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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning


Tuesday, December 25, 2012 @ 6:10 AM

Good morning, good morning!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This is us and this is our tree and we’re very happy it is Christmas morning.  Lot’s to talk about.  It looks as if it’s been a couple days since writing and for the most part we had last talked a little bit about having the kids come over.  Now this morning reading it again … and I feel bad there seems to be so much negative when the event was really very positive.  I think I just tend to worry about things that don’t seem to be perfect.  It’s a hard line to tow.  Please forgive me for this personality flaw.  I know we have to feel able to write whatever comes to our mind, but we really don’t intend to hurt anyone in the meantime. 

But, moving on … today is a brand new day AND it is CHRISTMAS.  The first thing about Christmas was that we woke up during the night – most likely to use the washroom, and we found ourselves sneaking into the living room.  There are THREE presents under the tree and we’re thinking one of them looks suspiciously like SOCKS!  That’s how you know if you are really IN Rich’s family because he gives everyone socks and underwear.  It’s just his thing and has been since the beginning of time.  Word has it … he gave his Grandson Jaxsyn socks and underwear too and the poor kid is just about 4 months old and we’re pretty sure those underthings are just going to have to wait.  Rich gave him a few other things too, but the fun gift was that he found a GREAT big Piggy bank dressed in Cubs gear.  Gotta love a Grampa with a sense of humor!  There was one bad thing there, because we told Rich’s Mom – AT THE APPROPRIATE time, that Rich had given his Grandson something very personal thought out.  Rich’s Mom then told him about when he was young and had a piggy bank with his brother and his father took it into the garage and smashed it so he could get money to go out and drink with.  BAH Humbug!  Not the kind of story that Rich deserved hearing.  BAH HUMBUG!

I’m SO not for that!

ANYway … that’s this year’s story about the socks and underwear.  This year Rich included Chris and Natti too in the his family Christmas tradition.  It should actually make them feel as good as it did us the first year we “made the grade!”

The other thing that we spotted was that someone had left a stocking.  We’re thinking it WAS just after midnight – so that worked out in our mind though Rich told us last night that when you get older all the toy gifts you might have gotten went down to your Grandchildren so they would enjoy Christmas like we have.  That makes sorta sense, but last night?  When we sneeked into the living room and saw our sock … there is a little furry thing with his head popping out the top of our stocking.  I’m not sure what it is yet … we know enough so that we can’t touch ANYTHING until Rich wakes up.

We have been busy though.  One of the things we had to do was clean up the mess by the Christmas tree, because SOMEBUDDIES cat tipped over the plant and so the water filled up three of the trays under the tablecloth full of water.  One of the trays was for our good markers, one was for a box of pins (sewing), and the other tray was for loose coins.  I’m thinking that they will be ok, because we’d just cleaned all that a month or so ago and I’m pretty sure that the markers were all capped tightly.  Even though they were sitting in a pool of water, they should be ok.  I didn’t try them at the time.  We did get a big towel and soaked up all the water.  AND we were happy because the water hadn’t spilled on the Christmas gifts.

We weren’t able to get Rich anything to wrap because we’d already spent $150 for him to buy the fishing rod and real and we’d spent $190 to have his fishy blanket quilted.  I guess then it totaled up to $340 and I knew we weren’t supposed to spend that kind of money, but there were so few gifts – just because those three things were so expensive.  Rich didn’t want to pick out a rod and real yet because he wanted to wait and see if he would get any special sales on them after Christmas.  It didn’t make the tree much fun. 

We did get his blanket which still needs a binding out and we set it on his chair.  And, THEN we made him some “coupons” which we placed all over the tree.  There were a lot of them for umm, playing around … Hehehe, but then there were massages, kisses, hugs, Ann stop being grouchy card, and even one card that said we would be a SUPER Ann all day which meant doing EVERYthing Rich told us without complaining.  Pswhoo.  THAT was a hard card to write!  I think what we were trying to convey was a little Ann cooperation!  The tree now looks like this:

But you can’t see ALL the coupon slips of paper … there are about one dozen of them J  Makes me feel better … Oh, there was one too for getting omelets made for him.  We barely EVER do anything cooking like so that was an especially good treat!

