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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seems like a really quick morning!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 7:53 AM

Good morning!  This is just me.  AHA!  In the shower and the place is picked up by 8 AM!  Great start to a day.  We’ve been up for almost two hours and haven’t gotten much done except appreciate our social world online.  Man-o-man do I love that space!

We’re a bit scattered … now it is 9:33 AM and I’m not sure I could say that we have much accomplished since the last paragraph.  We did do our sinks and that’s a start and not only is we showered, but we’re dressed to the tie-up shoes.  We’re in a Flylady zone in our brain.  We’re expecting Rich home in about a half hour.  He called this morning just to let me know where he was in his schedule. 

I think part of the reason we’re so scattered is that in our mind we’re somewhere between our old house and our new one so kind of floating in our mind there.  We finally closed down the Flylady stuff because we couldn’t find current stuff and it was driving us a little nutty.  We turned on Pandora … it’s playing one of my favorites, “Time to say goodbye.”  It is tuned into things that are similar to Sarah Brightman.  I’m hoping it will help me clear our head.

There are so many nice things that happened between now and basically, Thursday when we last wrote.  We did post pictures from Friday of the place so we won’t do that again, but I have to tell you that we live in that space.  When we are feeling lost we look back at the pictures taken especially of the main rooms with the kitchen REALLY being a favorite.  Right now we are looking at the one where the camera faces OUR chair!  We’re talking about the green cushioned chair from the new bar stool set.  We have found that we’re better with the ones without backs, because of our weight.  I’m hoping though that our guests are comfortable in the regular chairs.  We can do them, but don’t really like the tightness.  Rich would be saying we could be doing something about that?  *sigh*  Ok, moving on

I can honestly say we wish that we were sitting in that chair directly, but we’re also figuring that there will be so many nice areas in the new home that we won’t know where to sit.  We got a call saying that the recliners will be here on Saturday (about one week before the big move).  On last Friday we got a LOT of stuff.  Basically, the bed came in, and the kitchen chairs, and the Dish TV.  The bar stools were already there, and then yesterday, we got the Internet hooked up.  I feel like we’ve said this a dozen times.  We keep going over it in our head as if we’re going to forget something. 

One of the nicest things that happened is that Maury, Nikki, Jade and Jasmine were then over on Saturday to share the new house with us.  I think it made a good first impression even without the majority of the furniture.  Between the bar stools for dinner and the kitchen chairs in the sitting room afterward, it was really nice.  And, people seemed to feel good about getting up and down, using the washrooms or for the kids finding empty rooms to practice their dances.  Maury teased me at one point right before they left in that he assured that all three bathrooms were happening at the same time.  He was the first to use the kitchen bathroom – he’s a silly kid!  Love the dickens out of him. 

I was so happy Maury and his girls were over.  It felt like one of the most natural things to be having him lean against the chairs and to be engaged between a six-way conversation.  It’s fun to get a new house and then have someone come in who is interested in talking about it.  I’m hoping that happens some more before it gets old.  Right now its evolving with things getting added.  I can imagine far down the road – talking years ahead now that we’ll continue to do things that will get us excited.  I don’t think people in apartments do so much due to the limitations of their landlords.

Rich has been talking about making a “to-do” list for the house and for the supplies and other objects that we’re going to want – AND pay for.  It’s been a little overwhelming so far, but we’re going to get there.  Going back to Flylady as she tells us to shine the sink and put on our shoes is a good first foot forward.  There’s so many thoughts to be having.  I know it is a good thing to write things down and then build-in some routines. 

Last night was another break in the hundreds of thoughts going into the new place when the “alert-people” called from Rich’s Mom’s place.  She’d been overly drunk and disorderly again and had told the police that her husband was beating her.  Rich went out there and met several police at their house.  It was decided that they were both very angry at each other, not sure of the physical stuff … depend on who you ask.  One way or another Bud left last night.  Not sure if he wanted to or had to.  Not sure what kind of night Rich had with her.  It’s really sad sometimes.  I don’t think she would look at it this morning as if there were anything particularly wrong with police being at her house because of quarreling with her husband.  Rich will let me know where he has to be or what he is doing pro-actively.  We’d so help we could help take off some of the burden by being out there – four miles at least from their place.  We will continue to hope so.

