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Saturday, January 5, 2013

An Auspicious Day Ahead - Peering toward Saturday!

 Friday, January 04, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

Good morning,

Our writing this morning starts with yesterday’s note to Linda.  It seemed the most succinct way to catch things up.  It’s now 11:11 AM and there has been no forward progress with the real estate today.  We are waiting on a couple of calls back, so hoping that no news is good news.  Primarily we’re waiting for Chase Bank broker through Rich’s son’s bank who took our information down yesterday (through Rich) and we’re waiting to hear from our realtor if there was a nibble on the idea of a balloon arrangement with the sellers so that we would put down a large payment and then pay them within 3-5 years. 

Dear Linda,

I'm not sure if Dr. Marvin will call or not today at 4:30 PM, but we didn't go in. It was too emotional of a day. Linda we aren't house hunting anymore. Last Saturday we found the place we wanted and have not let that go. We are trying to deal with funding issues ... We have a $70,000 down payment on a $120,000 house (60%), and Rich has a 750 credit score, AND Rich's brother will be co-signing if a deal can be made, but our long-standing issue is income-debt ratio. Rich has a low recorded income because of owning his own business and because His wife's alimony of $36,000 a year. My finances don't seem to help because of being on disability. Mark - the brother doesn't have any debt and has a $52,000 income, but he pays cash for everything so hasn't built up a credit score. An offer is being worked out with creative financing, but we might not know until tomorrow if anything works out. The seller does know we're interested - just trying to work out finances. It is in general pretty stressful and a lot of broker's have been involved. There are outstanding calls that make us jump when the phone rings.

I'm glad Teadora is going well and you’re working on getting everyone treated out tomorrow. One row on the quilt is progressive - congrats on that. We've been focusing our attention on the above, several online projects and ironing.

Maybe we'll meet up tonight.

Our best,

Dear Linda,

Update: We talked to Dr. Marvin on the phone for about a half hour. And more talking has gone on with other parties - mostly Rich talking to official people. Still won't know our next move until tomorrow. It's like that a lot. 'Cept sometimes there's a lot of crying in-between. It's hard to have so many big things up in the air and not know what is going to happen - and it’s a roller coaster as to hopes, dreams and fears. Sometimes you get into it with your partner, or at least we do, because the power balance is all off kilt. We have been taking the role of legwork and Rich has been the one communicating with official people - though they email me if there's anything written down ... they seem to know we're working together, but sometimes we feel at odds. Sometimes Rich wants to have all the answers so if we suggest something that does not originate with him - it goes through some emotional upheaval. Both of us are doing emotional somersaults ... mostly it’s just me that cries. Part of that is that we are trying to adapt to the thoughts of living with Rich and his mother at the same time. Rich is trying to instruct me of things that will change ... like we can't cry, be emotional, act like children and show irresponsibility. Ok, well you know how well that is going over. The parts upset today didn't think he wanted the REAL Ann to move in with him.

I guess that's as much an update as for now. We're on a steady keel, ironing ... Rich just got done talking about the Comcast changes with the Comcast guy and at 5:40 PM, he's just starting to make dinner ... I think we're having hamburger, rice, veggies, and maybe some soy sauce.

I didn't mean to jump on you before, but we've been trying not to overwhelm you with things going on because we know that you've been sick and that takes a lot of energy, concentration while feeling under the weather. I really do think you've done a lot with Teadora and that has been very good for her parents and Teadora. I know you get a lot out of the visits too - AND we're going to hope you've gained enough forward momentum so that it's been fun too. It is hard to be going through this much without you to talk to ... so for selfish reasons ... we hope too that you are getting better. Maybe we'll get a chance to talk at 7 PM or so. In just writing this last couple of paragraphs I've felt I've evened-up some of the discussions. Sometimes we just have to clear our chest. Thanks for listening.

Our best,
Ann Marie

Good morning Linda,

Just me ... It's about 8:30 AM ... I see you’re on line, but not sure where your focus is. We just got up about 8 AM. Rich was like stopped by to notice "sleeping beauty" was up and before I got out of bed he was talking about business and it was like whoa-whoa ... I'm not even out of bed yet! Pswhoo ... missed the bullet on that one!

I'm pretty impressed with late night grocery shopping. Did Teadora eat you out of house and home? Was there ice cream involved? Do you think you’re going to be able to go out last night AND this night? Wow! Wouldn't that be a treat! I don't know if we've planned that far ahead ... Thinking Rich doesn't have games until like Monday.

Not sure what else is happening ... I see that you're writing so we might get to talk to you in a few moments. WooHOO!!! It seems like it’s been awhile. Thinking today for me might include a load of whites ... just picking-up - haven't strayed too much here. And, maybe some more ironing - we're giving ourselves permission to relax. Hmm, forgot we were doing stuff on the Internet too. Hmm, I do seem to remember that Rich said he had about 20 names he needed emails for ... might do that sooner than later ... Part of me helping him out with the business. We have to try somewhere.

