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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Post not done, but thought we should catch-up

Monday, January 7, 2013 (an all nighter)

Hi Dr. Marvin ... this is me and I think we're going to write just for a little bit.  We're having trouble falling asleep ... it is 12:28 AM and Rich just got up to use the washroom and remind us that we weren't sleeping.  If you got the last note, you know that we asked the Realtor (Charlie) to write a contract to present tomorrow.  The first contract is the balloon and if that didn't work ... I’m thinking Rich is going to ask his brother to give him a loan.  He's put out the seed thought already that it might come to that, but it would be entirely up to Mark.  Rich and he know that Mark's got 3 years before he retires and will want a home, and Rich would sign a contract to say he'd be fully paid up WITH 5% interest on the loan and then the mother would be taken care of without Mark really having to pay anything on his own.  It just give Rich and us some time ... I'm thinking ideally he would borrow $50,000.  The first $37,000 would come from Mark's money given by his mother and the last $13,000 would come from his savings which he has about $30-40,000.  I feel surer that Mark would do the "good thing” for not only his mother, but Rich and us.  

I'm not sure that I am feeling over-confident when I shouldn't.  Just have this strong feeling this is going to work out.  I don't want to blame anyone if something takes a different turn.  We're looking for fabulous results ... those are what my horoscope says - Rich's?  He has to worry today (Tuesday) about people talking back of his back.  Could be anyone thinking that he shouldn't ask so much from a family, or possibly even that something go wrong tomorrow and we get petty ... thinking though you and Linda would be the only two hearing the negative Ann ... other than that I'd have to "woman-up."  Rich's horoscope says he still has to show consideration and kindness.  Ok, next ... we have to check out YOUR horoscope!  Well if it's a choice between showing someone you’re true spirit shining through ... or presenting in a sexy outfit ... show off what's most unique about you between the two. 

See now you barely have to worry about the day now that we got it all figured out :)

Ok, one more walk down the house path tonight ... now 12:40 AM and it's not getting any earlier ... There are 167 pictures to go through one more time.  I'll try to hold down the chatter.  But, seeing something with eyes we share with you ... PRICELESS!

(1 of 167) The first picture is not actually our place, but is of the model and gives a good idea of the place architecturally.  By the way ... You've seen some of the very first pictures.  We've added maps, and then there are the 16 pictures you've seen, and then there's the other adding up to 167. 

(2 of 167) The harbor drive picture is the real building ... the side of our driveway is toward the street.  We are on the southwest side of the building as she sits with the sky being north and the driveway being south :)  The main entrance is to the right of the second garage.  We have to walk on the stepping stones at the middle of the grass to get to the front door - OR go in through the garage.   Rich and I did a little arguing about what faces out each of the windows, but it's all good in general.

(3 of 167) on this picture you can see the exit from 55 on 30 and how close our place is to the Joliet Mall ... there are a LOT of stores and restaurants and include things like target ... a fishy store ... and a JoAnn's Fabric.  You can see how close we are also to the "L" shaped lake (Chase Lake).  Charlie thought it belonged to the Parks and Recreation and that Rich could put a line in :) - Our place is being covered by the Red "B.” I like being off of Hennepin and Essington.  Looking at the Bolingbrook place we watched for so long - it was off of Essington so every time we passed it on the way to Rich's mother ... we had to keep our attention on not living in the place of Essington - so that is a good thing we've found someplace even better for us - at least $100,000 less :)  AND, as for Hennepin ... I was born in Hennepin County, MN.  WooHOO!!! That's got to be a sign.

(4 of 167) Hmm, this is going to take a while ... we might have to put this note in the Blog.  Pswhoo!  Anyway this picture shows the 93 miles or 1 hour 50 Min to Linda's house :)

(5 of 167) This picture pulls in the map better to get more cities acknowledged.  The key cities were that we live off of LaGrange, Maury is in Des Plaines, Joe is off Elmhurst in Lombard, my ex lives in Bolingbrook, and Rich's ex and two boys live in the itty bitty top left corner of Algonquin ... we know where you are at - business wise too :) ... Almost everything we do will be off the 55 corridor yet … it's been that way all along and feels comfortable to me - familiar.

