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Monday, February 18, 2013

Almost forgot this post!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Linda,

WooHOO!!! Sounds great on the dinner out.  We're going to hope for the best there!  I think Rich has a roast to put in the crock pot today AND he says we'll have sauerkraut too.  Not one of my favorites, but I know he loves it ... so we'll let that go.  We got the German Apple Pancakes last night and it was Great ... AND when we went to bed there was a piece of strawberry cheesecake drizzled with chocolate on my pillow ... Oh my gosh ... didn't quite surpass OTHER things in the bedroom last night, but it was gosh darn tasty this morning!

Yesterday we got the house all picked up and so this morning we just have to do some laundry and do overnight pick-ups.  Hopefully, we'll be able to handle it.  Rich didn't get boxes yet, but I think he said he's going to the other place that might have extra today.  He said he wants to take the shelves down in the sewing room by this weekend, so we'll have to see - but naturally would have to have boxes to do that.  We're thinking that we'll take the dishes down first because the baker's rack they are on is taking space in the sewing room and blocking the closet.  Then we'll take down the canvas cubby in the closet so we can stack three more under bed thingies in the closet (presently under the cutting table).  Then we'll box the stuff on top of the desk and pack the sewing machine, and then we'll take down the tables and start stacking things in the corner where the tables were especially from the stuff on the walls.  Rich is going to use the hanging things and shelves in the garage, so definitely those are coming down and going with us.  WOOHOO!  Love when things are going efficiently. 

I think we were at about $4,000 with extra furniture AND a pole and reel for Rich, but I think we talked about that yesterday.  I don't think we'll be able to get the pieces I wanted from Craigstlist unless they were still there closer to closing.  I would like to say for the record that closing is exactly two weeks from TODAY!  Oh my gosh can you just say excited!  It's like a whirlwind.  Oh and there is news there too in that Cari and Joe have stated this morning they are going to want the dishwasher.  YAY!!!  Just have to come up with an alternative plan for the Chromebook.

As you can guess we spent the majority of the time with Dr. Marvin last night talking about the house and move.  There were other things too, but they seemed to rely on the above - just tangent conversations.  He hadn't been able to meet with the financial person, but strangely enough the creditor called when we were at Dr. Marvin's.  We told them to call back on Wednesday.  We figured that we'd be able to resolve some of the issues by Tuesday when we meet Dr. Marvin again.  The problem right now is that the hospital and the creditors are both billing for the same thing and that has to get resolved.  You might remember we cancelled some of the other stuff so we could take care of our hospital/credit debt, but for sure we're not going to pay twice!  Fortunately the regular biller from UIC is back so if there is trouble from his replacement (he was on leave), then Dr. Marvin can go back to him.  I will be really grateful when that part is taken care of.  We're still waiting to get the February Medicaid card though so am worrying about getting medicine that will run out next week.  Hopefully soon.  Not a good time to run out of prescriptions.

That's about that ... you know that Dr. Marvin was as wonderful as ever!  We talked about me (brought up by me) being afraid of getting lazy and not making appointments after we move, but then Rich and us talked again about planning to do the drive together on Tues/Thurs and we talked about that to Dr. Marvin.  Rich would just make that a day he would be at the customers or workshops.  It's pretty much also a done deal that Dr. Marvin and us will be switching dates and times so we'll meet him at 1 PM on Tuesdays, and 11 AM on Thursdays, so that we are in better shape to be coming with Rich during the business day and at those times we should avoid more rush hour and driving in the dark.  It's a really good thing.  I'm not sure when we'll change over; it might be until we move. 

One other thing we talked to Dr. Marvin about is getting a new netbook so that we have something to be using other than Rich's work computer while traveling back and forth and for going on trips to fishing with our guy and such, hmm maybe we mentioned this once or twice.  I've missed not having her and it will be more important as we take more of the longer trips.  I'm really looking forward to that.  We're thinking of getting a Chromebook for about $300 from either Acer or through Samsung.  We looked into it yesterday and they are rated pretty high.  Which one did you get again?  I will also like that they have the approximate 6 hour battery.  WooHOO!!  Rich is also talking about if he doesn't have to deliver stuff that he would take my car on Mon, Wed and Fri and leave me with his Pilot.  I get about twice the gas mileage plus as his vehicle, so it just sounds like a great deal as to saving gas.  Reminds me I have to get the odometer reading to Statefarm.  I'll remember to ask Rich to get it from the car when he's down there or pick it up when doing wash today.  See we're trying to say that in the affirmative manner!

