogger were the translate box, search this blog, five buttons for how to find us, blog archive, and “about me” section.  We also added selling our book through Amazon, added followers being given the option to join the site, and added another option for being followed by people signing up for an email message.  It all takes time to implement and then longer for waiting patiently to see if people will take to your ideas.

Lastly, we added a page view counter. We are up to 63 page views now and we know that it doesn't count us. We went in and out of the pages, but through these smaller runs it wasn't counting up, so there really has been some traffic through our space already. Some of the elements that Google also helped with were providing necessary elements for building pictures, words and sentences, and linking to the sidebar to the left of our main blog entries.

I'm really quite happy with the way things turned out. I tried not to overdo the site like I had with my regular site, but you know me and gadgets and gizmos. Each time we move forward with one particular gadget, then we had to see what it looked like, how it operated, and how we felt about it, and then to see if it stood up the test of time while adding more and more other and element choices. I’d like to think we are doing our “designer thing.”  J We will explain some of the smaller elements now.

The first thing I want to really say about the site other than what has been said already is that it is a black site which is much better for its purpose because I thought if males were going to be drawn to it, it should be dark and it is popular with women too. I wasn't satisfied with the white or off-white backgrounds at all. I wanted something sturdy and calming to the eyes because I was going to have a lot of data circling through it. After much experimenting, the DID/MPD news message forum was placed at the top of our site. It was impossible at the bottom because Bravenet had an auto jump bringing the view DOWN to the message board when first entering the site which seemed counter intuitive, and it was too big to fit on the side. Obviously, it couldn't be buried in the blog entry space. With the jumping to the top of the page where we already were, it wasn't as much a problem.  The code was buried in their program.  After we made these adjustments mentally, we were better off with our decisions.

I really like the message forum and it is also black, has a little texture, and it has shades of dark olive green. As the other background, the writing is either white or light gray. The form has an index and links to unanswered posts and recent posts. It has elements like date, search function starting a new post or topic, whether the forum is open or locked, and whether the post is displayed as a board, or threaded. At this point we have three posts entered.

The first one is welcoming our visitors to the new message board and we left a note to say please visit this post first because it had a few directions. The next was a “fix-it please" note and this was for visitors in case they have found broken links on our sites. I liked that they had this resource and in the meantime their comments would help without our regular maintenance tasks. The last topic was researching tips.  In this section we had four comments. 

The first comment or research tip was that if the person checks the little boxes to the lower left of each annotation they could use it to help find information as a flag that they might be referencing. We also left a note saying that if they left the page they would lose their checkmarks. This wasn't the original usage for the check marked boxes, but it had seemed to make sense in practical usage. The next tip was also for research.  If they were citing a reference then they should copy both the blue and green links, and then paste them (one copy and one paste) into the search box and hit search. We then stated that they had to go to the top of the blog entries and click on the second search parameter called, “linked from here” which would give them a direct link to whatever citation they might be looking for without having to type anything special. The next link was the one for fixing broken links. We gave them the option of contacting us directly through e-mail, or leaving a “fix-it please” note for us. And then, the last section was for requesting us to pull certain records sooner by date, or range of dates prior to the time I might have gotten them to the blog ourselves. We explained really we are randomly taking dates and just spinning the sliding bar to see what date is to be a spotlighted date,. I don't think we'll have that much usage of readers to get somebody to stop by and ask for a specific date to be completed prior to others dates, but you never know, and I wanted to be ready and  helpful.

