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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The day after the night - writing to Linda :)

Good morning ... this is us.  It'a about 7:15 am ... appears that I'm twelve hours late!  Everyone is still sleeping.  I'm not sure when we went to bed.  I'm guessing around 9-10 pm, but it seemed later ... just not sure.  We were so busy ... We did like a lot of drawing on the packing paper - well at least enough to fill up about 4 sheets.  Both the two girls and me did that.  And then, Rich came home and we all went outside ... Isa had brought her bike she'd just learned to ride without training wheels.  We watched from our walker and Jade swept for a while.  Then we were on the sunroom.  Somehow ice cream got eaten and when jade went inside to change clothes she found this hideous uncle fester type head on a plate in her suitcase.  We're thinking ... what kind of son did we raise?  *sigh*  So we meaning Isa and Jade put it under Rich's pillows.  He was a little surprised about that.  Hehehe ... silly girls!  Somewhere in there we watched some Disney shows, ate frozen pizza (heated of course), and then Rich and the girls played war.  Rich and Isa played a LONG time.  Then we introduced the girls to the chore of sorting fabric.  We went through about 16 bundles and sorted by color, then for a couple tall bundles and a couple short bundles for Isa ... they sorted light to dark.  They had a good time with it but got tired after a while because of all the concentrating they were doing.  It was still my favorite.  And then ... I think popcorn happened before Jade and us made cookies - "sausage tube" of chocolate chip cookies.  OHHH ... in between all that Jade took a shower and then spent a longgg time fixing her hair .. first brusthing it, then drying it, then straightening it.  I think after the cookies she and Isa decided (JADE) to go in the room and watch some TV.  But Isa came out and we sat for a nice while first playing fruit Ninja on my phone, and then that's when we watched the last part of Monsters Inc.  I just KNOW you've seen that show!  Too many grandchildren not to ... I loved it!  And THEN we went to bed.  I'm not sure how long Isa and Jade stayed up before falling asleep, but if they didn't turn off the TV it played itself out.  Now it's about 7:30 am and EVERYONE but us and the kitties are sleeping.  *sigh* what's up with that.  Even RICH!  He SAID he was going fishing, but after mowing the lawn and sweeping up some of the front sidewalk, he decided he was too tired to get up and fish ... his hip was really bothering him.

So that gets us up to now.  We read the part about you were having trouble with Jean's quilt.  I can't believe you don't have the good thread ... is it because of the flannel?  I'm giving you a whole lot of respect points for all the cutting you are doing with the Blues quillt.  Just hadn't appreciated enough the amount of work that quilt will need before it's done.  But, I know you are the girl for it.  Just it all takes time.

I know that one task we're going to have is somehow cleaning up in the living room, kitchen and dining room.  Pswhoo!  especially the kitchen table.  How on Earth did it get that bad??  We have remnants from the paper coloring and the sorting fabric up because we weren't sure if either of those were done for sure, and after each we seemed to be tired.  I really appreciated the quieter time just watching the monster show where Isa layed on a pillow on my lap.  The kids are just so loveable!  I can't believe i've missed all those years til now in having them sleep over.  It really makes a difference though having a proper place lilke with the guest room and extra bathroom.  Just some really nice things happening in our Gramma thoughts this morning.  I don't know how normal it is for the girls to sleep in til how long?  I'm a little worried about Isa wetting the bed, but have to get over that.  I knew it was a problem a year or two ago ... not sure about now.  We were pretty much like if you want it you can have it.  Does that count toward Gramma spoiling?

I think I'm going to use this part of the note to you in the blog if you don't mind ... hadn't realized how much detail we were able to remember with you.  Don't think I could do it any better.

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