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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sometimes it takes a morning to get past one's first thoughts of the day *sigh*

 Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 9:36 AM 

Good morning.  Today is Friday and we’re here and glad for it.  We seem more past the experience with the pharmacy, but it is still in our mind and most likely will remain there until we get a chance to talk to Dr. Marvin about it on Tuesday.  BUT, since today is Friday we’re going to try putting it aside.

The first thing I wanted to mention was that we had a fantastic time with our Grandchildren last night.  Ame was a part of a very successful school entertainment night.  They had the concert band, the orchestra, the choir, and the jazz band play.  Most of the kids were 6th – 8th grade and they did terrific.  There were no upsets during the night and in addition their many drummers performed a special number using 5 gallon paint buckets (empty).  The teacher stated they had composed their piece with only a few tweaks from staff.  It was a very enjoyable performance.  Ame of course might as well be the star of the show as far as Gramma is concerned.  I know she’s not first chair, but this is her first year and she is only a 6th grader.  We’re so proud of her for tackling an instrument.  She has something within herself to be proud of.

After the concert, Rich and us took the girls and Maury for ice cream at Culver’s.  It wasn’t very crowded and we were able to pull together enough tables to sit with the group of 8 of us.  It is an exceptionally rewarding time being with Nikki and Maury’s family.  Everyone is fun and lively and with much to say or think about, especially after being out for the night on a school night.  I do hope they got enough sleep.  We got home just before 9 PM.  Very bright and wonderful faces for sure!  And, of course the ice cream was great too!  Thanks Rich!

It turned out to be a rainy night and we were glad to get home safely in one piece.  We sat with Rich for a show, but I don’t remember which one.  I guess we weren’t really paying too much attention.  Wait … I know it was the new NCIS show.  I think it was ok, but not spectacular … It just seems like a long time between new shows and we had really loved it more when we’d just started (late into the show’s history) and there were shows every night that were new and needed to be caught up in. 

I am wondering if we saw any football other than at Culver’s.  We just looked up once and noted it, but then of course the girls attention took us completely into their worlds.  Maybe last night we just fell asleep.  Just don’t remember.  This morning I do remember that we woke up about 4 AM, and then about 5:15 AM when we were getting Rich up, we fell back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Unfortunately, we didn’t REALLY wake-up then until he was saying his good-byes.  I don’t think he will be home until this evening.  Tomorrow he has the three basketball games and then we’ll share the evening together.  I think he’s got fishing coming up, but it might be next weekend.  I would like to spend Saturday the third, with Joe and Cari and a Herbalife event nearby.  AND, of course on Sunday is Austin day!

That’s the schedule.  J

Today hasn’t really been too thought through.  We talked to Linda for a small while this morning, but we got into a discussion on working in and outside the home and that didn’t seem to lay down straight.  Plus, she had to leave because she was making a birthday cake for another friend.  The girl is BUSY!  Other than that, we’ve just taken care of catching up with our online presence. 

So, It’s now almost 10 AM, we’ve got the day ahead of us and we’re thinking … what comes next?

Ok, that’s that … we walked a load of dark clothes downstairs to the washer.  There was a cold smelly load of clothes left in the washer that indicated that it had been there for a while.  So we did someone a favor and put the load into the dryer and paid the $1 to dry it.  It wasn’t a big expenditure and it is a lot easier than boiling over about possibly not doing laundry because someone has tied up the machine.  I really hate it when people don’t attend to the laundry because there are six apartments in the building and being on the third walk-up floor … I don’t want to be going up and down just to see if people have done their part in moving clothes through the machines.  I suppose though for now, we’re just going to have to get past it.  I will give the people a few extra minutes, but if they are not down there in an hour to retrieve clothes from now dryer.  They’ll get stacked haphazardly on top of the machine.  I don’t intend to wait for them before I can dry my clothes.  Usually, it’s not too bad, but there is a new family and I don’t think she appreciates the service fully yet.  HUMBUG!