Not sure where we are at with the house ... hopefully something positive will happen today ... It would be from a broker or the seller saying they are going to be able to work with us and our financial situation. Not much else there. We did get to talk to Dr. Marvin last night and it was pretty much on the house ... and in particular the 3 hour melt down we went through yesterday ... It got better after that ... and Rich pleased us to pieces after dark  so that is always nice. Feel a LITTLE more relaxed this morning and more optimistic again.

We're letting in some more optimism because it seems like the right thing to do ... best thing is that we're still "in the game" Just have to be patient.

So what will are you doing with the day? I'm thinking you have one more day with Teadora? I saw that you made another small advance with the quilting. That's a good thing, right? I don't know what it would take to get us back in the sewing room proper. Right now it’s hard to concentrate with house thoughts. We're working on it though. I've been working with Outlook and a Microsoft program that works for sales leads and stuff, but it's another hefty monthly cost ... maybe more than anything it will help us give us ideas on how to do things, but we won't go through the proper program. It's too expensive, but we've got a 30 day free trial so should pick up ideas. We're also working with the Mind map called the Brain for organizing our thoughts. We've had a good time with that ... in that it really helps to find order ... we've used it for both the multiplicity thought and for putting order into our last business meeting with Rich. It's a start. 

Aha ... you are on the run ... I'll let you go through ... Please know we're thinking of you and hoping a good day with you and your princess!

It is us … we’re back again in real time.  It is now 11:38 AM.  We made it official that the last three posts to Linda have started this blog entry.  They just have so much succinct information that we didn’t want to think new all over again.  We did add a picture of the front of the place we are looking at.  I think our building though is in reverse of this one.  Our seller had taken a side view of the garage.  One of the things that I don't think we’ve written about yet is that our realtor talked to the condo board and they are saying that we have to present the chair lift officially, but that in the past they have accepted such offers.  So that was a real positive thing.  The condo we’re looking at is on the second floor, but it’s all on one floor.  We’ve probably said that already, but we’re pretty nervous and we’re just running off steam.

We’re thinking it MUST be popcorn time now … It will be ready in a few seconds.  Ahh NICE!

Good good done with that … been corresponding a little with my sister too.  Today is her moving day – at least the packing part … I think they get the truck today and pack it and then move it tomorrow morning.  Then they drive the 5 hours East to West Bend and they are home again.  I think they’ve been in MN for the last year and a half or so.  We never made it up that far, but we did see her in-between when we met in WI to do the sewing.  So that was nice.  We’re planning to get together for a dinner out on Sunday for her birthday – so will be looking forward to that … What SHE has to go through from now to then – SURE DON’T WANT a part of THAT!  YEEKS!

We’re thinking now though that we might want to jump in the shower.  I have to keep working on things to take the stress off … Doesn’t seem to make sense doing all this worry … it’s not going to be moving anything along.  Hmm, must have been on the same plain as Rich … he jumped into the shower first.  I think we’re going to try not being so fearful.  That is sorta what our horoscope is saying today … it says it’s holding me back from something risky and that if I get past it and overcome we might find something wonderful.  I think that’s really good advice.  It is probably often stated to people who are “Cancers.” 

Hmm, maybe it’s just trying, however, to get us past this afternoon by sending us to the shower without our phone.  That be a good deal too, right?

We’ve spent a few daredevil-ish moments this morning by looking at the place from different viewpoints.  This is our best shot of the REAL front of our building. 

I am thinking we’re on the upper left and that as we walk up and go through the door on the left, we are then facing our front living room windows to the rear of the building where the enclosed balcony is.  I don’t have a very good layout of the interior other than you can get to the bedrooms through the back of the living room or through the kitchen and that the kitchen attaches to the breakfast nook and to the one side of that nook is the family room and the other side is the living room – so that means that all sets of those windows look out the same direction (family room, breakfast nook, living room – and that sees through the windows of the balcony). 

There are a few things we’re not familiar with other than the layout of the bedrooms and that hall.  Basically, there are supposed to be three skylights I don’t remember – most likely in the living room, and that there is supposed to be an attic attached – maybe through one of the closets.  I’m thinking that when you come into the bedroom to the left is the bed area and then to the right is a bathroom and closet area … and then back in the hall – is another full bath and that maybe it has two doors … one from the bedroom and one from the hall.  But I couldn’t bet on that – just that it’s the same center section so that our bath and closet butt-up to the other one and our closet and Rich’s Mom’s closet is in that same center section.  I think.  I really don’t remember and the views we keep looking at aren’t very helpful.  If we were to sign-on this house … I would definitely ask to see it again – this time maybe with a camera and tape measure.  Being us … we would want to figure out where the furnishings are going.

