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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kind of a nice drawl of a day :)

Monday, August 5, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

Good morning.  This is me/us.  We are getting a very late start in the day, but we figured we better find something to do and we weren't STILL ready to get out of our recliner.  Uh huh ... it's like that this morning.  Sorry ... we also looked back and found it was about a week since writing ... that's always a clue.  Don't mean to slip into oblivion.  Well somewhere close to that.  To our credit, we did talk to Linda for a few moments this morning, we've done a lot of FBing and kept-up with emails.  We're washing Rich's mother's clothes ... and are up to the popcorn part of our afternoon.  We went with Rich to get the basics of his car door attached.  He was in an accident on Friday ... where some kid hit his car door when he was at the grocery store.  The kid must not of looked.  Rich is ok, he'd been leaning back to reach for his cane. It was a bit startling though - maybe more to me than Rich ... before he came home he was like calm and went through the police stuff and insurance and had gone into the repair shop.  He's pretty amazing.

Hmm,done with the popcorn part.  We've been trying to do at least one herbalife meal a day, and today we are taking it up to two days.  After this weekend - probably a good idea.  There was a lot of cake eating!  This was the time period we were up with the girls for our First of the Month Saturday quilting event.  WooHOO!!

We had a very good time.  CS wasn't there, but she called in.  I probably had the hardest time talking.  I would have more easily talked to her on my own then when socializing with the group, but CS did get around to everyone so that made her time easier.  I know it is hard not to be the one there, but she's having problems with all her surgeries and that obviously is going to take priority.

Everyone had time to talk about their recent experiences since the last time being there.  It is a very comfortable feeling to catch up with the girls.  And, all the time your hands are working and it feels good all around.  I would have liked to continue an extra hour or two, but I was doing our share of yawning too so that was probably a good thing to cut things a little short.  The twins and us started packing right after Linda leaving.

I had a little problem after getting to the hotel in that I had to circle around the parking lot a little to find my room and where to park closest to the stairs.  After I got out of the car I saw how crooked my parking was and just stared at it for a second until I figured no I didn't want to get in and straighten it.  When I looked up there was a police or security guard standing on the sidewalk next to the stairs.  I was scared because I don't have my license so just looked at him and kept going ... I said hi, and he just turned around and walked back toward the front of the hotel.  I had heard when checking in that there was police trouble the night before ... I was glad that I wasn't the police trouble this time.  So glad he didn't ask me for my license.  *sigh*  I know tells me something right?  *DOUBLE SIGH*

We watched some TV after getting in bed, and then fell asleep probably not too long after.  The TV was on when we got up and we switched a few channels and found a new movie was just starting on HBO.  We don't get that often so we figured to just settle down and relax.  I thought it was later, but when the movie was over we figured out the time on our computer, and it was just 9 am.  WooHOO ... it gave us a couple more hours.  We put the computer on the table and did our computer stuff.  We had had leftovers from the dinner the night before.

It was a really nice time being with the girls.  Everyone knows everyone, but you've been a part for a while so don't know what's up with one over the other.   Well, we probably know more about Linda, but beside that :)  It is probably pretty normal stuff.  We talk about business, personal, relationships, family - stuff like that.

I was working on church bags and I finished 18 of them.  I thought that was a decent amount considering that I was there late.  That's no fun ... we missed the first part of the excitement in getting together.  I had a hard time leaving on Saturday morning.  I had got up 45 min early, but I'd not packed.  I showered and dressed right away, but it had been too early to take my medicine.  So when we got to the computer sitting next to Rich we took an hour and a half out of our time with the girls.  Part of it was because we were still a little shaky about leaving him after his accident.  I know he didn't do anything wrong, but things like that are just so close to one's sense of safety and security.  All together with the bags though we are at about the 50% mark.  Doing good.

We unfortunately had to cancel our event with Carol on Friday night.  We were just too overwhelmed with everything.  It took a while to get from one thing to another.

That's about all I remember from the weekend ... we did get some nice gifts.  And, I think the twins liked their gift from me.  Linda gave the best gift - well actually she gave me several, but the nicest was a new purse.  The twins got one too and we were pretty happy about that all together!

Just a whole nice time *Happy content smiles*

I'm not as sure what happened the rest of the week.  Tuesday and Thursday we're probably Dr. Marvin visits.  I can't remember Tuesday ... do remember we considered Wednesday a pajama day and then Thursday we went back to Dr. Marvin's ... thinking thinking.  Maybe on Tuesday we talked mostly about Rich and then Thursday, we were talking about something ... just remembered the part of our hand being tightly closed.  We knew it was a younger part.  We were resistant to finding out what that was all about, but Dr. Marvin was more confident.