Shoot phone started to update as we plugged it in … we’ll have to wait a few more minutes to set the timer on laundry.  Be patient girl … be patient.  It’s not a life or death matter, hmm?  I know I know … just when I finally start the forward process, slowing down feels miserably dangerous as to falling back.  It will be ok.  Just give it a few minutes J


Are we back to what’s next?  Ok, good set the alarm.

Back is still resting, but will pick up living room and make bed in a second.  I think the kitchen is good … just have to straighten a few things in the sewing room.  I think we can get by with NOT vacuuming today.  YAY!

It would have to mean that we next find something to concentrate on.  I’m hoping that the fabric for the SW quilt comes in today, and if not that tomorrow.  We are still on day Gazillion in not cutting out the next quilt.  We’ve been keeping up with Linda and she’s cutting/quilt her heart out.  She’s planning on doing some small projects in-between the bigger.  I believe she has the quilting stamina to go through the weekend without much stopping her.  I think if there were anything to slow down a quilter at retreat it would be talking and both Linda and us fall into these cycles sometimes.  We have to be careful to balance social with Quilt productivity.  It’s a WONDERFUL balance!

Hmm, we turned on the Rhapsody music, but its doing periodic stops or cutting out.  We’re thinking they are having a buffering problem, but kids are in school so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there.  We also have had over the last couple of days problems with Diigo.  We finally found a note saying they’d been hijacked.  Someone who is doing advertising crookedly has taken over their site.  It’s gotta be a nightmare.  They have a temporary site at, but it makes one feel a bit vulnerable.  I didn’t know people could do that.  I hadn’t paid attention the other day when I saw something on Twitter talking about the shame of hijacking.  I guess Diigo might have been the one stating that.  I just hadn’t paid attention.  I will the next time and see if I can’t learn more about it.  It might be a matter of just figuring out illegal passwords.  I’m not sure.  It’s a big enough company though I’m sure they got pros on it.

Ok, good good.  I’ve got a half hour left and the house is picked up and garbage is ready to go down with me when I change over the load.  That will save Rich a trip and get the kitty litter out before we feel the effect.  Good Ann

Also means we have a half hour with nothing in particular to do.  One of the things that is riding on my mind is that we’re about a month behind in the blog reading.  We’ve like taken a siesta from it.  I’m not sure why, but maybe it had been too much trying to get caught up, and then we were having problems with Diigo, but I think mostly we just got behind.  We figured out that if we click on the individual entries instead of the generic blog that we do better at collecting or curating the full highlighted areas.  But, then it doesn’t put the annotated quotes together.  I wasn’t so happy about that, and the process is a little more demanding, but I think it will be the answer.  I know that we talked about it before, but the bottom line is that if someone wanted to find the material it would be more accurate to save each of the individual entries.

I think another thing that had gotten overwhelming that we have to deal with was in putting together the outline.  I know that Kelsie does that sort of thing, but after she produces something major the rest of us have to accommodate our lives around it and to tell you the truth it is a little scary because it is such a huge process.  I’ve been listening to Dr. Marvin and he’s saying that you are doing the project all on your own without a boss so we can do it anyway we wish, but we’re at a tizzy between getting it all or none – in the traditional black and white thinking of some of our parts. 

We figured that we would make sure everything else in our life was in order and then we would get back to it … I’m thinking that if we could work more closely with the schedule we’d put out, we’d be less likely to get overwhelmed by any one thing, but the fact that we were getting on a schedule, seems to have been threatening to some of the insiders.  I know for myself (Corey) that I’ve felt a need to be doing more writing of late.  There’s always the feeling of losing information, but there is more too … sometimes I just need the process of writing to think.  I think the system is looking at it as … as curators of information, that the information that we put out as an individual blogger is important as anyone else’s blog information.  So that when everything else collapses if we continue to make entries then we’ve got something solid.  I believe when we do the broader work, we have more to write and think about then making sure our laundry gets cleaned, but in general it at least keeps us on a track. 

This morning we were on Twitter and someone collected a list of 70 Learning Management Systems that were supposed to be free.  I’m not sure if that isn’t just a free introduction, but it surprised us that there were so many free systems.  We had found the Blackboard Coursesites a day or two ago and that still has to be investigated.  Again, we are waiting for some clarity in our thinking processes and available time.  We saved the list though to investigate later.  We did look at the first one, but didn’t get too far without running into their sales team.  That tells me that it is most likely not free.  The name open source is a misnomer if it isn’t open to teaching without a cost.  That’s our opinion though.