I think the hardest part right now is that I can’t seem to figure out how to do my sewing room – based on the information that Rich is giving.  He wants the desk in that room AND he wants to put a guest sofa bed AND there is no closet and he DOESN’T want me to put our shelves up off the wall.  He’s saying lower shelves, but there isn’t enough wall space for that. 

AHA!  Shower is done as we’re closing in on the 1 PM hour.  Better take our medicine too.

Ok, ok … that’s all done.  There’s been a small break in that we told Rich in passing from his shower to ours that we’d have to have shelves.

Ok, ok … we’re good to go now … It’s quite a while later.  It’s 2:33 PM.  We still haven’t heard anything from people but Rich is now saying that the realtor and the bank person are not going to be in today – and it might even be until Monday.  Oh man-oh-man … PLEASE do not get any offers over the weekend.  This is a hard spot to be in.  But, it seems we’ve been around the bend and back.  We were at a site that was crazy good in giving ideas on built-in bookcases.  The site allowed us to go from one picture to another and they were all beautiful.  I’m pretty sure gauging the cost of the homes that they were way out of our category to build.  We looked up builders around Joliet and that got scary too … so then we backed down and looked at bookshelves that were available by store, but then in the long run – the ones that were economical were still “assembly required,” and then we came full circle to thinking … you know there is nothing wrong with my bookcases that we have primarily here in the living room.  They aren’t full height, but they are a good 6’T-2 ½W-1.1D.  AND the thing is that Rich already said we could have two in the LR – one for our good books and one for our school books.  That’s actually a pretty good deal, because that leaves four bookshelves – we have 6 of the above for the Family room – IF we get the place.  Thing is that it makes things workable.

4 shelves x 30” is 120” and the room is 144” wide (12’).  That means we have 2’ to spare so we can either center the bookshelves or leave 2’ on one end or another.  The room is 15’ long … that means we could put our desk where they had put their desk – 64”W and then we could add a typical 8’ long chair (96”) and then we would add the 13”D of the bookshelves which would mean we’d have 7” between the sleeper sofa and the bookshelves.  SO … it would go 64” desk, 96” couch, 7” empty space, and 13” bookshelves.  That way there is a slight amount of room so that when you pull out the couch there would be room.  AHA!  This is even better!

This is 1 1/2’ more narrow, but it is still a Queen size sleeper … it turns out with the 5x6’ mattress pulled out, that the bed would be about 90” long (7 ½).  That would leave 90 bed plus 30” for table depth = 120” and the room is 144” wide so it leaves 2’ from the one wall to the other with 2’ between end of bed and sewing.  PERFECT!  And, then figuring out the other dimension … Well first … 36” + 30” is 66” minus room width of 144” so there would be 6 ½ feet normally between the closed couch and the table.  That works.  And now 64” desk + 78” sofa width + 13” shelving depth = 180” (15’) so 180 – 155 = 25”…

Hmm, that’s good and bad … it would leave about 2’ on either end – or the couch would be centered leaving 1’ on each end, BUT it would mean that we couldn’t leave the one sewing table up if we had guest … because the table is 30” – so we’re about 5” short of space.  The tables would go in an L shape like they are now with one part of the L – the 96” side facing the window wall across from the sofa sleeper and then the shorter side – 90” would be directly in front of the shelving unit.  The table has fold down legs so that wouldn’t be so bad, but underneath the table is three of the under-bed storage containers.  That would have to stay … ok, let’s measure that.  Ok, push come to shove … they are 20” and we have 25” between the bed pulled-out and the bookshelves … so that means we’d have enough room to stack them behind the folded-up table and we’d have 5” to leave the table on its side with legs folded under … that works for me … IN the pinch we have a sleepover like if Jillian, Thom or Mark slept over.  Ok, it’s working pretty well.  Now we’ve got to think one more thing. 

The depth of the desk is 24-28” depending on whether it is flush against the wall or pulled out because of cord storage.  Let’s say 28” since we can’t really move the desk for cords if we needed to get in there.  So the desk is 28” and the couch is 36” both in depth – meaning the desk is 8” narrower than the bed.  SOOOO, do we put the sofa bed and desk in which order?  Does the sofa bed OR the desk come first?  It is a 12’ (144”) room width … and with the 2nd table up – that is 90” of space = 144-90 = 54”.  54” – 36 = 18” between the couch and the table or 26” between desk and table.  Hmm, but thinking here that the desk has a chair and is that much wider … so we’re GOING to need to put the desk first so it is more across from only the 30” of the first table … 144-30-28” = 86” or just over 7’ for the chair and space between it and the sewing machine.  There’s another consideration though because we would still like to add 40” to the 30” so that we could have an ironing station like we have now with the little sewing table.  So that would be 86”- 40” – 46” so there would be in that little U-shaped square 3.8’ for the chair.  Looking at that now.  Using the desk, the chair normally sits 36” from the desk although the chair is 23” deep.  Ok, that would work … it’s a little constricting, but that leaves 10” for the chair to be pushed toward the little sewing table.  The chair would be used for both desk and sewing sooo it would seem when the chair wasn’t being used – you could leave it in the more open big sewing table area and then there would be the 3’8” opening to the inner square of the room – especially if someone wants to enter the area to sew or sit on the couch.  GREAT!