What we experienced was Either Gracie or Anna or perhaps they were together shifting our images.  Mostly though we were very young on the side of the curb where we grew up on 6th street.  We were very depressed and lonely.  Then we recalled the turtle dying and that we didn't really feel bad for our brother who was feeling really bad.  Then we went into a series of memories about being on our trike in the middle of the street.  The story goes that Jack Morgan the neighbor across the street picked up me and our trike and brought us to the grass.  My mother heard about it later from her best friend Kay - John's wife.  We were like angry and not going anywhere.  Then we remembered digging holes in the yard with the intent of escape.  We had heard later from our mother that she thought we were digging our way to China.  But we didn't know about that.  Just that after that came the connection of digging in the ground to bury the turtle and then we were able to consciously open our left hand and feel the dirt pour out from it.

After that we let Dr. Marvin come back in.  One of the younger children were talking to him about what was happening.  It's a strange sense with your doctor/therapist in that he/she goes wherever your mind takes you and it is usually then their part to convey that things are ok and that it is ok to have had the past experience, memory and it is ok to be back in the present.  It was a hard experience to go through.  It left us pretty shaky, but we were aware at the right time as to leaving the office.

Better get Rich's mother's clothes. Back.  I really had to scold Rich ... we told him to tell his mother that she was ruining the new socks he just gave her because she isn't wearing shoes or slippers outside to do the smokes.  She's walking and sitting in the dirt with only white socks.  BLAH!  There is not enough to soak them in a bleach load prior to washing, but I'm thinking that is what we're going to have to do.  I don't want them going in with our white clothes.  DOUBle blah!  They don't wear as long, but that's going to happen anyway.  I'm embarrassed how dirty the socks still look ... I can just hear her say - put bleach on them, instead of admitting people where something OTHER than socks when they go outside.

Ok, moving on ... I decided to put some of our clothes through the wash too, so I threw in our white towels.

Hmm, grouchy ... oh we're mostly over it now ... Rich said something different and i can't remember what upset us.  Damn multiplicity!

Grrr ... Rich won't tell us :(


He's leaving soon and will be out for about 3-5 hours.  BLAH!  Oh yeah ... that will be good ... because then we can get some stuff done here.  That's probably not a problem.  If I were to stop writing I would finish picking up, but it is getting done in stages ... everytime I have to do something different with a machine, I get up and do it and then do whatever else at the same time.  DON'T have to water the flowers because it was raining a little this morning and might continue.  Ok, no I don't do that too often ... WHY are we being so contrary ladies??!!!

Hmm, maybe in part we just got a FB message that we didn't like ... so we erased it.  It wasn't appropriate.  We responded to the responder ... let it go ... just let it go.

Pretty discombobulated now ... lets see grounding ... Maybe it is time to do another round of picking something up ... I think we should make sure the dishwasher is good.  Hold on.

Ok, back.  done that - but forgot the bowl and glass on my desk ... it's ok it's ok.  Just the kitchen is now picked-up and that's the good part.  It turned out that the dishwasher was pretty full.  I guess Rich didn't turn it on when we were gone.  *sigh*

Not too much else to mess-up ... cleaned the tables in the living room and had picked-up dirty clothes in the bedroom.  Just have to make the bed and we should vacuum too.  The kitties left some furballs when we were away.  Would make me feel better to have it back together.  We haven't gotten the new carpet/hard wood cleaner yet, but it should be here within a couple of days ... we'll want to try that out as soon as it gets here.  REALLY needs being done.  Looking forward to hopefully making this place smell better.  That's the bad part of having animals.  Sometimes they get old.

It'll be ok, it'll be ok.

Thinking Rich must be in his office ... nooooo i remember, he was going to take a late shower.  Maybe I'll do that after all the vacuuming is done and most the clothes/towels put a way.  Yup yup ... be a good Ann :)

Ok, starting to be smiley again.  We finished our second herbalife shake.  I guess the next thing is to make the bed ... hmm, we've been here ... bed, last pick-up And vacuum AND THEN ... we're going to put our sewing room together.  It's about 2 pm now ... so lets make that a goal for - should coincide with one more load to the washer?  That be a good idea?  Shower first THEN the last load?  Would get me up to date :)  That be time wise ... Let's make everything done by 5 pm?  That be good right?  It would have to include getting sewing room together.  Really would like to do more sewing tonight.  I have a new goal of finishing the bags by Saturday latest.  Again some can be done this week, and some can be done at Carol's, and if there are any left - Saturday morning :)  That way I can drop them off at the church when they are open for the 5 pm service so that Carol or Connie can take care of them next.  I think they are starting to fill them and Mike will have to put the cords in first.  Figure with school starting they'll want them sooner than later.

