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Monday, February 11, 2013

WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom … we’ll give you a call to back up this note, but I wanted to send you some pictures.  Rich and I decided to look into mobile homes out in Rich’s Mom’s area because after seeing a few we realized how big and beautiful they could be.  I don’t think you get the same value from a mobile as a home, but we’re finding it is much closer to our cash level without trying to borrow more money … This has just come up since Friday.  Rich and I went out to look at a couple homes on Friday, and then Rich went back out yesterday while we were with the girls quilting, and now Rich and I are going to be going back this afternoon to put a bid down on a property.  It is supposed to be 1,700 sq ft

It is really gorgeous.  I’ve only seen it by the pictures, but Rich has been out to see it personally and he can’t find anything wrong with it.  It’s still going to be a drive going into Chicago for business or Dr. Appointments, but the place is great.  The asking price is $46,500 and we understand since Rich talked to me yesterday that there was going to be another bid on the place.  Rich wants to go back in with a bid of $53,000 … I like the round number $54,000, but again we’re holding the faith that HIS will be done and just hoping He and us are on the same page.  This first map shows the property as being on “A” and Rich’s mother’s house is at “B” It’s really in the middle of farm country as you can see by the map, and there is a corn field directly across from us.  It is only 4.3 miles and 6 minutes from what would be our place to Rich’s mother’s … We’re thinking that there could be visits without too much hardship, but that we won’t have to take care of some of her direct nightly needs.  Basically, she’d be doing the smoking and drinking at her home, but we’d be close enough to really help out.  I think it’s a good deal. 

This next picture is what we call the postage stamp map.  It really underlines the fact that this little part of the community (within the town of Sandwich) is very small and surrounded by the fields.  We’re already thinking through things like a variety of bugs, mice, and dust, but we’d also look forward to being in a much smaller community where people know each other.  I’m hoping this is a good decision, but feels we are being led through all these paces.  It hopefully will be ok.

We would be at the right end of that curve in the road at the entrance of the little park.  Basically the place is situated in the middle of the “race curve.”  Don’t worry we hear it is a strict 15 mph WITH speed bumps!  The way it would happen then is that we have a road on all three front and sides of us.

This next picture shows a little closer to what the street looks like … again we’re on the right inside curve, and the mobile home has a breezeway connected to the 2+ car garage.  Don’t mind the purple mark, it is off track.  The address of the place is 23 Chrissy Drive, Sandwich, IL.  It is 555 miles to your place or what looks like 9 ½ hours.  Maybe then we could get up to see you this spring/summer.  It SEEMS closer. 

These three pictures are the front of the building as you are coming into the park, and then the bottom picture shows you the other front, and then the "back."  It is a double wide home.  Then you have a three-season room, a breezeway and garage.  Couple of nice trees too!

This is two views of the LR.  The top picture shows and entry into the master bedroom.  It includes a window box seat.  The Pergo floors are wonderful and you can see the pass through from the second picture into the kitchen. The LR is about 23x15 so bigger than our current one.  It feels really nice.

These two pictures have the kitchen and breakfast table on the top and the dining room table on the bottom.  It’s a pass through fireplace so on one side it is wood paneled and then on the formal side it has the stones.  I think if we got it, we would like to update the counter, but everything else is nice and all the appliances stay. The kitchen including that table is 23x10 and the dining room is an additional 12 x11. I think Rich doesn’t want both a DR and Kitchen table and he’s thinking of making it more a family room.  I would like to see it just where we have a couple comfortable rocking chairs with a small table and couple of reading lights.  That would be our romantic side.  I would so love to sit in front of the fireplace with a book and my sweetie.  I’m not sure if you can see it, but it’s kind of cute, in that the left of the top picture or right of the bottom picture, next to the fireplaces is a wet bar and wine rack … it’s just a fun spot and cuts distance traveled between one end of the house and the other.

This picture shows another view of the present DR and the French doors lead to what would be the sewing room.  The place has FOUR bedrooms AND three bathrooms.  The bottom picture is what would be the sewing room.  I love that all the windows are so long.  The master is 14x12 and the three other BR are 12x10, so the size is fair.  Not terrific, but not bad either, for having so many of them.  One bed is our bedroom, and then the sewing room, and then one bedroom would be a guest room and the other room would be an office, especially for Rich.  We’re not sure where our desk is going.

