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Saturday, August 10, 2013

We're going to write about this Next, but we're playing with Mind Maps - There are directions to try this one out :)

Go to for Mind map

(Make sure you use scroll bars to take best advantage of multiple connections)

DIALOGUE between Ann and Linda - Linda is our HELPFUL tester #1 :)

blogs are different to different people and purposes ... my regular blog and the NEWS blog are different from each other.  the "other peoples random thoughts" are sections - annotations I've take from other bloggers who are multiple ... we'd hoped you could scroll to the very bottom of the page and find the mind map.  

If you can't find it then we already have your answer as to what you think

I found the mind map at the bottom, not sure what I'm looking for?  I read what you wrote, which a repeat for me from seeing it on your blog/FB Profile.

the directions are a repeat ... but basically without (THIS TIME) paying attention to directions just start clicking on the various lines to see how mind map works - moves VERY COOL
It's like a moving outline
Is it moving for you?

I just looked a little further, I would need to play my way around, just the movement in the blog is sometimes difficult for me.  I did just go and read the part that you tell to read first.  
I didn't touch anything on the mind map/outline.  I looked at what you posted the other day on FB but didn't go to the website.
For me I'm good to follow, but if you become extremely involved in breaking things down I easily get lost, may not be what info is there, possibly my ability to micro think some things.

So you didn't tap on any of the words/sentences on the mind map (on NEWS blog?) Just wanted you to see how it moves.  Don't have to read anything
Later if you followed the directions to learn more about it, you would copy and print the directions and then read them (step by step) while looking and clicking on map

I didn't know I could tap, let me take another look.

thank you this is important to me

okay that works.  I touched on the different things and others opened
I see how it works. I get it.

It's like every idea inserted has a parent idea, a child idea or a sibling idea ... the work/game is to connect things I enjoy finding in the multiples blogs (including our own) through the annotations so I can put together something worthwhile in a book
It's used to figure relationships between thoughts

Perhaps the difficulty lies in the fact you are dealing with a singleton (me.)

ACH ... trying to make it so anyone could understand - but I needed your perspective (as someone outside my brain) who could test drive her
Hopefully anyone playing with it for any length of time would earn insights as to how multiples in general think
We are pulling it together with just random thoughts from regular multiple bloggers (140 for the time being)  and it's going to take a lot FROM me and a lot of time ... wanted you to have a sense of it so you could follow my thoughts over time
I need your company not to understand EVERY thing, but at least a sense

I understand that you are saying....each thought has processes behind it.  Such as your decision to go to the store has factors as to why you can or cannot go based on childhood pasts, or not being able to physically go.

yes that would be parent or sibling ideas ... and ideas coming from having shopped would be the children like maybe a list of things purchased, or a note about parking the car, or sales witnessed - those would be children of having shopped
I'm trying to curate (collect) ideas with more meaning than a list of groceries, but same idea
I think ultimately the game is looking for "truths" verified through a network of multiples
Like what is the relationship with a therapist, or what legally is happening, or what causes anger or withdrawal

Is this about the past abuses and how this now affects the multiples thoughts and ability to process problems?

some of it ... like you could find a link in the mind map about time - past, and then trace to an individual's idea that got put back in time
but some stuff is in the present and future too
you could follow a line on significant others -> abusers -> problems from that -> feelings attached etc

I thought everyone's mind just automatically in a millisecond makes those connections before making a decision.  I didn't think anyone conscientiously broke it down.

I've read the dialogues - any particular multiple on a given day ... then chose a few key thoughts I thought important, and then froze those ideas - and then later dissected/analyzed them so I could then Synthesize (reform the ideas) to be readable in a book I'll produce
Yes SOMEONE conscientiously breaks things down - US!
The idea is all about gaining insight on things like self, other, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs ... these are a couple of our main areas of thought

Yes, I'm stating NOW there are much more visible differences that I never took to deeper levels.

hehehe - kinda fun?  Or, does it give you a headache?
It's how we process inside our brain
Multiples dissociate, but there's nothing saying any given multiple can't put it in reverse and then ASSOCIATE things   Hmm, didn't get better/lesser ... just flying in happiness ... I'm all about systems and this is a system that works for us.  We can't remember things, but we can "figure out" and trace where those things go

The mind map is like reading a never ending book that concludes differently dependent on choices made (which ideas get clicked)

It doesn't give me a headache.

Can I ask up to this point ... if I can put this little bit of conversation in my multiple blog?  I want to save it and think others could figure out something through your thoughts and ours
Now Days publishers like those who write the Encyclopedia Britannica use mind maps to dispel information as it becomes of interest to the reader

You are welcome to use, not sure it will make things any clearer.  I now realize we each process thoughts differently, just never went to the deeper level to think/try to understand how we each process those thoughts.

AHA next then would be to write a book about how singleton's think!

Thinking it might be a short book.

ROFL ok you ... that's enough of that ... how's YOUR day going?