Hmm, could even do them before that ... just not sure ... thinking the church is closed on Thursdays and Fridays?  Not sure ... might be open but the minister wouldn't be there.

Better look to finishing by Saturday ... we can trust that schedule and its not rushing us during the week.  Don't know where we left off here.  I think in the next few days - we'll have to do the grass again.  Rich is going to want it done before he leaves on Thursday.  He's probably leaving at about 4 pm to go fishing for the weekend.  He'll get home on Sunday night.  Think this is the trip he's going to the Mississippi.  Not too happy with him being out there with a bad leg.  Not happy at all.  Hmm, I haven't bothered him yet for the day ... better get on that right away.  Needs some reminding to get the doctor in.

Hmm, maybe we should go make the bed.  Thinking we might get to touch basis with Rich coming out of the shower *silly grin* yup yup we're like that.

Ok, back.  We've done a few things ... BUT missed the King coming out of the shower DRAT!  *sigh* be good girls!  Rich did leave for his mother's and then groceries.  We changed up the laundry, folded some stuff and put it away.  We cleaned up the kitchen again including putting away the clean dishes YAY!!! Always a benefit before Rich comes back to cook.  He said that tonight is leftover night ... should be good with that.  The bedroom AND bed is made and the dining area AND living room/desk area are picked-up too.  We decided to hold the third laundry ... we'll do the colors tomorrow before going to doctor Marvin's.  Rich's Mom's stuff of course went back with Rich.  Only things I really want to get done now - it's 4:16 pm is fold the towels when they dry, vacuum some floors, take a shower AND get to the sewing room.  Hmm, maybe we didn't make enough progress.  But after folding clothes, making bed AND emptying dishwasher that is pretty much my body maxed out for a bit.  Still we'll try in the next 15-30 min to do the carpets.  Just would make me feel better.

Cats have been hanging around me most the day, but we haven't wanted anyone to just sit on our lap ... that ticks Chief off some who can sit easily on the recliner arm, but he's not getting top dog attention and we kinda ticked him off when we kicked him off the bed - wanted it made!  Always nicer to get in a made bed at the end of the day no matter what time it gets made.  It's just plain inviting rather than mess with ruffled covers.

We talked to Linda again for a while.  Her Granddaughter is over and when her son comes, they are going to take one of the cars to a auto place on the other side of the WI border (IL).  We're voting that she gets to go out to eat!  We shared with her something we found today that is a CD holder for the car visor.  It is just up Linda's track and she like it!  I think its going to happen - and she'll probably not wait too long AND its free!  WooHOO!!!  That was one of the best parts of my day.  "Feel-good moment!"

Linda said something like Dr. Marvin might say reminding me of a lot of nice things going on in my day and it didn't take me more than a second to bring me back to that fact.  The simple part of being able to write most of the day AND get laundry/housekeeping done ... I would have died for that five years ago!  I wish that Rich had an easier time, but time will tell.  He talked to someone today he'd worked with before - another sheltered workshop who might consider putting him on the payroll to get work in their workshops.  It's probably too good to hope for ... basically, he told them he needed insurance.  I'm not sure if the lady he was talking about could do that sort of thing.  Times are tight, but Rich is good for bringing work in.  He's already working with four sheltered workshops and is looking for more.  I think he's decided he's pretty much done with the piece parts.  I really hope he can make up the difference BUT not have to work til 11 - midnight getting the work done.  It just isn't fair especially now that he's over 60.  It should be getting easier for him not harder.  Mostly though ... getting insurance would allow him to take care of his knee and hip.  Man oh man is that something to pray for.  We're thinking that by April next year I will have been on disability for two years.  At that point I should be able to get Medicare and that will help a lot.  I'm getting by with Medicaid because it pays for most of Dr. Marvin, but we could use some help.  It's still a couple hundred a month on a $1450 income.  Doesn't go to cover as much as I would like.

Rich found that I'd gotten behind on the billing too from UIC so we'll have to take care of that tonight or tomorrow.  I would like to have it cared for by the time I see Dr. Marvin.  It be a good goal.

Hmm maybe my back is rested enough to now try the vacuuming.  BRB.  :)

Pswhoo!  Good - Good!  Got that done ... much better.  Have to rest again though ... back does so much and then says ptooey.  Next on the list is shower, AND THEN if there is time fix the sewing room and hopefully the dryer load will be dry before Rich comes home, but it will probably be after 5 pm.  I think that's within his zone.  When he gets in he is going to use the same counter I use to fold clothes so its best to be done before he gets here, hmm?

