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Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Valentine's DAY!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 7:42 AM

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  This is just us and the above is the card we made for Rich this morning.  He be our SPECIAL Valentine!

OK, one more reminder.  We don’t seem to ever get tired of looking at these pictures.  We’re really REALLY excited.  I’m hoping that we are better able to function this morning.  We just took our medicine and am thinking that we just need to give it an hour or two, and then we’ll go from writing to cleaning.  We need to be ready to show the apartment.  That is part of “the deal.”  Basically, Rich called Mike the landlord yesterday and because we are breaking the lease, we are responsible to be paying rent until the end of October, but if he rents it out before that, we will be free and clear.  I think I might call him today and ask how long he needs to fix up the place so he can rent it on the 1rst of April.  Maybe I know that already though.  I would like to take a week off from the estimated closing on the 25th and make it Monday, March 18th.  I think if pressed for this sooner moving date, we will be just as ready and it will be only a month plus a few days to get things packed and ready to move.  We will by then have 2 weeks in the place to be doing anything we need and we will be eager to leave this place.  I KNOW because we are already eager to be moving along. 

Can’t help but to look at the pictures over and over again of the place – I don’t know what we are looking for other than maybe some sense of it being real.  Telling the landlord we are moving for sure is a major step in the right direction, but there is so much between now and then.  I’m not sure where we will start in the sewing room, but we know that will be the first room to be packed.  Then the bookcases, and then closets.  After that we will start looking at drawers and cabinets, and then the loose stuff, and of course the furniture will be last on the list. 

We have two movers we are getting estimates from.  One is from our reference to Kolowitz Movers out of Oak Park, and then the other is through a customer of Joe’s who is a professional mover.  He is exchanging some moving time for Karate time.  YAY!!!  Joe is supposed to be doing his BIG move on Sunday.  I am so excited for him!  He’s already got the place really nicely painted and it looks great!  Ok, we spaced out there for a minute.  Now we are back again.  We’ve been finding ourselves straying from one thought to another as if we were going to be able to grasp the meaning of life.  No way … it’s not happening!  Somehow there’s no grasping anything … life just comes at you in sparkles and thuds.  Never know which it is going to be from day to day.

This morning though is a sparkly day.  We feel better then we have the last couple of days.  I really think there is something to having been in shock and just now starting to crawl out from it.  Yesterday was a big day in at least cleaning the living room.  That was a mess primarily because we left clean clothes on the coffee table and that seemed to affect and overwhelm everyone.  Today, we asked Rich to put together a load of clothes for the washing machine and we’ll try to get that downstairs, although I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to do that just yet.  I know we need to get the apartment cleaned up in case Mike wants to show it, but we’re hoping for a day or two before that happens.  AND THEN, we are going to hope it rents fast so we aren’t going to be having a lot of people through it. 

I’m not sure where we are going to go when people come through here.  I don’t have a place really, though it be nice if we gave them some space.  I have to admit that being shown our new place without people in it made a lot of difference.  We’d seen a couple places with people in it and we didn’t really know how to handle that.  The people at our new place were kind enough to leave the home in GREAT shape, and they had made sure there was a fire going in the fireplace.  That was TRULY a selling point – somewhere toward the top of the list.  I don’t know where they went, but there was no car in the garage or driveway.  Maybe they use that time to get something to eat.  I think the house had been on the market since October so they were really happy to have someone make an offer.  I know we were about $4,000 above asking price, so that was nice too, and then the other thing was that it was a cash offer, so we were able to make the closing as soon as March 1rst.  I’m thinking we already mentioned this, but it is only 15 days away.  I’m thinking that time is going to fly. 

Yesterday, Rich and us talked about furniture again.  He said that we wouldn’t be using my couple of thousand dollars in our bank account, or his, but we would have available the money from the four accounts … Rich’s two retirement accounts, his mother’s inheritance, and our mother’s gift.  Those add up to $62,000 and the house cost $52,000, but Rich wants to spend only $5,000 of the remaining $10,000 not going toward the house.  He wants to include in that $5,000 the cost of closing and moving.  Hopefully, we’ll find out in the next couple of days the amount to move.  We are thinking that the cost COULD be as high between the two as $2,500, which would leave $2,500 for the move.
Hmm, let’s see how this is adding up…