There is one other consideration though that is coming to me now.  The big table is 96” wide (8’) and the room is 15’ long … we already know now how the desk, sofa sleeper and 7.5’ table and shelves are going to go … but where is the other table going to be centered on the 15’ wall?  If it were centered … there would be 3 ½ on either side.  If it were butted in front of the 2nd table as is now.  It would be 13” from the bookshelves – which would leave it 71” from the edge of the room which is almost 6’ – again about 3’ on either side or the 6’ at the end.  I’m thinking now about what else might go on that 6’ wall between the family room and the kitchen.  What comes to mind now is the drafting table, the stool, the small fridge, and what else … OHHHH, wait a minute … we’ve still got to work out the printer.  How is that going to happen.  That is sitting on a horizontal drawers that is 34”W and 21” deep.  That’s going to have to go somewhere and we still have to come up with a place for the 10 drawer piece which is 12”Wx14”D.  I suppose these are the really small things, but have to be thought out as to the layout of what we do.  AND, there is the matter of the ironing table.  It is 67” long.  I guess that really answers what is going to have to go in that space? 

I’m not sure … have to think another plan … in that we have to consider where it goes and if it is going to be used in the living room so we can still do work where Rich is.  This gets a little confusing, because it also covers where Rich’s mother is going to be.  She’ll have basically seven different spaces.  She’ll be in her bedroom or bath, kitchen or breakfast nook, dining room table or balcony and she also needs that one spot in the living room which is comfortable.  I think she would use the walker to get from place to place, and is at this point feeling most comfortable with the wheel chair.  That means we’ve got to keep a path open for that …

Around the kitchen table it seem best to leave an opening nearest the door going to the balcony.  That gives her access to the door for smoking, to look in the sewing room and to look in the kitchen.  I think she might even have a view to the dining room table, but the room might be to set-in to look into the living room.  As to bedroom, bath, balcony and kitchen we’re not going to worry so much about that for now because those rooms are more open to possibility.  I’m also going to assume although she could get in my sewing room and our bedroom and bath … most likely that won’t happen often.  As to the bed and bath – they are our private spaces with Rich, and as to the sewing room … she’ll be much more comfortable in the kitchen looking in.  If the ironing board was right on that 6’ wall between the sewing room and the kitchen, she would be best likely to be hearing us and the desk chair would be in about the right space.  That would give us a comfortable thing to do if she was just talkative so that we could still be working with our hands.  There is also enough room so that we could pull out the ironing board to sit in back of it so we’re faced into the other rooms rather than looking at a wall.  That sounds good so far.  But, it would mean we needed to move the table to the living room if we were going to work around Rich while watching TV.  We might want to consider that if we were going to be in the living room with Rich, we might be more likely to be reading – though distraction with the TV.  The table is moveable and we’d have to think that out … it doesn’t seem there is much room for it in the living room without really being in the way.  That would be a loss not to iron around Rich though.  I think so far – it still seems best to iron between the sewing room and breakfast nook on the 6’ wall.

That leads to the next question.  Basically, we are thinking about the placement and use of the living room to incorporate all three of us comfortably and being open enough for guest without seeming too strange.  We’re thinking at this point, that we are going to get Thom’s table back.  CS wants to get rid of it and it seems like a nice table to put in our dining space.  Our kitchen table will go in the breakfast area nicely.  Thom’s table is bigger.  Because it is Rich’s mother … she’s going to want a table cloth on it so we won’t get the advantage of seeing it as a glass table, but that is ok.  The nice part about the table is that it doesn’t have traditional table leg problems because it is held up by some architecture toward the middle of the table.  That means that Rich’s mom will be able to pull up her wheelchair – OR, sit in something at the table.  We would still have to obtain chairs, because CS gave the others away – or Nathan.  I think the table is able to sit 8 comfortably which is really a nice number … and it still allows the other table sitting 6 to be up in the breakfast nook for guests.  GOOD DEAL … saw that one right away.  I’m thinking that the two Baker’s racks will sit next to each other where the current owner has the dining room cabinet.  It isn’t really fancy, but it will do.  I’m thinking that we’ll put up my Grandmother’s dishes, and then Rich might get his Grandmother’s dishes from his ex’ house, or if that doesn’t work, we can make a space for our other Grandmother’s dishes.  It will be a while before Ame is ready to use them, and I think Maury wouldn’t mind having them at our place until he gets settled some day. 

