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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's all about order - AND Google Calendar!

Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 9:18 AM

Good morning.  This is me.  We’ve got a good start of the day, but the trick will be to keep scheduled all day/night.  We’re putting up a picture right away so you can more clearly see what we’re looking at.   AHA!  There you go!

Oh oh … we’re off to a rocky start … JUST STILL starting and it’s already 45 minutes/half way point of our blogging time and just did the first few sentences.  YEEKS!  We stopped to do a few chatting like things though and chase someone’s male around the house.  Eh … it happens!  I don’t want to say this next thing because it will let you know how dense I am, but we were just talking to Vickie and she let us know, but not directly that we’re really a space cadet.  Her daughter is marrying Melissa’s son next weekend in Los Vegas and I didn’t even know they KNEW each other!  Oh Lordy how dense can pea soup get???  Vickie is my favorite Marine Mom friend and then Julie AND THEN Melissa.  Just we do a very horrible job of keeping up with Facebook and that’s been going on for quite a while now – AND that seems to be the place everything happens.  We let Vickie know that we were spinning in our chair.  Rich says he’s happy that I’m happy, but he’s not quite getting the point of how cool would it be to BE in Vickie’s AND/OR Melissa’s family.  It’s like a Marine Mom’s Fairy tale … you know let’s fix-up the kids?  I’m thinking though it means that this is the couple then going to live in CA.  At least I had thought that I’d seen Vickie say that her Granddaughter was moving away.  Sam lives with her now and Sam’s about two … so I think not only losing a daughter – moving out … the feeling is then triplified!  I’m telling you if my head wasn’t screwed on!  

Ok, girls … settle down, settle down.  *sigh*

Maybe we better go back to the part where we were looking over our schedule.  I’m not really sure which day we did it … maybe sometime Tuesday or Wednesday?  Thinking that we left a picture here of the original items as pictured in a program called, “My Study Life.”  And, then from there, we decided that it would be nice to have the calendar on our phone, so we added the dates to the Google Calendar which you see above.  We already had that feeding our phone (it had been transferred recently from our EVO phone).  Did we tell you that part?  We’ve now got a Galaxy S III?  I know, I know … they have been in trouble with the Apple people.  BUT, Apple is just sore because the Galaxy is a better phone!  Better not say that TOO loud … I’m thinking that it would be nice to have an Apple IPad to replace our Netbook, but it is not the same thing.

Hmm, ok, now we’re way out of control.  We’ve found ourselves looking at netbooks and tablets, not knowing what to do with our next purchase, but then we discovered that ASUS has a product called the TF700T 10.1” Infinity tablet which docks to its own keyboard.  I’ve looked at a lot of reviews and such and it seems the way to go if cost were like a moderate problem … It is a tablet and a netbook all in one, but the tablet part cost $500 (32GB) or $600 (62GB) and the docking station w/portfolio case costs $150.  As a tablet it isn’t ranked as high as the Apple iPad, but we’d be able to keep the Android systems moving while it still being a top contender.  The biggest thing though is that it’s got GREAT memory and can handle itself in Tablet form which I’m going to want as we work with Adobe courses and it’s got the do-ability of having the keyboard for the longer trips with Rich, quilting, and other being away from home – plus, if we are outside it’s got a special adaptability to sunlight.  I wish it were cheaper, but I’m asking for a lot in our next mobile devise.  I can’t remember the last time we purchased a desktop, but we’re having absolutely no trouble with ours there – where on the other hand, our netbook is broke and looking to be replaced.

I didn’t think of it at first, but it would be a good compromise as a late Christmas gift from Rich or Rich and our mother, or as a reward for going back to school.  We’ll have to run that past Dr. Marvin, but if we started school again in January, then we’d have a $3400 school loan by February.  I know that we’re going to have to test out our processes to see if we can really do school by that time, but I know too that Dr. Marvin has mentioned a couple times leaving time in our schedule to include school which is why we created the “Academic” time with both reading and learning Adobe now – so that we can have earmarked school hours.  A big consideration for starting school in three months will be the progress made with the reading and Adobe, but if we can stick to the new schedules, then maybe we’ll be then ready for school schedules too.  It doesn’t have to be decided today, but it is good to keep things moving in that adaptable situation.  But, it is NOT bad to have a forward goal – and I really like the idea of gaining in 3-6 months another e-devise.  Only thing is that they could just be getting better.  We’re starting now in advance so should be able to watch the market more clearly.  Good Good.  I think we’re moving in the right direction.  Hmm, that’s not helpful.  I looked at the Apple iPad.  Their 32GB with just wi-fi like the other is like $100 more – but the cost of their wireless keyboard is only $70.  It would cost then $670 compared to $650, but then they add extra like to get the 64GB it would be $770 and to get 32BV WITH connection to the Verizon cellular data network would be $800 for 32GB or $900 for 64 GB which each include the keypad.  I’m thinking though because our Verizon plan has the hot spot for wi-fi connectivity that that would be fine.  Meaning I could get the 32GB (JUST WI-FI) for $600 + $70 = $670 for the iPad W/keyboard. I’d have to go back to Apple Apps though …

I don’t know … I guess I have time, but it does throw things into a new light … I could give up the clamshell connectivity to go with a wireless keyboard.  Just didn’t know the iPad had that, but should have figured it out sooner.  Not too late!  Guess next is to put things in perspective … we can go with 3-6 month window and cut ourselves some slack!