Hehehe - in other news ... we think we are at $3,730 theoretically that would mean NO closing costs and only $1,270 for moving... Not thinking that is happening 

Think we'd have all the furniture we'd want except down the line there would be the poker/dining table AND the Ping-Pong table. 4 present kitchen chairs ... two new ones ... and if necessary 10 folding chairs would be available out in the sunroom/and or LR for guests. THINK we're done shopping

AHA!  We’re off from talking to Linda.  It was very helpful to spend some time with her today relaxing and we even got a little talk about furniture and moving.  Linda thinks we should only get the recliners now, but we’re figuring DEFINITELY we have the room for what we’re planning!  Our logic is that if there is $10,000 extra and furniture (1 bed, 1 coatrack, 2 recliners, 6 kitchen chairs, and 5 bar stools) come to $3,730, then that leaves $6,270 to move and save.  Even if the move cost $2,500, there would still be enough cash left over to pay 8 month’s rent.  I would say that is fine enough.  It’s a nice cushion, PLUS we get all the “stuff” we want!  I know, I know … still has to fly past the “big guy” (Rich).  I think it’s a good day shopping for me though we still have no place to put things for 15 days.  That’s the thing about shopping … some things have to wait.  Maybe because it’s Valentine’s Day Rich will cut me some slack and we can look at things from MY perspective!  That be a good deal.  Furniture would just be 1/3 of available money AND it would be ALL done including things for the guest room, the sitting room, the living room, the kitchen, sun room AND breezeway.  Hmm, that means in Ann’s logic, we are doing 5 rooms for just an average of $750 a room, or an average of 15 pieces of furniture (including bed) for $250 apiece!  There!  That doesn’t sound bad at all!  I wonder if there was a way of throwing ONE more rod and real into the bundle.  It IS getting almost time for Fishyman to do his thing!  I know!  We could say that Fishy man would have $270 to spend on fishy world stuff!  That would bring us to an even $4,000 with $6,000 to move AND to save!  I like that idea AND that means there’s a prize for Rich too!

I think we’re seeing the beauty in this J

Better do another load of housework though.  Our back is rested and we’ve done the living room and bedroom, except we haven’t made the bed.  We also want to sweep the kitchen and hallway and there’s about two-three dishes to put away.  Rich is responsible for the back part of the kitchen WITH the table, so that means I’d only have to check the bathroom and pick-up my sewing room.  Think it’s all doable before our shower at 2:30 PM, so we could leave for Dr. Marvin’s at 3:30 PM.  Ok, girl … you know what has to be done!  Shoo!

Ok, back again … it’s now 12:55 PM.  We did what needed to be done in the bedroom and kitchen and checked the bathroom.  Now we just have to sweep the kitchen/hallway, and do the sewing room.  Need to give ourselves a break.  We looked in on facebook and nudged Cari and Joe again as to whether or not they wanted the dishwasher.  I don’t believe they have one, but I don’t think they have a lot of space either.  We’ll see … the side idea is to ask Mike or the tenants if they would like to buy it.  I will have to ask Rich if we can sell it for $300 or bottom line $250.  I think that’s good, because we’re thinking it was 2005 so already 8 years old.  The price is still substantial, because it is already IN the apartment and set-up and it has never given us a day of worry.  It’s mine and not Rich’s, but we still want his input.  I would like to say that if we sold the dishwasher that that money goes toward a new Acer Black 11.6” Aspire One Netbook that looks like it’s going for $328.  I was thinking of being nice and getting something for Rich, but then greed bit me and we’re thinking … AHHH, we are W/O a little computer with a whole summer in front of us which means driving time – PLUS, because we’ll be doing more driving with Rich into the city two days a week.  Now THAT’s a good reason to get a new netbook.  If you remembered my last netbook eventually died in that I couldn’t use the keyboard, because it refused to give me all my letters.  HMPF!  Maybe we could sell the dishwasher for $330.  Good thinking!

Ok, we got our logic … we can say if you had to wash dishes for an hour each session for minimum wage at $8.25, by the time you washed 40 loads of dies, you would earn back your $330.  Because you don’t use a dishwasher until the dishes add up (approximate once every three days – it’s a big dishwasher), at FOUR months of washing dishes, you would have paid off the dishwasher and saved up to 40 hours of work.  It’s a good price and you would probably be safer through colds and flues because the dishwasher sanitizes!

