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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just a holiday catch-up as to the activities ... little coordination goes a LONG way!

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  • Ann Ludford Garvey
    Ann Ludford Garvey

    Hi hi Good morning and all. I just wanted to update you on the holiday plans. We just finished talking to Laura ... and we think things are coming together pretty well. On Wednesday, I will be coming to Aurora for the volunteer work by 11:30-11:45 am. Then after that is over at 2 or so, i will go to Bolingbrook to pick up Thom and Austin. Laura has arranged to drop Austin at your Dad's by 2:30 pm. Rich will be home by 3 pm if you wanted to go directly to our place. We should be coming in an hour after you. We'll be having pizza (store bought with extra sausage and cheese added), chips, and Rich will have a desert of simple chocolate graham cracker cookies with Marshmallow flush between them. If you would like to bring anything around that - that would be fine. Maybe if you were to bring anything ... If your MIL would be drinking could you bring that? I'm not sure if Thom would drink with Austin here, but he'd be the other concern, but we're not planning to buy anything. We'll tell him the same thing, if he wants anything he should pick it up before getting here. Let me know what you'd like to do with your MIL. Thom and Austin will be staying overnight, and we have to have Austin back in Villa Park by noon so he can go to his other Grammas at 12:30 (Villa Park). That would put Rich, Thom and us at your place by about 12:30-12:45 pm. I think that means we'd be able to be around your "football game" ... I don't know exactly what roles the guys will play, but I hope to catch some good spectating. I'll probably bring my walker to sit. Rich has a ham he'll cook before leaving here and he'll cook sweet potatoes too for your place. He'll need the broiler just to do the marshmallow part before we eat. Rich will see his mother before we leave to drop off Austin. I think we're planning to leave here Thursday morning about 10:45 am. I'm not aware of any time contraints after Thurday dinner. I hope we get a chance to sit around and talk. Most likely we'll be bringing Thom back to his Dad's if we can't get hiim to come back another night. I don't think your Dad will be home by then, so it's a matter if Thom wants company. It will be the last we see him before he leaves ... My understanding is that he'll fly back to DC on Saturday, Start his two week training at Pentagon on Dec 2, then leave for Japan Dec 16, and then come back to the states (Arizona) for one more week of training Jan 2. And, then he'll settle in back in Japan after that. No one knows for sure whether Duyen and him will work it out so they stay together and she joins him in Japan, but it wouldn't be any sooner than June/July next year. AND, that's about all I know on scheduling and plans. We really look forward to seeing your MIL again Nikki. She seemed like very enjoyable company. We'll also be very happy to have Austin with the girls - though I realize Ame and Isa won't be here Wednesday. I did check again with Joe and Cari, but they couldn't make it Wednesday or Thursday. Let me know if there is anything else we can do or share to make things go smoothly. What a super volcano Week! Especially for you all - guests all around! LOVE YOU GUYS Mom

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