BUT, speaking of cooking … we did that this morning too.  It’s about 6:30 AM now, but we’d woken up just before 5 AM and remembered that we were supposed to have made Jell-O last night.  I think it is going to be ok, but we did have to make it right away because we are supposed to be at Maury’s at 1:30 PM today.  I sure hope it sets.

Hmm, we just got some fresh coffee and checked the Jell-O.  I’m not sure if its doing what it is supposed to do, but we did check the side bowl – the big one had too much in it and that one already tastes good.  The big one is in our very large popcorn bowl and it is pink frothy type of Jell-O on the top and on the bottom the Jell-O is more clear and red.  I think al the raspberries are hiding in the pink part, but I’m not sure that it will stay the same or all turn pink frothy.  It is setting … just it’s all supposed to be pink … it hasn’t set all the way yet.  The ingredients to this special kind of family-made Jell-O are a couple packages o raspberry Jell-O, and then three small pints of raspberries, and then ½ gallon of vanilla ice cream.  REALLY hope it works out, because I’d like to give the Granddaughters something they will like that is new to them.  Besides if it doesn’t work out … it is going to maybe make a mess in the car!  Let’s hope THAT doesn’t Happen!

It was kind of splashy when we poured the mix from the pan to the bowl, so we had to clean everything up after.  There was Jell-O on the cupboard, counter, coffee pot … ALL over the sink AND US!  Pswhoo.  Who would have known it would be so splashy!??

Because we were being such a good Ann, we also emptied the kitty litter without being told, and we loaded and started the dishwasher.  It’s just finishing drying now.  SEE – SUPER ANN!  I sure hope he uses that coupon today because we’re giving him some of our “best stuff!”  HMPF!

Hehehe … Merry Christmas World!!!

Is that pretty much of the morning so far?  The kitties were just in here playing.  I think the retribution on our flowers this morning was that we’d gotten so busy with the Jell-O that we forgot to turn on the sink so Chief could have water from there.  They WERE very naughty this morning!  AND, it’s on CHRISTMAS!??

I wouldn’t have done that for nothing!

Let’s see now … anything happening over the last couple of days?  I think we wrote into the afternoon on Sunday … but, I’m not sure if we started then or into Monday, but I think it started on Sunday.  One of the things that had happened on the Garvey Christmas Saturday was that Austin had been looking at all of our pictures flashing every different minute on the screen and he’d seen one of the pictures that contained one of our mind maps AND he’d asked what it was.  We told him we couldn’t remember the name and that we’d send it to him – now we’re remembering that the name was pearltrees.  I can’t remember if they cost us something because when we go to it goes automatically to our account – basically when that screen opens … we see.

And then when that gets opened up just a bit … we see …

Do you remember this stuff?  Obviously the tree grows around the center “pearl” which in our case is newsdidmpd, and then after that you just add and add.  It was one of the most SUPER memories from the Saturday Christmas party – is the part where Austin recognized it as something interesting from just looking at it for that moment.  BUT, in trying to recall which Mindmap we were using … we found ourselves over the last couple of days doing more exploring trying to find the map that could give you the most and the littlest cost.  Some of them are used in business and so can get pretty pricey.  I’m thinking we might not have paid for pearltree, because on that initial screen we just showed you, there was an advertisement for becoming a premium member.

It looks like the Premium version cost $4.99  per month or $49.99 per year.

AHA!  Rich is UP!

Ok, ok … just a little later … we’ve been just kind of hovering over our life for the last period of time.  It is now 10:25 AM.  It has been a VERY good Christmas morning … we’ve got our sweetie … enjoying the stressless morning and going to visit some of our Grandchildren!


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