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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I think its a good day to set up sewing in the Sunroom!

Wedenesday, May 1, 2013 @ 7:11 am

Good morning.  This is me and we're up sorta earlier.  We got up with Rich - in that after his shower, he woke us up to spend time with him ... He only had 10-15 minutes, and then we fell back to sleep on the recliner, and then just a few  moments got up and it's just after 7 am now.  We did just take our medicine so we are all good there.  I was thinking yesterday that was part of the problem.  I was getting offset by it being later and I am thinking now it is he same with our nighttime medicine.  Rich has been "checking" us in that he says we are being grouchier in the evening.  It seems we settle into the couch before taking the 7 pm medicine, and then we get overwhelmed with ourselves and we get grouchy at him because we don't want to move.  I'm thinking before that we just want to get to the couch as soon as we can because we are already feeling tired.  Just that we're going to probably need doing something like in the morning where we set an alarm again to alert us to the proper time.  It's a little vague now that the sun is setting so late in the day ... it doesn't SEEM like it's time though it is.

Ok, enough of that.  How exciting can medicine be?  I'm trying to figure out why I'm thinking it's such a science.  We know we're supposed to do it at 7 am and 7 pm.  Shouldn't be anything mysterious past that, right?  Maybe we're dealing with our own inertness again.  Hmm, it's happened in the past you know?

Last night we did ok about half the way home which was like 20 minutes.  Then Rich was saying that he wanted to stop at the grocery store for buns to go with ham, and then he was saying that he needed to stop by at his mother's first, and then we got cranky because it was after 7 pm and we hadn't eaten dinner and he was planning all these extra activities, between that time and getting to eat.  I thought we'd done well with it during the game ... and even had popcorn so weren't totally out of order, but the thought of not getting dinner and being with the guy who is "supposed" to feed us ... ok, that's a maybe, but it didn't go well for him.  We were able to control it so that we only had our unhappy face and weren't being aggressive, but it still wasn't the most pleasant.

I did have a funny thing that happened at the grocery store.  In town we have a place called, Arts and we've been there waiting for Rich a few times.  We were people watching as we usually are when he stops, but it was different because the number of people is way different in quantity and like the parking lot doesn't have that many cars and people are really in and out quickly.  This one lady came out and I thought she seemed a bit like me in that she was heavier and didn't wear make-up giving her a kind of "farmer's wife" feeling.  I obviously have no idea of this stereotype, but we're going with it for the moment.

We watched her get in the car and she puttered about in a distractive manner, and then she finally adjusted herself and was starting to look more about her because she was starting the process of moving her car.  At one point, she caught us in her view and we tried to look away more discretely, but when we came back to looking at her, she was still looking at us - though starting to move.  We had on our observational face which means we're attuned, but not smiling or anything.  Then unexpectedly she smiled at us, and then we smiled automatically back at her with a big grin.  That seemed so funny because it had in a sense turned us into the person being observed and in some small town friendly sensed manner ... it was ok that we were who/what we were and where we were and it was just a really nice warm sensation that was completely different then the situation of just watching people in their busy manerisms.  We didn't tell Rich about it, but obviously it is still on our mind and that's a nice thing too.  This woman out of the blue ... just because of a nice gesture like a smile had an impact on us ... and it was a good one :)

Thanks lady!

Hmm, it seems contrary to belief that roosters crow at odd times of the day other than sunrise ... there is one in the outskirts of our listening area and he's just going to town - at 7:30 am.  We are in the sunroom and Missy is sitting acrossrom us.  She seems to like the pink chair.  I'm not sure where Chief is.  He was out with us earlier, but left after we got up to go to the washroom.  Eh, his loss.

We are kinda frustrated with him, because we caught him going to the bathroom in the sitting room - on the carpet.  That had happened once before, but when Maury came the other day to drop the girls off he had said that he had smelled like that kind of behavior was starting to happen again ... he said it was faint, and then suggested that we get another litter box.  I think that is a good idea now that we know it's starting to become a pattern - sure once is once, but more than once, seems to be a pattern.  I'll talk to Rich about it in the next day or two when we get some time together.

Rich left about 6 am, and he had a full day of stops. Then he is having another game tonight and he said he won't be home until about 7 pm.  SOOO, it is going to be a full day for us.  We had been thinking already about bringing the drafting table out to the sunroom.  We haven't gotten the logistics worked out, but after giving some thought to having Rich help us, he kind of disregarded those invisible suggestions.  Eh so much for control and manipulation hehehe.  We'll go in there maybe after we take our shower and see how hard it is to move.  They are on direct opposite corners of the house.  With Rich being gone for so long today we have some by-time in getting the kitchen table cleared off.  Rich talked about doing his work on the table and that he woul do it when he got home, but we're totally against him working after being gone for 13 hours working already.  Some time the guy needs to get some rest.