(6 of 167)  The purple line from Millington (Rich's Mom's) and the Red "B" being our new place would be a distance of 35 minutes - STRAIGHT west.  

(7 of 167) This purple line goes to your place - you are 50 minutes NE - again the 55 corridor.  Brookfield REALLY looks a lot closer in this map ... but we'd have to let that old convenience go.

(8 of 167) This is a really close up.  I can see Rich aimlessly throwing his jigs and worms in the lake just to loosening his arm :)  Again we're right under the main mall and it excites me that out of ONE of our windows forget which we're across from Hooters ... Somehow that comes off as a good deal.  Rich is worrying a little about being so close to a mall, but I love it.  The area we live now is a deserted (FOR 12 YEARS) commercial site BLAH.  There are a lot of houses around us ... but we're one of the bigger housing units in the area.  All the houses in our division are off of Harbor Drive ... it gives me a sense of neighborhood just a really nice size.

(9 of 167) You've seen these next 16 pictures.  The first being a view of our place from the side ... you can see our garage more than anything.  No ... we haven't given or been accepted yet for a contract ... just reminding both of us, BUT it FEELS like our place.

(10 of 167) This is the LR view of the space between kitchen and breakfast nook.  It's pretty amazing, but the colors yellow and green like that one place we loved with the stairs are the colors we'd pick if we were to paint rooms - and, the design on the couches?  It's the same or very similar print to the drapes I chose for our old LR.  We've got very similar tastes ... we did find out that the lady selling the building (through relatives) is now in an assisted living home.  Nicely enough ... she didn't die!

(11 of 167) I so love getting a fireplace ... if we do ... and the color of the drapes that I think they are leaving are the color of our couch ... maybe a shade darker.  I'm a little worried about the TV.  I would like it to go on the fire place mantel, but the base is 9" wide and the base on the mantel is 7 1/2" wide.  The TV is weighted on the 7 1/2" piece, but I don't know if that is considered a sturdy arrangement ... have to ask someone in the know.  You can tell there are shades under the scalloped curtains, and then you can see the vertical shades which are actually covering the balcony windows.  

(12 of 167) We’d have to fit TWO couches corner to corner that are each 9', with Rich's chair next to the window, OR we could have two couches on either side of the fireplace with Rich's chair in the middle - toward the front door ... time would tell.  We've got a 40" round table that will go in the LR nicely.  

(13 of 167) We would need to get Thom's table back from my sisters - the 8 seat glass table.  She doesn't want it and wants us to move it.  We would put just Rich's chair, laptop table and footstool in front of the windows.  Rich would do his office work on the dining room table.  The light is gorgeous!  The table would probably be up against the wall normally.  Where she has her cabinet, we'd put our two thin (29") Baker's Racks ... one would have my Grandmother's dishes and the other would have Rich's.  We might take back until Maury or Ame is ready for it my other Grandmother's dishes.  There seems to be plenty of room in the kitchen for them :)

Ok, just redid this thought … inserting thoughts at 4:47 AM here as we look over and do some grammatical editing.  Just that we’re thinking what we really could do and it would be much better is to put one couch as mentioned before - along the main living room wall.  Just that instead of making an “L” shape with the two couches … we could put the second couch under the windows in the LR toward the balcony.  That way it opens the bigger space which meant that we could put Rich’s chair where the love seat had gone in the picture.  That way … we could still put the two bookshelves on either side of the long wall couch … and then we’d leave that couch as two open sections and then the section I sit on – the lounge – so that the open end on the opposite side of the lounge would be close to the fireplace.  Then we’d put the tea cart between my lounge end of the couch – good viewing for the TV on top of the fireplace mantel, and then 90 degrees from there would be Rich’s chair along with his footstool and his laptop table.  In front of the couch directly would be the round table. 