Just so many things to be thinking about.

By now, we’ve moved your letter over to the blog.  This is what happens when we start to catch up from the last time written.  I also know that you were up all night on the 57’s, so we’re thinking it’s going to be yet another hour until you are up and raring to go.  It’s now just about 9 AM.  You can do it girl!  Might be tired too because of Teadora, but we’re thinking you have plans for today too and it will end with Tpony dinner out!  That be a good thing!

Rich and us had a really nice dinner last night with the German Apple Pancakes.  I think he was ready to retire to the bedroom about 7:30 PM.  Whoosh!  That’s got to please a girl’s hear on Valentines’ Day!  He had been working on another batch of the plastic radon units, and he was up again early this morning working on them again.  I should be helping, but he said it was ok … he knew we had other things to do to.  I think in his mind he’s saving me for more emergency times.  He also told me last night though that he got an order of 11,000 of those dirt samples.  This time, they don’t need the card – so the labor will fall that Rich fills the little bags with dirt, and then I place five bags of dirt inside on plastic bag and then I seal.  YAYYY!!!  It’s doable, but that weekend we worked on it there were only 4,000 and now there is almost three times that.  PSWHOO!  That will be some definite work ahead.  But Rich says that the job will pay $1,350 and that’s worth our while in solid cash J  My part of the job can be done from my couch space, so I’m comfortable doing the work, we just have to time it around showing the apartment, keeping it clean, AND packing.  Ok, truth be told there is writing involved here too.  If nothing else gets done on a personal note, it would be the writing.  This is an important time for me to keep ordered in our minds. 

Thinking now that unless Joe gives us his guys number we’ll most likely go with Mayflower Movers out of Glen Ellyn.  We talked to them between finishing up the post yesterday and going to Dr. Marvin’s.  They were available, gave us an estimate of the three movers costing $137 an hour which is really great, and that they have their own truck, have no problem with the three floors and they will come out on Monday for an estimate of moving approximately the 25th of March.  We would have them come out earlier than later if that date is a problem, because we’re still trying to give Mike at least a week or so to be fixing up the place so he can rent out on the first of April.  That will be Rich’s 6th year anniversary of living her with me.  Man-o-man did we cry that day in happiness!  Truly a game changer!

If the guys needed to work longer like ten hours, it would only be about $1400 plus a tip making the move about $1500.  The might though get done faster, especially with just one floor on the other end.   I think if it were more than 8-10 hours’ work, they would add the fourth guy.  He said they do that, but he thought they could get the job done with three guys.  I’m really glad we found someone reasonable and can do the local drive.  It’s a little over an hour drive and about 50 miles.  YAYYYY!!! It sounds like it’s becoming a plan.  We really need a firm moving date to be moving on. 

Hmm, we’re on our last hour of coffee.  We will have to decide if we need another pot.  It’s not even 9:30 AM yet.  Still seems we’re in the coffee zone.  I think I’m much better on the computer than actually moving about … the whole thing makes me feel kind of dizzy.  Thinking it is really time though to make the bed and get a load downstairs.  Maybe we can push ourselves this much?  Sure would be a positive for both Rich AND us, hmm?  Ok girls … what would it take?  We could do it right?  Hey let’s go for it!

Wow!  We did it!  One load down.  We’re going to give ourselves a few minutes for the back to recover and then make the bed.  AND THEN after we rest from the second trip, we are going to start the dishwasher.  Hmm, if we rest real well now maybe we can make the bed AND start the dishwasher.  I’m really glad that Joe and Cari are taking it … they are worried about moving it, but hopefully we can get the mover’s to move it downstairs and they will be able to move it from there.  They live on the first floor, so it shouldn’t be too hard!  YAYY!

SOOOO, two weeks til closing, hmm?


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