Ahh Chief is out now ... he's still sitting in the middle of the floor trying to figure out what he wants to do next.  He's been taking an interest in the parimeters of the room to listen and watch for what is going on around him outside.  I think the kitties are getting more used to the sounds of traffic and neighbors AND birds and such, but it's still really a new thing to them.  I think they really appreciate the space though because they are almost ALWAYS out here with us and a few times we've found them out even without us here.

Rich opened a few windows and it is really pleasant as to temperature.  It is the west side of the building and the sun is obviously on the other side so it isn't overly warm.  Last night Rich had discovered about the time we were going to bed - well, I'd actually fallen asleep but he got us up to go to bed, and then he asked if we wanted to come out and sit with him.  It didn't last too long, but we did come out and it was very very nice.  It was dark and we didn't have any lights on, but the temperature was pleasant and funny enough - even though it was about 10 pm, there was still traffic coming in and out of the park.  Not a lot, but a slow steady amount.

Hey ... which bird made that dropping on our window!??  It's a HUGE ugly.  Grrr...

Ok, girls settle down.  I don't know if we can reach it, but maybe Rich can help later ... It's obviously something we don't want to see when looking out our beautiful windows.  Hmm, Chief is over by the window and is obviously interested in some birds out there.  The window seems too high for him to look out, but he seems to be looking up toward the rain gutters and maybe the sky where he sees the birds flying this way and that.  Trying to get an understanding of his game plan.  Silly kitty.

AHA! That works!  We decided to try out the extra cord that had been sitting in the corner that we used for the heater when Rich's Mom was here.  AND, we ran it behind the couch and into the open sliding glass door and as it turned out there was a plug just behind the garbage by the side of the glass door.  Purpose being ... we had been watching our battery in the computer and we hadn't plugged it in so we were starting to fret that we might have to stop writing before we were ready.  BUT, WALLAH!  Problem is solved and we're all plugged in.  It wasn't very good planning, but the addition doesn't have any electricity.  There will be so much going on out here that we're going to want to do something about that.  Another frustrating part of all that is that we can't use the little fridge out here unless we have electricity.  Now that it is starting to get real nice we're leaving the door open, but after we try the air conditioning we're not going to want and do that.  Rich said something about trying it out over the next few days - now that we're in the 80's.  We have over the last couple of days surprised ourselves with the simple find that we have real ceiling fans in both the bedroom and the living room.  We've turned them on over the last couple of days and have been pleasnantly surprised!  Another WALLAH!

I'm thinking that Chief wants a raised bed in the corner of the sunroom.  He wants to look out there, but he's used to the cushy life of having something underneath him.  I wonder what we could do there?  I think his needs are going to have to come behind finding a good place for the drafting table and also accomodating Rich's mother when she's here.  She'd occupied that same corner that I'm thinking for the drafting table and now the kitty wants to claim.  We'll see.  We'll also have to consider a chair for the drafting table.  Rich seems to be using the 6th chair, but we're wondering if we had the drafting table out here if he wouldn't do more business out here where it's pleasant.  We would have to come up with some arrangement for his myriad of paper work.  We're kind of thinking that it would be a good time to come up with a new desk for his office so we could have this space out her for the fun stuff.  Now tht we have a cord situated, we're thinking that we could plug in an extra 12 plug thingie and then we'd have plenty more than enough to set up a light on the table if we would need it or an iron.

Hmm, that has to be considered.  I was just thinking we could put the table in front of the side door we're really not using and then the table could be beside us here and face out toward the three open windows.  But, we'd forgotten that we usually use a side table for ironing while cutting.  We do have the horizontal table out here too where we used to iron, but not sure how to best use it of again an ironing table space with our smaller ironing pads.  Have to rethink this.  It would mean putting the drafting table over where Missy's pink chair is.  That is easy enough to move, but then we're in a position of possibly putting our back to the one window where we'd really like to be looking out and the table would be more into the regular part of the room rather than to the corner-side looking out.

Ahh Chief and Missy are both back out.  They'd gotten up when we moved to do the plugs.  They really are homey cats looking for the lap of luxury no matter where they turn.  Missy is back to her chair and Chief is laying in the couch leaned up on our side.

I'm thinking now ... what happened if we moved TWO table out here?  Pretty much meaning to move the movable sewing table to also be here for ironing.  Maybe this would make sense ... I like it where it is now between the shelves in the sewing room, but we've taken to using the big ironing board in there so it is not as useful and pretty much buried by the bigger board.  That's an idea.  We could always move the wicker shelves more to the corner of the room.  Just how would we situate the two tables and chair?  Maybe we could put the ironing/sewing table against the wall where the loveseat is.  I'm thinking we could then put the drafting table at an angle into the room.  I would like it to face the inner part of the room instead of looking at the couch, but I'm not sure if there is enough space for that and a chair.  I guess there is room for trial and error in that the couch and shelf can be moved further away and so we could still tuck a chair and be looking out from behind the table.  We would have to keep the door locked, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.  Plenty of other exits.