Ok, this is  going to be long ... It's about 9:00 am now ... We have been up for more than several hours. We've been working with the mind map (we left a snapshot of it yesterday) today it's like getting a video! ... really excited about it. We need to run an experiment 

... I think we got the real "Brain" on line at our NEWS DID/MPD blog ... can you check it out to see if it works?

First go to:

Then scroll down toward the very bottom  We're trying to get you to our mind map - which is a BIG block light blue on the top and white on the bottom (Takes up a screen size).

The first thing you should see in the map section (light blue) is a line reading "NEWS Real State of Personal Identity with the Curation and Blog Culture." To the right side you will see a line that reads "Multiples who Blog." Click on that. Under that you will see "Honored Bloggers." Click on "Honored Bloggers :)"

The map should move for you ... we're going to have you click on one of the bloggers, you could choose any of them, but for example we'll have you click on the one that says "Self-ish Too Triggering." They are pretty much in alphabetical order. That is the name of one blogger of 140 that is multiple. (This is JUST at the beginning of us forming a system to write map/outline).

So you've clicked on "Self-ish Too Triggering." Take your time to look at other areas too ... it's part of the fun!

Now there are links from the "Honored Bloggers" which moved to the right side of the map. Under "Self-ish Too Triggering" Click on the line that says

"Overrode reptilian brain with cognitive brain."

You'll notice that under the light blue screen there is a white screen and that says, "Overrode reptilian brain with cognitive brain" August 7, 2013 (1), NEWS August 7, 2013 (6)

"So we messed up three weeks ago and went to Maine. Pretty much we overrode the reptilian brains with our cognitive brains. In part this happened as we went to maine with some people. We kinda went with society’s understanding that going to the ocean for a paddle must be wonderful for everyone at all times or something is wrong with them."

This is a "note" letting viewers know that the title of this line came from a reference at the above blog link which is the actual address for the blogger Self-ish ... (dayodayo...), and that the full annotation from that blogger was written on August 7th and it is the first quote I took from him that day. It also notes that the annotation was copied in the NEWS blog on August 7, and it is the sixth blog that was written on that day. The lower the number, the more recent the blog annotations/bloggers (on the 7th there's like there's about 55 blogs that have annotations curated).

The part that reads, "So we messed up ..." that is the actual annotation taken from that blogger - again to read the full entry for him that day, you would click on the linked address and it will bring you back to that persons blog which you might want to do to put it in context.

Ok, now for the sake of our example, click on "Went on trip to Maine with other people."

You might notice under that line it reads "Expectation to do wonderful things or fall under peer pressure," and you could click on that, but this time look to the side of the "Went on trip..." line to "Triggered feelings when co-worker..."

Take note too that this whole map is a movable outline, so if you want to go back to the previous entry, just click one of the lines above the main line (the one circled and in the middle).

Anyway this time we're going to click on the line "Triggered feelings when co-worker..."

To the right you will get nine or more statements from the blogger "Just Be Real" - You can tell its a blog/blogger because I am starting those lines with an * (asterisk). You can skim over that list to the right and see what other kinds of thoughts "Just Be Real" had. At any time you can click on any line and it will lead you somewhere.

This time click on the word "Triggered" in the middle of the blue lines from the center to the right. Basically, then we're looking for thoughts to do with triggering (after only doing a handful of bloggers/blogs).

Over the word "Triggered" You will see the line "Dysfunctional Recurring Internal Force Imposed (Effect)." This is like someone did something wrong to the multiple which lead to a negative effect (the others' actions were "forceful." On the right you will see some of those effects that are negative such as "addictions, Entrapped (stuck), desire to escape/avoid/withdraw, lack of sleep, etc.)

Under "Triggered" you can see lines connecting being triggered to "Being Sexually intimate, being triggered by peers (their behaviors), and a line about not recognizing triggers. All of these things are going to take marvelous explorations through the continued curating of annotations as we continue to read other bloggers (including our own) randomly over time

This time we are going to click on the line at the top that says "Dysfunctional Recurring Internal Force Imposed (Effect)." The items to the right are now at the bottom of the map, but we're going to walk things backward to where we started.

This time click on the word, "Behavior."

You'll notice that the Behaviors this line pertains to are the behaviors of the "self" (above the word Behavior). Other things from the "Self" are beliefs, feelings, and thinking. They all lead to places broken down from those leads. We are still going backward though so click on the word, "Self."

Now we are back to where we started, "NEWS Real State of Personal Identity with the curation and Blog Culture ..." If you look to the right you will see the things I've paralleled with "Self," such as "Mainstream culture, Multiples who Blog, and Trusted Significant Others."

You've got the general idea of how the Map works. What the plan is to continue adding lines and annotations to the map until we can discern patterns that assist us in understanding what multiples are writing about. It's a process of Analyzing and then we will be Synthesizing.

I'm thinking this is how (outline/map) our next book is going to get written! Sure as hell am excited ... Like lets see what we can do in the next several years! Ya know?! It's a plan!


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