That way … if Rich could convince his mother to sit in the living room – most likely in her wheel chair … she would be able to pull up in the open spot between Rich’s chair, the dining room table and the open space between the walkway to the kitchen nook and the couch on the window wall.  I really like this idea a lot.  Because we used the open couch on the long wall, we figured that we would have a two armed couch along the window.  This would be a nice place for company … or to lie on the one arm of the couch with feet up facing the TV.  I didn’t know before how to get all the best views since the TV is going to be high up, but this really works, especially with me sitting fairly close to Rich and him sitting directly across the room facing the TV so he’s not squinting his neck J SEE SEE!?? Good deal, right?

Now back to the previous material.

(14 of 167) Ok, this is going to be an all-nighter.  Just got to get this stuff off my chest ... Don't know a better person Dr. Marvin than you to be doing this with. This is the first of the kitchen pictures.  On the left of the kitchen table is the family room and on the right is the living room.  The picture is being taken at the end of the kitchen closest to the bedrooms, baths, AND hall.

(15 of 167) This shot lets in a little bit of the sink - THREE parts!  And it shows an inkling of the pass through to the dining room LOVE IT!  In the upper right you can see also the perspective of where the balcony comes in - through the door.

(16 of 167) This is on the table side of the kitchen looking toward the bedrooms hall.  Soooo much cabinet space ... we have only about the size of half the cabinets AND we don't have a pantry like this one - see left 1/3 of picture across from fridge.  Nice lamp too, right?  Not sure what we'll put on top of the cabinets ... maybe something nice ... hmm, have to think about it.  I'm thinking right above the pie rack for the third set of Grandma’s dishes.  Not sure ... we're going to need some glass/cup cabinets that are bigger.  Maybe there's a nice way to show off some dishes up on top.  I'm not sure if Rich's mom has dishes from home she wants to keep with her. It’s an idea.

(17 of 167) The next is the first shot of the family room.  My 5' desk with hutch will go where she has her desk.  And then we'll have a sofa sleeper - queen size at about 78" x 36", but the 6' long bed would total 90" from the wall out toward the window/sewing table – the room is 15 x 12' so the bed pulls out into the short side of the room.  90" is 7 1/2' so not much space when it pulled out.  Table is 2 1/2" wide so there would be 2' between one and the other ... it's doable.  The couch we were looking at is from the Room Place I think for about $1100 ... think we could get by with a $750 couch.

So 60" of desk next to 78" of couch is 138 of 180" (-138) = 42" ... the shelves again the far wall are 13" - leaving 29" for the second part of the "L" shaped sewing tables.  It's close enough to the 2 1/2' wide table because a little can overlay the couch (by an inch :) because the table length will be 7 1/2' x 8' ... so with the 7 1/2' that would be 90" on a 144" wall leaving 54" toward the couch wall.  If the couch is folded at 36" then there would be 1 1/2 feet between tables and couch ... SWEET!  I'm pretty sure we can fill up that 54x30" space.  The table will be directly in front of the shelves we are using from the LR.  We've got 6 units at 7' tall, 13" deep and 30" wide ... so on a 12 foot wall we can center 4 of the shelves and have 2' left over for one side or the other or to center shelves. (1' left).  

We are going to need putting all 9 of the under bed things in the Master bedroom closet so that when we have guests ... the table by the books will be collapsed and laid against the shelves so there will be almost 2 1/2 feet of space open to walk (make the bed).  

