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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just a light processing day - MOSTLY packing!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 @ 9:13 AM

Good morning.  This is us … we just put out a general note in FB stating that we’ve only got 19 days and change before move and that CS will be coming over as our first guest – AND, to help with the unpacking of the sewing room.  We’re a little worried about her being overly tired of that kind of work because of just moving her own place, but am imagining that we’ve come so far with our order and organization that it won’t be much more than an easy two day set-up.  I’ve got a lot less than she has as to fabric and equipment, PLUS we have a place for everything so that should make time go more efficiently.  We will get more feedback as we go and by then too … she should easily have her own stuff up so that she’ll be in better shape to be seeing MORE fabric!

There were a few other things going on in the conversation yesterday as to straightening up some psychological blunders that I made.  After that we got to talking about other stuff going back and forth … we made sure she realized that she could take back any of the quilt kits that she’d given us and then she said we could have a few things too.  The main one we were looking for is to get back our ruby dishware, there are many juice glasses along with some regular matching juice glasses (see through), and there are a few other things like a pitcher, and some plates and bowls.  We’ve got a “glassed cabinet” as a built-in of our pass-through on the living room side, and we’d like to decorate that with the glassware.  We figured it would be ok with CS, because she had stated that her husband wanted to sell them.  It had been something collected for us as part of wedding gifts, so we were happy to have them back.  The other thing we’re getting back is my father’s and Sandy’s kitchen table.  It isn’t a lot, but it’s a good sound table, and it will work out in the sunroom for guests AND Rich because he says that’s where he’ll want to do more work over the coming warmer months.  CS also offered some lawn furniture, but we have to have permission from the land owners and we don’t want to be dealing with all that.  She also said we could have an extra BBQ, but Rich has since then stated that he doesn’t want it.  He is really happy with cooking in his convection oven and he said since he has that … he has no plans to ever BBQ again.  Guess we’ll have to go with that.  He’s still the cook of the family.

Wow … not sure if you can really see it with this picture, but the snow is really coming down pretty now.  It’s supposed to snow all day until about midnight and because of it and having trouble with a “something wrong knee/leg” yesterday we had to cancel Dr. Marvin’s appointment.  He is going to call back around 1 pm to talk for a few moments.  I’m so grateful he is the understanding type of Dr.  Rich says that I’m not supposed to do any work with it today, and then he asked if I wanted him to write that down.  I’m thinking it feels good enough to sit ourselves in front of the dresser or closet and start boxing some clothes, but we’re going to have to wait and see how that goes.  I don’t know where we’ll be with it because we’re taking extra medicine for the pain.  I’d hate to call me dizzy, but we’re not quite right either. 

Ahh it’s almost 10 am and Rich is just leaving the house now.  He had some aggravating business the last few moments when the customer sent TOO much stock to the door of one of his workshops.  YEEKS … hard to know what to do there.  He’s in touch with both the shop and the customer and nobody seems happy.  Hope that it’s a patient driver.  He left ruffled, but at least is out on his way … maybe he’ll feel better when he gets to the shop – people will at least be able to blow-off the steam proper.  I think this customer is big in both size and scope and the workshop is smaller.  We’re hoping that it works out and the shops don’t lose the work.  This job is sure making Rich work hard though L

We had a bad afternoon with Rich yesterday.  He had said to take care of  But afterward he stated he’d wanted me to call, but not order the extra two receivers.  But, I thought in taking care of that I had the right to do that.  They were in itself only $7 each (monthly), but at the time Rich was acting as if it had broken the bank.  Then I wasn’t fast enough in giving him the information or phone although I’d emailed the receipt to him.  He said we weren’t helpful.  To be truthful we were very frustrated, because he’d already gone on an on with the company last time and he was starting off as if he never talked to them before and he had no ideas of what he was paying for.  In the end though his being on top of it worked out, because apparently the real problem was that the service had over-charged us in installation, basically we were billed twice for it so he got a refund (they say) of about $160.  Just the process was very messy as between Rich and me and we ended up back in bed with covers over our head.  He was in a much better mood after getting the credits and he was playful with “the hider” so it wasn’t long before everything worked out, but it’s still frightening for our system when he gets angry, especially at us.  L

We’ve talked about it over and over … he’s come far enough to understand that he yells like his mother, but he seems as of yet to be able to control it.  We start off yelling back defensively and it’s mostly like – please don’t yell at us!  But, he’s so mad and doesn’t know what to do with it.  I never knew, but thinking he must have some high blood pressure problems.  It’s quick coming on and then quick to dissipated, but terrible in the middle.  It’s really odd too because in most things, Rich is about the calmest most organized persons.  Maybe we should go back to our thinking that between this “hard job” at work, and the house and all that goes on with that responsibility, he’s really on overload – especially, if it has to do with money.