I’m thinking that the two current couches – the one in our LR now and the one now in our sewing room which were meant to be together might be put in the living room where the current owners couches are.  Ours are a little bigger – because they are full size and we’re thinking now that the two LR bookshelves that Rich is allowing with our encyclopedia set and school books can go on either side of the couch against the long wall between the front door and fire place.  I’m thinking that I don’t know where the treadle and the tea cart are going, but it is a possibility that the treadle machine goes in our bedroom or against the wall leading into the bedrooms as a standalone – night stand for a lamp and the teacart could go between the couches in the 90 degree corner in front of the one shelve closer to the door than fireplace.  I’m thinking now between the two couch ends.  I’d like to keep the couches balanced with three seats each … I’m imagining that the one I sit in (lounge) will be on the floating side toward the center of the room. 

I am playing with the pictures.  There are two ways it can really go … either left arm, straight, right arm against the wall and then floating straight, straight, and lounge … that way there is ends on both sides of the wall and an open couch toward the tea table in the corner.  The other way is to go open, open right arm against the wall and then left arm, straight and then lounge.  That way there are arms not only on the lounge, but toward the ends of both couches toward the 90 degree turn toward the table … and then there is an open couch nearest the fireplace.  I think I like the second choice better.  I like that the two inside corner people can be leaning on the arms talking to one another.  The teacart is in the perfect position there for coffee or whatever.  There is no doubt that in the middle of the couch area is going to be the round table.  I like it now more that the sewing machine is toward the little wall between the front door and the bedrooms.  We’re thinking it is like a hall piece, but still in the more open room.  It puts a nice light toward the back too.  

I think the next question is concerning Rich’s space.  To keep the rooms open between the dining room and the living room – we really need to put the couches where just discussed.  It seems the space now in contention is the space between the glass windows with the dining room buffet on one side and the fireplace on the other.  That space has two chairs. There is no doubt that Rich’s chair will sit in one of those positions.  It will be a decisive move whether though the TV will remain on the consul it is on now next to the fireplace in that Rich wouldn’t have a good view of it from his chair.  He might have the best angle if he’s sitting where the stuffed chair is toward the dining room and the TV is on top of the fireplace.  That is my preference at least.  I think it would be good in that Rich’s chair swivels, so that it could be faced toward the TV (if left a little from the wall (standing light would be closest to the wall), and then he could swivel toward the dining area where most likely his mother is going to be.

A couple of questions then arise.  In the inner stuffed chair place, could we place the drafting table?  Will it be in the living room or fairly banished?  It is like 4’ x 2 1/2’ and Rich’s chair is closer to 3’ x 3’.  If Rich was sitting at it with the long side up against the windows (balcony where his Mother would be smoking) then it would seem ok.  If he were sitting in his chair looking over it to where the TV would be on the fireplace, it would seem ok.  But if the table was pulled out so that a chair could sit in back of it … it would be out in the room by about 3 more feet.  This would seem better in that he could look out though it wouldn’t be a good position to watch TV.  I think he has in mind using the table when doing work during the day where now he’s using the kitchen table.  He’d have from one view the balcony and outside, and he’d have from the other view the full living room – and looking to the right toward the kitchen table and in back of that the family room.  But would it make a difference if the table was out in front of his chair when looking in towards the living room?  Another option for a better view might be that his chair go next to our lounge toward the middle of the room, but even with the dining room table pushed back to that wall, it might become a barrier for Rich’s Mom walking from the front door to her spaces.  We could think also of not having the drafting table and that Rich would sit at the dining table for his office.  I feel that is the better option, but not sure which Rich prefers. 

If it would be me at the drafting table at night when Rich is …

Ok, that wasn’t good.  Rich just got a call from Chase and they said no.  Rich didn’t want to say much because he was still digesting the call, but he has to know that we need to digest the call too.  This puts more pressure on other options.  Rich has called Charlie about an hour ago too and he’s going to try following up with a call to the other realtor to see if the balloon idea might work.  Rich said it was the same thing with Chase and that the low debt/income ration of Rich and his brother not having established credit were the two strongest factors in their saying no.  I’m trying not to be negative though.  I think if neither of these options worked and now we now at least one won’t – it means that we either close down the dream, or look further.  Optimally, we would hope next for the sellers to saying yes toward financing us … but if that didn’t work either … we’d be at a really lower point.  I think the next option Rich would use was to ask his brother to finance with his part of the inheritance.  I don’t know if either would consider it.  It certainly not the best option for Mark, in that it ties up his own money with his family for 3 to 5 years.  Rich’s mother has $75,000, Rich has $25,000 and I’m the lightweight at $10,000.  That would mean offering the sellers $10,000 less than it is being asked.  Perhaps between Rich and his brother and his mother they could try to squeak out a few thousand more, but then maybe we could too … Rich is holding an extra couple of thousand for us that could get thrown in … we still have an emergency dental care if my dental can’t wait. 

