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Monday, August 26, 2013

Nailing the morning - AND it's a Monday!

Monday, August 26, 2013 @ 8:14 am

Good morning ... this is just us.  It's already very much into the morning and we don't have very much to show for it.  Rich is taking care of bills in the recliner so our space has been broken up as he makes phone calls checking on bills.  I think he is up to the part now of going to take his shower.  He's got to run into the city and do a variety of things including picking up our medicine.  Whoops ... he just passed through and suggested that we iron his shirt.  We're really not up to that, but he is picking up our medicine.  We prefer steaming, but we don't do much of that now days either.  *sigh*  I think I got a half hour ... maybe on his next trip through he can turn on the iron.  That will save me from getting up once.  I know it comes down to these big things *DOUBLE sigh*

We're a bit woozy yet ... mostly because we are off our regular medicine.  We needed to go to the Haldor at nights and it is putting us asleep easily so we might be here and then the eyes close and we're sleeping.  We have to worry about our driving and how that works out.  If the medicine hasn't corrected itself by taking the right stuff today, then we'll have to ask Rich to drive us or cancel the appointment.  I'm really weary of driving.  I won't put ourselves in danger.

Its been a couple of days since writing. We posted on Saturday, but had done the last entry on Friday.  We had last left off on trying to update on where we had last talked to Dr. Marvin on the phone on Thursday.  I don't think we were finished with that, but unsure where to pick up.  I think in general we'd gotten to the part of talking about what we were going to talk to him about in the session.  We don't have so much put together this time as to an itinerary.  I think he'd said something about slowing down the processes, but I might be taking this out of context.

We've had some good and not as good days cleaning during this last few days.  One day I forget which, Rich had a really bad time of it because I hadn't done the litter box and had left dishes on the counter.  He over yelled me ... it was a flash yell taking about 10 seconds, and then he disappeared to the sunroom and I continued doing what we were doing.  I felt that the emotional upset was on him, and although I could or should have done the work, it wasn't worth all bent out of shape he'd gotten.  We eventually both came to bed and we did fine.  I did do the housework the next day, but then yesterday we didn't again.  Sometimes its easier when he leaves and sometimes it just doesn't get done because we're out of sorts.

I might go into the shower now, but thinking Rich is in there at this time.

Anyway ... what happened a lot over the last several days is that we continued to progress the mind map.  At the beginning, we listened to a lot of videos on either mind maps (TheBrain), or David Allen.  We feel we have a pretty good understanding, but there is always more to learn.  We are now up to the second part of Allen's book, "GTD."  I don't think we'll be copy/pasting as much in this section, but time will tell.  We also progressed the dictionary word - so that now we're up to the negative emotions.  BLAH.  It got us in a pretty tired, low spot last night so that when 10 pm came around we were ready for bed.  I think that's part of what the defining of words does for our system.  It helps carry meaning which is often a feeling.

Sorry just drifted off again ... then the kitty jumped up and startled us awake ... it happens just this easy.

I'm not sure what the next part of our conversation will be.  We really only focused on these few things.  I might I guess try to look through after Dr. Marvin as an action location ... see where we left off.  Hmm?

We're not going to say much for errands which is the next location up.  It is concerning itself right now with picking up quilts at the church.  I have to get in that mode again ... just not there yet.

The next category is @home which includes using the shark on more carpeted areas, and doing a few things that need doing because we didn't wake up to the routine of the morning.  I think your familiar with this stash of stuff.  It starts with get up and take a shower, and then progresses from there.  Maybe we'll do that in a few moments ... whoops forgot about Rich's shirt.

There we done it!

He's getting dressed now.  We'll wait until he leaves and then see how much we can get done.  I am a little warm now so wondering if he turned down the air .. It's harder getting dressed when we're hot.  *Sigh* We can do it though right?

The next section on the map that we have been working on is the section for @learning.  Here we have several ideas starting with continuing to look through the mind map/Allen for tips.  I think this should also include the tips that are given each time we open the program.  We left a note to look into Adobe to see if any of that can be worked through to improve the work being done with the multiple studies.  The third thing is to plan goals and objectives and things like vision with Dr. Marvin.  This is the one thing left on his plate as far as thing to discuss.  We've especially been thinking about that during the reading of Allen's book.  Basically, there has to be an end outcome that we can build action steps towards, but we're not real clear much past the processes.  As far as that goes ... it is another question ... what basically to do in the process next.  I would like it much clearer.  And, then then last thing in this area/section is a note to skim the documentation on TheBrain.  There is a manual that should help, though I'm getting pretty far with it and don't think much of their manual.  I really do want to use the map to the best of our ability.

The next @section is for @office.  There is only one note here right now and that is to put away the papers in the cubby.  That should really be done today ... think we're prioritizing because Allen is so strong on emptying the in-basket regularly - he says every day or two.  I wouldn't say how long that box has been gathering papers.

Under @relaxation, I have a few notes.  One is to continue in the processes of calming Annemarie down. Then notes to read and to massage Rich.  Yay!  I still have to read the rules of the road, and I have to read/write several other ongoing things such as work with the two blogs, emails, FB, I still have a couple of things to read from the Internet that I discovered when moving around this last several days including things found through other mind mas of people using TheBrain.  As well, there is the blog reading to do from the other multiples and whatever else I might have to do to better research the mind maps.  I think we're going to have to concentrate on the next physical movement of each action to progress that situation.  Still leaving things to vague.

The last section under our next actions is @sewing room.  There are at least four ongoing projects there.  One is to sew Rich's blanket, another to cut my sister's quilt, then we need to do the 22 baby quilts, the next ones for the church, and last we have to pull together and pay for the $70 we will owe to Linda for quilting Joe and Cari's quilt.