Good good … probably should go sweep the floor though now!

Ok, Ok … good girl!  Did the floors.  It wasn’t a disaster, but definitely needed to be done.  Next?  The Sewing room!  Maybe need something to drink though and some afternoon medicine.  Good-good!  That is now all done too.  AND, we peeked inside the sewing room to get a grasp on what’s going on there.  We’ve got 3-4 piles of fabric stacked up, and we have got about 4-5 packages of “stuff” to put away including fabric scraps from the weekend and the week before, and iron and other packages like CS gave me another stash of fabric that I’m going to have to find a home for.  This should be life’s GOOD stuff though!  We’re thinking it’s now 1:53 PM, so we’ll write until 2:20 PM – almost a half hour, and then we’ll take our shower, and THEN we’ll go clean up that room for about an hour.  That seems doable.  AND THEN, we will go to Dr. Marvin’s.  Rich should be home before us.  He had business all day, and then he had to go out to his mother’s to help them with online banking.  He’s going to come home and make homemade German Apple pancakes for Valentine’s!  WooHOO!!  Good deal AND the house will be all picked-up.  Having made this much progress, maybe we can then wash clothes tomorrow after we surf through to make sure that everything is picked-up.  Then hopefully Rich will have boxes between today or tomorrow and we’ll start to pack the sewing room.  We’ll just leave up the ironing of the scrap fabrics.  Rich said today that whether he got the boxes for free or had to pay for them, he would bring home about 60.  I’m pretty sure he knows the right size.  He was saying we should measure the boxes to assure they are not over 30-40 pounds each.  Seems fair to me.

We should be looking in the mail too, because Mike is going to send a sheet for permission to show the apartment.  You’ve already heard our take on that.  Sometime by the weekend, we might want to look inside the closets too to see how stacked up they look.  Like we put the laundry basket in the closet, because we didn’t want it sitting out, obviously it would look better empty than full, but it was too much today.  We made SOME progress though!

Hmm, couldn’t help it … we went back to reading more about Chromebooks.  I hadn’t realized there were just base on a web browser, but after reading a bit I liked what I was seeing … it’s between certain versions of Acer and Samsung.  I would have to read more to make a decision, but we are fairly confident we could pick one up for about $300. There is a lot more happening in the cloud than I had thought!  Mostly though we’re just looking for something we can type on in the car or boat, or hotel, or whatever.  I would never get rid of my desktop, but the little ones have made a great stride forward into our hearts.  While mine was working, I enjoyed operating her from the couch.  Yup yup … some more comfy typing ahead!

Yeeks!  It’s 2:30 PM though and we haven’t jumped in the shower.  Better get to that now J

Ok, ten minutes in and out!  Not sure we can do the sewing room though without a break?  I know we’ve had a break all day!  Maybe if we just go in there for thirty to forty minutes, we can come back to our safety here at the keyboard.  Ok, that seems good, brb.

AHA!  Done!  It took almost an entire half an hour.  I have to admit we have a lot of stuff in that room.  It’s going to be a study to see how it gets packed.  I’ll be sad when it goes down.  I won’t have another room quite like it!

*Sigh*  We just finished going through the emails and FB messages too.   We have about twenty minutes and will then have to get dressed and leave, but for now twenty minutes of glorious writing and thinking.  It might not be obvious to you, but it gives us the leeway of putting up our picture of the house.  Today we are focusing on the composite picture of 16 squares.  Then we can visually scan without clicking or swiping pictures.  I know it’s pretty compulsive isn’t it?  That’s just the way we are though.  I did send a reminder to Joe so that he remembers to ask his “mover” Dad if he’s interested in bidding on the move.  We really need to lock in on someone and we’re having problems getting in communication with Darrell.  He must be a mover by day.  I’ve had several people at the office try to contact him, but we still haven’t made the connection.  If it isn’t by today and if we don’t get an estimate or contact at least by tomorrow through Joe, we will go the route of looking for someone else.  One of the problems is that we saw some online complaining about “Darrell’s group.”  I’m not happy that there isn’t a better system to be in touch and I don’t want to imagine close to the date and we are still having communication problems.  If he’s in the business of whatever AND estimating, he’s got to dedicate time for that.  It’s been about four days of not getting a definite call.


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