Rich and I just got together to talk a bit.  That was nice.  We’re both down a bit, but still determined to make it work.  I think he’s thinking like me and that we’re going to have to go with asking Mark to loan us the money.  It would be his half of his mother’s trust.  I know that in like 3-4 years he’s going to want to retire and buy a place too, but by then hopefully we would pay him back because we’d only be paying about $300 toward insurance, tax and condo assessment.  I think we might need to lean on one of the mothers or Mark to help us get the stair chair in.  We are also going to need moving and for that Rich might have to borrow against his business debt.  He figures that it will take about $2000-2500.  There are also a few other things like we need to buy a bed for Rich’s Mom.  She wants her dresser moved and a particular crystal light which are no problems.  I’m thinking that we have a flat screen TV and that it would be mountable, and then we’d put the TV stand in his Mom’s room.  We’d have one in the sewing room as it is now and then we’d probably have to do a little $100 flat screen for Rich’s mother and most likely it would sit on the kitchen table where she’d be most comfortable.  It’s fine to say she can use the big one, but most likely Rich would be in the living room and there wouldn’t be TV on during the day while he was working.  It seems then that we’re all zoned into our own spaces.

Rich takes over the living room, Rich’s Mom the breakfast nook and balcony, me the sewing/writing room/guest room – we all are in and out of the kitchen and for privacy we have the separate bedrooms and baths.  I think we could really make it work … I feel like we’re on bended knees.  Please let’s hope that this still happens and we’re not going to lose the place to another, or that we can’t make some kind of finances work.  Rich and I would be fine because we’d just stay here, but there’d be a lot of days left where he’d have to run overnight to Rich’s Mom’s and Bud’s place.  I still don’t know if they are talking.  It seems that’s really the major purpose of this all is in giving those two some space.  Without that none of this would be a life priority.  Rich and I still have a place we can do with the apartment.  AND, while we’re here, we still have some privacy.  There’s no doubt we’ve appreciated that a lot over the years.

I’m trying to think if there wasn’t anything else we wanted to remember from Rich and our conversation.  I think we’ve covered the basics.  He wants to allow that we might need to get yet a smaller place and he reminded me of the places at Pembridge in Joliet.  There is one being offered for $69,900 and another for $85,500 neither have a small LR/den/office that could be made into a bedroom on the first floor.  There is the one lived in by the cowboy also on Harbor like the one we want …. That one is for $117,500.  It needs more work and doesn’t have an enclosed porch.  The rooms are longer and not as squared off, but there is a nice wooded area in back of it.  That would be one last failsafe attempt – hoping that at least he might carry paper on it … This is by no way an easy thing to go through.

Now it is after dinner.  Rich made BBQ pork, potatoes and beans.  It was good but too much meat.  We stayed and finished a NCIS and now he’s watching a fishy show.  He’s proud he worked 10 full hours at the table without too much rest.  He woke up early to get a good start.  Now he has four shows in front of him on his schedule he wants to watch.  We figure we’ll finish up here with the writing and then move on.  We missed Linda for a good portion of the day.  She’s been with her Grandchild most of the day and from what we heard had an early dinner with Tony and she’s looking officially now forward to the weekend with him.

There was one more call that was made in that Rich talked to his son Chris and the two we’re trying to get psyched up on some foreclosures.  I think it is a hard thing to chase dreams like that … and there is some guilt for doing so at the misfortune of others.  I think the realtor also stated that because people are trying to pick them up who are investors it’s hard to be in the right place at the right time. 

Hmm, we were looking at homes again … we saw a few interesting ones, but not much for less money – none than I like better than ours.  Ok, yes, we’re getting a little possessive.  We’d like to think we can still do this.  I think we’ve worked ourselves up to popcorn again.  It’s 8 PM and Rich’s show is almost over.  He’s going to have some popcorn too and we’re both drinking tea, but it warmed me up too much.  I’m thinking we’re wrapping it up in a few and might do some ironing next.  I don’t know if Rich is still planning to watch one more fishing show.  I’m not sure if that would make me try to write a little longer.  Not much to say at this point – if your still reading … you worked through our day with us. 

I don’t know if we could really think through a good summary.  I liked it today that there was so much time put into writing in that it was better concentration than I’ve been able to do lately.  Hmm, Rich just stopped by and asked me to watch TV with him after he makes his popcorn.  That’s a good deal … definitely the ironing then.  But, as to the summary?  I think we really paid attention to the horoscope … I know, I know.  We teased Dr. Marvin about paying so much money to him and then following the horoscope.  Silliness abounds.  Today the focus was on trying not to be afraid … and for that it meant that we continue to dream about the house we want instead of just staring at the wall more like happened yesterday.  We’re not unreasonable so if this didn’t go through we’d put our thoughts toward working out the next place, but we really want this to be OUR place.  Even down to it being on the second floor WITH the chair lift … it’s perfect for us.  I did look back at the more traditional – especially the ones with the lofts.  There was one for a little more, but it was 2 bedrooms on the first floor and a large loft being the only thing on the second floor.  But, we forgot to mark it and don’t know how to get back … tried again … didn’t find it don’t remember if it were Joliet or Lockport or other.

