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Friday, December 7, 2012

Pictures of this last few Super DAYS!

Thursday, December 06, 2012 @ 11:40 AM

We decided to put in our major pictures all up front.  Good viewing to you.  The first picture in beige is Jean, and then Janet is in maroon.  And, then we completed over the two days they were here and one other the pictures for the granddaughters and then on Tuesday the picture for Rich’s birthday.  It was a lot of good sewing type work and we had so much fun, and that most likely will be a lot of this blog entry.  It’s been now three days since the twins were here – four days since we’ve written.  It’s taken that long to get to that point.  We were so high, and then we got so low.  I’m sure it is part of a pendulum swing, but as well, we had put away medicines including vitamins when we’d gone through our clean house sweep, and just today got the vitamins back where they belong.  We’re thinking that might have had something to do too with our moods.  Both yesterday and today there was a lot of extra sleeping.  Just had been feeling down.  I know these wonderful people are still in our life, but maybe there is something natural like when the kids were here to be feeling so exuberant and then the body and mind needing to recover from all that energy spent.  I don’t know how people manage to work after “big events” of getting together.  We just get so over-excited.  You know?

Maybe we have to start though from the beginning.  I think about the place we were at writing last was in waiting for the twins to get here, but they called about then and they said they were at the corner of Ogden and First Avenue and that was only 2 minutes from here.  We told them we’d meet them downstairs, because we wanted to help unpack and make sure they got the right spot.  BTW … we’ll try to get back to the issue we had going on with CS at that point.  I don’t believe there has been any progress made with that since she’d put out her last notes.  It’s still in our mind, but on a back burner.

Oh one more thing.  Rich just called and he had been doing errands and he was supposed to meet Bob for lunch, but he’s been waiting and it seems that Bob stood him up and has not made himself available by phone.  SOOO Rich said he was going to order a burger, and then he would order me one and then we would have something for dinner tonight when he was gone at his games.  That seemed like a pretty good deal.  Just saying is all.  I think he’s planning on coming back here and working this afternoon.  Well, maybe.  I seem to remember him saying he was going to try getting back out to his mother’s.  Maybe he is going to do that before the game.  Usually it means the game is out west toward where she lives. 

Ok, so now we are back to the twins having come over J  it was such a delight to see the pull up.  Like we could hardly believe they were here.  It wasn’t too long that we were getting our hugs and going through traditional greetings.  They had been listening to a murder mystery most of the way until they needed to pay closer attention to details.  They said they had no problems with the trip and that it had gone faster than they thought.  They live in Hales Corners, WI – just 2 hours and 15 minutes away.  They had seriously thought through the packing and they were able to bring everything up in one trip with the three of us.  Hmm, maybe not.  I remember that Jean had to go back downstairs one more time because of something that they’d forgotten. 

It took quite a while settling in.  We showed them the place and they seemed to be comfortable and we were talking and talking.  We then had something to drink and crackers/cheese/sausage in the living room before setting up the sewing.  Even though it was early afternoon, we teased saying we had to get out the sewing before 8:30 PM because that’s when Rich was coming home and it was what he expected to see!  They understood Hehehe.

We won’t be going into most of what was discussed during the next two days, but in general people that we know together got at least a onceover and we caught up with the other stories of people or places in our life like family and work.  We talked about things that were going on in and around our homes and we talked about MOSTLY sewing and in particular our sewing projects.  It was just so much fun.  I think the best was talking casually in and around the things we were doing such as do you have any fabric that will work for this?  Or, what do you think?  Do you like this or that better?  It allowed me the feelings that instead of there being twins, there were triplets.  It was like crazy fun.  The twins can go anywhere we can go and they have a lot of great back and forth conversation – sometimes between themselves and then of course between them and us.  The rooms worked out well too.  There was sewing that was happening in both the dining area and the sewing room area which included ironing in the sewing room and cutting on the kitchen island.  The living room was reserved for breaks, meals, or when someone wanted to stretch something out to look at.  I was really pleased that especially between the kitchen, dining area and sewing room that three people could be in and around and getting things done while being able to maintain the conversations.  It was just so much fun.

The twins were primarily working with their Saturday Sampler project that we’d been doing originally. They each had taken a different colorway and were about two months behind.  Jean had the Chrismassy colors and Janet had the spring colors like me.  Hmm, or that could have been the other way between the twins.  It got kind of confusing, because we were in that confused state, and they had been switching chairs, sewing, and other parts of the project so it was harder to keep an eye on them.  For some reason we got confused between the colors of shirts they were wearing.  I don’t generally see colors as much as light and dark and with that between the two days they’d switched.  They both worked through the last blocks assigned and then we all helped Janet … I think Janet work through the big rainbow center part.  I think for the Christmas quilt they were going with embroidered snowmen in various positions so that would get done later.  There was another quilt being worked on that had four squares in-between one larger square, and I’m not sure how far that got, and there was work being done on the table topper too.  The twins are able to go from one project to another no trouble.

I had decided to work primarily – and what became singularly the granddaughters’ Christmas applique blocks.  We started on Ame’s, then went to Jasmines, then Jades, and then finally started Isa’s.  Isa’s took the most change then the original plan.  We used the background the same with tree, sun, butterfly and bees, oh and grass, but then changed-up the center pieces of princess and unicorn.  We found pictures from two different sources, and were happy with the choices.

