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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adding Learnist and Scoop-it

Monday, September 3, 2012 at 7:19 AM – Labor Day

Good morning. This is me and I'm a blogger and I haven't blogged for several days. It seems like there's so much to do and when we do feel like doing the blogging sometimes we get stuck behind the eight ball because Rich is here and we don't really want to be blogging out loud with him in the room. I'm very amiable to letting him know anything that we blog about, but it is uncomfortable to do it out loud with him in the room as we are doing it because we don’t know where our minds are going, or have a chance to edit first so things are fair. Maybe at one point I will get over this. I don't want it to become an excuse not to be blogging. 

As well, there are problems in getting in a decent sized blog because I am just so interested in so many things that are in our online world. It seems to concentrate in doing one thing takes away from all those other things you want to be doing also. It is just so much to do and so little time to do it. Our minds stay actively engaged for almost every moment of the day on something or another. I was just thinking this morning about having lost so much time to the Haldor medicine last spring and sleeping in until up to 12:30 PM that it just makes me shudder to think about it - Nothing worse to a multiple than losing time.

I have to think now when was it exactly that I wrote last? Maybe I can check that out by going to my blogs. Okay at our regular blog it looks like we last wrote on Thursday, August 30, so about five days ago, and we're thinking now that we had noticed that we haven't been able to finish all of our entry at that point in that we were still behind days on trying to explain things through the blog. And then in our news blog it looks like we last wrote on Friday, August 31. Again, it is now Monday, September 3. So let's figure out what happened with our time as best we can, okay?

The last thing I remember about the Ann's Multiple World of Personality blog is that we had written primarily about Rich’s mother, and maybe some other stuff, and we edited, and talked about Carey our representative that we like so much from Adobe. We still haven't gotten the package yet, but we are waiting patiently. I don't think he got the full information confirmed until about Thursday, so it still in the window of time we would expect to be getting it.

Last night, Rich's Mother had another bad night so that Rich had to go to her place – Rich got the call at about 1:30 AM. He drove for an hour, then spent two hours of full-time with his Mother, then talked to Bud for about an hour after his Mom had gone to bed, Rich drove home, and then crawled into bed about 6:30 AM. It is now an hour later and obviously, he is sound asleep. I don't know how this is going to affect our day in that we were supposed to be getting some things accomplished and I'm not sure what is on the schedule. I do know that he said that he would not be going out to his Mother's again today and that had been on the schedule. The other two main things are that he wanted to take me shopping to get a few items for the trip to New Mexico. That is sneaking up very quickly. We will be leaving Saturday morning and the wedding is the following Saturday. The second thing he wanted to do was that Bob invited us to join him and Linda and some of his family members on a picnic over at the club. I'm not real excited about that, but mostly because I've been staying in the house so much that I don't really want to go out. That goes doubly true for wanting to go out shopping; it is just not something I like doing.

Our plan is to let Rich sleep as long as he can so that maybe we can skip a few things like stay-at home and do nothing, and then that will give me more time to spend time on the computer. Yes that is my ideal day and I do it frequently enough to say I love it.

I don't think that we mentioned anything about the Tuesday session last week and I'm pretty sure then that Thursday didn't get mentioned either. It might take some time to figure those things out. We will wait a few minutes and see how that goes. As a precursor, I am not sure about Tuesday.  There might've been younger parts out and Thursday it seems we had older parts out, but I'm not sure who and what they were talking about at this point. I don't like that memory is going to come hard to me this morning. Hopefully, I'll get in the groove.

The first thing I remember about Friday was that Rich had a game Friday night. I think it was a very late night game where he didn't come home until 1 AM. It was way out to someplace that was named Durango. I'm not exactly sure where that is in that I remember that he had another football game the following morning. But then I think he had some time he spent at home on Saturday and I think Sunday too. Saturday and Sunday sort of blur together. I guess that I had done reading on Friday if that's the day that I posted last in the news blog. And I think somewhere that night, Friday night, that we discovered scoop-it. That is like a magazine format similar to learn-it where you can connect things in a visual way to a platform showings places you have been online.

