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Friday, May 17, 2013

Waiting on a fun GNO!

Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 2 pm

Hi Hi ... this is me.  We're going to write a short one today because we only have about 1 1/2 hours.  There's so much going on that it is a little mind-boggling, but at the same time it's regular kind of stuff that is happening now a days.  There are some general highlights.  One of the things is that we have been cutting out in the sunroom, though this week seems to be a bit of a bye.  In general though we've been working on quilts for the church world relief.  I've gotten done with six quilts so far.  Two of them have been handed in and their are four more here waiting.

One of the coolest things happening now is that we met a woman by the name of Carol and her daughter Bridgette, they and Carol's DIL have started a meet-up group called Northern Illinois (NI) scrapbookers, stampers, and quilters.  Last Friday was my first meet-up.  There were only two of us there to quilt - both Carol and myself, but both of us have an interest in getting together regularly, so we scheduled the following Friday which is today - to be quilting together again.  I'm so excited.  It has been almost one of the top highlights of the day.

There was another highlight in that we've been using the space in front of the house to be hanging out, especially since we started mowing the grass with the new lawnmower Rich got.  I've mowed 4 times and he's mowed 2 times ... so you can imagine we're looking pretty spiffy.  Yesterday while we were out there, we noticed that there was a bird's nest over the light next to the external front door, and then we were flown over by a robin who claimed the area, and then today we had the insight to hold a camera over our head toward the nest to see if anything was in there ... AND, surprise of surprises, but there were little birds just hatched.  We have left the area alone the rest of the day, but we will want to be using our front patio before the birds have left the nest.  Last night though when we were out there, the father bird was having a bad meld-down ... he kept chirping loud and expressive and he was flashing his tail which caused even more attention to him.  SO, we finally left the area.  Obviously today we know why he was so concerned.

We looked at a video on YouTube and found there was another person who had taken pictures daily of the birds above her lights too and it was put to music really nicely.  It showed the progression of the little birds from fluffy "red" that we have to leaving the nest within about 12-14 days.  It's going to go fast.  I felt a little bad though because one of the responders to my facebook entry on the bird was my DIL and she stated that my granddaughter was going to need learn when coming over next that the baby birds she was watching were eaten.  I feel really bad for her, but hope she has interest in sharing my birds with me.  Just these are out of her day to day life.  I'm really ready to share though.  AND, we're hoping that our baby birds don't get eaten.  We'll give them as wide a berth as we can.

As to the quilting at Carol's though ... again we had a very great time.  She seems very much like me, but she's probably more professional, and she's had about 20 years of quilting experience in front of me.  That's ok ... then at least there is someone to answer questions.  YAY!!!  She's just really nice and sometimes we talked and sometimes we just worked, but it was all good.  She has too an interesting life I get the gist of in that she works for a day care agency which seems much like the center we used to work at as to staff, program management, etc.  She's into the financial computer end of things.  Really good conversations.

Carol is the quilter, her daughter Bridgette is the scrapbooker, and her DIL Cheryl is the stamper.  They have formed this group of about 48 people, but they said only about half are active and have come to their meet-ups.  They have a nice space down in their basement and I could foresee many days down there.  Even if it were only Carol and I with an open invitation to others, it's someone to quilt with that I'm interested in being with.  I feel really lucky to have met her.  Her place is in Dekalb which is about 35 minutes from here.  It's not so bad though Rich is complaining about the long drive so late at night.  The event is supposed to last from 6-12 and last time it was carried a little late.  BUT, this time we'll start at 4:30 pm, so maybe we'll leave a little early.  Hard to tell ... once you get started then it is like newfound energy because your working synergestically.

Oh oh ... seeing a spot of rain clouds in the horizon.  We had just gone for a bathroom, popcorn, coffee break.  I'm going to need to assure that all the windows are closed before we go.  I did like the little bit of coolness that it had included.  I just see a few raindrops on the window.  Maybe there won't be much more included than that.  I think overcast is good for Rich though.  He is with the fishy guys this weekend.  His partner is Jim Gumm and they left about 5:30 am this morning. He will be back Sunday night and then Rich's brother is coming over maybe for pizza and then Rich's son Jon will come over for a few days next week when his mother is on vacation.  After that Rich's friends might come over on the 26th which is Memorial Day Sunday and the group that were invited were Bob, Jack and Doug, AND their women.  It should be really fun, but we're not sure now who all is coming.

Originally then Saturday the 1rst we are supposed to going sewing on Saturday with the girls, but that's up for grabs right now ...Linda and Emily won't be there, so we suggested two other dates in June that might be ok if anyone were innterested in getting more people together, and if a hotel meeting room could be arranged.  If not ... I'm perfectly fine with only meeting Jean, Janet and CS and shouldering my part of the added expense of having two people missing.  The important thing is that we mean to be sewing with our friends.  Our alternative dates that we know to be agreeable with Linda are June 15th and 29th.

After that Rich's daughter Jillian is expected to stay a few days and I believe she's coming in on Tuesday June 4th.  She'll stay toward the beginning and ending of her vacation.  In the middle she'll stay at her mothers, but Rich is on the side that will get her back and forth from the airport.  We'll try to keep meeting with Carol on Friday nights, but we've also scheduled a trip up to MN with Rich on Sunday June 23rd through Wednesday June 26th.  The first and last day will be all travel.  I really look forward to getting away just with Rich.  It will be our first vacation together for this year.  I have to admit too though that the fishing and quilting trips are like vacations too - just that they are separate.

Trips to Dr. Marvin's have been good and things seem busy.  We have been trying very hard to do things as we would ideally like especially including household and yard.  We have to stand-up/sit-down 7-8 times to get the lawn done, but we're happy that we are doing it.  I haven't gained or lost weight though we're holding steady.  We're doing pretty good with the incentive to be doing the little houses, but Rich is falling down on his part which isn't helping the motivation.  He had said he'd contribute, but the money is actually coming from my account and even the money towards the little buildings that his aunt and uncle gifted us with went to quilting with the group last Saturday instead of buying house or two.  I suppose the deal is that it's all coming out of my account and that has to be the right thing to do, but after we used his aunts and uncles money toward the weekend, then he wouldn't allow more money to go out toward the little houses.  We've been counting forward of March 16th so there was 15 days for March, 30 days for April, and now 17 days for May, plus 30 more for weight loss.  So not including the gift we should have $62 from the being domestically Goddest plus $30 for weight = $92 minus $46 for the first house, but we got a $4 rebate so $92 - $42 (including tax) means already $50 not spent yet PLUS the extra gift money.  I'm probably a "little person" for being so concerned, but we've worked very hard even on the days we don't want to get dressed or clean ... Just saying is all.  It's only $1 a day shouldn't be so hard :(

Woohoo and OH NO ... we just won another bid on ebay which SEEMS like a good deal because it's 50 FQ for $29 + shipping = $41 ... it's like .82 cents per piece ... just its adding up ... we've spent about $90 total and Rich doesn't know all that we have :(

AHHH Linda is back and shes conquested TWO NEW LR CHAIRS!  WoohOOO!  Better get going ... we'll talk about ten more minutes and then we'll have to go ... or should we say GET to go!

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