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Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's call this a SHOPPING Day!

 Greetings one and all Emily, Linda, The Twins, and CS!

I’m sorry to have taken so much time getting back to you, but this week has been sort of a whirlwind.  It took me two days alone to get out of shock.  WOW!  We’re moving!  By this time there is a signed sellers/buyer contract and we’ve been approved by the landlord.  Everything is a GO!  With mobile home parks, you rent the ground, though you own the MFG home.  We were really excited.  We covered 100% of the $52,000 with cash, or at least will in exactly two weeks when the place closes and we get possession.  It is more like buying a car than real estate and the majority of what happens is that we trade our money for a title transfer.  There aren’t even lawyers present, and the realtors do the paperwork.  The selling and buying Realtors work out of the same office - NICE!  I suppose if we wanted something more we could ask for it, but this seems simple and straightforward enough.  The sellers pay any closing cost like the cost of the Realtors and they’ve paid for a 13 month warranty on everything of and in the home.  Yay!!!

Our moving day is still tentative, but we’re looking toward Monday, March 25th.  I don’t think we need that long, but Rich seems sure of the date.  I think he has to balance things with his business needs.  I told him I would pack, but then he offered to help move the stuff on my tall sewing room shelves over the weekend, and I thought hey … no sense to steal the joy of moving all by ourselves!  He’s off to get some free boxes now.  A customer is giving him to start 50. YAYY!!!  He still needs to get me tape, wrapping paper and BIG BLACK WET Marks-a-lot Markers.  J  Can never be too safe.  I started ordering the wrapping paper.  I was headed down a roll of blank newsprint 30” x 1750’ feet, but Rich assured us that we didn’t need that much EVEN though it was only $34 AND had the edge thing to cut/tear … so we were like fine – your job to get that too!  That’s the way we roll!

We should have the movers confirmed by Monday, but out of the three chosen, we are headed toward Mayflower Movers.  It’s got 80 years of reputation and they were the most professional in getting to me and setting up a free estimate AND they said sure – NO problem with moving from the 3rd floor.  He thought it could be done in a day with THREE movers, though it had been possible to get four.  The amazing thing?  It’s only going to cost $137 for three people.  THAT to me is amazing.  It’s like paying $46 per person, per hour.  WELL worth the expense!  Again, they will be here Monday to give us an estimate and there didn’t seem to be a problem with dates.  We said given the choice we’d take the week before INSTEAD of the week after.  Basically, we are trying to give the landlord a free week to fix it up again so he can rent it out April 1rst.  We still have a lease, but if someone else moves in, then we don’t have to worry about paying that cost.  Two bedrooms usually sell pretty well here and beside the third floor this has REALLY been a good apartment to live in. I know it will rent out.  The landlord asked Rich three times if he was sure.  I guess that’s what a good 12 year relationship gets you!

It was really exciting though and helped us feel more like it was for sure going to be real.  We’ve been shopping online and have a few things picked out to go in the new place.  The bed matches our bed from Ashley’s but instead of having posts it just has the smooth headboard – and not footboard but also comes with the frame.  We called today and found it was only $350 x 20% Washington’s birthday discount so $280 plus we’ll still need the mattress and box spring which they will ALSO sell, and we’d be coming WAY under our budget of $1200.  That purchase is Rich approved so we’ll take care of it over the weekend and have it delivered after the first.  THAT way, we can stay-over at the new place as much as we want before moving 3 ½ weeks later YAYYYY!!!  AND we are thinking that any one of you would be welcome to test out the new guest bedroom!

I like the coatrack, but unfortunately it isn’t Rich approved, so you know what that means?!!!  HE is going to be the one that has to worry about not having front and back hall closets.  HMPF!  What we do have is a nice space in the breezeway where there is presently a huge horizontal freezer.  Blah!  Too much for us, BUT def a nice space for some fun coat rack – at least that’s our opinion.

