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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Too many breaks in the day

Friday, December 7, 2012 @ 8:29 AM

Good morning, it is us!  We’re pretty good to go … not like the old days, but for the current days 8:30 AM is good timing to be writing.  How in the past did we get up at 4-5 AM to write?  Really have to work harder at that.  I think we got up before 7 AM, but used the time to be with Rich waking up.  By 7:30 AM we had been up to take our medicine, and then we couldn’t really say all that’s happened in the last hour.  Just noticed that an hour had passed.  Probably the normal things we do at the computer – and we set up the music, and proofed the last entry.  You know things like that, email and facebook.  I think we talked to Rich about something too.  Yes, I remember giving him Linda’s address.  He’s going to set-up a bank account check to her so that she can be paid out of the right account.  She had said not to worry about getting her the check, but until things are paid, we do tend to worry.  Think we talked about worrying over things yesterday.  We do feel  good that Mary Ann’s check went through … so part way done and yesterday the bigger blanket went out.

Ahh that was already a little break.  Rich remembered that he had car blankets to go out to his uncle and aunt in North Carolina.  We boxed them, taped them and addressed them so they are ready for him to grab on his way out.  We’re doing so far so good with mailing things.  We still don’t do Christmas cards, but other than that we’re good.  I added a note to Bob and Dianne that if they don’t make it down to Chicago for Christmas when they are visiting their Daughter and SIL in Michigan to let us know in time and Rich and I would try to get up to see them.  It be a great little break.  Rich is out of the shower now and seems like he’s moving pretty fast.  I think he has some errands to do and then I think he’s home, and then he has to leave at 2:30 PM.  If he comes straight home he won’t be home until 7:30 – 8 PM, but if he sees his son too he won’t be home until an hour to an hour and half later.  I think he’s going to be close to his house with the game because it’s all NE.

We were talking with Rich just now as he was getting things ready to go and now he’s leaving … we’ve already gotten our smooch.  Hmm, he’s taking the rest of the coffee L … reminds me we were going to try hard to do laundry today.  Might want to do that.  But, we have to fix our hair first in case we’re seen.  I think we went to bed with our hair wet and it looks like it.  BRB.

Good good … we got a load in.  It seems that if we just do a little picking up AND getting the sewing room back together we’ll be on top of the day.  I think we’re going to try that before noon.  It be nice to have the rest of the day – where our writing and Domestic Goddess things are done and then we might work more on the sewing aspects.  Seems like a good general plan.  Before Rich left he picked-up three games tomorrow so will be gone from like 7:30-3:30 PM – with errands, games and driving it’s like an extra eight hour day BLAH!  We also then talked about going to the fishy store, his mom’s and the grocery store on Sunday.  I need to remember to plug in our Kindle, because we wait outside in the parking lot when he goes shopping, but it will be easier for him if it gets done on the way home.  I didn’t have anything particular planned.  Usually just computer things and/or sewing.  We should be all good with that though.  We’ve got a couple days to plan around it.  We wanted to go to the fishy store because he still has $95 on the BassPro card from last year and we thought for his birthday we would top it off so he could get a new real.  I know he’s behind on that front.

Hmm, now we’re good to go til 10 AM when we switch the loads.  It’s a moment of it being peaceful.  John Denver is singing Aspenglow … yup yup peaceful.

I have to work back and try to figure where we picked up before.  I didn’t think we’d really gotten through all of the twins being here and then there was Rich’s birthday.  Just regular stuff.  I’m not sure now that we have the time I remember so much about the twins.  I think we covered that we were having normal type conversations for us and them and how much fun it had been to have them in our place.  I really hope they come down again.  I think ideally it would be like every 3-4 months, but I’m not sure if they are game for that kind of schedule.  It would be a lot of time away from home although just 3-4 overnights a year – that’s quadruples what they’ve had gone in the past.  I have to remember to that this last time they both took a day off work.  That would have lead to some serious catching up when they got back and it could have been a day they were doing something else.  I’m glad we were chosen this time, just don’t want to push our luck.

We had thought about going out to look at our local fabric store while they were here, but it was a late plan and as it turned out we better used the time in finishing projects they were working on.  I don’t think either of us had money either so that wasn’t any fun.  Hehehe – yup yup … need REAL money to walk into a fabric store.  Our normal store here in the area changed locations so that it is actually closer and the store is supposed to be bigger, so we are eager about going and taking another look at it.  Just have to have a REAL need and REAL cash.  Blah!

Missy had gone down 2/3rds of the way when I did laundry.  It is farther than she ever went before and now she wants to talk to us about it.  She must have been feeling really adventuresome.  I had wondered if she might because last time she’d come further too.  I could see her getting all the way down to the laundry room, just wouldn’t want to scare her if someone came in.  It would mean she would feel caught between the laundry room and the open apartment upstairs.  She’s being rightfully cautious.  There is some safety though knowing the cats are happy upstairs.  We’ll have to think this through some more.

Anything more with the twins here?  I suppose you really have the basics.  The time went really fast and it was fantastic.  After they left and Bob was late we got in a quick nap before going out with Bob and Linda.  That was ok, but not as exciting as the twins and being quilters.  Bob did think to ask more questions though he didn’t do much with responses and he talked less about fishing so that was good.  Linda seemed mad at Bob – thinking she doesn’t like being put on hold with marriage and Bob is holding onto the old apartment though living with her.  He’s using it for an office and she seems to prefer that he get rid of it.  Nothing to do there.  It was better when Linda started talking then when she looked just frustrated.  Maybe she seems to think that Rich has some secret power over Bob.  I feel her frustration too … neither of us are getting very far as to marriage.  Bob is making it seem that if Rich marries me, then he will marry Linda – we could do a double wedding.  But, that isn’t going to happen.  Rich is about 50 years away from getting married again.  *sigh*

Next topic?