I also don’t think I helped in that between things – around the first of it, we got a twinge in our knee/leg and then had gone to lie down, but by the time we were ready to get up, we could barely walk without a lot of pain.  It felt like a charley horse we couldn’t push through.  Most the pain came from trying to turn are knee from left to right or right to left.  We ended up going to bed around 8-8:30 PM and slept until 11 pm, but then we were just having the stabbing pains every couple minutes no matter which way we turned.  So we got up and Rich was on his way to bed.  He’d stayed up to watch a fishy tournament.  He gave us some more pain medicine and wrapped it and kept it heated.  That allowed us to sleep on the couch until 3 AM, and then we crawled back in bed until about 6 am.  GOOD sleep the last part of the morning then J

Hmm, we’re a little discombobulated.  We were talking to Linda and then she was going to tackle bags in her sewing closet and a particular quilt WITH cats!  We weren’t sure how much we would write this morning and how much we would try to do something more productive like packing.  I’d actually rather do the packing.  Rich wants us to rest our leg though.  Our thought is we could sit down and pack so it might be ok.  I’m not sure if we mentioned but we had to cancel Dr. Marvin and now he’s sent a note saying he will call us for a few moments at 1 pm.  Sweet!

We had found ourselves also off looking for non-slip socks ….

Ok, we did MORE looking for non-skid socks.  We had to let that go too, because it meant making decisions with money, and we KNOOOOOOW Rich doesn’t want us to be spending money!  Ok, lessen up on the groaning!

We’re taking a break now from doing the moving stuff.  We went through the dressers and packed those with the exception of the stuff we need immediately … mostly under stuff.  We’ve got a box going for pajamas and a box going for seasonal and a few under things.  Doing pretty good with that so far, but there is really not a lot in the dressers.  I don’t think the drawers are overly wide.  It’s good enough to make like a drawer of shorts, and a drawer of socks, etc., but not much past that.  I will have to watch the number of pajamas I put back in it, though I really think it will be enough … my pj’s are either silky which don’t take up a lot of room or they are flannel and still in use.  I am using the Flylady’s bags for things to throw away and things to give away.  There’s nothing for the one that says things to put away.  Basically, if it’s in the closet it didn’t belong many other places.  I found a few things in the drawers like pony tail holders, but not much past that. 

AHA!  Rich is home!  Whoops … he had to go right past that smooch!  He had to do umm something.

We’ve got about 12 minutes before Dr. Marvin calls.  We can be patient, but maybe now won’t get to sit in the living room.  We’ll figure that out in a couple of minutes.  ANYWAY … we got about 2/5ths of the way through my closet.  I still think we have some things over in the other closet, but we’d have to check that out after the first one is packed.    We’re going to run into Rich’s stuff after a bit in both other sides of the closets we haven’t done yet.  If we were going to do a real good job today, we would finish the closets AND do the “hard” linen closet.  Even that isn’t impossible, but it might help us to do that AND do under the bed (not much there) so we could figure out which sheets and blankets we can use, throw, or need to buy new.  I think some of our stuff is left over for a full-size bed, but we will only have two queens.  Just gotta work through it.  I think all the sheets that have been put away have to be looked at again, because it seems that Missy has been sleeping on some of them SOMEhow, OR, they haven’t been used in a while so should be freshened.  Yup yup!

AHA!  He said he can stay in the back – especially, because he’s going to be working as soon as he fixes himself a sandwich.  That gives me the comfy LR. Hmm, phone is 51% charged.  It should be ok, but I’m thinking I should have plugged it in earlier this morning.  The system isn’t perfect.

We’re still running into gray matter in sorting the clothes.  Some clothes I don’t wear anymore, but they still fit, or I just don’t want to wear them.  A couple of summer outfits remind me so much of St. Rose and they were worn for most likely ten years … so with those … I just figured to throw them away.  It’s repulsive to think of them.  I will still worry about clothes after it warms up and we’re not as likely to wear jeans, but if push comes to shove … Rich might have to spring for something.  It will come out of our money first, but then he has to pay what won’t get covered that I pay for.  Rich tries to leave me with $200.  Mostly I just leave it in the account unless I have to pay for something like I paid for the satellite dish for the TV, some of the lines Rich and I draw are fuzzy, but I’m trusting him to give me something of our disability check if I need it, that’s good, right?  It’s EXTREMELY rare we will go out and spend something at a store, but we still like to buy a book or whatnot periodically.  AND, we dream big.  Wasn’t it us that orchestrated a LOT of furniture buying AND a house of late?  No doubt, we LIKE to spend money!  Just usually not cash.

I don’t know what we should talk to Dr. Marvin about … Mostly I think about the closing and then having been out there on Sunday.


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