Shhh… need to relax these thoughts a bit.  It’s already 1 pm and we haven’t talked about Dr. Marvin’s at all yet.  We’re having a late lunch now and Rich is in the LR too, though he’s watching fishy shows.  I think that is a healthy balance for him.  Last night we had a long conversation mostly around his mother and Bud.  He is willing to cut them a lot slacker than we are.  His mother was back in the hospital Wednesday night.  She got overly drunk and fell in the bathtub.  She just stayed the night in ER and was released yesterday, but still it pushes the same familiar buttons with both Rich and me.  Rich is focused on alcoholism being an illness with no ability to control, and we’re more like it might be an illness, but if there were no ability to control – then, how come other alcoholics can stop drinking?  In my way of thinking there has to be SOME improvement.  My thought is that if Rich is thinking she’s more lucid when she drinks so that she speaks her mind more easily, then all the thoughts on wanting to be dead are coming at us in her lucid mind.  I can see Rich trying to address the depression through therapist or peer support, but I think that whole series of thoughts added to Bud’s non-complicity are adding up to being needier than Rich can deal with.  Rich doesn’t want to admit that Bud is as much a problem as he is where in our view, he is very abusive and is feeding her desire to be dead.  I think she feels trapped.   I think Bud is very controlling and mean to her.  There is no doubt that she also has anger control issues and most likely a healthy sense of narcissism.  Rich and I both think differently in that he’s willing to give full support undetermined by her lack of effort, where we’re more apt to think she has to work for some respect.

We’re then at an impasse with the knowledge that Rich thinks we’re against his mother where we’re like stating that her behavior is manipulative and something has to be done regardless of her age.  We don’t mean to hurt him or his mother, or for that matter Bud, but the three of them as a bundle or independently all think they are better than we are.  We are really low man on that totem pole.  They all think they are more right or logical.  Of course, we’re here too staying more in the background, because we feel we are more right, but that my assistance is not really needed.  I would hold out for more accountability.  Rich is like that would be at a loss to her freedom.  He thinks because he loves her that he should be “put-out” if that’s what she wants.  For example, after she became more aware of her situation of being in the hospital where Rich needed then to go (after being called again to the scene) Rich was dismissed by her, but then she told him to go check on Bud.  Basically, whether it was his mother OR Bud, taking care of Rich was the one as someone who might have needs – still put him at the bottom of the list. 

The fact that his mother and Bud both depend on Rich to take care of them though giving him any real control over them – it’s just a sad sorry situation.  It’s like they are requiring him to sacrifice his needs for theirs AS a proof of his love AND he is still getting yelled at and kicked.  It just doesn’t add up to me – AND also messes with our own problems of being abused through the alcoholism of my grandfather and father - just way too many triggers.  I can’t think of ANY reason that people get a “bye” on drinking.

Ok, we got way lost here … It is now 8:07 PM.  The whole day has gone past me and I’m not sure where we are or where we’ve been.  We know the last long period of time has been back to looking at LMS (learning management systems).  We’re still at a quandary there … We’ve got some phone calls out and we’re waiting on an email back from another giving us access information.  We’ve been closing windows, so not sure where else we’ve been.  It’s kind of more frustrating to force our mind back over that space, then to be putting down much here as to tracking our time and space.  I think we’ve been keeping up with Twitter, FB, and our email, but since we close them down we’ve lost track.  We did leave up information from our NEWS Blog and the Diigo account, so we know that we’re up to nothinginmynoggin blog entry so that means we’re like up to the blogs entered 1 week ago.  We just did an update so that we know we have three more blogs and then we get to the 6 days ago part.  That means up to this time we have about 65 blogs left to go.  We’re up to the part of there being only 20 blogs we’ve read through.  Oh Lordy does it not pay to get behind.  I think that I might go back to that tonight instead of starting the quilting project.  Rich is still out because it is a football night so that buys us some extra time and we’re about ready to get into something more relaxing.  I’m thinking that we might do about 20 more blogs and then being at the half-way point we’d post up to there and then Get back to the more recent Google search’s and last 45 blogs.  It seems like a good idea – then we might be able to get something posted by tomorrow and not TOTALLY overwhelm the few people that might be reading us.  There’s just so much to do and so little time.  Our minds stay so busy trying to learn things all day.

I do feel good about getting the housework taken care of earlier.  



  1. LOL - waaayyy too organized! and I need you to come to my house and organize my life. Read with interest the "Pie Chart" - and smiled. For years in my worklife I kept a spreadsheet in "tenths of an hour" to document my life (so many hats to wear! from DTP to artist to designer to engineer/security guard / plant inspector / liaison to regulatory agencies and things . . . sighing) . .

    But it's something (seriously) we should do. Arranging 'time out' for everyone inside. Making sure some projects get done. Writing, et all.

    (sighing, shaking my head in mock despair) . . . you are encouraging me to get my life organized - probably not a bad idea. LOL'ing!

  2. *giggling* - Hi Hi Jeff! Happy to see you again! We're finding so far that we're feeling real good about the structure, but we're nowhere able to follow it this closely yet. It's only been a week now, but we're putting it out there as our goal more than our law. AND, you are very right in that different parts are all each struggling for time out on their projects. Yesterday a fishing trip with our sweetheart bumped everything INCLUDING a trip to Dr. Marvin's and until we get caught up with the blog reading - many other things are getting bumped as well. Quilting seems to not be in the picture at all - though it's really our fault in that the parts that quilt aren't as strong as the parts that write/read - so, we may be taking advantage of them too. We DID get the sewing room straightened out after being in WI a couple weekends ago. YAY!! New quilts from NM, but too - we're up for a five day sewing trip with our retreat group next month - so HAPPY times ahead!

    Ok, maybe we're skimming over the thoughts of what we can do to "better" the system and our struggles for time. If we happened to encourage you to at least THINK about it - we're thinking we have one or more of those more ORGANIZED parts within you dancing with joy! We'll be on the look-out for how you are doing :)

    Always our best,