It's actually been a pretty relaxing day.  Not very sure if the writing added up to much, but I would like to think it's good.  At least as an accurate portrayal of how my day has gone.  We did pretty good on eating until we got to the rice cake with peanut butter and jelly.  Have to work on that harder too.  I think I told you, but Joe and Cari have gotten another room added to their dojo space so they can do selling of herbalife from the space and consultations for the same or for one of their other services.  I'm really excited for them.

Maybe I'm repeating myself, but my sister finally got after three years the stitching take out of our quilt that got botched on her long arm before it went to Linda.  I'm so excited by it.  We gave it to Linda and she'll help to make it right and then FINALLY three years after the kids have been married I can give it to them in what was supposed to have been part of their wedding present.  They'd asked for a tent so I had gotten that for them and a few other things.  I don't know if they've ever used it, but I'm really hoping they will hang the quilt.  Probably more in their personal space, but if they used it in their Karate dojo (it's shaped as a really colorful rainbow like stained window) then I would be thrilled.  I don't know if they have the wall covered in the seating area of the dojo waiting room, but that be a really nice place for it - though probably on the large size.  Just it's really pretty.  I'd forgotten how pretty until I saw it on Saturday ... CS sent it with Emily.  I had feelings/thoughts of wanting to keep it, but someone gracefully pointed out, I'd always think of it as Joe and Cari's quilt.  They were right.  Beside the back is pink - an that was always intended for Cari's benefit.  She really likes pink.

Starting to cool down ... we'll give it another paragraph and then jump in the shower.  the carpet floor washer couldn't come soon enough.  You know?!!

Well, no that's not the paragraph.  We'll come up with a better one, I'm sure!

Hmm, been typing all afternoon ... what else is there to say?  I think we generically covered last week.  Maybe anything this week?  No, don't think so ... regular week - two doctor appointments.  Rich decided our schedules were too tight to go to Chicago together.  I was really disappointed.  I haven't seen him for the best of a couple days.  He talked about going to the Mongolian grill place tomorrow, but that didn't thrill me at all.  I can do the restaurant it's just not our favorite.  I'm thinking the important part to Rich is that it puts him right next to Bass Pro.  Uh huh uh huh.  Seeing through the rouse.  I wouldn't mind if we were together because then I wouldn't have to worry about driving somewhere confusing to me.  But, it's all shopping center - heavy traffic.  I don't want to do that even if we are trailing behind Rich.  Plus, chances of staying together enough to drive to/from Dr. Marvin's and THEN out AFTER eating when we get tired - just too much.  Thinking pretty much for sure we're going to turn down the offer.  Just doesn't work for us.

Rich would also then want to stop at his mothers on the way back.  Again - could do all of it ... just not driving.  There's the hard part of not getting confused in strange places and traffic patterns, but also we get lonely having to separate from Rich after being together in a cozy way of eating?  Do you know what I'm talking about?

Hmm, I guess that was a worthy paragraph ... better jump in the shower in case Rich comes home early or the dryer needs to be done.  Hmm?

Good good ... done that part.  I had a blister that started to bleed though and I'm having a hard time making it stop  ... we're hoping it was cleaned up enough and is starting to stop with some good pressure.  Eh ... it happens.  Missy thinks she's sitting with me, but that would be bad information from her.  We will wait until we make sure its stopped before we do the towels which seem to be done now ... it's about 5:15 pm.  Just a bit off schedule.  Just towels and sewing room.  If the towels are done in a few moments maybe we can do the sewing room while Rich is cooking.  Shoot ... too late ... he's here.  Maybe we will do the towels either after dinner then or tomorrow morning?  Nothing is worrisome for wrinkling ... shoot how fast we change our tune!  Let's see how our guy is doing.  Hope everything went well.  I think this was the shopping trip he was going on when his car door got hit on Friday.  He's pretty close to schedule too so we're hoping for the best.

Just going over some communications with Rich ... naturally he wanted me up to help him put away groceries ... we asked for five more minutes hoping the bleeding will stop.  *sigh*  When it rains it pours.  OK OK ... in the scope of life this isn't really a big deal.  But, you know how things go ... the next thing you gotta do is always a little pressuresome.  Rich said he would look at the sore when he gets back inside.

The kitties have settled down ... they get a little riled when we start up the vacuum.  I wondered if Rich noted the sunroom carpet was vacuumed?  That's always nice ... Just he needs to know that we're not always sluffin around!


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