Hmm, little break.  Rich had gotten home so we talked to him a bit and in the process he called the building maintenance people.  We have someone that is extremely good at taking care of things.  His name is Roberto – and I’m SURE he isn’t being paid what he is worth!  He’s just one of the coolest guys.  He’s as personable as he’s knowledgeable.  Rich was home so they talked together of the problems we’re having with the heat.  He said there was something downstairs that appeared stuck, but now he has to call the person that gets the air out of the pipes or something like that.  It seems to have been such a mild winter it hasn’t mattered until recently and also because we seem to get free heat coming upstairs from the downstairs people.  Rich said though that we were supposed to have a cold spell next week and we had to use a blanket to keep warm today.  Problem should be soon fixed.  Our building is very good about taking care of things.

Such being the case … Rich had to show Roberto something he saw while getting ready for the twins to come over.  There is a leak coming in the sewing room – in what appears to be a roof leak.  It drained down and there is a crack in the plaster where we have the storage shelves along the south wall in the sewing room.  Rich was able to confirm with him, it was the leak causing the damage and not the shelving units.  BIG sigh of relief there … BUT, we still might need to move some stuff … hopefully only temporarily.  Rich will do the big moving … for us it’s more dealing with our things out of order.  Please let this go smoothly!  Rich says Roberto has to call his roofer to look at it.  Again, they are pretty speedy.  They do whatever to keep the building in good working condition.  NO complaints!

Ok, trying to calm down again.  This is part of our problem … even with taking anxiety medicine three times a day, it seems like the littlest of things gets us over excited.  I’m glad to report having low blood pressure.  Just checked right now its 111/69 … I think that’s pretty normal.  We’re actually about half way between normal and low normal.  Another chart says we’re exactly half way in the “desired” classification.  YAY!!! … Unfortunately, we feels stress mentally when almost anything is out of order.  Our high excitements are really high and average problems make us very worried.  I’m not sure if there is something in particular we are supposed to do about that.  Last night we talked to Dr. Marvin on the phone instead of going in.  We had felt too depressed to leave the house and spent most of the last 48 hours sleepy.  He said it was ok to feel a little bit of a let down because of all the excitement – fun stuff having gotten over between the kids and the twins being over – AND because we’d gotten “up” for Rich’s birthday.  It was a very excitable 10 days!

Now what we are looking forward to the most is the kids coming back for Christmas … I know I know … we’ve said it before, but they are coming on the 22nd of December, which is then 16 days away.  WOOHOO!!!  Gives me time to finish some quilt work.  Still have 2 ½ days of big quilt binding – though Rich’s quilt doesn’t have to be done exactly on time, just it be nice.  AND we have to sew around the edges of the five applique pieces AND then we have to bind six pieces.  We have Dr. Marvin’s already stitched and ready to be binded.  After working with Rich’s boat – we’re not so worried about getting the others done.  Nor are we worried about getting the last big quilts done, because it really isn’t as bad as it might seem.  Just a matter of feeling in the right mood at the right time. We might have told you this though during the last entry.  It’s just that until things get done we have to keep inserting them in front of our mind.  We were happy today that the fishy quilt – the BIG one went out to Mary Ann.  With any luck it will be returned within 7-10 days – that would still give us 6 days to do the binding.  The other pieces will have to be done the 22nd, but Rich’s not til Christmas morning.  I’m hoping now to finish my mother’s quilt in the next few days and then have it go out in the mail on Monday.  That’s a whole 4 days – plenty of time!  I think we have two to three sides of the four finished.

Maybe because Rich is out tonight doing basketball – two games, we will try to find a Christmas special on TV and then do the hand quilting snuggled under the blanket!  I think he’s due back around 9 PM.  Yes, that seems a possibility. But, even before that goal, we have a goal to really finish a healthy size blog entry.  How much?  Who ever knows.  We’re on six pages now, but two pages were pictures.  Booo Booo.  Not barely much of an entry at all.  Before we do the binding then tonight.  Let’s hope to really clear our minds with the entry.  Things get behind and then there is no telling what we miss.

I think though we’re pretty much back to … no one more thing.  We wanted to say that we have been taking care of correspondence between people over these last couple of days and we got a chance FINALLY to talk to Linda yesterday and today.  She’s with her Granddaughter now and just before that she was on the phone with her mother.  That series of talks seems to be backed up too.  We’d been so busy getting ready and then these last events that our conversations got backed-up.  I don’t know if others realize it conscientiously or not, but when two people talk on a regular level, it seems that you have to touch basis with all the little things going on between one thing and the next.  Today we were touching base with Linda on things that had been happening still five days ago!  Yeeks … what’s up with that?  And then, of course there are the current things that have to get discussed right away like what’s happening in her life today and mine.  I don’t remember how it is that we started having such a nice life with Linda through the messages, but I don’t say often enough how we appreciate her almost daily conversations.  This is what having a best friend is about!

Ahh … now the night starts.  Rich just woke up from his power nap and realized it was time to go.  He’s very good at setting internal clocks, but we were watching the time too.  He’s out the door.  We’ve put on Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I’m not sure if we’re quite in the mood because it can get pretty excitable, but there is enough to play for eight hours at 126 tracks.  I’m not sure, but guessing some of the tracks are repeats, but we’re good to go for a while.  I love Rhapsody. 

Hmm, that didn’t last long … it is now later … we had apparently watched Wolf Blitzer on CNN for a while, then we had dinner, and then we fell asleep and now Linda is online again.  Maybe later?


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