So that basically finishes up the thoughts as to where we are up to now added on to the thoughts we'd laid out last Friday.  We do have to remember to empty the mind map trash, in that we were saving things that we'd accomplished there until we were better ready to let them go.  I think when we review the lists this morning that will happen.

The next area on the mind map as we are working through it with David Allen's material is the part on projects.  All our projects are connected to actions.  The projects thus far are: Our family, our regular life, our work, Dr. Marvin's work, taking care of Ann and taking care of Rich.

The family includes all our parts, and family members, Rich and the kitties.  It also includes breakdowns of family such as sons and their families, parent, sibling, other relatives.  I included our regular life as domestic and lawn Goddess and transportation which then includes car and errands. Ann's work includes analyzing and synthesizing, mind mapping and sewing, volunteerism, and writing. Dr. Marvin's work includes a new running list of things that we are talking about there AND can scratch down on paper/screen. Taking care of Ann includes daily thoughts/thinking, relaxation and several agenda like meetings, one-on-ones and vacations.  Taking care of Rich just covers right now relaxation and helping him with his business.

At the next section of Allen's altitude map is the area of responsibilities.  I've listed so far eleven of them including the first part to continue developing a relationship with Dr. Marvin.  There are also our coping skills, family, friends, finance, fun/friends, health/fitness, house/home care (larger projects), Ann's professional and Ann's spiritual, Rich's business and then the resources files.  The resources files are one of the biggest attractors in this section.  It includes: references from our blogs and Allen's GTD.  It includes
government, home/cars, income/banking, leisure, medical and observations from us.  It includes a section of things needing to be paid, and then last it includes sections for Microsoft Word and OneNote, and Adobe's PDF Reader.

We don't have anything in the one-two year goals, and the only thing in the three-five year goals are things that are set-up as part of our structure.  3-5 Years has strategy/outcome and under that there are the preceding through next action, projects and responsibilities, and there are areas for purpose, principles and vision.  This is all part of what we're hoping Dr. Marvin can help us sort through.

The very last section of Allen's Altitude model is the category of life.  And, so far we've only listed in this category "multiple." And that then gets us over to the other side of our mind map.  We separate the next part as to the work we're doing through Google and the work we're doing through the NEWS blog.  I think that people are more familiar with that grouping, but for the sake of argument, we'll list here that the sections under NEWS include: dictionary definitions, multiples who blog,self, trusted significant others, and then a worksheet - which is us working through the problems in sorting every out.

That's it ... its a pretty comprehensive view of the map.

Mmm just stopped for ice cream break - SWEET!  I know only 9:33 am, but that's how we roll.

Hmm, thinking we'll jump in the shower here next.  Be a good Ann thing ;)

We're back.  Trying to fend ourselves from Missy ... she seems intent on laying on us.  It's now about 11:06 am.  We are showered, dressed, have eaten, and have talked to Linda.  I was appreciative that she talked today a little about what I was doing with the mapping/blogging. Then we both separated to our own tasks for the day.  I would like to finish here ... maybe put the bed linen in the washer and pick-up in the kitchen, then I would like to get back to the definitions.  I believe we are on negative feelings and in particular the word, "helpless."  It's been a rough go - going through the negative feelings, because when they are all spelled out and you imagination is hip-hopping over them, that you get a gut-reaction to each word.  It is not always pleasant.

After we finish with the negative feelings, we'll go through the positive feelings and neutral feelings, and then do a little on "State" and "Thinking."  That will be the conclusion of the "self" portion until we start add again.

Good good ... did a few things.  I cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher and I unmade the bed and put the linen in the washer.  Rich will be real happy about that.  :)  I'm definitely hotter though.  That's no good and the very warm kitty wants to curl up.  I pushed him off the bed to unmake it.  Maybe he'll go back to it now ... we just pushed him off the chair ... to much fur!  AND, we turned on Adele.  We seem to be liking her of late.  The next thing that has to happen is kitty litter and garbage.  We picked up the living room and sitting room and the desk is looking pretty good ... I think we're almost set then!

I had noticed before going that we'd almost lost the section on mainstream culture.  Fortunately it wasn't gone just hiding.  It seems that we already used the dictionary in that section ... so after self, we'll go through the one last section on significant others.  I guess that sort of solves that problem.  I think we'd have to really go at it today if we were to get it done.  Not sure if we can do it.  I don't think we have anything else on the agenda but it is pretty focused.  It WOULD get us back to the multiples journals ... that's really the exciting part.

I don't know if the multiples' annotations are going to change in the newer format with personal and professional being tied together and the words so much better defined.  I don't know if we will try to find exactly definitions or just put it in the top level.  I think maybe the top level (without digging down) because we don't really know all the meanings of what any one given multiple might have been thinking.

If I were to do anymore work today, it would be to give a stab at the bigger picture.  Where would we start?

It would have to have something to do with my relationship to multiples.  But, I'm not sure if that is fair either ... it is more my relationship to the public.  I think the work would be particularly helpful to multiples, but not all.  Many would be confused.  I think most people would be confused ... basically, what would I like their or my outcome to be.  I believe we're looking for understanding and insight.  This goes back I think to the Linked into.  Let me look there and see where we've gotten to since then.  I know that that link had had an educational bend toward it.  We have to think if that's still where we're going.  I think we could do learning as long as it were more discovery.

To interrelate with Multiples (Dissociative Identity Disorder - DID) in establishing online quality, quantity learning outcomes for multiples and for interested others.  Our specialty is as a "multiple thought leader" studying dissociation through experience, curating blogs, and Google searches developing knowledge networks through social media and mind mapping.

AHHH got it!  The above paragraph took a while to rewrite, but we're going to test it out - plugging it in!  Better get back to the real work though ... good good.


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