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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cendrine - Could you look at this - our comments to you are in red - the rest is examples/links.

October 14, 2013 @ 8:05 am
Cenderine, This is where we are at so far with the curation.  If you have any ideas on how we could make this process work better ... I'm satisfied with most of it ... Basisally, we collect data from Google search (sent to our email daily) like this ...

Identity confusion : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum - Psych forums
Do any of you, especially long time hosts, feel like they aren't complete alters? I mean, it makes sense for each alter to not have ...
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I stumbled across this last night and found it very interesting. If I have seen anything like this before I've blocked it out. This website ...

Then we read all the articles like that above and we use Diigo to collect the parts we find of most interest through annotations like this ...

Might need to press "expand" toward upper right corner of Diigo.

Then we process the annotations (and collect pictures from Google search) to go through each of these "curating type programs" to reach the most views from the public in many different formats which each have their own "fine points."  The Processed data also goes from these next five sources through connections from our blogs (2), Twitter, and FB.  We are focussing our success basically, if our programs come up like through Google search on "News Dissociative Identity Disorder." oh and yes ... we're a Multiple.

Goes to Pinterest

Goes to Scoopit

Goes to Learnist

Goes to TheBrain (mind map)

Goes to SpeaderDeck (slide show)

Now what we're working on is finding the best way to understand the information ... btw the slow down part above ... yes I know curating takes time, but at the Learnist stage ... we are trying to add comments that are better displayed then during "TheBrain" part and the "SpeakerDeck".   It takes time to to the "synthesis" part (by adding comments), so we've been exploring with coding/categorizing (see next).

A. Multiples

03 - A Multiple reviews his connections to several parts - trying not to be w/o feeling overwhelmed. 9-9-13 #2

04 - A scared Multiple is overwhelmed because she's remember things triggering her parts in the present as well as the past and that some things are being forgotten, so looks to a social circle to confirm her reality. 9-9-13 #2

05 - A Multiple asks about rapid switching as an explanation why she sometimes feels out of control and questions the feelings of separation from a part who is depressed. 9-9-13 #2

06 - A Multiple talks about how her therapy program isn't working for all aspects of her life and the limitations of the services being offered, or her own condition i.e. transportation, money 9-9-13 #2

07 - A Multiple asked for validation of self after being intimidated by parts switching especially over trauma memories being different for each. 9-9-13 #2

08 - A Multiple shares her excitement when she "gets" to feel emotions (from a scary movie) because finally she felt the experience as hers and not a part. 9-9-13 #2

11 - A Multiple made a joke out of dreaming about killing people and getting a cup of chocolate milk as near parallel ideas. 9-9-13 #2

12. A Multiple asks about recovering from a graphic flashback and then accepting being back in the body. 9-9-13 #2

13 - A new Multiple (knowing she has 12 alters) returns to a forum stating she's getting along pretty well with her parts and noting she has to get back to school work. 9-9-13 #2

14 - A Multiple in therapy is sharing co-consciousness and is concerned over who is the "real person" between her and the other part though is feeling negative emotions and unable to talk during therapy. 9-9-13 #2

17 - A Multiple presents work curated from the internet as to the use of the term DID/MPD contrasting it to the stereotypical ill-informed manner it is usually published and explained. 9-9-13 #2

18 - An artistic Multiple who also writes struggles with having many states of lucid and non-lucid times and ability to perform or not perform and asks if others experience the same. 9-9-13 #2

19 - A Multiple timidly asks if anyone else has experienced internal pregnancy's that were not actual pregnancies particularly around times she is flashbacking, or if the process signified the activity of a new part. 9-9-13 #2

22 - One Multiple questions if her reality is shared with others who also feel very different from others and has been trapped with subliminal messages an entire lifetime. 9-9-13 #2

B. Someone asserting personal knowledge/relationship with a Multiple

01 - A dissociative partner is being psychology and physically rebuffed by girlfriend who is Multiple and claiming she needs more space in a shared household. 9-9-13 #2

10 - Someone is fearfully asking if her husband can be dropped from the army because he was showing indications of being a Multiple. 9-9-13 #2

23 - Someone who used to be in a relationship with a Multiple and was spurned asks for assistance in understanding her situation which is leaving her feeling lost and confused. 9-9-13 #2

C. Someone is asserting he or she has knowledge of Multiplicity (whether or not a Multiple)

16 - Someone talks about the lack of consensus in diagnosing and treating DID which is especially troubling because so many Multiples don't end in Integration and include long treatment periods, co-morbid diagnosis, and managed care. 9-9-13 #2

21 - Someone discusses different tests that are reported to assist in diagnosing Multiplicity. 9-9-13 #2

D. Someone asking questions (unknown as a Multiple or Singleton)

02 - Someone asks is MPD always caused from a trauma, or only sometimes. 9-9-13 #2

09 - Someone asks the symptoms/signs of "multi-personality" disorder 9-9-13 #2

15 - Someone asks if Trinitarian Christians believe that Yahweh is multiple because he has 3 parts. 9-9-13 #2

20 - Someone asks if Multiplicity is the Holy Grail of Psychiatry, because of all the people who don't believe in it. 9-9-13 #2

I'm thinking that something like this could work - especially in sorting the information on TheBrain - Lots more to find from that source, and we want TheBrain to be our biggest collection point - basically the spot that holds all the other in place - AND we find the Speakerdeck is the best as to embedding info to ANY online space.  It simplifies the most information,succinctly.  But I guess the question or space I'd like input from is kind of an evaluation of what we're doing good or bad, right or wrong - if things could be categorized like that.  We respect how you've been out there for a while ... and if I were to zone in on any one thing at this point it would be advice on getting to the "sense" part (seek, sense, share) of understanding what all this information means to our "audience" of people with or trying to understand dissociative identity disorder (DID). 

Does this make sense?

Thanks for your time in trying to understand me/us.


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