We’re back.  We’ve been talking to Linda, but she mysteriously disappeared and didn’t come back.  Most likely something happened to her computer and she had trouble getting back online, or just decided to move on with her day.  She was planning on being on the bike and then working on the big V-ger quilting machine.  LOTS for her to do today!

There’s only twenty minutes before we leave for Dr. Marvin.  Rich is going over an officiating online test for baseball.

Enough good words cannot be said about him.  He’s very hardworking and faithful as a St. Bernard.  Maybe more … he doesn’t drink!

Let’s see what else can be said in so little time?

I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Marvin.  He has seen the pictures we took on Friday and responded with a nice note yesterday.  We are so beholden to him.  He makes our heart pitter-patter!  Well, obviously not the same way as Rich, but damn fine!

It seems that we’ve been talking about harder stuff of late.  It might start out with something we are going through, but there is less complaining and more trying to figure out how to fix-it.  Linda and us talked too today about stuff that seems to be changing in our life and maybe it’s more toward attitude.  No one knows how long we’ll be able to maintain all this happiness, especially with housekeeping involved, but we really are into Flylady right now.  Maybe I just don’t have any other real life examples of how to keep pace with my immediate life.  I think we could go as far as to think we might look in on her sessions of saving dinner.  I would like to find things that I can cook – and then sometimes cook for our man.  Wouldn’t that be something.  But, maybe we are all way out far ahead of ourselves?

I don’t know … we’ve so far washed the kitchen up several times including cabinets, drawers, counters, and floors.  It’s like we’re trying to make good with her!  And, we give her a lot of positive vibes sitting with her while we’re at the home.  I’m not sure if the kitchen stool will always be my homebase.  It has a lot of completion with the desk area and this computer, not to mention the sewing and sitting room areas.  BUT, Man-o-man endorphins running all over the place!

As of today, there are only 13 more days before the move.  In general … we have work on the bigger closets and the kitchen.  I know that our aim is to move without really stressing out.  Well, the one day we could really stress-out – the actual day we’re making plans by not being at the old house.  That came out in conversation with Rich the other day.  We were planning and figuring how to do the kitchen.  Rich conceded that he might stay out there an overnight two nights before we move.  He hasn’t allowed us to stay out yet, so we were ecstatic.  He was talking about bringing the majority of the clothes over by then AND the dishes.  So from that point we’d eat over at the new house. 

The really instrumental thought put out there next by me was that … Saturday would be the last day we saw the old place.  This would be obviously the 23rd.  Looking at it now would mean as well that that will be the day we move the cats over.  It will have to be in their box and they will have to be kept in the box when the movers are there and then maybe put in the back bathroom area for when everyone was around.  Not sure.  I think they like to see what is happening.  They’ve been through this three times now … I can’t think they will remember much from the last time.  I’m just hoping I don’t startle them into a heart attack or something.  I can’t give the cats overnight to any of the kids though because they all have the dogs.  YEEKS!  That wouldn’t work any better.  I think with the box they also have the feelings that no one can get at them.  I hope so.  If we had a door in the laundry room we would close that, but there will be so many moving around not trusting that anyone wouldn’t open a door.  Best to keep them in the box and get them out as soon as possible.  They are used to hiding when people come over here, and we’re thinking the movers won’t take much more than 3-4 hours.  That’s our best guess.

Thing is they’d be able to get used to the place a bit without the furniture and just having a quiet time with Rich and us so that they can get past the move, before they have to get past the moving and the movers.  A new house is one thing … but everything out of order has to be challenging to them.  I’d actually like to put them up where the microwave and toaster are going to go … they’d be up on the counter in the box.  It would be on the back laundry wall so out of the way, but yet able to see where people were going or doing.  After a while it would break into a routine of people movement for them.  That’s the impression we had from the last move.  We’d put food and water in, but there isn’t a lot of room in the box.  It was gotten when they were younger.  Fortunately, cats don’t grow too much.

Shoot, shoot … need to get going.  Dr. M. time!!!!


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