I think we went through about 100 different entries, which is like 25% of our saved articles that we had posted in our Diigo account. Basically, then we have three topics. The first one is in e-learning, technology, design, and social media, the second one is on multiples blogs, and the last one is on news DID/MPD. Most of what is there is things that are positive so that we left the Learnist account for the negative things that are going on with news in multiplicity, the multiples blog contains things that are just visual markers from the Diigo account and our news blog and e-learning technology and design is primarily for some of the interesting places that we have been to since we have started these general accounts. The e-learning site has 32 links, the multiples blog has 31 links, and the news link has 33 links so that comes out pretty even.

I really like the format that is being used. It is generically two long columns and after about 20 stories it continues on the next page, and the next page similar to a magazine. It is different than the learn-it account in that the learn-it you have options of writing in each of the entries and that is only one square box column at a time and they are numbered one through as many as you would like on one page. That one has more flexibility where on the scoop-it page - they have boxes again in two columns and they are staggered and basically, what you get is a title with a live link back to the article, and a picture, and then it takes a quote from the first sentence.

Last night, I really enjoyed it and that I was having trouble concentrating, and I knew I wanted to write, but it was easier to to look at the e-learning account from scoop-it, and then go back and check out things that I had meant to read or wanted to look at later but hadn't had the time for. For example, I briefly looked at simple guide for a mindful digital life or Zen-habits and then spent a bit of time looking at e-learning heroes, I then looked LMS, or learning management systems, and then ended up at Adobe before I get tired and had to sleep. Actually, I think what happened was that Linda signed-on and I got a chance to talk to her. Rich had come home about 9:00 PM because he had been out with his son for a late dinner, and then we followed him to bed after he read a few minutes – That is until he left rich 1:30 AM to see his mother. So basically, what the account from scoop-it did was allowed me a really interesting online magazine for things that I really wanted to explore later, and I did have some time to do that obviously then last night.

We still have about 300 articles saved on Diigo from blogs or websites that need to be transferred to scoop-it. It is a lot easier to get back to the variety of things we have been interested in through school but rather than the Diigo account because it did pictorial instead of all script, or words which are not as inviting. I still think that when you are just capturing the material that Diigo is the best way to go, because it has the most integrative format and allows a lot of other referencing uses, especially the one where we are linking those items to our news blog. We are still connecting the extra platforms to our news blog. So it just gives that area a little bit more depth.

One of the other things that we did that I believe took up most of Saturday was that we added a new 20 piece board (#2) on dissociative myths. Our first myth board has seen 477 views and it was only created on August 28. The second board of myths was created on September 1 two days ago and has already had 242 views. I'm not sure though if some of those views aren't me going back and forth. One way or another, it seems to be out there and were happy with the result. What the Learnist account gives you is links to the original article that you read, again these are the ones coming from the Google search that are negative about multiplicity - so myth busting. It allows you to choose a picture that they either suggest you, or you can create for yourself, and then the next part is I am taking one to three sentences explaining why this article is a myth, for example on the second myth of the second board I wrote, "because National Geographic artists found more than one way to reconstruct discovered bones, it doesn't mean the bones have multiple personality."

My quotes seem like very obvious things, but since somebody having an online presence use multiplicity in a strange way, I think it is fair to come back and say this is actually the way it is. It is a little bit of dry humor, but I think that it is important that people see somewhere in writing that it is something we as a multiple might pay attention to as bothersome. The next part of the board entry is that I take from the Diigo account the one to five sentences or paragraphs that we had highlighted and then bookmarked, and we include them on Learnist. The last thing we do is we add a couple of links one going back to our news blog and one going back to our regular blog. Oh and one more thing after the original disproving claim we add our name in case one day somebody decides to quote us.  We wanted them to understand exactly who that quote came from and not confuse it with the quoting of the original author below our paragraph. We do have underneath the other sew of "direct quotes" (one to five sentences or paragraphs) in parentheses the name of whomever it was that created the original article and the date that it was published along with the link to the article in the title.  The world needs this kind of accountability - WE believe.

We have gone over these boards many times and have really enjoyed the format in both designing and implementing the board, and then thinking that others might be looking at it and what they might be seeing.