This is the master bedroom.  I LOVE the little window seat and am imaging mostly that our kitties are going to love it too.  I love the double sink, not so crazy about the wallpaper, but we’d put up with it a while.  One of the dressers might have to go into the guest rooms, because the window and built-ins take up important wall space, but for the most part Rich and I live out of three drawers anyway.  We’ve never had double sinks J

These are the other two bedrooms.  I don’t think this family was using them, but maybe they had grandchildren stopping over.  Again everything is the long windows and I would have no problem making new curtains.

This is the last couple of pictures I’ve gotten from the computer.  It is the three season’s room obviously and after talking with my quilting friends … we are a little caught up in the idea of doing some sewing out here during the gentler seasons.

Ok … ok … we’re thinking it’s now 9:16 PM and you might want to know how the day turned out.  Let’s cut to the chase!  WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went over substantially over asking price because there was another offer put down on the place too.  Rich decided to go with $52,000 and THEY ACCEPTED!!!!  There was one thing in that we had set a closing date of 3-14-13 and we gave them the option of taking longer if they wanted, BUT they came back and asked if we couldn’t close it earlier and they suggested March 1.  OMG like let’s just say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We don’t have to move that fast … and it would give us time to take care of things carefully at both places.  I don’t want to stay in the old place nearly as long as the end of the month, but we’re looking at closing the place in NINETEEN DAYS!  OMG, OMG!!!!  Is there ever work to be done.  We’ll have to start dealing with things like a moving strategy and to talk to some movers tomorrow.  I don’t know if Rich and I will lock in a date, but we can now have someone come over to do the estimate.  I’ve got my eye on one particular mover out of Oak Park and we’ll give him a call if Rich ok’s it.  Our place is a mess now so maybe we’ll wait a day or two, but soon.  We’ll want to lock something in.  I think clearly there is a lot more discussion that will be needed between now and then with Rich to see where his plans and schedules are.  We do know that we will be hiring movers and that part is for sure.  I already asked Rich for boxes, tape and markers.  I think that will be all I really need, though we’re thinking that a couple of cartons of water will also be necessary.  J

Let’s step back though a few steps, k?  I know this is a long note and it is more reflective toward the kind of writing that goes in my blog, but even though we’ve taken our medicine, we are pretty gosh darn excited. 

I had to adjust when Rich and us first got to the place this afternoon.  We had a 2 PM arrangement to see the Realtor at the house.  You know the part where our Realtor said she wouldn’t have us sign until I had seen it too.  Obviously, Rich had seen it the day before while we were up north quilting.  YAYYYYY!!!!  He had already given it a head’s-up.  We drove around the block and there is not much more to the park than that.  The place is in really good shape and everything is taken care of.  The owner of the park lives in a building down at the end of the block.  I think she’s the original owner’s daughter or something close to that.  I like that most likely rules will be followed and it would be a blast if they had an annual party to get out together and be meeting the neighbors.  The Realtor said that most people worked during the day, but in an area this small and local, I can’t imagine that we won’t get to know people. 

ACK!  We didn’t survive the “writing” night last night.  DEFINETLY had to go to bed with Rich last night so we could whisper back and forth into the night until we could both fall asleep. 

Thinking now we are addressing ourselves to Dr. Marvin.  Are YOU HEARING ALL THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh … now it is EIGHTEEN DAYS!  Please don’t let me get by skipping now – there is just TOOO much to be talking about!  It is going to be an hour and twenty minutes to your place – just about 60 miles.  But, we can then be like a favorite patient coming in from out of town J

Oh man oh man Dr. Marvin,

Can we say just a LITTLE excited?  How do you like the pictures.  Isn’t it a really cool place!  Just 18 days to closing.  Rich says that we’ll have to rent out the place for the rest of March, and the ideal would be to move minimally at least within two weeks after.  I’m thinking Monday, March 11th would be a moving day.  We would want to arrange it so we’d still see you twice that week, because our thinking is that our head is going to be going crazy about then.  That would give us one month to move, and we figured that if it were during the weekday then we would have much better luck getting movers.  We’d obviously want to be planning for a perfect day.  Rich and I are thinking of orchestrating the trips in on days we can drive together too, to conserve on gas.  Each way it is being estimated now to be almost $6 gas.  YOU ARE REALLY WORTH IT!

Oh one more other thing before we switch over to the next entry...  This is the table we want to get ... it's adaptable to dinner or cards, and then there would be 8 chairs around it AND 4 bar stools.  Three on the LR side and one one the cooking side for Rich.  It's just so great.  It might take a year of planning though to get these PLUS get maybe a folding ping-pong table for the sunroom!!!!!


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