Ok, we’re back again.  It’s just after 11 am, and we went down with garbage and to put clothes in the dryer.  That person’s clothes we covered didn’t dry all the way – too many jeans, and they still smelled, but we just put the damp clothes on top of the dryer.  The lady who watches things downstairs came out to check on the washer and she said that those clothes had been in the washer for more than 24 hours, and that two other people had wanted to use the laundry yesterday and didn’t.  I guess I’m the neighbor who doesn’t care to wait.  The lady and us reviewed a few should be could be’s and then we moved on.  The bottom line is our clothes are in the dryer and we’ll go down at noon to retrieve them.  I’m sure I went out of my way enough.  I had to put in three dryer sheets, and we’re hoping that covers the stench of the other’s clothes … you just can’t cramp wet clothes for a day and hope that things will be ok.

Ok, moving past that point again.  These are life’s minor irritants … If we’re playing our game well they won’t circumvent us. 

Hmm, we’ve been looking at a learning management system (LMS) through … this one seems pretty open and very easy.  I’m thinking they have a paid version too, but we haven’t seen that yet.  The course in itself seems to support SCORM, videos, pictures, docs, PDFs, PowerPoint, and Slideshare, which are the things we are most familiar with.  It doesn’t seem to have a limit on course or number of students and it has a fairly simple help section with a learning manual for administrators, teachers, and students.  I think the nice part would be is that anyone taking my courses could also set up easy courses for themselves and then improve the program from the inside out.  I like that part.

Hmm, now it’s 12:18 PM and we’ve done a few things.  We investigated some more LMS, but found primarily the same thing … there were limits as to usability AND costs to maintain the learning site from $9 to many thousand dollars.  The TalentLMS continues to be the simplest open design.  I’m going to wait a bit as to reading more, but in general it seems to add value and simplicity, while being open enough to be useful.  I don’t think it has blog, wikis or chat, but maybe is for another time and place.  For right now I need a format to be establishing a series of courses and lessons.  I REALLY don’t know what to do there exactly, but it feels an ok place to land for now.  The bigger deal will be then to get back to the Adobe e-learning suite.  Maybe we should schedule some time to do that?

If we were following our schedule we’d be done with Domestic Goddess work – the house IS picked-up and the clothes were laundered, folded and put-away (still need to steam).  We’ve come SOME distance on the blogging, but I’m not sure really how much content was added.  BUT, if we were to end soon and be able to honestly say we’ve gone back to the scheduled program?  WOW!  That be great.  For today it would mean:

12:30-4:30 PM News/Reading/Curating
4:30-6 PM Miscellaneous
6-7:30 PM Adobe
7:30 -9 PM Quilting
9-10:30 PM Rich

That be a splendiferous series of events, then right?  Sure feel good to be on track.  I see then the only thing holding me back is that we have to end this blog entry AND we have to open up the blogs again to be reading through them.  I wouldn’t feel guilty about anything then because we would be doing “our thing” the thing we WANTED to do if all was good. 

Does that mean we don’t have any other crisis?  Problem?  Need to stall?  Ok, well, yes there it is easier to just pluck away here than to do something hard, BUT we would have more satisfaction if we were Getting back to our REAL work, right?  Just that I’m afraid that we’re going to post this entry and then read back over it and find nothing of substance including our running conversation on the bad laundry tenant. 

Hehehe maybe you were looking for a conclusion there.  We hear the guy came in drunk the other night, and forgot not only the wet load, but another load on the floor.  BUT, we got out of there AND we made way for someone to come in behind us.  It usually seems to work if we start laundry about 8-9 AM.  REMEMBER THAT!  OK.  We also have to remember that we established more writing times, just less time when we do write to keep things a little more succinct.  We still have to worry about our vacancy of thought in that we could write for several hours with no grand life solution met. 

Oh Lord.  Let’s just settle then for moving on ;)


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