I'm remembering something now to that we did yesterday and that we wrote to Dr. Dell the person we are so impressed with that wrote our favorite multiple book on dissociation. We stated the following:

Dear Dr. Dell,
I wanted to formally introduce ourselves to you. We are hoping too that you come back one day to continue regular blogging and communicating with the general public, or forward us to more recent public blogs/writings if they have been developed. We’d also like to pretentiously be included within your scope (and Blogroll). We (our insiders and me) started last month on a “News Blog” for about 140 currently blogging multiples. About half of the names are duplicates of some of Sarah’s Showcase; the other half is newer references, but all writers on our blog list (neighborhood) are currently writing within one year – many daily.
The idea is to “publish” daily/weekly annotated quotes from multiple’s blogs we are reading/reporting and consider as newsworthy and adding annotated quotes from Google Search on DID/MPD news (many highlighted red for warning to the readers about anti-news). It is our thought there is a big discrepancy yet between people who believe or do not believe in multiplicity, and since there IS multiplicity – wondering out loud what should be done next. Your 2009 book is instrumental to our vision.
Again, in our news blog there are both pro- and anti-multiple inclusions. I would like to think there to be a conversation between the two. And, I’d like to think that “News DID/MPD” to be a good resource for better understanding the culture of multiplicity one multiple at a time. Please stop by some time! AND, sign the Guest book, so we can be cued to start our somersaulting! You might also appreciate our entries in under dissociative myths. That’s it Description: :)

If you are reading this … thanks for coming back! You and Dr. O’Neil’s 2009 book are on our “Best Ever” list!!!
Our best – devoted fans Description: :)
Ann Garvey
Master’s Learner – Adult Education specializing in e-learning, technology, design, and social media while devoted to dissociation
I think the note explains itself. I would love it like anything if he knew about us and I really appreciate knowing him. He's just such a major in our life right now because of the work he has done and the knowledge that he has in dissociation. It also helps that Dr. Marvin followed us in reading the book too - so we have someone to talk about it to directly.  It's been a long time since somebody put out a real educated book on better understanding the phenomena. The problem is that he has not apparently been back to the blog for about eight months. I also left him a note on Twitter, but I think it has been longer than that even since he's been to that. My hope is that he will at least get an e-mail note saying that something in one of these accounts has been updated. I still don't know if he would accept our contribution, or look at our blogs, but it would be enough to know that he knows they were out there. I think he does too much with the intellectual studied University version that we might not be interested in the exact contributions of individual multiples, but he did include Sarah’s blog, so maybe he has some interest in the multiples’ community - direct, too.
I'm thinking that I might be facetious in thinking that the blogs we have pulled together are more community or culturally orientated than is true, but I don't know anything else like it out there with the exception of the work that Sarah has done. I think where Sarah and thus veered differently is that she has more of an interest in trauma per se and in her couple thousand Twitter fans and she collects important quotes made out there with Twitter. She doesn't seem to do much with the blogs from people who dissociate except to collect them. I haven't really seen a sign suggesting that she is reading them and again as stated previously many of her entries are outdated and that those multiples are trading at this point or that some of her multiples are writing in private blogs that I could access, but won't because I'm looking for blogs that I can quote publicly.  
Also where Sarah is specifically trauma-orientated and twitter orientated, we are more orientated toward dissociation and in particular dissociative identity disorder through blogging.  So for example, she might include DD-nos (dissociate disorders -not otherwise specified, or a lot of work with traumatized PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) vets.  As much as we empathize with these fields and understand their similarities to our field, and we understand Sarah's obvious interest and time spent in the areas of psychology and current events, but I only have enough time to concentrate on the one – and, we can then appreciate that Sarah is focusing more widely.  It allows us time to specify more succinctly.  I think there is plenty of material for both.  I guess I have two areas.  The second Sarah hasn't shown much interest in, but we are definitely interested in social and e-learning as something we want to do.  I think Sarah is more connected to us in social - in that she has like 75% more contacts.  You really have to give her credit for being out their regularly enough to have found a following.
Ack have to get going!  Rich is now REALLY up :(

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