The translate section plus the search the blog, and the “please find us” at Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn sections all came from our regular site. There is nothing overly special about this that hasn't been explained before. We did get an interesting chat room button and it has a cup of coffee with a white silhouette against the black background. I think that's a very friendly space, I love it, and we were able to give it plenty of margin space so that it shows nicely. The next picture is really cool. I think it is called bubble heads, but there are five heads representing a multiple where their face blooms from one point on the bottom of the picture like helium balloons. They are in deep reds and oranges and yellows and they all have similar eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth so can be appreciated as a family. This was the second picture I took on the search. The first picture was more profound. It was a scene where there were many parts standing in very little clothes and they would be male and female, and the one person in the middle was wearing blue where the others were peached-out. This is the first picture I'd seen when searching and I loved it. I like that it's heterogeneous as to having both male and female parts and just a little crowded/tired in a friendly way.  The front pictures were clearer and the back pictures dimmed-out. It gave the appearance of standing on the stage which we use often use in our descriptions of being “out-front,” or “in-back” of the other parts – the one(s) in front holding the virtual microphone had the immediate priority for the group/themselves through their own editing.

There was one other picture.  We had started to use more of the same picture placed in various places, but it got overwhelming.  It is more modern and simply drawn like a kid’s picture, but it was perfect for the task we had in our minds. The picture says LOOK! The red letters are L and K and the! Plus it had a red smile. The two O’s have very nice black eyes, eyebrows, and glasses with light blue shading. I needed it to emphasize attention drawn to our sidebar between the guestbook and the note highlighting the message forum. I think the sidebar is very well-balanced with words and pictures, but it was a process to get it the way we all wanted it.

We wanted to let people know that we'd really appreciate a dialogue or conversation taking place with DID/MPD issues because SOMEBODY should be doing this to progress the situation. The underlying question is always, “Can we agree that multiplicity is real?”  And, then if so, “What can we do with that knowledge?” This was a major point to get to when I realized that what we were doing was putting together the great conversation that we have been talking about for such a long time. We were leaving all the elements that we had originally had on the one quilting site like chat and message board, but we had all the important elements too of our blog system with our own gathering of ideas, and being able to tie in the Google search pulling in the general community ideas, and we had the multiples blogs pulling in all their ideas. It was the most wonderful thing and probably is what kept us up all night. We just wanted to see it improve. We are very cautious in saying that we were inviting a discussion for people who are both pro- and anti-DID/MPD, but there has to be very good manners.  People have to know upfront there are spoilers, because we had to use real words and concepts to get real needs met.  This is not a site for younger or more fragile parts.

I went on to explain something about the actual blog archives and current news. This is the next really big part of the blog. In the entries section, I added all the blog entry "placers from September 1, 2010 to August 15, 2012 and each of these set of dates was broken down between the beginning and the end of the month. We’re hoping there aren’t more than 100 entries per page. I can't go much further now without explaining something about what happened with the entries. This is where Diigo became so important to what we did.

We highlighted key sentences for at least 16 to 18 days (out of thousands yet to go) of three separate months (to start). We had experimented with this before the final point and there had been a lot of copying and pasting that hadn't work and looked very messy and was overly time consuming. This last time though we highlighted just the paragraphs or annotations that led to the words multiplicity or disassociation directly, or a very close lead-in and it was a very smooth, easy and relatively time efficient set of actions. It worked.  The entries also include the title of the article and the source it was taken from. Those are nicely color-coded blue and green. The regular messages, the annotated part, are all done in white background with black writing so they stand very clearly. 

For the first 12 days of August, we utilized 50 boxes of the Diigo reference links. I think we upped the ante on the original page so that we can fit 100 entries before the page turns (scrolls to the next page), but just as we explained from the last blog Google is now working so that at the bottom of each page it just has a link that says page two or page three, etc. And it continues with the formatting - all the same on the top in the left and a continuation of entries down the middle. Blogger allowed us to work with things like the widths of the columns so that my dates on the sidebar go straight across without something crossing over to the next line and the regular part of the annotated entries fit nicely without having to scroll to left or right, or cutting off words into the black background. I am reassured that it will work just as well with some mobile phones or tablets.