Well not much of a summary, but it is now 11:11 PM.  Rich has gone to bed and is there reading, and we’re just finishing our ironing and we seem to have David Letterman on … it’s a lot of noise.  I might turn it off?  Seems a good idea.  There done deal.  We had had a large pile to go through that was set there last night.  We had started, but today we finished our pile.  I’ve got three stacks to be sorted and one extra stack of the 6x6”.  Feeling pretty good about that kind of productivity.  There’s no extra word about real estate and we’ve been able to forget about it for a couple of days.  That’s a good deal.  I really did enjoy working with the fabric.  We watched a couple of shows with Rich and that was nice too.  We teased him because it had been a long time and we’d not said anything to each other.  Lord only knows what we get from watching TV together.  I suppose if my hands weren’t busy with the ironing, then we’d be massaging him, but sometimes that needs a little break too.  I’m thinking that about now we should be getting this entry posted.  It’s a pretty long one – stretching out to about twelve pages.  I think we’re going to take one more positive look at the condo.

I’m really appreciative of how clean the unit is and what great shape the carpet is in.  I also really like the mellow colors of pale yellow and green.  I know it’s not very exciting, but it seems just right to us.  I know that we spent a lot of time today going over the particulars.  I’m grateful for your patience in going through it with us.  Tonight while looking into the rooms we also see the shape of furniture, the dream of turning on the fireplace for the first time, looking at the beautiful lights and drapery and wondering what it would really be like with Rich’s Mom in the house and how that all would feel.  I’m thinking in general it will be a positive experience and although she still drinks, smokes and yells, she’s still 82 years old and there is something blessed about that.  Hmm, we’re thinking now that the TV would fit on the ledge of the mantel.  Never thought of that before.  I suppose one could worry about it tipping, but it takes up just so much space and it’s never tipped on the cabinet we’ve had it.  The base is actually about 9” and the TV itself is only 3-4”   It be really cool if it would just be that easy.  It’s really a nice fireplace … It’s all sandstone brick and the inside pit part is covered with a black screen and there is a little ledge to sit if you are small enough, but also maybe to put your feet up on … it’s a perfect fire place and on a really nice angle to the room that duplicates the front door.  I think we talked about the perfectly scalloped drapes and such and again the nice lighting that’s over the two tables.  I still don’t know where the skylights are, but thinking they must be toward the tip top part of the vaulted ceiling.  Again, we too … don’t know where the attic is, but if it had a floor, we could see pushing our books up through it.  I don’t have to have them displayed, I would like to know they were there.  Maybe one day if we could keep the place after Rich’s Mom passed, we would be able to make the 2nd bedroom into a study/guest room.  It would please me to again have the books up, but for now they can rest.  

I like the color of cabinets in the kitchen – like a light oak and I like the white tile floor and appliances.  We just noticed this morning that the sink has THREE parts – double whit larger sinks and then a middle shallow one for vegetables.  Man oh man … I keep finding new ways to love this place.  I also like the peninsula in the kitchen facing the table and imagine Rich standing there with all his bowls and cutting utensils in order. Wow!  Another thing!  I didn’t notice it before, but there is a pass through over the kitchen sink to the dining room.  Oh man oh man what a wonderful new surprise that is!  I didn’t remember that part at all!  I Just LOVE IT!  How could I have missed that?  Lordy where’s our brain?  It has a nice wide cut-out the size of our double sink and it has a nice wooden ledge in between that matches the wood work. 

I don’t think there is anything new in the family room.  We already knew it had really nice wooden floors.  I am noticing now though that it seems the curtain – just the top café part appears dark or maybe even the same red as the one in the breakfast nook.  We might have mentioned it before, but we think there is a ceiling fan in the family room and both bedrooms.  Rich’s Mom’s bathroom is very much like ours but everything like the appliances are white.  I do have to remind myself that it doesn’t appear the washer and dryer are part of the deal.  The master bedroom has a little bit of a cut-out area that is big enough for a queen size bed.  We’re thinking that our bed would really fill that area nicely.  Wow!  That’s another thing we didn’t notice.  In actuality, the master bathroom is to the left.  I thought it was on the right.  You look and look at these pictures and it’s hard to imagine you could miss so much.

I’m thinking too there was some kind of area in the hall for towels and medicines and that there must be some kind of front hall closet.  I’m thinking that the only thing we use our closet for is storage though it holds some old coats and officials clothing for Rich.  I can’t remember the size of the closets, but I’m thinking it was a bit of a walk-in … Think we remember that we thought it would work for both Rich and us.  The next question would be – Could we make it work so that the front hall closet would be used for our fabrics?  We really have no idea how the bedroom doors connect with the hall bath, linen, utility room and front hall closets.  I would really like to get back in there again.  One more small thing we’re noticing right now.  I’m not sure how the bathroom is done … it seems the toilet area is through its own door.  So we’re guessing on the other side of the long sink is the whirlpool tub and shower.  The thing that seems new is the color of the walls in the bathroom.  It is a paler, but very complimentary color to the curtains in our sewing room.  I’m thinking that over the tub area, we could easily hang the curtains so that it gives the appearance of a window in back of the tub. Looking at the tub picture now … we’re thinking how pretty that would be.  It’s like one of my favorite colors right now … it’s sort of coral.  There is also we’re now noticing a nice tile on the floor, surrounding the top of the tup and up the side of the tub.  Whoever designed this place was really good.

