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Monday, October 22, 2012

Working the Chevron Quilt - Looking at a Quilting Day

 Sunday, October 21, 2012 @ 7:47 AM

Good morning.  This is us.  Hehehe … we’re being Sneaky … we figured out that Saturday is Rich’s and our 18th year romantic relationship anniversary!  Well we can’t tell you what WE are planning Hehehe, BUT we might get a romantic dinner too!  We just remembered to tell him that Bob called yesterday because he said he couldn’t get a hold of Rich to tell him happy Sweetest day … he’s referring to the relationship between Bob and Rich, but when we told Rich he said that he was meaning to get Rich in trouble with us, because he knew that Rich wouldn’t remember.  I didn’t know anything about Sweetest day – I have to admit.  BUT, when we told Rich about Bob’s call this morning, he reminded us that SOMEONE got made homemade chocolate chip cookies last night … Hehehe – well, of course that goes a long way!

It is now almost 8 AM.  We got up about two hours ago and have been just catching up with everything on our normal routines of Facebook, email, and Twitter.  Nothing much to be said there – just a feeling of catching up with our world.  It is one of my favorite activities of any given brand new day.  I like that in this new world of technology that we can establish what’s most important in our lives and then it’s a matter of catching up with those news feeds.  It works for me!

We wrote Linda a note this morning first.  She was out all day yesterday with Tpony at a coin show, and then when she got home her Kids and Grandchildren stopped by for dinner, and we’re thinking some overnight was being had.  It’s really cool that her family is close enough to do those kinds of things.  By close we are meaning in getting along relationships - her daughter lives far enough away to make overnights possible when they come to visit.  It must be so much fun to wake up with your loved ones all around. 

Yesterday we spent most of the day in our sewing world.  It’s been a nice change this week.  Sometimes we get so much into the Internet writing/reading portion of our lives that the quilting life gets neglected.  We’ve been making up for that in the last few days.  We have two projects going now and both are working toward the two quilting events coming up.  We’re really looking forward.  The first project is our SW Chevron quilt and the second project is the newer project then even that – it is our Books and Paper quilt from Connie Sue’s Fat Quarters.  We’re very excited about both projects. 

We progressed the Chevron quilt as far as we want to take it before getting in the missing fabric. It starts with a 1 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch square and then built around that is like log cabin “growing editions” of the pattern except just in half – Creating a “V” or what is considered a chevron design.  On top of the original square is five layers of V’s … the last V is where we are missing fabric.  The first four sets are all alternating colors with 23 different colored fabrics, and then the last V is a solid turquoise batik.  All the fabric is batik which is kind of a blurred vision of colors.  All the colors in this quilt are considered standards in the southwest.  It’s really pretty.  I’m not used to these colors so it has been a real pleasure to be doing. Ok … you’ve already seen it in that I just took a picture of the design wall with the blocks on the top of this post.  It’s the first time I’ve looked at it this morning.  I still love it!  You have to imagine though that there will be a turquoise V underneath each of these colored blocks, PLUS there will be two borders (one slim and one wide) and the binding added to the quilt, so this is an idea what it will look like, but not quite finished.  After we get the turquoise fabric in – hopefully, by Monday or Tuesday, then we’ll be able to finish the quilt.  The pieces otherwise are all cut.

The other project – the Books and Paper looks like this, but ours will have way different colors

The fabric in this quilt to the side is considered Batik.  But the one’s that we will be using are darker shades of red, green, blue, purple and gold leftover from the fat quarters (18 x 21”) from my sisters collection.  I’m hoping it will work out.  We have about half of it cut-out.  There will be 33 colors used in the quilt.  I’m not sure what we are going to do for the border yet.  It would be nice to do something from browns to replicate more of the bookcase.  I will finish cutting this quilt today – Lots of pieces.  One if not both of the quilts will be worked this week if not finished. 

Mostly because we’ve gotten the quilting bug again.  Yesterday we received in hard mail the fabrics for our second pottery quilt.  Those two will be for the Quilting retreat November 7-11.  That is in only 2 ½ weeks from now.  If we’re going to finish these above two quilts before the retreat … we might have to come up with another project during the retreat.  There is always the thought that we could finish some quilts, we’re still considering this while knowing that Ann usually has something fun to buy too.  Not sure.  We’ll know closer to the time.  I could save these projects, but want to warm myself up for FIVE days of quilting at the retreat.  Best I get started.  I could have a bit of hand sewing by then too.  If we are really good, we could have the Marine quilt AND maybe Austin’s ready to quilt soon so we could do the binding (partially machine and partially hand sewing) during retreat.  Those are both projects that need to be finished by December – especially soon the Marine quilt.  Hmm?  Girls?  I think that is the route we’re going to try.  AND, It would be specially nice to finish the DIL’s too?  We could do it you know?

Ok, girls … settle down … we’re starting to get more of the cart in front of the horse.  We could see the hand-sewing happening downstairs though when talking to Linda, Debbie, Peg, or Ann.  We’re pretty sure they will be sewing downstairs, and we’ll be upstairs where our machine and room will be.  We have to move fast on the valor quilts because we’re thinking that Linda is going to be really pushed to be finishing up peoples Christmas quilts, right?!!  Ok, girls … settle down.  That’s one of the things we have to do today … Hmm, might as well do that now.  We need to figure out what we have out there to be doing.


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