I think we wrote a bit about Tuesday already?  Yes twins were Sunday and Monday and Rich was Tuesday.  It seemed that we had been at the computer until about noon or so when we’d gotten the idea to do Rich’s project.  We knew we had to finish Isa’s – well at least have all four ready to be stitched.  We had also realized that it was going to be a bit of work getting Rich’s seen all the way through the binding of it so it could be hung on the wall.  SOOO we workded very quickly.  We spent time where it needed to be, but there was no messing around.  We went directly from one thing to another to get it all in.  As it was, we finished the last 2 ½ sides of the binding after Rich had gotten here.  We were nearly done when he came out with dinner.  We had to fix a corner so that took a few extra moments.  We were too tired to fix the hanging part, and then by the next day it was … why not hang it as is.  So we got three small applique pins and attached it to the bathroom wall.  We’re still seeing it every time we enter.  It’s not gotten past that obsessive stage where we look at it intently any chance we get.  We’re still trying to decide internally if it is good enough.  Intellectually and practically we know it’s not going to get better – so SHOULD be enough, but there are always those doubts to assuage.

There we got a little more done.  We picked up everything in the LR except the drafting table, and we emptied and loaded the dishwasher – which cleaned up that spot, and we made the bed and picked up clothes in the BR.  Feels like we’re caught up again … just that we have 13 minutes to rest before going downstairs.  We’re going to need that time – we were trying to push our back a bit and took it as far as we could go.  Doing “three” things instead of one was good … just it hurts a lot now.  Shoot, shoot, hate when that happens.  Maybe though enough tolerance to get a bottle of water?  It’s 9:48 AM – getting past drinking coffee time and I think Rich filled his cup on the way out. 

There that is better and then after we get back upstairs we’ll do the drafting table (bills) and then only have the dining/sewing areas.  WooHOO … that still puts us with a couple of hours to spare before our imaginary deadline J

Oh my gosh … that is bad news.  It’s been in the news over the last couple of days that a nurse was duped by reporters who acted like the queen and Prince Charles to get medical information on Kate who was in the hospital due to extreme pregnancy problems.  The bad news is that that nurse was just found.  She committed suicide.  I feel so bad for her.  She didn’t know what she didn’t know before hand … I think that the reporters should get involuntary manslaughter.  I heard Prince Charles even said something sarcastic about his voice being used … I think he insinuated too that the girl was really stupid.  Nothing was said that direct, but he was sarcastic and said something about maybe being the radio prince.  That family must feel so angry.  The girl was probably inconsolable.  I can’t imagine being reprimanded by your bosses, AND then under negative opinion by the royals AND the public.  It was a grave injustice done to her.  Probably not much more to be said about that.  Just feel bad for her.

Back … it’s us again.  It’s now 10:15 AM and the dryer has about 40 minutes left.  We went through all the paperwork on our desk and got it put away properly.  We thought about going straight out to the sewing room, but thought our head needed a bit of a break.  I know it’s not like brain surgery.  Just that our life is pretty small as to what happens in it.  We like the feeling of the place picked-up though so we’re likely to go back to figuring out the rest of it.  Right now we still have some quiet writing time where Rich is out of the house and we can listen to the Christmas music.  It’s just a nice space to be in.

Thinking of Austin too.  We haven’t been in that mental space for a while with all the emphasis on the girls’ Christmas present.  BUT, if we can finish my mother’s quilt as scheduled, then we can get to Austin’s quilt and let all the good thoughts with that come in.  Ahh spoke to soon, Rich is back.  He’s not sure what he’s doing next …  I wonder … ok, don’t have to wonder anymore.  He did need the back kitchen table.  Most of it was cleared, but there was stuff on the little table, so we cleared that and Rich put down the ironing table and brought the little sewing table back to that room.  Now I just have to clean off the bigger sewing tables.  It shouldn’t be more than 10-15 minutes of work, that’s not entirely unpleasant.  I like being in the room.  Just not now.  We’ve only got 20-25 minutes to build up the endurance to get the clothes out of the wash. 

Well that changed up.  It’s now 11:43 AM.  Rich came in just as I’d typed the last statement.  And, he wanted to use the kitchen table, so we finished moving stuff to the sewing room, just not orderly on the table, and Rich helped with the small sewing table and ironing board.  We asked him to leave the china cabinet because the kids would be here again in two weeks.  We can put up with it in the sewing room through then.  Then Linda signed on so we’ve talked to her about an hour, and then she and Rich had to leave.  Linda is going Christmas shopping, and Rich is meeting Bob over at his place for coffee.  It makes up for having missed each other yesterday.  I have to admit getting a take home order for dinner last night was night.  I think he’s going out for a game and maybe Chris tonight … so I left him a message for him to stop by for a seafood salad sub for me.  That way he won’t have to cook and we’ll have something special for tonight.  I know 6” sandwich … Hmm.  Not a BIG special just a nice one J

Hmm, I’ve called him twice and he didn’t pick-up either time … I wonder what’s going on.  Maybe Bob is over there saying pussy-whipped L  That wouldn’t be too odd for him.  I wonder if he left his phone in the car.  Maybe that was it … we’ll give Bob the likelihood of chance.  Still crabby he’s not picking up.  What happened if it was an emergency.  I know he isn’t doing anything important enough so that he can’t be uninterrupted.

Ok, moving on … boys will be boys when they get together.  Worse case scenario … I could just call Bob.  Nah … I don’t want to


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