The next part that we’re really excited about is the kitchen chairs.  We spent a LOT of time looking at craigslist in the Chicagoland area, and came up with these being sold by a dealer who only does chairs.  I am soooo entranced with the idea of sitting comfortably at the table looking into the kitchen and fireplace … words cannot imagine!  I think the comment states that four will stay in the kitchen and the extra two will go out in the sun room.  Also, the wood chairs we have now (simple design) will go out in the sunroom.  Rich has pre-approved of the kitchen chairs, but they have to clear the edge to tuck under.  That can be a deal-breaker.  We have an email out to check on that.  Plus, we have the 10 folding chairs if we were going to have a big party past the six chairs out there, such as when we have my whole family here, we have 13 people – and of course CS would be invited with Mark as well.  We could also use extra chairs in the living room.  But not too many.  Between the desk chair, the double couches, and the three barstools, AND Rich’s chair, we already will have seating for 11 people.  This is HUGE!!!  I think we’ll get Rich’s family over there periodically too.  I’m sure we will have some kind of homecoming event for Rich’s step family through Bud.  There would be Bud and Rich’s mother, Bud’s six kids, and then a handful of step-nieces and nephews AND a few of them are producing now as well.  The closer family other than the boys and/or CS would be Rich’s only brother and his kids.  So that arrangement would be his Mom and Bud, his brother, two daughters and their two partners and one Grandnephew.  Sure 10 people?  No trouble!  So then you can just imagine how excited we would be to have the five of you!  Just test us!

AHA!  Just got the email back from Scott for the kitchen chairs, the arms will fit under the kitchen table because they are adjustable WONDERFUL!  Rich and I just have to check them out for comfortably and we’d be all good!  AND, he would be happy to hold them til after March 1, ANOTHER YAY!!!  We’re still waiting to hear back from the guy with the bar stools.  That’s the expensive one.  But, we’re really thinking positive thoughts for them.  They look really comfortable and had sold originally for $287 each so I know we’re getting a good deal.  I’ve been looking at the cost and the one at Ashley that is comparable is going for $359.  BLAH!  That was for ONE chair!!  The thought there is that the one without a back will go in the kitchen, then three with the back will go in the LR looking into the kitchen, AND the last one will go in the guest room J  See we are thinking of you!  ANOTHER AHA!  We just got the email from that seller too.  They still have the chair and we are officially buying them!  We will have to wait and see how we can get the money to them.  We’re checking out where they live through email now.  They will also hold the chairs.

The next thing that has to be tested out if the two recliner’s for what is now going to be called our sitting room (presently it is a dining room).  I just can’t imagine much more romantic than sitting in a rocker in front of the fireplace reading with your sweetie!  Just LOVE this place!  You may have noticed, but the recliner I like right now – just per looks is 24% off this weekend.  It might be a lead-in to get you into a more expensive chair.  Definitely, we wouldn’t go in without Rich.  He likes his glider, but we’re not going for that!  I think the room (old dining room) will also have one of our baker’s racks AND most likely our grandmother’s treadle machine and CS quilt (by our kitchen), but that will pretty much be it J.  Getting two recliners has been passed by Rich, but we’re not sure which he will approve of when getting there.  We are learning if you pretty much stay in agreement with him he’s much more apt to say yes J  We’re learning!

Rich has come home now with boxes – about 50 – 25 each for two sizes.  He still needs the packing paper (he wants to use paper towel), and tape gun – we do have some tape to start, and we’re requiring TWO markers.  Yup yup … packing could start as early as this evening.  We’re so excited.  We just worked out with Rich some logistics of the sewing room.  The china is still in there, so I will pack that first, then TEMPORARILY move the cabinet to the kitchen, so I can take some stuff OUT of the closet, and we can pack the big bins from under the table IN the closet with the others.  It’s a start.  Then Rich wants to use my little sewing table for piece work he’s brought home – YES his JOB boxes are ALL over my kitchen! Sometimes working from home is NOT handy!  GRRRRR… Mostly then the stuff on top of the three tables will be boxed, and sometime tomorrow morning when we’re ready, Rich says he’ll hand me stuff from the tall sewing room shelves.  The remaining two tables will be collapsed, and will start building a wall of boxes out from the wall toward the door … Oh yeah!  It’s happening!

Hmm, I thought Linda might be here, but maybe not.  We’ve missed each other all day.  I think she got some REAL sewing time and away she went!  AHA!  Linda IS hear … time to get to some good ol fashioned talking!

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