(18 of 167) Still in the FR sewing room/office/guest room (WALLAH!) On the other side of the couch opposite sides with the desk - there is a three pained window you'll see in a few moments.  We’re figuring with 13" for bookshelves – “QUILTING STUFF!” plus 96" of table there will be 71" of wall left ... which means it will fit our 54" of ironing table :)  MAN OH MAN ... you got to love it.  We still might want to take it in the LR periodically to continue ironing the scraps for our quilting, but it will be next to the kitchen table normally so we can iron and talk to Rich's Mom – Listen to Rich’s Mom.  Our good office chair will work for sewing, computer at desk AND ironing!  WOOHOO!!!  There's one more thing here too.  We will get an extension bar across the kitchen table side of the FR - possibly with a holder in the middle attached to the ceiling for strength.  That's where we'll put our current sliding glass door curtains.  Most of the time they will be hugging the walls on either side, but that way ... when we have a guest we can pull them shut for their privacy.  They have the rubbery back so you cannot see through them and they match everything else :)  We figure Mark - Rich's brother will be our most frequent guest and that he'll stay 3-4 days every 4-6 weeks.  I don't want to cut his potential for staying at his Mom's.  I want him to feel very welcome - but, as well if Thom were in town or Jillian and Chris.

(19 of 167) This would be the guest bath or Rich's Mom's Bath.  It needs to have grab bars put in and possibly a higher seat.  I don't really think she showers anymore- Just sponge baths, but one shower is available if necessary.  Across from sink is toilet.

(20 of 167) This is the little niche of the Master bedroom ... in another picture you will see across from the bed and the other side of the TV where the windows and other furniture are. Our furniture is going to fit very well in this room.  This last time through too … we saw there was a blue comfy chair next to the wall between what I think is the master bath and the entrance door.  We might have to get another chair ($120) for Rich so he has something comfortable to retire to if he’d like to get out of the main areas and relax.

(21 of 167) to the left of the bed is the bathroom - more pictures coming up on that, and almost all the rooms (LR, FR and two BR have ceiling fans) thinking maybe to push down warm air?  Not sure. Maybe she was conservative with central air?

(22 of 167) Long Kickass sink!  Maybe there'd be a reason we would one day want to put in a second sink, but for the moment we can't think of any.  Rich and us have very little problem sharing a bathroom.  Nice wood throughout though that matches in kitchen and tile in kitchen, baths, and laundry room match.  Further into the bathroom is a toilet and double shower :)

(23 of 167) across from sink is naturally the whirlpool tub.  YAY!!!

(24 of 167) This is the last of the "Real Estate/Internet" pictures.  This is of Rich's Mom's room.  No doubt it’s the smallest room, but she seems to want and fill it wall to wall with furniture anyway.  She must be like us.  When she wants to get out of bed - she'll get a handle bar :) and then will feel her way around the room.  She wants to bring all her cabinets, but Rich and I wanted to have her leave stuff at the mobile home, so she can easily go back there for slumber parties with her husband.  I don't think Rich though would keep her from her furniture if she really wanted it.

(25 of 167) Now we start the balance of the pictures all taken today (Monday, 1/7/13).  These are the stairs going up to the top floor (2nd).  There are only 4 units in each building and they all enter this one door for their front door.  These are the stairs that would need the handicap chair for stairs.

(26 of 167) This is Charlie our Realtor opening our door and the door next to us is the other upstairs tenant   Charlie is VERY tall and used to play semi-pro basketball.

(27 of 167) Front hall closet.  Rich has won the battle where coats (current coats) go in the front closet - AND CURRENT shoes.  I don't want to store shoes in excess.  Just want the ones in season to be handy.  Want to see ground between those shoes and space between the coats.

(28 of 167) Laundry room - Nice upper cabinets and I think the washer and dryer has to be specially written into the contract, but we can't hold them to it.  Just a big start-up cost for us - boo-boo!  We figure the kitty litter box is going to go under the sink and the monstrosity in front of the sink is the water softener and Rich says it stays.  Looks fancy enough - Hehehe.  Rich is already looking for a guarantee we will change the litter box EVERY day.  *Sigh*

(29 of 167) This is Rich standing next to the back door ... which seems senseless because it’s just steps away from the front door along the same wall.  They got a little hanging up thingy on the wall for hanging coats when people come in through the garage ... and the circuitry is all new in the electrical box.