In the left sidebar there is an “about me” section which stays the same from all of our blogs and helps to tie them together.  The current picture is an older picture back when we were smoking in 2006, but there's no smoking in the picture. We added the other things found over at the original blog such as a link to Amazon to purchase our book, a link for joining our site, and the link for following our blog through e-mail. The last thing listed on our page is total page views. I'm not sure if we something about this before, but it seems to be counting well.  Right now it's up to 63 page views and I know it's sensitive enough so it is not picking-up us when we switch from page to page. I was able to test it and see that it stayed on the same number when I was making the switches.

We did put up a note on the Twitter page and we will put another note on Twitter about when we are finished here to catch a late morning crowd. We also did some Googling and we discovered that not this site, but our regular site is coming up under the two simple search terms “dissociative identity disorder” and our name “Ann.”  I am enjoying that our blog link for Ann’s Multiple World of Personality comes-up first, through a major focal point (DID). I don't think I could've gotten to a better spot from/by the Google News search web crawler. I'm thinking that it'll be just a small matter of time before we will come-up under “dissociative identity disorder – news.” I did check that section this morning and I found there were a few weak links that were going to things not very important to someone looking for news - certainly nothing like we had created throughout the last 24 hours. We also sent a copy to Dr. Marvin and Dr. Woollcott. I don't know if either one of them reads their e-mails over the weekend, but the blog is here whenever they want to look at it.

It will help Dr. Marvin and us in answering questions that have been asked over a long period of time.  This concept captures our blogs, web page, Google searches, inlets to the multiple and singleton crowds, and to hold conversations through forum or chat. Because there are so many page options with each of the blogs we can tie in almost anything we'd like if it has an httm:// link and it seems we can make that happen too pretty easily.  This is extremely exciting!

So, this pretty much takes us up to current.  We find ourselves going over and over again the work in our OCD way of doing things to make sure that we've crossed all our T's and dotted all our I’s. One other thing that we did - we went into the meta-tags and although they only gave us 150 spaces we placed several of our hot tags such as dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality disorder, our name, and the “news” title in the search box. That will really help us with the spider crawler things.

As to other things that will be happening today other than getting this post edited and posted, we will need to take a nap and then catch-up with some of the Tweets and blogs. I will try not to make any more adjustments to the blogs and I won't write again for the rest of the day. This evening we have a date with Rich and his friends and we should leave the house about 3 PM. It is like a regular Monday out there shoots … I forgot it’s a Sunday … that gives us an extra day. That's handy! Okay then we better get going. The cats were fed and the coffee got made on time and now Rich is up. We’re hoping that he stops being grouchy. You got it … we certainly heard from him.  We'll give him a wide berth. That's all!

The time is now 7 AM and the major editing was completed by 11 AM.



  1. i like the way you guys go to the lake we also find water comforting. Like you sometimes we ahve to alos drag ourselves away from the computer. Good luck with your new blog it sounds intersting.

  2. Hehehe - our WATER guy - Rich is dragging us back out of the house today grrr... He says we have to be ready at 1 PM. How are we EVER going to squeeze all our computer work in by THAT time!?? On the other side - he's leaving for a fishing trip tonight at midnight and will be gone until late Sunday SOOOO ... I guess our time will balance out. I hadn't realized you had a couple other blogs, but we're hoping to fit blog visiting in today ... We're really having fun with the new blog. Yesterday we made annotated entries, but we also spent time with a Syntopicon - we get the term from Encyclopedia Britannica work with "The Great Books" which has fascinated us for the last 15 years. It is on the NEWS blog side bar - fairly close to the top with a LITTLE link. Basically, it should help us analyze/synthesize some of the information/input we are getting from all the different multiples we are reading from. I like that thoughts from us all as a community can somehow do the work of "The Great Conversation." Let me know what you think - WHEN you get time ... I understand the time crunch in multiple systems where EVERYone wants it! Enjoying your company ... and thanks again for reading us. Usually, we are too long-winded for people to get through ... you gets stars today for extra focusability!

    Always our best,