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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chit-Chat - mostly going to the fair!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 @ 11:43 am

Hola.  Just us.  We're starting late today.  Mostly because it's been a pretty lazy day, but there were a few other things too.  We got a chance to talk to Linda for a short while and then, Maury called, and then we talked to a roofer.  I'm hoping that the deal works through.  They were canvasing our neighborhood for hail damage and we let him up on the roof to take a look.  And, he did find some up there. This was the first person to take pictures.  He works for a National firm, but lives here in Sandwich.  They guarantee their work, are insured, provide references and seem to really go to bat for the home owners with their insurance company.  He'd be here on the phone when calling the agent, and he'd be here when the insurance people came out to look at the roof.  We still have to pay the insurance deductible, but they have some bonus to keep it square.  We're not good at referrals, but think we could handle the deductible just the cost of roofing has been bid at high.

I was pretty sure that Rich would give it a try, but I told him we would call back after talking to Rich and with his fishing coming up tomorrow - we'd have to talk to him next week.  Everything seem fine.  Maybe this is a blessing just walked into our life.  If the insurance company said no, we would walk away and not owe anything.  It doesn't seem like there would be any harm in checking it out.  We did tell him Rich would make the final decision.  I also like they work with Corning fiber glass and we'd get a 50 year guarantee on the roof.  Hoping this is the kind of stuff that makes Rich's day.  We'll see.

Maury's call was to say that he and the family won't be able to come out for the Sandwich county fair.  It was ok, because we practiced our thinking if this were to happen.  Rich will be out of town Thursday through Sunday and the fair starts today through Sunday, so Rich is out.  We were so sure though we wanted to go to the fair that we got Rich's permission to order a scooter for Saturday with or without Maury coming.  Rich also gave us a $100 budget.  So that was REALLY nice the cost is going to be $9 for an adult ticket and the parking is free.  Hopefully we'll be able to find some handicap parking.  I'm thinking that we're going to need to bring our walker to get through the ticket part.  That should be ok.  I'm sure there are others that have to use a walker or wheel chair to get in to the area.  It might have been better if Maury could have brought it back to the car, but we'd just have to see how all that would go.  I think odds are in favor they would take care of the handicapped.

I'm really pretty excited.  I know I'd be going on the busiest day and I thought of changing that, but I'm really fine with it the way it is.  I was looking at the Sandwich Fair site, and then this page on exibitors, and then in looking at their 124 page list of EVERYTHING.  I would like to have a copy, but maybe they sell something at the fair that wouldn't cause me to need more ink for our printing cartridge.  Beside it's only black and white.  I would guess sponsors help off-set the cost of the booklet.

We're back again.  I don't think this is going to be a very long post today.  It is already 5:14 pm and rich has been out on the boat trying to set up a handicap rail going down the stairs.  He's got these mobility problem that make this a really good idea.  He did get a call back from the nurse at his doctor's.  She said his only solution is hip and knee replacement.  There might be some way to do it by paying a couple hundred every month for basically the rest of his life.  A couple hundred a month is only $2400 a year ... and thinking the surgery - each one might be like $30,000-60,000.  But if it could be done safely, I'd be all for it.  He is affected now with every movement of his legs, especially ... well all the time.

There have been some updates since we started this SLIM post.  The first is that we have an appointment now set-up for the roof guy ... a week from Friday.  Rich approved the appointment.  BUt, he said the beginning of the week is going to be very busy trying to lock down what he needs to do for his work, and he's got an appointment with his mother to see her lawyer.  That will be something looked forward to getting done.  Something has to be done and that's pretty much all one can say there.  She has to protect her future and her assets.

The other thing was that Maury called and he said he wouldn't be able to do the Sandwich Fair because there is a soccer game for Jasmine in the middle of the day Saturday.  Can't do much of that.  We did talk to Rich and he said that we could do what we wanted there.  I believe I'm going to try going on my own ... It's a little scary, but I think its a major adventure for us.  The tough part is getting to the scooter that's already been paid for.  I think we're going to use the walker and hope for the best.  I believe it is inside the fair that we get the scooter which means being in a long line for tickets.  We'll go first thing Saturday morning, but I'm pretty sure that's the plan for a lot of people.

We didn't do much today at all, just tried to rest and relax.  I still have to do Rich's 3 shirts - steam, but there wasn't much done other than simple pick-up and get dressed.  The one thing I took my time with was that after I wrote a few paragraphs here, I went over the Sandwich Booklet that was 124 pages.  Most of it was solid information.  It had been put in PDF form for people entering the fair.  It had ALLLLLLL the categories for the exhibitors and there were thousands!  I have a real good idea of that kind of stuff, but don't really have a feel for being there.  I think there is going to be a lot of people and there is a lot of space to be covered.  I saw a smaller map, but am hoping they give you a better map at the fair.  There are a lot of buildings.  There was one area that seems to be for handicap parking.  That was good news, but again I think its going to fill up.  They must have this down though to accomodate all the thousands of cars that will be there so I'm trying not to over worry.

Hmm, now they are saying 86 with a 20% chance of rain *sigh* ok, then moving on?

It's a little hotter than we expected, but I would think of ourselves as a coward for a year if we didn't go.  Everyone in Sandwich must go to the fair??!!!  I'm thinking I might try to find the little camera and recharge those batteries so I have access to my phone all day - fairly charged, and I'll have my chromebook in a bag for times I sit down and want to keep myself comfortable.

Whoops he's back inside and screaming to get to dinner - figures ... it's my fault I didn't come out and get him for dinner ... It seems like that a lot :(  BUT, we get dinner!  Later!


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