(30 of 167) This is the long hall leading down the back stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs are doors that go into the individual garages. 

(31 of 167)  I think these two doors go into the first floor garages, but I'm not sure.  I think I went down the front stairs to take these pictures.

(32 of 167) this is a picture of the heating/cooling system and their pipes.  It looks complicated, but fairly new.  YAY!

(33 of 167) This was a nice surprise - it’s the triangle in front of the first doors.  The rug is by the front door, then the accordion door is the front hall closet, and the white tile door is the laundry room.  I don't know what the triangle floor covering is, but I like it.

(34 of 167) In back of the LR wall next to the laundry in this recessed spot is her buffet, but it will be for our treadle sewing machine AND a night light ... and if I can convince Rich we would build-in our Victorian Mantel above the treadle machine.  I'm thinking this is a really good idea, but it would have to be built-in so his mother couldn't knock it over - it comes in pieces.  I've been carrying this mantel for 20 years.  And, now that we got a PERMANENT house or if we get it I believe I'm going to push to have it built in.  It's a nice piece by the front door because people can check their hair before leaving out or coming in because there is a big oval mirror at the top.  We would either paint it white or oak color like the front door.  It’s a matter that it’s never been fully stripped which is beyond us.  MAN OH MAN ... what a good idea that would be.  Maybe we could have whoever would be coming in for the grab bars and the smoke sucking-up machine could do that too.  Just need a handyman.  I'm thinking Rich is going to ask Bud's son-in-law.  He's on disability but does odd contracting jobs.  SWEET!

Hmm, so far we've been working for several hours and we're only 22% done.  I'm feeling a bit of accomplishment with this last idea ... enough to think I can go to bed smiling.  Ok girls ... to the bathroom AND bed NOW!  K?

This sleeping thing isn't going very well.  I was up until 2:00 AM, and then made ourselves go to bed ... and then we didn't fall asleep for 1 1/2 hours - this like NEVER happens!  And then we got up at 3:30 AM and were up for 15 minutes before Rich got up and told us that we could rub his back to fall asleep.  Then we rubbed his back 20 minutes, and now it is 4:05 AM and we're up again.  We keep thinking and thinking.  We took this time though two pills for the anxiety so we'll have to see how that works.  I think Rich is going to be up in an hour or two and he's already saying that the lack of sleep is going to ruin us for the rest of the week.  Pswhoo ... I'd like to think we're not going that direction.   

Ok, ok ... it's now 4:30 AM and we're still up and atom.  We've been browsing around here and there, but we've already come up with a new idea.  THAT IS ... Not only can we put up the treadle machine on the wall between the laundry room and the hall for bedrooms, but the thing is that ... there is absolutely no reason why we can't put the fireplace mantel on the wall we were talking about for the treadle machine. Hmm, seems to me we just said this?  It seems just the right side ... and we'd like to think that we'll be here for the rest of our lives so that we could build in the fireplace and attach it permanently to the wall.  That was another thing that we thought about.  We were thinking that what we might be able to do if it all went through was to offer Roberto from our apartment here to come out and do things like this periodically like building in the mantel, adding the air purifier in the balcony, or things like hanging quilts and such. I don't know but it seems like a good deal.  We trust Roberto and maybe he has some time on weekends to make a little extra income.  PLUS, we really like Roberto and would love to keep in contact with him.  PLUS, again we really trust his work.  I'd LOVE it ... to have someone we really like.

Oh man oh man are we going to get busted from Rich.  It is now 5:30 AM and we’re still up.  Maybe a little dizzy from lack of sleep.  We just heard Rich’s alarm go off.  I think he shut it off and went back to bed.  I’d heard it squeak and then there was nothing … Hmm, seems if Missy figured out we’re late for breakfast too.  Might as well get that taken care of, hmm?  Silly Rich alarm … it did more good for the cats than Rich!


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