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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Please Don't be Mad at Us :(

Dear Rich,

I don't want you to be mad at us, but we have been dealing with our finances for the last couple of days.  i wanted to let you know what we've been up to.  At the top of the story, I want to tell you that I believe we can clear $92,000 of debt over the course of four years.  Just listen patiently, kk?

To start with a few highlights... this worrying over our credit and debt/income ratio for the house has played a number on our head.  The first thing we did was start to take care of the school loan exit interview from Jones.  I believe we've talked a little about this.  We need that paperwork to be finished (may need your help) so that this other stuff can be put in motion.  From looking at that paperwork, I called the Department of Education Ombudsman.  Their best advice was to get the school or you to help do this paperwork, and then call the school loans place and ask for a total and permanent disability (TPD) release of debt payment.  After getting underway we found we have three school loans.  ACS is $34,726.41, Great Lakes is $21,870.45, and Nelnet is $15,821.37.  It totals to $72,418.23.  

The TPD is the secret to disposing of the $72,418.23.  It is a three year process, but from what I read today, who I've talked to from the loan places, and Dr. Marvin, nobody seems to think I will have a problem getting it, especially, because I've already been approved for federal disability.  We will start looking at the paperwork over the weekend.  (Jade is tomorrow at 10:30 AM, so we'll leave here about 9:30AM and get back here around 12:30-1 PM.  We're yours for the rest of the day.  There is also a matter of Prudential calling us this afternoon to schedule an appointment ... are we getting life insurance?  We need to go over your schedule so we can commit to some time for that. There is some documentation I'll have to do for the school loans, and Dr. Marvin will have a component he will have to do.  Hopefully, then we'll be approved.  There is also paperwork for a kind of deferment with all three loans so that I should have to pay zero dollars while the process of this three year thing is going through.  They want to make sure we stay disabled.  We're also making sure your on the general list for all so that you can step in and ask questions of them at any time in the process.  That was for our own well-being.  The bottom line is that if everything works out we should owe nothing in three years time.

The next thing we thought of doing was to get our credit report.  This was done - though it cost $1.  A copy of that is in the attachment.  Also, in the attachments are a tablecloth I want - it's vinyl like the last one for $27 (including shipping).  We can take our time in getting that, but want it sooner than later so we can have Thom over for dinner. NO work on it!  Who knows?  Maybe something of having kids for Easter too.  The last page/attachment is our 30 some page credit report as just mentioned and the middle two pages are my summary of the credit report and the TOTALS we owe to clear our credit.  

We should do that next to clear the path of thoughts.  Going to the second page - about 1/3 down ... we get to the "Actual Debt."  The first amount $2,320.00 is the amount I'm still trying to clear up between Dr. Marvin's billing and Medicaid.  It is the amount due for Dr. Marvin in June of 2012 ... and we definitely met our spend down so should balance out to zero.  We had written a note about it to the medicaid lady and asked her to call us when the last billing went out, but it's still in process.

The next amount is the amount that we owe Medical Business Bureau (MBB).  This came down a lot since we got Medicaid, but it IS our balance.  Our payments of it will get recorded with the Medicaid stuff toward spenddown which should help us stay ahead of the cards, so we can use Medicaid for medicine.  On the very bottom i noted that I want to pay them $95 a month for one year, and then we will have worked the debt down to zero.  To do this, I am willing to cancel the pottery quilts ($34.90), cancel my adobe ($31.86), and cancel my rhapsody ($14.99) which totals $81.75 of the $95.  I would like as a gift ... if I get the medical bill paid for MBB in one year, the permission to complete the quilt package, get the Adobe again, and get the rhapsody again.  AFTER one year and the other payment is complete.  I'm not sure if I could get the Adobe for that price because I won't be a student, but we'll worry about that then when the time comes.  Basically, it means in one year I want permission to spend up to $100 a month on auto-STUFF. :)

Ok, the next part, you are not going to like.  I made arrangements to pay $10 to clear my account with Souma Diagnostics ... they weren't in the office, but we left a message.  In a few days it is going to collection and we're trying extremely hard to clear our debt collection problems.  Please understand this ... it isn't a loss to you, it is a gain for both of us.  We're fighting windmills with you here.  The second thing which might frustrate you more, is that we owe La Grange Hospital $175 and this has been going on WAY TOO LONG.  I'm putting my foot down.  I paid them out of my checking account today $75 (I have like $108 in the account) and I prepaid them for February 5th the amount of $100.  I have $2400some in my other account and I'd like you to put that ($175) back in my checking account from my second account.  I know you are going to yell, but if I go through all this work to relieve $92,000 and you are having problems with a mere $200 appx., then we might as well stop our financial working together.  It has to be some compromise.  I believe that I am doing enough work with these financial matters to beg some assisted thinking here.  Please let go of the money and let's move on.  Please don't yell at me about this.  I'm not willing to argue.  It's a done deal.

Ok, the money left from paying off school loans in three years, the money paid to correct the June, 2012 billing between UIC and Medicaid, comes to $74,738.23 that we never have to exchange a dollar for.  Please be appreciative none of this is magic.  The $175, the $10 and the $1,137.59 is going to Medical will be worked through the hard way ... we have to pay them out of what we earn. After Feb 5th the $185 will be completely paid, and in twelve months at $95 the MBB will be paid, soooo we won't have any more medical bills.  It should be good there with everything going to Medicaid. And then, ALL our medical expenses should be at zero.  

The only debt remaining on the credit report at that time, will be the $16,020 that I still owe on my car.  There are 47 months (just shy of 4 years) to pay it at $345 a month.  This is why I say that we can completely get that $92,000 to zero in four years.  Again, medical is done in one year, School loans are done in 3 years and in 4 years we will be done with the car payment.  If we continue driving the car as we are presently, in four more years (2017) we will have a five year old car, we owe nothing on it, and it won't have much more than 27,500 miles on it.  I rate that at the present 1 year=5,500 miles x 5 years = 27,500.  We are really running sweetly and have no doubt the car will be fantastic for many years past that.  

I've searched over and over again through the credit report.  We don't owe ANYTHING past these amounts.  In the process I found that one of my credit scores was 730 and the three total averaged 675.  We're doing so much better in life since you took over the bills!  Matter of fact the report said that our payment history is 100%.  I've got you to be proud of for that.  It also said that my debt/credit ratio was 34%  It means even with my low income and credit history I'm doing better than you in that area.  I think you were closer to 75%.  I want to help you to do better with sales and so maybe then we get you down to a reasonable number too.  We can do this sweetie!

Ok, now if you aren't lying on the floor by now, I want to pass on one more thing.  Tonight the accountant sent us some "stuff" so we could get taxes reported.  SOOOO, tonight I finished everything I needed to do for taxes and I sent it in.  Yup yup ... taxes are done for me for the year.  I didn't pay in, so I don't expect anything back, but it was a process that had to be completed anyway, especially with accounting for school.

OK ... AGAIN.  I think anyone that could wipe out $92,000 of debt in 2-3 days AND do her taxes shouldn't be YELLED AT.  I've been working very hard to be my fair share in this partnership.  SOOOO please go tell Ann with a kiss that she's done good!  PLEASE!!?????  I'm still looking to be that trophy girlfriend. :) :)

I love you,


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