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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Build-up to the NEXT project 3807 Munson, Plano, IL Ok, truthful? Another all-nighter :(

$25000 Rich's Mom
$20000 Rich retirement
$7000  Rich retirement
$10,000 Ann's Mom
$2000 Ann
$20000 Mark (pay back $555/mo for 36 months)

 $84,000 Revenue
-$72,560 House Bid
- $11,100 (closing, appliance, island, moving, and carpet)
$340 Misc

$400 taxes
$166 association
$34 insurance
$555 Mark

$1550 full white washer and dryer (but stack-able/front loading so laundry bags/baskets ALSO fit in laundry room)
$430 range black 
$320 microwave/vent black
$1200 fridge black
$3500 Sears Kenmore appliances
$1400 island and 2 bar stools/chairs black
$2500 closing
$2500 moving
$1200 carpet for family room and living and dining room)


$1,445 Ann
$295 toward cable, electric and medicine

$84,000 Total assets
$12,000 Ann's Part
$72,000 Rich's Part/2 half Rich and half Ann

25 months - or just over 2 years Ann takes the house major expenses debt.  Rich covers everything else :) along with Medicaid, Ann getting her school loan dismissed ($72,000) in three years, in three years Mark is paid, in one year medical paid ($1,100).  In four years at $345 the car is paid as well.  In three years though our house payment will be $200 tax, $166 assessment and $33 insurance which comes to $400 instead of $900 rent.  We save $500 in the difference between rent and home ownership, and in four years, we would have saved an additional $95 for medical and $345 in car totaling $440 which means we're down a total of $940 in savings from the start by year four.  It be like getting the house for free.  The majority of money borrowed from Mark would be guaranteed by the $12,500 left in estate.    

After property tax goes down to $200 in one year, Ann continues to pay same debt, but $200/mo ($2,400/yr) goes toward furniture budget at Ashley.  Items needed are to furnish joint office with Rich AND Ann, and guest room.  This is the collection I like :)  

Dear Dr. Marvin,

It is just me.  We're trying to keep up with our life, but it's not always easy.  The general thing was that on Monday we'd found out we hadn't gotten the place on Munson.  Rich finally got me out of bed that night by saying that he needed me because he felt sad too and because he said he needed us to find a new house.  That and the regular medicine finally got me out trying again.  We looked most of that night and came up with a list ... See list.  It is a list of houses that we had found of interest.  There were a half dozen more interested, but we ended up going out to a place in Joliet yesterday - two models.  We really discussed it between Rich, Charlie and me, but the bottom line was that I didn't like the Joliet area and the condo was really retro from the late 70's.  It cost $74,000 and EVERYTHING had to be done and then you'd still have a cheap feeling.  The best part was that it had three patios, but then that was about it.  

So, it was decided we were going to pass on it within first 10 minutes on car ride back, and then when we got home we felt very tired, so we fell asleep and didn't wake up until 6 PM.  It was a 2 1/2 hour nap.  Rich left an hour before that to his ball game, AND he had poker last night.  When we woke up ... we checked HUD housing right away ...  The houses we'd been in love with was on Munson in Plano ... the first was the $95,000 and then the second was the HUD for $56,000.  The most amazing thing had happened in that there was ONE more HUD home added and it was also on MUNSON for $66,000.  We about nearly passed out.  

We called Charlie and he had just heard about it too and new the person listing the property for HUD.  He got some basic information and there was more online and arrangements were made with Charlie and Rich to see the place at 1:30 PM this afternoon.  If it takes one hour to get back from it and if it were an hour or less in being at the place, then I would be home by 3:30 PM which would mean that I have time to get to your appointment.  I usually leave at 3:30 PM on Thursdays.  I'm sorry I can't get you anything more conclusive although we are going to try hard to make the appointment.  

We included in the attachments all the things we thought of before Rich made us come to bed at 4:30 AM.  We slept 3 1/2 hours, but it was hard.  If we put in an offer and I don't know why we wouldn't OTHER than getting the last $20,000, we wouldn't know for 11 days - a week from Monday whether or not we got the place so it would be a long wait, but that is when HUD is looking at the first bid.  It is some relief knowing that it's only home owners that can bid the first month.  The asking price is $66,000 and I would try like anything to get Rich to bid at $72,650.  I did a very good search for selling prices in the area and they are going from $68 - 71,000 ... I think $72,000 does the extra plus someone bidding over it would possibly only go $500 and then the extra $150 ($650) would be our best and highest offer we could go to try hard and get the place just a tad over an enthusiastic bidder going by even numbers.  If it were more than that ... It would be unaffordable to us anyway and it would have to be let go.  The other thing is that $72,600 is 10% over of the asking price ... I would think another bidder might use it as a blanket number, plus we add the $50 to put us slightly over an even 10%.  It is all a risk and a gamble, but I think it could work.  I would hope like hell for it.  We're still going by my mother's statement that HIS will be done.  I'm just working it favor of it aligning with our will.

Again we are sending the attachment and it breaks down costs more.  I did a lot of estimating and finding the cost of appliances, movers ($180/3 man hr.) and carpet ($3 sq ft) to come up with good estimates ... I also took a good look at furniture.  Rich has a $6000 zero down interest credit card with Ashley's and furniture would come from there when we could afford it.  The only thing that we'd want first would be the island and bar stools and appliances.  Otherwise we could use our old kitchen table and LR furniture (cats have ruined most the cheap faux desk and cabinets - so they'd be replaced as the furniture money came available (paying off total within 12 months).  The new furniture of much better quality and OFF the floor and the appliances and island would come from Sears and be primarily Kenmore.  The island and chairs are $1400 and the appliances (fridge, range, micro, washer, and dryer would be $3500) are already budgeted in.  I think some of our stuff like closing costs and movers are over-budgeted so hopefully we'd average out fine.  

So this is where our minds are at right now.  We had to see it through to spread out our hand.  We've been rejected enough to know this might all fall apart, but we have to stay in the game as long as we can and hopefully be learning lessons from everything we are doing.  This is the best house yet.  It doesn't have a loft - though it has an open staircase and the spindles we love.  The only consolation there is that the LR and Kitchen W/island and not extra table chairs, would allow me to temporarily put up ironing board between those rooms.  I'm not sure if we could also include the drafting table between rooms, but that be nice fur cutting.  Most everything though would have to fit in the Upstairs sewing room which would then primarily be tables and bookshelves (minus books).  The rocker recliner would be in the next room in a dedicated guest bedroom, but would also be nice to sit and relax in while upstairs thinking or reading.  The office furniture downstairs would be in the LR area, and Rich and I would share the space with equal furniture.  

If Rich wanted to do better with anything we'd leave it to him, but we'd like the quality of things as is.  We're giving him a LOT more leeway to in organizing the room.  Just for our best ideas, we're going to start where we do in the pictures.  It was just to give us an idea of where things would break down - in our obsessive mannerisms.  

Ok, this is pretty much it so far ... going to try moving our morning along.  Thanks for being patient with us.

Our best,



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