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Monday, May 6, 2013

Way back to Thursday :)

Thursday, March 2, 2013 @ 6:59 AM

Good morning.  This is me and we're feeling suddenly pretty smart.  We figured out how to take care of the backlight on our new chrome computer ... there wasn't anything on the settings page and we tried an app that didn't work, but then we thought to look where the function keys are and wallah!  There it was a sun with bigger or smaller rays coming from it.  It must have been touched accidentally yesterday to make it dimmer.  What a relief!

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day ... I think that we charted it for the most part, but in general we set-up the sewing room to be cutting and ironing (small stuff) and then we saw the neighbor across us to the north doing the neighbor to the west lawn mowing, and so we went out and started to do our lawn, and then we met again the neighbor to the south ... we talked and we showed him the place, and then when we got out the neighbor to the north had come over and started to help us mowing the back ... it was just the nicest thing.  We went out then to talk and the three of us, especially the two guys caught up, and then we excused ourselves to do the front, and then after a rest or two we met up with the guy doing our SW corner.  The neighbor to the south - Don had gone home by that time - he had done his lawn and the neighbor to the west of Joe's (north neighbor) lawn the day before.  These seem to be the nicest guys ... they were saying they were just being neighborly.

I had offered Joe a bottle of water, and then we'd offered later a beer, but he rejected both and let us know that neither his wife or him drank.  We ended up on the East (front) side of our place talking and talking.  He did most the talking, but we got in a few things too.  He like the guy who had lived here before are both story-tellers.  We must have been out there for about an hour.  I think the basic summary of all that is that he's a nice guy, his wife still works, but he is retired maybe early, but most likely from a disability ... he has epilepsy.  His wife Barb works for NICOR Gas - our local gas company.  No, we asked they don't get discounts.  We talked about things in general like about his place, a little about our place, and then he told us about a lot of his buildings he'd owned.  We know he was married before and that he's been here for eight years and other general stuff, and then he pretty much told us the names of most the neighbors - of the 35 buildings in our park.  Nothing negative or indepth personality speaking, but most like her name is Diane and she's on her own, or the next one is so and so and she is living with her mother. He also told us about people who'd moved in our out and that a couple people had places that burnt down or moved their building.  He worked hard to stay away from the judgmental gossipy stuff ... just the brief summary which I really appreciated.  At one point afterward I saw one of the golf carts coming down the street and I thought ... hey that's Abe!  It was just a stray fact we'd picked up that Abe was on his own and was older and had a cart.  We talked about carts in particular and there seem to be 3-4 on the block and people just use them for fun to ride down the street or to take grandchildren out.  It's kind of fun, BUT Rich isn't going with the part that everyone on the block has one and we NEEED one!

I am more certain though that I need to walk so I can get the exercise needed and get to know the neighborhood some.  We also were told when Cheryl was driving down the road ... she's the land owner we're renting from.  I had told Joe we hadn't met her yet and he said she keeps very busy.  She didn't slow down or anything but she waved.  I think I would almost recognize her, but not really well.  It was just a quick look.  We both smiled though so that was nice.

After a while he thought his wife would be home soon and I think he was remembering that he had a few more tasks on the neighbors place to the west.  So, I went in and he went back to work.  We must have looked at the computer a awhile, and then we worked more on the cutting.  Rich called to ask if I'd eaten yet and we told him honestly that we'd only had ice cream for dinner ... so when he got home he made some spaghetti and we had a chance between things to talk to Linda which was nice.

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