One last thing in the last picture we didn’t put together until now.  There is two desks in Rich’s Mom’s room.  We saw two chairs in there I’m sure, but never registered that it was two chairs.  Interesting.  It’s like new sight tonight.  I also don’t remember what the windows were like in the bedroom though it seems the bedroom walls and most likely the hall areas are white.  We can see the double windows in his Mom’s room, but we’re noticing this time they seem to have the kind of panes you turn in a circle which are really the best kind in my book.  Looking one more time at the living room and we’re thinking that the four windows have the pull down shades behind the scallop and that the up and down shades are part of the outside of the screened balcony … Man … wouldn’t that be nice … A view AND privacy.  We are also noticing that the railing part and the framing of the balcony is there, but that the upper and lower parts are sky colored so we think that it must be a full window?  Could we have missed a floor to ceiling window?  Maybe just like we missed the pass through and discovered earlier today that there is a pantry at the end of the kitchen. 

Man oh man – what a discovery tonight has been.  We’re pretty sure that Rich has gone to bed and we haven’t been talking to him today at all about the place, because we don’t want to jinx it.  But, I’m really going to push tomorrow I think that we make an offer on the place AND that we do it by asking Mark to bank roll us.  Again, I don’t know if that’s possible and I’m not sure if they would accept something less if not accepting the balloon, but we really have to try.  Maybe all this time waiting is good for us, but maybe it is just enough to drive us crazy … ok, we’re not going there again.  We weren’t going to be afraid.

AHA!  It’s now midnight exactly.  We wanted to read our new horoscope before going to bed.  Let it be soon that things all works out.  Ok, we’re going for it … gotta read it, right?

Ok, good … good … This is what it says (we can email it to ourselves and then copy/paste here J).  We are Cancer and Rich is Sagittarius. 

Cancer Jan 5 2013 
You can make big, positive changes in your life this year, Moonchild. After the difficulties of last year - with each step that felt like an uphill battle - you may find this hard to believe. You may have come to feel oppressed or unable to help yourself. But you are strong and you are resilient, and this year you will be inspired to move forward toward an auspicious and happy future. And when you need a little help, the universe will step in and provide what you need, as long as you keep trying and keep believing. 

Oh man oh man!  I believe … I do believe!

Sagittarius Jan 5 2013 
You may soon find yourself filling the role of a host or a hostess for a group of people. Usually, Sagittarius, this is a task that you are well-suited for. You can be gracious and welcoming. You are certainly organized and a great planner. But this particular group may contain a person or two that you don't really care for. Let's face it, you aren't always the most politically correct person, and you have a tendency to speak your mind when someone gets to you. So this should be a good exercise in self-control. If you can master it, you will be able to make something wonderful happen through a connection you would never have expected.

As for Rich … we are going to look at it most likely for the new day … that I’m thinking at least that his host position is going to be with his family and the hardships they sometimes cause each other.  One way or another … between Rich and us … we’re getting vibes for inspired, move forward, auspicious and happy future if we keep trying and believing AND that wonderful things are going to happen through and unexpected connection.  I’m going to put this down to bed tonight then … that Saturday – today is going to be a very good day.  Might as well believe, right?!!

Nighty nite.

OH MY GOSH!!!  We did it … we hit over 10,000 pageviews!


One thing more ... the day after.  We figured out for privacy??  We're going to for sure take the drapes from the living room here.  There are four panels and they are each 60" wide so that is 240" or 20' and the space between one sewing room wall and the other is 12 ' so there can be 8' of gathering, but in general if someone were to stay at our place, we could shut the drapes on a bar between the sewing room and the breakfast nook.  We still have the sashes too to pull the drapes back toward one side of the room or the other.  That's a REALLY good idea ... We're really adamant in that Mark stays with his mother sometimes like 3-4 times every 4-6 weeks.  That would work out for us to have him stay at our place.  I'm pretty sure from what Rich is saying that he's not going to want to stay with Bud.  Although there is an empty room, Mark is pretty upset with the guy too. It looks like the same pinkish/coral that is in the curtain is in the tiffany type light above the kitchen table and the upper cafe curtain in the window ... thinking that's going to be a good deal and especially because the curtain has a rubbery padding on the back so that no light can get through.  It's not a perfect "bedroom," but it's enough privacy so that your not startled by someone next to you at the kitchen table directly.  WooHOO!!!  This is a good use of space - Ann!

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