I guess at this point that is the best plan and we'd have to play it from there.  Next would be just getting the drafting table and checking out our space.  I'm thinking it would be ok if the ironing table was in back of the chair and desk then right to the right or left of it.  That works to the best arrangement and it kind of hides the ironing operation.  I'm thinking also because we'd be taking that table out, we could also bring out the floor light that is over that table now in the sewing room.  That would help the space and get a good light out in this room.  I have to admit it is nice to be incognito sitting here in the dark watching people go by, but sometimes especially during the summer months it's best to get this room used to the most we can be doing with it.  Still have to worry about some leaking, but that would have to be resovled after we discovered that problem and where it would be coming down - and then we'd have to just call the people out from the warranty company anyway.  That be the right thing to be doing.

I'm thinking that Rich is going to like working out here better than his office.  In the morning he's been using his computer from the recliners, but we know given a choice, he'd rather be out here :)

Hmm, it's about 8:18 am now ... think we're going to check out what's happening online :)

We're back.  We've been talking to Linda, and then we both moved on to our separate tasks.  I should have taken a shower, but we decided to try out the drafting table and sewing table and chair to the sunroom space instead.  I'm not real happy with it yet, but it has possibilities especially since it will be easier to adjust to the space then bringing all this stuff back to their respective rooms.  We sat down to get a better feel of it.  The first thing that has to happen when Rich gets to it is that the extra bars for the drawers and pencil tray ... have to all come off. It needs to be done with a hex tool.  I will look for it just in case I can find it and do it myself, but we'll go with Rich for the main alternative.  Its a simple thing if one has the tools.  I don't know where he put everything out in the garage, but we left those tools with the extra stuff from the junk drawer.  Hopefully, not too hard.  Basically, those drawers and ledge are not important and will take 8-10 inches off the size of the table.

The sewing machine table takes up a lot of room against the house, but it can't go anywhere else, because with it at its side blocking the door, it is too wide to pull the table back.  I don't however like how the table juts into the room in giving the chair enough space to turn.  Maybe it will be better toward the window side and we'll try that out when we get up and go to the shower.  Hmm, maybe stop by the junk drawer in case we can find those hex screwdrivers.  Ok, I know I know ... no time like the present?

WooHOO!  The job is all done and it is looking much better.  I found the hex wrench AND the Philips screwdriver for the pencil thing.  Now it doesn't look as balky AND we moved the shelves a little to the corner so the room seems better blocked.  I still don't know how we're going to reach that bird dropping, but hopefully it will be done today too.  Now I feel better about getting into the shower.  I'm going to rest a few moments and watch the kitties check out the new arrangement, but I think it is much better.  I pulled the desk toward the windows too so that the opening is in-between the couch and it giving it the feeling of being more space.  There seems to be plenty of space for the chair too.  I'm thinking Rich is really going to like this space for making calls.  It's all good.  I think too before the shower we will bring some of the other tools out like cutting board, rotary blade, rulers, and Iron.  OH and we'll bring out some of the yellow fat quarters.  WooHOO!  Later in the day we might have to bring out one of the fans too, but with the fan over the bed, we should be able to use the bedroom fan out here.  Good stuff!

Hmm, ok, so anything else need to be discussed?  I'm sorta glad now that CS reminded us of my father's table now belonging to Nathan because I'd given up the furniture.  The table would have been too big out here.  I'm happy with the drafting table being about half the size, but very comfortable for one-two people.  We'll worry about the day we have a poker tournament when that time comes up hehehe.  Oh yeah ... I forgot ... we're going to bring out the lamp too from the sewing room.  I guess we have some back and forth to do.  I'm thinking that if we had it on at night, we would just pull down the shade so that only the light could be seen under that - and not the shade itself.  That would be too bright out here - sorta like the globe lights in front of all the houses.

Hmm, I'm thinking we might have clothes to wash today too ... we haven't really got too much done other than the writing and now some moving since the day started for us.  REALLY - only about 3 1/2 hours ago.  Just gotta not get messed up with our getting dressed AND keeping the $1 a day.  Don't want to stop that project now.  Officially, we are since March 14th - so 17 days, plus 30 days, plus 1 day, plus 30 due to weight loss ... that adds up to 78 dollars and we used $46 so that means we've got $32 toward the next little house.  That's enough to buy the building, now we're looking at paying the shipping.  HMMM ... we are just a little more than that because we got a $4 discount because a couple glued pieces came off ... SOOO that means we have on May 2nd - $36 toward the next purchase WOOHOO!!!  No we're not going to say much about weight ... with having all the good stuff last week we are not doing so good there.  Yesterday we weighed a pound more than we were with the 10 pound loss.  Time to get back to that all.  Speaking of ... we have to look too at the lawn mowing?  Rich though wasn't sure where we were at with gas and oil and he said he'd look at that.  Maybe we should then put that on hold, but we are aware that we are going to have to practice walking even with the walker.  I know we toss this here and about, but on those days without Dr. Marvin AND mowing, there is really no excuse.  Do you hear that girl?

Ok, maybe something easier ... time to get to that shower :)

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